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Is That A Bong????

| Filed under: DrugsSpencer PrattHeidi Montag

The Hills star Spencer Pratt just uploaded this photo, taken today, to his Twitter account.

His stoner eye must have forgotten that a certain inhaling accessory (or something that looks just like one) was on the kitchen counter!

What would Jesus say about THAT?????

Pass the pipe! Mary-Magdalene wants a toke!

Update: Wow. Jesus works fast! That photo has DISAPPEARED from Pratt's Twitpic!!!!!!

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140 comments to “Is That A Bong????”

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  1. 1

    feck u busted us out.we r stoned 2 tha teetz n this nigg.

  2. 2

    looks like a pepper mill

  3. 3

    It's probably a dildo for his gay ass

  4. are13 says – reply to this


    what the heck is that?

  5. 5

    I see she is on Perezzzzzzzzz…..NOT!!!!!!!! PIGFACE

  6. 6

    pepper mill

  7. 7

    hahaha holy shit
    i didn't even see that before

  8. 8

    Home time ……….. Later Peeps………. :o )

  9. 9

    hahaha I fucking hope so.

  10. 10

    It it is a bong, it would explain a lot of her lame ass behavior.

  11. 11

    it could just be a candle.

  12. 12

    As an expert that is a bong. BONG GATE PART DEAUX.

  13. 13

    It's just a vase…LOL!

  14. 14

    doesn't look like a bong dude… close though

  15. 15

    Spencer Pratt is a disgrace to humanity.

  16. 16

    Well I could see it better if your freaking 3 yr old like drawings weren't there!

  17. 17

    Re: amandadixon420
    eXPERT? My ass… As an expert I say NOT

  18. 18

    That is SO a bong!! I know a bong when I see one, and THATS a bong!! LMAO HA!

  19. 19

    it's all about the publicity.

  20. 20

    LOL@ Pass the pipe! Mary-Magdalene wants a toke!


  21. 21

    Whatever It Is Its Big!!!

  22. 22

    looks like a fresh pepper grinder to me…

  23. 23

    It looks like a bong..but DAMN..come on. It's too freaking far away to tell unless we try to zoom in on it.

  24. 24

    nice looking bong, at that. =)

  25. 25

    Jesus would probably say, "big fucking deal you nitwit, it's a fucking plant." This actually makes me like these two degenerates, a tad bit.

  26. 26

    HELL YES that is definitely a bong !!! haha

  27. 27

    haha, maybe they can twitter miley and have her read them some bible verses…lmao…i better stop, dont want to upset her whole 2 fans that are out there…they might be mean to me….lmao….

  28. 28


    stick that into heidi.

  29. 29

    ughhhhh. annoying.

  30. 30

    later dong…smooches…

  31. 31


  32. @v@ says – reply to this


    Oh, snap. It's how they get religiously existential. Or it's tubing for their hamster. On their kitchen counter. ROFLMAO. Pwned.

  33. 33

    that is most def. a bong…

  34. 34

    No, that's not a bong you fag!

  35. 35

    I can wake up out of bed w/ my hair looking like that for free. I know they love people talking shit about them b/c that keeps their fame going but it is just so sad. If I were her mom, I would be humiliated and not appear on the Hills anymore.

  36. maud says – reply to this



  37. 37

    What a pretty neck…to chock..lol j/k

  38. 38

    Marijuana should be LEGAL! Don't make it look bad… I want to smoke it legally one day :)

  39. 39

    don't criticize it

  40. 40

    That would explain a lot of things..

  41. 41

    Why would they post a picture with their house looking like that????????Weirdos!!!!

  42. 42

    That is definitely a bong. That's why I keep mine locked away in a cabinet, no one can see them if I don't want them to.

  43. 43

    I smoked for WAAAAY too many years and I know a bong when I see one !! not a pepper mill…you can see the tube, the stem, definitely a bong.

  44. Laila says – reply to this


    they are such hypocrites….shacking up with your bf should is something else thats forbidden but they try to pass themselves as these good ole christians…they are so lame.

  45. 45

    Now I know why Spencer talks the way he does…he's always stoned.

  46. 46

    hhahahahahahha! thats too good!!!

  47. 47


  48. 48

    what this picture supposed to be f anyway? the fact that they live in a complete mess? or…

  49. 49

    lokks like a huge ass BONG!!!! hahahaha. Looks like they are not as perfect as they claim to be…..

  50. 50

    hahah it looks likes a fuckin pepper mill to me!

  51. 51

    This just made my morning. And today being my birthday I think makes it even more perfect.

  52. 52

    Are they gonna lose sponsors too now?

  53. 53

    just as i went to spencer's twitter, clicked on that photo, it said it no longer existed.. ha!

  54. 54

    hah whoops!

  55. 55

    cant be a pepper mill, asshole

  56. 56


  57. 57

    They need to clean their fucking house is what they need to do!

  58. 58

    maybe?!……. maybe not

  59. 59

    that def is a bong and it explains a lot

  60. 60

    I might be naive, but that's such a small detail in the background, how can you make a determination?

  61. 61

    its a candle…duh

  62. 62

    it took a whole 10 minutes for the pic to come down from his twitter…lol

  63. 63

    Mario…And your stoned on dick…head!!

  64. 64


  65. 65

    I totally love Heidi!!! She would NEVER!

  66. 66

    I enlarge the photo its a pepper mill you dip shit.

  67. 67

    their kitchen is dirty as hell….and i must say thats one sophisticated looking bong

  68. 68

    that looks like a pipe! like a sewage pipe thing!

  69. 69

    I think it seems pretty clear that its a brown pepper mill

  70. 70

    Why yes yes it is! HA this explains A LOT :)

  71. 71


  72. 72

    She even looks trashy from this angle!!! These two make me sick.

  73. 73

    Haha that's funny. Looks like Heidi called upon jesus to help her with this one.


  74. 74

    He's removed the pic…which means that it most definitely was a bong.

  75. 75

    nice eye perez, i hadn't spoted that xD

  76. 76

    Uhm, are you ppl retarded or something? Pepper mills do NOT come in glass…

  77. 77

    Re: GardyGrrl – exactly xD

  78. 78

    And it WAS a bong, Blew it up in photoshop HYSterical

  79. 79

    hey who knows maybe its for crack ?

  80. 80

    spencer is the biggest douche i've ever seen . like seriously, what does she see in him? it looks like someone smacked the shit out of the lower half of his face with the ugly stick ….goddamn he's disgusting. weed, however, is not :)

  81. jenam says – reply to this


    heidi looks like a pothead!

  82. 82

    Re: Melissa is always RIGHT – #52 Good GOD, let's hope so!!!!!
    Nothing would make me happier than not having to hear about those 2 fucktards!!!!

    The fact that Spencer took the photo down that fast SPEAKS VOLUMES!!!!!!
    I'm calling MTV right now.

  83. Hole says – reply to this


    Re: JigSaw – see you soon…sleep tight

  84. 84

    Re: LG & Celine would Drive All Night! – 56 I will trust your opinion LG, since I missed seeing the mysterious tube with the stem.

  85. 85

    Didn't anyone copy the picture?
    Go to ipetitions.com/petition/montag/signatures.html and sign the petition to end Heidi and Spencers MTV career!

  86. 86

    wow I wanted to see but it seems dumb and dumber took the pic down

  87. 87

    itz totally medicinal, totally.

  88. 88

  89. 89

    That IS a piece used for peni s entension! Seriously!

  90. 90

    Bongs and Dongs for Speidie

  91. 91

    where is the outrage???? what does mtv have to say out it? did you get a comment from them perez? are they going to drop Speidi? what does Heidi's minister say? Is she going to hell for being immoral? and a moron? and letting a gay asshole near her and being his beard? Is their Role Model Status shot down? Are they checking into rehab? any pics of doing the bong? OF COURSE, WE EXPECT THE SAME AMOUNT OF COVERAGE YOU GAVE MICHAEL PHELPS, AND PLEASE REMEMBER, YOU HAVE TO CALL THEM DOUCHES EACH TIME, MARIO

  92. 92

    he did it on purpose, that famewhore….

  93. 93

    Re: LG & Celine would Drive All Night! – What's with the obnoxious spacing? Is it an insecurity that you need attention? Don't mean to be rude, but it's annoying and looks like spam.

  94. 94

    missed that shit, damn lol

  95. JCPR says – reply to this


    didn't you save it fat ass?

  96. 96

    Re: Hole – you want me move over and make you some room? just keep your dick out of my ass!

  97. 97

    if thats a pepper mill its a freakin huge one.

  98. enida says – reply to this


    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. 99

    I have one that looks like that one, that was a bong!!!!

  100. 100

    Re: Hole – see hole, your a freaking stalker, shall i take the revolver out for you? something to stick up your ass?

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