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Another Palin In Trouble? O Rly??

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They're just country, y'all!

Sarah Palin's sister-in-law, Diana Palin, is in maaaajor trouble with the law!

Diana Palin was arrested on April 2nd in Wasilla, Alaska, after allegedly breaking and entering the same house not once but twice to pilfer wads of cash from the homeowner!

She's been stewing in a Palmer, Alaska, jail cell since her arrest because neither half-brother Todd Palin or his wife Sarah have forked over the $10k to bail the repeat offender out!

Diana pled not guilty to "four felony counts of burglary and theft and four misdemeanor counts of criminal trespassing and theft" at a Palmer courthouse this morning and is awaiting sentencing.

Oh, those trashalicious Palins!

What sort of kooky predicament will they find themselves in next???

[Photo via Getty Images.]

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110 comments to “Another Palin In Trouble? O Rly??”

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  1. 101

    Dude. This story broke LAST WEEK! You call yourself a "celebrity blog site covering NEWS" — not history. If you miss the boat, don't try to jump on it when it's been out from the dock for a week. You look like a dumb shit.

  2. 102

    Re: Shastamagic – Typical jealous behavior! Ah, it takes me back to boarding school. The poor girls always pissing about us, having to go home for breaks & while we went to Paris to shop. I don't apologize one iota for being rich (or pretty). The only one's who have a problem are the losers (ie YOU!). And just when did I ever post I was a liberal? You're ANOTHER idiot who makes judgments without facts. By the way, I donate my entire salary (I actually work) to help my Detroit community during these rough times. What are you doing besides trashing on a gossip site?

  3. 103

    Re: Shastamagic – It's spelled "you." When I suggested you work harder at your GED duties, I apparently was being overly optimistic.

  4. 104


  5. 105

    Re: knowitall – Really?! YOU personally know every last Republican in the country?! WOW! That must have been some undertaking! How did you do it? Or did you mean that a lot of Republican leaders are not doing a very good job at holding up the family values that most Republicans hold dear and do practice on a daily basis. THAT would be a far more accurate and fair statement to make, just as my pointing out all of the Democrats who have not upheld much of anything. Like The former Governor of Illinois for instance? And one letter writer is right in pointing out that Ted Kennedy did get off Scot-free for allegedly murdering his mistress. Who by the way was found to be pregnant at the time of her death. Oh if you don't want to believe this then just bury your head in the sand. That way reality might pass you by.

  6. 106

    Re: knowitall – Uh, just read a few more of your childish rants! Uh, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones! You have the audacity to call everyone living in a red state as being a bunch of "hillbillies" and yet you do not know how to spell even the simplest of words. Picknicking? How about picnicking. And Repubican is Republican. And lowlives is lowlife's. And last but not least contintent is spelled continent. Next time might I suggest spell check? It only takes about a minute. Of course if you spell the word two as to, it will not correct the mistake since it only deals with spelling. In case you don't know which button activates the spell check it is the one with the ABC Check. Or maybe ABC and a check mark. That is the spell check button. I suggest you use it, because your assertions of how "Stupid" Republicans are while you constantly misspell words greatly undermines your argument….what little of it there is. LOL!! And by the way? Hmmm is right. Every childish attempt to make Republicans look bad only make you look bad. But we shouldn't be too hard on you. After all, what can anyone expect from someone who went to school in LA? LOL!!
    P.S One small suggestion….CHANGE YOUR NAME!! LMAO!!!

  7. 107

    Seriously perez why don't you find some real dirt on somebody. You attack this poor womans family constantly, give them a break and try not to be so biased geez

  8. 108

    FAROUTMAN WOW DUDE- I stand by all my comments with or without typos from writing super-fast. The fact remains is that red states are disgusting,republicans are the worst bigoted backwards hypocritical trailer trash and I'm glad the bigot party is losing people other then the very poor and uneducated dixie states. Republican trash like to point the fingers at pro-choice women and gay people as an affirmation to their twisted sense of morality I views those postions as scary,bigoted and big government at its worst taking pages straight out of the Taliban protocols. You bigoted inbreds need to worry about homicide levels in this country due to gun violence,your own divorces(highest rates in the south) . Frankly I don't see the need for anyone under 60 or isn't a bigot or cares about separation of church and state to vote for the kkk trailer trash party the GOP.

  9. 109

    FAROUTMAN- You and I both know you couldn't afford LA . Secondly it's not clear to me at all that republicans try to live by some" values" that you're spinning into something good. I do think republicans fight health-care for the poor and helping the poor in general two things I think good christians with values and morals wouldn't be doing. I do think the poor conservative trash fight those who want to keep God's green earth green,again very unchristian-like. They fight stem cell research and scientists on all levels and the peddle guns without any limits.again very unchristian like to me. Their crusades against pro-choice women is right out of Iran,and the cursades by republicans against gay people is unforgivable and will judged harshly by history. I can go on and on,but why bother with your ilk.

  10. 110

    Will be judged harshly by history,saving you the energy,there is two more typos too,knock yourself out proof-reading I'm sure its something you do well at your menial job.

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