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THE YouTube Moment Of Miss USA!

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THIS is it!

Everyone's talking about it!!!!

CLICK HERE to check it out.

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999 comments to “THE YouTube Moment Of Miss USA!”

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  1. 1

    Um… she didn't get booed…

  2. 2

    what was it? you walked out with tp stuck on your shoe

  3. 3

    WTF was this?
    Dumb fuck.

  4. 4

    Unfortunately..those didn't sound like boo's.
    But I say…Booooooooooooooooooo!

  5. 5

    OMG! i hate her.

  6. 6

    i was hearing CLAPS…. good for her for saying what SHE believes in an answering TRUTHFULLY instead of what people "want to hear"….. would you rather hear the truth or hear a made up story without no real conviction?

  7. 7

    wrong answer dumbass lmao

  8. 8

    Is she like, dumb, for thinking that we live in a free country and a country of choice?!?!1 LMFAO! I loved your video blog Perez!

  9. 9

    unbelievable.. what a dumbass! worst answer ever! love you perezzz!

  10. 10

    i hear more cheering than booing..perez get your head outta your ass and maybe you could hear more clearly

  11. 11

    YAY i twittered you the link =)

    and that was the most dumbest answer ever!
    not cuz she didnt agree with perez but simply it was incoherent and rude
    miss usa is not rude or dumb!!!!

  12. 12

    I don't think she got booed, but I think that this was the most ignorant answer we've heard from a contestant in a long time. She completely contradicted herself. She said the great thing about our country is that we can choose –we'll guess what you dumb blonde, gay couples do not have the right to be married….therefore they do not get to choose!

    I'm glad she did not win, I'm just disappointed that she was not the fourth runner up!

  13. 13

    epic fail barbie.

  14. 14

    yeah… def not booing.. :(

  15. 15

    I don't really give a shit who marries who. And, I don't really give a shit what this stupid girl thinks. She can think and say whatever she wants. See, that's the set up kiddo. We are freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to think whatever we want.

    Tolerance includes being tolerant of the intolerant. Then you shall become what you claim to believe.

  16. 16

    LOL!! She says "OPPOSITE MARRIAGE" wow! how dumb can u be!?? And her answer was terrible. She sucked and should not have been runner up! haha

  17. 17

    that was stupid, even if she doesn't believe in gay marrige, she should have known what the audience wanted, and known that she would be booed


  18. 18

    I bet you she is not going to have anyone to do her makeup or hair tomorrow……they were most likely gay and now that she said that stupid ass answer they defiantly quit!!! She is in a fucking pageant, surrounded by gays…..WTF

  19. 19

    it sounds like she got cheered on…

  20. 20

    also, she's BEAUTIFUL. just cause she didn't say what you want to hear…. cry me a river, bitchhole. i like her more, now. i can't believe she let you lose that much sleep! get a life. look how much time you have already spent on her. alright. i'll stop now. you don't deserve another 30 of my seconds.

    your typical preppy conservative rich new england bitch

  21. 21

    sounds like applause to me!

  22. 22

    hahaha. yeah she wasn't booed.

  23. 23

    It sounded like mad cheering to me…and as she said she thought it was good for a state to be able to chose but that it not what she believes in, not everyone will agree with what you want them to believe. And yes, at least she does have convictions.

  24. 24

    the show is still on i'm watching it now

  25. 25

    What a dumbass. Too bad missa USA wasn't broadcasted here in Brasil.

  26. 26

    Re: joeharter1

    lol … I agree. Sorry Mario. I'm all for civil liberties for same-sex partnerships but she didn't get booed or 'owned' as you put it.

    Actually, it looked more like YOU got owned. The look on your face is priceless.

  27. 27

    REJECTED!! ahahhahahhhhhaaaaa

  28. 28

    the girl cannot even speak!

    "we live in a land that we can choose… same sex marriage or… opposite marriage."

    wrong answer ho. get with 2009! booooooo!

  29. 29

    "in my country" uhh hello, in your country people should have the basic right to marry whoever they're in love with regardless of sex. I don't even care that she believes in only "opposite marriage"(whatever that is..) , its the fact that she doesn't recognize basic rights. greatttt question perez. north carolina and california were both bad question-answerers but at least california didnt win !

  30. 30

    ummmm… i sort of heard cheering…..?

  31. 31

    Whether you agree with her personal views or not, she deserves credit for honesty and standing up for her moral beliefs. I would rather have someone like her win over a person who changed their answer to please the judges/audience.

  32. 32

    aww bless, you look so sad after :p

  33. 33

    She totally deserved to get booed off the stage!! Great question, worst answer EVER!!

  34. 34

    We FROZE when we watched the moment!! Her face told the whole story when you gave her that question- so to her credit she semi=answered honestly. You didn't ask her OPINION on same sex marriage, you asked her about the other states following suit. The vlog you just posted with what the appropriate response should have been is DEAD ON! I don't always agree iwth you and I often think you're out of line and mean as hell- but this time?! GO PEREZ!!!

    And that said- "I" was raised to believe that we are all here sharing the same space and breathing the same oxygen- we all bleed red blood and well, HMMMM we all deserve to express our love with equality. That's by marriage. Further- the RIGHTS that go with being married take it to a different level. These attitudes, such as Miss California's, are backwards and oppressive. So that is MY opinion on the matter.

    That bitch did NOT deserve runner up after that answer. But Miss NC didn't even answer her question- LOLOL.

  35. 35

    i'm gay, and i think you're a bitch for asking that question. yeah, obviously i think it should be legal too, but that doesn't mean i'm going to make someone express their views on stage in front of millions of viewers so i can lower my eyes and act like i'm better than her when she doesn't respond to my pro gay ways. fucking dick.

  36. 36

    I disagree with her but good for her for saying what she believes.

  37. 37

    I can't believe she made it as far as she did!!! I thought she would've been like 4th runner up after that answer!

  38. 38

    uhm, she wasn't booed. She was applauded. You looked disapointed because there weren't boo's and that not everyone follows your opinion. Grow up perez.

  39. 39

    uhhhhh I agree with joe - I didnt hear any boos either

  40. 40

    she has a right to her damn opinion. it's not like she's passing legislation. she's a friggin miss america contestant. at least she had a well formed thought. get over yourself and accept the fact that not everyone believes what you do.

  41. 41

    that's what i thought….did she get boooed, i didnt hear boos :/

  42. 42

    I didnt hear any booing.

  43. 43

    BAD ANSWER. but i didn't hear any boos…?

  44. 44

    Actually, every single one of them had bad answers. what the hell is "opposite marriage"?

  45. 45

    anyone got a better link? yeah sounds like some cheering/not booing?

  46. WTF?! says – reply to this


    closed minded people… She's probably a bisexual slut

  47. 47

    I didn't really hear booing live… but when I watched it just now you can hear it mixed in

  48. 48

    exactly Joeharter1….she did not get booed or "owned" and look at Frankenberry Perez……with his head down..thought the whole crowd would have your back…..GONG….sorry Perez you're no different from the skanks from the Hills or the DumbAshians…….how long before you change your name to PEREZ KARDASHIAN…!!! …loser

  49. 49

    Ok, last I heard this was a free country with FREE SPEECH Perez. Don't ask the question if you don't want to hear the answer.

  50. 50

    Equal Rights! What a stupid WHORE!

  51. 51

    Sorry Pookie… But I just watched that on tv, and all I heard was cheering. Better luck next time.

  52. 52

    She has guts, she knew she was going to get booed!
    Well, thats her opinion.
    I'm ok with gay marriage!:)

  53. 53

    i think they were cheering

  54. 54

    oh wow

  55. 55

    unfortunately, those weren't boos. there were more claps and cheers. :(

  56. 56

    Re: joeharter1 – LOL…where da boo's?

  57. 57

    i could really hear any booing, but i agree… she sounded like she had less than a half a brain!! dumb bitch!

  58. 58

    She´s a dumb bitch. Who the fuck she thinks she is, she should get a brain surgery

  59. 59

    I didnt hear booing, but I did see your face P and you looked like somebody socked you in the nose. I so sorry you were hurt.

    Just remember though, its okay for people not to share the same opinion.

    But again, you looked so sad..

    heres a cookie.

  60. 60

    I WAS LIVID!!! she shouldve atleast tried to dodge the question by saying how great our founding fathers were…like you said in your rant! everyone knows that the judges love answers like that. wel i'm glad you were able to be the reason she didnt actually win. thnk you

  61. 61


  62. 62

    Though I may not agree with her…I feel like she is being penalized for being honest. People should still be entitled to an opinion without being scared or intimidated or punished.

    Because she was raised brought up that marriage is between a man and a woman now she is a dumb bitch? All this liberal intimidation is going to backfire…

  63. 63

    Booooooooooooooooooooooooooo Miss Cali

  64. 64

    thanks for using my video post ,from twitter gorgeous
    rock on and dont listen to those fools, she miss usa village idiot, trash that no name tiara wannabe * ouch * wonder if she felt that biotch smack. lol

  65. Joker says – reply to this


    the look on Perez's face at the end says it all.
    how disappointing.

  66. 66

    Honestly, it's her opinion and she has every right to express it. Trying to bully her just because you don't agree with it is pathetic, Perez.

  67. 67

    shes right!!

  68. 68

    I didn't hear boos..I thought it was cheers…

  69. 69

    Uh that didn't sound like boos to me…

  70. 70

    i didn't hear any boos

  71. 71

    oh god…cant believe she said that. at least she didnt say it was wrong.

  72. 72

    epic fail. loved it. the only reason why id ever watch miss usa is to see something like this. youre trying to run for miss usa? miss usa wouldnt be closeminded or that stupid. she is supposed to support america and be a role model not some stupid close minded barbie. i love how she starts out, i love that we live in a country where we can choose, well you ignorant female, its not legal in your state so there for homosexuals cant choose marriage, its even better that she gets all rude and cocky at the end to state her point and is bitchy about it and even gets louder to finish her point. i bet she was going to win and that answer made her loose. good job perez, for once you do something that DOESNT offend me. it was a very intelligent question.

  73. 73

    First, NO ONE is talking about this. And she didn't get booed. You've had your fudge packed so long and deep you are full of shit.

  74. 74

    why is it when she turns her head to the side all i hear is the ocean????

  75. 75

    No one was booing…all I heard was applause for her!!
    Although, I am all for gay marriage unlike Miss California, I respect that she answered the question honestly and said her true opinion, which is rare these days with everyone always having to be so politically correct about EVERYTHING.

  76. 76

    haha way more cheering than boos perez

  77. 77

    well, she's correct. gay's should have the same privileges and rights as straights, i firmly believe that. just don't disrespect god by (A) getting hitched in a church and (B) calling it marriage-call it anything but.

  78. 78

    what a dumb bimbo! ):

  79. 79

    She SAID that she was glad that there was a choice but for her personally, she believed that marriage should be between a man and woman. No booing. You just didn't like her answer. Your TV reaction was very professional and at least your had the courage to ask an interesting question.

  80. 80

    Free speech is a right. Who are you to even hint that she is wrong. Everyone has the right to their opinion.

  81. 81

    she does what she's told, that's sharp

  82. 82

    Well mkey, thats a honest case i guess, to bad, cause it does make here parents and family seem like douches…. I cant wait untill i get my own kids and they grow up, i hope and pray they dont get such predujice…cuz they wont be getting them from me!!

    Wake up miss California!

  83. 83

    You have to commend her for being honest and telling the 'TRUTH' about her 'VALUES'…and actually, it looked like you got owned!!!!! Sux to be you on national television…

  84. 84

    bitch deserved to lose. EQUALITY FOR EVERYONE!

    but she didn't get booed?

  85. 85

    Ok, so, I didn't hear any booing, and I respect her right to her opinion, however, she answered that question horribly. Her response reminds me of a Reader's Digest version of Miss South Carolina. She answered the question without polish, fumbled on her words, and sounded very unintelligent. And, you are right..She could have worded her response in a much better manner.

  86. 86

    Wow what a dumb bitch! She's gonna look like a HOT MESS now coz NO gay guy will willingly do her hair and makeup from now on!!

  87. 87

    Great question Perez… That was some of the most incoherant rambling I've ever heard on her part… She should have been knocked down further in the ranking after that! She's welcome to her own opinion, but she def didn't express herself clearly at all. She fails…

  88. missB says – reply to this


    hey, i respect her for being honest.. she could have easily lied and gotten a lot of support for it and maybe a better chance at winning, but she stuck to her true beliefs.

  89. 89

    Re: skippedit

    good response. eat it, perez…

  90. 90

    Sounded like applause did not hear booing

  91. 91

    disappointing, someone noted that they heard clapping but with an audience that big, that was just a small portion clapping.. but look who we're dealing with with the contestants, most of them have been in pageants theis whole lives, wearing lipstick and makeup since 3, pride theirself on beauty and crowns more than anything, must i go on….

  92. 92

    Re: TexasBeth


  93. 93

    She couldn't even articulate a sentence. "It's great that you can choose same or the opposite?" And you didn't ask her her personal opinion, you asked if she felt that other states should follow Vermont's example.

    And you can obviously hear boos.

  94. 94


  95. 95

    NOT cool!!! what and idiot!

  96. 96

    she should NOT be representing california! that's terrible.

  97. 97

    Glad she was true to her self. Not all believe in it, its America and that is allowed. She didnt stomp on her beliefs to win a competition, more power to her.

  98. 98

    i agree with her and i did hear boos

  99. 99

    hmm…was waiting for the boo heard cheering instead

  100. 100

    Perez got owned, she didnt boo…and plus what a hypocrite you are (like most liberal facists) you cant deal with people who disagree…you want people to be open minded yet you are not open to people who disagree….putz

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