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Foxx vs. Cyrus

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This is GOLDEN!

As we mentioned last month, Disney slut Miley Cyrus acted like a little beyotch when she wanted to meet her "idols" Radiohead at the Grammys.

Unfortunately for her, they didn't want to meet her!!!

Cyrus just kept talking about it and talking about it nonstop. To which the band's rep finally said, “When Miley grows up, she’ll learn not to have a sense of entitlement.”

But on Sunday night, someone called in to Jamie Foxx's Sirius radio show, The Foxxhole, and mentioned the incident. And Foxx, along with a few guests on his show, totally ripped Cyrus a new one.

Foxx first started with, "Who is Miley Cyrus?" and you could clearly hear the female on air say "That little white bitch…"

And even though Foxx didn't know who Cyrus was to begin with, he then remebered… she's the girl "with all the gums!" Priceless! He jokingly added, "She's got to get a gum transplant… Let me get an order of mouth, light on teeth, heavy on the gums."

Then they all kept at it, ragging on Miley, telling her to grow the hell up! They even told her to go make a sex take, go "get like Britney Spears and do some heroin." Adding to do like Lindsay Lohan and "get some crack in your pipe". And to go get some chlamydia from a bicycle seat.

HIGHlarious. All in good fun, though.

Check out the insanity above!

We expect Miley to cry about it tomorrow.

P.S. Don't do heroin, Slutty!

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627 comments to “Foxx vs. Cyrus”

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  1. 101

    I agree with Novel1 and most of the comments are so right. This does make me loose respect for Jamie Foxx. So Inappropriate for him to talk about a 16 yr old. And to bring race in to it so wrong. If it were white on black it would already be on the news. Not only that but comments like this are what make young actors/actresses do dumb stuff or go into depression. Perez I know you kid when you say the stuff you say but with me having a 12 Year old daughter who admires Miley and loves her music I must say this along with some of the stuff you say are uncalled for. I would never let my daughter read your site but I happen to like Miley as a musician and actress and have to come to her defense on this one. I still Love you though Perez. XOXO

  2. Guer@ says – reply to this



  3. 103

    I love God.
    And Jamie Foxx.

  4. 104

    Perez you have SERIOUS ISSUES! I use to defend you!! But now I see your true self. Its so sad how jealous you are of a young girl.

    Jamie Foxx is a sad, sad man who just wants attention. Everyone involved and perez should be ashamed!! They are whats wrong with America

  5. 105

    HAHAHA GOOO JAMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 106

    This is upsetting Perez. I can't believe you condone this behavior. Racism is not funny. Supporting drug use is not funny. Harassing a 16 year old girl is not funny. You say it's "all in good fun" but I don't see it that way. This man is a piece of trash. Why would you say something like that about a teenage girl? Grow up they say…Well, ~NEWS FLASH~! She is 16. She is still growing up. This was gross and shows what a piece of trash he is. As for you Perez, I think you are gross and pathetic for this.

  7. 107

    Re: XxXECBXxX – i am begging, big time… please change your pic, you are making my balls hurt with the tighty reddies!!

  8. 108

    Nothing more pathetic than a grown-ass man making fun of a teenage girl!!!
    …and also talk about her looks? Damn, Foxx, you do have a lot of nerve!!!

  9. 109

    Now THAT is funny! Hope the pasty little hick hillbilly's feelings aren't hurt

  10. 110

    Who the hell is Jamie Foxx? An aging, mediocre (at best) comedian and actor, a colossally bad singer, and a closeted homosexual … wtf is he doing talking smack about Cyrus? Come out of the closet, Jamie, so you'll stop taking your frustrations out on 16-year-old girls.

  11. 111

  12. 112

    I totally agree-I can't even look at her cause all I see are gums. She needs to have her gums trimmed

  13. 113

    Well, Miley Cyrus is a whore, but honestly she is only 16, and Jamie Fox shouldn't be making fun of a 16 year old girl like that. Also, the "white bitch" comments was a little harsh. However, if i were in Radio Head i would not want to meet Miley Cyrus either because she is a dumb slut, who shouldn't be allowed to make music EVER!, and she is a terrible role model of young kids.

  14. 114

    Ok seroiusly that was really lame and immature of Jamie Foxx. Miley is 16 she doesn't have to grow up yet. I would be bummed if i didn't get to meet radio head. That just made me lose respect for Jamie Foxx for doing that.

  15. 115

    Re: ashiiiex – ewww stop being racist…

  16. 116

    she's only 16. she's not slutty and a good example for young kids. when my babys born i wouldn't mind them watching hannah montana. leave her alone, there are a lot of worse rolemodels out there.

  17. aj says – reply to this


    Re: Ivan the Great – well let me fill you in. Its a thirty something famewore calling out teenage girls and lusting over teenage boys. A dog fucker. A large headed bitch ass fuck. Someone who's not been laid in all of his thirty something years given he's a bitter lil shit jealous of a comment legend, MY HARRY. Oh yea, its mario.

  18. 118

    She's 16. Not good for Foxx. Expect an apology delivered by the end of the week. I don't care what anyone thinks about her, but she's sitll technically a child. And those names and saying all those things about her aint right.

  19. 119

    shes 16, nobody that young should EVER be talked about like that.. honestly grow the FUCK up. Everybody aged 14-16 makes mistakes this is just wrong.

  20. 120


  21. 121

    okay so 2 things to say to this post:
    1) who the hell is jamie foxx?
    2)stop making fun of 16 yr olds

    wat does mr foxx think he is making fun of a 16 yr old? wat has she done to him? hes the one how has problems…not her! leave her alone!!
    ast ttime i checked miley was making thousands of money with her tv show and songs and foxx has down ZERO!!!

  22. 122

    One words: Disgusting…!!! How in hell can you call yourself a grown ass man, and at the same time talk shit about a 16 year old.. he should be asshamed of himself.. Not cool.. He got a daughter around Miley's age.. How would he feel if somebady said "that black bitch should shut up, go out work the corner, and smoke some crack, get some libo, get gang banged by a group of 30 year olds retards, while taping it, in hopes of geting a carreer in the future.. She is a loser with a dead-beat father… Oh yeah, and work that pole like it will save your fathers carreer".. Take that ASSHOLE…. Peace out…!!!

  23. aj says – reply to this


    Re: hotgirl101 – JEALOUS!!! Errrybody wants to be a skinny lil white girl! ITS OK

  24. 124

    you either love what jamie foxx said or hate it…. personally i LOVE IT ! :D

  25. 125

    She's SIXTEEN.

    What kind of grown man makes fun of teenagers?

    Oh wait. YOU DO PEREZ! You are JUST as low as Jamie Foxx, if not worse for agreeing with him!!!!!

  26. 126

    Let the white media say something about somebody black and then Al Sharpton, and others will cry foul to Larry King about racism. For a guy that's over 40 trash talking a teenage girl its just pathetic. But it is Jamie Foxx he is the king of putting his foot in his mouth.

  27. Lene says – reply to this


    Re: Guer@

    grow the fuck up.

  28. 128

    Re: bestlatinajbfan – ME?! Im not racist.Im just making a point.Jamie Foxx is racist.


  29. 129

    Little harsh, but.

  30. Arshe says – reply to this


    Ya that is classy alright, poor kid. Sign of our times.

  31. 131

    wow that was lame

  32. 132

    Jamie needs to stop looking like "Weird Wanda" in real life and go and get a better gig than being a little bitch on Sirius radio. Team Miley rules!!!

  33. 133

    Re: Lene – OH MAH GAH! I just saw pictures of her. She is FUCKING HIDEOUS! He shouldn't be talking about any girl like that when his own daughter looks like a fucking ugly tranny. Bitch has bigger gums than Miley. I hope this blows up in his face…

  34. 134

    that's not funny at all… miley needs to grow up? wtf she's 16 a bunch of 40 yr. olds talking about a 16 yr old girl seems like they're the ones that need to grow the fuck up! jamie fox you're a fucking idiot and you music sucks what are you jelous cuz she has one up on you?

  35. aj says – reply to this


    dont ban me mario - it would only make my day!!

  36. 136

    Can't believe you people are defending this little ho. So what if she's 16…she's 'dating' a 21 year old….she's a 16 year old slutty ho!

  37. 137

    wow because ragging on a 16 year old is cool. I'm not a Miley fan but come on, that's just going too far!

  38. aj says – reply to this



  39. 139

    they ought to be ashamed of themselves for making fun of a 16 year old

  40. 140

    HAHHAHAHHA! finallyy! that bitch deserves it! screw miley cyrus

  41. 141

    wtf perez love your site but honestly miley is 16 !! it is so wrong to diss her like this imagine what that feels like for people who are so much older than you to be constantly dissing you and making fun of how you look i think its sick man

  42. 142

    It was probably some angry black bitch who already has had ten babies by ten different men who called her a "white bitch."

    And of course Jamie Foxx always surrounds himself with blondes.


  43. 143

    Re: GirlsAloud – Hahaha.. I've seen a pic to.. she is UGLY… Man, he's like asking for to get his little girl picked on.. oh well.. If thats what he wants… :)

  44. 144

    this crossed the line. i lost all respect for Jamie Foxx

  45. 29 says – reply to this


    white bitch, huh? well if it was the other way around the good ol naacp, jesse jackson and fat al would have been all over that shit demanding an apology for such a "horrible racist comment". not to mention the fact that these "people" are talking about a child. but i guess it's ok when you're black, right? typical.

  46. 146

    Wow. An adult making fun of a teenager. He's the childish one.

  47. 147


  48. 148

    lol gumssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  49. 149

    FUNNY! but c'mon she's only 16 that was a little HARSH!

  50. 150

    i absolutely hate miley cyrus but they are all assholes.
    seriously. i hate her but they were being fuckings douchebags, assholes and they shouldnt be making fun of her so much. and FU mario.

  51. 151

    I think it's sad that GROWN ASS MEN are talking shit about a 16 year old girl.Imean, how pathetic is that? I'm not the biggest Miley fan, but this is just plain ignorant! He needs to grow up. I expect this from Perez, but Jamie Foxx? He has a daughter her age. Wat to be a great father, Foxx. Nice job.

  52. 152

    haha…NOT funny. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME. This is like a bunch of punk-ass bitch guys picking on a little girl…oh wait, that's EXACTLY what it is. Jamie Foxx was AMAZING in "RAY". WTF??!!?!? R U ON DRUGS?? R U KIDDING?? How the fuck can you go from genious to fucking retarded?? Picking on a little disney kid?? R u jealous?? Slow year?? Pick on that little arab kid from "hanna montana", he's used to it, but a girl? How the fuck can you put out great movies then act like a total fucktard?? Have you no respect for yourself?? I used to think you were awesome. Now I just think you are a stupid piece of shit. Go fuck yourself asshole.
    ps - money (or talent) does not buy class. Obviously.

  53. 153

    Can't stand Miley but she is a kid and Jamie is just plain rude.

  54. 154

    thats FUCKING funny……
    expect a racial slur or gesture to emerge from miley VIRUS in theese upcoming days..

  55. 155

    You know…I don't think she should be famous and she isn't someone I think is an especially good role model or very talented…and I complain about her often…but this upset me. They sound ridiculous and immature. Yeah Miley needs to grow up a little but she is SIXTEEN….most sixteen year olds do…and she hasn't done anything to merit the kind of conversation these grown men and woman were having…it's completely inappropriate…and once this gets out it's gonna bring him a lot of bad press

  56. 156

    I am not a big fan of miley cyrus but seriously jamie foxx thats pathetic to make fun of her to that extent that is just messed yp. I think he is just jealous of her to be honest she is probably making more money then he makes and he has nothing better to do or so but make fun of her! What a loser!

  57. 157

    wow……hilarious? what is goin on to this world…….why these adult is picking up a young teenage girl? this is disturbing in any way.

  58. 158

    How is miley worse than everybody else? First of all she's a child for godsakes, leave her alone, and 2nd she's not that bad her music is ok, and she never did anything really bad. Leave her alone and pick on people your own age.

  59. 159

    Re: aj – Thank you for your honest response. A dog fucker? I have no idea how to respond to the owner of this blog doing such acts.

  60. 160

    30 year olds making fun of a 16 year old?
    there calling MILEY LAME?
    thats pretty fucking stupid.
    theyre insulting someone hald their age and talking about her appearance,
    i dont think any teenage girl wants to hear a group of adults insulting her gums.
    honestly, they should grow up.
    im not a miley fan or anything, and yes she has done stupid shit, but she doesnt deserve all this.
    and common perez, your what? 45? and you continuosly insult miley, its pretty fucking low of you

  61. 161

    Seriously… Leave her alone. I think its about time that you let her live her life. She is just a 16 year old kid who was embarrassed about getting shut down by Radiohead and wanted to make it seem like they aren't that good either. Really, its what kids do. And "Little White Bitch"? If black people are pissed about having comments made about their color or race then really they should smarten up, and definitely not make those comments about a child. Before anyone can go making fun of her and bashing her they should at least know her and not just assume what she is like, and don't forget, SHE IS JUST A KID!!!

  62. 162

    Ok so i am not a miley cyrus fan but even i think this is low!
    Taking the piss out of a 16 year old is immiture enough but to sayt stuff like that is crossing the line thats just inappropriate and uncooled for. lets not forget that foxx has a teenage daughter himself how would he feel if this was said to/about his daughter. perez should be ashamed for saying that this is funny or wright=[

  63. 163

    Are you f'king kidding me!?!?! Jamie Foxx should NEVER make fun of ANYONE'S appearance. He's one of the ugliest thug punks I've ever seen, and talk about over-rated…he needs to go the hell away or at least be a poser in Vegas or make some more lame ass music. So manly of him to pick on a teenage girl. He's just a punk ass bitch. Look…I am really sick of the over-exposure of Miley too. Yes, she annoys the crap out of me. But she's just a kid AND as far as I can tell hasn't really done anything wrong aside from being in our face 24/7. Grow up Jamie Foxx Hole.

  64. 164

    This is some seriously F'ed up shiz. This is even way past Perez.

  65. 165

    Jamie Foxx is my new favorite person !!!!!!!!!!!lmao!!!that is too funny

  66. 166

    umm that is completely innapropriate and i had more respect for jamie than that
    telling a 16 year old to make a sex tape, do drugs, and get an STD is not funny
    there are some teenagers that actually do that stuff and it is sad not funny
    nothing to joke about.
    especially about a girl who you have never met and claim not to know
    newsflash: unless he hasn't turned on the TV or picked up a magazine in the last 5 years, then he knows who she is and is just trying to be a dick

  67. 167

    And Perez…. stop getting enjoyment out of other people's misery and issues! I am sure A LOT of people can't stand you because you are useless and insecure yourself!

  68. 168

    haha she sucks glad adults are able to call her out on it. maybe she'll hear and go crying to her boyfriend.

  69. 169

    DO HEROIN!!!

  70. 170

    r u kidding me? Jamie Foxx has a daughter, and I don't think he would like it very much if someone talked shit about his kid like that!! What an ASSHOLE!! Whether or not anybody likes Miley doesn't matter. She is a CHILD people. Get ahold of yourselves!!

  71. 171

    Re: EvaChangingEyes
    yeah because we all know how much jamie foxx's opinion means to her

  72. 172

    This IS priceless
    i am totally loving it!!
    that bitch totally deserves this shit!

  73. 173

    this is absolutely disgusting.
    that incident was so old, and she's 16!
    she's done nothing to intentionally hurt anybody, she's just made a few mistakes. they dont even know her, jamie foxx makes me sick. she's way more famous then he'll ever be, and has alot more fans too.
    this is so wrong, perez you shouldnt be supporting him! tell him off or something, he crossed a line, and its just sick.

  74. 174

    Oh fuck off Perez. She was kidding with the "stinkin' Radiohead" comment.
    What an immature piece of shit to talk about a teenager like that. Making fun of her gums? Really? What the fuck?

    I like how it's OK for Black people to call her out on being a little WHITE bitch, as if her being White has anything to do with it. Imagine if Miley called someone a little "Black" bitch. People would be all over her. Racism works both ways!

    Fuck Jamie Foxx.

  75. 175

    and this is NOT "golden"
    this is sickening.
    really perez, how low will you stoop, supporting scum like him?

  76. 176

    That was not funny at all.
    And since I'm apparantly "light on the teeth, heavy on the gum" I take offense to that.
    I never liked Jamie Foxx, but I officially hate him.
    Cuz that's just not cool.

  77. 177

    i just lost all respect (not that there was much to begin with) for jamie Foxx….and perez………….you ought to be ashamed of yourself. even YOU hit a new low and i didn't think yu could get any lower.

  78. 178

    she's ' just 16 and is already whipping their ass at the bow office ! come on she has done even more than all these guys during her entire life! Yes, she overplays, yes, she sometimes reminds me of a strange mixture of lohan spears geldorf all in one!
    she wants to go too fast and I dont like her acting but she has got a voice contrary to some! don't like what she represents and I truly think that these kids stars growing in show biz families are bound to live empty lives but she is 16, just 16!

  79. 179

    Re: peacebearrr
    and so are you
    nobody deserves that
    i don't care how much you don't like her that is just cruel and spiteful

  80. 180

    Re: aj – I sent you a comment sexy but the blogger didn't show it. I'm new here but I like it very much. I'm new to America. Nice to meet you friend.

  81. 181

    umm first of all. if she old enough to be fuckin a grown ass man she old enough to take the ridicule. yeah she sixteen but when in the public eye you cant be actin like that without expectin to get made fun of. so yeah miley cyrus does either need to fully act her own damn age or act mature always.

  82. 182

    I think this is funny.
    But at the same time I feel bad for her.
    I would be crying all night if I had adults saying things like this about me.
    All the cussing is really unnecessary. They could have said what they wanted to say in a much more intelligent and less rude way.

  83. 183

    Dear Miley;
    Blame it on the goose, got him feelin' loose,
    Blame it on the 'tron, got him in the zone,
    Blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol…………..

  84. aj says – reply to this


    All I want to know is……how does Tina Chen feel about this?….. will she dance about it? Will she sing about it? Will she consume one boiled egg about it? Will she get braces because of it? That's all I care about really. Tina Chen.

  85. 185

    This is disgusting. Seriously. She is 16 years old! I have lost all respect for Jamie Fox.

  86. 186

    Miley is 16 fucking years old. Not a "child". She put herself out there in the spotlight. When you do that you are asking to be judged and made fun of. She is cognitive enough to know what is going on, not an innocent child. Hell, she is old enough to date a freaking 20 year old she can take some bashing… Yes it is a little uncalled far on Foxx's part, but its fun to watch! Miley shouldn't of said that stuff about Radiohead :) Mr. Foxx PLEASE DO NOT SEND OUT A PUBLIC APOLOGY! YOU WOULDN'T MEAN IT!! boo hoo.

  87. 187

    Jamie Foxx's old ass should know better than to talk about a 16 year old girl. It has nothing to do with who shes dating. Just because she's dating an older doesnt give jamie foxx the right to insult her not on how she acts but how she physically looks. and he recommends her to make a sex tape, get plastic surgery and do drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is cruel and disgusting. Miley hasnt even said a word about him at least not publicly. so for anybody to find a justification in this is wrong and cruel. It doesnt matter if she is a public figure. She is still a child. Its wrong.

  88. 188

    Little white bitch?! Why is it that black people are always race calling? Then as soon as a white person doesn't say "african american" they are the ones being racist. I don't like Miley Cyrus either but the way they were talking about her was inappropriate. She's 16, yet he was the one acting like a catty little girl!

  89. 189

    Disgusting!!! Jamie Fox is an ass…i'm definately not gonna support his movie now because he's obviously not the serious actor he is trying to portray.

  90. 190

    I understand Miley went overboard with the whole Radiohead deal but I have seriously lost respect for Jamie Foxx. How about he shit talks celebrities who are of age? Miley is a 16 year old girl being forced to grow up in the public eye. I am sure at 16 I would've been upset to hear that my idols didn't want to meet me. Jamie pick on someone who is on your level like Cuba Gooding Jr or Sienna Miller you know some other celebrity people mildly care about.

  91. 191

    I don't like Miley Cyrus, but that was kind of tough….

  92. 192

    LMFAO finally someone is saying it like it is.
    Miley Cyrus sucks!

  93. 193

    wow, Perez, ALL IN GOOD FUN? That is disgusting, I never thought Jamie Foxx would say those things about her, I thought he was professional, but I guess Miley is the only one who HASN'T been a dissapointment. But i'm sure if they were talking about the Jonas Brothers, it wouldn't be in good fun? Jaime Foxx would be on your shit list right about now.

  94. 194

    Re: DEEDLEDI – I totally agree its like reverse racism. I dont like Miley but those comments were offensive and crossed the line

  95. 195

    This is a real low for jamie foxx. He's a racist asshole. Does he have anything better to do?? I agree with everyone above me. If anyones says "That little black bitch.." they'll get there head chopped off. I would also to see what he would do if some called his daughter a "little black bitch".

  96. 196

    are you fucking kidding me! I've read a lot of shit about Miley Cyrus but this really annoys the fuck out of me.. I just loose respect for them. who ever the fuck they are.. I'm pretty sure they weren't making MILLIONS when they were 16. fucking idiots.. I love Miley Cyrus. I think she's talented and a great person.. Cyrus has more fans than that stupid Foxx dude..

    I'm excited when Foxx realizes that Miley Cyrus is getting paid more than him.. fuck that ugly dude.

    I'm waiting for the apology.

  97. 197

    ok, i dont know why people are upset and claiming she is this untouchable child, yes it may be slighty wrong on J's part, but shes hoppin around town with a 20 year old, and lets everyone know thats her man, and you think she should be treated like a child….smh

  98. 198

    Fucking hell that was highlarious!!!!!
    That may have been the best thing ever, i all of a sudden love Jamie Foxx

    someone needed to put Miley in here place!

  99. 199

    what a jackass, like seriously wtf has he done lately?

  100. Celt says – reply to this


    Perez you should be really proud of yourself promoting this trash. I'm surprised really seeing as you're the one posting those awful articles about teens (gay or otherwise) being bullied. Yet it's okay if you (a fully grown man) and these two douche bag examples that we call adults tear apart and judge a sixteen year old girl. The principal is a fucking disgrace.

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