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Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion, But…

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THIS is how Miss California should have answered my question at Miss USA!

What do U think about the whole situation???

P.S. Sorry we called her a dumb bitch.

We were/are just soooo angry, hurt, frustrated by her answer.

Perez would love to take Miss California out for coffee and "talk"!

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805 comments to “Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion, But…”

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  1. 701

    I thought Gays were all about FREE speech!? damn SODIES!!!

  2. 702


  3. 703

    wonder if she would have won had she said, "i personally support it." rather than "i personally don't support it." hmmmm…

  4. 704

    I've never left a comment before… BUT… I agree with you. No matter what Ms. California thought, she should have given a more PC answer. Part of her "job" is unification, not segregation! While everyone is entitled to their opinion… hence free speech… let's put some thought into it!

    Love is love people!

    While some of the things you say are WAY offensive - i.e. picking on babies - I can't help but be wickedly fascinated with you. I check in daily!

    Loves it!

  5. 705

    I disagree Perez, and although I don't agree with her opinion on the matter of gay marriage, I think good on her, so standing up for her beliefs. There is so much pressure to be politically correct, and if she honestly and truley doesn't agree with it (even though we didn't hear her reasons why or why not), then well done to standing up, knowing she would be persecuted and saying how she felt. People are all different, opinions and backgrounds. If she thinks that way - then let her.

  6. 706

    if you have free expretion….. us too!

  7. 707

    leave to cry!

  8. 708

    Oh drop dead you silly little girl. Grow up. The world doesn't revolve around you and your gay agenda no matter what you think. I know a number of gays and they are nothing like you. They are all decent law abiding citizens who know that in the USA everyone is allowed to have their own opinion.

  9. 709

    Hells yeah, Perez! You tell em!

  10. 710

    that was a great answer by miss cali! She had the balls to say what was on her mind. But then again, only barbie dolls seem to win these kidnsof pageants.

  11. 711

    Why are u even a f**** judge?… You have less than half a brain and it sure showed in your green s*** colored suit

  12. 712

    Knowing how this country works, Carrie Prejean is going to get more mileage out of this than if she had won Miss USA. I watched the show last night and I cannot tell you what state won, but I surely remember Miss California. I do not agree with her response, but I admire her honest answer. I would rather hear a real answer than the usual BS responses that the contestants normally give. I thought the woman that was 4th runner-up should have won Miss USA.

  13. 713

    It's so great how you along with others in media like to portray yourselves as tolerant until someone has a different world view than yours, and then you publicly belittle them and call them foolish names. All it does is expose your own idiocy and hypocrisy.

  14. 714

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion, including you AND miss cali. i say good on her for expressing her opinion so openly. Perez, if you can sit there and preach your pro gay thoughts to the world, she should be allowed to voice her opinion on the matter too. quit bashing those who are against you

  15. 715

    You are a close-minded hateful fraud and need to be disqualified from the pagaent. What would you know about beauty? You are fugly and don't even know whether you are a man or a woman.

    Miss California gave by far the best, most articulate answer. It wasn't even close. Carolina was cute but she gave the worst response by far, no poise whatsoever.

  16. 716

    1. People should be tolerant of others, right?
    2. You want people to be tolerant of your feelings and beliefs, right?
    3. Why can't YOU be tolerant of people who disagree with you?
    Miss California is entitled to her beliefs, just as you are - why would you attack her for her beliefs? Sounds like a double standard to me…
    FWIW - gays are a small minority in the US - less than 10% to be exact. Perhaps instead of causing hate and controversy, you should be tolerant of and polite to people who disagree with you, you may get more people to be sympathetic to your cause.

  17. 717

    Perez, get over yourself. We get it; you're gay. Guess what - gay people are not entitled to marriage any more than anyone else. Marriage is not a right, it is a privilege that comes with certain criteria, that being that one partner needs to be male, and one needs to be female. You are correct in your assertion that this is an issue that should be addressed state by state. It's not a federal issue. Past that you made of fool of yourself with your video blog.

    The question asked what the contestant thought. She gave her opinion. An opinion, I might add, that is shared by a majority of the electorate in the State of California. An opinion that has been upheld at the ballot box twice now, in spite of posturing and accusations of fear and bigotry by the other side of the issue. Miss California gave her opinon and now she's being demeaned and insulted by the very ones calling for open minds and equality.

    You are a hypocrite and a bigot, as are, seemingly, the majority of the lemmings who hang on your every word. Way to blow an opportunity to open up some dialog between two sides of an incendiary issue. I guess it's all in th open now, Perez, it's not about equality - it's about sme folks getting waht they want and the rest of the electorate be damned. I guess Orwell was right - all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

  18. 718

    I'm all for same-sex marriage. But I don't think you had any business even being on that program, never mind using it as a platform for your own agenda. You're not a celebrity. You're not funny. You dress like a moron but belittle others who are more successful than you and dress similarly. Do the planet a favor, and go away. You clearly have no morals and therefore have no business questioning anyone else about theirs.

  19. hrwil says – reply to this


    Let me just say that I'm by no means commenting this issue to belittle anyone's personal beliefs or choices; everyone has their own, and rightfully so. For Miss California to be intentionally put on the spot by someone who is emotionally attached to the issue is completely unfair. Furthermore, that in and of itself should have earned her some respect for not straying away from her true self and the beliefs that have been instilled in her. She does not deserve to be blasted for having a difference of opinion! I have gay family members, all whom I love dearly. However, I also believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Religion plays a great role in the essence of people and who they are, their beliefs, opinions, etc. The gay community, I take it, knows how it feels to be discriminated against for personal beliefs and choices; it's a shame that the high road was neglected here because of a difference of opinion allowing someone to feel insulted. These things do unfortunately happen quite frequently when it comes to these controversial topics, but for her answer to have so-called cost her the crown…how ridiculous!

  20. 720

    Youre a complete flaming loser…how the hell lets you be a judge is amazing anyway. Who ever appointed you is the real dumbass. The girl is put on the spot in front on the whole USA and speaks the truth and you call her stupid.

    I dont care how many times you try to say youre gay but you know you cry yourself to sleep every night wishing you ere man enough to get a chick half as hot as miss california.

    I'm all for gay rights, not only should they let you people marry but you should all get your own planet and be shipped there asap.

  21. 721

    You really embarrassed yourself out there last night, Mario. You've proven yet again that nobody is entitled to his own opinion unless it's in line with yours. She's a "stupid bitch" because her beliefs aren't yours. If she said what you wanted to hear, you'd fawn all over her.
    You claim that Miss USA has to "represent everybody", but how can Miss California possibly do that if you want her to misrepresent who she really is? Maybe one day you'll get the tolerance and acceptance that you supposedly crave, but showing some yourself might get you there faster.
    I know why it's so easy for you to cry bigotry to so often, Mario. It must be easy to identify it when the first thing you see every morning in the mirror is the biggest one of all.

  22. 722

    Let me get this straight (no pun intended)…if I am of a different religion than you or have a different opinion than you, I will be chastised by you and you think it okay to call me names? I thought this was a free country - you certainly take advantage of that! I may not have the same belief she does though I am educated enough to understand we all have different backgrounds and are entitled to personal opinions. She did not condemn gay marriage she said it was not her belief…let it alone and grow up on this one! Look at the responses that agree with you…vulgar language - so mature.

  23. 723

    She is not stupid. So basically she is supposed to lie and give some crappy answer to satisfy you. If that is the case then just scrap the damn question period. The whole competition is stupid. The fact that they put Perez as a judge is stupid.

  24. 724

    Perez, you are the dumb bitch!!! Do you not know what an opinion question is? Why where most all the questions political anyway??? I think that stuff should be left out of judging situations. You are NOTHING in the real world. Real people could care less if you dropped dead tonight. It wouln't even make the news. So, why dont you choke on a cock and stick a baseball bat up you ass! What kind of job is a blogger anyway? I would be embarrassed to tell people that. You pole smokers are obviosly different, so when you think you are going to be married, that too will be different.
    So to sum it up… you will never be like one of us… I can also tell that you voted for that awful man Oback Bahama, dont you see what he is doing??? Cant you stupid fools see??? You left wing nuts have voted for a man with NO credencials and now look how stupin he is making us look. The world is laughing at him and you fools who voted for him. Suck a cock!!!

  25. 725

    Re: NotAPoleSmoka – ya what he said

  26. 726

    THANK YOU!!!!

  27. 727

    You are complete jackass Perez. I just had to comment on this because I couldn't believe how incredibly idiotic you are. Who freaking judges a competition, forgets who wins, and then says the winner deserves it so much more than Miss California because she answered based on her beliefs and might I add the beliefs of the majority of her state. What a bunch of sheep posting on this blog. She represented her state magnificently. I hope you're never asked to host anything other than the Oscars because we know how much they love the homosexual community.

  28. 728

    "THE YouTube moment of the show". That's exactly why he asked it

  29. 729

    If you honestly believed that everyone is entitled to their own opinion then you wouldn't be so outraged. Even though I don't agree with her statement, she was asked her opinion and she did give it so you should leave her alone. Calling her a "dumb bitch" is completely uncalled for and I think that especially because gays want acceptance and tolerance, they should give the same to people who don't agree with their lifestyle. Everyone has formulated their own opinion on gay marriage and they all have their own reasons for having that opinion so people should respect Miss California for standing up for her beliefs even if other people don't agree with her.

  30. 730

    ALL of us deserve equal rights, protection and voice under any law anywhere in the world. Is it not ludicrous that in 2009 we are still fighting for basic rights for all. Marriage is marriage and should be recognised as such - gender is an irrelevance. Stephenie Meyer is right - a blonde's brain cells do die alone - not winning as they go… Well done Perez, and bloody well said!

  31. 731

    Of course she's entitled to her own opinion…but if the bitch wanted to win and she knew the big ol Queen was askin the question….she shoulda used her freakin head….oh…that's right the bitch don't have one.

  32. 732

    All of you guys are bigots. You should expect respect when you show your true colors. What a damaging image to the gay movement.

  33. 733

    She might have done a bad job answering the question, but I think the only reason Perez was upset had nothing to do with her intelligence…EVERYTHING to do with her opinion. Talk about being close minded…getting all pissed off because she has an opinion that doesn't support a topic that is well-known as being controversial in itself….Get over it, Perez! It's sad that it is possible that she lost because she stood up for what she believed in. I'm sure she realized that she wasn't answering the question directly, but was more focused on letting people know where she stood on the topic. p.s. nice touch belittling her by calling her a "dumb bitch" to make yourself feel better. really nice.

  34. 734

    Exactly Perez.. that would have been a perfect answer. Im so glad she didnt win.

  35. 735

    Okay! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. She should have used more tact, although I think you also undermine your claim that she is a "dumb bitch," by ending your blog with making a statement that South, or North, Carolina won because they deserved it so much more. How did they deserve it so much more if you couldn't even remember who it was?! Get off your high horse. You have a gossip rag, nothing else.

  36. 736

    how selfish of you perez. i'm ashamed to think that you think she doesn't represent California in anyway, especially after VOTERS didn't pass prop 8.

  37. 737

    I have lived my entire life in Iowa, which has just recently legalized gay marriage. I am 100% in support of same sex marriage, however that is not the reason I was so surprised by Miss California's answer. I think it was a totally relevant queston. I couldn't believe the way she answered this, my mouth literally dropped open. I don't in any way believe that she should be forced to feel a certain way about something just because she is put on the spot in front of the entire nation. She should however chose to express her feelings in a different manner. She knew she was going to offend people when she answered, that's why she tried to cover her tracks by saying, "No offense." She wasn't forced to say, "Absolutely not." Nor was she forced to say, "I'm all for it!" There is a common area that would have given her the option to remain politically correct.

  38. 738

    One dumb bitch bitching about another dumb bitch. The perfect circle.

  39. 739

    You are the stupid one! Not everyone has to agree with you, dick head! The fact that you ambushed the obvious winner with a homo agenda loaded question then snatched the crown away from her because she had the stones to speak her mind, shows what kind of a biggot you are. You are the guilty one, asshole. Not her.

  40. 740

    Sorry Perez - you asked her what she thought and she answered you. We may not agree with her but that's freedom of speech. And you can thank whatever god(s) you want for that because if we did not have freedom of speech her I think it's pretty safe to say that you Perez would not have all that you do! So stand up and applaud the fact that we all have the right to say whatever we want. Remember there is no freedom from being offended! And again Perez - that should make you very happy because you have a forum to say what you want no matter how much anyone is offended by your comments.

    Freedom brother - it's a matter of freedom!

  41. 741

    Perez,Wh don't you take yourself and all your missing gene gay friends,and all move to Gay island????? I'm glad she stood up for all normal,yes,normal people!!! You always are complaining about all the gay rights,so why don't you start your own gay country and all move there??? I alwas have said live and let live,but the gay community is so much in our face,it's getting ridiculous!!!!!! So stop having all your hissy fits,and go away!!! Regular American

  42. 742

    You are and dumb idiot and not her. Self-involved prick. You asked HER a question and she gave you HER opinion. Very correct opinion I have to say. She voiced an opinion of 75% of this nation. Eat that!

  43. 743

    You ask, "What do U think about the whole situation???" But reactions to Ms Prejean expressing her opinion clearly demonstrate that your "question" was completely disingenuous. If there is only one answer you would accept then it is not really a question at all but rather a trap/test - if she does not pass then you will do everything in your power to prevent her star from ascending. Which by the way renders your "apology" and explanation for calling her a "dumb b*tch" rather hollow - you had no true interest in her answer at all. I doubt your question "What do U think?" is a genuine question. And it is fairly obvious that it would be a waste of her time to let you take her for coffee in order to "'talk'" (note *your* quote marks). You do not want an honest conversation. You want to educate and lecture her until she submits to your view of the world. So many Californians who need to admit their heresy!

  44. 744

    Re: Annetta
    No one is guaranteed the right to marry under the Constitution of the United States or any of the the State Constitutions as originally written. Recently some states have amended their Constitutions to allow same sex marriage.
    Marriage is not a right; it is a privilege with criteria - there needs to be one man and one woman for it to qualify as marriage. Further, marriage has traditionally been a religious ceremony, The state got involved in order to generate revenue.
    In California, homosexuals are entitled to all of the same privileges that married couples enjoy so long as they have a registered domestic partnership in place. The push for recognition of same sex relationships marriages is not about equality, it's about mainstreaming a lifestyle and behavior that still falls outside the bounds of what most of middle America considers to be "normal". This is a case of a very small, but well organized and vocal minority is attempting to bully the majority into conceding to their will.
    I am not in favor of bigotry on either side. Straights should not be disrespectful to homosexuals, nor should homosexuals be anything but gracious to straights. However, the insistence that some can have their cake and eat it too, in spite of the realities of societal mores and the law is becoming increasingly absurd.

  45. 745

    If this much controversy is going to surround one question from a stupid pageant then the questions should be pre selected from the president of Miss USA and SHOULDN'T be a controversial question! If "everyone is entitled to their own opinion" then what is the big deal? Its HER opinion! YOU don't have to agree. It's a free country! Just admit she could have given a better answer and pull your panties out of your butt!

  46. 746

    Re: nakedtruth
    "Its HER opinion! YOU don't have to agree. It's a free country! Just admit she could have given a better answer and pull your panties out of your butt!"

    Contradict yourself much? Which is it - her rightful opinion, or a poor answer? You can't have it both ways.

  47. 747

    Perez, I think you've got the wrong idea about this. You say she didn't inspire and bring people together then yet she is because she is showing young people to stand up for what they believe in even if it will bring controversy. Is that not what you are doing right now with gay rights? People aren't calling you a dumb B****. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. The bible says do not judge therefore we should not judge her for having her own opinion just like we do not judge you for being gay.

  48. 748

    I agree that everyone has a right to their opinion. That is one of the things that makes our country the wonderful place that it is: the freedom of speech. However, as you have stated, being a Miss USA contestant, she should have sought for an answer that united and represented as many US citizens as possible. She is not simply representing herself if she wins Miss USA but the entire United States. I respect her opinion, and I respectfully disagree with it, but that does not matter. As a Miss USA hopeful, she should have responded better.

  49. 749

    i agree that her answer was seriously retarded and closeminded.
    but unfortunately i think people were applausing, not booing.

  50. 750

    yeah, she could've phrased a lot better than how she did, but still, if thats what she truly and deeply believes that's her prerogative

  51. 751

    sorry - so you mean to say that if she said "I believe that marriage should be open to anyone no matter what!!" she wouldn't be alienating anyone? I admire her more than ever for sticking by what she believes. She's probably a good deal more intelligent than almost everyone in that room, and her career will probably consist of something more meaningful than viciously gossiping to ruin people's lives.

  52. 752

    I didn't hear any boos - but then again, I was listening for the truth, not the Politically correct, suck up and win at all cost answer.

  53. 753

    You say everyone is entitled to their opinion but what you really mean is that everyone is entitled to their opinion but only if it agrees with your opinion. She stood up for what she believes in and you think she is wrong but when you do it, it's acceptable? Sweetie that is true hypocrisy….Check yourself before you check someone else.

  54. 754

    Hello how many ppl watched the interview question then all the interviews and statements made after??? 1. She answering Perez's ? said " In her Country (America) AND in her family she was raised to belive marriage is to be between opp. sex" Umm ok first of all who is she to speak for the entire country of america? and 2. If she was in HER FAMILY raised with these beliefs then why later did she say that her sister is in the army and is a gay rights activist, and her answer to the question is in no way to be taken as her mother and her sisters belief's. I thought her family raised her to think this way so why wouldnt they feel the same? why shouldnt her answer be considered thier belifes also? Who raised her then the milk man?

  55. 755

    She can have her beliefs but she could have expressed them better

  56. 756

    If the answer he wanted was along the lines of "each state should decide for themselves…the states rule themselves and then there are certain laws that are federal", then he should have asked a question that did not already presuppose that fact. When he asks, "Vermont recently legalized same sex marriage. Do you think other states should follow suit, why or why not?" he is essentially saying "This issue is up to each state, how would you prefer other states to vote, give your reasoning." If she had given the answer he wanted to his question, it would have been redundant, a "no comment" type of answer.

  57. 757

    More power to MISS CALIFORNIA.

  58. 758

    OMG some of you ppl are nutts, Perez did not PUT anyone on the spot with this question. His question i sone of the biggest issues in this country today. Ms. Cali put herself on the spot by entering this pageant. Show the judges be told to only ask fluffy questions that take no amount of intell. to answer. Tell you all what write to Trump and let him know that the judges should only ask the contestants how they feel about the production of so many diffrent shades of red being made into lipstick and if they feel it would be better to limit the color's so that people wouldnt have such a hard time choosing. He made her think and no matter her personal feeling she couldn have taken a breath and answered it in a diffrent way and still held on to her own beliefs

  59. 759

    I have read articles on his site for a long time but am DONE! After he purposely set up Carrie with a question that had nothing to do with the Miss America Pageant and then ranted and raved about her answer EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO THEIR OWN OPINION ONLY IF IT GOES ALONG WITH WHAT THE HOMOSEXUALS SAY IS RIGHT IN THEIR OWN EYES is a lie coming from them. I admire Carrie for standing up for what she believes just as millions of us out here believe, marriage should be between a man and a woman PEROID! So it maybe cost her the crown OH WELL WE AREN'T GOING AWAY and will continue to take a stand no matter what you try to do to us. The homosexual agenda is getting way out of control and you will not shove your ideas down our throats so live with it. Marlene

  60. 760

    lol. don't you think you're going overboard a little too much. TOO BAD I DIDN'T HEAR ANY BOOS!! everyone is allowed to have an opinion and the government shouldn't have to determine who can marry who.


  61. 761

    YOU GO, BB!

  62. 762

    Word Perez, she sucks good thing she didn't win—-she should have known the shit storm that would follow the minute those words left her mouth.

  63. 763

    Perez, you are truly wonderful. Thanks for exposing the dufus for what she was. I like your answer, although, it would be a stretch for anyone from Southern California to come up with it(I live in Los Angeles), but if she'd have just stuck with her first, truest reaction to your question and not second-guessed herself halfway through it, she would have opened doors for herself in the industry that will now forever remain closed, like her mind. Thanks, again.

  64. janda says – reply to this


    im still not understanding what makes her a dumb bitch. what if miss north (or south) carolina answered the same way? would that make her a dumb bitch too? you asked her a question and she answered it. it wasent that hard. it just seems that instead of respecting her beliefs (like you may expect someone else to do for you) you instead pitch a fit about it.

  65. 765

    What I think is bs is the biased question she was asked. Yeah, I support gay marriage, but not everyone does. No reason to deny someone the crown because they gave a confident answer to what they believed and refused to be a robot for the media.

  66. enuf3 says – reply to this


    Perez, I don't normally agree with you… But this time, I am 100% on your side. Her answer was disgusting. It angers me to see people calling her answer "smart"… There was nothing smart about it! If it were up to her, this country would start rolling backwards. It's even worse to see that she was first runner up. And to hear applause after she made her comment is enough to make me wanna puke.

    In America, you're allowed to have your own opinions.. But you're aren't an American unless you believe in freedom. And she does not believe in freedom.

  67. 767

    What a total disgrace you are. Why ask a question if you think a non-answer is better than an honest answer. And why ask this question at all, if not to make the whole show about you? (Nice job on that, BTW). I am very liberal and suport gay marriage openly, but what you have done is shameful. You set this girl up and you know it. Sadly, you probably do more harm to your cause than good you fucking childish hypocrite. Criss Angel is right about you.

  68. 768

    Perez, you're an idiot. She gave an honest answer. It's called FREE SPEECH! Don't call her dumb because she spoke her mind. The girl had a lot of courage to say what she said. Second of all, you just made yourself look like an idiot when you said, "Miss South Carolina or Miss North Carolina or whatever deserved to win." Cry yourself a river, build yourself a bridge, and get over it!

  69. 769

    She didn't answer the question and THAT is why she is a moron. And who is she kidding with that "no offense"? How about leaving your double standards @ home and take more PR lessons to help you with work.

  70. 770

    if thats her opinion then thats fine but the way she answered it was not cool. it seemed she like she couldn't make up her mind and she just wanted to please everyone. she said no offense! who appologizes for their opinion. dumb bitch

  71. 771

    Why would you ask an opinion question if you didn't want an honest opinion.

    Not everyone has the same opinion, but everyone should stand up for what they believe and thats what this girl did, we should respect that.

    This was a BIAST question with only one "right" answer…

    This was like the spokeswoman from peta coming in as a guest judge and asking this girl if she eats chicken…. UNFAIR.

  72. 772

    Why are my comments not being posted??? BULLLSHITT! way to edit comments what a great website!

  73. 773

    Perez you look hurt. Chill. Its inevitable that some people just wont be as open to the topic as you are. Who are you to criticize how she was brought up and raised? Its her opinion and as it seems things are starting to get better for the homosexual community anyway. Its just a flashy pageant so dont take it to heart.

  74. 774

    You ask a question, why or why not. She gives you an honest answer, her opinion, and you blast her for it?

    Indeed, you are the dumb bitch. you can't even remember whether it was North or South Carolina that won, jerk.

  75. 775

    If the question was really about state vs federal power, it would have been asked as such. The easiest way to ask about her views on the role of the government is to ask her about political affiliation. That's clearly not what the question was about, nor is that why you're offended :) I don't think you're "sooo angry" or "hurt" by her improper ascription of legislative power lol

  76. 776

    Funny how we're supposed to tolerate gays yet you don't tolerate anyone who opposes you? Hypocrite.

    Spew hatred towards her freedom of speech and so yours should be stomped on.

    How about instead of making a video saying this shit to her face?

  77. 777

    PS I just saw the actual clip for the 1st time on Kimmel…you asked her if "every state should follow suit," not whose right it should be to make the call. She doesn't think every state should legalize it, she said nothing about whether or not they should make the call.

  78. 778

    Perez, you and many of these others posting comments seem to think that those of us that might disagree with your way of thinking are just stupid. We're not, we just disagree with you. And guess what girly, your the one that looks like the "dumb bitch", for posting videos calling people names because they disagree with you. So professional, you total loser! LOL, your a total joke!!!

  79. 779

    Kill yourself fag.

  80. 780

    You're mistaken Mr.Perez. You can't take prime time to express your sexual preferences and expect others to agree with you. I think the people have spoken in California and in many other states when they over turned same sex orgies and sick minded people like you away. Being gay is a mental hilliness, sorry that you were sexually abuse at an early age, but your sexual orientation can’t be impose on other people.

  81. 781

    All righty, my two cents:

    Miss California isn't a politician. You asked her a question, she answered honestly. And to me, it sounds like you wanted her to deflect the question and keep her anti-gay comments to herself.

    Now, I disagree with her-I believe in homosexuals having the same right to marriage as heterosexuals, even though I am decidedly Republican. But at the same time, I can't fault her for answering honestly.

    Then again, that's why I'd never make it in Hollywood-I'd put my opinion out there and flip the bird to anybody who didn't like it. *shrugs*

  82. 782

    stupid bitch

  83. 783

    i really dont have anything against gay marriage they are humans and they should have the choice of making that bond.
    who the fuck says thats its only men and women who are able to have a safe marriage in church or even a simple marriage .
    But in a way i reallky dont understand if they ( gays) really love each other WHY do they need a piece of paper to tell the world ????
    well i am a woman and i hada a choice of marrying in the church but in my opinion its just a way of showing the world that we are getting married .And a way to spend lots and lots of money .
    nope i didnt do it and i´m going on my 5º year with my hubby wich by the way doesnt have anything against gays well just if they dont mess with him . and i always tell him :
    let them be the are humans and they deserve to be happy !!!
    its not a health problem .

  84. 784

    Her statement was a trainwreck. Same Sex marriage and OPPOSITE marriage? what the hell is that? Opposite marriage?

    Yikes, so glad she wasnt the winner, she sounds really unintelligent.

  85. 785

    I think you are a complete JERK! How dare you attack someone simply because you do not like their answer. You were a judge for America, not yourself, and I hate to break it to you I support her answer 100% and so does most of America. Get a life and go screw yourself! That is what you like to do anyway!

  86. 786

    WOW I can't believe a gay guy like Perez would have the balls to call Miss California a bitch just because she spoke her mind about something she believes in. Perez I think your a BITCH for having such a closed mine. You have the right to be gay with out being judged why cant she be straight with out being ridiculed by a gay guy with an over inflated ego.

  87. 787

    Oh yes, I too am ashamed to live in California; I'm a liberal, but enough is enough - whether the question as unintelligibly answered or not that question should not have been asked. She is being discriminated against by you "activists" based on religion, so much for "equal" rights. Continue doing this and if you want a war you will get a war.

  88. 788

    Clearly you are uniquely qualified to suggest the answer that "anyone with half a brain" would have given to your "only one answer is the right answer" question. On the other hand, anyone with a whole brain would have the guts to express an honest opinion — in this case that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Is Miss California not entitled to that belief? Or do we live in a country where freedom of expression is no longer permitted?

  89. 789

    As a law student, I have to say, respectfully, Perez, your argument has some serious flaws in it:

    you said that you don't like her, not because she doesn't agree with gay marriage, but because with her view doesn't "unite" people….but ..if she had answered your question by saying that states should decide the issue for themselves, that would not have been a "uniting" answer either…the only way she could have answered in a way in which you would have thought she was "uniting" people was if she had answered that she DID believe in gay marriage….you should give her props for standing up and saying her honest beliefs rather than bash her for having an opinion different than your own, and for not making up an answer that would please you… you more than anyone else should know how important the 1st amendment is…

  90. 790

    It seems that everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as it lines up with yours. Miss Cali simply did what most of her competitors don't have the strength of character to do. She stated what she really believes and not what u wanted to hear. By the way, marriage doesn't need a definition. It is what it always has been. A union between a man and a women in which they commit to each other for life. When same sex couples attempt to do the same what results is a counterfeit of the real thing. If every state in the union legalized same sex marriages they still would not be recognized in the eyes of the One who counts. Not homophobic rambling just stating the TRUTH. GOD LOVES U AND SO DO I!!

  91. 791

    Re: Wassy – It is shameful that this woman cannot state her opinion without being verbally abused. If the gentleman did not want the TRUTH then he should not have asked the question. He assumed what her answer would be and was disappointed.

  92. 792

    Re: yamin_88 – If you consider her honest answer an indication of a lack of intelligence then u may need to question your own. Not trying to be rude just telling the TRUTH.

  93. 793

    Re: HannahMontzz – Well I would be ashamed to live in the USA if I was foolish enough to believe that the opinions of others was my reason for assigning it value. I find most of the comments and opinions of the predominantly american people on this site repulsive and juvenile (even the few I loosely agree with). However, I am still proud to be an american. TRUTH will prevail in spite of its opposition.

  94. 794

    Re: Kevnosity – Some people don't think that integrity is something u drop when it is inconvenient. Prehaps it was more important for Cali to tell the TRUTH than to give a politically correct answer. By the way, I don't think the gay movement is a high priority for her.

  95. 795

    Re: Hella Good – The Civil Rights Movement involved a fight for being treated fairly based on traits that are not based on choice but on what you are (black, female, etc.) Contrary to what you may believe, sexual orientation is a choice. I cannot change my "blackness" or "femaleness" but I could DECIDE to go the other way, DECIDE to change my sexual orientation on a whim and then DECIDE I was wrong a week, month or years later and go back. So don't twist the idea of civl rights just to find a way to rationalize changing a institution that was established at the advent of the human race. Inspite of what you've DECIDED to believe, most people KNOW the TRUTH even if they are too politically correct to voice it.

  96. kmisa says – reply to this


    Perez…I think you are atotal JACKASS!!!

  97. aban says – reply to this


    Perez you should open up your mind to other peoples opinions!! Way to go Carrie Prejean - Miss California!!! The vast majority of the people in the US feel exactly the same as Miss California (including the majority of California - remember Proposition 8) and there in nothing wrong with voicing it. This video is just you having a tantrum.

  98. 798

    I thought it was an okay answer, that's what she believes. I support gay marriage, but I don't support Perez making an ass of himself.

  99. 799

    Perez, you have the right to your own opinion. No one gives you crap for it… you asked miss california her opinion, and she gave it to you. If you don't like it, get over it… I don't always like your opinion, but I'm not going to cry myself to sleep because I feel offended by what you say. You talk about the founding fathers, well they truly believed in free speech. You have the right to say what you believe, and so does she. I personally am SOOO proud of her for standing up for what she believes in, alot of people would've lied, and that is just idiotic. Obviously you aren't ashamed in what you believe in, and you let everyone know what you think 24/7, give her the same right that you enjoy… that's her opinion, and it is SOOO hypocritical that you think she is "closed minded"… obviously, you are the one that is guilty of that because you are having problems with HER beliefs. God bless miss California for standing up for what she knows and believes to be right.

  100. 800

    How embarrassing to think that our country has degraded to such ignorance. Perez, YOU are the ignorant one here! You are upset because her beliefs don't coincide with yours, so you ridicule her. Don't you think that's just a tad hypocritical?! You are upset because she stood up for what she believed in, and because it's not in line with your beliefs, you call her a dumb B****? Wake up and smell the coffee. The only one here with a closed mind here is OBVIOUSLY you. You have your rights, and so does she.

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