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Susan Boyle!!!!!!!!

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You MUST watch this whole thing!!!!!!

Susan Boyle is her name. She's competing on Britain's Got Talent.

She's 47 years old, and she wants to be a singer.

She attempts to do I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables.

Oh, boy.

It is something to be seen!

CLICK HERE to check it out!
CLICK HERE to check it out!
CLICK HERE to check it out!

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601 comments to “Susan Boyle!!!!!!!!”

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  1. Joods says – reply to this


    Absolutely bloody Fantastic - GO SUSAN!!!
    With regard to Susan's appearance, she's going to look great after the stylists are finished with her. There are lots of 'Big' stars out there who look awful without their beauticians, personal trainers and plastic surgeons! God, did anyone see Sharon Osbourne before her reconstruction (ewwwww!)? Susan will be a breeze compared to her!

  2. 502

    WOW!!!!!!!! Amazing Voice!!!

  3. 503

    Re: hinge – 'attempts', is not to spoil the surprise duh

  4. 504

    She's amazing and that was absolutely touching!

  5. 505


  6. 506

    REAL talent!

  7. 507

    SHE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE BETTER WIN!

  8. 508


  9. 509

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  10. 510


  11. 511

    absolutely beautiful! this brought tears to my eyes. she is amazing!

  12. 512

    I love susan boyle. She has made my life a little bit brighter!

  13. 513

    Totally loved this!!!!

  14. 514


  15. 515

    Well, I would never have known about this if it wasn't on the news tonight; I don't watch reality shows; too many people are hatefully mean, others are silly, and the songs chosen aren't usually my style. But I'm going to have to reassess that view after hearing Ms. Boyle.

    Beyond her Heavenly voice and PERFECT delivery of a particularly difficult, range-y song, this was like watching a whole auditorium of people instantly become less shallow and more wise!

    Her indescribably perfect voice totally blew their preconceived notions to Kingdom Come and created a more evolved, more enlightened audience with the very first line sung! Who could have predicted that?

    I wish her the best and hope to hear that glorious voice again. Hopefully this will open more doors….

  16. 516

    I can't stand judgers. They hurt people and can destroy lives, but to see the looks on the faces of everyone, the audience, simon and his team, the girl in purple who rolled her eyes, everyone,to see their faces turn so quickly at the sound of Susan's broadway voice was indeed a tremendous inspiration. I can't recall how many times I have watched this clip but I can't get enough of it. She has really shown people about people before she even began to sing. I hope nothing but the very very best comes her way. I'm sure she has been through a lot. This show alone she was snickered at and laughed and and doubted. That takes its toll on people, but she will shine now and deservedly so. I have never been "proud" so to speak of a stranger, but wow do I feel pride and joy for her. All the best to you Susan Boyle, all the very very best!!

  17. 517

    Attempt??!! This woman was fantastic! I cried when I heard her story and at the judges reactions. I guess Simon might have a heart after all.

  18. 518

    Beauty. A great surprise and a wonderful end to what has been a very hard past three days. She's lovely and I hope more of her dreams come true for her.

  19. $onia says – reply to this


    Perez, I look at your site daily, and I have never wanted to watch a video over and over again so much as I have repeatedly come back to watch this one. I finally showed it to my husband earlier this evening, and even he cried! How wonderful it must have been to be in the studio during the taping of this show.

  20. Oma says – reply to this


    Go Girl, you have talent.

  21. 521

    Re: Paris Hilton Looks Like A Flamingo
    I think you should think twice about calling someone else an "idiot".. Anglo refers to England and England alone (anglo-saxons being the full term) so don't think for one second the "anglos" have anything to do with Scotland, because as a Scottish person I take office to that. Thats like calling someone from Texas a Mexican because they are close to each other. Maybe you should take a history lesson yourself, or better yet don't make presumptions based on what you read on wikifuckinfpedia, dumbass.

  22. 522

    Susan is great!!! Proud to have her representing Scotland with that amazing voice! She is an inspiration to everyone and a wake up call to all the shallow, vain people in this world. At least her future success will be down to nothing but her talent and her honestly. Good on her!!

  23. 523

    I wouldnt vote for her… It's waste of money.


  24. 524

    Not Anglophilia you bawbag

  25. 525

    I've always believed that talent should be judged as it is, as raw talent. No one should be judged by their looks only. Unfortunately that's they society that we've become these days. BRAVO SUSAN BOYLE! You've 'raised the bar' - what REAL TALENT truly is. God Bless you, as I believe He already has.

  26. 526

    Susan Boyle is the next broadway Star.
    I hope she wins Britans got tallent

  27. 527


  28. 528

    why are you posting this under anglophillia she isnt english shes Scottish! The worst thing you could ever call a Scot is english

  29. 529

    Pretty can be made. Talent? God-given. Either you have it or you don't. And Susan does. As for her outer beauty… open your eyes and see her the way God does. She IS beautiful.

  30. 530

    That was beyond incredible! I'm in awe! Just goes to show that you can't judge a book by it's cover!

  31. 531

    so good!

  32. 532

    What can I say, I am British and I must say singers takes years and some never make it to the USA market. This lady has shown that with talent and this lady has it can get you further then your looks. I would like to see so called modern talent sing what Susan sang live. I hope she will take the music world (classical) by storm. I am now once again glad to say proud to be BRITISH.


  33. 533

    she was amazinggg, and i'm so happy for her! go susan!

  34. JJ757 says – reply to this



    Joseph Jehoich

  35. 535

    Susan Boyle left me speechless. I don't care where she goes with idol….I am sure she has just secured herself an opportunity to perform in any musical anywhere. Lets hope that they don't spoil this gem. She's perfect just the way she is.

  36. 536

    FUCKIN FUCKIN FUCKIN BRILLIANT—What a gal–thank you for living and bringing me this joy. THANK YOU SUSAN BOYLE

  37. 537

    So wonderful! She makes me smile :)

  38. 538

    Simon's in love at 4:02. He's never reacted the way he did at this point for ANYONE!

  39. 539

    She attempts? I think she did it and it was freagn awesome!! To say 'she attempts' is a insult! Jealous Perez?

  40. 540

    In fact Perez, you should be ashamed for calling that an 'attempt'. I'm sorry but this woman can sing over Katy & GaGa's ass any day. You are awful shallow and starting to piss me the hell off everyday. You are showing yourself to be mean, heartless and shallow. You are the last to call anyone out considering you've been fat, you're ugly, & you're gay. Nothing wrong at all with any of those but it is when you call others out on it and insult them with related words!!

  41. 541


  42. 542

    i'm a chinese,mbut i'm deeply affected by Susan Boyle!!!!!!!!
    i like her

  43. 543

    Beautiful and stunning. Truely an inspiration to watch and hear….

  44. 544

    She is incredible! This shows you you can't judge a book by it's cover!! Her singing makes me feel so good inside!! Way to go!!! :)

  45. 545

    Totally awesome. It was a treat to hear her sing.

  46. 546

    Hey! no botox!no shiny mirror effect L'Oreal colouring, Parceque je le vaut bien!No super fashion dress, no liposuction, BUT DAMN real simple EMOTION when she sings….:))

  47. 547

    Re: Jamakkronic
    Well same here tears in my eyes, funy I don't have that when Beyonce sing…lol

  48. 548

    Re: Anguaa – You damn right! something comes out of her so sweet simple and real!!!

  49. 549

    Re: zzyzzx – Your comment is excatly what this site is about vanity and superficiality , but see a nice look can't buy talent, Mariah Carey looked like a 5 bucks hooker but then when she sings, she's amazing I mean when her oice is ok ..look, image to a point when you think you'r cool and beautifu and you just look like a robot, no expression, no emotions, no lifen this is general and of course not personal take care

  50. 550

    Re: Starlit – he said 'attempts' so as not to give away that shes amazing so youre surprised, duh

  51. 551

    She is AMAZING! I have to admit I thought she was going to be a horrible singer, man was I wrong!

  52. 552

    Wow she touched me in a way I cant explain. its like Ive never been kissed before!!

  53. 553

    Stunning . There you go Beyonce . Learn…!

  54. 554


  55. M-H20 says – reply to this


    Astounding! I think we've all reacted so emotionally because we were laughing at her and in return, she humbled us with the beauty of her voice. She certainly rocked!

  56. 556

    She needs to be the spoke person for The Tastiest buzz

  57. 557

    I seem to be addicted to this video. I have never wittnessed such raw talent, such an unassuming character with modesty oozing from every pore. This lady arrived a total unknown, she did not leave the stage the same way. Susan's voice is a treasure and one hopefully will be taken under someones wings and a dream truly will come true. Totally amazed. Thank you Susan!

  58. 558

    Susan has a song on a charity CD - search Susan Boyle Cry Me a River on youtube..its really her (I checked) and its amazing !

  59. 559

    Wow! Did not see that one coming!

  60. 560

    It was for her church or something - they only made 1,000 copies !

  61. 561

    omg that was amazing! all those people were looking at her as if she was some crazy cat women and then when she started singing… wow…. amazing… and i think all the people were clapping because of the guilt they were feeling for thinking not nice things about her… one lady looked as if she was preparing for someone to get extremely embarrassed…. good on susan to prove them wrong!..

  62. 562

    i bawled when i watched this hahahaha. simon can look so nice sometimes.

  63. 563

    Lovely lady. Im so happy for her.

  64. 564

    i've watched this a bunch of times and i still can't believe how amazing she is. don't judge a book by its cover.

  65. 565

    Damn it brings tears each time! what a change amongst the useless and superficial stuff you find here..but what a beautiful and professional website

  66. 566


  67. 567

    fucking AWESOME. she killed it! simon loved her, it was too cute

  68. 568

    She truly is fantastic! She has another song on youtube. It is a cover of the classic Cry Me a River. Fantastic.

  69. 569

    Just incredible!!! love it :D

  70. FunMe says – reply to this


    Great lesson:

    NEVER ever judge a book by its cover!

  71. 571

    This made me cry it is so bloody fantastic. Just watching their faces as they realized how amazing she was.

  72. 572

    I love how she hushed ALL them haters that gave her those disgusting looks Simon included!!!!
    This is talent!!! I'm already in line for her album!!!
    Good to see you don't need your "britney" to get ahead in this shitty business called Showbiz.

  73. k-lee says – reply to this


    I had goosebumps. She was incredible! Proof that it's never too late to reach you dreams.

  74. 574

    there are tears running down my face, i feel like my heart has been more touched by her than it has been by any other performer i've ever seen. srsly, her voice went straight to my heart. WOW!!!

  75. 575

    She is a really beautiful singer. check out her song on youtube.

    a time for refection - PRESOMNIA


  76. 576

    She is awsome I like her…………but who are the cutties backstage? they are hot

  77. poop says – reply to this


    makes me cry! I loved it. Love her.

  78. 578

    two words: mama cass.

  79. 579

    I love the "Fuck You" look in her eyes when they're going on and on about how shocked they were. I also enjoyed Simon's sigh and googly eyes whenever he had his head in his palms

  80. zalie says – reply to this


    Dude, what's up with the "attempt" dig? She can sing, and the fact that she is as ugly as a mud fence makes it even better. I love her! I want to hear more from her. According to YouTube, she's had over 11 million hits so far. Amazing. Made my day.

  81. Toto says – reply to this


    Trop tout, cette petite-là!!!

  82. 582


  83. 583

    Let me start with how wonderful I felt her performance was. I loved the way she carried herself, they way she was so forthright, and confidant. She was truly Genuine. In my opinion you can either like her singing or you can dislike her singing, because thats your right. But please explain to me what gives anyone the right to be so cruel about someone they don't even know. example:

    "That moment is what every artist tries to capture," Rosie O'Donnell tells PEOPLE "Here is this freaky miss, a fat, ugly girl, like Shrek comes to life, directing energy towards her soul. This was so rare … something authentic in a world that is usually manufactured. It was a perfect moment which will never happen again."

    That was the most backhanded and rude compliment I have ever seen. This is what I have to say to you Rosie..Susan Boyle could be twice as heavy, and twice as "ugly" as you claim her to be, and she would still be far more beautiful in my eyes than you will ever be. You fat ugly shrew, go stuff your pie hole with something fried so that the masses may have some peace from your stupidity for a while.

  84. 584

    Re: Izzeena – You've never watched The Apollo Amateur Night have you?

  85. 585

    just maybe people are tired of all the singing sluts out there, britney, c. love, gaga, and the list goes on and on. they (some anyway) have good voices, but their morals stink. then here comes Susan boyle and the world reacts. maybe we have awoken and finally said it takes more than sex to sell. innocence and a beautiful voice is the new thing.

  86. 586

    I think that's the first time i've ever seen simon smile… and not because he was mocking someone

  87. 587

    Sheesh she's bangin.but i love her voice

  88. 588

    I think she has a beautiful voice. It's a simple voice. A lot like Streisand meets Karen Carpenter pre KD Lang. I think this is also one of the best renditions of this song I have heard.

  89. 589

    absolutely beautiful :)

  90. 590

    I am sooooo glad that someone other than a fake beauty in their 20's is seen for what they really are and can show off the talent that they have, even if they are gorgeous!!! Most of the singers and stars are only gorgeous anyway due to plastic surgery, fake tans, fake boobs, hair extensions and tons of make-up! Do we really need to be looking at a beautiful face in order to hear the beauty coming out of her soul??? U ain't no Elvis yourself, Perez!!!

  91. 591

    Err…in that first sentence I meant "aren't" gorgeous!

  92. 592


  93. 593

    Yea I have to agree with hinge in that the word "attempts" is completely wrong. This woman does not attempt, she nails it. I have been in music almost all of my life and can definitely say that this woman's voice is positively astounding. From her appearance one would not expect such an amazing voice to come out, but she proves to everyone to not judge a book by its cover. It's a shame she's never been married or kissed, because that man has missed out on a lovely woman and her singing.

  94. 594

    Is Susan Boyle the world's best singer - what do you think?

    You can listen to the music and give Susan feedback at www.gigahitz.com/susanboyle

    Tell the truth but don't upset Simon.

  95. 595

    Will definitely buy her CD when it goes out here in the Philippines !!! I wish she sign up a recording contract.

  96. 596

    I like her voice a lot !!! She's simply amazing!

  97. 597

    I almost cried, it was so great. I hate it when people judge like that… she will teach them!

  98. 598

    I know…She is amazing and I am thrilled to see her dream come true!!!!!!!!!
    Thanx for posting it!!!
    xxoo to Perez*

  99. 599

    I think the whole world got a huge lesson with this performance. I got goose bumps as I listened to her. I will definitely by her album! I'm sure there will be one soon.

  100. 600

    Her story is so inspiring!!!
    Im proud of her!!!

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