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THE YouTube Moment Of Miss USA!

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THIS is it!

Everyone's talking about it!!!!

CLICK HERE to check it out.

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999 comments to “THE YouTube Moment Of Miss USA!”

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  1. -liz- says – reply to this


    I didn't hear any boos Perez! Honestly she answered the question that was asked of her, it wasn't for her to explain that each state can make its own rules…that's common knowledge! You asked her does she agree in same sex marriage.

  2. 702

    shame on her for that comment!

  3. 703

    I just hated her trashy ass vegas show girl dress… that killed it for me.

  4. 704

    pobrezito perzito. rant bitch rant, whoa! lol

  5. 705

    I didn't hear any boos when she answered the question I heard cheering, thats right cheering!! Because she is right marriage is between a man and a woman.

    Fancy gown-$5000.00
    Hair and make-up-$1000.00
    The look on Perez's face as he gets OWNED- Priceless

  6. 706

    very wrong answer miss cali

  7. 707

    She was trying so hard to be safe. "We live in a nation where we get to choose….BUUUUTTT"
    yeah..right..there is no choice when it comes to gay marriage, what a typical dumb blonde.

  8. 708

    She is so stupid! She is Miss Cali.? Yall need to pick someone better next year

  9. 709

    she was a total beeotch for say that perez…ha im glad she didnt win…she didnt deserve it after that comment….i believe pple should get married to who ever they want.. i dont understand how pple think it is rite to tell pple who they can marry..I love ya perez always ….u gave her a low score rite…lol

  10. 710

    she is an ignorant!!!!! boooooooooo

  11. 711

    Wow. I don't even have any words- but she sure wouldn't have gotten my vote.

  12. 712

    I don't agree with what she said. But I'm glad she gave her view .

  13. 713

    That insane bitch answer with the wrongest of wrong answers. You looked totally pissed off. @FlaNaytcha: we can believe it sounded like loud, offensive boooing.

  14. 714

    GO MISS USA!!!!! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just because you dont like it does not mean its wrong, get over yourself. Why is it that Gays want equality and to be taken seriously but then they turn everything into a sexual issue platform? How laughable is that? Stop thinking with you asshole and grow the fuck up!

  15. 715

    Fancy gown $5000.00
    Hair and make-up $1000.00
    The look on Perez's face as he gets OWNED on national TV- Priceless

  16. 716

    Re: skippedit – wurd

  17. 717

    im glad she was honest

  18. 718

    Can we ban Opposite Marriage?

  19. 719

    America,your so far behind the 8 ball when it comes to gay marriage,its actually very sad

  20. 720

    Kudos to Ms. Cali! Freedom of speech is a gem, I respect her for expressing her honest views…she didn't discriminate..she said that its good people choose what they want.. she just stated her beliefs, which obviously is supported by many* Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, she wasn't being being disrespectful to anyone, so why bring her down with harsh comments?

  21. 721

    to each there own,but i don't like narrowminded people

  22. 722

    What a complete dipshit…she made no sense at all.

    Move to Canada Perez ;) if you equality.
    Moments like that are exactly why I am proud to be Canadian.

  23. 723

    HOORAY for Miss California!! I dunno about you Perez but I heard applauding! Your lame ass video response with what you think the response should have been is pointless!! I applaud her for her honesty which is something that this country lacks… we are country filled with "politicaly correct answers" aka lies. You endorse such behavior but run your mouth at the drop of a coin if you feel the need with improper statements…. Your a dissapointment Perez… get your shit together and stop letting the fame get to your head.

  24. 724

    what where you thinking perez?! its a beauty pageant you fool.

    these women are happy to be paraded around like prize chickens in a tiara, why do you think that they would accept pro choice for men's sexuality, when they're ideals of women's sexuality is stuck in 1973!

  25. 725

    i didn't hear any boos. but i wasnt there. but still, no boos.

  26. 726

    Why are you getting so upset Perez? I didn't hear any boo's at all. I honestly believe that even though her answer came out dumb (I still agree with her view on same sex marriage) if she would have said she was for same sex marriage in all states you wouldn't have made a video rambling about how dumb and stupid her answer was. You said it yourself, it is a hot topic, and she probably wasn't prepared to answer it. Poor thing she was probably hoping to get some question where she could reply "world peace" as her answer. Miss USA is a joke, she doesn't unite anyone.

  27. 727

    opposite marriage? hahah….idiot. perez she is clueless

  28. 728

    Good for her for saying the 'unpopular' thing.

  29. 729


  30. 730


  31. 731

    Well at least she was being honest instead of having to lie and 'being politically correct'.

    I don't agree with what she said but I do think it's admirable for her to tell the truth.

  32. h311o says – reply to this


    So this is what everyone's been raving about today. I don't see anything wrong with what she said. She believes that then so be it, you're not going to vindicate her for her beliefs are you? She didn't get booed or heckled. In fact I think she may be the smartest Miss USA contestant in a long time.

  33. 733

    i guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion but seriously if your trying to win a competition ..maybe you shouldn't give such a controversial answer , she just sounded stupid as fuck lol

  34. 734

    I heard both boo's and claps and being there, I am sure they were LOUDER than on TV. I am really disappointed and how people are acting about this. He could ask anything he wanted, the is what Perez chose…just like the question was asked about taxes and bailout money, this should be allowed to be asked. And her answer - copout. It had nothing to do with what was asked. He didn't ask her opinion on whether she believed in gay marriage vs. marriage between a man and woman. She was asked about how she feels states in the U.S should respond. She didn't even REMOTELY answer that question. It was a stupid answer to a very interesting question. So all you all, stop bitching, if you don't like perez or what he asks then don't be here reading his stuff. Ugh!

  35. 735

    what a stupid bint! Why be so narrow minded? She can't possibly win that pagent.. how can you believe in "world peace" blah blah blah and not "gay marriage" why can't gays feel the same love as straight people? that's what marriage is isnt it? love and respect.. well gays feel that too.. seriously, what a fucking idiot!!! i'm straight and my stepdad is so against gay people so i grew up hearing them be slagged off but that isnt going to influence my views!

  36. 736

    Another idiot brain washed with religion no doubt ughh.

  37. 737

    What happened to your claim that she got booed?

  38. 738

    look.. SO WHAT IF she stood up for what she believed in.. its a freaking miss america pageant… just at least lie and go around the question because a TRUE miss america does not put down ANYYYY of the american people… she sets an example of being a UNITED american… SOOO WHAT if she was speaking her opinion…. she needs to set a good example and keep her opinion to herself if it will offend ANYONE. such a bitch.

  39. 739

    FUCKING HILARIOUS! FAT BODy you really shouldn't be allowed on TV to horrify America. Especially representing the gay community. I love how demoralized you look when she says marriage should be 'between a man and a woman' and everyone claps. priceless.!!! All though this chick is dumb as rocks, you can hear from the crowd how many people share her conservative christian views.

  40. 740

    leave the bitch alone. i give her credit for going up there and actually saying how she felt about it, instead of giving some half-ass answer to appease everyone. gay marriage is gonna be a issue for a long time so you can't expect everyone to be okay with it in such a short time.

  41. 741

    Re: vancity – yaaay! let's do it!

  42. 742

    The dumb bitch just offended probably more than nof half the employees and volunteers on the pageant circuit.

  43. 743

    'my country' can you be more stupid. It is 'our' country and we don't have the right to choose, if we did then gays would be able to marry gays and straight people the same. BUT FUCK YOU PEREZ!!! YOU DISGUST ME….NOT GAY PEOPLE JUST YOU!!!!!!!!!! What kind of fucking answer do you expect, not everyone has the same views as you fat ass!!!!!!!

  44. 744

    What an UGLY suit!

  45. 745

    And si what? Whe shouldnt change her beliefs just cause shes on the pagent

  46. 746

    so, you believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion…but it's wrong unless it is what you believe? interesting

  47. 747

    What she clearly meant by "a nation where we get to choose" is that we live in a FEDERALIST society, made up of state governments. State legislatures get to decide the issue, and that is what is so great about this country. The laws can adapt to and reflect the values of many based on geography.

  48. 748

    Are you saying that People shouldn't have their own opinions unless they agree with yours? Who's the dumb ass?

  49. 749

    I have to wonder how in the world did Perez even become a judge. I have no idea what the judges actually do. But if he was to be the one that grades her than did he funk her because of her answer? If so that was wrong.

  50. 750

    Is this girl serious? greaaaat question perez. and fabulous person to ask it to…i get it is what she believes but she sucks.

  51. 751

    she said opposite marriage b/c wth hell are you supposed to call marriage between a man and a woman now?

    Gay Marriage='s Same Sex Marriage

    Marriage between a man and a woman='s ………. ? exactly

    Opposite Marriage b/c apparently gays are more important than straight people and have labels for everything

    seriously have a fucking civil union and get over it b/c Marriage is between a man and a woman. Same sex marriage makes no sense to me what so ever b/c nine times out of ten religion isn't involved and being married whether you want to admit it or not is derived from religion. All kinds of religions actually.
    Homosexuality is too actually but as most of you know that didn't end so well.

    Anyways back to my point

    Call me closed minded or hateful or even unjust but damn why does it seem like you can celebrate being gay every damn day of your life but being straight isn't something that calls for empowerment and unity/rallies/protest/whatever lol

    I love gay people! I have gay friends and I've talked to them countless amounts of times about this subject but the shits getting old and I wish the bitching would just stop. The whole world doesn't need to know about your sexual preference that's your business Perez. Being Gay shouldn't be what defines you.

  52. 752

    Re: taryn.star – I AGREE HAHAHHA.

  53. 753

    Re: *Jamaican_Hottie*

    simple because she didn't "agree" with Perez

    see the fucking irony of it all lol

    Perez ='s a hypocrite

  54. 754

    Re: ShortestVal

    God you are so smart I envy you

  55. 755

    Embarrassing on so many levels.

  56. 756

    If you turn up your speakers real loud, you can actually hear the boos.
    I couldn't hear them at first either when I was watching the show on TV.
    Yup she's definitely not Miss USA material bcos her answer was terribly worded and she wasn't tactful with her answer.
    Miss USA should have intelligence and represent equality, and she had none of those.

  57. 757

    Good for her, there is no right or wrong answer, you can't force people to change their opinions! it was a bit silly expecting the answer you were expecting anyway huh!

  58. 758

    Congratulations to her for voicing her opinion. Sucks to be you if you don't like it. I guess values that stay with you for a lifetime are more important than a stupid title that lasts for a year, and gets you nothing with you turn it in.

  59. 759

    WHOOOOA they even cheered for it. Just shows they're not as ready for it as you thought bb. Keep your head up!!

  60. 760

    What the eff!!!! Why weren't there any boo's! She said people can choose, but thats only if the law allows gay marriage!!! She's dumb and is a bad example! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO california!

  61. 761

    She is entitled to her opinion. Just because she didn't say what most people in the audience or Perez wanted to hear doesn't mean she is a bad person. At least she was honest and she is not the only person in America that feels that way…..sorry to tell you!

  62. 762

    Personally I think you knew exactly what COULD happen by asking thay question. If she said something controversial in your opinion than it would get YOU more coverage. Then now by dragging it all out on your website it is keeping the story in the attention of people.
    Even though you do look a bit of a tit by making such a huge fuss out of her speaking her personal opinion (which you asked her to do!) you havent actually done to bad out of the whole thing have you?

  63. 763

    Screw that biotch. You look Hawt, Perez!

  64. Zen says – reply to this


    i didn't hear boos i heard claps and cheering.. she gave you an honest answer and honestly perez i think a lot of people feel like that..

  65. 765

    Every one can have there own opinion on the subject… Even if you thik its wrong.

  66. 766

    Nice! :
    I don't really give a shit who marries who. And, I don't really give a shit what this stupid girl thinks. She can think and say whatever she wants. See, that's the set up kiddo. We are freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to think whatever we want.
    Tolerance includes being tolerant of the intolerant. Then you shall become what you claim to believe.

  67. 767

    what country bumpkins in the audience did they have appluading that terrible answer??!!!!
    That is sooooo ignorant for someone who is supposed to be considered a role model to say.
    Obviously in her country it's filled with peroxided blonde, blue eyed , ignorant people who think their way is the right way.
    So sad with all the great people who happen to love the same sex have to deal with ignorant babbons like this woman.

  68. 768

    she could have answered that question with her view alot more sufficently…she just sounded dumb, and took a beeline to get out of there.
    Idiot !

  69. 769

    amen sista!!

  70. 770

    She's so stupid and ignorant…that was a bad answer

  71. 771

    i don't like her. boooooo

  72. 772

    Shes such an idiot!!

  73. 773

    wow, she totally blew it. there were so many other ways she could have answered and still kept her beliefs in without offending gays

  74. 774

    Hahaha Perez you're simply the best, great question ! This bitch is so stupid, she just ruined her "career".

  75. 775

    you can barely hear the booing but she didnt even answer the ? to begin with. her coked up ego keeps her from paying attention to things

    good thing her and micheal phelps are together for those fucked up faces would never get anything

  76. 776

    She said what she believed in, not what people wanted her to say, give her credit for thst ppl

  77. 777

    I'm gay but i do respect her for being honest i strongly disagree but i do like she told how she really felt

  78. 778

    she's honest. i think that's great!

  79. 779

    what a douche.

  80. 780

    Unfortunately for all involved, our country is divided when it comes to same sex marriages. In a place that is supposed to be free and equal, there is actually very little of that. There was applause and boos from the audiance for her answer. However, we do need to keep in mind, unless we want to become one of the ones that discriminates, that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We don't have to agree with what others think, the only thing we can do is elighten people and encourage change.

  81. 781

    Oooo perez the dissapointment on your face!!

  82. 782

    Hahahaha lol you joker..just watched your video..lmao..so basically you didn't want her to win due to her opinions..more or less..

  83. 783

    HURRRRAAAYYY!! Miss CA all the way!! Marriage SHOULD be between a man and a woman. I live in CA and I am so proud of my fellow Californians who voted NO on Prop 8. P.S. what the heck were YOU doing there Perez?? Who died and made you someone important?!!

  84. 784

    give it a rest! although i don't agree with what she said, she didn't win. get over it.

  85. 785

    Perez…I love you, and I believe everyone has the right to a legal marriage. Unfortunately, the morons in the audience don't seem to be booing…it sounded like an applause. We do tend to hear what we want to hear. Such a bummer people like this can't open up to what will eventually HAVE to come!

  86. B-fin says – reply to this


    Re: Blank4894 – What most are missing is she is in a competition to represent a group of people as a diplomat type position. No one really wants to hear her opinion they want to see that she can dodge touchy subjects and not offend large groups of people, intelligently. Her answer was neither intelligent nor safe. The pageant is not out to create controversy. I think it would have been sad if she was booed because then people would have felt sorry for her and forgave her or looked past her ignorance. Funny how the pageant quickly distanced themselves from her.

  87. 787

    I definitely agree with you in that there were many ways to answer that question adequately whether or not you support same sex marriage, you have to consider other peoples feelings on the matter not just that of your own. I happen to be religious as well as a conservative but I believe that people should be happy, and that laws should be fair and equal to everybody, a same sex couple should get the same rights as any other couple. When it comes down to marriage within church I think differently but I still consider others and their opinions that differ from mine. As Miss America you should be well aware that there are others with opposing views and should be unbiased for the sake of her fellow Americans, but that doesn't mean she has to lie about her views.

  88. 788

    and she's from CA?!
    omgsh what a shit

  89. 789

    Don't ask the question if you aren't willing to hear the answer.

  90. 790

    She needs to be flung back to the stone ages by her stupid blond hair….. I don't understand how the younger generation still feels this way. I thought tolerance was more common these days. Thanks parents of ignorance! You've managed to keep your fucked-up views ingrained into tiny pockets of THIS generation. Go back to the 50's and put them to the grave ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!! And BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  91. 791

    i didnt hear any boos but she should have gotten some.. why do people need to judge other people .. why does anyone even care what kind of people get married? And these people who say its a sin to be gay, they arent God they don't make the rules. And its also a sin to judge which many of you(people) do. Everyone talks about freedom, who' s free when when you try to live your life you get judges and punished. Next thing you know short and tall people cant get married.. ridiculous… why is there even a law about gay marriage? guaranteed some of the people who pass this stupid law are gay themselves.. i would like to know how two human beings getting married or even being together hurts anyone… try worrying about whats going on in your own bedroom before you worry about whats going on in someone eses

  92. 792

    she said she thought it was great that PEOPLE COULD CHOOSE, but in her family SHE BELIEVES it should be between a man and a woman. she is saying what she believes in and if she had been fake and said an answer that she DID NOT believe in, then that would be wrong. I think everyone is being too harsh on her

  93. 793

    She fucked up. Did she forget that the whole point of this contest is to be fake and say what all the silly little girls and gay guys want to hear?

  94. 794

    That took courage- standing up for her beliefs publicly and directly to a gay judge. You have to give it to her.

  95. CesX says – reply to this


    i'm angry!!

  96. 796

    what century are we living in?! why can we have a black president and gay people still don't have rights. STOP THE HATE

  97. 797

    HOLY SHIT. what stupid bitch. and the worst part of it is all the clapping! oh my god!!
    yeah everyone is entitled to their own opinion but for fucking seriously i am so fucking sick of people and their problems with gay people. GET OVER IT. haha i know i totally over simplified and i sound like a four year old. but i don't care. i just really am sick of it.

  98. 798

    hahaha marrying your dog or pet..thats such a dumb quote already been used by society .. dumbass ..some people who dont even know the feelings of loving the same sex,should just stfu

  99. 799

    Re: karianne – it was such a dumb question to be asking at a freaking beauty pageant to begin with!

  100. 800

    unfortunately i think that dumb bitch is everything that's wrong with this country. Just becuase your parents taught you that being gay is wrong doesn't mean you cant fucking think for yourself.

    I think someone should fed ex her the the fucking constitution ASAP!

    It wasn't too long ago that people of different races couldn't get married…

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