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Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion, But…

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THIS is how Miss California should have answered my question at Miss USA!

What do U think about the whole situation???

P.S. Sorry we called her a dumb bitch.

We were/are just soooo angry, hurt, frustrated by her answer.

Perez would love to take Miss California out for coffee and "talk"!

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805 comments to “Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion, But…”

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  1. 401

    If you people dont like gays, GET OUT THIS SITE. Perez is gay and he's the most popular site on the NET SO FUCK YOU. I hate homophobic people, it's like when everyone hated blacks.

  2. 402

    you´re so right! I cant believe that dumb-ass got first runner up.

  3. 403

    LOVED she did not respond with what YOU wanted to hear!!!! Donald should have NEVER hired you. I'm sure you low balled her and caused her to lose the title! I believe we all have a right to our opinion and I am so proud she had the balls to display that right!!!! I'm so proud of her and so disgusted with you!!!!!!

  4. 404

    gay rage.

  5. 405

    Re: Rebecca- – If you dare try to compare homosexuality to racism you should be the one who gets slapped you self involved tool.

  6. 406

    Re: Jason Sloane – Dude your a moron a person cant even preach god without getting arrested in Canada where's the equality in that?

  7. LCJ says – reply to this


    I think it's great she dared to say how she feels about a topic. I don't agree with her, BUT she must have known how the audience would react to her answer, especially with you being there. So the fact that she wil actually say what she thinks is something to applaude for. I think she would be a dumb bitch when she would just say the answer everyone wants her to say… She just has another opinion than you and me, there are probably more people in the world that don't agree with you Perez. Thank God that not everyone thinks en is the same, I would be bored to death!

  8. 408

    that was just her opinion. I'm pro gay marriage too, but I think you're acting childish perez…

  9. 409

    I swear man you sound like the prep girl who didn't get an invite to prom, maybe if you get over it miss what's her face in your own words will let you wear her tiara. Then you can be a real drama queen. Hell I have plenty of gay friends and none of them are arrogant asses like yourself. It's because they know they made the choice to be gay and they knew that would mean some intolerance. But, if anyone laid a hand on one of them I'd kick the shit out who ever did it for them. Now set an example and get over it, The pilgrims came to America to avoid being a part of the cesspool called the rest of the world.

  10. 410

    Perez, I'm so over your BS! Even though you do advocate gay marriage the real reason you asked her that question wasn't to further the cause for gay marriage! It was to create a controversy to get your name in more papers so you can continue on your campaign to be FAMOUS & A CELEBRITY!!

  11. 411

    Its a problem because she didnt agree with you…i dont think i heard 'gay marriages are wrong we should ban them…'
    What i heard was HER FAMILY believes that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. Its her own opinion. Good for her for typically not acting like a dumb blonde and going with the majority thinking just to keep everyone happy….

  12. 412

    How disappointing! That was horrible :( 100% agree with you Perez.

  13. 413


  14. JCPR says – reply to this


    she's blond!!! hello!!!!!?

  15. 415

    Her response was shocking! Perez, you are right on the money! I am Canadian, and I am even angry with her, FOR you !

  16. 416

    Get over yourself already.Not everyones world revolves around gays.You have one almighty chip on your shoulder. I have no issue with gays, but I hate the endless drumbeating over your "issues"…………….

  17. 417

    TAHO!!! damn right! I totally agree with you. I just happened to be channel surfing when I saw you on television and tuned in just in time for Ms. California's idiotic reply to your question. I was flabbergasted and disgusted at the ignorance and close-mindedness of someone, who I, like you, believe is there to represent and unite. Cheers on asking such a wonderful question!

  18. 418

    Get Over It Perez. It's her own opinion, We understand your mad but, Grow Up. Not everyone believes what you do!!

  19. 419

    If you didn't want to hear the answer then you shouldn't have asked the question. All the judges ask is that they answer honestly and with confidence…last time I checked freedom of speech was still one of our amendments and obviously she is speaking out for most Californian's when she said that considering they all just voted to ban same sex marriage. Would you rather she lied about it? Do you want your Miss USA to be a huge liar and just tell people what they want? Kudos to her for being honest and saying something she knew was gonna piss people off. GO Carrie!

  20. 420

    not everyone has to agree with you Perez, at least she was being honest
    also I didn't hear boos, I heard claps

  21. 421

    I agree anyone should be able to marry whoever they want, any sex. I agree with having rights to choose and I believe in gay marriage.

    However, I give her props and respect for having the gutts to let her opinion free all over international tv and internet media.

  22. 422

    i thought she was a dumb bitch… not for the fact that she opposes the way I live, but the way she ANSWERED the question. She was not articulate at all.

  23. 423

    I heard no boos….I actually heard applause. You are such a big talking drama queen fat ass little pig. I am gay..and i give her credit for standing up for what she believes…breeders don't have to agree with gay marriage…but…they should not be able to stop it iether. I think you are just pissed Perez because you wanted to be a contestant and not a judge.
    My bigger question is…"Why the fuck do people still watch this shit anyway?"

  24. 424

    Couldn't believe what I heard!! Damn, don't they get told to 'think it through' before they answer??? You go Perez!

  25. 425

    Unfortunately, most people in the USA are borderline retarded, a la Miss California.

  26. 426

    Although I completely disagree with her answer - she had the strength and wherewithal to answer with her honest opinion instead of crafting the answer that most people would *want* to hear.

    That's part of what makes this country wonderful. We're free to hold and express our opinions no matter how misguided or antiquated they may be.

  27. 427

    I agree 100% with you Perez!

  28. 428

    how can you get all high and moral when you slag off retarded lil girls they must let anyone judge these things why were you even there , its her opinion she was honest everyones not gonna agree with it but its not as if shes forcing her opinion down your throat i dont agree with her but hay

  29. 429

    How Miss California SHOULD have answered… Who are you, the THOUGHT POLICE?? What you will notice if you watch the clip played back is that the audience CHEERED her the MINUTE she answered and the chorus of CHEERS got LOUDER because she had the GUTS to answer honestly and she stood up for her convictions. I'll bet that you gave her a 0.0 score for her answer in the interview portion. Her honesty is what COST her the pageant title. Perez, you are the real "dumb bitch" in this situation. She answered the question the way any pro would: honestly, and with candor and poise, and you did not score her based on her ability to answer the question intelligently - you scored her based on her political opinion, which runs counter to your own. Let's see you come out and admit to the score you gave her in the interview competition - I'll bet it made it mathematically IMPOSSIBLE for her to win - all because you are a whiny little bitch who couldn't stand that she had the guts to stand up to you.

  30. 430

    She was bang on with her answer. You gay people always feel you need to
    be rewarded for being gay. You definitely got what you fucking deserved & what she said was 100% true. Get over it..

  31. 431

    perez - i am flabbergasted by her gd ignorance and cannot believe they let someone as ridiculous/stupid as that be a runner up..but i am almost it is why she didnt win. your video blog is inspiring and uniting and makes me feel i have someone out there looking for my best interests. i am so thankful you are where you are and that you have a voice. use it girl!

  32. 432

    LMFAO @ "I shit you not, I would have snatched that Tiara off her head and ran out of the room" ahahahaha. You are a fucking trip Perez, KUDOS! Equality for all! I haven't laughed this hard in a while.

  33. SuzyP says – reply to this


    She is entitled to her own opinion BUT her answer was not even intelligible. What a moron.

  34. 434

    I must have to disagree. While I am 100% pro-gay marriage, I thought her response very good. I liked how she said that what was good about the american society is that you (i'm canadian, and don't totally understand the concept of beauty pageants) have the ability to choose; because you are a free country. She didn't say she was against, she said that in her upbringing, marriage was between a male and female. Listen carefully, to me, the way she said it doesn't mean she is against gay marriage, she just likes the traditionnal way of it. Her answer wasn't a message of hatred but one of confidence in her society to be able to make its own decisions. She respond in a way to make judges happy, but to stay true to her own opinions.

    And BTW, even if she had said she was pro-gay marriage, she would have gotten booed, just not by the same people.

    She definitely isn't the dumbest ”miss”.. if i recall, the answer of miss north carolina on the reason why some americans weren't able to place the country on a map is WAY worse.

  35. 435

    Are we really shocked that a 'Miss America' contestant is an idiot?

  36. 436

    Well, it's her opinion, and as she didn't win anyway, who cares? Nevertheless, I am with you Perez.

  37. 437

    First of off I didn't hear her getting booed, I heard lots of applause. That being said, I don't agree with her answer…sort of. I believe that being gay is not a choice and that love is love no matter what sex you are. However, marriage is a religious ceremony and the majority of religions do not condone homosexuality so I can't say that I believe in gay "marriage", at least not in a church that prohibits it. I do however believe that you should be able to commit to another person of the same sex in a civil ceremony if you feel the need to do so.

    Also if you're going to try to get anyone to take your point seriously, you should probably restrain yourself from name calling. Calling her a "dumb bitch" was rude and tasteless and it just takes away from any credibility you have.

  38. 438

    i just love perez and I totally agree the woman not only did not answer the question she gave a complete turd answer showing her and her families bias . I could tellby perez face he was just devastated by the answer. But you know perez her problem wasnt if she agreed with gay marriage or not her problem was she should of just shut up and said ok yes i beleive in world peace the uniting of the usa blahb alh and not actually stabbed out the eyes of the askee…

    poor perez ive never seen u this angry big hugs xxxx

  39. 439

    Funny, all I heard was applause………..

  40. 440

    Why is Miss Cali "dumb" for giving her honest opinion???? Sounds like Perez has some pretty dumb fans!!! And, as for you Perez….you once entertained me…now, I think you fall right in place with your fans!!!! We do all have a right to our opinion still? Or was that taken away when Oprah and all of the unemployed voted for our new Prez?? OUCH!!

  41. 441

    Actually i would have to add shes a pushed in face britney wanna be red neck hoare even thou i love britney xx

  42. 442

    every one is entitled to their own opinion but for some who wants to represents America she should of answered the question better.

  43. 443

    And you need to keep your opinion to yourself fatty. Get a stylist and a face aug then come back.

  44. 444

    And yes dumb bitch doesnt describe her well try DUMB SLUT LOL

  45. 445

    Perez, this is why I love and respect you. You are a very knowledgeable person. Just when I think you're are going to come out with some crazy blog, you surprise me. She was stupid and ignorant!!… yeah, and dumb… LOL!

  46. 446

    Yay for Miss California for thowing it back to you!!!!! She was the winner hands down!

  47. 447

    To those on here who are calling her names and all that, she didn't say anything that bad! She didn't say "being gay is a sin" or "being gay is wrong". She said "in my family, and the way I think, 'marriage' should be between a man and a woman." She even applauded the fact that states have the right to choose.
    So in effect, she DID say "each state should decide for themselves". She just got personal stuff in there, too. Which maybe she shouldn't have done. It wasn't a very "pageant" answer. But that doesn't mean any of you have the right to call her names.

    And it was nice of Perez to sort of say sorry for calling her a dumb bitch.
    I think his comment (calling her that) was less about her stance and more about the fact that she didn't give a….what word am I looking for….non-partisan, pageant-y answer. Her opinions do not make her dumb or a bitch.

  48. 448

    She is a dumb bitch. Fuck her. Gay marriage for all!

  49. 449

    In a 1940's past life Miss Californabravaria worked as a guard in a camp dutifully assigning inmates who wore the pink triangle to brick ovens that were ingeniously engineered to look like tanning beds. After the war … when the statuesque beauty was asked how she could be so cruel … she responded honestly … "cause this is MY COUNTRY and that was HOW I WAS RAISED."
    Not to change the subject … but did anyone she Kate Winslet in "The Reader"? Now that's great acting!

  50. 450

    Come on Perez ! Grow up for a while please !
    You asked a question and she gave you her answer ! Bottom line !
    She has the right to have an opinion and as long as she didn't depreciate gay people or their rights, I think you should handle it and move on !
    It's not a big deal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm always by your side but this time, you've gone astray by calling her a bitch !
    YOU'RE THE BITCH cause you're bitter and can't stand people not thinking like you do !

  51. 451

    What did you expect of her? By the way, she was not booed. Replaying the moment on youtube she was cheered. You are such a selfish jackass for putting he on the spot like that. She gave her most honest answer and you bash her for it. That night was not about you, but with that question, you turned it around and made it about you. There is a lot of people in the world who agree with her, do you call them all dumb bitches too? I don't agree with her answer and I won't slam her for it. Good for her for standing for her beliefs. Of course you don't see it that way, you are too set in making everything about you and have your head too far up your own ass to see her side of everything. Get a life you jackass!

  52. 452

    If anybody had actually listened to Perez's video instead of just being ignorant jerks, you would realize that he didn't disagree with her opinion that gay marriage is wrong, he disagreed with the way she answered the question. Did anybody notice that the more people cheered as she gave her answer, the more cocky she got? After she answered, she walked away like she just did the greatest thing in the world. I applaud Perez for asking the question and for Miss California for attempting to answer it but in the end, there were better less offensive answers she could have given while still maintaining her own beliefs.

  53. 453

    YOU IDIOT PEREZ (nobody) hilton. you make all homosexuals look BAD please stop posting and go crawl back under the gay rock you came out from under. how dare you call her a dumb bitch. you are the dumb bitch. you do nothing but plagerise and report WRONG information like NATASHA'S death in CANADA. you ass please just go away

  54. 454

    Re: Perez got f*cking owned at Miss USA 200
    love, love, love this! and, I have a ton of gay friends who would even agree!!!

  55. 455

    hells yes Sista!

  56. 456

    Ok so this chic didn't give the answer that YOUR wanting to hear so she is a dumb bitch? Nice

  57. 457

    So you call her a dumb bitch because she has HER opinion. We (republicans with class) dont call you A DUMB BITCH because you have yours. YOU can dish it out, but sure CANT take it.

  58. 458

    This YOUNG WOMAN was asked her view. this contest is a known for its conservative values. She stumbled a bit with the answer, but it was HER VIEW AND SHE SAID SHE WAS SORRY IF SHE WAS OFFENDING ANYONE. Mario, you reacted unprofessionally and you apologizing for calling her stupid doesn't cut it. Neither does anyone else here for calling her stupid. OUR COUNTRY has gotten too angry. Anytime someone gives a conservative view now or goes and protests like at a tea party, that person is called an idiot or stupid. Because they have a different view. Did she say that gay marriage should be illegal? NO! she said she felt personally, it should be between a man and a woman. While I feel that same way, does not mean I would vote against same sex marriages, but I have a feeling a majority of you are going to attack my post before you read it all. I will see. and alot of people do think like that-personally, a marriage should be between a man and a woman, but they will not stand in the way of a gay couple-but if you start attacking people because you feel they 'think wrong, are stupid' watch out for a backlash. You think Miss Ca is feeling good today because Mario, A JUDGE, went on a personal vendetta?

  59. 459

    im not offended. im offended that you think you're a "youtube moment"….and i didn't hear any boos. i heard cheers.
    and calling her a "dumb bitch"…this coming from a guy who thinks he's the most important fag in the world???
    and no..you wouldn't….

  60. 460

    Perez…I hate to say it bcuz I usually love you. But you are being immature w/ the name calling. I think she was just being honest. You shouldn't be forced to say what you think people want you to say~~you should speak the truth even if it is against popular opinion. (you do, right?!) Speaking of *rights*, Perez, she has the right to her opinion. I give her kudos for her honesty.

  61. 461

    Ya, to each his own for sure. What about basic respect, Carrie? Miss USA needs to, at minimum, be respectful of her audience and citizens of "her" country. Giant fail.

    On a tactical note for future Miss USA contestants… know your audience. When your judging panel (especially the judge who asks you a question) is liberal, might be a good idea not to give a ragingly conservative answer. Just a thought.

  62. 462

    Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to. You asked, she answered; now's not the time to get all butthurt.

  63. C-Rod says – reply to this


    Perez, she could answer the question the way YOU wanted her too, or she could have spoken from her heart and said what she felt was the truth. She chose the latter.

    As for the eventual winner of Miss USA, how do you know that she doesn't feel the same way as Miss California? I didn't see the show, but did you ask her the same question?

    One more thing … I was watching the video of your interaction with Miss California on YouTube … sounded like her response was cheered to me. It wasn't an elegant answer, but it seemed like an honest one.

  64. 464

    Your videos never work on my PC (peice of crap) …..anyway…yeah..I thought she was ignorant and from that moment didn't want her to win…I could see the dissapointment on your face.

  65. 465

    There was no intelligence in her answer. I had to pause it half way through because it was sooo cringeworthy. I think yours was better ahaha, yep.

  66. 466

    At least she was honest. Yeah she was boo'd but people were also applauding her answer. Not everyone thinks that gays should married.

  67. 467

    It's ok, Perez, I'll do it for you. MISS CALIFORNIA, YOU ARE A DUMB BITCH.

  68. 468

    I'm sorry but this is ridiculous. We all rant and rave how we are entitled to our own opinions, but when she tells how she believes, people are raking her over the coals for it. CHILL THE FUCK OUT. I am for gay marriage, I don't think it matters who you love, but if I heard her correctly, she said the beauty of living in America is that you can choose, but in her life and how she grew up she was taught it was a man and a woman. That isn't ignorance Perez, sorry, she was stating how she was taught. Just because she happen to say how she believed about being GAY…its this HUGE mistake. I'm actually shocked that she said that and didn't go with what everyone expected her to say like every other contestant.
    Its called respect for people who don't exactly think like you

  69. 469

    Her anwser couldn't have been worse.

  70. 470


  71. 471

    1) She didn't get booed - not from what I heard - sounded like applause to me.
    2) It wasn't the "wrong answer" - it was HER answer - you asked her opinion, she gave it.
    Is it what I believe? No. Is it what intelligent humans believe? NO.
    She doesn't understand that it's not "a choice". No one chooses to be gay, but if you are and you want to get married that should be "your choice", and the state should support that.
    If she thinks that marriage is only "suitable" for a man and a woman - so be it. She's ignorant. I can dig it. HOWEVER - if she loves that her country gives people choices (like she says) than she should be in support of legalizing gay marriage.

  72. 472

    Ugh she is a stupid bitch, my husband and i were in shock and couldnt stop talking about it…. i was so glad she didnt win…

  73. 473

    I feel for you Perez, but just because she doesn't agree with you doesn't make her a "dumb bitch". She has a right to her opinion, just like you do. You just gave a great example of what is a fundamental problem on the left. If people don't agree with the viewpoint, they are called names and belittled, instead of trying to understand the other side and have a mature debate on the issue.

  74. 474

    I was rooting for Miss California until her answer!!

  75. 475

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion on every subject.. that's why it is a free country.. i think she is a beautiful girl and answered the question honestly and fairly

  76. 476

    Re: HPlover – what did i criticize this time? i pointed out perez picked the wrong place for his question.
    As for coming here, who the fuck are you to question me?

  77. 477

    Yo Perez, I agree w/you! Yea she should have been able to come up w/a more utopian kind of answer like the on you gave. And, you are so dead on when you stated that her job is to "inspire and unite" people. She is a "STUPID BITCH" just like you said.

  78. 478

    Re: mrs.treue – yeah you know me, no friends, how the fuck did you know??
    Cant answer my question, huh? thats cause i am right!! want me to leave? make me

  79. 479

    Love you Perez…I have to agree Ms. California is a dumb ass!!

  80. 480

    Re: Hollyb – awh you love me, how cute

  81. 481

    She's not dumb. She's right.

  82. 482

    Re: enaluvsu – damn, not too sure what you are speaking of, but if I remember, arnt you the one calling people twats?
    Now what did i say that was sooooo bad? Please tell me, cause all I did was ask a question. Since nobody can answer it, I proved my point

  83. 483

    she needs to go out with chris brown

  84. 484

    No need to apologize, Perez!! Miss California is a dumb bitch!!! She should lose her Miss Cali title for that appalling answer.

  85. 485

    While I totally disagree with her, I just love to see Perez get his panties in a bunch because someone doesn't agree with him!

  86. 486

    Perez if you were asked that question you would be unable to answer, you would have a slong in your mouth.

    Free speech is great unless it goes against your personal believes, is that the case Perez.

    You only asked this question to further your cause and get some more publicity.

    Good for Miss California.

  87. 487

    she didnt even ANSWER your question. i hope when she gets back to california there is a nice big drag queen waiting ready to shove a stiletto in her eye.

  88. 488

    “Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion, But…“ BUT NOTHING, YOU STUPID FUCK.

  89. 489

    Who the f@#% do you think you are to tell people how they should answer? Too many gays are no different than the straights who "oppress" them, freakin hypocrite.

  90. 490

    I have to agree with you on this one, Perez. All that was missing from that girl's answer was a hair twirl and a vacant stare… :| She's looking to represent the United States and yet, she's alienating a large number of Americans with her close-minded, ignorant answer…hmmm…Not very bright, Miss California!

    EQUALITY FOR ALL!!!!!!! Discrimination in the 21st century is NOT acceptable! It's time to move forward, people…

  91. 491

    You know what. She straight up said there was no offense meant by her comment. It's what she BELIEVED. it was how she was RAISED. I think it was actually said nicely. what I can't believe is how You all keep trying to force people to believe in the way you do. Heaven forbid we try to get you to believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman, and it's like you just straight up get all defensive and call us shallow and homophobic and all that shiz. I for one am BI but I still believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. THat doesn't make me shallow. It's what I fucking believe. That doesn't make me stupid, or a horrible person. It just makes me who I am. So stop flipping out everytime someone doesn't give you the answer YOU want. it doesn't mean it's not the right one. It's just the one you didn't want to hear

  92. fil says – reply to this


    SHES not dumb, she was beeing cleaver, because americans agree with her! THE BITCH was thinking on the major oppinion of them all, all that BLOND and sun in her head makes this bitches say stupid things. IM ABOUT TO VOMIT! JUST DESTROY THIS BITCH!

  93. 493

    OH MY GOD!!!!! she is sooooo stupid!!!!!! I cant believe what she said…really…come on already!!!! Who cares who maries who????? how does it change YOUR LIFE????? I get so frustrated and Im not even GAY!

  94. 494

    Re: MRS. JOSH HOLLOWAY – congrads on the best comment to this post

  95. 495

    What did you expect? It wasn't like you were attending the annual general meeting of Neurosurgeons
    Though I think it's great to get people talking about the issue of gay marriage (which I still can't believe has to be debated in this day and age) and you used the opportunity to do so, did you ever question the fact that the Miss American pageant is an incredibly sexist and antiquated affair? To me it seems somewhat ironic to take part in an event that propagates the objectification and beautification of women and then debate the oppression of another marginalized group. Think about it.
    Use your powers for good, dude.

  96. 496

    Sure she'S a dumb bitch, what beauty contest participant isn't, if we think about it… The greatest mistake was having a completely biased gay man as a judge and allowing him to ask her such a dumb, UNIMPORTANT question. Ask about a world problem: hunger, AIDS, war, not whether or not one state or another condones gay marriage. Your question was borne of self-interest and it was lame. Beauty contests themselves are lame. These false, coached and made-up women are anything but "beautiful". Who cares about gay marriage or marraige at all - ban beauty contests - give the money wasted on them to starving children.

  97. KSC says – reply to this


    Wow, I've watched this 10X and I don't hear the boos….

    I can't stand Perez. My last time coming here, off to TMZ. Man you are a loser.

  98. 498

    deal with it Perez!! This is still a FREE country and she can SAY whatever she wants to! And just because it doesnt agree with your agenda doesnt make her stupid! In fact Californians are the one that voted AGAINST gay marriage so I'd say her opinion represents most people in her state! And there are still ALOT of us that agree with her!!!

  99. 499

    come on perez, i agree with same sex marriage, but your response was redic…everyone doesnt have to agree…..i still love you tho

  100. 500

    you go girl! you are fucking brilliant and i completely agree with you!

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