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Some Yummy K-Pop Deliciousness (With Subtitles)!

| Filed under: K-Pop2NE1

CLICK HERE to check out new Korean girl group 2NE1's new single, Lollipop, featuring Big Bang.

Love it!

We love the K-Pop goodness!!!!

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110 comments to “Some Yummy K-Pop Deliciousness (With Subtitles)!”

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  1. 101

    perez is da bomb
    keep that k-pop flowin

  2. 102

    Omg if you don't like it then don't read it.
    I love this song and I love big bang.
    The song was originally created for the new cyon phone in korea.
    Big Bang FIGHTING!!!!
    2NE1 is pretty big now and I'm glad that they are getting know.


  3. 103

    Re: yuiko0510 – TOP and Seungri are the best. LOL.

  4. 104

    this song is super cool i love big bang but i think u should really put of the song sorry sorry by super junior.. .that is one freaking amazing and famous song. But i really more into jpop!

  5. 105

    i love this song and big bang… u should listen to sorry sorry by super junior now thats a badass song

  6. 106

    Oh Perez your super awesome! I can't believe what others are writing about them! this is a CF for a phone so yes, it's not the usually style we all like to watch but i just wish people weren't so closed-minded! I'm so glad you're not Perez! Thanks for uploading! Please listen to Big Bang's other songs!

  7. 107

    Re: AsianMusic4ever – Actually, there is an article or two onlien somewhere. Just google and you shoudl find it. I didn't believe so either at first, be he was 16 then young and ignorant. He realized his error now.

  8. 108

    Im surpirsed that you actually uploaded this! =D
    Isnt it cute?
    Anywho, Big Bang is awesome!! =D

  9. 109

    For all of you haters; this is 2009 people. It's a world where there should be no hating. Especially making fun of another culture; that's just low. Making racist comments such as "STOP WITH THE YELLOW CRAP" is just plain pathetic and uncivilized. Furthermore, it disgusts me. What happened to respect? I'm Korean myself, and really, the comments you make about these singers don't only affect them, but it also affects fellow Koreans. And honestly, if you have nothing good to say, then just don't say anything at all. Don't make fun of them when you don't know them and don't understand what they're saying. That's totally unfair. At least give it a shot and if you don't like it, then just stop listening to it without a comment. Next time, think about your actions before you carry them on. And next time, maybe you'll have some more respect for other nations, because I don't think you would appreciate it if someone posted a video of an American song on a Korean website like this and said "STOP WITH THE WHITE CRAP!" I know there are going to be a lot of comments to this, but I'm just letting you know that there are consequences for your actions. BTW, BIG BANG ROCKS! & 대한민국 최고!

  10. 110

    you know, the girl there (the one with the coconut-tree-looking-hair) used to be/is an idol here in the Philippines.
    if you're gonna feature K-POP, might as well include SUPER JUNIOR, DBSK, and WONDER GIRLS. :D

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