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Lohan Suicidal?????? "I Am So Alone," Lindsay Says!

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"I'm so tired of this drama," Lindsay Lohan tells the new issue of Us Weekly.

Her career as an actress may be over, but she's still a thriving tabloid fixture!

The mess formerly known as LezLo sat down with Us for an exclu$ive "tell-all" interview for their new issue.

How much did they have to pay her to talk????

She's so desperate - and we LOVE her!

Lindz calls her dramatic weekend with former lover saMAN Ronson "humiliating."

She says, "I'm not a bad person and this is what happens. I was raised to treat people well."

LOLhan broke down in tears, adding, that she's "so alone" without Ronson.

Codependent addict speak!

"Everyone's turned on me," says Lindz.

Sources tell the mag that Ronson had repeatedly tried to break up with Lindsanity over the past month, but each time, "Lindsay threatens to kill herself - she cares about her but wants out."

LOLhan laughs upon hearing that, saying she's okay.

"I'm just really hurt!" she says. "The whole situation is sick."

This shit is better than Mean Girls!

Poor Lindz. She had a promising film career at one point!

Friends of LOLhan tell the mag they think she should be institutionalized. We think that's a good idea! What do U think????

Somebody call Jamie Spears ASAP!

Update: A source at Us Weekly swears they did not pay LezLo Lindsanity. "Not one penny."

That makes her that much more desperate!!! LOVE it!!!!!!

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280 comments to “Lohan Suicidal?????? "I Am So Alone," Lindsay Says!”

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  1. 201

    Go on the raw food diet

  2. Java says – reply to this


    It doesn't make any fun to talk about a person who's insane, she should be institutionalized, she needs help. It's such a pity, she actually was a good actress, she's really pretty, she has some many things people would kill for. I like her a lot and I feel really sorry for her, gope she gets well

  3. 203

    man this is so sad i can't believe it!
    dina lohan is a fucking bitch!
    wtf's she gonna do when lindsay takes an overdose or somethin? . . . . fuck alli up 2?
    lindsay has nobody in her life who can help her like with britney coz all dina cares about is $$$$$
    lindsay should forget about sam, go to rehab, move away someware quiet for a year and finnish her album or somehing and then try to get some serious acting work coz she still is a good actress nomatter what any haterz say :P

    keep strong linds and sort yourself out coz at the end of the day it looks like you only got yourself, you can do it :)

  4. 204

    wow all of a sudden you have become very pro ronson perez hmmm i wonder if we will see you all together appearing at the CM in a few days?You know all the mean cows together?

  5. 205

    oh my god this is so sad, how the fuck can her pathetic excuse for a mother (DINA) let her get this bad?
    dina and michael are the shittest parents ever and if i lived in LA i'd track lindsay down and try to help her coz its obvious nobody else is :(

    this is her real life and she needs help, its been funny watching her antics for ages but it feels like weve turned a corner and this is make or break for lindsay, she needs help like britney did but unlike britney she has nobody to help her . . . . .

    lindsay you should just forget about sam, check into rehab for a while, move away someware quet for a year and work on finnishing your album, then comeback to america and start getting some serious acting work because nomatter what the haterz say you were, are and always will be a great actress (even in i know who killed me :P ) JUST KEEP STRONG AND WORK HARD TO REBUILD YOU LIFE :)

  6. 206

    Of course she spoke for free. Her tanning crap debuts at Sephora and she needs magazine space to show off her skin. DUH. I do feel bad for her. What happened to her friend with the Maz? Maybe he can take her to Langkawee and keep her away from myspacing and twittering for a bit. Until the tanner promos that is.

  7. 207

    Dear Lindsay:
    I know it's difficult, but try to wrap your head around this fact:
    Try also to focus on this thought for a moment:
    You have a lot of natural talent — Go get some help and straighten out.
    You can do it.

  8. 208



  9. 209

    She could still come back..she is young!

  10. 210

    Congratulations Trista & Ryan

  11. 211


  12. 212


  13. 213

    Her parents really screwed her up!!! She doesn't know how to function normally!! It's sad. Until she seeks therapy, every relationship she's in will fail!!

  14. 214

    SAM - come back to me!!!!! PLEASE!!! I will do ANYTHING you want - I will be your bitchgirl and let you rape me! PLEASE SAMMIEBEAR!!!!

  15. 215

    I feel so so bad for her, I dont understand why you, Frustated asshole and most people have always been so mean towards Lindsay, always making nasty comments abt her, her looks, her life, you need to fg stop and realize that she is a troubled young woman, like a lot of non famous persons out there…..Yes she might have addiction to diff things(btw, who doesnt do drugs in fg hollywood?!..they all fg DO!) she likes to party, maybe way too much, she def has an ED, a lot of probs in her life going on……in the end, she prob feels so lonely too and she is not that happy w. things in her life!… she is surrended by stupid fuckers…she doesnt even have real friends, or else, they would care abt her, be concerned abt her health & choices in life!…..but no, they all use Lindsay!!…Poor Lindsay, she might be surrended w. people, or so called "friends" all day, but sad thing is, she is ALL alone!….
    Look at her family, so messed up…..how can she even make the right choice and stay away from troubles w a mother like Dina!…..always ready to party & do drugs w her own children, what kind of mother is that?!

  16. 216

    Perez you fat ASS, you are a fg HYPOCRITE to say you hate her, when you actually cant stop talking abt the girl! You keep posting abt her, if you really dt like her, why dt you just stop talking abt Linds?!…Oh yea I know if you do, your website would be even LAMER than it already is!!….Truth is, people LOVE to read abt Lindsay, so you keep posting! FG TWAT!
    She's being followed everwhere she goes by all these stupid paps!…Of course, she uses them too, but who fg doesnt in Hollywood?!!?……..
    And everybody saying she is a talentless bitch or an ugly whore, all these people are Haters and actually are JEALOUS of her, people saying they're not are fg HYPROCRITE!
    Lets be honnest here, Lindsay fascinates people, she is a beautiful woman, she has it all, but right now shes going down hill, she needs serious help!
    I really hope she'll get better! & FUCK YOU PEREZ!

  17. 217

    I actually feel bad for her.
    she's going to do so much better without that fugly Sam in her life. Hopefully.

  18. 218

    I just feel awful for her any time I read anything about her >.

  19. 219


  20. 220

    Re: DaniaX2012

    you are sooooo right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Delsy says – reply to this


    i don't feel sorry about her she fucked up her own life

  22. 222

    I think this needs to be a taken a bit more seriously. I hope she is not suicidal. Two people I know have recently commited suicide. It is a terrible thing for everyone involved. If this is true I think Ronson should try to stay friends with her and get her help to assist her through this bad time.

  23. 223

    all she needs is a healthful meat injection, and she'll be back on her feet

  24. 224

    In the end Lindsay Lohan has no one to blame but herself. She has had plenty of opportunities to revive her career but her diva like behavior and hard partying ways has tarnished her reputation. I think the best thing for her do at the moment is to get out of Hollywood and focus on her sobriety.

  25. 225

    Lindsay cares about herself! Nobody else needs to! This is what happens when it's "ALL ABOUT YOU LINZ!" You get what you give. Bitch.

  26. 226

    Suicide is never the answer, it's a selfish way out…

  27. 227

    I can't feel bad for this bitch when she is the one who craves the spotlight. If she really wanted to "get away from it all" she would leave LA and get her shit together. She is nothing but a desperate drama queen. Good riddance to Jersey trash!

  28. 228

    Re: heatherhater – FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOU!!! PISSFACE! I am a good person OK - just read my interview in US Weekly and ALL will be revealed ! Piss off! Fuck off ! DIE BASTARD!

  29. 229

    Re: sleezy*e – Hey, you are LAME !!! Let "dammit xx janet " have fun . Stop being a jerk.

  30. 230

    Maybe this will raise awareness about mental illness. It's as much her fault as cancer was Jane Goodie's fault. If you disagree with me do some research on mental illness, stop the stigma!!!!! This is the year 2009, let's move forward.

    And Perez, shut the hell up, I know you need to tear people down to feel good about yourself. You could probably benefit from some therapy too, hon. You want people to respect gay people but you won't give an ounce of respect to someone who has a mental illness? What goes around comes around!!

  31. 231

    Re: whywhy – True , so true.

  32. 232

    why is anyone interested in her? As far as I can tell, she's never made a good movie and surely cannot sing…….

  33. 233

    @ Where's Sheena # 264…
    She is from NY not NJ….

  34. 234


  35. bleh! says – reply to this


    She's not suicidal. She's a desperate attention whore.

  36. 236

    Perez is making suicide a joke. Suicide is serious, and when someone is considering it it should not be ignored. Lard ass is always laughing at someone's misfortunes. Perez needs to realize that he is JUST A GAY BLOGGER who will be irrelevent in a couple of years. Nothing he blogs about is unique, everlasting, or is worth a damn. Enjoy it why you can asshole. And save your money because no one is going to hire your ass for a serious publication. Donald Trump didn't know your fat ass is gay until you told him on the show( he really could give a shit about you). I have nothing against gay people, but YOU MAKE GAYS LOOK BAD!!!!!!!!!!ASS. (now with that typed, I do like gossip)

  37. Leon says – reply to this


    She's fucking nuts. And she has shitty taste in girlfriends. That butch chick is hideous.

  38. 238

    Re: Cr@zyB1tch – The Biggest Loser , Tues. 8-10 on NBC. It's like "fat camp" on tv. Gillian and Bob are the trainers. They exercise for hours and teach them how to prepare foods that are healthy (and actually looks & taste good).

  39. 239

    where's my son!!!!!

  40. 240

    Bottom line is, she thrives on drama. She needs to be center of attention 24/7 and she doesn't care how she gets it. I'm tired of hearing about her mommy & daddy issues because chances are, she have been given more opportunities than any of us here writing about her stupid ass. Maybe when she grows up and stops acting pathetic & desperate than maybe people will give a shit.

  41. 241

    I usually just laugh what ever Lindsey does off but she is kind of making me wonder if she really needs help…She seems just heart broken and i wouldn't wish that on anybody…but I hope she can get the strength to actually just realize that it will be ok and then she can work on making herself better.

  42. 242

    I think all she needs is to get properly laid. Maybe she could get a fraternity at a local college to service her at a party.

  43. Leon says – reply to this


    MOM!? What you want woman? I told you, I don't have anymore of the stuff!

  44. 244

    I feel sorry for her. Her dad probably molested her.

  45. 245

    Die already! Attention whore!

  46. 246

    If you started a rumor that you were suicidal Mario, that would be OK. Starting rumors like this when someone breaks up and feels all alone is beneath contempt. You just keep getting lower and slimier every day.

  47. 247

    YES, I think that institutionalizing her might be the way to go, as I suspect that she is suicidal, judging from her words and situation. Don't forget, she was in love with Sam, and clung to her for dear life, once her movie career imploded. Now the girl has nothing and no one. Her family is completely useless with a drunk hanger-on on one end and a fame-seeking hanger-on on the other end. And a fame-seeking hanger-on of a sister. No one mature enough to help this girl get herself together. Hope she gets some help cause she really needs it!

  48. 248

    She has to call Dr. Drew for Celebrity Rehab. I totally would watch that fo sho.

  49. 249

    Maybe her and Brit Brit can get a little shack of a house up in New Hampshire and call it Gray Gardens II.

  50. 250

    ohh :( poor linds..hope she finds her way. She really isnt that bad at acting..i still watch the parent-trap & mean girls & freak friday &&& she can sing too. people just expect her to act a certain way..shes probably so confused. She should probably just get out of LA..away from all the media! Come to canada..east coast..haha jack shit here :P

  51. 251

    i used to feel bad for her - when you get that famous at that young of an age and have a mom like dina, things are bound to go wrong. but she's had many chances to get back on track and hasn't taken them. hopefully this really is a wake-up call.

  52. 252

    This idiot needs to get out of the spotlight ASAP and get some help.

  53. 253

    Re: dgoodness – jealous??????????????? wrong.

  54. 254

    waaaah waaaah waaaah, she brought all of this on herself. suck it up, sunshine!

  55. 255

    She needs to disappear for a while. I feel like she's dug herself in a hole she can't get out of..poor girl, she had it all, now she has nothing. I guess that's what happens when anyone thinks too much of themselves and takes everything for granted.

  56. 256

    the world would be a better place if the whole fucking family off'd themselves. i'm so sick of these rich, spoiled, have everything handed to them regardless of talent, LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. bluis says – reply to this


    Maybe she'll make a comeback….poor thing. I'll take her in if no one else will.

  58. 258

    Doesn't she have one true friend or family member that is willing to step in and convince her to get the help she needs?

  59. 259

    Re: redred1 – If that's something she considers fun she's even more lame than I thought.

  60. 260

    people are turning on her because she's squandering her talent…her parents put her out there to make money off her and she rebelled against that with the drugs & wild living. But who did it hurt? Not them…she's the wreck now.

  61. 261

    Too bad - she is the drama, guess you can't act and do anything you want, huh????

  62. 262

    She's BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER ! Look it up ! She has every single trait of BPD !

  63. 263

    Aw, poor Lindsay!!! I feel so bad for her. Breakups suck for everyone– I can't imagine what they're like when you're constantly in the public eye! Wishing her the best.

  64. 264

    Someone needs to strat taking responsibility like an adult.

  65. 265

    This is over exaggerated. I bet she's only just a little upset

  66. bluis says – reply to this


    Things expeditiously worsen when you're in the public eye. She needs to take off and get away from everyone for awhile. Like walking away before you say something stupid in the heat of the moment.

  67. 267

    YUCK- so I have to look at this freckled mess of a crackwhore when I open my mailbox this weekend. If she thinks whining to the press will help h er gain sympathy, forget it. Until she admits she is an addict who screwed up and takes responsibility for her OWN behavior and STOPS BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE FOR HER PROBLEMS nobody will care!!

  68. 268

    I feel bad for her…she's one of those celebs you love to hate, but you do feel bad. Kind of like Britney Spears…

  69. 269

    Lindsey,, u were such a cute little girl,, get ur life back on track NOW!

  70. 270

    all she needs is a hot rebound girl. i will comfort her….

  71. 271

    But I Don't Believe She Granted An Interview For Free!

  72. 272

    Re: Paris Hilton Looks Like A Flamingo – So according to you, Lindsay should kill herself because she's too emotional and over the top and she should kill Samantha because she is not emotional enough….?! That is absurd. Have any of you guys even known someone who killed themselves? Do you have the faintest idea what that feels like- for them? for those around them? Nobody deserves that. Here's really hoping that things work out ok for both Lindsay and Samantha.

  73. 273

    god dont like ugly.

  74. 274

    Lindsay, sit on my face. NOW!

  75. 275

    everyone can pass from what she's passing welcome to reality :|

  76. 276

    Don't make fun of someone with a broken heart. Try to have a heart of your own. Few things in life are more painful than being left by the one you love. I feel sorry for Lindsey, and hope the pain she is in subsides quickly (although that seems improbable).

  77. 277

    good time to go back to rehab.

  78. 278

    Okay the whole quote from this from the article:

    The worst part: I was so alone. I’m so alone. I was with my mom and sister, but no one called, only two of my friends called. Everyone’s turned on me. No one called me, no one asked how I was.

    This girl is hardly alone. That night she was with her mom and her sister and 2 other people called. How many other people did she expect to come around? I think by "everyone" and "no one" she means Sam. This girl sounds like a whinny brat who didn't get her way. Boo hoo.

  79. 279

    I think they should have paid her to be fair, it's not like she's committed a serious crime is it?
    And, she needs help, and friendship or whatever, maybe she feels she'll receive this by shouting out to her fans?

    I have to say, I emphasize with the suicidal state, I tend to feel that way when people break up with me. It probably makes me pretty pathetic, but that's the way it has me feeling.

    Although, I do NOT agree with the previous or present drug consumption - NOT cool!
    However, I can see WHY she'd do it, but still, it's NOT cool. She needs help, and she needs to admit it, and stick with it, prove to herself, that she's worth more than all this shit.

    Instead of letting her past catch up all at once, she needs to brave it, and resist it from breaking her completely.

    I wish her the best.

  80. 280

    TRIED TO MAKE HER GO TO REHAB SHE SAID NO NO NO ….she rly needs to get some help. Nothing makes me sadder than seeing someone waste their life when they could get help and FIX it. She may never be what she could have been….but she could get on the right track. Hell! who knows! if she turns it around she could be amazing! GET HELP LiLo!

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