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THE YouTube Moment Of Miss USA!

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THIS is it!

Everyone's talking about it!!!!

CLICK HERE to check it out.

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999 comments to “THE YouTube Moment Of Miss USA!”

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  1. 101

    Also, even though you phrased your question to coincide with the others (dealing with government), it had deep moral convictions at its root. While you can argue that she should have answered one way or the other regardless of views, there really isn't a way to do that. This is more than Democrat/Republican liberal/conservative. It is a whole different "ball game" when you bring moral and or/religious views in.

  2. 102

    such a hard question to answer.. I give her props for sticking to her beliefs in front of so many people ..

  3. 103

    Booed???????? You are losing it!

  4. 104

    Re: alexosh1234 – that was what i thought was hysterical too…opposite marriage!! what an idiot.

  5. 105

    No booing here.

  6. 106

    I didn't hear any booing, actually people were applauding…..

  7. 107


  8. 108

    Re: andrxw


  9. 109

    she has a right to her opinion, yes…but she could have answered it better. There is nothing wrong with same sex marriage. It doesn't hurt anyone so i personally don't see a problem with it. Its those religious wackos that think it's wrong. Two people in love should be allowed to marry no matter if they are same sex or not. Equal rights as well.

  10. 110

    Perez Hilton gets Owned! Now that's Funny!

  11. 111

    i believe that people should be left alone to do whatever they choose. ain't nobody else's business who you fall in love with. she got first part right!

  12. 112

    I heard a mix…and that makes me sad! Should have been a whole auditorium full of Boo's!!!!!! We'll get there!!!!

  13. 113

    I only heard cheering not booing. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  14. 114

    first of all she didnt get booed. and at least she was honest and gave her opinion. just because her answer wasnt what you wanted it to be doesnt mean you should criticize her for it and make a big deal out of it. im one of the people that believe same sex marriage should be legal but there are people out there who believe otherwise. she did a great job answering this question.

  15. 115


  16. 116

    didn't hear any booing. and i definitely wouldn't consider it "THE YouTube Moment of Miss USA". Perez, asking a question that is so personal to you individually is ridiculously unprofessional. Everyone is aware of your sexual orientation, and you shouldn't have used the MIss USA pageant as a platform for you to bring awareness to issues that to you are of utter importance. I doubt a Miss USA's view of gay marriage will ever be relevant during her reign, and while Miss California did contradict herself, I think she was given a loaded question with no right answer. The answer which corresponds to her personal believes? She is a closed-minded loser. Answer which appeals to gays/lesbians? She is compromising her personal values and is essentially a liar. Perez, you should know by now that you catch more bees with honey than vinegar. Next time, try to keep a smile on your face, even if the answer you receive isn't the one you hoped for. It's called being professional.

  17. 117

    not cool, she shouldn't have said that

  18. 118

    i agree with her.

  19. 119

    Even though I don't agree with her answer, it's still her choice. Those sure didn't sound like boos though..

  20. 120

    she is entitled to have her opinion. not everyone loves fags

  21. 121


  22. 122

    hahaha.your face at the end mario!

  23. Beth says – reply to this


    Good for her!!!! I think it's great that she answered truthfully!

  24. 124

    This is the problem i have. Okay, not everyone HAS to believe in Gay Marriage, im sorry. But its okay if people dont, we dont HAVE to. She stood up for her beliefs and i applaud that.

  25. 125

    Why does everyone have to agree with what YOU LIkE? You asked her a damn question and she answered it TRUTHFULLY..I guess you wanted her to lie? It's MISS AMERICA, she's not running for President of the United States..wtf does it matter..I realize you are a homo and everything, but what does Miss America have to do with that?

  26. 126

    A lot of you guys are retarded. Perez's question to her was whether or not other states should legalize gay marriage. She didn't answer the question and she used bad grammar. She is stupid.

  27. 127

    Wow, you are UNprofessional! She answered what was on her mind, there is no need to call her names. You keep disappointing lately! Soon enough, your only fans will be angry, bored gay guys! Wow, ppl do not like gay ppl. Earth calling Perez!

  28. 128

    First off you narcissistic ~Marano~ The world does not revolve around your fat hateful ASS. You spin nothing but propaganda and yet you call yourself a journalist? A wannabe maybe but nothing more. Get laid you greasy piggy!

  29. 129

    GOOD FOR HER! i'd vote her miss USA any day! because that is how it is supposed to be! and perez, you put yourself into that situation. boo hoo if you didn't hear what you wanted. grow up!

  30. 130

    shes a loser :)


  31. 131

    uh…. i didn't hear booing. only cheering. lol

  32. 132

    OMG she didnt even answer the question y asked

  33. 133

    She didnt even answer the question right! She's retarded but i agree with the not hearing any boos. maybe Perez heard the boo's better because he was there but for the most part i only heard cheering.

  34. 134

    God, what a dumbass she is. I don't even think she was standing up for any moral blablabla, I believe she was scared of people's reaction - either she answer yes or no, there will be people saying negative stuff. But saying yes would show us that this pretty plastic toys have some sort of tiny brain lost in their heads.

  35. 135

    it sounds like shes getting cheered… :(
    but i boo her.

  36. 136

    aaawwwwweee perez
    you looked disapointed

  37. 137

    i dont understand how she got "owned"?? i believe she is entitled to her own opinion…why should we bash her on her opinion when you are so upset about people bashing your opinion? a little hypocritical perez. Im glad that she stood for what she believes in. why should she say somethign just to please you??

  38. Laury says – reply to this


    Admit it Perez, you only posted the video because you're in it. And of course, your question had to be about something that has to do with homosexuality. Famewhore.

  39. 139

    I didn't hear any booing?

  40. 140

    and perez, even though you've been using this blog only to promote yourself and friends, I gotta say congratulations for your question!

  41. 141

    i hear cheering…

  42. KSC says – reply to this


    LOL, good for her! People have different opinions, doesn't make them wrong!

    Perez sucks.

  43. 143

    stupid bitch.

  44. 144

    You got owned greasy butt! BWAHAHAHAHAHA

  45. 145

    Re: MoffPoff – how does that make her family seem like douches? honestly. that's how her family raised her, that's how my family raised me! it's not being douchy at all. he asked her honest opinion and she gave it to them. sorry if it's not what you wanted to hear but don't be all PREJUDICE, btw, that's how you spell it, against those who don't have the same opinions as you. that's being hypocritical. kthanksbye

  46. 146

    of course she's against gay marriage, look at her fake tan and ugly hair! we'd never let someone we like go out looking like that.

  47. 147

    Re: amb1177 – i most definitely agree, and i love how you said putz!

  48. 148

    I'm sure she has a "personal relationship" with Jesus too, never masterbates, thinks the earth is 6000 years old, believes that a person could live in a whale for 3 days, and women come from the rib of a man called Adam.

  49. 149

    I didn't hear boo's….

    And I think it's great that she told the truth. Would you rather have a Miss America that lied, and just said what people wanted her to say? More power to her.

    This doesn't mean I agree with her though. But I'm just saying, everyone has a right to their own opinions.

  50. 150

    Sweetie, she didn't get booed. BUT she should have.
    PLUS… it was a set up, she goes to a "Christian" college.

  51. 151

    Re: gigidi – Beautiful???? Come on! There was nothing striking about her. She is EXTREMELY ORDINARY. I am surprised that she made it that far…seriously.

  52. 152

    First off, I resent whoever deemed themselves a "typical" New England conservative preppie bitch. You may be all that - but I live in New England and it's blue state country. It also happens to boast two of the states in this country that have legalized gay marriage. So, my dear, your views are anything but "typical" so don't speak for us. Secondly, it isn't that she had to endorse gay marriage - she has the right to her opinion. But she could have given a thoughtful and tactful answer - and she didn't. And that's why she deserved to lose.

  53. 153

    PEREZ! U look soooo good there!!! :)

  54. 154

    uhh maybe I am stupid, but I didn't hear any booing…

  55. 155

    no Boo's but seriously let a person have an opinion idiot. how can you act offended when you make fun of handicapped girls ???

    she was just honestly stating her opinion. get over it.


  56. 156

    At least she answered it honestly, and didn't beat around the bush. I personally do not think gay marriage should be legalized because marriage is for two individuals who are to conceive. If you're not able to, or not willing to conceive then you shouldn't be married. Marriage is the first step to starting a family, and 2 people don't make a family……they make a couple.

  57. Laury says – reply to this


    Re: heyooo13 – Very well put. Couldn't have said it better.

  58. 158

    She was clapped more than she was booed and rightly so. I'm gay, and whilst i don't agree with what she said, i admire the fact that she was honest instead of pandering and spouting out whatever she thinks would win her the crown. If that answer lost her the competition at least she still has her integrity intact.

    Another reason i like her is Perez's face following her reply. If anyone was "owned" it was him….

  59. 159

    For all of you who think her answer was so terrible..I don't know why you think it's so easy to be on a stage with bright lights, in front of so many people and to know that there are millions more watching you and to then be asked a question, that you do NOT know beforehand, to answered very shortly after being asked…I'm sure most of you critisizing her would sound like bigger dumb asses than she did.

  60. 160

    awwww perez got his feelings hurt.
    that took balls. go her!!!

  61. 161

    Talk about standing up for your beliefs girl!!! Don't reward is in Heaven!!! God will honor you Carlie!

  62. 162

    This is a democracy and she has the right to her opinion, I have friends who are gay but its not something i want for myself or my family… we are all entitled to our opinions, doesnt mean theres anything wrong with either side of the situation!!

  63. 163

    perez i love you and this site. if i were a gay man id be so in love w/you!:) you empower my gay friends and i admire you and your site.

  64. 164

    I don't respect her for saying what she "honestly" thought because I don't respect bigotry. what was she thinking??? worst answer possible. (that would have been awesome Perez if you had snatched the crown and ran though!)

  65. 165

    She is a twit, but you're an even bigger moron for posting it just because you happen to be in the clip. What a surprise!

    California should definately be ashamed, however. As should you for shameless self promotion.

  66. 166

    BOOO BITCH BOOO! I was at home sitting on my living room sofa booing her. You could definitely tell alot of people in the audience were not happy.

  67. 167

    There were more applauses than boos.

  68. 168

    People were applauding and cheering, and no one booed. You're a gay man asking a straight woman about a gay marriage. You're shoving your own beliefs down her throat. She has a right to her own ethical and moral beliefs.. And what if she is deeply religious person and her religion forbids marriage between two men ?

  69. 169

    I loved the girl who thought America needed more maps. I want her back, this woman is just ignorant, and will get a reality show out of the deal. It's unfortunate people think the way she does, but she said it was "how she was raised." So perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel as that generation of haters die off.

  70. 170

    I bet her costume designer, makeup artist, and coach sure are hurt by her comments… how could someone in pageant world NOT be pro-gay rights.

  71. 171

    I'm glad she gave an honest answer. That makes me have sooooo much respect for her, because it wasn't the "popular" answer. In my country, Perez, people have the right to their own opinions. Just like you have the right to gossip, lie, and rant about your convictions, she has a right to do the same.

  72. 172

    she wasn't booed PENDEJO! I heard clapping

    and what do you care whether or not gay marriage is legal……..even if it was you still need to find someone willing to marry your old ass!

  73. 173

    Again with all the negative comments I see. Oh well, I guess you people still haven't been taught what maturity is. I believe in same sex marriage, but unfortunately my mom & two other sisters don't. It's quite comical if you step in our house and were debating the topic because the whole house is split when it comes to the topic. Three people are against it and two support it. My mom says "Marriage is suppose to be between a man and a woman" and my older sister says "Love is love. People can love whoever they want".

  74. 174

    BIG EFFEN BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo on her–I am from CALI and that state is becoming a huge embarrassment!

  75. 175

    who gives a damn……

  76. 176

    wow..what a close minded bitch

  77. VGirl says – reply to this


    she wasn't booed , I mean maybe a little but she was also cheered….is a sensitive topic and I'm not sure of whay I would say but she was brave enough to say what she really thinks

  78. 178

    Dude, fuck her!

    Why is she on this anyway?
    Not worth it, at all!

  79. jefdo says – reply to this


    There was no booing, I actually heard applause. Just because you pretend something happens Perez doesn't mean it actually happens…

  80. 180

    Well everyone can have there own opinions but you are right, she disregards a whole group of the populations feelings. People shouldn't be told who or who not to love, it is their own personal choice. Miss California will probably have to do some damage control on this one.

  81. 181

    Boo Boo Boo Boo Booooooooo Miss California. My home state is a disgrace on this issue. If Perez wants to marry a wonderful man, WHY is that a threat to the word Marriage? Gay, straight or bi, marriage is tough enough without California giving it a try. We are founded on rights. That includes Rights For All, not just some. Shame on you, Miss California. An ugly brain rock paper scissors a pretty face. Your views are narrow-minded and very ugly. Being a part of the majority doesn't make you smart. Standing up and defending fellow Americans in love is noble. Take a clue America. Take a clue.

  82. 182

    she has an opinion… wow I guess that makes her a dumb bitch Perez. Not agreeing doesnt mean she is a hater. She just doesnt agree.

  83. 183

    I agree with her!

  84. 184

    I'm happy she spoke her mind. At least she was truthful. Everybody is allowed their own opinion and she - completely respectfully - told hers.

  85. 185

    uhm… she wasn't getting booed. she is entitled to her opinion, and i'm sure you wanted an honest answer.

  86. 186

    if she would of said "i support gay marriage" you would of praised her and not wanted the stupid states thing u put in your blog.

    she actually stood up for something i give her props and like her better then before. be open minded a bit and respect her opinion instead of bashing and looking for anything to discredit anyone that disagrees.

  87. 187

    boo you whore

  88. 188

    Ew, that bleached blonde bitch needs to go DIAF! I mean seriously, how fucking ignorant can you get?!

  89. 189

    Her answer made no sense, first she goes on about choice, then flips it to right wing conservative, sara palin supporting bitch!

  90. 190

    When I saw that she was in the final 2… I knew North Carolina had it in the bag. I knew there was NO WAY that Perez gave her a high score on that answer lol.
    Are you able to tell us what rating you did give???

  91. 191

    GO PEREZ!!

  92. 192

    Hell, yeah she was booed. I was there and I was booing right along with half of the audience. That hurt her chance of winning.

  93. c3m says – reply to this


    The stupidness is not in her belief… but that she was not even asked what her stance was on the subject at all but rather if states should follow suit in legalizing it…. stupid

  94. 194

    It is 2009, and we should not be fighting this anymore,whatever your sexual pref or ethnicity, do what you want and have and enjoy all of the same benefits as others, yeah maybe entitled to your own opinion but these are more like rights not opinions, and everyone should have the same rights no matter who you are, i would say her opinion is very ignorant and should be ignored, she should be reminded when it was frowned upon to be a woman who wanted more than to just be a housewife and sometimes show a little leg, look how far we as americans have come just recognizing what women can do, obviousley she has not…

  95. 195

    Sorry Perez, but I heard more claps than boos. I think you might have heard what you wanted to hear.

  96. 196

    THAT BITCH IS FIERCE! I mean come on some people feel that marriage should stay the way it is (MEN/WOMEN). I think that it is good she was able to speak her mind, how many people are afraid to even do this? I am for same sex marriage and I like people to hear what I have to say. Let everyone have their opinion….. that's why we vote!

  97. 197

    This young dumb Be-otch! These stupid airheads that walk the catwalk have NO CLUE about real life! They're usually dumb as a box of rocks! It's 2009 young ass, get a clue!

  98. 198

    UMMMM i didnt hear boooo's ?????

  99. 199

    WTF is "opposite marriage?" On that alone, she deserved to get booed. Good for you, Perez.

  100. 200

    In my opinion, and I have said this all night, those girls had attitude this year and wanted it bad,but what they needed on stage was a different host, call the Trupmster, Next year WE WANT PEREZ on stage, no more billy bush

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