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Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion, But…

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THIS is how Miss California should have answered my question at Miss USA!

What do U think about the whole situation???

P.S. Sorry we called her a dumb bitch.

We were/are just soooo angry, hurt, frustrated by her answer.

Perez would love to take Miss California out for coffee and "talk"!

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805 comments to “Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion, But…”

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  1. 1

    hell yeah perez!

  2. 2

    Omg! thank you!!! I could not believe her answer I was just speechless. You know it might not be such a bad idea to have as a requirement "INTELLIGENCE" at least some knowledge of the world????

  3. 3

    testify honey, miss cali is a dunb bitch!

  4. 4

    She is entitled to her opinion.
    No use forcing yours upon everyone.

  5. 5

    She's stupid. I think they're all stupid.

  6. Wassy says – reply to this


    She is a bitch

  7. 7

    LOL…I agree 100% hon, now go git you a drink!

  8. 8

    Haha, woooooow.
    I'm ashamed to live in california.

  9. 9

    She's dumb!!!
    Everyone knows that u should LIE when u don't agree with something….but she was really "smart" to say her opinion.

  10. 10

    She was so uncomfortable with that question, it was fabulous. Her smile got so much bigger, I thought her face would crack.

  11. 11


    i love how every gay man on my facebook etc called her those exact same words

    but yeah she should have phrased the answer WAY better!!

    that's what her interview coach is for anyways….oh wait let me guess,
    her dress, makeup, hair stylists, walking coach and interview coach arent gay?

    she just failed them also

  12. 12

    heehee have to do it, FIRST!
    lol perez your so right!
    what a dumb answer!

  13. 13

    totally agree!

  14. 14


  15. 15

    hell to the motherfuckin yeah!!

  16. 16

    I knew you were pissed haha… I told my sister it was written all over your face haha.

  17. 17

    I completely agree with you! I have literally been refreshing this page since the pageant ended because I knew you'd would post. I was so shocked and disgusted!

  18. 18

    What a dumb twat! If she really wanted to win, she should have just faked it until she made it! Im sure she fakes other things.. She's trying to set the gay movement back 20 years! I betta not see her in WEHO!

  19. 19

    "i shit you not!" omg! i almost spit out my diet coke. some days, i'm ashamed to be a native californian. today is one of them.

  20. 20

    She didn't even answered it right.

  21. 21

    Poor STUPID girl. I hope she's harassed and ridiculed for this bullshit POV for the rest of her life. She might as well have gotten up there and said "I don't Mexicans, fat people or midgets, but others are entitled to the opinion." IGNORANT.

  22. Alz says – reply to this


    Right on! Whatta moron she is!

  23. 23

    I agree

  24. 24


  25. leaht says – reply to this


    i fucking love you perez

  26. 26

    Perez good question! She represents the bigotry that people have! In this day in age! Is it just me or is the Arizona girl a complete dumb ass?

  27. dsz says – reply to this


    boy Perez is mad!!!…she is a dumb bitch…is there any reason they call blondes dumb?

  28. 28

    Hey moron aren't you the SAME person who named themselves after PARIS HILTON !!!????……..and you want to speak about people having "half a brain"……..Look at your outfit !! lmao YOU FRANKENBERRY LOOKING losa

  29. 29

    oh perez….even though i think the same….that everyone should be able to marry who they want…..i dont think she is a dumb bitch for giving an honest answer to the question….
    in fact….i think it shows she has balls…..

  30. 30

    her answer really wasnt dat bad. dont ask a question if the answer is going to make u cry perez!

  31. 31

    FUCK YA PEREZ!!!!! love you man

  32. 32

    everyone has right to their own opinion!!

  33. 33

    Why are you so creepy? I can't quite put my finger on it. You're hiding something.

  34. 34

    seriously though, she needed to be diplomatic about that shit and she wasn't. i totally agree with you perez

  35. 35

    I haven't seen any YouTubeness of her answer but you're right. Any vet of a pageant would know that's how you answer the question, like Perez said. And for this to come from Miss California of all states….the mind reels.

  36. KBoyd says – reply to this


    Soo true!

  37. 37

    While I do agree with Perez that she should have answered that a bit better, I think he just heard the booing in his head.

  38. 38

    Wow…because she told the truth and her HONEST opinion…
    Oh wait, Americans favor lying, lest their egos get hurt.

    Get a life, idiots.

  39. 39

    that bitch! i saw that! i'm so ashamed she's the california representative!!

    love you perez!

  40. 40

    Perez - didn't realize you have a lisp.

  41. 41

    While Miss California is entitled to her own opinion, gay marriage banned is outright PREJUDICE. It is denying gay couples their CIVIL RIGHTS. People truly need to get over their homophobia. End of subject.

  42. 42

    you are beyond stupid……you named yourself after PARIS HILTON!!!…..look at your outfit…..look at how you speak..you're in your 30's and you sound like MIley Cyrus…her excuse is she's 16…what's this FRANKENBERRY looking loser's excuse?

  43. 43


    that was such a STUPiddd answer!!!!!!!

    i agree with you perez

  44. 44

    she wasn't booed? was she? i watched the video i heard claps

  45. 45

    Yes, everyone is entiteld to their own opinion but Perez is so right. She didn't answer the question. He asked her about the states stand on gay marriage not what she believed what was right and wrong.

  46. dASH says – reply to this


    you are too adorable, perez! i wish i was a dude so i could date you! *mwuah!*

  47. 47

    It wasn't like she had time to prepare the answer. You are just worked up because she doesn't agree with gay marriages. It is usually a religion that people get beliefs from, so for you to judge her, would be doing the exact same she is doing. Everyone has their own beliefs, she said her part, you said yours…doesn't mean that either one of you are right or wrong. With you saying if she won, you would have walked up there and stole her tiara and not have cared…how is that so different than someone saying they will do something to another race, demographic, etc or take away rights because they don't agree with it? Even though you *think* you are trying to spread equality, you are infact spreading more hate. Let it go.

  48. 48

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion, its rude of you to try to force your views on someone else no matter what the issue is..you ARE too full of yourself!

  49. 49

    Perez, you did ask "why or why NOT?" She just gave a different answer than you expecting. That doesn't make her a dumb bitch. Grow up.

  50. 50

    yeah, it was definitely her opinion, but the way she put it was very "unprofessional" sort of. She needed more facts in her answer in order to form a better opinion.

    ps. good question perez!

  51. 51

    she probably thought the same thing of you.

  52. 52

    right, because when you're in front of all those people being asked that fair question, you have the quickest respond to the biggest bitch on the planet

  53. 53

    what a dumb bitch

  54. 54

    "i shit you not" LOL perez i love you!

  55. 55

    Oh honey, this is just another one of the many reasons I

  56. 56

    Ha…Your just mad Perez because she gave you the shit face at the end…bahaha–That was the Miss USA moment

  57. 57

    Perez, if YOU had half a brain, you would know it was IOWA that approved gay marriage. Vermont has had it for a while. Shut up.

  58. 58

    She did answer your question. You asked WHAT SHE THOUGHT

  59. 59

    you should represent california, haha

  60. 60


    You inspire me, she couldn't have answered that question worse if she tried.

  61. 61

    She is an ignorant bitch. Ugly inside and out.

  62. 62

    hey perez,

    it should come as no surprise beauty pageants are primarily run by traditionalists like miss california. that's probably why she got so far in the competition. it's unfortunate, but at the same time, is it truly unexpected that there's a conservative bias?

    it was a loaded question and she did not handle it with grace or wit. she stumbled. that alone should have taken points off, let alone the ugly content of her answer.

  63. 63

    You don't need to say sorry for calling her a dumb bitch! That's what she is. Bitch should not even have been first runner up!

  64. 64

    Perez i enjoy you verymuch. But your fucking butt ugly. You look like harry from Harry and the Hendersons. Sasquatch!

  65. 65

    try judging a drag king competition, it will heal the wound!

  66. 66

    so effing true. legit ridic.

  67. 67

    omg you're my favorite lol.

  68. 68

    she lost because of her own ignorance!! I love you perez!!

  69. 69

    damn right Perez! LOVE IS LOVE in my opinion, and there is NO stopping it! And your answer, could not have been better, it IS up to the states, NOT our country as a whole. Sounds like someone wasn't paying attention in their HS government class…..

  70. 70

    Glad she stayed true to herself, but you make a good point. She should have generalized her answer to support everyone, instead of being so completly one sided.

  71. 71

    stf perez your annoying.
    everyones entitled to their own opinions.

  72. 72

    and why has ny not passed this yet? who knows. but what a dumb ass. and she just walked away from the mike while speaking. not mrs america like

  73. 73

    Who is WE? You are the only person I see.

  74. 74

    Sasquatch! You look like Harry, From Harry and the Hendersons.

  75. 75

    I agree. She should have basically refused to answer and said what you suggest is the correct answer.

  76. 76

    Her answer was just plain wrong. It should be decided by each state. If Perez did ask her what she thought of gay marriage, the best answer would have been "I would like to keep that answer to myself" or something like that. Wow Tara Conner looks like a nun now compared to Miss California's answer!

  77. 77

    She couldn't even muster up the bs "legal union". Asshat!
    Even if she had…haven't we learned seperate but equal doesn't work?

  78. 78

    i agree that your answer would have been a much better and more diplomatic answer. i happen to agree with her, however, i just wouldn't say it and offend gays in public. BUT i believe that gays SHOULD have the same privileges and perks as straights, just don't disrespect god by (A)getting hitched in a church and (B)call it anything but marriage. that's it, other than that it's all good for me. plus, why shouldn't gays gets hitched and be miserable like the rest of us?

  79. 79


  80. 80

    Just b/c someone has a different opinion doesn't mean they deserve your derogatory comments…oh, wait, differing opinions…you're more closed minded than I thought. BTW…next time you judge a pageant, try remembering who won? And the C word, really, NBC should be ashamed of putting you on their panel. I feel a retraction coming on for Matt and Meredith will have to read on the Today show tomorrow. But, it's all about sensationalism and not real journalism any more.

  81. 81

    you are absolutely right! dont worry about that dumb bitch she aint shit, you be the one who inspires america everyday! luv u perezzle

  82. 82

    Wow even if she didn't believe in same sex marriage she could have phrased it better.

  83. 83

    Uhm… How does your answer serve to "unite and inspire"? Face it, you're just pissed because she didn't answer the way you wanted her to. If she wants to be anti-gay marriage then let her be! Just like you can bitch and complain over the internet she can also voice her opinions on national television.

  84. 84

    i agree. she's supposed to UNITE, and come up with a better answer than "well in my family we don't think gay people should get married!" she didn't win, so oh well…

  85. 85

    I think she answered the question exactly how she should have answered it… The presentation on the other hand could have been better…
    You asked for her opinion and she gave it. Plain and simple. She didn't throw a BS answer and for that I applaud her. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone should respect her for that, regardless if you are anti/pro gay marriage.

  86. 86

    why are you apologizing?! she is a dumb bitch!

  87. 87

    Why are you hurt and so angry? Because she didn't say what you wanted to hear? I thought your question to her was a little bit self-serving.

  88. 88

    haha i love you perez, that's right. that dumb blonde is going to get her house egged

  89. 89

    i love perez

  90. 90

    Seriously, Perez? Just because someone has a different opinion than you, you feel the need to criticize them and say that they are uneducated and should not represent our country. Thats complete bull and I applaud her for having courage and her own opinion and not some idiot who is brainwashed by you! YOU'RE THE DUMB BITCH!

  91. 91

    I hate how people come up with the same "Man and woman" shit!
    Love should be for everyone! Equality!

  92. 92


  93. 93

    I think the point ofd the question was finesse..the question was one that left the door open for the person who was answereing it to use there"smarts" to not impose their personal opinion on people, but rather to state an answer that shows empathy to both sides of the fence…She was an idiot not because she revealed her closed minded opinion, but becase she didnt think past what her own feelings were to think of others..NOT what a miss USA is groomed to be…what an AWESOME question…it was one that really made you think!!

  94. 94

    i personally do not believe in gay marriage, but i do believe in uniting and inspiring…you go perez!! hehe

  95. 95

    I agree Perez! I think you need to do more and more to promote gay rights and all human rights! love you!

    and that girl was a stupid idiot.. seriously. im so glad she isnt representing us.

  96. 96

    Like you said everyone is entitled to their own opinion and can express thart opinion anyway they feel fit. Just because that is what YOU think she should've said doesn't mean anything. Now I do believe that gay marriage should be legalized but not everyone does.

  97. 97

    Not that anyone even cares about the Miss USA but that wasn't the best answer indeed!!! I do think all states should realize it is a human right to marry a consenting adult that you love!! Why all the hate when people want to celebrate their love for one another by telling each other and their loved ones they want to be together forever! Jesus people should be worrying about the divorce rates… that is what is undermining marriage not gay marriage! SO to Miss California… glad you didn't win! We need someone who supports equal rights!

  98. missB says – reply to this


    I completely disagree, since you did not ask her if the states should CHOOSE whether or not to legalize it, but if they SHOULD legalize it, therefore you were asking for her opinion if gay marriage should be legal in those states. Plus, if you believe that gay marriage should not be legalized, you would not think the states should decide, you would think they should all not legalize it.

  99. 99

    Re: Sarie3 – he's not forcing his opinion on anyone he's stating the truth why would someone competing to become Miss America give her own opinion an a topic so controversial when she knows that not everyone holds the same opinion. It would hav been smarter for her to answer the question in a similar way that Perez did.

  100. 100

    You asked her opinion, you got it. Be a man and deal with it. It's an OPINION, which means there is NO right OR wrong. Geez, I thought you were better than that to get all bitchy. She even said that it's great that people here have the choice, did you miss that part?

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