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Jessica Simpson Dropped From Her Label?

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Someone just take Jessica Simpson out back and put her out of her misery!

She's already lame - she can't even remember the words to her own songs.

And now it seems that her record label has dropped her, as her name has been wiped from the rosters of Columbia Nashville and Sony Music Nashville.

No official statements have been released, but stick a fork in JSimpleson - she's done!

[Image via WENN.]

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49 comments to “Jessica Simpson Dropped From Her Label?”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    well done

  3. 3

    This is so sad. She is a great singer when she tries. It seems ever since she left Nick her life has just tumbled. I wish her the best of luck but its seems that her head got to big for her career.

  4. tasha says – reply to this


    She needs to be done with music. She sucks. But she's still laughing all the way to the bank with her clothing/shoe/perfume/cosmetics line. It's on line to become a billion dollar franchise and she's making millions off of it.

  5. 5

    Yes, but she'll always have her boobs……

  6. 6

    fcking first

  7. 7

    AS if this is a surprise to me.

  8. 8

    exactly…when tries…!!!

  9. 9

    MARIO you wish you could sing like her……..fucking homotard.

  10. 10

    ouch! but I think she knew it was coming….

  11. 11

    Re: KBA802
    exactly…when tries…!!!

  12. 12

    Hahaha about damn time

  13. 13

    this is just now happening? damn, i thought they would've wised up sooner, she sucks. she cant sing, she cant act…what next selling goods on the home shopping network? oh snap too late, already happend, damn well the only thing thats left is a dumb ass vh1 reality show that will get canceled after one season. or she could go the lindsho route and become a leeching druggie…ahh aspirations!!!

  14. 14

    dont worry, she'll get something going, she always does. OR maybe she will hanf back for a bit, get married and have some babies . Id like to see her take on a serious role and so some acting in a drama not a comedy

  15. 15

    I used to like her back in the day. What happened to her? Oh well.

  16. 16

    Sucks to be her…nice stems though…

  17. 17

    I cant wait til they say the same about you Mario….Soon I'm Guessing

  18. 18

    Finally proof that Perez is not writing these things.
    He does not write like this and he would never use the term "lame".
    Nice Perez.

  19. 19

    Re: Gone_Buggy – WE ALL HEARD YOU NOW STFU.

  20. 20

    I am so horny right now I would let a stinky goat ride my ripe asshole - Yessica Simpsona

  21. 21

    How strange — Britney can't sing with crap, is completely synthesized, a total trainwreck, makes her money prancing around like a stripper mouthing the words to her "songs", and here she is on "tour" raking in big bucks. Jessica, who has a beautiful voice, has been steadily working her butt off actually singing and performing, can't catch a break. Life is really unfair sometimes.

  22. 22

    Poppa Joe must be shitting in his pants. Both of his daughters are now has-been's. Thank you America for waking up and not buying these two untalented twat's "music".

  23. 23

    Eminem is making fun of her in his new video. Blame him for keeping her career going, now with all this attention some pop label will be signing her back up to return with some "like my body the way it is" single.

  24. 24

    if you think jessica simpson can sing you are tone deaf…..or maybe just deaf…….

  25. 25

    Re: tasha

    You do know Jessica doesn't design any of that crap, right? The companies that really design it pay her for her famous name hoping to get some good publicity for their stuff. Since Jessica only generates bad publicity, they may drop her too.

    Why pay her for bad publicity when they could call the line "Poop" for free and generate the same buzz.

  26. 26

    i love Jessica she is gorgeous, real, and talented. Maybe she just needs a little break from the limelight. Why don't you ever post something positive about her like how well her fashion and shoe lines are doing

  27. 27

    Re: KCRosie – Britney is a SLUT - that's what sells BITCH

  28. 28

    Honestly, I like her. But she just hasn't been able to catch a break in the last half of her career.

  29. 29

    Re: KBA802 – You mean her ass got too big for her career.

  30. 30

    She is a loser.

  31. 31

    Re: KCRosie – haha you dont get it. she has IT. jessica lost her flame long ago. Britney can be a mess, recover, and rock it out bitches.

  32. 32

    Oh really, and is that unlike your number one posting, Lindsay Lohan? She is well done too, stop mentioning the lot of them and throw in Octo friggin mum while you are at it!

  33. 33

    Why can't you ever be nice to this woman?!? :(

  34. 34

    i am really surprised her country career never took off

  35. 35


  36. 36

    Poor Jessica!

  37. 37

    How did she ever get a recording contract in the first place?

  38. 38

    Not so fast.. she's not signed with Sony/Columbia anymore - she transferred over to Epic before 'Come on Over' came out. Just checked the Epic site and she's still listed! :)

  39. 39

    Oops! just realized Epic is a part of the Sony empire.. but either way, she's still listed on the Epic site

  40. 40

    Hey I'll sit her on my "label" if you get my drift…

  41. 41

    She needs Dina Lohan as her agent!

  42. 42

    I don't think she wants to do this anymore. She seems to be just going through the motions.

  43. 43

    It Was Matter Of Time!!!!

  44. 44

    "but stick a fork in JSimpleson - she's done!"

    is this a dig at her weight

    yet again perez people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones or pot kettle black

    you may be thinner now but look at old pics of yourself perez!

    you weren't always thin. you may be able to change your weight but you can't change what a total t**t you have become!


  45. 45

    I thought after she REALLY SCREWED UP singing Dolly Pardons song directly to her years ago in DC and forgetting the words that she would be ASHAMED and never had that happen again. But she did it over and over and over. It is unprofessional and her label would be a fool not to drop her. How stupid can she be? I don't blame Tony ot anyone else, she has been getting away with this for a long time, before she even met him. WAKE UP GIRL!

  46. 46

    no hard feelings against the woman personally, but yes, enough already. It's not working out, find something else you are better suited for. (And that does not mean a shoe, perfume, clothing, interior decorating, or jewelry line!!!!)

  47. 47

    The poor fatty knew the end was near when she was relegated to singing at chili cook-off's.

  48. 48

    Say what you want but her first album went double platinum.

    She is Not a Hoe either! So there! Ha!

  49. 49

    Jessica Simpson just plain sucks. She can't sing, can't act, and can't put on a concert. She thinks she can put on one mediocre show after another because she is Jessica Simpson. She doesn't care about singing well or putting on a good show. She only cares about the money, and it shows. She has no talent what so ever, except flashing her boobs. Unfortunately, nothing has changed with Jessica, she will always and forever be a boob flasher, nothing more, nothing less. About her clothing line, I wonder what her overhead is.