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THE YouTube Moment Of Miss USA!

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THIS is it!

Everyone's talking about it!!!!

CLICK HERE to check it out.

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  1. 601

    Re: gigidi – wow how nice of you.

  2. 602

    Bigotry is no longer in style. Thank God she lost. LOL!

  3. 603

    stupid small minded bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! WRONG ANSWER BABY!!!

  4. 604

    No biggie.

    They should take "marriage" away from the government, and leave it up to churches and other organizations. Equal rights (regarding parenting, wills, insurance. everything legal and everything the government is involved in) should be available to all under "civil unions". Hetero couples should apply for "civil unions" from the state instead of "marriage licenses", and then leave it up to the church. It is wrong for the government to "discriminate", but churches have individual choice. Marriage belongs to churches. Maybe this way people who have problems with traditional ideas of marriage (gay or straight, like some feminists) would be more ok with government-sanctioned "civil unions", as they don't have all the patriarchal baggage or whatever.

    Problem solved.

  5. 605


  6. 606

    Did anyone notice that she said "Well in MY country–" at first? Wtf, this is OUR country…NOT ALL OF AMERICA AGREES WITH HER IGNORANT THOUGHTS. Why do people care if they gay people get married…my life moves on…sooooooo…Love is a beautiful thing no matter what…

  7. 607

    I don't understand why people care if gay/lesbian couples want to marry. They want health benefits, they want legal rights to take care of their loved ones…if you want to keep marriage man and woman..ok..but then lets give them another title…Civil Union….with all the benefits of marriage…these gay/lesbian couples are just as much a couple as heterosexual couples….give them their rights…good question Perez…and you look better than ever…and I also say…it was good for Ms. California to say what she thought…although just because you were raised that way…doesn't mean you can't have an original thought of your own.

  8. 608

    Perez, you are an asshole for putting her on the spot like that. Although I don't agree with her, I think she was brave to state her beliefs. Grow up you jackass! Nice of you to try and spin this for media attention yourself you media whore!!

  9. 609

    She stood up for what she belives in…. PERIOD…. we are no one to judge! Perez is just MAD because she did not agree with him…. Perez stop being a BITCH… Just like you like to voice your own opinion and cut/paste other peoples articles, she is entitled to her own opinion. Anyways that question was totally inappropriate, specially coming from someone gay. Why could you not be a little more diplomatic and ask about global warming, you're a schmuck!!!

  10. 610

    she said we live in a land where we can choose? What land does she live in…la la land?

  11. 611

    Perez looked very discouraged after this chick spoke.

    I was raised in a Catholic household where I too was taught to believe marriage is between a man and woman. My personal belief is that you cannot help who you fall in love with. I am not gay and I am married to a member of the opposite sex, but I am for same sex marriages. As long as you are happy and treated right, that's all that matters.

  12. 612

    Definitely half a brain.. This is such a dumb answer

  13. 613

    As everyone can plainly hear from watching the video, Miss California received CHEERS and rousing APPLAUSE - not boos - for her honest, candid answer. Good for her for standing up for her convictions!

    Perez - I hearby CHALLENGE you to reveal the score you gave her in the interview competition. I suspect you gave her a 0.0, and thereby single-handedly cost her the title of Miss USA. Let's see it - tell us what you gave her!

    I think we all know who the real "dumb bitch" is in this situation…

  14. 614

    She is actually an idiot.
    She contradicted herself.. but then again - Miss whatever paegeants are stupid anyway. I couldn't care less.

  15. 615

    PEREZ u looked great in those clothes , lets get that out the way first , secondly whats with her saying in my country is she from another country?, of allthe possiblly dimplomatic things she could say she went fully back to a 5yr old mentality being told what mummy and daddy taught her she needs to grow a brain and let people be people . Love is love and some day i want to see perez marry and we all get to attend … perez I think ull get a movie role next people like how you say what u want to say but maybe focus the tantrum energy on something else . Shes DITZ PURE AND SIMPLE WASTE OF HUMAN SPACE. LOVE U PEREZ XXXX

  16. 616

    I don't respect honesty if it's messed up. Denying someone rights they deserve for no good reason is wrong. I hate people like her. Sorry religion/bible is not a reason.

  17. 617

    Yay for Freedom of Speech - she is entitled to her own opinion, and many people share hers. i'm actual for equality - but I understand both view points. The only narrow minded people in the room are the ones that can't see both sides, good for her for not being a fake phony and trying to please the entire world, which seems to be popular now a days. What makes everyone happy is 'right'. Yah, Sure.

  18. 618

    um… "in my country" what country do you live in? "same sex marriage or oppostie marriage" what's an opposite marriage? so we know who voited for prop 8. what a dumb fuck, thank god she's pretty because god knows she's dumb as a brick.

  19. 619

    hope that stupid bitch looses
    shes a RACIST
    we dont tolerate racism in this country, remember?? how would you like it straighties!

  20. 620

    Does she have, what, a grade 3 education? She can't form a simple sentence. A disgusting example of a young woman. I am sickened by this girl, truly sickened. Everyone can have an opinion, sure, but she should have left her own backwoods beliefs out of it, and been diplomatic by leaving the status of other States down to voting and the democracy of a nation. What a useless woman. Useless.

  21. 621

    WHAT??? this is so weird to me.. nobody would ever say such a thing here :O
    Jeez girl really!

  22. LilyV says – reply to this


    And I was raised in a household where the father beats the kids and the mother. I guess I just aspire to be more than what I came from.

  23. 623

    I love how people call someone closed minded when they don't agree with their stance. Just shows how closed minded THEY are.

  24. MissT says – reply to this


    I didn't hear boos either… I think everyone is entitled to their opinion even if that opinion differs from others. Yes should could have worded it differently but…

  25. 625

    I commend you for asking a legitimate question that affects the lives of so many people in this country. She obviously didn't pay attention when so many Americans had their rights taken away and is clearly not sympathetic to others. I would want somebody with a kind soul to win the crown.

  26. 626

    the answer was…grammered wrong (like im one to correct her on her grammer.lol)….and im not offended. r u really suprised that a woman believes marriage is only between heteros…pft please…..

  27. 627

    opposite marriage? oh honey. she could have worded it better. My favorite is that she says "in my country" as if implying that all Americans believe the same thing that she does.

    we can choose…but gay ppl shouldn't get married (which is not choosing). wow miss californfuck. way to go.

  28. 628

    Not surprising, really. The bio blurb on Miss CA that popped up stated that she went to a Christian school in teh San Diego area. In a split-second decision she obviously decided to go with her own feelings (and that of her parents and immediate peers). You have to give her some credit for that, I suppose. All that being said, it's GREAT that she DID NOT win! Surprising that she came in second. She still could become Miss USA if the new Miss USA (Miss NC) wins the Miss Universe title this simmer. Let's hope she doesn't. By the way, Perez…what is Miss NC's opinion on the issue of gay marraige? Do you know?

  29. 629

    Um, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, BUT the way that she worded it was bad. I really can't believe how close minded people are. With everything that is going on with our country, is this really a "hot topic"? I say just LEAGALIZE GAY MARRIAGE and move on to whats really important right now, like war or the economic crisis!

  30. 630

    Re: greeningreeneNY – Racist? What planet are you living on. How in the hell is she racist? Moron.

  31. 631

    I def. BOO her!!!
    She's contradicted herself….Wat an idiot!!!

  32. 632

    Perez! I was dying to hear your opinion on her flip flop!!! One minute it was a country where people could choose then it was how in her family marraige should be between a man and a woman…she should go into right-wing politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 633

    Perez thats not booing… theyre cheering her!
    Which is kinda scary (and im straight!)… wassup with you america!?

  34. 634

    Those didn't exactly sound like boos, dude… LOL

    And like I said, don't ask questions you don't want the answer to.

  35. 635

    im all for gay marriage, everyone has their own life and is intitled to live it how they choose…but everyone is also intitled to their own opinion and that is her opinion…the questions are asked for the contestants opinion and that was her's…it wasnt asked for what u want to hear, it was asked for what she thought…but hell yes, equality for all!!!

  36. 636

    people should be able to marry anyone no matter what sex they are!

  37. 637

    yeah shes stoopid.

  38. 638

    Re: gigidi – #6 - I agree 100%….. Whether anyone WANTED to hear that answer, it was honest and I appreciate that.

  39. 639

    I am so proud of you for asking that! Fuck Miss California.

  40. 640

    Who even cares what this dumb bimbo thinks. Miss America is completely irrelevant anyway. And of course people cheered, the only people that even watch the contest are redneck republicans.

  41. 641

    I AGREE WITH HER !!!!!!!!!!!!! MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN WITH MAN AND WOMAN. GARRIAGE IS FOR MANS !!! fuck sakes perez, everybody had their own opinions !!!!

  42. 642

    She was bang on the money with her answer. Perez thought he was smart
    with his questioned but got owned. Bet he was feeling like shit after that. There are no boos either just constant applause. Well done Miss California
    brains as well as beauty and what a babe she is too…

  43. Jona says – reply to this


    Sorry Perez, I guess you can't always get what you want,so you just make it up. Are you considering your new career options yet?

  44. 644

    Good question, Perez. Terrible to have to answer though. I love the "omg this girl's a dumbshit" look on your face when she gave her ignorant opinion. All states will follow soon enough. Progress is being made!

  45. 645

    Right or wrong, she said what she believed. THAT is what is great about our country.

  46. 646

    For the love of what makes sense: Call this "union" SOME OTHER NAME!!! Don't call it "marriage"! There must be somebody out there with a lot of time on his/her hands that can come up with a term to call this "union" and attach to this term suggestions so that this all can be considered by lawmakers and united same-sex people may get rights as what men marrying WOMEN/women marrying MEN get.

  47. 647

    This is not the most intelligent way to answer a pageant question. We all know that the best way to answer is in a politically correct, diplomatic and unbiased fashion. However, this girl gave an open and honest answer and stayed true to herself. “It’s great that American’s can choose one or the other…” is not a bad start surely. She represented California & won her place as herself. Not pretending to be something else. Which would you prefer? Maybe she should have lied to keep everyone happy.

  48. 648

    She did sound like a stupid bitch (as did the majority of them), but I didn't hear the booing either.

  49. 649

    At least she answered the question… Most of the 'contestants' didn't even answer… Especially the one who talked about both sides of the political spectrum and integrity… She didn't even come close to answering the question. I think I actually got stupider listening to these answers. (Props to the Don for pimping his other show on this one - LAME!!!)

  50. 650

    For fucking's sake! It's 2009. Gay marriage? Duh?! Who the fuck (yeah, pun intended) cares! This twat, by clinging to her de-reconstruction beliefs, just lost out on her own life's dream, that of being Miss USA. Freedom comes in all colors and sizes. What comes around. . . .

  51. MCon says – reply to this


    I don't believe everyone should have the same opinions but if you are against something please have the intelligence to back up your reasoning. This is why gay marriage needs to be legalised, the only people that are against it are people who dont have two brain cells to rub together and this proves it.

  52. Jae says – reply to this


    I personally believe that gay marriage should be legal, but I respect her for having the courage to give her sincere opinion. (She wasn't very well-spoken, though.)

  53. 653

    I agree she is a dumb bitch, she IS in a pageant after all…in "her" land everyone is straight and stupid! BUT SHE DOES HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO HER OPINION JUST LIKE PEREZ HAS THE RIGHT TO HIS! Its called a free country-ba ha ha ha! Yeah, right!

  54. 654

    dumb FAKE blond

  55. 655

    Her answer annoyed me not because she doesn't support gay marriage, but because she didn't answer the question! She was not asked her opinion on gay marriage; she was asked if she thinks other states should allow it.
    I mean, kudos to her for being honest, but it is a shame she doesn't believe in equality for all.

  56. 656

    Mario, I was very impressed how well you maintained your composure after her answer to your question. She's an idiot.

  57. 657

    Perez; i usually respect you and stand up for you but you literally will not shut up about this on Twitter. 1st of all - she did not get boo'd. And second of all - you need to understand that people have different opinions from you and THAT IS OKAY. It's what America is all about. I personally agree with her that marraige should be between a man and a woman but I don't go attacking you or anyone else that is homosexual, supports same sex marraige, etc. She simply said it was the way she was raised and is what she believes. I'm sure she knew who you were and what you would think but she answered honestly anyways. I give her mad props! The only reason I agree with her getting 1st runner up is just because the winner had a little edge on her in her public speaking and personability.

  58. 658

    I think the whole idea of marriage is outdated but understand why my gay brothers and sisters want it, for the equal rights and spousal benefits portion. Just sayin' nobody keeps their for time and all eternity vows anymore; not really vows, are they. Marriage should be like a driver's license, renewable each four years, for ALL.

  59. 659

    I am a straight,married,mother and wife.I hate when people quote the bible.God did not write the bible.Man put his own words to scripture and put God's name on it.God is not the kind of person to be discriminate.All people should have the same rights.Gays should be able to get married and have a family just like straight people.Gays should be able to have the same family health care and rights ! Show some compassion people.This is 2009 and so many hardships occur all over the world.Help the kids being abused in foster-care,or put food on starving peoples tables. Stop sex trade!Let the gays have rights!

  60. 660

    what the fuck????? she is a dumb bitch dont apologize. You know her (flamboyantly gay) pageant director is gonna bitch slap her when she gets off stage!

  61. 661

    Good for her! She's a smart one.

  62. 662

    personally i have a problem with beeing overranned by "abnormality". everybody has to be sooo "open minded". in england the gays are fucking wherever they stand (in front of children) and police refuse to interfere cause it may be a discrimination.
    i have the impression that gays demand everything and know no rules.
    i respect people, no matter what color, religion, sexual orientation (with a few exeptions like rapists, pedophiles etc). BUT they have to respect the rules and the rules apply everyone.
    a marriage is supported by government because a marriage means the start of a family. a women can get pregnant, when having a man. gay couples decide when they want to have a kid and they decide what the kid should be like and thats wrong in my eyes. so i'm against adoption for gay couples, because everyone has to take what he/she gets and has to deal with the child he/she gets. plus i think a child is best kept with mother and father, even if the father/mother doesn't live with them.
    homosexuals get everything they chose to have and that's not the "real life", thats life per demand. but marriage was developed to keep families safe, not to keep gays safe, cause they don't need it in that way. though there are things they should have, but not everything that comes automatically when beeing married. so develop civil unions, fine. but the thought that a gay couple is in every way like a hetero couple is wrong, i think.

  63. 663

    lets see what happens when rush limbaugh dresses her & does her hair

  64. 664

    stupid bitch

  65. 665

    North Carolina did not even answer her question. I was disappointed that either of them won and got 1st runner up. I did not agree with the judges choices. I think most of it is politics! Both girls answered with politically right answers instead of from there hearts. They both knew who asses to kiss.

  66. 666

    Yes, you go girl! Stick to your guns and your beliefs. Love the stupid look on P's face. Personally, I'm getting tired of this "gay" nonsense being jammed down our throats.

  67. 667

    If you're lucky enough to find someone to love in this world and you're not hurting anyone, who cares what gender they are!!!

    When Ms. California pays a couple's bills, mortgage, et al; perhaps then she can dictate their lifestyle. Until that day, live and let live.

  68. 29 says – reply to this


    disappointment is definitely my fav look on you perez. it brought a smile to my face.
    and on a serious note, perez, you are the biggest hypocrite on the face of the earth. you stand up for what you believe in and encourage others to do so as well, UNLESS their beliefs differ from your own… you seriously have a lot to learn about life little man. equality for all, huh? practice what you preach and then maybe people will take you a little more seriously and at least try to understand how you feel.

  69. 669

    stupid skank…you cant even speak english….i doubt you even knew that gay marriage was legalized in Vermont, because you were too busy getting knocked up by some drug dealer on a street corner

  70. fil says – reply to this


    now someone must kill her

  71. 671


  72. 672

    OH MY GOWD all the tards keep saying is "i didnt hear boos i didnt hear boos" I thought I was going to read some good arguments/opinions in these comments but instead get a bunch of tweens saying "um, you said they booed and they cheered" WHO GIVES A FUK IDIOTS. Anyway, she speaks of HER country being an equal one with people having the right to choose..but then goes on to say that their shouldnt be gay marriage. HUH? She totally contraindicated herself. And for those of you fukwads that are preaching "tolerance" as being able to see arguments and beliefs from both sides, how about racism? Ethnic cleansing? Should we see and understand Hitler's point of view? How about slave owners? Gee, since I'm "tolerant" I really understand why Hitler made all those concentration camps. Yea. Because IIIIIm tolerant! idiots.

  73. 673

    She is a dumbass. All my male friends are gay and I think they are better friends then women! There;s a time and place to have your beliefs and I totally agree that most of hair and makeup in that show are by gay men, who i might add are the best makeup artists…She will certainly not win because of her comments and if she's that stupid who would want her representing the USA anyway. I hope at her next job her boss turns out to be gay!

  74. JeNaY says – reply to this


    Wow,she had some balls to stay true to her belief even to a gay guy…Shes brave.

  75. 675

    What an ignorant stupid answer!!!!! Why are people like this!!!! It's mind boggling!!!!

  76. 676

    This is so unfortunate, now every little girl who was watching, and dreams of being Miss America, now has a tainted opinion of what is "right for Miss California" and what is right for everyone. She should be ashamed of herself. Crazy, head shaving, piece flashing, 2008 Britney is more of a role model than this woman.

  77. 677

    "same-sex marriage or opposite…." and that means what?? i'm sure she was speaking for something she isn't even fully understanding. absolute idiot. perez, at least you both looked and sounded fabulous!

  78. lions says – reply to this


    Good for you for standing up what you believe in!

    You can't be mad that she believes in something different…she was fairly tactful about it…considering she's a dumbass.

  79. 679

    1) I heard a lot more cheering than I heard booing after her response.
    2) I respect the fact that she stood there in front of millions of people and gave her honest opinion. However, if she was in it to win it, she could have phrased it a lot better.
    3) I don't think bashing someone because their opinion is different than yours is okay.

  80. 680

    Two things really strike me, but not in this order,
    1. I didn't really hear any boos, i just heard applause
    2. even though her answer was really disappointing, and i agree with same sex marriage, the thing that REALLY hit me in this clip is HOW HOT DOES PEREZ LOOK. You look smouldering !! mmmmmm mmmmmmmm :)

  81. 681

    I love the way gay people always get touchy if anything is ever mentioned about them. They are the most insecure people I have ever came across. It
    is her opinion and others share the same view. That I'm afraid just has to be accepted.

    PS. Paris definitely got what he deserved by asking such an idiotic question.
    Good enough for you.

  82. 682

    I could understand where she is coming from. Being raised in a household of ignorance will unfortunately create a person such as herself. Religion aside, gay people are human and citizens of this country. They pay TAXES so why are they not allowed to marry eachother. It wouldnt be done in a religious ceremony. And face it nowadays, a good percentage of STRAIGHT couples have non-denominational ceremonies. So wheres the difference in that? Its none of anyones business if someone wants to marry someone, regardless of sex.

  83. 683

    So it's a land of choice, but you shouldn't allow people to choose gay marriage? Damn she is stupid. Why did people clap?

  84. 684

    Re: skippedit – okay you think shes stupid but its HER OPINION. While we may not agree with her opinion it is hers.Thats one thing that makes me mad about the whole marriage topic. We want to be free to think whatever we want as long as everyone shares our opinion. It is so irritating when people ask someone a question and then people get pissed off because its not the answer they wanted. America may be free to think what we want but beause of most Americans freedom has a double standard. Get over it.

  85. 685

    Unbelievable! Stupid, ignorant, self absorbed, asshole. Trying to talk out of both sides of her VAGINA at the same time.

    Choose??? What fucking rag sheet does she pretend to read??

    I am totally disgusted.

    Perez, on the other hand, was completely composed and professional.

    But, I hope you won't go back to work for Trump anymore. He's old and gross!!

  86. Kmtok says – reply to this


    So I'm guessing that since Catholics and allot of other religions do not condone homosexuality that this quote by you “She lost not because she doesn’t believe in gay marriage, she lost because she’s a dumb bitch!” that you think all people who worship god are in this category that you described this young lady. She was asked her personal opinion and she gave it. If you say that this is not about her comments towards gay marriage then why did you comment at all. Im so sick and tired of gay people running around thinking pity me oh pity me just cuz you may love the cock, who cares. Yours and everyone's sex life is their own and your own business, some just like chocolate on their cock. For you to even ask that question to someone just proves how much of a small minded little man you are, no wonder your gay, no woman would have you. FAIL Perez FAIL

  87. 687


  88. 688

    hey, perez….not everyone has to share your opinion. And those were DEFINITELY cheers I heard. I'm all for freedom of choice in marriage, but being "tolerant" means accepting the fact that others will have different opinions than you and it's ok.

    Don't berate this young woman for simply answering your question honestly.

  89. 689

    Re: TexasBeth

  90. 690

    Why should straight people be able to choose the rights of gay people? We are a minority our rights deserve equal protection.

  91. 691

    Oh My God! What a bitch…

  92. 692

    Re: kaskat23 – I don't think it was rude at all. Everyone has the right to their own beliefs and she was truthful which i think is a great quality Miss America should have. Much better than her saying what most of the other girls would have done and say what they thought Perez wanted to hear.

  93. 693

    I'm glad she was truthful to her beliefs. Don't knock her for it!

  94. 694

    Perez did a video slamming the girl for giving her HONEST opinion. WTF! If someone doesn't agree with you thier dumb. You people need to grow the f**k up.

  95. 695

    Hola Perez,
    ¡Que guapo estabas anoche!
    Me gustas mucho con tu pelo natural… con esos toqucitos grises aqui y alla, te ves super bien!
    La corona te la mereces tu, por tu sinceridad y por la gran ayuda que le das a la causa de libertad incondicional a los homosexuales.
    Yo soy un Cubano, que te aprecia.
    Y que ahora con ese nuevo "look" natural, te encuentra super sexy–
    *un gran abrazo*

  96. 696

    Re: LadyTea – Right! OMG, she said how she felt. Atleast she was honest, we need people (honest) like her in Washington.

  97. 697

    Okay, so she didn't really answer the question properly, but get off your self righteous horse.

    This is a FREE COUNTRY where EVERYONE is entitled to THEIR opinions.

    Newsflash, but the U.S. is a REPUBLIC and NOT A DEMOCRACY! We are a FEDERALIST SYSTEM, meaning the STATES have the rights to pass their own laws.

    Guess what? Vermont does not go legislating the laws of California! That's none of their business!

    This is so a NON-ISSUE. If we can keep religion in the church and out of the government, then SEX should be treated the same way….


    I frankly could care less if you are homo-bi-straight, whatever, but don't go forcing your values (or lack thereof) on people who are rightfully entitled to theirs.

    Only a heterophobe calls a "straight" person a homophobe.

    Get it through your d@mn heads, we are all HUMAN BEINGS…Why the hell does everyone feel the need to label themselves or others?

    Nobody liked it when the Spanish came forcing their religion upon the Americas and nobody likes a freakin' GAY CRUSADER…It's the SAME BS.

  98. 698


  99. 699

    Well, she was being honest. It's not like she said she was going to run out & protest.

  100. 700

    .. She said Adam & Eve, Not Adam & Steve! .. Clearly she is cluless ..

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