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THE YouTube Moment Of Miss USA!

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THIS is it!

Everyone's talking about it!!!!

CLICK HERE to check it out.

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999 comments to “THE YouTube Moment Of Miss USA!”

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  1. 501

    i heard cheers and boos. but then again perez was actually there so is probably a better judge. the chick is an idiot though she didnt even answer the question, nor did she feel the need to explain why she thinks marriage should only be between a man and woman.

  2. 502


  3. 503

    The only sad thing about this 'issue' is that apparently Perez is somewhat racist too. Calling the girl a dumb bitch and lashing out at her because she has an opinion that doesn't suit his?
    Don't get me wrong, I am very much PRO GAY marriage; here in Holland everybody is free te love anyone he/she likes, and it is absolutely gay heaven.
    Maybe it's because for us, being gay is a non issue and we don't get all worked up if someone believes a heterosexual marriage is the only way to go.
    I really can't understand why Perez is being so intolerant to an opinion other than his own.

    True equality works both ways Perez. Stop being so one track minded.
    Props 4 the girl being brutally honest instead of a dumb, blond liar.

  4. 504

    Re: okiedokiejj

    You made comparisons between same-sex marriage and people marrying pets. I believe you have clearly demonstrated your ignorance and homophobia, just as the woman has in this video. Well done.

  5. marke says – reply to this


    First of all, she starts off with the beloved right wing word of "choose". They have to hold onto that word because otherwise they would have to admit that gay people were made the way they are by their God. Forget that it has been demonstrated over and over again that most gay people have not "chosen" to be the way they are, instead it is how God made them. Just as we dont "chose" to have brown, blue or green eyes, or to have blonde, red or black hair we also do not "choose" our sexuality. If so, I want to hear the countless stories about all the staight people that "chose" to be straight. Where are they? Where are all the stories about the wonderful righteous people that sat down and made the decision to be "straight". We dont see these stories because we dont choose these things, get it? But what makes this girl dumb is that she goes on to say that "we live in a land where you can choose same sex marriage or opposite marriage". Really? What land is THAT? Only a few states in the USA have given that right. I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion. But if you want to be the next Miss USA then have some intelligence in answering your questions. Boo!

  6. 506

    Although i COMPLETELY disagree with her, i do applaud her for speaking her mind. Isn't that what freedom of speech is all about?

  7. 507

    Barbie also said ”in my county and in my family” blah de blah- what a goon, she said in my country!! pah. why cant people with brains enter this contest??? is there some kind of brain remover??

  8. 508

    Re: diablofeminina weho – Why? She is in a freaking beauty pageant, not running for president.
    I can't believe this post.

  9. 509

    New York might be legalizing same-sex marriage…Keep your fingers crossed! I really thing that everyone should be free to love who they want. How can you put a limitation on that…Some people aren't even fortunate to find love.

    I felt so bad for you, Perez. I could just see your look of disappointment with that bitch's response. It made my heart melt :-(

  10. 510

    Re: mrandy – She didn't discriminate; she gave her opinion on this matter. Just because she does not believe in gay marriage she 's a racist?
    So this is what you americans believe freedom is about? Forcing 'some'opinion? No wonder you Americans are waaay behind Europe. You know jack shit about freedom. Freedom and equality is all about respecting an opinion, even when it is in contrast with your own beliefs.

    Either you are an uneducated moron, or you should look up the definition of equality.

  11. 511

    oh no… but Perez looked fantastic!! ;)

  12. 512

    Your face Perez!

    These world needs a lot of work!

    Intolerantes de MierdA!
    Dumme Schlampe ich hoffe du brichst dir dein Fuß!

  13. 513

    there's a difference between freedom of speech and pure ignorance.

  14. 514

    she did not get boo'd. It just pisses you right off that the whole world isn't gay! Marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman. You cant hijack that and then get pissed because people wont allow it. Get your own thing and call it parriage or garriage and then fight to have that legally recognized, quit trying to change a solid definition. What you are all fighting for is the right for one partner to fuck the other over in court should the garriage end. Chill the fuck out and stop whining!

  15. 515

    so what, she said what she thinks, she said nothing bout gay relationships, she just answered bout gay marriage…. so why you are so offended

  16. 516

    oh my god. i can't believe people applauded that.

  17. 517

    Screw you Perez. I am SO proud of her. All the PC crap and "bending over" for the gays. Marriage is men and woman, RIGHT ON MISS California. Perez looked like he just got an unlubed super sized dildo up the ass. HA HA OH NO SHE IS NOT FOR GAY MARRAIGE….. Welcomed to the club, most people are not. Gays make up 4% of the population.

  18. 518

    Re: Partieguy99 – You mean she has VALUES and MORALS? Good for her and FUCK the Homos.

  19. 519

    she was booed. loudly. the applause was a sound fix-up. i was there.

  20. 520

    Well said Miss California!! It's wrong and normal people know it

  21. 521

    What a dumb blonde. And WTF is she doing describing a Hetero marriage as opposites? Anyway Perez, I woulden't waste my time worrying about her, nobody cares about her opinion. Marriage should be for all. Young, old, straight and GAY!!

  22. 522

    Unfortunately, it seems like her answer was pretty clear the only problem is since she is from California most people would assume shed agree with gay marriage, but she didn't. In truth the only judgmental hating people were the liberals and the gays themselves. I mean you preach about equality yet you try and force your tired opinions on people who never really cared to think about it. The truth is in America a person chooses who they want to be and they do not have to be what someone else tells them to be, and if a person chooses to be something that a lot of people aren't going to like then, they made their choice. So stop being hypocrites and just accept it pro gay anti gay the world is full of differences and indifferences alike, if someone says they don't supports gays it doesn't mean they hate them it just means exactly what it says. Hell the only violent people at a prop 8 rally were the prop hate supporters.

  23. 523

    So don't call someone ignorant until you look at yourself, heck you turned your head in frustration when she gave her answer meaning you weren't dismayed at a ridiculous answer it meant you were pissed off, and you couldn't even remember the winners state only the state of the loser who pissed you off, not to mention she only lost because mainly liberals, and gay people just like you watch it, and lastly but not least the applause for that girl standing her ground and answering your sad little question was staggering compared to your dimming drum line of support in asking it. So wake up we live in America and understand the world doesn't have to do what they don't want to do. Now stop hating!

  24. 524

    Diagnosis: blonde character…

  25. 525

    While I am not against gay marriage. I just don't think maybe that was the best question for the Miss America pagent.

  26. 526

    GROSS ….. I can't even BELIEVE that you gave that girl any time on your we site ….. she doesn't deserve that kind of face time …… Straight Gay, Bi, Trans …. who cares ….. America has lots to learn …. LEGALIZE it ….. you look stupid to to the rest of the country ………… I LOVE CANADA and PEREZ

  27. 527

    She just worded her answer wrong. If she had said, "I think every state and every person should be able to choose for themselves who they want to marry, even though I myself would choose to marry a man", she would have gotten farther. Cause that statement gives her same point and it just sounds nicer and more respectable. She contradicted herself in her own answer by bringing all that "choice" business into it. And yeah…I watched the show, and after Miss North Carolina was done, I was like, "Um well is she gonna answer her question?". She didnt even answer hers and she won! lol. But yeah I dont like what California said. I knew as soon as she said it that she had lost, and had she just chosen her words better, she would have won.

  28. 528

    Is this what you would call 'pageant fail'?

  29. 529

    sounds like they have cut that boos out of the audio!! your right Perez she is a dumb bitch. dont you notice in the audio that there arent many cheers but thats all you can hear…. ify.

  30. 530

    Well, yeah there were a couple of boo's going on and yeah she did answer truthfully but you know what she could have given a more tactful answer creating mystique not making a complete tit of herself!

  31. 531

    Re: icsunonove – LOL best point made yet!

  32. 532

    the booing, it fuckin sounded like part of the cheering, but if some of you wernt as retarted as her you would have realized that it was just mixed in with the obligated applause from the other idiots in the audience, shes fuckin from cali for christ sake not a Mormon baby farm in Texas… where the fuck has she been>?

  33. 533

    Good for her. Gays can screw whoever they want, and they can live with whomever they choose… but marriage is between a man and a woman, and apparently the audience agreed, because all I heard was applause. Even Obama agrees, btw… (or didn't you see the Saddleback townhall meeting?)

  34. 534

    Re: binckley
    There was a vote in California 2 times to legalize gay marriage and both times it failed. I guess she was representing the majority of California with that answer. Homosexuals have a CHOICE to move to Vermont and get married there, if it's really that important. Just like if I wanted to become an actor, I wouldn't move to Montana, I would move to Southern California. By the way, it was funny seeing Perez get his ass handed to him. He looked like he was about to cry like a little school girl, PRICELESS! Also, I thought the question was about honesty, not saying what the people (Perez), wanted to hear. There are no right or wrong answers. I'm glad she stuck to her guns and didn't choose the easy way out.

  35. 535

    she lost the gay vote. stupid bitch.

  36. 536

    Re: missourimedic – Actually Obama disagreed with Prop 8. Do some research.

  37. 537

    Americans are so bloody dumb. Opposite marriage? What's that then?

  38. 538

    Does she believe in slavery too? Ya know, ’cause that's what she was "raised" to believe?

  39. 539

    she got booed from your ridiculous facial expression!! just like you….she has a RIGHT to her opinion!!! sure you caused her to lose and that's disgusting. WAS a fan of yours.

  40. 540

    Re: angelmiyavi28 – Obviously that is what you are calling yourself!???

  41. 541

    Re: hellotaylor – The only booing you could hear was from probably 6 or 7 of Pererz Hiltons friends…Although how you could hear any booing over the clapping she got amazes me…

  42. 542

    Choice?!?! ha!!! like people choose to be gay, or she "chooses" to be so stupid. BOOOOO!!!!!!!

  43. 543

    It was NOT a rude answer….she was just answering the question in HER opinion. It doesnt agree with mine, but she's entitled to give it. We cannot persecute or ridicule people when they don't agree with ours Perez…..it's the same thing as them doing it to us.

  44. 544

    Re: ladanny – Dear God is that the best you could come up with "she should get a brain surgery" it's not even proper english..example: She needs to have brain surgery… geddit? dope… God save us from white trash..

  45. 545

    Opposite marriage = divorce!

    OMG dumb f*cking bitch on so many levels!!!

  46. 546

    Re: binckley – You say it was "a very intelligent question" No it was a typical gay question - Hilton couldn't come up with an intelligent question if his life depended on it..

  47. 547

    I do not agree with her opinion at all, but I respect the fact that she voiced what she believes. In front of a known figure like Perez, whose stance on Gay Marriage Rights is very clear, it would be tempting to fall into a half-assed "well, I think everyone has their own opinion…blah blah blah" kind of answer. She said what she believes, which, again, I respect her for. Even though she's wrong.

  48. 548

    Re: mk1692 – In your dreams if you think no one is going to do her hair or make-up now..majority of Gay men won't have even seen this or even care about it…Your Government doesn't care so why should they..

  49. JCPR says – reply to this


    gotta love ur face expression after she answered the question lol

  50. 550

    Poorly done on her side. Regardless of her answer, it was poorly delivered. She obviously didn't realize perez was gay and just offended him on national tv.

  51. 551

    well what do you expect from someone who has to compete in a beauty competition to amount to anything in life?

  52. 552

    she is probably in love with a gay man and that's why she has a problem with it!?

  53. 553

    oh yeah, you looked smokin' hot Perez!

  54. 554

    I was very pleased that she actually stood her ground. Perez looked pissed as soon as she was answering…. Usually people doing these things say what they think the judges want to hear "let's save the children, let's heal the world", then they get busted for drinking and drugs like the last bitch. Anyway… I didn't hear boo's in this video either….

  55. 555

    Good enough for you Perez you dipshit. You were there to court controversy
    and you got the answer you deserved and by the way, nobody was booing…..

  56. 556

    Wait! She has her own country? Um isn't this the Miss USA pagent? Does she not come from the same country as all the other girls? "Opposite Marriage"? Was she trying to dig herself out of the hole she had started by not saying "traditional" marriage?

  57. 557

    She obviously does NOT know who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. 558


  59. 559

    The beauty pageant lifestyle is as old as the hills. It is a TRADITION of focusing on face, hair, clothing, and being a human Barbie. The girls who participate in these pageants live the Cinderella Syndrome. So why on earth would the subject of "gay marriage" be brought up in an assbackwards program that focuses on women, glass slippers and finding their prince? Kudos to the girl for speaking her mind. I don't agree with her answer. But in this situation, Perez gave good and he GOT good.

  60. 560

    you look shattered.
    get over it.

  61. 561

    OOH IN YO FACE. Shes right though…

  62. 562

    Don't you just love the way Mario bangs on about rights then deletes posts he doesn't like? One of mine has disappeared. Touch a nerve did I??

  63. 563

    "In MY country" What a dip shit, as if it's not a gay persons country as well. Unfortunately, I didn't hear a single boo, I heard quite the opposite.

  64. 564

    you're right–she is a stupid bitch

  65. 565

    She has the right to her opinion, even though many of us disagree with it. However, she didn't answer the question or articulate herself very well.

  66. 566

    look i do believe in gay marriage and all but she has the right to have her own opinion and if gay people want respect they should respect others too.
    i have to CLAP her just becouse she said what she believes and not what people wanted to hear.

  67. 567

    I heard many boo's it's too bad they put the "CLAP" sign on to cover it all up. She was wrong in her hillbilly answer. Glad she LOST the whole thing BWAHAHA

  68. 568

    lol she LOST. haha!

  69. 569

    narrow minded bitch.

  70. 570


  71. 571

    I'm proud of her for being truthful. She definitely could have said something she didn't actually believe, but she risked the chance of the unpopular answer anyway. Just because a person is anti-gay marriage does not make them anti-gay. Personally, I do not believe in gay marriage. I believe there should be a union just like marriage with all of the same benefits for gay people but it shouldn't use the term "marriage." It just deserves a different name because it's a little different from traditional marriage.

  72. 572

    SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN BOOED. and I thank you Perez for being brave and asking her that question. Although i'm from Cali, I am GLAD she didn't win! ;)

    love is love…. NO MATER WHAT!!!!!

  73. jg5 says – reply to this


    i think her eyebrows should be banned from all 50 states

  74. 574

    Bloody queers need to recognise that not everyone LIKES their sick asses or has to agree with their disgusting agenda. You know, a little of that "tolerance" they whine so much about?

  75. 575

    Oh no, another one of these weirdos who doesn't think homosexualty is normal. Where do these people come from?!

  76. 576

    I didn't hear any boo's idiot, you are delusional!!! she is entitled to her opinion just as much as you are!

  77. 577

    Omg, Perez looked so sad when they flashed back to him! That made me so upset! :(

  78. 578

    Let's not applaud her for having a freakin' opinion. Just like being gay isn't some sort of achievement that should be rewarded.
    The reason why gay marriages are still an issue in the US, is because gays MAKE an issue out of it.
    Stop pretending to be so special; you're unique, just like everybody else.

    And the moment Perez stops promoting gayness as if it were a cure for cancer, is the moment people will start to take gays seriously and seeing them as normal, healthy human beings, which they are.

    Perez darling, save the drama 4 ur mama. Or better, I invite you to come over to Holland and I will show you a world where the gay community blends in as if they were actual human beings ! :O

  79. 579

    you know whats more disturbing to me than her answer? is the fact that a nobody like mario or perez was a judge number 8, what the fuck is a nobody queen like him doing judging mis usa??? what is this world coming to truely sick

  80. 580

    Re: roarbl – you are commenting on that nobody's website, you idiot.

  81. 581

    That is one very ignorant girl - what an idiot! Even if she thinks gay marriage is wrong, you dont say that, jeez, she needs a new pageant coach!!

    And I heard more cheers than boos, might have been more obvious if you were in the audience, but it sounded like the audience agreed. She gives America a bad name!

  82. Jeri says – reply to this


    Ummmm…..Really? Is there really equality in the U.S? Do people really get to choose to marry their partner if they are gay? She sounds like a twit!

  83. 583

    has anyone noticed how cheap ass her earrings were!!

  84. 584

    i totally wanted her to win right up until those words came out of her mouth, then i was like Bitch!

  85. 585

    Dont think that waz Boo's.. well done for voicing your own opinion!!!!

  86. 586

    She was honest - true, but her opinion denies equal protection under the law. 50 years ago she could have said that she believed in "separate but equal" for blacks and gotten the same applause…

  87. 587

    even though I am for same sex marriage, she gave a pleasant answer, stating her personal belief, but also acknowledging that choice is a good thing. A safe yet honest answer

  88. 588

    She answered the question the same way that every US Presidential candidate has answered the question. Scary.

  89. 589

    Re: *~VeRo~* – did you really expect something else that a GAY question from a nobody queen? I do not watch MISS USA i think its a joke but even though she may have done everything perfectly throughout the whole competition you can bet your ass perez (nobody) hilton voted against her because of her asnwer. what else do you expect from him and why he was there is in the first place is just disturbing. Perez does nothing but plagerise and report wrong info.. he is a nobody

  90. 590

    What a TWAT…. she just proves that beauty comes from the inside, i find her totally ville, she should be ashamed.x

  91. 591

    She stands up for what she believes in, way to go girl!!! I totally agree with her and I think she is very brave to say it in front of everyone. In your face perez!

  92. 592

    Lots of air between those pretty ears. The really awful thing about her answer…she was applauded.

  93. 593

    That was a dumb answer.
    I know it was her HONEST answer, but sometimes you have to lie…

    Maybe she she try to be more open minded also…..

    But…….kudo's to her for being honest…if she was smart enough to know that her answer did not sound very good to the general public.

  94. 594

    Right or wrong, good for her for answering honestly and not giving some made up PC bullshit answer.

  95. 595

    Really you can't be mad at her. She gave HER opinion. Not EVERYONES opinion. Thats the way she was raised and those are her beliefs. Not EVERYONE feels that way.

  96. 596

    I agree with her.. and I'm glad she didn't conform because this question was being asked by a gay man.

  97. 597

    She was giving her opinion, what's the big scandal? Just because a lot of us don't agree with her…..

  98. 598

    Re: Shannon03 – i agree 100% she had the guts to speak her true feelings good for her

  99. 599

    So. she is entitled to her opinion.
    while I personally support Gay marriage, I can understand why some people are still akward with it

  100. 600

    ummmmmmmmmmmm…… ok… I think that it was good that she said what her beliefs were but damn how fucking ignorant can she be?! Just because her beliefs are based on how she was raised doesnt make it right. That makes me wonder, are these really her beliefs or is this just another brainwashing by another white trash family? And to all those people who clapped and didnt boo her…. FUCK ALL OF YALL!

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