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Levi John$ton Continues To Bash The Palins on Network TV

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The Levi Johnston Media Whoring-Sarah Palin Bashing Sideshow moves on!

His latest stop?

A $it-down interview with CBS's Early Show correspondant Maggie Rodriguez!

When asked by Rodriguez what the biggest misconception about his family is, Levi replied with, "Probably that my family's white trash."

HIGHlights from the vid above?

On the Palins' 'snobbery' regarding Bristol Palin's child with Levi: "I mean, look what they're doing. They're lying, trying to save theirselves. And they're the one that asked for it. They brought [Tripp] to the campaign. They should have known what was coming. They can't, you know, turn around and try to take it back now."

And what about Sarah Palin's denial that Levi ever lived with the family?

Says the father of Tripp: "They said I didn't live there. I stayed there. I was like, OK, well, whatever you want to call it. I had my stuff there. So, if you want to call it staying there, that's fine, but…"

"He was living there. I didn't see him for two months. He lived there. They can't say, oh, no, he just stayed. That's an absolute lie," Johnston's sister added.

Shady shady!

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119 comments to “Levi John$ton Continues To Bash The Palins on Network TV”

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  1. aj says – reply to this



  2. aj says – reply to this



  3. aj says – reply to this



  4. aj says – reply to this



  5. 5

    I like him

  6. 6

    Ahhh who cares… Shut the fuck up already.

  7. aj says – reply to this



  8. 8

    What's funny about Levi is that he thinks he's hurting the Palins with his media tour. He only makes himself look like the piece of trash everybody already knew he was. He makes it worse for HIMSELF every time he opens his mouth.

    Not that I'm a Palin fan by any stretch of the imagination, but little boy needs to learn when to take the high road and walk away.

  9. 9

    Such a tool!

  10. 10

    oh gasp…he stayed and not lived there…well i guess that makes it okay…her daughter gets knocked up and the guy is just staying there..not living…that makes a huge difference…i prayed that the woman (palin) aka the sea hag would go away and fade into memory after the election, but damn, she must be a distant realitive of the lohans or something because we cant get rid of her…and as for anyone being white trash….im sure the palins have no relativity in that area either….i couldnt even type that with a str8 face…lmao

  11. 11

    He's very adorable.

  12. 12

  13. 13


  14. 14


  15. 15


  16. 16

    boring…. boring….
    Re: aj:)

  17. aj says – reply to this


    post my comments piece of shit

  18. 18

    what a joke, tell him to take his ass back to alaska

  19. 19

    Re: aj
    1st, 2nd and 3rd. Congrats!

  20. 20

    who couldn't see this one coming…once Palin lost, the bet was off, she used Levi to make herself look like a social conservative when the truth is that she and her daughter are WHORES.

  21. aj says – reply to this


  22. 22

    see what would happen if dirty republican liars governed?

  23. 23


  24. 24

    the johnstons are white trash.losers

  25. 25


  26. aj says – reply to this


    Re: Lol Girl Loves Chuck – thanks very much. Been a few days since I've been around this piece of shit site.

  27. 27

    N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N Next

  28. 28

    Why are you still talking about this? All of you stupid comedians or bloggers don't have any other material? I mean the Palins are over with! I am so sick of people still trying to make them the latest joke.

    Old news!

    Why don't you talk about how Obama can laugh during an interview about how bad the economy is? Or that he has time to fly out and make a bracket for the NCAA and sit for Jay Leno?

    Wait till we get attacked by terrorists… then maybe people will start to be like wtf was Obama doing all of this? Yeah he was trying to be a celebrity.

  29. 29

    he seems like a big liar and his family too…especially his sister…they are trying to make money and a name for themeless. i believe what the PALINS say 100 x more….he is a tool….his mom looks white trash and they seem the want the public eye…

  30. 30


  31. 31

    LMFAO…Better watch out Palin will take you out like a wolf Levi. Republican's scare me…flock of robot sheep.

  32. 32

    Re: BBBoricua – HEY BABY!!!!!HOW BE IT?

  33. 33

    key words: at the end of the video it says "he would be open to a MODELING OR ACTING career." he's not making any money yet, but the kid wants to.

  34. 34

    model actor anything he is SOOOOOO HOTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

  35. 35

    It seems that Levi's Mom didn't have much time between CRACK binging to teach her son any class. THE JOHNSTON FAMILY IS THE GOLD STANDARD FOR PURE WHITE TRAILER TRASH. Thank God Bristol Palin kicked this loser to the curb!!!!!

  36. 36

    Re: aj
    can u shut up???

    stalk much jesus

  37. 37

    Who cares about the money…everyone needs some once in a while…I just think that Palin is pathetic and making money out of her would be even more pathetic…but the fact is the man can't see his son and if he is willing to go on and be pathetic by bashing the Palins I think it's because he had to take it there …and maybe they are exagerating with the: OMG HE'S SUCH A GOOD FATHER and levi saying: OMG HE IS MY LIFE….
    i don't know….I just think its a little exagerated to call them Shady

  38. 38

    This story just gets better and better. Levi seems like a real doofus, but I don't blame him after what Mommy Dearest tried to pull during the campaign. It was so obvious that Levi didn't want to be anywhere near that convention, yet he was forced to. Palin is a convining bitch and deserves everything she's getting and more.

  39. 39

    I luvz it.

  40. 40



  41. 41

    Re: aj – Nice set of posts–is that the bliss seaweed mask–i've tried it–it's fun to peel off after

  42. 42

    Re: aj
    lol. Well, what ever it was that made you come back, it sure as hell wasnt for the posts.
    :D Glad your back.

  43. 43

    Re: the last star – Hey, love! ;)

  44. 44

    This is disgraceful…… this kid is a loser.

  45. 45


  46. 46

    Re: BooBooBear – AMEN!!!!

  47. 47

    He is white trash no matter if he denies it. And the Palins are just white trash with money. Between him and Bristol they have about half a brain, that poor baby has no chance.

  48. 48

    Has everyone forgotten that Levi's sister is the FIRST family member from the Palin/Johnston family to sell pictures and stories after the baby was born? Did people forget that Levi's Mom was recently arrested and charged with drug possession? I wonder why the Palin's do not want that family by the baby… Maybe its the drug problems? Or selling their stories to the media…?? Levi and his Mom crying on TV and during interviews is such B.S.!!!! Another biased story against the Palin's and another situation to show how stupid/ignorant America is towards them. I don't care if you despise the Palin's situation or if you love the Palin's, look at the facts and the reality of the situation. Levi's mom shouldn't be allowed to see the baby! She has a drug problem, Levi should not be crying on TV and revealing all these "secrets' he should be home in Alaska working and trying to hire a lawyer if he is so concerned about seeing his child, not selling his story to the tabloids and media.

  49. 49

    Dude has no freaking emotion. He is so monotone and he's scrounging for answers…it seems so rehearsed. I don't believe it really.

  50. 50

    this is the problem with democrats. they spend all their time focusing on bullshit instead of looking at the REAL issues. seriously, you people think attacking a teenage girl is ok? big deal she made a mistake. atleast she did the right thing by having it and not having an abortion like most of you pro-choice liberals would do. p.s. obamas "hope" tactic isnt gonna do shit to protect this country, why not focus on that and not some girl who had a baby??

  51. 51

    Re: jettsettrash – Maybe you should do a little reading into some of the Palin family. Burglary for instance! That was a recent one! Mayor of the crystal meth capital of Alaska! Alaskan seccesionist party ring a bell? The famous witch doctor at her church? Should I go on?

    I also really liked Sarahs recent comment about Bristol advocating abstinence, of course that's not what Bristol said during her Fox interview, but who cares right!

    Face it! Sarah Palin is going to say and do whatever she has to to further HER political career! That lying bitch would throw her own family under the bus for another shot at the White House!

  52. Timmy says – reply to this


    Newsflash…Palin did NOT run for President, John McCain did. To say she "lost" the election is to assume she was running in the first place, which she was not. She was ON the ticket, but not on the top of it. The phobia of her and the vicious media attacks against her and her family only prove how formidable an opponent she will be in the future. It's a fact based on the continued media assault on them, otherwise, why is this still news? She resonates with the American public and the liberal media knows it. That is why they continue to grasp at straws to bash her. It's pathetic.

    Has anyone who reads this blog ever heard of Ted Stevens, the former senator from AK? He was dragged through the mud during the election and narrowly lost due to the charges lobbed at him and he was now been exonerated and the Justice Dept prosecutors are under investigation. Will they give him back his senate seat he lost due to their defamation of his character during an election?

  53. 53

    Re: girlygiantsfan – The same Republicans who had a budget plan that was missing little things?


  54. 54

    this is such bull shit and expolitation of young people for money. a teen pregnany is sad and to drag it out like this and for you to be playing this clip perez is pathetic…this should never have been thrown into the spotlight in the first place.
    how about posting how bad obama's speeches are over sea! now that is a real riot but people are too politically correct to pick on a black guy but love to pick on 18 year old parents….. BARFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  55. 55

    LOVE IT!
    Guess what's under that skirt?
    LG knows!

  56. 56

    Perez, Would you allow this family to babysit your dog? I don't think so. Mommy is up on drug charges. Sister is clearly a nut job with her brother's name on her arm. What IS the true relationship of those 2? STRANGE UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP!!!! Levi is a LIAR who is trying to become a model by using the the fame of being the jerk that knocked up Palin's daughter. I hope the courts deny him rights to take the baby out of the Palin house and get restraining orders to keep druggie grandma and nutty sister away from him totally.

  57. 57

    Hey, shout out to that AJ "GREEN MASK" girl, WTF STFU already!!!!!!
    okay… now that thats out of the way:
    LEvi is cool, idk why im taking his side but i like him. im not even a sarah palin hater, but the kid has to see his son and get to take him once in a while.

  58. 58

    Levi, the best way to get back at Palin = date a liberal girl ;)

  59. 59

    Also, believe me…….as a liberal I don't see Sarah Palin as ANY KIND OF THREAT. At best she's a joke! Let's be honest here, the only reason she was even on the ticket was the slight chance she would pull in pissed off Clinton supporters. Forget the fact that she stood for the exact opposite of damn near everything Hillary did.

    Hell, Joe Biden lives with his foot in his mouth and she came out of that debate looking more retarded than I thought she was going into it! What do you think her fellow Republicans will do to her in the primaries if she makes a run at it?

  60. 60

    Ugh he's such a little white trash fame-whore. No one cares about him or anything he has to say so I don't understand why he's trying to use his connection with the Palin's to get famous. You're 15 minutes are over, sweetie. Go take care of your kid.

  61. Timmy says – reply to this


    Furthermore, why are the personal family issues of Sarah Palin breaking news and the fact that our nation's Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner hasn't paid his taxes yet is about to take over our nation's banking system and work with Obama to RAISE taxes to heights never seen before in our history that will bankrupt your children and grandchildren???? And Bristol Palin's "baby daddy" is "news" ?????

  62. 62


  63. 63

    Dumb-ass Repupugnicans still think Sarah Palin is their Great White Hope! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Re: girlygiantsfan – Take your meds, whack job!

  64. 64

    Something sneaky is going on here….why blab to the world and not get a lawyer for visitation rights? You don't "work out" child custody, you get it written down legally. What Judge would say "No" you can't see your kid, and btw dude you need to pony up 20% of your hard earned cash - wait - are you even working? Why..I think the Palins are right, you and your family are WHITE TRASH. Media whores. I like the part at the end - Levi would be interested in modeling or acting……PLEEZ.

  65. 65

    This guy is a real live bum. Any girl that dates him will be getting what she deserves after reading how he is handling an unfortunate situation. He has no respect for anyone, even his son. He was reared by a drug addict, and the title white trash fits them well. His mother has nerve even showing her face on TV. For those of you who are condemning the Palins - it was not they who went to the lefty networks and talked about him. Yes, Sarah did defend her family against his attack on them. I would do the same. As far as Levy living with them, he accepted their hospitality to let him stay over as a guest occasionally and he now interprets that as indifference from an obviously very caring mother regarding her daughter. I call him a liar without even questioning him in detail, which none of those lefty media inquistors did in an effort to get the real story.

  66. 66

    Did anyone else notice that they spelt "fiance" wrong? Good Job CBS….smh

  67. 67

    He stayed there AFTER they found out Bristol was married. And when a daughter's friend stays over, that does not mean they are sharing a bed, or she is having sex with said friend, or maybe you too are trailer trash and that is how you live.

  68. 68

    The Repugnicans are so desperate, they are focusing all their efforts on spamming Perez Hilton!
    Re: Timmy – Take your meds and stop your sobbing, sister!

  69. 69


  70. 70

    Levi wants to be a model or an actor??????? Is he kidding; he does not have the looks or the personality to be either. Those girls who describe him as "hot" have horrible taste and considering his recent activities, background, I would think most decent girls with a future would be running away at the sight of him.

  71. 71

    my god he is good looking! if I could just suck his brains out and replace them with brains of my choosing…if I could just give him another 20 years or so…oh hell, keep him the age he is, I just want to look at that FACE…god he is hot!

    must be an adorable baby but he should sue to change the name. good grief. tripp and trig and track and flick and flack and dopey and sneezy and sappy….yes, Levi is entitled to 50/50 custody, that's the deal Bristol signed up for when she spread 'em.

  72. 72

    maybe it's because right after the election the Mom was arrested for selling meth! Now this family is trying to act like they are not white trash? Please!

  73. 73

    Families at war.

  74. 74

    gosh, this makes me so proud to be an american.

  75. 75

    gonna have to go Team Levi on this one.

  76. 76

    Being there for 2 months does not constitute "living" there. It just means that he was staying there for a while. You are a dumbass Perez. Anything to slam a Republican. But lets praise your killer Kennedy.

  77. 77

    sooo dumb! does he really think the world cares about his story??? now we have babydaddy celebs? this is ridic

  78. 78

    Guess his MONEY TRAIN has left the station.

  79. 79

    jesus christ! you seriously think this guy is a fame whore perez???????????? your fuckin outta yer mind! this guy is as calm and cool as ever. he is not looking for attention, he is hurt, and he wants people to know what that fuckin ugly twat Sarah Palins all about! I hope he digs more dirt on that biatch! what a shame for her to do something like this to a young boy, i guess her turn will come when her sons grow up.

  80. 80

    Wow, Levi's sister sure does do alot of talking for him. He seems very comfortable just tuning out and letting domineering women do his thinking for him. I'm sure Bristol's attraction to him was irresistable, considering he so much like Todd Palin.

    All in all, I feel bad for the kids. I hope Levi makes a load of money, grows a pair and takes Bristol and his baby away from all the madness and moves them into a lovely suburban duplex in the heartland somewhere, which he buys cheap in a forclosure sale.

  81. 81


  82. 82

    Tryng to save (theirselves) LOL (theirselves) is this ignorant retarded idiot to be belived? TO SAVE THEMSELVES you lowlife piece of white trash is what some might say? Try for a GED then at least you will be able to write your own name on a piece of paper LOL?

  83. 83

    Levi if you don't stop this I swear I will tell everyone how tiny your little pee wee is? I mean it, I've seen bigger on a newborn? S.P.?

  84. 84

    Hehe, gotta love that! The Palins being taken to task. Finally someone tells it like it is. Aren't you all lucky they aren't the Vice-Family? Dang, the world sure escaped a doozy, yeah!

  85. 85

    Yup. They're still stupid.

  86. 86

    they just want attention :x

  87. 87

    Tit for Tat, you go Levi. They were happy for him to be 'engaged' to Bristol for SHOW, but once that was done they decided his services weren't needed any longer.

  88. 88

    1st -off he's HOT!!
    2nd- sarah palins 15 minutes should be over by now..the fact she even ran for vp was a joke in itself and she made a mockery of herself the entire time and odviously still is…hypocrite
    #3rd-THANKYOU GOD OBAMA WAS VOTED IN and not that twit

  89. 89

    Mileuy Cyrus's cheesy boyfriend is just 'staying' there with her parents, too.

  90. 90

    Dude -

    way to go - Bash the mother of your child and her fam!
    Do you know that your Baby-moma's - Momma, like runs the state?
    Do you know your a kid that got horny and forgot the condom?
    A few bucks for selling out your sons blood relatives and showing people
    what a GOOOF you are?
    So your kid is going to ask you -" hey… Baby-dady, why did you crapped all over my mom - in the press - after Getting her pregnant??"

    She didn't have to have your baby, Dude.


  91. 91

    i think they are all white trash, especially the Palin's
    could imagine this drama in the White House running America?
    they are all involved in drugs (Levi's Mom, Sarah's sister in law), teen pregnancy (while your mother that was running for the Vice President of America was against abortion and pro abstinence)…she (sarah) obviously doesn't have a clue what is going on in her little hick state, let alone under her own roof…and John Mc Cain Picked HER as his running mate???????
    OMG is all i can say…RUBLICANS, and supporters or that little party, you suck, even McCain's daughter disagrees with her own Father's Policies…..SMART GIRL..

  92. 92

    Re: nickname123
    "And when a daughter's friend stays over, that does not mean they are sharing a bed, or she is having sex with said friend, or maybe you too are trailer trash and that is how you live. "
    Are you that naive? The whole time he was LIVING there, you don't think for once they shared a bed or had sex together? It has nothing to do with having a trailer trash mentality to think that; it's common sense. Perhaps you're willing to call the Palins trailer trash for letting their daughter get pregnant. Or maybe you just believe Bristol accidentally sat on Levi's dick.

  93. 93

    I wonder if Levi has a ManHunt account?

  94. 94

    He has no story. There are thousands just like him. He is not unique and neither is the situation he and Bristol are in. This is a non-story designed to get Bristol's mother. Why? Because lefties know she is made of the right stuff and are scared to encounter her in any election.

  95. 95

    To the idiot Daniel - the one who knows not what happened, but is willing to assume the worst. My friends, both male and female have stayed at my house many times. We did not have sex nor did we share a bed. If you live in a world in which that is expected, then you are trash as well. Moreover, Levi was allowed to stay at the Palin home AFTER she became pregnant as well as when he was visiting the baby. Even he does not state that Gov. Palin allowed him to share a bedroom with Bristol. You are disgusting.

  96. 96

    The Palins were never happy to have Levi and his white trash family related to them in any way. They tried to make the best of it, but Levi quit shool, is not working or making any effort to contribute to the care of his child. He is immature, has the mental age of a 10 year old, who still needs his drug addict mama and his nutty sister to accompany him to make his lying statements.

  97. 97

    Can you believe this woman could have been our vice president / president?? We dodged a major bullet with this one.

  98. 98

    To DAniel - Common sense as defined by YOU? That is really funny. He was not staying at the Palin home prior to Bristol's pregnancy. I don't recall even him saying that. However, you read into what he said what you wanted to hear.

  99. 99

    Re: nickname123
    My, my, aren't you judgmental. I can imagine anyone coming to your house and not wanting to sleep with your ass. Your lack of a sex life explains your bitterness. FYI, darling…I never said I knew what was going on in their bedroom. I was asking you if you actually believed if nothing went on. They had a baby, together; of course they were FUCKING. Your love for Palin is really blinding you. Not only are you naive and stupid, but reading comprehension isn't your cup of tea either. Dumbass!

  100. 100

    The vice president we have does not have clean skirts…his daughter is a druggie. And he is just about as stupid as they come. Sarah would have been great; as a matter of fact, anyone, dem, republican or independent would have been better.

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