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Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion, But…

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THIS is how Miss California should have answered my question at Miss USA!

What do U think about the whole situation???

P.S. Sorry we called her a dumb bitch.

We were/are just soooo angry, hurt, frustrated by her answer.

Perez would love to take Miss California out for coffee and "talk"!

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805 comments to “Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion, But…”

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  1. 501

    Right the fuck on Perez. It's about time you attack those prissy stupid bitches with no ounce of brain matter between their ears.

  2. 502

    Perez, I don't know if you composed that question or if it was done by the Ms USA committee, but you really put her in an uncompromising position by asking her it. I know the Q & A portion is supposed to show how “knowledgeable” the contestants are in world affairs, but a question like that is only going to polarize people regardless how it’s answered. Hell, why not ask her what she thinks about abortion, gun control, or religion? Had she answered the question as to how you wanted to hear it (which is basically, “hell, yeah, I’m all for states supporting gay marriages”), the religious right would have been all over her, saying she’s a bad role model. Had she taken the middle road, answering as neutral as possible, people would have thought she avoided the question or was saying what she thought people wanted to hear. As for people saying she sounds ignorant, try being on live, national TV, and answering a surprise question like that where you have to answer it in a specific time limit, and will be judged for it. Just because people don’t believe in or support gay marriages, it doesn’t mean they’re homophobic—a term that seems to be loosely thrown around these days.

  3. 503

    yeah…..i was kinda hurt also…..and i saw it on your face:(

  4. 504

    What happened to "I wanted to call her a dumb c***" or whatever Perez? Must have had 2nd thoughts on that part…

  5. 505

    The problem, Perez, with your suggested answer is that it doesn't even answer the question you posed. Your answer dances around the question. While Miss California's wording of the answer was atrocious, you should be glad that both of you live in a society where your opinions can be heard.
    Keep in mind that, indeed, states do have the individual ability to accept gay marriages, and California spoke in November. Stop with the sour grapes. Use your influence POSITIVELY to raise money for lobbying and awareness if it is a cause that means something to you. The problem is Perez, the way you go about this issue really hurts your cause more than helps it. This character that you present, a stereotypical gay male, makes those who are borderline on the issue, look away. It casts a poor light on the whole community. Be smart, act smart, use your smarts.

  6. 506

    Miss California was not booed after that answer. All I heard was applause. I commend her for standing up for what she believes in…that takes guts!

  7. 507

    This is America. We still have the Freedom of Speech and EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion. She's not dumb because she said how she felt. She's obviously not interested in being a polititcian because she didn't lie. I give her a lot of credit. She spoke her mind knowing it may not be PC. And by the sound of the audience they agreed with her as do I.

  8. 508

    lol you're so butt hurt and i feel bad for this girl who had to get stuck with your question. You expected her to answer a certain way, you expect people to open their arms to homos but your too close minded to understand that not everyone is going to accept you. you should just eat some icecream and cry in a corner and get over it.

  9. 509

    waaaaah waah, boohoo, it takes all kinds to make the world go round,not everyone has to believe what you do, and just so you know… the word but "everyone is entitled to their own opinion…BUT" well it means you don't actually believe everyone is entitled to THEIR OWN opinion but only to be entitled to believing yours. FREE COUNTRY mother-uckers!!!

  10. 510

    Bravo Perez!!

    Your Answer was Terrific & Correct!

    Miss California is young & has some learnin' to do!

  11. 511

    im not gay. but i like ur answer better.

  12. 512

    you can't really be mad a her for having her own opinion. I agree she did not word it very well but it is how she was raised and that is all she was saying. She did not say she hates gays or anything like that just that she personally did not agree with same sex marriage

  13. 513

    I totally agree with you Perez. But what did you expect from a girl who obviously put more emphasis on her hair and make-up then answering her questions. It really saddens me that she CLEARLY does not have the depth to understand EQUALITY.

  14. Clo says – reply to this


    She's disgusting!!!Can't believe she said that!

  15. 515

    Re: Wassy – soooo true

  16. 516

    What I don't get is that you make your entire living off freedom of speech (and copying off TMZ) yet you bash someone so harshly if they don't agree with you?? You're a hypocrite, Perez. That girl was being honest about how she felt, not what she knew you wanted to hear. I give her kudos for that!

  17. 517

    Her answer was intended to be rude. You could tell that by the way she spoke.
    Ignorant whore.

  18. 518

    She has the right to her own opinion, however, she didn't actually answer the question. On top of that, she was all over the place trying to come up with an answer and it was very obvious that she was having a problem with it.

  19. 519

    If your so INSPIRED mario do everything you can to make Gay marriage the referendom this next mid term election!Grab your rainbow flag and wave it loudly!What could possibly go wrong?You go girl!

  20. 520

    No matter what your views are..it is just a basic human right to get married to another human, even if it is the same sex. Bottom line….we are humans, and it should be every human's right to get married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!America was founded on the basis of equality for all mankind.

  21. 521

    I've never heard of you before today and I have no idea who the hell you are, but I suspect you're one of those Hiltons who inherited their money and really make no contribution to society. Having said that, I watched your comments about the Miss USA contestant and there's one thing I know for sure…YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE!

  22. 522

    You know Perez I am all for same sex marriage, I even support it with my picture here, big fan of bert and ernie but, for you to go off on this girl for her views and opinions is just wrong. You want people to respect your opinions and views and respect you as a gay man and latino as well, why talk crap about this women. Not all of us where raised as liberal as you are, I find it very sad that you went off on her like that. I also feel you are becoming a sell out, you are all over the place making money for yourself which is fine but, you really are neglecting this web site, I also feel your question for her was done to get your name out there a little more. To me that is just wrong and you are falling in to the desperation catagory such as all the girls you make fun of for doing so.

  23. 523

    Perez, I voted for same sex marriage in Florida, however Florida is a state like CALIFORNIA that voted NO by majority. Miss CA's opinion was the same as most in he state. Also when Biden and Clinton were asked that question on the campaign trail, they BOTH SAID NO also. Perez, your opinion is not the opinion of most Americans. Move to VT or MA if that will make you happier.

  24. 524

    Fuck that skallywag!!! That biatch should have been escorted out of the building and tazed. Wether she agreed with same sex marriage or not, you find a proper way to answer the shiz without leaning one side or the other…… Their standards must be getting worse every year. Maybe LOLhan will be in it next year. Her acting career sure as hell isnt going anywhere!!!!

  25. 525

    Whether or not her point of view is correct, I find it refreshing that she was honest and did not give the politically correct answer. we need more of that if we are ever going to have to change things.

    By Perez calling her a dumb bitch, well as fas as i'm concerned a person who uses name-calling as part of their argument has got nothing to say worth listening tp. At least she ended her answer by saying no offense to anyone, while perez insulted her, and threatened to tear off her tiara had she won, then closed his argument by saying he was gonna get a drink.


  26. 526

    i have to agree that even though she personally doesn't believe in same sex marriage she should have answered that question more diplomatically. her being 1st runner up isn't saying much to other little pageant girls about intelligent answers. looks - 1 smarts - 0

  27. karun says – reply to this


    Why you are so bothered and angry like you are going to get married one day ahahahahaa :)

  28. plano says – reply to this


    Everyone's entitled to their opinion BUT not when it conflicts with yours!

    You ARE AN ASS and you have half the brain you think she has.

    Your fricking attitude and the attitude of the gay community to force your agenda down the throats of the American public actually alienates your cause.

    por que son tan pendejos?

    You keep loosing when the public votes - don't you get it?

  29. 529

    I agree with you 110%. A pageant girl should know NOT to trash gay ppl like that. Her answer was ignorant, prejudiced, and downright idiotic. I hope her hair and makeup ppl fuck her ass UP!

  30. 530

    You gotta be kidding. First, you are so egotistical that you have to have your ego stroked by having Miss CA say "That was a great question." Are you kidding? Then you judge her savagely because you want a uniter, but you do not want anyone with an opinion or moral values. She DID say that she thought that it was great that anyone can choose, but that her own opinion was that marriage should be between a man and a woman. What is wrong with that?
    Finally, I would like to know what kind of moron would invite you to judge anyone for anything. To publicly berate anyone like you did over an answer that they made because it does not flow with your views is pathetic. And to resort to name calling in that video simply shows that you are possibly the most pathetic choice for a judge of ANY situation.

    People like you, who want everyone to throw off their moral values and act as a "uniter", are a HUGE part of the reason that moral values are decaying in this country. You owe Miss CA a HUGE apology, and she owes you a kick in the balls.

  31. 531

    why should you be sorry perez! she is a stupid bitch! STUPID BITCH! She is lucky she is pretty because she has nothing else going for her!

  32. 532

    In my opinion she is a dumb bitch.
    And insecure and creepy - as is anyone, in my opinion, that gets so absurdly upset about gay marriage.

  33. 533

    If she would be even average intelligent, she'd say what you'd like to hear. I'd hurt somebody (person sitting closest to me) if she would win.

  34. SM235 says – reply to this


    Hate to have to clue you in on this, but you are sadly confused, Perez! You yourself say that this issue should be "left up to the states".

    NEWS FLASH: Whether we like it or not, the State of CA did decide this issue last fall and the voters said NO.

    Soooo, you already got what you wanted, Perez! You said you want it to be up to the state, and the state (e.g., the voters) has spoken.

  35. 535

    Don't say sorry! She sounded ridiculous. :D
    Perez, you're hilarious! I love you!

  36. 536

    I may be pro-gay marriage, but I believe everyone is as entitled to be against it as they are for it. No one has the right to tell someone else their opinion is wrong.

  37. 537

    You know Perez, not everyone believes in same-sex marriages, although I do believe in civil unions for gay/lesbian people. (Yes, I know quite a few also without being gay) What I don't know is, why you asked that question, knowing you set her up, knowing as a judge full well that would create controversy. You realize you'll never be a judge again in a Miss USA Pageant, don't you?
    She only stated what she was raised in her family to believe, not what the rest of the world should believe.
    Then you come on your blog calling her names like a "dumb bitch?" I think you owe her an apology on TV in public just like the answer she gave you was on TV in public for you calling her those names.
    You just degraded yourself to a really low type of human being and lowered your style even more now, with what you did.
    When you put your side here on in the video, you didn't even put her answer on in the video so the people could listen to the question. You just called her names and went on and on.
    Dude, get over yourself already. Cry somewhere else because your gay, and didn't get your way.

  38. 538

    Did you recycle your suit from an early 90s Bowie?!

  39. 539


  40. 540

    I have to say that I agree with you. No matter what her believes/values are, equality for all is important, it doesn't matter if you're with the same sex. That's just a ridiculous answer.

  41. 541


    Didn't California vote on gay marriage several times already? What did the voting citizens of the state decide? People have the right to disagree. I'm surprised you have a problem with that.

  42. 542

    I'm straight and married but don't feel any threat from a gay couple who chooses to marry. That's that I don't get! Why do people feel the need to take the option of marriage away from anyone who is in love???

  43. 543

    you might as well have written everyones entitled to their own opinion as long as it's mine! it's ridiculious you asked that poor girl a question and said tell me why or why not and then you get upset with her answer! that's what she believes. she's entitled to that just like you are!

  44. 544

    Perez, Marriage was created to be between a man and a woman. That's the way it should remain. You only disagree because you're gay. The problem isn't accepting the fact that times are changing so the laws should. The problem is you deciding on living a certain lifestyle and expect EVERYONE to accept and EVERY law to change.
    I love reading your webpage, and don't have 1 thing against you. But kicking and screaming because the world won't stop and begin spinning the opposite way is your failure to accept that the MAJORITY of people in this country are Christian, and believe what the Bible teaches. You want to shake your fist at God that's your business but don't heap a problem created by one group of society on the shoulders of a Miss USA contestant.
    I think you're great and I think it's admirable that you are fighting for something you believe in so passionately, but if the majority of this country doesn't want it, that doesn't make them garbage because we don't believe it's right.
    And by the way, before all the Christian-bashers come out from the woodwork and once again whine because the minority doesn't rule.
    The Bible doesn't say 'hate all gays" - it says something that applies to all people all of the time: 'Hate the SIN, Love the SINNER.
    I'm sorry you don't agree, but it isn't the majority that is a horrible bunch of close-minded imbeciles, it's the minority fighting against a moral belief that the people CHOOSE to believe…

  45. 545

    SouthernPrincess hit the nail on the head. Marriage is considered a sacred institution based on "religious" belief. Most (maybe even all) of these religions do not condone gay marriage. I see nothing wrong with legally becoming partners with someone of the same sex. Who cares what other people do. I don't see anything wrong with getting the tax breaks, etc… But taking a ceremony scripted from the bible which is against that union is kind of rediculous.
    Have your own civil ceremony, as SouthernPrincess suggested and call it whatever you want and allow "marriage" to continue to represent what it has for thousands of years, "A union between a man and a woman".

  46. Navi says – reply to this


    OK she's not a dumb bitch for having a different opinion than you do…. granted she didn't answer the question correctly, but it's Miss USA, did you honestly expect an appropriate answer? While I personally believe in equal rights for all, don't forget that "marriage" is a Sacrament to some people, and their religion specifically states that it occurs between a man and a woman. Why this Sacrament carries civil rights, however, is beyond me. Separation of church and state, anyone?

  47. 547

    you look like hell, take a nap, get some fresh air & a walke.

  48. 548

    perezzzz!!! sometimes you're uber mean and piss me off but you called it like it is this time!! she IS a dumb bitch. bitch should go back to playing basketball with her mouth SHUT.

    i couldn't believe she was runner up either.


  49. 549

    Damn dude don't get your panties all twisted. It's just one barbie's answer. You looked for the answer in the wrong place. She in it for the crown, she's not advocating anything else really.

  50. 550

    What the fuck you talkin' bout willis? She's a "uniter". She's uniting all the people that support the defense of marraige and hate queers.

  51. 551

    I find it hard to believe this biotch could've been raised in such a progressive state as California & still be so narrow minded! Sounds a lil more back woods if you ask me?

  52. 552

    oh my gosh when i saw that clip of miss california i was appalled… not only is she giving her opinion as a representative of her state, but if she were to be crowned miss usa she would also be representing the entire country with that statement. that was probably the worst answer someone could possibly have. and she was first runner up??? wtf???

  53. 553

    I can't believe people are criticizing her for HER BELIEFS! I also can't believe anyone would ask that question in the first place. however, i would have given a stronger answer against gay marriage if it were me so there was no doubt. i would have incorporated the state issue but also what i thought. you guys just don't like the answer because it wasn't with YOUR beliefs. that is sad. everyone has the right to their opinion and i happened to have liked hers!

  54. 554

    it was a stupid response to your question but she is titled to her own opinion! i agree with her marriage is for a man and women and gays cant take that away! u can have ur civil unions but that's it!

  55. 555

    I read ur blog everyday and I love you but you're way outta line on this. EVERYONE has a right to their own opinion and YOURS is not more important than anyone else. Keep fighting for your cause but don't bash people who aren't afraid of giving their opinion. That's what makes America the Beautiful!

  56. 556

    If you belive you should have your own choices then other people should be able to have theirs too. It's very hipocritical to say she SHOULD have answered your way when the whole goal of equal rights is that EVERYONE has a choice and an opinon.

  57. 557

    I second MasterPerz….. She is a Dumb bitch!

    ya dig!!?

  58. 558

    Dear Mr. Hilton,

    If you are going to a contest that judges women on little more than their appearance, do you truly expect a towering intellect? Chances are, they are all dumb, superficial, shallow bitches–just as one would expect.

    If you'd like to be around thoughtful, intelligent women, go check out a debate club, go to the library, visit a laboratory.

    Oh. But you'd probably say that they are ugly bitches, rather than dumb bitches.

    I'm sick of superficial bullshit, and that's what you sling Perez.

  59. 559

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion…dont ask a question unless you want a truthful answer. and she wasnt booed you idiot, she was applauded

  60. 560

    You should have just stopped after "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion". Theres nothing more to it. She could have stood up for what she believed in, or gave some bs answer to make you happy, even though she didnt believe it.

    She gave the right answer. I'm sorry that you're too much of a "dumb bitch" to accept that.

  61. 561

    Re: Es_Moi – Sorry..thanks..I WAS typing in a hurry and didnt bother to check to make sure I had appropritate spelling and/or grammer..Im so glad to see there are professional editors on here :)

  62. 562

    Re: Alicepire – Well said

  63. 563

    She definitely did not answer that question well at ALL. Miss "Califorina" (as her supporters so intelligently displayed) needs to take some lessons in grace and interviewing skills.

  64. Sho says – reply to this


    Heaven forbid someone thinks for themselfs theses days!

  65. 565

    She is entitled to her own opinion just like you. If we made videos everytime we disagreed with you……

  66. 566

    Even though everyone has the right to his or her own opinion, I do believe Miss California did not answer the question properly. Perez is completely right when he says a Miss California or Miss USA should inspire and unite. America is about equality and her answer did not give off a sense of equality whatsoever. She is completely entitled to her own opinion, however, she should have answered in a more neutral tone as to not offend anybody. Overall, whether her answer was right or wrong, she didn't speak very well at all. She was very nervous and unprofessional. She used the word "opposite" when speaking of heterosexual marriage. That alone made her sound incredibly stupid. She also said, "no offense to anyone out there", which was completely unprofessional. Regardless of Miss California's opinion on the question, her response was absolutely dreadful to watch.

  67. 567

    Mr.Perez!!!! WDH…I mean yes everyone is entitled to their opinion, but come on…I was cringing when she answered! A representative of the Miss USA should have some tact! I was so on the edge of my sit when they were announcing the winner! I was glad it was not her…they way you send it was perfect, it was tactful and still gave insight to her opinion…by the way the diet is going well! keep it up!

  68. 568

    Jap. You are right.
    Do these "Miss .."-Girls even think about what they say or should say or shouldn't say and to they even have their own opinion?
    … gosh, she really seemed pretty dumb.

  69. coco says – reply to this


    I'm so happy I live in San Francisco which is much more liberal than any other part of California.

  70. 570

    To bad she wasn't able to articulate her opinion. I'm still trying to decide who sounded more idiotic, Miss Arizona or this girl. Maybe the contest needs get rid of this aspect of the pagent because each year most of what we hear is garbley guck.

  71. 571

    …exactly, everyone is entitled to their opinion. You asked her a question and she respeonded, TRUTHFULLY. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean she's wrong. I think your taste in music sucks but hey… I choose not to support that music. If you want to marry your boyfriend move to a state, or country, that allows it. Last time I checked, the MAJORITY vote still rules.

  72. 572

    I completely agree with you Perez! I think that her answer was the worst answer she could of given. I believe that gay marriage should be allowed and that the government should stay out of it.

  73. 573

    I do believe that they are all idiots - who wouldn't be if you were part of this as a contestant or a judge.

    I personally a happy she gave her honest opinion. Why should people lie about how they feel just to appease people. I am straight. I believe that gay couple should be allowed to have unions that are the same as what straight couple have with marriage but it should not be called a marriage. I don't expect gay people to lie about themselves, why are you expecting straight people to lie about our views?

    When you asked that questions Perez, you had to expect that you may have heard an answer like that. If you didn't, you are dumb.

    And, by the way, I heard more cheers than boos. Maybe you are hearing only what you want to hear.

  74. 574

    Omg perez i love how you tell it how it is. She iss dumb, who answers a question like that? Especially when your in miss USA.

  75. 575

    I haven't seen the video. What was her answer?

  76. 576

    Hey stupid….not everyone needs to agree with you.

  77. 577

    LOL!!! You go….I almost wish she had won just to see that!

  78. 578

    Perezito, everyone is entitled to their own opinons! California is an awesome place to live, I love living here and we did vote on this. The masses wanted to keep marriage between a man and a women.

  79. 579

    Re: Jubs83 – Wow, that's clever. While her opinion different than what you believe, she was just being honest. I really don't see the point in demonizing her. She wasn't screaming that she despises the gay community, she just doesn't have the same set of values.

  80. 580

    Wow, that was really disrespectful, even for you Perez. I think maybe because you have your own website and you go on TV all the time that somehow you thought that your opinion was the only one that counted? I understand that her answer wasn't the best answer that could have been given, but just because she disagree's with you doesn't mean shes a "dumb bitch". Grow up! I think you have an official apology to post on your site! Unbelievable…

  81. 581

    Well, sorry to say, beauty contests do attract the types that depend on looks and very little else. Just look at Gov. Palin!

  82. 582

    p.s I really hope that the creators and the producers of Miss USA see this and never let you judge again… So disrespectful…

  83. 583

    It's ok Perez, clearly she's just a dumb Valley Whore. You are right that that is the way she should have answered, however in actuality, you and I both know that it should be a universal legalization throughout our country and our world!

  84. 584

    So, just before I watched this video, I entertained my bf with what I would say had I been Miss California… Then I watched this and it was like my speech was on repeat! Hear, hear Perez!

  85. 585

    don't instigate hate!!!!

  86. 586

    No, I won't "Let you explain…" because you're a liar — I heard no BOOOing. And quite frankly, WHERE WERE YOU when Prop 8 voting ended? Don't you SEE that when it comes right down to it, there are a lot of people who don't care that you live together or kiss in the street but they are not keen on passing laws to sanction it? And that's a Democracy, you Democratic BROWN NOSER! Why can't you get it through your damn stupid head???

  87. 587

    Good job Perez. You just made the Miss USA pageant relevant again. People will be kicking themselves for not watching. Miss California - how could you spew so much ignorance by stating your "beliefs" without justifying them (I feel ___ because ____) with that shit eating grin on your face?

  88. 588

    kristen stewart called..she wants her dumb bitch title back. =D

  89. 589

    That was her freakin opinion! Get off your high horse! Not everyone agrees with you, perez damn. At least she told the truth and didnt just say what people wanted to hear. I give her props.

  90. 590

    while she has no notion of syntax and sounds like a complete idiot, she's entitled to her own opinion regardless of how you feel about it

  91. 591

    if you were a straight man asking that question you would've liked her answer.

  92. 592

    I feel the EXACT same way… I couldn't wait to get on here and see your reaction today. In a way I am glad she got asked the question, just so America could see what an ignorant person she is. God forbid she had actually won and expressed her idiotic views on the subject after the fact. Let's just hope the new Miss USA keeps her act together so Miss dumbass California doesn't get crowned by default.

  93. 593

    I really don't think you should be putting too many thoughts and/or emotions into this. For one, she's just "Miss California". It's not like she actually does anything for our country or makes huge, important decisions for all of us. I know you were offended, but people say offensive things all the time. You (Perez) offend people on a daily basis. It's your job, right? She felt the need to be honest, and I'm not going to bash her for telling the truth about how she feels. Yeah, her answer probably wasn't the greatest she could come up with. But that's what she said. Let's move on. Who gives a shit about these girls and what they think anyway? They're not the leaders of America. They're just stupid girls with pretty faces.

  94. 594

    Intelligence should be a factor for Miss USA! Go Perez! I couldn't agree with you more!!

  95. 595

    Dumb bitch…That's all I got to say..

  96. kiana says – reply to this


    She handled it fine with all those ppl watching her and being spur of the moment. I appreciate someone speaking out about how they feel on the topic in such a public forum especially when Perez is giving the question. You go girl, you got guts! The land of the free and the home of the brave.

  97. Zisey says – reply to this


    you go perez!!!

  98. 598

    interesting, I didn't hear any booing, I heard a lot of clapping!

    "Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if it is different to mine, then they are astupid bitches"

    BTW, Perez, you had some ugly hair and suit going on… some on, I expected more from you.

  99. 599

    Everbody is entitled to their own opinion. You clearly use this freedom everyday so why can't other people voice their own. Millions of people have the opinion that she does, it can't be THAT big of a shock. You asked and she answered honestly.

  100. 600

    GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT PEREZ - she got more applause after her answer, than you did from asking the question. I don't like her answer, but don't lie about it. This is typical of you. Your story of the Slumdog father trying to sell his daughter is also wrong. Global news reports confirm that the whole situation was a miscommunication. BUT, I'm sure when you "retract" your answer, you'll find someone else to blame for the oversight. YOUR 15 MINUTES OF FAME ARE ALMOST UP. Then people will refer to you as the "former" blogger, an adjective you use when you are done with people and dismiss their career.

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