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Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion, But…

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THIS is how Miss California should have answered my question at Miss USA!

What do U think about the whole situation???

P.S. Sorry we called her a dumb bitch.

We were/are just soooo angry, hurt, frustrated by her answer.

Perez would love to take Miss California out for coffee and "talk"!

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805 comments to “Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion, But…”

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  1. 301

    She's indeed a dumb bitch

  2. 302

    why do people have to come visit your website add to your hit count and then condone the gay bashing. i personally, without being forceful, am for gay marriage and it being legal. let people love, just because gays are getting married does not mean the apocalypse is coming. I LOVE YOU PEREZ KEEP IT GOING i dont need to tell you to keep your head up because i know you will.

  3. 303

    perez, you couldnt have said that any better.
    could she be any stupider…
    but i deffinetly loved the look on her face when you asked her that question she couldnt look any more scared…

  4. 304

    I would have said something about the 9th amendment.

  5. 305

    You go Perez! I admire your fighting spirit and I wish more gays were like you.

  6. 306


  7. 307

    yeah perez!!!! i love youuu!!

  8. Hobbz says – reply to this


    Oh c'mon Perez, you said the woman that WON MissUSA deserved yet you cant even remember what state she represented and you were RIGHT THERE?!

  9. 309

    As a pageant titleholder, I totally hated her answer! As a titleholder, you are expected to have diplomatic and respectful answers no matter what your opinion! She could have stated that she believes states have the right to choose what they want no matter what her personal feelings. And by using the words "in her country," she screwed up royally. At least she didn't win and I hope she does not ever see a national title.

  10. 310

    sorry but she did not get booed

  11. 311

    After a year of reading you daily, I decided to create my own account to specifically comment on this. You are so unbelievably right.

    Personally, I think Miss California (and those who ascribe to her hate rhetoric) are awful. I'm still waiting for the day I hear about a husband and wife that get divorced in Minnesota because a husband and husband got married in Massachusetts (or Vermont…and soon Iowa and New York!) But hey, everyone IS entitled to their own opinion.

    Perez, your comment could have easily been used in her answer and the worst thing that could have happened was that she side stepped a hot topic by not voicing her own (hateful) opinion. Keep rocking out on your complete outspokenness of equality for all! (And of the mess Lily Allen is…its quite entertaining.) Much love for ALL you do and the pot you continue to stir :o )

  12. 312

    i actually think that shes a million times smarter than all of the rest of the contestants, she had the balls to get up there and say her opinion despite the fact that most of the people in there would disagree..now thats being smart for me, saying what u think no matter what the rest would think….

  13. 313

    that was too funny. omg. i was so shocked when she answered. i'm ashamed to live in california. i'm so happy north carolina won.

    if only she worded her answer differently it would have been better but no she had to answer like that. very very bad thing on her part.

  14. 314

    Why was it the worst answer in the pageant ever, because it wasn't the answer that you wanted? You're just trying to get a reaction out of people and you seriously need to quit your hissy fit sweetheart. Don't try to come up with some politically correct answer that YOU would've given to your own question when you know for a fact you expected her to be all "fuck yea they should legalize it!" and it pissed you off when she didn't…

  15. 315

    Honestly, kudos to Miss California for expressing her honest opinion on such a controversial topic. Everyone IS entitled to their own opinion, and they shouldn't be persecuted or bashed for it. Not gonna lie, Perez, it's pretty petty when you resort to calling someone a dumb bitch when they clearly answered a question with their opinion as was asked JUST because you disagree with it.

  16. 316

    So if i were to go on stage and say yeah I think we should allow same sex marriage becausee im just open minded and I think its important to be able to pick who you want to marry then the same people saying perez get over it, she gave her opinion wouldnt be turning around and saying omg she didnt even answer the question. People she didnt! Just because you agree with her doesnt mean she answered it.

  17. 317

    Yes she's entitled to her opinion, but she goes about it toally wrong, she doesn't even sound educated in the matter, saying we can CHOOSE same sex marriage or Opposite Marriage HAHAHAHA #1: YOU DON'T CHOOSE IT YOU DUMB BITCH! HAHAHAHA!!! I'm glad she didn't win because she didn't answer it properly she sounded like a biggit.

  18. 318


  19. 319

    Perez I love you! I love that you are so passionate about something sooo important. And I love that even though you write stupid shit on your blog at times, that you use it as a platform to express YOUR opinions. Because ya know what? It IS PEREZHILTON.COM.

    Oh, and I completely agree with you. EQUALITY FOR ALL!!!

  20. 320

    To add one more thing. Why shouldnt same sex marriages be allowed? As far as I see, the divorce rate is up BETWEEN A MAN AND WOMAN. Also, so someone who has been with the same person for 10 years and want to get married but cant because they are the same sex cant get married but these celebrities who take marriage as a joke and get married to just get it annulled or divorced within a couple months can. I dont quite understand that.

  21. 321

    I didn't see the show but I saw the clip you posted, what contestant gives that answer?
    I think that's the worst answer I've ever heard to any question, she's so close minded.
    Personally I think same sex marriage should be allowed in every state, some countries in europe have opened up to the idea so why shouldn't every state?
    My brother is gay and I believe that he should have the right to get married just like any non homosexual couple.

  22. 322

    LOVE IT! HAHAHA! ugh! SO true. dumbass, she defs should have answered the question differentley, there's plenty of ways of answering that question without alienating people. And HELLLLO, it was YOU asking the question! Doesn't she know who YOU are?!?! Fuck, I woulda known what my answer woulda been if it was you asking it for damn sure!! IDIOT girl! SO glad she did not win!!!!

  23. 323


  24. 324

    I saw the video and I think that the question was if all states should follow suit. She answered that in the US everyone has the right to choose, then in her own personal way of life she doesn't see it properly. She was honest. So why hate her. In a sense she said people should be allowed to choose even if people do not see it right. You are mean Perez

  25. 325

    Wow Perez- you took the words out of my mouth. That dumb B was trying to make a stand or her beliefs, and ended up splitting the audience and making a huge group of people feel badly about themselves.

  26. 326

    no brain and fake boobs !!! oh well thanks god she didnt win ,I cant imagine she competing for miss universe.

  27. 327

    lmao no mames… perez…. that answer would have been great i totally agree…

  28. 328

    that may have been a worse response than miss teen USA south carolina…

  29. 329

    I don't think you should've been that callous in your response. I think part of your response was an emotional trigger on her disagreement with other people's views of what a marriage should be. Don't get me wrong. I'm for same-sex marriage; however, you know, words hurt and I don't think you should've taken it that far to call her a dumb bitch. What if North Carolina had said the same thing? It is what it is… I think you two should talk and have press take photos so we see it for ourselves.

  30. 330

    Re: girsalias – How is he suppose to react when someone says right to his face that he doesnt deserve the same happiness as a straight person? Is he suppose to go OMG your so right! Even though thats not what I asked you right, I shouldnt be allowed to getting married to who I love. Im a sinner:) Yeah dont see ANYONE including perez hilton do that.

  31. 331

    oh Perez, I love you. I totally agree

  32. 332

    what a dumbassss! she needs to get out of california nowww so we dont have that living here.

  33. 333

    "Opposite marriage." Classic. Perhaps did you mean heterosexual marriage? How about a requirement that in order to vote on gay marriage you need to have a requisite score on the SATs?

  34. 334

    love youu boooo
    feel better.
    she's a dumb blonde skank. her family should've raised her to be open minded and not a conservative little bitch.
    love youu.

  35. 335

    Re: Mayeflwer9
    I couldn't agree more. I loved your comment and wish more people felt this way.

  36. 336

    Perez - please don't listen to the people who are saying that you are only lashing out at her b/c she doesn't agree with you b/c those people are missing your point entirely. Hello people - it isn't just that she is closed minded but that it was simply a really poor answer to a really good question. She probably heard the word "gay" and just shut down b/c that is what people like that do. He didn't ask what her personal thoughts were, he asked about state rights. Grrrrr!!!!! This is such a civil rights issue and one day we will look back on all of this with the same shock and disgust we now look upon the days of segregation and concentration camps. Keep speaking your voice Perez - things will change!!!

  37. 337

    You're completely right Perezzie; she is not uniting people. If you are in a beauty pageant as important as this, the diplomatic answer is the correct answer. She's dumb.

  38. 338

    You're such a bully, Perez. Your fame is going to your head. If she doesn't agree with your cause, that's her right! It was much more brave of her to be honest than lie just to pander to you.


  39. 339

    Perez! Don't let this sad little chick bother you. It's real clear what her level of intelligence is. We all are in this fight with you, my friend. Love doesn't have anything to do with GENDER ! I have been married 40 years but I will stand right next to you in this fight. You should and eventually will have all the same rights I do. One step at a time, my friend. Just know that some beauty queen isn't deciding anyone's fate….

  40. 340

    Grow up Perez she has the right to her opinion and i happen to agree with her.

  41. 341

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but the question wasn't asking her opinion on gay marriage. It was asking her to give an objective, informed answer if other states should follow Iowa and Vermont's examples and legalize gay marriage. Her answer of "Well *I* don't think gay marriage should be legal because that's the way *I* was raised" came off as very snobbish, shallow, and polarizing. That's why Perez, and so many others (including myself) are disgusted with her answer. Perez may be biased against her because he is a staunch supporter of equal rights, but when you really listen to her, you'll understand why she didn't deserve to win by a damn sight.

  42. 342

    Although you may disagree with her opinion Perez, your childish response to her video completely contradicts what your "arguing". You say that shes entitled to her own opinion, however, your causing quite the commotion about a response that honestly, wasn't even that bad. Calling her names only further escalates the situation especially when she clearly tried to be sensitive to the people who she knew would disagree with her. Despite her knowing that its a controversial topic,she spoke her mind which is much more than many other Miss America Pageant contestants.

  43. 343

    first of all, I am proud of her for speaking the truth, how she feels, and not being intimidated by the obviously biased perez hilton. secondly, she IS entitled to her own opinion and why would you ask that question to begin with if you werent already knowingly trying to cause controversy???? and third of all….she's amazing and I 100% agree. THE PARTS JUST FIT. HAHA

  44. 344

    I totally had this bitch's back until she gave that horrible answer, I was pissed that she got 1st runner up. that skank should have been dead last. I hope she feels very bad about the hate she's inspiring.

  45. 345

    She's so dumb it makes me wanna poke my eyes out!!!

  46. 346

    preech it sistah!!!

  47. 347

    "in my country?" wtf she acts like gay people are from a whole different planet, let alone a different country

  48. 348

    yeah, I have to admit, that was a TERRIBLE answer……

  49. 349

    C'mon Perez, in all fairness, you asked her a question, and she gave you her honest answer. Journalism is journalism, not everyone is going to agree with you, and you might have maybe kinda sorta let your own feelings get in the way of this one. You asked a provoking question, and I truly think she gave you an honest answer. Sorry sweetcheeks! I still luvs ya tho!

  50. 350

    Amen to that Perez!

  51. 351

    I think Miss South Carolina's was worse. But yea that was Miss Teen…

  52. 352

    she was has thr right to her opinion and i have the right to call her ignorant the people in this country use the excuse its not right because I was raised that way. but the problem is there are people raising there children to be racist, bigots and they always have the excuse its the way I was raised NO it isnt my parents where raised to be racists but did they become one no they where not Ignorant like miss California. im sorry but miss usa should be beautiful inside and out not just outside

  53. 353

    You're a genius, Perez.

  54. 354

    I think it is completely hypocritical to be giving her a hard time. She was raised a certain way and it she wants to have her belief than she is completely entitled. I am for gay marriage but do not think that everyone has to be for it. It is naive and rude to think everyone will. You want to be accepted for you beliefs right? She has the same right. You want to sit down with her and talk and no doubt try to change her opinion. Would you not be completely offended if someone offered to sit down with you in hopes to change YOUR opinion. We are all different and that is what makes us great!

  55. 355

    omg i def screamed at the tv her answer was ridiculous im soo happy she didnt win

  56. 356

    Re: HannahMontzz – THEN LEAVE

  57. 357

    Perez - real nice of you to be so "tolerant!" We could all learn a thing or two from you about tolerance and acceptance - haha! NOT! She's "dumb" and a "bitch" cuz you don't like her answer? So glad YOU are so non-judgmental!

  58. k-lee says – reply to this


    Um, yeah, that was awkward. She should've answered the question without offending anyone. She is entitled to her opinion, but she offended the gays, and that's not right. I don't normally agree with Perez, but his answer is way better than hers. That is a beauty pageant answer.

  59. Lua says – reply to this


    TBH she answered shit, she started mubling around but never said hey thishow i feel but regardlles having the chocice shoulnd be avaiable. Dunno. at least she should articulate a proper answer

  60. 360

    damn right perez!!!!!!!!!

  61. 361

    yayyy perez!! i feel the same way!!!

  62. 362

    People didn't just boo, as you have made out, many cheered, obviously showing the diversity of opinion that still exsists on this, but yes, Miss California could have done a better job at answering the question (no you didn't do a hell of a lot better perez - you forgot the crucial part of it, ANSWERING… you dodged the question also, any good interview-ee would tell you that's the first and most important thing, ANSWERING!). I think the place she also really went down was that the question is whether she thought states should legalize, not what her definition of marriage should be. She could have saved herself declaring her morality and alienating people if she just answered from a legal/political point of view.

  63. 363

    OMG the gurl can have her own opinion DAMN if she dont believe in gay marriage than she dont EVRYBODY doesnt feel the same way you feel. DUMBASS I know people should be able to marry who they want but some ppl dont even like the fact that you're GAY and we just have to deal with that. SORRY

  64. 364


  65. 365

    That was awesome! You vent, Miss Thing!

  66. 366

    Perez, how about each person, including Miss California have a right to opinion to herself? Even though, you didn't like her answer, you have no right to chastise her for her views, which more than 50% of California residents agree upon, which means homos and lezbos like yourself can't marry!

    By the way, I heard some clapping and cheering for Miss California after her answer so don't try to spin it dumb ass!

    You being a judge is wrong in the first place and your question was OBVIOUSLY biased. Don't ask the question if you can't handle the answer!

  67. 367

    well perez everybody has a right to express their own opinion. We live in a democratic country. I believe what she said is true. From young age we always understands that a marriage is in between a man and a woman and not of same sex, always opposite sex. You have no right to call her dumb bitch. You said in this video that if you were in this beauty pageant then you would have answered like this…bla bla bla. You do not have the quality to be on that platform that's why you should not point your fingers. Remember all 4 fingers are pointing towards you. Grow up Perez. Don't think the world will think like you. Everyone has the right to have a free speach. Remember.

  68. 368

    Bigger shit is happening in this country other than GAY marriage. Sure she could of given a better answer. but oh well. She gave her own opinion, so shut the fuck up and get over it. im sure the gays will get married anyways even if California would of won

  69. 369

    I completly agree she should have answered as you said and not put her own personal opinion and kept in netural

  70. 370

    Wow, Perez! Just because someone doesn't have the same opinion as you do, doesn't mean you should resort to name calling. That definitely makes you look childish and immature on your part. You need to learn how to control your emotions.

  71. 371

    Lots of you were saying their were no booes…Perez was there, so he should know and most of the booes were not in this YouTube clip. They were actually a couple of minutes later (once people actually had a moment to process what Miss California said) just before they announced the runners up, when the cameraman takes us for one "last look" at the contestants. So YES, there were a lot of booes and those who said their were no booes are, in fact, wrong.

  72. 372

    Her answer inspired HATE. You can imagine what its like sitting around the "Miss California" dinner table, discussing how gay people should not be allowed to marry, and how unnatural it is, and that it threatens the sanctity of marriage. Miss California just admitted how backward and hateful a family she comes from….these are the kinds of families that would disown their children if they were gay, and make it so difficult for gays trying to come out. Miss California basically says that if someone in her family was gay, they would not treat them equally and WITH hate.

  73. 373

    Check out Canada, cool weather, but even cooler country where they treat people like people. Gay marriage is a matter of equality, plain and simple, not about having an opinion of everything. In this clip, Miss California came across as REALLY STUPID, maybe VAPID is a better word. Does she even realize what she has said? She gets my vote as 2009 BIGOT OF THE YEAR and POSTER GIRL FOR INTOLERANCE!

  74. 374

    Re: Whathefuck
    I agree with you completely.

  75. Low says – reply to this


    I gasped when I heard her. She was very insulting and just plain rude. I was very angry she even placed 1st runner up. A statement should have been sent out with her in 4th runner up. I think I know which SNL judge loved her answer and gave her high marks.. :( PS: He loves Chris Brown

  76. 376

    She gave her opinion and you did not agree. She gave a honest answer and you did not like it. Just because someone doesn't believe the same way YOU believe - it does not make them a "dumb bitch" It makes YOU a egocentric, egoistic, egoistical, egomaniacal, egotistic, egotistical, self-centered, self-involved, selfish, self-seeking, self-serving.

  77. 377

    Perez…I don't think she is even capable of speaking in such eloqoent (sp) terms such as yours…so I don't think you EVER would have gotten an answer that you were satisfied with ! Go have a helluva lot of cocktails on her !!!

  78. Lucas says – reply to this


    Is it just me, or what OTHER question did she think she was going to get from Perez? She must not even know what the internet it - dumb ditz. I'd rather be married gay than be on a stupid pageant. Now those should be banned!

    Ya'all have a right to fight to fight what you believe in :)


  79. 379

    everyone stop getting so butt hurt. how could she be dumb if she is entitled to her own opinion. and perez stop being a a little bitch, goddammit sometimes you annoy me and sometimes you seem cool. she answered what she thought was truthful to herself and not something that would help her win a pageant. i have a gay friend who acts normal and you wouldn't even notice that he's gay, cause he acts normal. but sometimes when guys act like girls and gay, that just creeps me out. nothing wrong w/ gay people, only when the guys act like little bitches.

  80. 380

    So, yeah, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I still cannot believe she stood in front of everyone and had the NERVE to say that! Seriously, everyone knows people who do those pageants are never honest about anything in them. So, why couldn't she just be like the rest of her body and fake the answer to the question too? I would not go as far as to say she is stupid or anything, but to alienate so many people…it's just wrong. And, who cares if that is how she was brought up? I was brought up to think that, but I don't at all! Just because you are brought up to believe it honey, does not mean you have to…try thinking for yourself for once…and maybe you will stop being a stereotype.

  81. 381

    Booed from the audience?? I booed that bitch from my couch!!!

  82. 382

    I am SO ashamed! That kind of thing's expected from someone from Utah or something.. but geez! California!?

  83. 383

    Perez, I

  84. 384

    i dont thats fair to judge her opinion on this website - it makes the judging more prejudicial to her than it is to anyone else just because you asked the question and you disagree with it.

    shes right, its great that we are allowed to choose and i think shes right, i dont agree with same sex marriage, a marriage should be between and man and a woman, i was raised like that and i'd say i have a good objective view - and the fact that there are more and more same sex couples not doesn't mean we should change the law. and with great respect to these people, its wrong to be same sex couples to start with.

  85. 385

    for once, i agree with you perez.
    miss california is a dumb whore

  86. 386


  87. 387

    He is really ugly.

  88. 388

    Fuck you Perez, YOU gay Nazi, people are NOT for Gay marriage respect it Drama Queen.
    Vermont did not VOTE on it, it was forced on people by queer loving legislation elected liberal idiots. IF IT WAS PUT TO A VOTE, NATIONALLY IT WOULD LOSE> Deal with it, gays are 4% and what in the FUCK does gay marriage do for America? What is the benefit. ONLY 6 out of 230 Countries have Gay marriage and they are fucked up countries.

  89. 389

    So don't call someone ignorant until you look at yourself, heck you turned your head in frustration when she gave her answer meaning you weren't dismayed at a ridiculous answer it meant you were pissed off, and you couldn't even remember the winners state only the state of the loser who pissed you off, not to mention she only lost because mainly liberals, and gay people just like you watch it, and lastly but not least the applause for that girl standing her ground and answering your sad little question was staggering compared to your dimming drum line of support in asking it. So wake up we live in America and understand the world doesn't have to do what they don't want to do. Now stop hating!

  90. 390

    Unfortunately, it seems like her answer was pretty clear the only problem is since she is from California most people would assume shed agree with gay marriage, but she didn't. In truth the only judgmental hating people were the liberals and the gays themselves. I mean you preach about equality yet you try and force your tired opinions on people who never really cared to think about it. The truth is in America a person chooses who they want to be and they do not have to be what someone else tells them to be, and if a person chooses to be something that a lot of people aren't going to like then, they made their choice. So stop being hypocrites and just accept it pro gay anti gay the world is full of differences and indifferences alike, if someone says they don't supports gays it doesn't mean they hate them it just means exactly what it says. Hell the only violent people at a prop 8 rally were the prop hate supporters.

  91. 391

    Your biggest problem, and indeed all gay people's biggest problem, is that they are trying to force people to accept them. The majority think it's disgusting and wrong to stick your cock up someone's arse Perez. Live with it. And FYI, straight people don't have marches, why should you? It won't make any difference to people's opinions. Just live your lives quietly and shut the fuck up!

  92. 392

    Perez, be careful you're beginning to sound like a pontificating arrogant ass, and NO one likes an arrogant ass.
    Her answer wasn't perfect, but hellooooooo neither are all of yours and no one else gets on their own personal website flipping out b/c of your comments or replies.
    Chill out, not everyone needs to agree with you, and if you're really honest, you'd admit that this is what's bothering you.

  93. 393

    Re: Sarie3 – I hear you, Perez needs to chill out and live and let live…not everyone needs to think you're the be all end all Perez.

  94. 394

    First, as a judge, you don't know how to respect you by posting the video like that. yes, I like your question and I expect Carri answer that she support the gay marriage. She didn't but I still respect her answer because my expectation didn't meant to her personal belief.

    Second, to answer your question why she got her 1st runner-up. Just because you didn't agree her answer, the rest of the judge agree with you.

    Third, I wonder if you grade her final question or rank her final question. (For example, you give her 7.00 for her answer or you ranked her 4th runner-up at the end?)

  95. 395

    I love how anyone that doesn't agree with certain people's views, especially when those certain people demand "equality" and are against bigotism, calls others names just because they disagree with them.

    Do you think those that have done that, including Perez, realize what big hypocrites they are?

    What they mean is "Equality for gays and those that think like us, everyone else is a dumb bitch!11"


    It would be no different than if someone said "Naw, them fags are too stupid to be treated equally" Which you'd have gotten all huffy over.

    Check your hypocritical stances at the door before you put your foot in your mouths.

    Can't expect someone to respect your beliefs or ideals when you certainly don't respect theirs.

  96. 396

    I just want to let you know what you guys are sounding like


    Well suck it up. Too bad. You aren't going to be treated any differently until you change your way of thinking.

    Isn't that what you are telling this girl?

  97. 397

    Re: JakeSet9


  98. 398

    go perez!!!!!

  99. 399

    haha i love you

    i shit you not

  100. 400

    BTW just to let you guys know, you are the underdogs. Stop acting like the majority agree with you guys, and the minority is a bunch of dumb fucks. It's actually the other way around. The majority of the US thinks you guys are freaks and immoral. But then again you'd call them names too.

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