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Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion, But…

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THIS is how Miss California should have answered my question at Miss USA!

What do U think about the whole situation???

P.S. Sorry we called her a dumb bitch.

We were/are just soooo angry, hurt, frustrated by her answer.

Perez would love to take Miss California out for coffee and "talk"!

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805 comments to “Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion, But…”

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  1. 601

    Well said, Perez! Anyone with a brain and any sense of diplomacy would have talked about state's rights, rather than her own personal reservations concerning gay marriage.

  2. 602

    This is great…someone doesn't agree with you and so you create a video blog calling the person a dumb bitch. She answered the question honestly and truly. I would rather have a Miss America who did that then half the liars in the show.

    Get over it. Not everyone supports gay marriage and everyone is entitled to their beliefs.

  3. 603


  4. 604

    ok she wasnt booed. you took it a little too far.

  5. 605

    I don't agree with her, but you did ask for her opinion on the matter and she gave it, whether the rest of us agree with it or not. I did not hear a lot of booing either, P.S.

  6. 606

    at this point of life Perez you should know that noteverybody thinks like you and as you prove everyday on this website EVERYBODY HAS THE RIGHT AND FREDOM TO SAY AND THINK WHAT THEY WANT, so if you want to be respect you should respect others opinions.
    At least she answer the true and she wont hide what she thinks :p

  7. 607

    Mario, you asked for her opinion and that is exactly what you got. Your completely exaggerating the whole thing. First off, she did not get booed. I think you wanted her to get booed but she didn't. Again, always with the lies. People were actualy applauding her. Secondly, she gave you her honest opinion, to which she is just as entitled as you are to yours. And on another note, what did you expect to find at a Miss USA pageant? You signed on as a judge for an organisation that is the very bastion of social conservatism, you didn't honestly expect a positive answer regarding this issue from someone like that, did you? If you did than it only shows how ignorant and dumb you are.

  8. 608

    you know what, i agree with her. in the end it's what has always happened and no one should try to change that. another thing, if you have the right to speak your minds then she has every right to say what she believes.

  9. 609


  10. 610

    Oh wow perez I am amazed that this is the individual was chosen to represent cali no offense but hello we r california that state to know and do things openly. We are what I call the I don't give a f*** state. *sigh* perez if u see her again tell her she shames californians…ps: way to go perez!!

  11. 611

    First of all don't say you are sorry because you meant to call her a bitch and you know it. Second, what a dumb ass question to ask at the miss usa pageant…i mean really. Third, marry who you want to marry but stop getting pissed at people who don't agree with you, because it's just shows how intolerant you are. Duh.

  12. 612

    Perez, this is America. She has a right to disagree with Perez Hilton even if you don't like the answer. I believe ANYONE should be able to get married, gay or straight however I also believe that anyone should have the right to say what they believe. You are SUCH a hypocrite. You are predujice against people that have different beliefs than yours. Your worse than people that are predujiced against gays.

  13. 613

    yes exactly, if she doesnt agree with it she should have said it like that, in a way which doesnt make her seem a bit 'special'

  14. 614

    you're 100% correct on what she should have said. love you perez!

  15. 615

    Perez you asked her what SHE thought. I applaud her for stating her opinion. It takes a lot of guts to get up there and do that. Good for her for giving an honest answer and not saying what you wanted to hear. By the way… those were claps not boos. Sounded to me that people liked her answer.

  16. 616

    Its up to her what she says you fucking douchbag. By the way I am a gay man :)

  17. 617

    So… I am all for gay marriage, 100%

    BUT what is the point of a question if you can't deal with the answer?
    You make youself look as narrow minded as her by bashing her opinion. Change takes time. Gay rights is developping and becomming stronger. Meanwhile, have patience. Be the better person.

  18. 618

    i agree with you everyone is entitled to thier own opinion i think hers is bullshit if two people want to get married then it shouldnt matter if they are gay or straight it doesnt harm anyone or society there gunna be together regardless what happened to free will that god gave us and for people who dont like you and are saying your a fag and stuff i say why the fuck are you on his website and why did you make an account you hypocrytes.

  19. 619

    There was SO no booing' in that video you liar! Just get over yourself and know that not everyone agrees with you. I am so proud to be a Californian!! Nice to see that not everyone is willing to bring down their morals just to win a contest. YOU GO GIRL!!!

  20. Doro says – reply to this


    i did not hear anyone booing in the video you posted. all i heard was clapping….sad sad sad

  21. 621

    You are absolutely right Perez! I watched the video once and then twice after seeing what she should have said. She didn't actually answer your question! SHe just said it was great that people can choose, but her family believes in "opposite" marriage. Ummm….you totally asked her if other states should follow suite. Did she say anything about what she thinks the other states should do? No. She only stated what her family believes. And I do understand that the contestants have no time to think about their answer, but really, she needed to be a little quicker on her feet with that one. You made a good point Perez….seems like there are a few hardcore conservatives left in California! I bet this bitch even voted yes on prop h8te…

  22. 622

    you really think youre that smart, dont you?

  23. 623


  24. 624

    fuck miss caliSTUPID

  25. 625

    Hey Perez. I am Pro Marriage equality BUT you can't expect everyone to have the same opinnion as you. unfortunately life doesn't work that way. You being angry and calling someone a stupid bitch because they don't agree with you is very immature. I know that it is out of your relm that anyone wouldn't have the same opinion as you on the subject but not everyone was raised the same way you were. and you have to admit you are a little biased on the subject. I wonder if you are passionate about anything else that you don't have a personal stake in.

  26. 626

    I SO agree with you about the whole inspiring and uniting thing. i live in london, uk and when i saw that video i was like… DID SHE ACTAULLYYYY SAY THAT!?!?! fair enough being honest and expressing her own opinions but she should have said something else. she definately 'isolated' herself and good that people booed her. i would have myself.

  27. 627


    what a tanorexic ignorant bimbo.

    rock on vermont!

  28. 628

    c'mon, let the girl speaks her mind. Gays are most homophobics of all. So what if thats how the girl think? Straight people never complained about gays commenting about straights. But when straight people makes a comment about gays, all hell breaks lose. At least in the gay world. Listen, gay people, it is very offensive for straight person to hear both a praise or otherwise from a gay person, Okay. Enough is enough. Stop making comments about straights, so we straights will have to stop making comments about you.

  29. 629

    I think it's hypocritical for anyone to judge her so harshly… especially if you're gay. She was honest. She came out with her true feelings. Sound familiar? Yes, she was caught off guard, but she was polite and tried to be gracious. Good for Miss CA for having the guts to be honest instead of a fake liar that tried to appease all the sensitive critics that are out there. So what is she feels differently than a lot of people… so do you, Perez. Had she said something derogatory, hateful or immature then yes you can criticize something. But seriously folks, if you are going to hate on traditional marriage advocates that are as cordial and polite as her then you have anger issues.

  30. 630

    Perez- She wasn't booed- they were cheering.

    And you are always encouraing open-mindedness, but only when people disagree with you. You need to be more accepting of people.
    As a christian, I don't support gay marriage, but also as a Christian I know that it is important to love everyone and for everyone to be loved no matter what. Jesus didn't judge or ridicule anyone and neither should you or I.

  31. 631

    Perez, really sometimes I wish you would pay attention and use your brain. First of all, she was not booed, I only heard clapping. Second, she did answer your question. Her answer was no, she does not think same sex marriage should be legalized except she answered it a more polite way. Was that not obvious to you? Funny you called her a dumb bitch with half a brain, you seem to have only half, too. Don't get offended because she didn't use your words. This is a free country and people can belive whatever they want, that's what it means being free. Your ideas is yours, hers is hers, I didn't think she was offensive in any way. I don't necesseraly have to agree with her views but I won't bash her for hers. So get over it and move on, you're being ridiculous.

  32. 632


    what a tanorexic ignorant bimbo.

    rock on vermont!!

  33. 633

    nicely said! I totally agree. I couldn't believe she said that, that was really the dumbest answer she could have given. the question wasn't about her beliefs, if was for people in general. her parents should be ashamed.

  34. 634

    She answered honestly. You asked. She answered. The only reason you are making fun of her is b/c you are gay and you want gay marriage to be legal. If she had stumbled and given a dumb answer but had agreed with YOUR opinion I bet you would not be making fun of her….

  35. 635

    No one cares about Miss USA - they don't even have a talent portion. It's all about faces. Not about "uniting". It's just a craptastic TV show. And you don't need to tell people how to think, unless you want to live under fascism. Remember how gay people were treated under a fascist regime in Germany not too long ago? Or disabled people. like me?

    Miss USA is just a parade of dimwits. To expect better is just to set yourself up for disappointment. And the desire/need for cocktails :D

  36. 636


  37. 637

    No offence, Perez, but, like your title, everyone is entitled to their own opinion no matter how wrong or offensive it is. Some people are not in favor of gay marriages and that is something that people have to live and deal with. I do not support her, but you can't call her a dumb bitch for something that she believes in. Glad she didn't win though :)

  38. 638

    oh perez, i love u :) i'm so glad YOU were the one asking the question, and i'm sorry but aren't pageant queens suppose to practice their answers? and yea same sex marriage kinda sorta was guaranteed to be a question. you're right everyone's entitled to their own opinions but i appreciated you're diplomatic answer (even if i think its time all states recognized same sex marriage)-i mean really everyone deserves the option to get married?!!! you go perez!

  39. 639

    And I agree that would have been a waayyy better answer!

  40. 640

    You asked her - if other states should follow suit - she gave you her answer, you asked her her opinion, and she told you. What's the problem???? Now I could care less about gay marriage, but she can think whatever she wants to think and thank god she doesn't think exactly like you!

  41. 641

    You're right, but I think you crossed the line insulting her, ok Mario.

  42. 642

    Shh, calmate Mario. Tienes razon, pero tampoco tenias que insultarla.

  43. 643


    I think that you are aware of the ramifications of a society that pressures individuals to hide their beliefs due to the fact that they could be punished for them. Just look at the comments left by others - "I hope she is harrassed for the rest of her life." Scary.
    While I believe that it is completely irrational to say that two people who love each other who just happen to be same sex shouldn't have the same rights, I also believe that we live in a country where the unpopular opinion has the right to be voiced. You lower yourself AND YOUR CAUSE when you call her "stupid bitch." You are preaching to the choir. Do you really think you are going to convince someone to change their mind about gay marriage by acting like that? Its not so long ago that someone would have been called a "stupid bitch" and ridiculed for stating that gay marriage SHOULD be a right in public. Its a slippery slope, Perez.

  44. 644

    perez, leave your career in tact, and let this one ride. your abusing
    privilege like criss angel did … beauty pageant judges don't
    run off and squat like this… a one off re tribute would be easier
    Let it go like the news…~~~~~~

  45. 645

    YOU, more than anyone, should understand the value of free speech & expressing your own opinion. Faith in the Bible is a very personal & passionate thing. How dare you call someone a dumb bitch for stating their OWN opinion when you make a living off of posting mean & hurtful OPINIONS of YOUR own all over the internet. Sick.

  46. 646

    calling names…how tolerant of you. Thing is she was set up, she was asked her opinion and honestly answered. How she answered is besides the point because she really didn't stumble for answering a PC bomb on live tv. get over it people have different opinions. Now if she had said homosexuality is wrong and the devils work well them perhaps then you can get upset. She said nothing derogatory except that personally she feels marriage is between a man and a woman. You don't have to believe her. but no need for name calling or questioning her intelligence. Oh yeah….Obama feels the same way she does. have anything to say now??

  47. 647

    Perez you sounded slightly stupid when you forgot who even won the pageant. I like that she gave her honest opinion. You of all people should recognize that that is one of the greatest things about our country - free speech - open debate. She should not be called stupid for telling the truth. And I know that you know that the original definition of the word marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Why is that never talked about? The word itself - you are a writer, why is that never talked about by all you Hollywood people. Why do you want to change the meaning of a historical religious word. Alot of people dont even know that. Do you know how many people are posting that she should have lied etc. I think that is a pretty shitty message to send.

  48. 648

    you are absolutely right

  49. 649

    Not everyone believes what you believe perez. and just because you think something is right, doesnt mean everyone should too. I loved that she answered honestly and i loved her answer.

  50. 650

    And you call HER a dumb bitch? Miss Thang, you didn't even know who won and you were there (which mystifies me….aren't there any Z-list acotrs or real celebs wanting to host a dying institution? lol)! You didn't like her answer because you are emotionally invested in the topic. She had the courage of her convictions. How many would lie and say what they thought you wanted to hear?! Just like a liberal ass to even think of running on stage and ruining someone else's moment or having a shit fit. Waaa!

  51. 651

    she's soooo stupid….. she's a nobody…. i dont want her to be misss california!!! ewwwww even hough im a straight man!

  52. 652

    So if everyone is entitled to their own opinion, what's the big deal?

  53. 653

    Wow Dude! You really need to get over yourself! You can't call someone a stupid bitch just because she doesn't have the same opinion as you. She was honest and I respect her for that.
    I really lost a lot of respect for you. Who do you think you are going around calling people stupid bitches because they think otherwise. You were just angry and insulted because you didn't get the answer you wanted to hear.

  54. 654

    First off, you are worse than she is. She just gave her opinion, you are trying to force yours on the world. Not cool. Of course gays should get all the rights as hetero couples, but marriage has been between a man and a woman since it's inception. Just call it something else and everyone will be happy. It's like trying to change the definition of something. Marriage has always been defined one way so let it be. Call it whatever else, get the same rights and be happy.

  55. 655

    I can not believe that everyone is persecuting Miss California for her beliefs. Whether she is right or wrong she still answer your question with honesty and with integrity. You are in no authority to say that she is wrong. I applaud Miss California for standing up for what she believes.

  56. 656

    While i don't agree with her beliefs. I think it's her right to have her own opinion about it and she should not be called names are yelled at for being honest and having one. I'm gay and i am for same sex marriage but everyone has a right to believe what they want. and should be respected.

  57. 657

    I agree with Miss California, I do not believe in same-sex marriage. But hey! I was raised that way, and I think you should respect, I try to respect you guys. TRY IT TOO ! Not everyone thinks like you, she didn't try to make you think like her . but anyway, Love You , God Bless!

  58. 658

    You're a soulless charlatan, Mr. Hilton. You ask a loaded question saturated in political and religious relevance and explode into a slur of defamatory degradation when you receive an answer you don't agree with.

    I strongly support gay-rights; however, this was a tactless ambush during a pageant for Christ's sakes, which laid a trap for any girl who had the integrity to stand up in front of you and give a fair, sensible and honest answer. She even said, "No offense, but that's how I was raised." And you still have the disgusting gall to depreciate her as you have.

    Your kind of humanity is superficial and unintelligent and I hope the Miss USA pageant heads have their senses about them to never invite you back as a judge again, due to your improper and unethical slander of this commendably honest girl.

  59. iFFYx says – reply to this



  60. 660

    perez you are fucking hilarious….i love you!

  61. 661

    Actually that was a much better response to say that every state should decide for themselves. She didn't HAVE to give her stand on it but she did and that's what screwed her over.

  62. 662

    kudos to her for standing up for what SHE believes, even though she could have spun some politically correct bullshit to win. she shouldnt be crucified for her beliefs as im sure you wouldnt want to be crucified for yours perez. you are so petty!

  63. 663

    I am a Bi-Sexual.. I LOVE WATCHING these pagents with my little cousin's.. I always believed that Miss USA is supposed to be a great Role Model.. Yes, she's entitled to her opinion.. But my mouth DROPPED when i heard her answer.. My cousins look at me and told me, " So wait.. She doesnt think you should have the same rights anyone else does? " i couln't respond i was in shock.. i felt like DAMN.. Well if thats how she feels about me marrying my GF.. then what does she think about homosexuals PERIOD? i was VERY disappointed..

  64. xrasp says – reply to this


    You dictate how contestants should answer questions? Why ask a question, if you did not (could not) want or handle an honest answer? I love how justify calling her a dumb bitch … solely on the fact she disagrees with you. This is America. We do not have to agree with you. Political Correctness is a disease taking over this country. This girl thinks for herself and I applaud her courage.

  65. xrasp says – reply to this


    Re: SEXYCDN21 – bigotry? since when is disagreeing with someone's opinion bigotry?

  66. 666

    Ok first of all it is some major bullshit that miss CA didn't win. She simply spoke her opinion. I can see people being gay thats not so bad but marriage is suppose to be between a man and a woman. It's holy matrimony. Our country was founded on freedom of religion. Any and I mean any good christian would answer it the same way. Why call her dumb shes a hell of alot smarter than any jackass that believes in gay marriage.

  67. 667

    I AGREE!! with you completely

  68. 668

    Ok this is titled Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So why are you jumping on her case for stating her opinion. GET OVER IT!!! She just said what she felt, apparently some of the other judges didn't think it was that bad of an answer, she did get 1st Runner-Up. And you guys saying you are ashamed to be from Cali because of her answer… grow up!!! Good grief, I told my husband as soon as she said that, that she was going to get crap about it. True she could have worded it better, but any way she would have spun it, you would have gotten mad because she doesn't agree with SAME sex marriage. GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!

  69. 669


  70. 670

    I personally think that it was out of place to ask her that question at that event, she has a right to her own opinion, but should not be forced into a situation where her beliefs in something that she does not appear to push onto others must be stated in front of everyone and sacrifice her standing or give into pressure and abandon her beliefs to win, which she admirably did not, I in now way agree with it, but I do also not resort to the same tactics and methods as those actively against gay marriage by condemning her for stating it in a perfectly mature way. She did not insult anyway, she gave her opinion of what she believes marriage to be, and to all of you who blindly follow the condemning of her, please take a moment to consider the hypocrisy of what you are saying.

  71. 671

    WOW, someone should stone this girl for having an opinion! I mean, this is America and everyone should believe the same thing!

    This girl should have denied her beliefs and what she feels!

    JK_ THIS was a BIAST question with only one right answer for you Perez. Why ask someone's opinion if you only want ONE opinion in response.

    This is like the Spokeswoman from PETA coming on as a guest judge and asking this girl wether or not she eats chicken. UNFAIR.

  72. 672

    fully agree perez.

  73. 673

    Re: Jubs83 – agreed,especially in pageants.

  74. 674

    Perez, I'd like first to say that I'm for gay marriage and stand behind a person's right to marry whomever they want and that it's not the government's place to intervene in a private union that affects NO ONE but those involved. HOWEVER (and I love you) you said that she should have given a politically correct answer and that you were in fact fuming that she had alienated people by her answer. Well, I can't help but assume that she had given that same answer, only in support of gay marriage instead, she would have alienated people just the same, and that you would have been singing her names from the rooftops, not trashing her. I don't agree with what she said, but let's call a spade a spade, you're pissed because she's opposed to gay marriage.

  75. 675

    she is a bitch! You tell em perez.

  76. 676

    I think YOU PEOPLE just look for something to cry about. Its all about "Look at me…" or "I am just so offended…" Stop crying! You looked like somebody just stole your puppy. You asked her a question and she answered it. Not the way you wanted her so now you want to put her on blast. Screw Vermont and every other state that wants to legalize gay marriage. The majority of people don't want to see it either. The problem with America is the FEW cause a stink and the MAJORITY just sit idly by. Our country is going down the tubes in a bad way and its the MINORITY that are pushing it.

  77. 677

    Silly rabbit. If she had responded as you suggest, she would have failed to answer your question. Asking "should other states follow suit" implies and requires that the other states in fact have the option to choose for themselves. You asked her if she believed the other states should exercise that right by legalizing gay marriage, and she answered, appropriately, that she does not think they should.

    Looks like the dumb bitch understood your question better than you did.

  78. 678

    100% agree with you Perez!

  79. 679

    Saying Miss California only has half a brain may be true, but it is half a more brain than the people who are okay with the new changes coming about. Marriage is made to be between a man and a women. NOT man and man or women and women.
    I am proud of Miss California, and wished I lived there because I am ashamed of Iowa's recent decision.
    It takes more guts to disagree.

    Nat FLY*

    -Our country is stumbling, and one day we are going to fall… and fall hard- :(

  80. 680

    She is STUPID…and to everyone out there that says she can have her own opinion…would ou feel the same way is she said on national TV that she didn't think inter-racial couples should be allowed to marry? Or is she said she didn't think black people should have the right to vote? Or is she said she thniks the Holocaust was fictional? NO DIFFERENCE- she is a dumbass bigot!

  81. 681

    go perez!! she's an idiot

  82. 682

    Amen! When I was watching you last night I wanted to jump through the tv myself and snatch off her sash! Then when she was one of the last two standing! I almost lost it! Like you said, she didn't have to say "gay is ok" but she should be more aware of her words!

  83. 683

    last time I looked around..this was still the USA If you disagree with her answer ..that is fine. However name calling or insults are not called for. or is it because..it offends the liberal forum?

  84. 684

    she has her own opinion and i think it was brave for what she did. Its what she believes in and it is better than lying.

  85. 685

    Marriage should be between two people who love each other. Period.

  86. 686

    I agree Perez, your answer would have been perfect. Miss CA made the biggest f-ing mistake of her life.

  87. sm182 says – reply to this


    So a controversial question is asked, seemingly giving one the ability to answer with a yes or no. But when she answers unfavorably to your position she is labeled a "dumb bitch" who very well lost her chance at Miss USA.

    To ask someone an apparent open question and then slam her for a response just because it's unfavorable to one's position is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, end of story there is no but to it. It's this sort of one-sided thinking where unfavorable views are not tolerated that was apparent with Hitler in WW2. America draws its greatest strength and weakness from being diverse. So instead of putting our society in a position to which we can extend conversations between two groups of society so that we may reach understanding and compromise, we in turn draw swords, stand on sides, making any sort of progression almost impossible. Way to go. Glad to see that the people in power/fame are setting good examples for the rest of us.

  88. 688

    Way to go Perez, totes magotes. Saddening.

  89. 689

    Perez, get real! If she gave "the worst answer in pageant history" it's because you asked the worst question in pageant history.. It was completely inappropriate to ask a question in that forum where you only wanted to hear ONE answer…Miss California didn't talk of God or quoate bible scripture to you, she gave her OPINION!!! That's what you claim to be all about. You are a hypocrite for bashing her for not sharing your views on a very controvercial issue… Just admit you were WRONG!!! Miss California was the true winner last night, we ALL know it whether we agree with her stance on same sex marriage or not. CARRIE PREJEAN MISS AMERICA 2009!!!

  90. 690

    Re: SnowWhite77

    PEREZ HILTON was not put on the spot in front of thousands and asked to share his views on one of the most contovercial issues of our time. Also, Miss California has something Perez lacks, it's called integrity!!

  91. 691

    perez, i think you are more offended by her response (her opinion) than the context in which she "should have" answered.
    "everyone is entitled to their own opinion…" yeah, say that all you want but ultimately you didn't *agree* with her opinion, which is why you threw a fit and bashed her -let's be real.
    so she didn't answer the question the "politically correct" way, BIG DEAL. I imagine her nerves got the best of her. besides, do any of them *really* give spectacular answers? i mean, this is a F-ing beauty contest, not a presidential debate.
    ps- i am an out-and-proud lesbian. Let's focus on what really matters and not a Miss USA pageant and the bulimic contestants.

  92. 692

    LOL I would've definitely loved to see you yank that tiara off of her head for what she said! xD

  93. 693

    Perez, I feel your pain buddy. I'm a straight guy who was raised by a religious family and my dad is a minister, but I have always stood up for gay rights too, now chill out and let somebody burp you or whatever floats your boat. There's always another day.

  94. 694

    "She is entitled to her opinion.
    No use forcing yours upon everyone."
    how is he "forcing his upon everyone?" hes just station his own opinion too. stop contradicting yourself.
    matter of the fact is she is repersenting california, and not everyone in california is straight.

  95. 695

    and you know what else? is same sax marriages were legalized in all the states, this bitch wouldnt be so against is now would she?
    or if her "family" didnt raise her that way
    and it just really annoys me how she said that "my family" raised her that way, you asked her HER opinion not her familiy's.

  96. 696

    Get over it!! Go get a sex change, enter a pagent and give the answer that you want to hear!!! And all of you other haters, put yourself on that stage and give your best answer, so quick 2 judge. You people dont know that girl. Just cause she stands for something, and has morals!!!

  97. 697

    I beileve that in reality your opinion is closed minded because unlike you she did not put down the opposite point of view and in fact said it was great that people can pick in some states. You have greatly disappoitned me, if you can't handle straight answers that disagree with your own than you are actually the unintelligent bigot.

  98. 698

    Just because she has a conservative view does not make her stupid or means she is unaccepting of different people. Liberals say they are so open to things and accepting to all ideas. well how come when anyone disagrees with you you call the an idiot. Get off of your high horse and realize that what makes america different is different viewpoints and her right ot have her opinion respected is no different than your right to have your opinion respected. Why ask her a question that she must either say same sex marriage and agree with you or have to go a long way around the question to avoid disagreeign with you. YOU asked for HER opinion, not for her to agree with you. if you cannot accept a straight answer that disagrees with your own viewpoint you did not diserve to be allowed on the Miss USA judging commitee.

  99. 699

    Perez you have disappointed me. Her answer was her opinion, you asked her opinion, she did not put anyone down . If she replaced the opposite sex marriage with same sex marriage in that one sentence you would not have cared and would have loved her answer.

  100. 700

    That horrible disfigured OLD witch Irene Marie needs to HYDRATE and tell the girls when she decides who will move in with them….not just drop a bombshell…..oui? :-D

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