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Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion, But…

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THIS is how Miss California should have answered my question at Miss USA!

What do U think about the whole situation???

P.S. Sorry we called her a dumb bitch.

We were/are just soooo angry, hurt, frustrated by her answer.

Perez would love to take Miss California out for coffee and "talk"!

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805 comments to “Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion, But…”

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  1. 801

    Now I ask, where is your tolerance ? Where is you respect with the others opinion ? Why her answer is so dumb, just because you don't like it ? As you have the right to think that she is wrong , her answer is awful, she has the right to say that she thinks marriage must be between man and woman. There is no tolerance in your "tolerance", there is no respect in you deeds . With this video you proved that the religious pluralism is a lie, cause you didn't accept what she thinks. and you are proving that Relativism is Just a lie.
    think about it. Have a good day .

  2. 802

    Everyone’s got a right to have an opinion, even if it doesn’t agree with our own. You asked Miss California for her opinion, but then later proceeded to verbally abuse her for giving you what you asked her for. She expressed her opinion in a respectful way, without any gay-bashing or attempt to persuade others that her opinion was correct. Her opinion, which your parents shared when you were conceived, is what you owe your very existence to. Do you realize that your insolent tirade undermines your authority as a beauty pageant judge? Your tough guy words would be expected from a wrestling competition commentator but are entirely out of place in nearly every other situation. Instead of inspiring others to respect your opinion, you polarize opposing opinions even more. And, lastly, the tactful ones who share your lifestyle are offended as well.

  3. 803

    Yea, actually, there was no booing. There was actually quite a bit of clapping and cheers in the background…And I think the fact that you would leave the pageant, get online, and call her a dumb bitch, totally shows that they picked someone who is obviously too immature to judge a miss usa pageant. I have never heard of a judge doing something like that, how… "not classy" can you possibly be? If you ever want anyone to take you seriously, try disagreeing with people in a manner that makes you look educated enough to actually have an opinion, even if the person you're disagreeing with is a total idiot.

  4. 804

    Wow Perez,,,before the 23 of April,,,I never knew you were alive (honestly,,,I wish I still didn't). Ms California gave an answer based on her personal values/morals..which will probably do more for her career/future than if she had given what "you think" was the right answer. Bully for her!!! I heard no booing,,,I only saw the contorted face of an angry "straight bashing" gay boy, who clearly didn't get what he wanted in life, (including style,,,what's with that jacket? It's like, your moms!). I don't watch these types of shows anyway because I tire of seeing everyone tiptoeing around some issue (war, sex, politics etc..) Giving hollow answers to avoid pissing off some no-name judge, If I'd known they were contributing honest feelings and beliefs, I might have watched. As for "same sex unions" (or whatever), I'm all for them having the same rights/medical/legal advantages as married persons (notice I didn't mention religious)…just don't call it marriage. That word is defined as "the legal union between a man and a woman as husband and wife" Look it up… Surely a fellow like you can invent a word you can all live with (I'm still shaking my head over your "invented" name) Maybe "Gayrriage" or "Lezziage" will work…No? Well keep trying. But stop the name calling,,,you're just leaving a bad taste in everyone mouth.

  5. pupt says – reply to this


    Apparently no one is entitled to their own opinion because she didn't agree with gay marriage and she lost the crown for it.
    You're just a hypocrite, and a flamboyant piece of crap.
    I like the same sex but you know what?
    I don't walk around looking like an idiot and making people uncomfortable by the way I walk and talk, I'm proud to be a woman and I dress like a woman and not a dyke and I don't push my beliefs and thoughts on other people, and I most assuradely do not judge others for their difference in opinion.
    You were supposed to be a judge, and not let your opinions fog your judgement and I can't believe people are apologizing on her behalf. YOU should apologize to HER for being the ignorant gay that every straight person HATES! and the reason that I can't marry my lover.
    Thanks you jerk.

  6. Jubo says – reply to this


    You are pathetic. You should give the example and show tolerance before the foreign opinions.

  7. 807

    you're right, this is a hot topic issue, but tell me Perez… if you believe that on the one hand, you have no right and refuse to enforce your morality on anyone, but on the other hand value the historical institution of marriage in this country and also the first amendment, what response would you have given that's the truth and that does not compromise your moral position? what answer then would have been the correct one? You and I both know that unless she wholesale endorsed the states rights to do whatever they wanted with no regards to morality or history, that you would be giving the same rant and calling the same "oh well that was the worst response ever" foul you did here. I wonder what crack you're smoking that someone as brave and strong and courageous had the guts to state, stand on, and stand up for what she believed in, I can't believe we have such a morally strong person representing California, because to be honest, her good character is a rarity, not a majority in this day and age. You should be ashamed for criticizing and belittling such moral strength.

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