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THE YouTube Moment Of Miss USA!

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THIS is it!

Everyone's talking about it!!!!

CLICK HERE to check it out.

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999 comments to “THE YouTube Moment Of Miss USA!”

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  1. 801

    Ok I think that was the stupidest answer ever. I agree with you video of what she should have said. I believe everyone should have the right to marry, gay or straight. and I love you Perez

  2. 802

    haaa she is so ignorant! did she graduate high school? she can't even answer this question and is totally contradicting herself!

  3. 803

    I'm sorry mario, but that was not a bad answer. She was honest, said she supported a state's right to choose, but that it personally isn't for her. Nothing wrong with that. And there was no booing that I could hear. Just because someone doesn't agree with everything you stand for doesn't make them the enemy-ESPECIALLY when they outright acknowledge that they respect other people's decisions and rights to choose. I think you got your panties a little twisted on this one P.

  4. 804

    ok i don't see anything wrong with that answer…thats what she believes..who gives a fuck

  5. 805

    It's her opinion. You asked!

  6. 806

    if we live in the land of the free. then she should have the right to believe in what she wants and not be judged by what she thinks. she didnt say anything attacking people who are gay. she simply said she believed in what she was taught growing up. she believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

  7. 807

    Stupid whore.

  8. 808

    well she didn't know what to say haha, at the end the only thing I understand from her mumbling was that she grow up believing in man n woman marriage bo ho! lol

  9. 809

    Re: flatulentmama – I agree. You do sound like a four year old….just kidding =]. No, you are totally right. She did seem a bit full of righteious indignation when she responded that she preferred marriage to be between a man and a woman. Yet she had just said that she appreciated people having a choice, so you got to give her credit there. Even if she does have a minimal amount of brain cells, there just isn't that much controversy in what she said to merrit this type of attention. she's probably pretty happy with herself.

  10. 810

    fuck that stupid fucking bitch

  11. FunMe says – reply to this


    Re: JPCG

    And why are you here at a gay or better yet fag web site you INGORANT UN-AMERICAN HATEFUL BITCH!

    We should ship trash like you to Russia or some other place for your freaking hateful "opinions". And water boarding would be something made especially for people like you!

  12. 812

    And that right there is what cost her the title….stupid bitch.

  13. 813

    What did everyone expect from an inbred redneck? I don't get it…

  14. 814

    shes entitled to her opinion but she just comes of as a bit narrow-minded, as so does the audience for cheering her. whats it to do with her what gay people do? who is she to say 'i dont think it should be allowed'? i think it should be allowed all over the world (it is in my country), because although it doesnt affect me it would make lots of people i know and people around the world happy and who are we to tell them they cant have official acknowledgement of their love?

  15. 815

    I commend her for answering honestly. She wasn't trying to be all politically correct and that takes balls….also I agree with her. Sorry Perez

  16. 816

    Re: bergdorfblondie – You said the exact thing I was thinking, so I will just quote ya….this is SOOOOOOOO TRUE!

    "She said the great thing about our country is that we can choose –we'll guess what you dumb blonde, gay couples do not have the right to be married….therefore they do not get to choose!"

  17. 817

    you looked really nice, perez.

  18. 818

    well, we need to start with a single payer healthcare plan not Obamas health insurance for all……then insurance won't be an issue anymore!~ then it should be decided state by state……..too bad the lights seem to be on and nobocy is home, good thing she didn't win!~

  19. 819


    You probably can't hear the boos over the clapping because they're lower and arn't picked up by microphones as easily as the cheering. Just because of the sound it makes. But I can believe that there were boos.


    At least she didn't win.

  20. 820

    Yay for Miss California for standing up for what she BELIEVES in and not what everybody is FOLLOWING!so Perez is mad because she told him what he didn't want to hear?Oh F*cking well she's not into the gay lifestyle the girl still has her morals. You don't like it when ppl judge your lifestyle so don't hate her because she has her own opinion and stood up for herself!

  21. 821

    wow what a lameass

  22. 822

    Oh no she didn't!

  23. 823

    she is entitled to her opinion…

  24. pauee says – reply to this


    Re: Partieguy99 – ahaahahhahaha so true

  25. 825


  26. 826

    Re: andrxw – I agree. That was a dangerous question. No matter what the answer, people were going to be pissed.

  27. 827

    I think its good that she answered truthfully…I think it's sad that she doesn't truly believe in everyone having equal rights and having the freedom that everyone talks about. I guess its only good for Americans to be free if it's something that most conservatives approve of.

  28. 828


  29. 829

    Not enough boo's. WTF people?!

  30. 830

    Miss California IS A DUMB BITCH…Fuck her and her outdated beliefs…People were doing her a favor by clapping to get her off the stage before she said anything else that offended people. What a dumbass!!!

  31. 831

    was it me or was there cheering as well as booing…in fact I heard mainly cheering…although I agree…Perez's answer is better but whatever.

    I am pro gay marriage but people are entitled to their believes….however at the Miss USA pageant (one of the campest things EVER) maybe wasn't the best time to voice it..

    Would you like to try again sweetie..

  32. 832

    Everyone has thier own beliefs and no one should force another to think a certain way. Accept that others are different than you.

  33. 833

    Hm.. you do nice 'serious'.. i mean you were kind of hot.

  34. 834

    Bravo for your question, Perez. That was good!

  35. lamb says – reply to this


    No one can have different beliefs than you? Stop being a queer nazi, this is America!

  36. 836


  37. 837

    Re: joeharter1 – she did too get booed, i was in the audience and i was booing her with everyone else

  38. 838

    Who cares what she thinks? she's dumb and maybe a bit too young to think maturely.

  39. 839

    she has a right to an opinion but her answer was just stupid and she contraticted herself.

    and why was everyone clapping…?

  40. 840

    i am sorry but she is free to think whatever she wants… i am all for gay rights but marriage is for procreation…you guys should have all the legal rights but lets be real… you can't reproduce…i have a lot of gay friends love and accept them and they should get legal rights that heterosexual married couples get but the weddings and marriages were evolved from the idea of procreating…anyway I actually like Miss California…she had balls to say what she thinks

  41. 841

    opposite marriage, as in opposite sex marriage. she said same sex marriage than opposite marriage…it was inferred from what she previously said that she meant opposite sex…calm down. it was a hot question. and just because it wasnt phrased quite well or exactly what Perez wanted…it really doesnt matter…she voiced her opinion. get over it. she didnt even win. why was perez even a judge anyway.. i couldve predicted he'd base his question on his own agenda. and i heard cheering…

  42. 842

    She's too dumb to be taken too seriously.

  43. 843

    Re: TexasBeth

    One of the most thought-out, intelligent answers I have EVER seen on this site! Well said!!

  44. 844

    Uhmm she didnt get booo….she actually got cheered..
    but it was indeed a stupid answer regarless whether she was pro or against same sex marriage

  45. 845

    "Um like I had bigotry and ignorance shoved down my throat growing up but somehow I developed a mind of my own and I believe you should be able to love who you wanna love that's what I believe in"

    Good for her for stating her beliefs too bad she's a brainwashed bigot.

  46. 846

    i personally feel that marriage should be between a man and a woman, and gay couples should have civil unions. there isn't anything wrong with believing what she believes. however her answer was ridiculous. she didnt even word it correctly and sounded like a homophobic moron

  47. 847

    omg when she was done with her answer, i looked at you and i told my friend who is also a perez fan, oh shyt wrong answer! hes deff gonna write somin about it! lol. but yea totally against her ans. i support gay marriage all the way baby!! :)

  48. 848

    dumb whore. i love her dress but saying that to perez hilton was a bad move. while i was watching this, i was laughing at her because now she's going to have perez say how much he hates her and shit like that haha.

    luv yah perez.

  49. 849

    fuck that question…gays dont need to get married

  50. 850


  51. 851

    Get the fuck over it Perez!! Just because you didnt like the answer doesnt mean she's a bitch or anything. Atleast she told HER opinion instaed of what she thought people like you wanted to hear. Good for her!

  52. 852

    what a douche. marriage is a civil right! for a nation that insists on a separation of church and state, it sure as hell doesn't seem that way! i refuse to marry my fiance until my gay friends have the right to marry in california as well!

  53. 853

    Omg this is why ppl like her should never represent a HUGE amount of ppl who have every right as any other person on who they should marry ! Honestly i hope that bitch trips in her heels and breaks her nose.

  54. 854

    well, you aren´t Miss California, BUT you got less than half a brain.

    she did not get booed, at least I did not hear it, I was hearing claps. she has an opinion, and she was able to stand up for it. if that does not fit into your little world, you are the dumbass here.

    wonder why you are judging, you think Lady Caca is hot! and you dare to act like Miss California is going to be the next President of the U.S.! and your vlog proves that you are not better than her, thank you for that

  55. skid says – reply to this


    damn, what a bitch.

  56. 856

    i think she owned you in national television haha

  57. 857

    what a dumb bitch.

  58. 858

    Re: cinabina
    i agree!

  59. 859

    i believe in the right to same sex marriages.. but i also believe in the right to express an opinion in a civilised manner, whether it contradicts what is morally right or not.. her manner was certainly civilised so i respect it.. and good for her for being herself.

  60. 860

    You guys need to understand where Perez is coming from. He never said he wanted her to agree with his ways. He justed wanted an educated answer. I mean I'm all for everyone having their own opinions, but Perez's question was not "How do you feel about gay marriage?" That's why her answer was stupid. Oh, and also the fact that she said "opposite marriage." What the fuck is opposite marriage? Fuck all these haters Perez. I don't know why they come to your site if they hate you so much. Guess they just feel like they need to think the exact opposite of you. Miss California, next time answer the question.

  61. 861

    As if she is representing the state San Fransico is in. It's sad that she was born in a barn.

  62. 862

    Re: andrxw – Thank you!! Perez had no right to ask that question in the first place. Thats like asking someone which religion is the best. In no way was that question appropriate, I don't care if your gay or not

  63. 863

    i may not agree to what you say but i'll defend to the death your right to say it.. i believe in same sex marriage she doesn't.. it is not my place to say she is wrong as long as she is respectful

  64. 864

    so what shes right!!!!!!!!!!

  65. 865

    Gandhi: "Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress" ."

    America dig this one as well:

    Gandhi: "Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit"

  66. 866

    Whatever your personal beliefs, it is unfortunate that so many support the ideal that if you dont agree with the liberal / homosexual thoughts you are stupid or subject to attack and ridicule. It is freedom of expression that allows people to speak up when their beliefs are not popular. Ms. California spoke with Integrity. Would you prefer she lied so you could feel good about her answer and your beliefs? Would you feel better knowing her good will toward you was based on deceit?

    Most importantly, you might consider this young lady probably has a father and perhaps brothers who dont care for your "dumb bitch" comments any more than you care for her comments. If she were my daughter, you and I would be having a conversation of our own where you would have the opportunity to better understand my form of self expression.

    I hope she refuses coffee or any further connection to you. She has more class than you could ever have.

  67. 867

    Jayus she is a dumb shit!
    Yet she didn't get booed.
    Yet she didn't win…
    I can't help but wonder y!

  68. 868

    thaqt sucks

  69. 869

    I actually heard cheering not boos. Apparently Perez lives in his own world(shocking right?). He does this ON PURPOSE! He knows DAMN WELL how she was going to answer. More people are against it than for it, if not it would be legal in every state and MARIO KNOWS THIS! He does it for attention and to get on papers and T.V. And saying it was "the youtube moment of the pageant" proves it. He is such a pathetic self absorbed loser. No wonder he doesn't have anybody in his life. And don't say why do I come to this site if I don't like him then. I come for the gossip and to pass time but lately this asshole is making EVERYTHING about him and creating "controversy" to get press because he has NO TALENT OF HIS OWN so he hates on celebs who actually do and that is his way of getting his so called "claim to fame"!!!

  70. 870

    Ok first of all she said the " COUNTRY " she lives in … Ummm dip shit you live in California idiot douche. And for you to say that "her family" believes in man and woman to marry. Honey you should be chastised. IM GLAD you lost you idiot. YOU dont deserve to win. That other chick from another pageant who rambled about nonsense in Iran and such and such and such was a much better speaker then this dumb douchebag. SHE SUCKS ASS this dumb FUCK.

  71. 871

    look at perez's face
    he was like BITCH.
    she should have got booed.
    dumbass you can't choose to be gay.

  72. 872

    And SINCE THIS IS AMERICA like you say Perez SHE HAS EVERY RIGHT TO HER OWN FUCKING OPINION - FREE FUCKING SPEECH! Sure it wasn't satisfactory TO YOU but that her is own OPINION and so be it if it caused her the title!! She believes what she believes WHETHER YOU AGREE OR NOT! And I highly believe that if your weren't gay you would not agree with gay marriage. She has that right to say what she wants so what if it weren't "politically correct" or satisfying to you. These same fucks who say they agree with gay marriage go right back around and vote AGAINST IT! Which is why it isn't LEGAL IN EVERY STATE!! People use your brains and STOP LYING!

  73. 873

    Makes me sad. . .I would have expected a louder negative response. Is it 1960?

  74. 874

    She has the courage of her convictions! Bravo! Tired of everyone saying what some others want to hear to get ahead in whatever game they are playing!

  75. 875

    She truly represent California. They voted against guy marriage, despite how low the difference was.

  76. 876


  77. 877

    ha girl you got it all wrong

  78. Mushy says – reply to this


    What an ignorant mind this thing has. It is because of people like this that our country, and thus; Americans are frowned upon internationally. Unfortunately, ignorance is contagious. Apparently, she's from California, a Metropolitan state, But I think she must have lived under a motherfucking rock her entire life. She should go back to the fucking cave where she should have never come out from.

  79. 879

    Okay, Is it just me or does anybody else think that gays should have the same rights as straight people? I think that if people want to marry their own gender then it is ok! Who is anyone to tell that they cannot marry who they want?! This is bull! I am straight but I just don't understand how this is.

  80. 880

    Hmmm…. I'm honestly happy that she didn't lie. That's a hell of a lot better then saying what people WANT to hear. I personally am for same sex marriage. I really don't get why people are so against it. It's not YOUR life! If 2 guys or 2 girls wanna get married, LET THEM! You don't have to get married to them and you don't even have to associate with them! I say follow your heart. It's not there fault they were born that way. Isn't it in the constitution that everyone has the right to the pursuit of happiness? If they're happy together and want to make it official, why shouldn't they be allowed to? I hate how closed minded some people are now-a-days and people need to butt out of other peoples lives!

  81. 881

    Wow, it must have been some conservative fucks in the audience… I'm surprised people clapped wtf???

  82. 882

    so closed minded

  83. 883

    Re: dellajean13 – I agree with you except that "Civil Union" wouldn't work because it's still seperate from marriage. And seperate does not mean equal - It's segregation which is what they are fighting against.

  84. 884

    She can have whatever opinion she wants…but that was kind of a dick move.

  85. 885

    actually, against what people have been saying, i support her answer. She was obviously committed to her religion or upbringings. She stood firm in what she believed in and I admire her for that.

  86. 886

    Re: CarsonCharles – The reason most people have a problem with it is either because of lack of tolerance or because it is against their religious beliefs. According to the Bible, marriage is suppose to be a sacred union between a man and a woman and it's been that way for hundreds of years. The Bible also says that homosexuality is condemed by God and it is a sin. So combine marriage which is "a sacred union between a mand and woman" and homosexuality " a sin that takes you to hell" and you get fear, anger, hate and intolerance. The problem is that marriage originated from Christianity and Christians believe that you cannot change the laws of God.

  87. 887

    Perez, have you always had that speech impediment or did you get that from………maybe next year you could start the Mr. Gay USA and ask them some half-brain questions and hear the audience cheer like they did for Miss California……..lmfao

  88. 888

    aha she lost because she isn't a gay lover.

  89. 889


  90. 890

    I didn't hear any booing. And Perez Hilton is a bad representative for his movement. No self respecting man should ever call a woman a bitch under any circumstance. I don't care if your rapping on an album or youtubing it up. I understand your upset , but exercise some self control. She may not have done the greatest job expressing herself but your a hypocrite when you do the same. Perez Hilton is the classic case of "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones"

  91. 891

    Okay then if she was answering it cause society wants her to,then that shows shes 1,fake and a hypocrit for not answering how she was..ehh so no, i believe her answer is what really makes her cold heart feel..

  92. 892

    Hello we live in the USA - free country last time I checked. If she had said the answer you wanted she would have been lame, she stood strong to her beliefs, good for her!! I applaud her. You cannot say that someone should have answered differently because you didn't agree with what they said, and no one can force another individual to believe something they don't. If that's how you want the country to run you should go to China.

  93. 893

    UUUggghhhhh sooooo typical of a trashy ignorant B***H!!!!

  94. 894

    i will say that usually these models are told not to express there opinion & to go along with what would be the most popular opinion & im shocked that she said that.whether you agree or not you should still say that you agree to avoid hate etc.

  95. 895

    I couldn't hear the booeing must have been hidden in all the clapping and praise. Wow, she was fucking cheated. She's entitled to her opinion even it's different from Perez's. She was the clear-cut winner so where the fuck is her tiara. It's not like she knew what she was going to be asked.

  96. 896

    That was a terrible answer.
    I would have booed. I'm booing now in fact.
    I hope she lost.

  97. 897

    0:55 Perez…u look pissed :p

  98. 898

    Congrats Perez, you totally stole the show!!!

  99. 899

    perez was rude with his sour face after the answer. why ask it?

    she was trying to be honest but was nervous and screwed her answer up. the majority of people don't feel like they dare express their feelings about marrige because they will be labeled a bigot.

  100. 900

    WHAT A BITCH!!!! >:O

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