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New Eminem!

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Eminem has just dropped his new single and…. it's okay.

We Made You is not a great song. It's not a bad song. It's thoroughly average.

The rapper name-drops everyone from Jessica Simpson to Lindsay Lohan, saMAN Ronson, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer, Amy Winehouse, Blake Fielder-Civil, Superman, Elvis and Sarah Palin.

Instead of wasting so much time, energy and words on celebs, he should have - you know - focused on writing dope rhymes.

We definitely prefer Em when he's deep and meaningful rather than stupid and comical, like in this song.

Check out We Made You (below).

Do U like Em's new song?

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Do U like Em's new song?

  • It's so so. (42%)
  • Hate it! (26%)
  • Like it a lot! (32%)

Total Votes: 55,295

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105 comments to “New Eminem!”

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  1. 1

    I like it.

  2. 2

    not my taste in music but the video is funny[as usual]

  3. 3

    its an alright track..

  4. 4

    Eh, the song is ok. Just saw the video…Bobby Lee is hilarious in it.

  5. TZS says – reply to this


    Hate it!! OMG he sucks so bad. His life is too easy these days - he can't rap about being broke or having a messed up life anymore!!!

  6. 6

    I love it.
    As always.
    Eminem can do no wrong..:]

  7. 7

    OKay… so where is all the meaning?
    I was really excited for a song to come out, but this isn't very good..

  8. 8

    Why didnt you post the MV. Thats the worst part

  9. Patsy says – reply to this


    Perez, are YOU deep and meaningful?

  10. 10

    pretty good

  11. 11

    Not feeling… Sorry Em but this shit is unacceptable.

  12. 12

    I like the song it's funny and catchy, and the video is amazing and hilarious!

  13. 13

    Perez what the hell do you know about writing dope rhymes smh Eminem is still the shit to me

  14. 14

    It sucks ass, like every stupid song he thinks he's being funny in. He should stick to writing songs like Stan.

  15. 15

    i just really hate his voice…but i like the old school jazz feel…
    aka…take him off the song and it would be GREAT! :)

  16. 16

    Why does it sound like Em's still using Triumph the insult dog's voice or something.

  17. 17

    Re: Patsy – Well he goes deep, if that's what you mean… haha.

  18. 18

    Re: RedWingsFan – Morning red…

  19. 19

    Re: Ieshia – Mario & Teddy have two turntables and a microphone

  20. 20

    meh it's ok but his voice gets annoying in these new songs he's been making… crack a bottle was pretty bad and this is a bit better but i'd still rather listen to heidi montag's new shizz

  21. 21

    he lloks like a dead person the way they look in a coffin with the bad makeup.

  22. 22

    Re: LaDiva – Hey Diva!

  23. 23

    Re: RedWingsFan – Morning Dude…..The West brings home the cup again…….not sure who though…..Re: Too_Hot_For_This – Yer looking Hott………. :o )Re: LaDiva – Hey Hottie… :o )

  24. 24

    It's not his best.

  25. 25

    Two TrailerPark Girls go around the outside…….
    Will the real Slim shaddy please stand up!!!!!!!!!

    PigFace you suck!!!!!!!!Fucktard!!!!!!!!
    Letty Alice…… What up???? :o )

    Going for Coffee………Later

  26. 26

    What - unlike you, 'waisting so much time, energy and words on celebs"?!!! You really have lost any sense of perspective Perez? It's a shame what fame has done to you.

  27. 27

    Re: RedWingsFan – How's the weather going for you.

  28. 28

    Re: Long Dong Connery – Hey hot stuff… How's it hanging…. haha get it… I'm such a perv…

  29. 29

    What the hell is wrong with his FACE?!! He looks like he's had really bad plastic surgery.

  30. 30

    Does this moron ever change expessions??? Or music sound lol!!

  31. 31

    he is so crude and talentless….

  32. 32

    Re: LaDiva – Hahahaha-the weather-yesterday we got 4 inches of snow and it's not even going to be 40 degreees today!Summer can't get here fast enough for me!I hope it's better where your at!

  33. 33

    The beat isn't bad. But his voice is. I also hate when a song has to many pop culture referrences. They don't have longevity.

  34. 34

    I miss songs like "Superman" "Lose Yourself" and "Stan"

    I want the old Eminem!

  35. 35

    he looks like a lesbian i know

  36. 36

    i like the chorus, but the rapping annoys me

  37. 37

    Fuckin love it!! Its so nice to see the many facits of eM'S talent, yes perez his passionate song are better than these quirky funny vocals but Its nice to see this seriously sexy man has a funny side!

  38. 38

    I think it would have been a lot better had Eminem dissed Perez!!!!

  39. 39

    its not bad but it sounds the same as some of his other stuff, kinda cartoony. I agree with CoDY A, he needs to do more stuff with his real voice not this cartoony one.

  40. 40

    i feel like insulting celebrities youve never met in your songs isnt cool anymore

  41. 41

    That shizz sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. 42

    Is he still bloated like Elvis?
    [Shakes "maracas" at you hating putas.]

  43. 43

    Fucking shit. Did he get a facelift? Botox?

  44. 44

    Is he still bloated like Elvis?
    [Shakes "maracas" at all you hating putas.]

  45. 45

    Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, I thought Eminem would have grown out of teasing pretty girls for attention. Its just like when he used to pick on Britney and Christina. Hes like a permanent child, only hes getting less mature and talented.

  46. 46

    Re: RedWingsFan – Oh yea it's in the 40's. A little windy in NJ but for the most part I'm happy to say that the snow is gone til later in the year…. hopefully.

  47. 47

    Like it - good music and funny video.

  48. Patsy says – reply to this


    Re: LaDiva

  49. 49

    humm soso! maybe a little fast..will be better!

  50. 50

    Re: LaDiva – ummm, its snowing in nj right now

  51. 51

    corny and boring.

  52. 52

    I just love Eminem's voice. It's fuckin hilarious. Wouldn't really listen to the song though.

  53. 53

    His best album was his first (then he should've stopped) which included dope smokers, acid takers and mushroom eaters - I have no interest in hearing eminem rap anymore, much less rap about "meaningful things" including his imaginary friends, slut bucket wife and showboated child. And PUH-LEASE no more 8-mile movies…….

  54. 54

    uhhh, if you knew anything, eminem isnt just serious…he came out with funny songs back in the day as well.

  55. 55

    Gotta give it to him he's talented… despite all the jazz.


  56. 56

    Re: JigSaw – Not where I'm at. I'm in Newark. What part of NJ are u talking about?

  57. 57

    It's as good as I expected it to be: average. At best. I hate that people have officially killed the term "Rock Star". When people say it, they don't really mean "Rock Star", they mean "filthy rich pig". And everybody says it. OVERKILL.

    I'm betting more women are gonna like this track than men (straight men, anyways), for all the name-dropping, the "Rock Star" chorus, and the fact that if it makes them dance and feel cool they'll listen to anything.

  58. 58

    welcome back,,,,,,,,,


  59. 59


  60. 60

    Perez, you should be ashamed of yourself giving this homophobic son of a bitch promotion on your website, I guess you are just about getting paid! hypoctrit!

  61. 61

    GARBAGE! Just retire Em. Off the drugs now and we can tell by those weak ass rhymes. And LOL at him saying saMAN is a 2!! More like a 0! How does one who goes into hiding for years release something so whack as that song? And for someone who got mad at Christina Aguilera for talking about him at that award show he sure does talk a lot of shit about other people.

  62. 62

    i dont know what it is about him, but all the pics ive seen of him lately, he just doesnt look like himself…his hair is darker, but i dont think that is it. is it only me?

  63. 63

    Re: LaDiva – lake hopatcong… during the winter it snows almost every day here

  64. 64

    And how long is he going to continue with this making fun of celes Weird Al type of songs? It's been TEN YEARS give it a rest.

  65. 65

    Are we sure Em isn't a butchy chick?

  66. 66

    Re: Swords Woman
    Yeah but then we'd have to keep reading about how cool Perez his because he was mentioned in a song…

  67. 67

    Re: Poop Nugget
    Yeah that made sense..I meant "is" not "his" ..sheesh.

  68. davo says – reply to this


    ooh, another pop song from eminem! yay……… (i guess)

  69. 69

    eminem needs to be taken out back put out of his misery..he cant rap, rhyme or do anything..just go back to hibernating..we dont need u talkin trash about celebs..thats why we have perez and other lovely gossip mags and websites…Get with the times..its soo not 1999 anymore dude.

  70. 70

    loved the Bret Michels imitation. Em is hilarious loved the video don't really care bout the song.

    He is still doable

  71. 71

    eminem likes to hold out with his music, he thinks its that special or something..u know i dont like kanye west but at least hes talented..his musics good and its worth the wait..hes with the times..he doesnt even try to act gangsta or black and he is black. i dont get why eminem has always tried to be something hes not…hes a white boy who's had a shitty life because hes white trash and hes been on drugs all his life. hes a loser. no one should listen to his vulgar crap. hes out with the old. i want new artists who are talented.

  72. 72

    perez, you're just afraid you'll be next in one of his songs
    its not like you don't insult all of the celebrities he did on a daily basis

  73. 73

    not feeling the chorus

  74. 74

    Wow I finally agree completely with Perez.. He allways makes fun of other celebs.. It can be fun, but not all the time.. This is just a joke.. Especially for a comeback.
    I'm not really an Eminem hater.. I like 'the way I am', 'stan' and stuff.. the sirious songs..

  75. 75

    he is still the best!

  76. 76

    this is so slim shady though..

  77. 77

    I think he sounds just like he did in the "touch my body" song. What happened to your real voice EM!? What happened to the songs that made us love you? The songs that had lots of meaning and contreversy. I despise this new song. He seems like he's trying to hard. >.>

  78. 78

    He is better when hes deep and meaningful, psh only time I agree with you on something concerning Eminem, Perez! But srsly all his albums start all with something funny and stupid. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album! =]

  79. 79

    I LIke It!
    But I Like The Vid. Even Better!

  80. 80

    "Instead of wasting so much time, energy and words on celebs, he should have - you know - focused on writing dope rhymes."

    Why Perez, you made such a great living of it yourself??

  81. 81

    he's so pretty

  82. 82

    i like it. its a typical first single off any eminem CD - anyone really surprised?

  83. 83

    its alright but you gotta understand he needs something that can be played on the radio thats why he put out this..its just like "My name is"

  84. 84

    I like it. (Mario, somehow I think YOU would have liked it much better if your name was mentioned).

  85. 85

    i hope he talks about your fat ass next PLEASE EMINEM MAKE FUN OF PEREZ .

  86. 86

    em always liked britney SO glad he made fun of kfat :)

  87. 87

    yeah, because you know so much about "dope rhymes" and songs that are "deep and meaningful" since your favorite "rapper" is kanye west.

  88. 88

    he looks like an uber-dyke

  89. 89

    You will loves it if your an old skool em fan!

  90. 90

    I much prefer stupid/comical Eminem. Deep and meaningful Eminem was good when he did it like Cleaning Out My Closet and The Way I Am. That corny shit on his last album like Toy Soldiers made me miss the old Eminem. I like this new song. It reminds me of how he was in the beginning……ala….Forgot About Dre, The Real Slim Shady, My Name Is. That's everybody's favorite Eminem.

  91. 91

    It looks like he has had some work done on his face, he doesnt look the same.

  92. 92

    i agree perez, i think this video is so 1999..it's stupid and he just seems kind of irrelevant when he does shit like this. he needs to go back to marshall mathers if anything at all.

  93. 93

    What the hell has he got to rap about? What the hell does he have to say to ANYONE real anymore???
    "yo yo yo my accountants rippin me off, my maid called in sick, and my krystals gone offf"

  94. 94

    She looks like a lesbian… The butch one

  95. 95

    It's funny Perez cause you focus your career and life on name dropping and making fun of celebs but EMINEM can't. Maybe you should focus your career on something more meaningful or shut your fat fag mouth

  96. 96

    the rapping is just fine, but the chorus is god aweful

  97. 97

    Fuck the song.
    What happened to his face?
    doesn't even look like him anymore, like all plastic surgery

  98. 98

    This is terrible and he looks like a girl in the photo.

  99. 99

    It's okay. I like it just fine. It's just that it sounds just like his old stuff. I was kind of expecting more, as he had dropped off the face of the earth for the last few years.

  100. Laxer says – reply to this


    I love this guy…..brillant, talented, creative and hot as hell.

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