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Cassie Gets An Extreme Makeover

| Filed under: Beauty BuzzDiddy

cass.jpg cass2.jpg

Diddy's alleged "girlfriend" shows off her new hairstyle!

Do U like it?????????

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215 comments to “Cassie Gets An Extreme Makeover”

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  1. 101

    Cyndi Lauper already did this like 20 years ago.

  2. 102

    More old news…

  3. 103

    did she try to go britney but miss the other half of her head?!
    apparently diddy's bitch has been out, too much partying.
    y o u t u b e. c o m/watch?v=jnBfQ5rRXU0

  4. 104

    she's beautiful! but, is she planning on going in for a lobotomy or something? wtf is up with the shaved head?

  5. 105

    oH MY GOD…wtf did she go and do that for?

  6. 106


  7. 107


  8. 108

    Im sorry but you guys have NO sense of style what so ever… this look is refreshing, and she pulls it off. It gives her an edge and I think its HOT. I think its great to experiment and not always follow the same boring trend. Creating new looks is what fashion is all about.

  9. 109

    uhm, no. just NO.

  10. JCPR says – reply to this


    hell no! wth was she thinking?

  11. 111

    hell no!!!!!

  12. 112


    all these black ppl nowadays are going for the punk rock look and it annoys the shit out of me

  13. 113

    Awesome! She looks beautiful!

  14. 114

    Me Inspired..

  15. 115

    Yow, this is one nasty looking female, she better have a treasure as fine as gold because she is disgusting to even look at fully clothed?

  16. Hala says – reply to this


    she should shave the whole thing. shes really pretty so it'll look nice…with no hair

  17. 117


  18. 118

    Re: crackerbird
    More like 25 years ago, but Cyndi wore it better! I actually like it though.

  19. 119

    What the hell. Does she think it's fucking 1983?

  20. 120

    why oh why? she looks shiteous…at least if you wanna shave, shave your entire head…you just look like a moron!

  21. 121

    she cant decide if she wants to be with diddy or kanye………

  22. Jic2c says – reply to this


    Her face can carry that haircut

  23. 123

    THIS IS OLD NEWS. it was on her twitter and bossip days ago. i hope she didn't do this to get attention because she's not going to get much. she's pretty much irrelevant.

  24. 124

    "all these black ppl nowadays are going for the punk rock look and it annoys the shit out of me "


  25. 125


  26. 126


  27. 127

    No, that's horrendous. Having not much music since her Debut except from one of the Step-Up movies, has been a red flag. Then the Diddy rumors, now she this his horrible thing to her hair. I'm throwing her in the freak bin with Britney and Rihanna and forgetting about her.

  28. 128

    WTF!!!!! Shes so pretty, shes crazy

  29. 129

    WTF did she do to her hair??????????????//

  30. 130

    I love that shit, she's fucking nice!

  31. 131

    it s an alice delal rip off but finally something that ll make her recognisable, she was so blah before.

  32. 132

    Shes a tad too late for the Punk Movement….

  33. 133

    I like it! Cassie is very pretty. She can pull it off!!!

  34. 134


  35. 135

    She is copying musician J*DAVEY (who by the way is actually talented)

  36. 136

    she looks like she jumped off the deep end. she used to have gorgeous hair!

  37. 137

    Perez saw this posted on another gossip site 2 days ago you are moving rather slow,aren't you?

  38. 138

    By the way i dont care for the hairstyle she is trying way to hard to be different and get attention!Its not cute at all

  39. 139

    WHAT THE FUCK?! stupid move. she's gorgeous and all, but it's like she's trying to be Rhianna with the drastically "edgy" haircut or trying to look like Kayne's girlfriend. do crazy shit to your hair cause no one pays attention to your music.

    looks like a native american now

  40. 140

    Re: hotgirl101 – shes not, research

  41. 141


  42. 142

    she's half filipino and half African American/Mexican

  43. 143


  44. 144

    nooooooo I wanted to make babies with her….not so much anymore

  45. 145

    She looks like a lawnmower drove over her head.

  46. 146

    Re: NorwaySpeaks – LOL ok i dont know what ur gender is and i dont care, but if u were a female and u like it soo much go do it urself, and if ur not, try to convince ur gf to do that, the answer would be NO!

  47. 147

    oh god another rap/rnb star thinks they're a "RoCkStAr" now huh?

  48. 148

    Her face is beautiful enough to make it work. But Diddy probably put her up to it so he could have a piece of art on his arm just like Kanye has with ex stripper Amber Rose.

  49. 149

    She has such a beautiful face she could get away with the bald thing… but doesn't it kinda remind u of something…like kanye's girl?!

  50. 150

    I personally like it and lets be honest, she'll just buy herself some hair later.

  51. 151

    I LOVE IT!

  52. 152

    when will she be "visiting" REHAB

  53. 153

    It'll PROBABLY look cute if she does the other side the same way and rocks a really long mohawk LMAO PENDEJA

  54. yob says – reply to this


    wow, so he's into Heshe's? Who knew????

  55. 155

    Shes probably trying to shave away Diddy. Im sure he puts her thru hell. Poor thing.

  56. 156

    Most of you think it's ugly but whatever! I think she can rock the look, she has a really pretty face! I DIGGGG.

  57. 157

    she totally copied alice dellals hair
    it looks horrible on her shes trying a bit to hard…..

  58. 158

    hate her hair.
    hate her music.
    hate her period.

  59. 159

    I like it. She has such a stunning face, she can get away with it.

    And I'm loving her watch too.

  60. 160

    who the hell is she???? why do you post items on nobodies……

  61. 161

    But she is gorgeous anyways, so who cares. She does whatever she wans to.

  62. 162

    Um sucks for her she looks like a dude now, and now her face looks Manish instead of pretty, gross!!

  63. 163

    i love cassie but whhaatttttt theeee fuckkkkkkk was she thinking. im gunna have like nightmares.

  64. 164

    by the way, i think if people like lo can have their own section thing on perez than someone much more talented like cassie can too.

  65. 165

    ew wtf was she thinking. her hair was so pretty now she ruined it

  66. 166

    Such a beautiful face to have such a hard haircut. I think she's beautiful but maybe this is a shock tactic to get her back into the spotlight??

  67. 167

    i really like itt(: actuallyy lol

  68. 168

    like it!

  69. 169

    God this poor girl
    no i dont like it!@!!

  70. 170

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WTF was she thinking? Such a pretty face!!!

  71. 171

    She still can't sing and now look stupid.

  72. 172

    Re: crackerbird


    but here's ANOTHER take on it:

    put your hand over the right side of her face in the 2nd photo…

    (i.e. calvin klein androgynous male model ads)
    SO! what does THIS mean, you ask?
    that diddy enjoys a little of the *victor/victoria* in his "proteges"!!!
    ooooooohh, diddy…how u doin?

  73. 173

    WTF? why would she do that?

  74. 174

    ugly girls shouldn't do things that would make them look uglier and she just did it! wtf was she thinking

  75. 175

    what the fuck? are you trying to be "punk"? you poser that looks like total shiet.

  76. 176

    she was so pretty
    why would she do that
    she should just shave it all off

  77. 177

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. 178


  79. 179

    What the fuck is wrong with her. Diddy should kick her ass to the curve for that stupid shit.

  80. 180

    OMG WHAT IS THISS ???!!???

  81. 181


  82. 182

    ummmmm………….. chicks who shave their heads look fucked up to me.

  83. 183

    i hope she did it for a cause, like donating it to cancer or something. And if so, she should shave her whole head…perhaps shes on her way to looking like Amber rose? …shes so pretty…she needs to fix that asap!!

  84. 184

    wttfff?!…. ok. no, "alleged" corrrrrect.

    —> shes gross wanna be rihanna. hate this girl

  85. 185

    or should i say, she looks crazier than my beloved Britney Spears did. at least brit brit shaved it all off, she just looks like someone accidentally buzzed it

  86. 186

    had that back in the day when punk music was really getting big. been there done that. BORING. fire your fkn hair dresser.

  87. 187

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY??????????/ WHY???????? SHE'S SO BEAUTIUL!!!!!! WHY??????!!!!!!!!!!

  88. 188

    She should shave everything off, because the way it is looks hard to manage.

  89. 189

    i like her individuality i think she is gorgeous its better than the usual long hair.

  90. 190

    Missed a bit

  91. 191

    One dumb ass deserves another! Don't like!

  92. htown says – reply to this


    the bald side looks pretty good. She should just G.I. Jane it. Right now it just looks like she couldn't make up her mind.

  93. 193

    it looks rad. its good when people actually try something different instead of trying to look like every other barbie.

  94. 194

    Nothing new here. I used to see that type of hairstyle back in early 1980s.

  95. 195


  96. 196

    what the fudge? :P
    has she been taking tips from kanyes art intilation? lol . . . . shes still fit though :D

  97. 197

    SHe looks totally hot, no idea who she is, but it must be Diddy's answer to the Jay-Z Rihanna question. Casey looks very androgenous 17yo person. HOT!

  98. 198

    Re: RashManly – lol

  99. 199


  100. 200


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