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Mariska Hargitay And Chris Meloni To Be Replaced On SVU????

| Filed under: TV News


NBC has threatened to find replacements for Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni on Law & Order: SVU!

Wait, wait, wait.


How could that even be a possibility????

Hargity and Meloni's $350,000 per episode contracts expirie in May, and the stars of SVU have reportedly "banded together" to demand a bigger paycheck from the network giants who just sealed the deal for an 11th season of the #1 scripted drama.

Although sources at the network have questioned either Law & Order actor's ability to "walk away from over $7 million a year," NBC is now trying to scare Mariska and Chris into accepting their piddly offer by threatening to replace them!

Too bad insiders have called the network on their bluff! "I don't think in this environment, there's any chance they could re-launch the show with both of them gone," says one big wig from a rivaling network. "It's a horrible time to retool a show."

Here's to hoping!!

[Image via WENN.]

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74 comments to “Mariska Hargitay And Chris Meloni To Be Replaced On SVU????”

  1. cgurl says – reply to this


    thats fucknig ridiculous they better keep them and keep the show the same hes a hottie and so is she

  2. 2

    would never work!!! They are the best!

  3. 3


  4. 4


  5. 5


  6. 6

    I'd hardly call $350k an episode piddling. But blackmail works everywhere. I think they should be happy they're working. I'm not a fan of either of them; they should be down on their knees happy to have a job.

  7. 7

    theres no way they could change them no one would watch

  8. 8

    sounds like a good idea…get rid of the two people who make the show so they can get their asses completely canceled. Idiots!

  9. 9

    olivia and elliott are irreplaceable. the show will wither and die a tragic, TRAGIC death without them. why even bother replacing?
    i think the fans should boycott nbc if they decide to do this…

  10. 10

    wait there is NOOOOO way they can remove them!

  11. 11

    Re: Alice123 – no, but you get the runner up prize of being an asshole

  12. 12

    they are the only reason i watch SVU if they replace them, a lot of people will stop watching.

  13. Lene says – reply to this


    Wow. Is it fair that ACTORS get more money than poilce? doctors? firefighters?! nope. but that's life. I do think they should just.. be happy with what their getting, which is pretty damn much. but like hell nbc is going to replace them. they are the main characters after all. The rooted for "couple". The show would be doomed without them.

  14. 14

    NOOOOO. It would fail with 2 new leads. I would stop watching!

  15. 15

    they will completely ruin the show!!!

  16. 16

    they r two ppl y i watch the show, they r but sexyyy n great actors.

  17. 17

    Well, as I don't watch the show I could care less.
    However, in seeing the industry die in So Cal, I find it disturbing that everyone on both sides are so fucking selfish and greedy!
    For the actors, I understand the concept of get it while you can. But really, are the grips, and gaffers, or the craft service people getting raises?
    No, they are not. In fact, they are cutting the pay to the "little people" and the chief of police in LA is even trying to cut out the retired cops that make a buck off this shit! You know, the cool looking old guys with the shiny boots on the nice Harley's stopping traffic for a shot? Those guys! Ridiculous!
    CA is fucking over Hollywood as well.
    Little to no tax incentives.
    The list goes on and on.
    I wonder how much the fans know about this stuff.
    Google it! Check it out!

  18. 18

    Without these two the show would not be the same. Although more Ice-T and Richard Belzer episodes might be interesting.

  19. 19

    If they replace them, I quit watching.

  20. 20

    wtf!!! no way… they are the best!

  21. 21

    Mariksa is sooo HOT!!!!

  22. 22

    dumbest shit eva they make the show mite as well get rid of ice n belzer to cancel da whole fuckin show

  23. 23


  24. 24

    Hargity? Really? How has no one noticed that her name is Hartigay, not Hargity…

  25. 25

    There's no way I'd watch an episode of Law & Order WITHOUT Olivia and Elliot. He is such a gorgeous man omg..

  26. 26

    no no no no no. they CANNOT replace them. this is my absolute favorite show on t.v. both of them are such great actors, plus the fact that they look pretty damn amazing on screen doesn't hurt! they cant get rid of them, I'd have a fit. they deserved to get payed more anyways. they should know that getting rid of them will basically mean CANCELLATION.

  27. 27

    it will NEVER FUCKING HAPPEN. those 2 ARE the show.

    pay them what ever the fuck they want!!!!!!!

  28. Rieco says – reply to this


    that's fucking stupid, if that happens i'll never watch law and order svu
    there amazing at acting, DON'T FUCKING LEAVE.

  29. 29

    Woah, woah woah. They canNOT replace Mariska and Chris. They make the show. Their relationship and chemistry makes the show. They're irreplaceable! Dummies at NBC! (Not to mention, Christopher Meloni is HOTT and Mariska is beautiful!)

  30. 30

    Umm. fuck you. If you replace Chris, I won't bother watching then.

  31. 31

    once you've seen one Law and Order, you've seen every single one.

  32. 32

    Noooo! You'll kill the show if you get rid of them!!!

  33. 33

    First let me say that I hate NBC. I only watch that network on tuesday nights to see SVU. If they get rid of olivia & elliot I would not watch anymore.

  34. 34

    they are greedy! they can and will be replaced!

  35. 35

    I love this show and with this cast intact it is GREAT. NBC don't commit a crime against Law & Order SVU.

  36. 36

    You are such a FUCKING TOOL MARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Her name is Mariska HARGITAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You call yourself a "celebrity blogger" and don't know how to spell their names.
    You are just pissed because you got "CALLED OUT" on the other website we all go to now to get our celebrity news: perez
    dot com!!!!!!!!!!
    You're a complete tool!

  37. 37

    Law & Order shows have a history of revolving door casts. This one should be no different. Personally, I'd love to see Fin and Munch run the show! Besides, 11 years working the worst of the worst cases would have driven any detective to the bring of sanity by now (Yes it's TV, but they have often commented in episodes how long they have worked together).

  38. 38

    Also… they have more than enough to be in syndication forever. The network loses nothing by canceling the show.

  39. 39

    They deserve the money so I hope they get it.

  40. 40

    I would stop watching if these two were replaced, damnit NBC, just give them what they want!

  41. 41

    it's HARGITAY, hot hargity

  42. 42

    Re: dreamattack
    whoops, NOT Hargity!

  43. 43

    They are lucky to have jobs. No one is irreplaceable.

  44. 44

    Is NBCthe same network that Katie Couric is on??? If so, take it out of her salary and the other head honchos that work on that evening news show which is VERY COSTLY and mediocare at best!

  45. 45

    oh hell to the naw, they are the reason i watch the show. it wold just suck without them!

  46. 46


  47. 47


  48. 48

    ohh noooo.
    not elliot!
    theres no way they'll do it.

  49. 49

    I doubt it. They just got rid of ER.

    Shit I'll quite watching NBC. I'm a college student I barely have time to watch TV but i make it a habit to watch SVU!!!!

  50. 50

    That would be the most stupidest thing ever! Theya re the best and law and order is the best!

  51. 51

    It would be pointless to watch the show if they left… SRSLY who in the hell could replace Benson and Stabler??

  52. 52

    It's bad enough that "Olivia" had to be absent for some shows but to have no "Elliot" to drool over either… what are the producers even thinking? There would be such a huge boycott of SVU… the best of the three Law & Order programs. They are worthy of whatever pay raise they want!

  53. 53

    i would not watch SVU if those two left. Chris Meloni is so hott…mmmmm. and Mariska Hargitay is smoking. they make crime fighting look soo good.

  54. 54

    i've been an SVU fan since the show started, but it sounds like they want to be paid too much. make Ice T the lead actor, everyone would watch that.

  55. 55

    WHAT???…If they were gone the show wouldnt be worth watching..PERIOD!

  56. 56

    ha nbc is so stupid. what a bluff like they would replace them HA. they are the show. no offence to the others their stories are never as interesting

  57. 57

    OH GOSH NO!!
    L&O:SVU has been my fave show since… forever!! & i will not watch it W/OUT them!!! ugh!

  58. 58

    If they are replaced i will not watch!They are what makes the show hot
    wtf how is that even an option!I already hate there potential replacements and i think the show will end up canceled really soon if they go ahead and do this!

  59. 59

    fucking selfish pigs, they're not making enough money?! ..quit whining…

  60. 60

    Nobody is worth that kind of wompum! Nobody is irreplaceable! Let me see, who can I think of, that could instantly bring a audience to replace Meloni? Why I might have to go with, Ed O'Neill. Now, who should be added to replace that over-worked, bit-part legend, why none other than, Nicollette Sheridan. EASY! Next Case!

  61. 61

    Thats fucken stupid.. i watch that show faithfully every tuesday night even the re runs on the USA channel! if they replace those two i will quit watching..

  62. 62

    Like that could work haha!

  63. 63


  64. 64



  65. 65

    Law & Order SVU is one of my very favorite shows, and Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay play a big part in that. BUT I think those two shouldn't be so spoiled and be glad with what they have. Mariska is already the best paid prime time actress for chrissake. How many effing golden chandeliers do you need???

  66. 66

    350,000 an episode is an amazing salary…they don't even deserve that! For playing pretend, playing a sport, or singing no one should make what these celebrities do. They do not do anything important, they don't save lives. Hollywood is overpaid and they do not deserve a cent. If they think they do, well there is therapy for people with complexes like that.

  67. 67

    I only watch the show because of them. They make the show, no replacements will make the top ratings. They look good together.

  68. @v@ says – reply to this


    I love these two, but that's a little steep in this economy. Who's advising them on this, a greedy agent? Step back and comparison shop, kids.

  69. Laxer says – reply to this


    Is it really NBC or is it Dick Wolf , the producer of the show. He is notorious for not believing in high salaries for cast members..one of the resons his shows have such a high turnover. In this case, the public wouldn't accept the show without them.

  70. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Laxer – I know it's relative, but what the hell is wrong with $350 thousand per episode? Not a damn thing. They're series actors, not bank-sters.

  71. 71

    Heeellll No! They better not replace them. That's the best show on NBC. Everything else is shit.

  72. 72

    ya uhh no.
    they make the show.
    it would suck ass without them

  73. 73

    Nothing that NBC does anymore makes cents (pun intended). They cancel good shows to bring on stupid new ones, like the new Parks & Recreation, it just goes to show you what kind of retards are running the network. Cancel ER and put P & R on instead. All I can say is Thank God I have Satellite. I may have to pay for it, but atleast I get the respect from the networks I deserve.

  74. 74

    i wouldnt watch svu any more