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Susan Boyle!!!!!!!!

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You MUST watch this whole thing!!!!!!

Susan Boyle is her name. She's competing on Britain's Got Talent.

She's 47 years old, and she wants to be a singer.

She attempts to do I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables.

Oh, boy.

It is something to be seen!

CLICK HERE to check it out!
CLICK HERE to check it out!
CLICK HERE to check it out!

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601 comments to “Susan Boyle!!!!!!!!”

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  1. 201

    Utterly amazing. I've watched this vid like six times and cried everytime. I hope she wins the whole thing and puts out albums. I'd buy every one.

  2. 202

    Simon's face is just priceless. Of course he knew she was going to be that great *roll eyes*. I agree with everybody else: U GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 203

    A late bloomer.

  4. scpk says – reply to this


    I will not dignify this comment with abbreviations such as OMG. She deserves the OH MY GOD!!!! Madame you are indeed one of the diamonds in the rough that I am so happy to see the world discovered before it was too late! Congratulations to you on your amazing God given talent and I sincerely hope you will continue share it with the rest because your voice is one that we all need to hear and your passion for your singing is one we all need to emulate in our own lives! God bless you and keep on singing!!!! :D

  5. 205

    Never judge a book by its cover.

  6. 206

    I live (but am not from) one of that "collection" of villages in West Lothian. Yes some of the populace look frightful, perhaps a little too much inbreeding. But remember the winner of The X Factor, Leon Jackson, also came from West Lothian. Must be something in the water.

  7. 207

    Okay, for starters, if I look like that at 47… KILL ME. Just hack off my head. Seriously. She's not an ugly woman, buy no means, but she's clearly okay with looking a good 20+ years old than she is. Nice voice… and I hope she ups her "presence" to be taken more seriously. For better or worse, looks do mattter in society. Her dress is pretty, but the eyebrows, hair, makeup, and overall aged look is not so great.

  8. 208

    watched it twice. teared up both times. what an absolutely beautiful voice.

  9. 209

    That was fabolous. Looks like she's not gonna be at home wit her cat too much anymore… good for her!

  10. 210


  11. 211

    Wow AMAZING. Loved it that is what true talent is. Way better than American Idol. If gave me shivers.

  12. 212

    I love this

  13. 213

    wow hahaah
    didn't expect THAT! it's beautiful!

  14. 214

    Aw I thought she was cute before she started singing…she clearly just doesn't think of outward appearances like the rest of us, and that's part of her charm. Her rendition of this powerful song made me cry; her voice is AMAZING. Thanks for posting this =]

  15. 215

    PHENOMONAL dude that brought a tear to my eye. There is truly no age for talent. Those who hate are those who dont have and want. May not be whitney houston but homegirl gots vocals. I wish her the best and the greatest of success.

  16. 216

    that's a 2-Kleenex video!

  17. 217


  18. 218

    When will people realize that musical talent has nothing to do with age or physical appearance?

  19. 219

    Re: Paris Hilton Looks Like A Flamingo

    Agree and it's the only reason why she wont win - unless she gets a total makeover and loses a few pounds. Appearances do matter whether peeps like it or not and in show business it determines commercial viability of what will sell. Great voice but she needs to complete it with a proper look.

  20. 220

    but shes so fuckin ugly…

  21. 221

    I don't understand a word she's saying … singing is surprisingly good (much better than she looks like). And that's about it. I wouldn't vote for her!

  22. 222

    I am filled with such joy for her . . . how weird, but she was amazing and i hope she has great success.


  23. 223


  24. Leto says – reply to this


    Just hope she wins the whole show. As said one of the jury, this woman is the biggest wake up call ever. Someone get us rid of the voiceless bitches (no offence Gaga, I love you, but your outruled here lol) , we want some more fugly amazing singers like that (and THAT's something I definetely would BUY, not download…)

  25. 225


  26. 226

    Her voice is good, but her singing is horrid. Plus, she is so goddamned ugly!

  27. 227

    SHE MADE ME CRY. This is by far the BEST thing I have seen on these sad singing shows. It shows that you should never judge a musician by the way they look or how old they are. This lady deserves to have all her dreams come true.

  28. 228

    This was amazing … I cried.. its so nice for people to recognize real talent and for Simon to be smiling the whole time .. really touching and inspiring :)

  29. 229


    cute :)

  30. 230

    Absolutely brilliant! What a beautiful voice! What a perfect well deserved opportunity!!!!

  31. 231

    O.O Damn, you go girl!

  32. 232

    she was all over the scottish newspapers before britains got talent even started, so i knew she was gonna be good before, but i was still like 'holy shit'

  33. 233

    Isn't this a female Paul Potts type thing going on here? Not to diminish her talent, but remember the chubby guy with the bad teeth who rocked opera on the show… what, last year? Two years ago? Still, kudos.

  34. 234

    Speechless…truly…I hope her dream of becoming a professional singer comes true….I am honestly moved to tears….she has a gift….may the universe align with your dream Susan and guide you to your true destiny….

  35. 235

    Stunning, moved me to tears.

  36. 236

    wow, that made me seriously bawl my eyes out with joy! hopefully she'll get some record deals out of this and then we'll all be enjoying it on the radio soon

  37. 237

    When I saw this on TV I felt ashamed. Before had even had a chance to sing I had dismissed her as one of those crazy cat lady/spinster types, who lived under the delusion that she had talent. Certain that she was about to embarass herself in front of thousands of people, I had prepared myself for some serious second-hand embarassment. Thanks for proving me wrong Ms Boyle, and for reminding me that I'm too quick to judge. Her voice is incredible. I wish you posted more stuff like this Perez.

  38. 238

    When I watched this the first time, I thought Ms. Boyle was lip synching and scamming both audience and judges. When I watched this a second time, knowing it was real, it brought tears to my eyes. I didn't know things like this happen in real life. I'm recommending this to people and advising them to remember it the next time they're underestimated. Thanks for posting this, Perez.

  39. Ulia says – reply to this


    OMFG!!!! AWESOME!!!! Thanks for putting this on, Perez. Made me think.

  40. 240

    um Can we say Susan Boyle FTMFW???

  41. 241

    Re: Good Gossip Girl – That's because you're just another shallow, bigoted, self-absorbed idiot who couldn't recognize talent if it walked up & shit in your mouth! Which, by the way, explains your post.

  42. 242

    Wile Watchin It..I Felt Soo Sorry For Her.! Buh When She Sang..:O It Was Class(: My Dad Thinks Shes Playin Everyone Tho:L Goddd Still Feel Sorry Fur Her.:S

  43. 243

    Made my night! Just Beautiful.
    Thanks for posting Perez.

  44. 244

    that was so amazing! i just cried! that was truly something to watch, i am so shocked right now! i wouldve clapped too if i was in the audience! GO SUSAN!!!

  45. 245

    WOW! I'm not very emotional and I was in tears.

  46. 246

    That made me cry, she followed her dream to sing even tho most superficial brats on this site would say it was too late for her, she is someone to look up too and I wish her the VERY BEST!!

  47. 247

    wow! that what a way to make 3 celebs and a stadium feel like complete asses! ha ha ha
    i love it!
    what do we learn from this little lesson…..dont judge man! u never know what ur gonna be giving up when u turn it away!
    freekin awesome ms boyle ur now going to be as famous as elaine!

  48. 248

    Wow, something nice on this site for once!

  49. 249

    I was like everyone else and thought she would be another mentalist but WOW.She is an amazing singer and it shows…you don't have be a Britney or Lady Gaga…this lady has more, she can actually sing like an angel!!!

  50. 250

    Oh and Perez…I've been a big fan for a long time but putting someone down because they don't look like they stepped off the cover of Cosmo is riduculous. You of all people should understand that it's not the exterior that counts! ANd you don't have to conform! Perez i can't be a fan if you continue to sell out to make numbers!

  51. 251

    Re: Izzeena – the reason being is that it is one of the hardest songs from a musical to sing. Needs a lot of breath control and has both low and high notes in and that can sometimes hurt the voice if not done properly.

    I was mega impressed

  52. 252

    aww that was soo sweet ;)

  53. 253

    she nailed it!
    when she first got on stage, i was just like, no, she's not going to do very well.
    ut whenever she opened her mouth to sing, i was like WOW!
    she can singggggggg!

    throughout her entire performance, i was thinking;; don't judge a book by it's cover!


  54. 254

    Whew…. what a pleasant surprise. Nice voice. She does not need to be another a blonde botox whore, there is enough of them already….

  55. 255

    Re: popi$hot – fuck u…ur uglier on the inside

  56. 256


  57. 257

    Re: Paris Hilton Looks Like A Flamingo – You're a f*cking retard! Go hump a stripper if that's what you’re in to and let us enjoy her amazing voice. You probably have tickets to see Britney lip synch and think that’s talent.

  58. 258

    she'll win and get a total makeover, a personal trainer, new hair, plucked eyebrows, new neck and she'll look like a new person

  59. 259

    So F'ING AMAZING!!!! I cried!

  60. 260

    Wow .. touching story. All choked-up. Hope she gets a recording contract

  61. tasha says – reply to this


    That brought me to tears. It's not often you post something that affects me like that but thank you perez.

  62. 262

    hahaha she just basically gave the finger to everyone!! Love it babe!!!!

  63. 263

    i kid you not i teared up and got goosebumps

  64. 264

    AMAZING! I think my jaw along with everyone else completely dropped as soon as she started singing. I wasn't expecting her to be able to sing so well.

  65. 265

    That was absolutely beautiful.

    Brought me to tears almost!

  66. 266

    That was amazing! *Tears*

  67. 267

    Her singing is so passionate and so moving, and her voice is so amazing that I ended up crying. I hope we'll see more of Susan Boyle.

  68. 268



  69. 269

    Life can be so cry worthy sometimes. Sweet, lovely and humbling.

  70. 270

    This unemployed, single, 47-year-old woman who lives alone with her cat could have given up, but instead, she stood up in front of a world that prizes youth, beauty, and wealth, and believed in herself. Like one of the judges said, it was a privilege to see and hear her. What an incredibly moving performance.

  71. 271

    Not only this woman has an amazing talent, but it looks like she's a lot of fun and she doesn't take herself too seriously. I wish her great success.

  72. 272

    wow. that was sooo good. at first i thought it was kinda a joke, but her voice blew me away… aww she triumphed! you goo girl. keep doing your thang sexy mama

  73. 273

    Well she showed 'em how. She has the voice, she has the soul-power, and she trained them to listen.

  74. 274

    WOW AWESOME!! I got the Chills From that.

  75. 275

    when she got those yesses , and her face just lit up , i actually started crying.

  76. 276

    this just goes to show how close minded people are when you don't look drop dead gorgeous. she is fantastic.

  77. 277

    She has a lovely voice. It's sad that people were laughing at her, and I'm glad she shut them up (well actually they were screaming for her but you know what I mean.)

  78. Catty says – reply to this


    wow! that really moved me

  79. 279


    that was freakkkkkin FANTASTICCCCC!!

    Whooooop to us Brits!! :D

  80. 280

    Uplifting! This year's Paul Pott? Thanks for posting this happiness, Perez.

  81. 281

    I hate to admit it but I got a little teary eyed listening to her voice, maybe it's because is was very unexpected by the audience as well as myself.

  82. 282

    brilliant!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  83. 283

    just made me cry!

  84. 284

    This was GREAT! Thank you SO much for posting it!

  85. 285

    that was amazing!!
    looks can be decieving.

  86. 286

    wow. truly amazing. especially considering the song "I Dreamed a Dream" and it's very negative attitude toward life that has beat down a dream. I'm not a cheesy person at all, and I'm a little teary!! Well done. And thanks for actually posting something positive & inspirational on here. ^_^

  87. 287

    This really made me smile. It almost brought a tear to my eye too.

  88. 288

    OMG — You mean there's still raw, pure talent left in the world?
    – I don't think she'll ever be 'unemployed' again.

  89. fiera says – reply to this


    She better win this competition!!!!!!! She needs a little makeover, but she can sing her ass off!! Amazing!!!

  90. 290

    that was totally awesome!! i had a smile on my face the whole time! what a sweet lady!! i hope she does well!!

  91. 291

    I have been TRYING to find this! Thank you!

  92. 292

    I just watched this clip again and it brought out the same emotions in me, as the 1st time I watched her….Susan Boyle, without a doubt, has completely restored my faith in Humanity. I usually think this World is fucked beyond repair and then some amazing person comes along like this wonderfully talented lady and I am saved once again. Just think of the marginally talented singers out there (don't wanna say their names because I do like them to an extent, but they SUCK compared to Miss Boyle) that are "industry pretty/prepped" and then compare their talent to Susan's….no contest, yet the "Bimbos" will continue to make "music" - lets all give praise where praise is due and support this woman on her journey!!!!!

  93. 293


  94. 294

    i have watched this 4 different times tonight, goosebumps each time. she has the most beautiful voice. simple amazing

  95. hales says – reply to this


    That was amazing!!!! I watched it 3 times and cried every time! I hope she goes all the way!

  96. 296

    Holy crap. I did NOT expect that!
    My jaw practically fell to the floor when she started singing!
    You go girl! Follow your dream!

  97. 297

    A make over would do this lady wonders. She just needs her eye brows trimmed & waxed, a decent hair cut and some age appropriate clothing. She rocked that song!! Please do a follow up on her Perez!!

  98. 298

    How wonderful! I felt guilty thinking she was going to be another tone-deaf idiot…and there she was, more talented than most anyone on the radio…she taught us all a bit of a lesson. One we all were all taught in grade school, granted. I think she REMINDED us of us that lesson, rather.
    GOOD FOR HER! And good luck in the competition, Susan! :)

  99. DavHa says – reply to this


    Just listen to the lyrics and how she sang it… she doesn't need to try, she is feeling the song with her life, and you can feel that there is so much more behind the song… it's just music at its most basic and sincere form… We bow to you Susan

  100. 300


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