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The Paparazzi Deny Any Wrongdoing In Madonna Horse-Riding Accident

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Madonna's publicist is claiming that the Queen of Pop fell off a horse in Long Island on Saturday after a paparazzo jumped out of the bushes to take pics of the singer on the animal, thus spooking the horse.

The NY Post, however, who has exclusive pics of Madge on the horse and the aftermath of the accident, disagrees.

The paper says, "There were no photographers near Madonna at the time of the stumble."

They describe the accident thusly:

The Material Mom, who suffered broken bones in a similar accident three years ago, was leaping over hurdles on a brown steed on the East End spread when she bit the dust just before 4:30 p.m.

In the wake of the titanic tumble, more than 10 people, including her Brazilian boy toy Jesus Luz, 22, rushed to her side.

Rescue workers, who arrived minutes later, scooped up the "Like a Virgin" songstress and gingerly carried her on a backboard to a waiting ambulance, which raced to Southampton Hospital.

Thankfully Madonna's injuries were minor and she walked herself out of the hospital shortly after checking in.

Stay off the horse, though. Please!

You are too precious to have anything serious happen to you!!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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228 comments to “The Paparazzi Deny Any Wrongdoing In Madonna Horse-Riding Accident”

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  1. 201

    Re: do it With MADONNA Style – Hagdonna doesn't reinvent her style. She takes the current "in" style and exploits it. Timbaland would be the latest example. She never innovates but is always secondhand.

  2. 202

    Re: thinderella – yes she inovates.she does it all the time.dont u focus on her last album. in her last album she choose to do a different album.look at confessions album.it was a sucess.and she re invents on her tours,not on her albums.and thats what means being a true artist,she is number one at live performer.Re: DanielDax – no they arent.thats why they idolize madonna.gaga sucks and loves amdonna and shitney,poor woman she is just a joke.she doesnt care about her kids and her fans.she is dumb.i dont know why madonna likes her so much

  3. 203

    Madonna appeared physically unhurt Sunday, but her weekend horseback tumble in the Hamptons left her ego bruised.

    “Are you the guys that spooked my horse?” the Material Mom asked as she was approached on the beach, where she relaxed in a bizarre ensemble that included a quilted, black Chanel jacket, baggy turquoise sweatpants and a fedora.

    Assured that she was not looking at the paparazzi who may have startled her horse at celeb shutterbug Steven Klein’s farm, Madonna politely posed for pictures outside the Atlantic Double Dunes beach in Amagansett.

    The 50-year-old pop star was asked how she was doing after a night recuperating at pal Gwyneth Paltrow’s estate.

    “Better,” she replied.

  4. 204

    since when is she a horsestress horses are dangerous i knew a man in a wheelchair for life from a polo accident similar to the reeves one and my mother almost broke her back when falling off a horse , she should stick to riding jesus

  5. 205

    Re: DanielDax – asshole.look at madonna last tour!!most grossing tour ever and most viewed tour ever.all her concerts sold out.all europe,mexico,6 shows in brazil,argentina.usa.dont play with this.madonna is the best live artist ever.and people love to see her cause she is 50 but she can move u know.madonna hold the recorde for 2 times.confessions tour and now break another record with scticky and sweet tour.

  6. 206

    Re: DanielDax – theres no one like madonna.robbie williwma ,justin that worked with so many people said that madonna is a hard worker and he thinks that madonna is amazing and put all the young stars on shame.forbes said number one live performer.last week i thinkRe: the real carmen – madonna rides horses long time ago.she started with guy ritchie and she loves it.its dangerous but its nice.that kind of animal are very scaries and people should be careful.she still riding her horses,she never gives up

  7. Delsy says – reply to this


    The paps are so to blame you shouldn't put flashing lights infront of a horse

  8. 208

    Re: Aggy920 – Yes. She does!

  9. 209

    Re: MADONNA does it better
    "theres no one like madonna.robbie williwma ,justin that worked with so many people said that madonna is a hard worker and he thinks that madonna is amazing and put all the young stars on shame.forbes said number one live performer.last week."
    I don't doubt she's a hard worker. I just had a problem with you saying she's the ONLY performer who works hard. Everyone works hard in this business. You couldn't make it in it if you didn't. Justin and Robbie Williams just expressed their opinion and admiration for her. They're hardly anyone I'd refer to as experts. Forbes said she's was the #1 live performer…they didn't say she was the best. That's YOUR opinion.

  10. 210


  11. DC3 says – reply to this


    Whoo caressssss

  12. 212

    Re: DC3 – we all care asshole and her family too

  13. 213

    Yeah.. have to agree with the others… she already looks unseated in half of those shots… and it looks like she's having a dressage lesson… not a jumping lesson. Hmmm… i've heard she's basically an advanced beginner… so this is just par for the course. However, if paparazzi was an issue, perhaps indoor lessons would be better for her.

  14. 214

    Who would I believe?? Madonna duh!…Paparazzi are scum bags and they tell lies to tabloids for $$$$$. How would they snap pics of her before and after the fall?? They made her horse spook end of story. I would believe a person over a pap any day. GET WELL MADONNA.

  15. 215

    The publicist got it right and has been reliable in the past. To hell with the paparotten, they're behaving too dangerously.

  16. 216

    did you know Madonna has an oversized va jay jay?

  17. 217

    Okay srsly is she doing acrobatics while jumping?? She obviously CANT RIDE! Find another hobby.

  18. 218

    lmao, i totally knew that this old lady would blame the paparazzi.
    Anyway shes fine anyway.
    Maybe she'll stick to riding 22 year olds and not horses.

  19. 219

    ur web page is broken

  20. 220

    so how come they have exclusive pics yet they claim there was no photographers near her?….. fishy

  21. 221

    Re: Gonzolandia – #221 This is crude by I wonder if she receives botox there, too, as well as her face? This way everything matches. Note: Body parts know their real age.

  22. 222

    As a fellow equestrian I must say that she needs to get back on that horse and ride. She looks amazing in her riding outfit and the horse is lovely.

  23. 223

    If the paps were the cause, there would be photos of the fall. And, you KNOW they would be all over the place. Sorry about the fall, but no one believes that it's the paps fault.

    Sounds like Madonna is just a bad rider and is blaming others for her mistakes — again. Isn't she a little old to be on a horse?

  24. Laxer says – reply to this


    I still say throwing her was an independent decision made by the horse.

  25. 225

    Thank God she's ok…

  26. 226

    MAN IN A WIG!!

  27. 227

    Dear Perez: "thusly" is not a word.

    "Thus" is already an adverb, and adding -ly onto it only creates a redundancy.

    (Madonna's reps are not being truthful. What else is new?)

  28. 228


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