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THE YouTube Moment Of Miss USA!

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THIS is it!

Everyone's talking about it!!!!

CLICK HERE to check it out.

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999 comments to “THE YouTube Moment Of Miss USA!”

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  1. 301

    I didnt hear any booing, but I wasnt there. I think she answered the question just fine. She stated that she doesnt agree with gay marriage, and thats it. I think you dont like it just because she's against it.

  2. 302

    omfg… good thing she didn't win…. wow…

  3. 303

    Aahhh such a great question to ask! COMPLETELY disappointed by her answer though.

  4. 304

    HAHAHA Good for her, why should we change what was written before, that is what the United States was, is and always SHOULD be!!!

  5. 305

    lmfao…I def. heard booo. and she DEF went home and cried about it

  6. 306

    Re: Mkaytie – She is totally right, don't be a hypocrite. You asked her a question with the intent of praising her on your site if she answered in accordance with your opinion, and with the intent of reprimanding her if she disagreed with you. She likely knew who you were and your sexual orientation and was aware of what your reaction would be to her response. In spite of what she said, I think it was courageous and praiseworthy of her to respond truthfully when she knew you would try to publicly embarrass her.

  7. 307

    Re: gigidi – Yeah but I mean come on? Her only reason was she was 'raised' that way. Some people need to wake up and get with the program. Program meaning EQUALITY!

  8. harle says – reply to this


    I mean seriously though, it was a damn pageant- haven't we evolved past that! The demographic of the people who watch it and participate are well lets be honest retarded! This follows the line of Civil Rights and Woman's rights, the world will eventually evolve.

  9. 309

    ahhahah!!! Perez got fucking OWNED

  10. 310

    wow hahahaa

  11. 311

    another example of why beauty pageants should be about beauty and not brains because she clearly has none.

  12. 312

    Her answer was terrible.. and I can't look at her in a positive light because I don't agree with her opinion.

  13. 313

    Perez, you looked like you were about to cry!!! That stupid bitch!!!! Grrrrr. She could've at least lied.

  14. 314

    Im happy with her answer and I think that it represents how a lot of Americans truly believe. But I think a lot of those people are forced to keep their opinion to themselves because if they do express it they will get negative attention - because the media and hollywood are pro-gay marriage. Im against it and Im so so so happy with her answer.

  15. 315

    ugh…ignorant people makes my ass itch. and everybody who thinks that this pretty DUMB bxtch was just EXPRESSING her opinion. ur a dumb BITCH too. " I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman" Well i believe that marriage should be between PEOPLE who love each other. -smh
    Follow me on twitter @ladiiXO

  16. 316

    really did anyone inform her that its 2009???

  17. 317

    so when you ask someone what they think about it, you were only wanting one answer? that's ridiculous. I don't think she got "owned" at all; I applaud her for being HONEST. plus, the look on YOUR face was priceless. it looked to me like YOU got owned, Perez. nice try, though.

  18. 318

    That was a definite mix of cheers and boos.

  19. 319

    She looks like a Tranny!!! Maybe she was just saying all that shit to hide the truth…..that she is really a man!

    Seriously, she contradicted herself by saying we have the freedom to choose but then goes on to say she doesn't believe in same sex marriage. Is she living in the 50s?? Even if she was against it, there are still better ways to answer. She could have been truthful without being ignorant, dumb, and offensive.

  20. 320

    I disagree with her but I am glad that she didn't lie and say she accepted it, just to make others happy.

  21. 321

    umm. great for her having her own thoughts but.


  22. 322

    Re: JPCG

    Cool story, bro.

  23. 323

    Im for gay rights, but still if your going to answer a question you do not believe in. she shouldve answered differently or at least well enough! i did not like her answer and if i had to answer and i was no to gay marriage i wouldve made myself sound respectful about it. However, most religious people(she went to a christian unversity) are not open mind.. (most,not all)

  24. 324

    what a dumb hooker! the gays made her who she is! Fuck her and her drag queen outfit & face!

  25. 325

    Ugh I was rooting for her too, how can she say in her final answer that
    she doesnt think Gays should be allowed to be married??

    - Boo she representing california

    - Gay men are the ones that run and follow pageantry.

    HIV/AIDS, gonna be visiting a bunch of gay men hello!

    Please. She should have never signed up.
    (And it has nothing to do with
    marriage, but i dont think any gay man would want to be helped or
    represented by her bitch ass.)

    ***Also about the boos, there was probably booing in the auditorium, you
    just didnt hear it on tv. The cameras and audio was right next to
    Miss Utah's cheering section, so they cheered on miss California's answer.**

  26. 326

    Hey mario its understandable that you are for gay marriage but you have zero credibility because you are WAYY too pro-gay and you have no objectivity whatsoever. It is nice that at least she was honest, obviously you did not get the answer you were hoping for, but that's her personal preference and you should respect it.

  27. 327

    I did not hear one single boo. I thought she gave a great answer and I totally agree. Why would she say something about each state deciding for itself? That's not the question she was asked. I heard all cheers.

  28. 328

    she answered honestly, i think that's much better than her saying something to appease one particular judge. everyone's got their own opinions and perspective, perez.

  29. 329

    arena = thousands of dollars
    dresses of competitors = thousands of dollars
    the look on perez's face after Ms. California's answer =PRICELESS
    what a fucking bitch ms. california is… she should NOT be representing my country!

  30. 330

    This makes me sick! California should be the next to follow suit!

  31. redd says – reply to this


    Well bless her heart!! Her Mother/Brother parents in that there trailer park, must be sooo proud to have raised such a closed minded snob like her!!! Anybody else hear banjo's??

  32. 332

    I think you have a problem Perez, because she doesn't share your oppinion about gay marriages you called her a dumb bitch?? honestly, look who's really wrong..U are!!! I don't really care about gay marriages, anyways I understand her answer..u have ppl have a huge problem, not her. If you want gays to be respected why don't you start by respecting people!!!!I really hope anyone else pick u as a judge for a beauty pageant..u suck!!. …asshole, and yeah…I think U are the one and only Dumb bitch here!

  33. 333

    so glad she stuck up for what she believed in and didn't kiss ass.

  34. 334

    I'm not saying that she should have lied, but she could have been more tactful. She didn't even answer the question correctly. The question was whether she thought that other states should follow in the footsteps of Vermont. She started off the question claiming that she respected this country's policy to allow people to choose and then turned it around with her own personal opinion. If she had ended it in the middle, she would have been fine.

  35. 335

    she answered that so poorly. everyone can have their own opinion but she just sounded dumb.

  36. 336

    Don't be such a bully, Perez. Does everyone have to believe what YOU believe for you to give them respect??? Get real! Have some TOLERANCE for ALL opinions.

  37. 337

    Re: honey3057 – THANK YOU! I'm opinionated- I admit it. :)

  38. 338

    I didn't hear boos… that was even more disturbing.
    Well here's a boo from Canada! BOOOOO!!!

  39. corny says – reply to this


    Wow, what a dumb bitch for so many reasons, shes a dumb as hell bitch

  40. 340

    Ha, perez didn't look too happy when he heard her response. I think that was a bunch of bullshit. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs, obviously. However, when a man and a man, or a woman and a woman love each other…why stop that only because you were raised in a strict conservative home? I think it is completely and utterly selfish for these people to go out of their way and stop gay marriage to occur, just because of their own beliefs.

  41. 341

    Good for her! But I think she could have answered it in a better way, in which she doesn't alienate gays.

  42. 342

    Perez-that may not have been a correct answer but it was the farthest thing from being the dumbest answer ever. And there were more claps that I heard over boos! I think this is just your compaign way of boycotting Miss CA just to get your socks off for attention and to bring more attention to your site! You are all about numbers & that's it! If you were all about equality then you would show it instead of calling others 'fag hag, tranny,' and using those very hate words that as a gay person-you are supposed to be trying to stop. You're a hypocrite as long as you are about 'you' and in 'your moment'!!

  43. 343

    She made me sad!

  44. 344

    Good for her. She stood up for what she believed in and I think that's awesome.
    Go Miss California!

  45. 345

    you're just pissed off she didnt answer what u wanted to hear.. whatever dude, shes entitled of having her opinion.. and btw.. yeah she did not get booed,, I heard claps and whistles .. not a single boo

  46. cy says – reply to this


    Fuck gay marriage!! If you want to be gay to each is own, but marriage should be between a man and a woman.. I think she did a great job answering that question:)

  47. 347

    Re: ClaraB – I live in Texas and both dallas and Houston have very large, very active gay communities. Houston has had and still does have a gay City Councilperson. We're not always getting it right here- and we don't have marital rights yet, but it's not as ass backwards as you might think.

  48. 348

    who cares it's her opinion

  49. 349

    oh yeah and also….She got implants a couple weeks before she had to leave for the pageant. HA! what a great role model she is for young girls.

  50. 350

    all of them had stupid answers.

  51. 351

    She is so stupid
    Fuck Miss California

  52. 352

    God bless her!! Thank you for having morals and being a decent person Ms. California!!!! :)

  53. 353

    first of all the dumb girl needs to know her audience, come on PEREZ HILTON is asking you!!!!

    shes so ignorant, im disappointed she is a representative of this state!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. 354

    dumb bitch.

  55. 355

    That's why she lost.

  56. 356

    Perez was in the jury. Wow. That's low

  57. 357

    She got screwed by getting Perez. Any of the contestants getting that question would have been critized by answering one way or the other. Very touchy subject right now in the U.S.A.

  58. 358

    youu are a dumbass you'll never get picked to judge again cause you're so fucking biased and stupid…you would have ranked her low if she said she didn't like Lady GagMe

  59. 359

    i know it's after the fact but i hope you didn't mark her down just b/c she's opposed to how you feel.

    in any case –
    you still rock, perez.

  60. 360

    MISS CALIFORNIA is a close minded whore. BOO!

  61. 361

    Good for her. If given the opportunity, I'd send her a dozen roses in gratitude for saying what she believes is right (and *I* am in agreement).

  62. Soz says – reply to this


    glad that bitch didn't win!

  63. 363

    Her Answer was HORRIBLE but so was your dumb ass question Perez. I am SO over these white muthaf-ers and those like YOU who think they are white, pushing this agenda when there are other things that we should be focused on…namely the number of gay men who continue to get infected with HIV and perpetuate this horrible disease simply because no one in our community can tell the truth and continue to live in a fucking fantasy land about how difficult life is living with it. Im HIv negative, gay and I am OVER this stoopid gay marriage idea as an important, pressing issue.

  64. 364

    I have to commend her for voicing her opinion on the topic, and not going with the answer she though would enhance her performance.

    It is a tough topic for many Americans to discuss and I think she handled it to the best of her ability.

    I don't share her stance on marriage but I'm not going to critize her for it.

  65. 365

    Good for her, why the hell is Perez even a judge, wait why the hell are you even on television!… Your @** got owned Perez sorry but your face was priceless, she's entitled to her own opinion and honestly no one should have been asked such a question and I give all my respect to her for being honest

  66. 366

    Isn't California supposed to be progressive? She SUCKS and is a very bad public figure. She should have been Miss Arkansas ( no offense people from Arkansas).

  67. 367

    "OPPOSITE MARRIAGE"?!?!? She's officially an epic fail to life!!!

  68. 368

    Way to go, Miss California! Keep marriage sacred!

  69. 369

    WHy the F*** are u even on television?

  70. 370


  71. 371

    I'm sure that was the question she wanted nothing to do with, and it threw her, but at least she was honest and let everyone know her pov.

  72. 372

    She did the right thing, its hard to do the right thing sometimes, and to stand up for what you believe in, She is amazing, and I agree with her

  73. 373

    For all of you that are agreeing with her, open your minds! its 2009 for fuck sake! Its wack people like this that make me proud to live in a Country that fully supports gay marriage, for one, and two, doesn't hold competitions based on beauty…get over yourselves!

  74. 374

    Putting her down for her opinion/beliefs isn't right either you fudge packer!!

  75. 375

    excuse me..yes she got booed by all of those people who do care about equality .. she did not make sense, she first goes along say shes glad we all have a"choice"but then brings up HER choice and HER believes, when she is suppose to be thinking about everyone else,not juse her,otherrise,shes contradicting The Miss Usa Pagents and shoudnt have been apart of it. Maybe theres somethingwe do not like, but that dosent mean we should bring it down..E; just because some of us may be gay, we woudnt bash on straight people being married. We might might not be straight, but we dont dissagree that its a law that they can be married.

  76. 376

    Good for her sticking to what she believes in. Shows good character.

  77. CaraC says – reply to this


    I support gay marriage, but I think the question was inappropriate for the venue. This was a much more political question than these contestants normally get. While I understand Perez's motivation, I don't think it was fair. No matter what she answered, she was sure to offend a lot of people. The girl is not running for political office. She's in a beauty pageant.

  78. 378

    GREAT QUESTION PEREZ but WRONG ANSWER, BITCH! I guess some people still don't believe in equality in 2009. Don't worry Americans, one day your time will come and you can join the civilized countries of the world. GO SPAIN, THE NETHERLANDS, CANADA and the other progressive countries.

  79. 379

    She made that sh!t about herself. I hope she loses sponsorship

  80. 380

    Racism is a personal belief, so is communism. Would you guys support those personal beliefs, if that was a persons true thoughts? YEAH, RIGHT!

  81. 381

    Freedom of speech? Is that of question? I honestly didn't like Miss California very much until she spoke what she felt was true. She very easily could have taken the high road, especially knowing what Perez of course wanted to hear….but she didn't, she said what she believed. I can only commend that. I think you all should also. Would you have been able to do the same?

  82. 382

    as much as i hate u perez ure a stupid bitch i have 2 agree wit u she said da wrong answer shes stupid as hell but i give her sexy ass a lil credit for being honest but still it was a wrong answer….perez stick a dildo in ur mouth and shut up y da hell would dey cast u as a judge anyways u did it for free cause den i could understand

  83. 383

    she was NOT booed, she was cheered big time and I think that regardless of what her opinion was I think she did great answering that kind of question to Perez, she could easily just say what he wanted to hear but she spoke her mind in a very respectful way and she ended up as 1st runner up. Well deserved!

  84. 384

    I didn't like her answer but that's an opinion and she has hers but what I'm really in wonderment about is that she says "In my country … " - ummm, where is Miss USA held? Who are the people in the audience? What country are the judges from? Unfortunately, this is exactly the problem we have here in America. It's as if the "other side" wants to co-opt America as their country and not be inclusive. That is the real reason to be upset. She can believe anything she wants but to think that that is the only America, that is problematic.

  85. 385

    well fuck the way you were raised..stupid stuck up bitch

  86. 386

    Good for her answering her question honestly, but damn. *Her* country. Yeah, exactly.

    I guess she doesn't read your blog Perez. Sorry bud :-/

  87. 387

    people like her are the reason california didnt pass proposition 8
    fuck her

  88. 388

    It's hard to see someone who lacks enlightenment speak, when what they are saying is so hurtful. God willing, someday, there will be equality for all. Hopefully, in the meantime, someone like her won't ever be chosen to represent America. We don't need bigots carrying the sash of America.

  89. 389

    That's right! lets keep it Holy and Mormon! Gay is not the way!

  90. Hobbz says – reply to this


    "we live in a land where we can CHOOSE same sex or opposite marriage?"

    CHICK needs a grammar lesson.


  91. 391

    She sounded like an ignorant idiot. Glad she lost. If gays have less rights they should pay less taxes. Discrimination is wrong. I'm tired of people pushing their religious beliefs on everyone else.

  92. Noah says – reply to this


    She deserved to be 1st runner up. Sweet Justice!

  93. 393

    Well, I was RAISED by an alcoholic racist homophobe.
    That doesn't mean I share his opinions, because I have a mind of my OWN.

    Seriously, why do people care about this issue? Even if they are religious… it's not their business, people should be equal and everyone can keep their prejudice in their own heads.

  94. 394

    Nice drag queen makeup. She looks like a bulimic Hedda Lettuce.

  95. 395

    Thank you Perez for your question! And who knows, maybe Miss North Carolina would have said something just as awful, but at least you unveiled one person's bigotry. When she answered your question, all I heard was "I'm beautiful and have been privileged all my life. Screw anyone else who is different than me. I only want to represent MY ideal America. And Im perfect, so why not?" Bitch! I'm so glad she's a LOSER!

  96. 396

    Wow. Another dumb blonde from California. Who'd a thunk it.

  97. 397

    Ok she has the right to express her opinion but it's a narrow minded, backward and very divisive, holier than thou opinion. That's all…. could it have caused her the crown. Ah think so…well would you like a bigot to represent CA?

  98. 398

    Um yes she did get booed are you guys fucking deaf

  99. 399

    Leave it up to propaganda hilton to spin a story, she obviously got cheered, with that said she's entitled to HER opinion, not YOURS. People are used to having your opinions on celebrities shoved down people's throats and now your trying to put what you think is right politically down people's throats. P.S. opinions aside she seems very daft.

  100. 400

    Imean a bigot to represent the USA?

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