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In Case You Missed It…

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CLICK HERE to check out Perez's appearance on CNN's Larry King Live on Monday night, talking about the Miss California/Miss USA controversy!


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1306 comments to “In Case You Missed It…”

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  1. 901

    Re: me0101 – She did say people have a right to choose, and then she gave her personal opinion, which he specifically asked for, and for which she should be allowed to give. Perez didn't like it because he doesn't want a Miss American that has her own opinions, he wants a Miss American that conforms to HIS idea, and HIS opinions. Listen to the interview again. Oh, and California voted against same sex marriage, but now we have courts in this country that no longer abide by they will of the people, but push forward their own pet agendas.

  2. 902

    well said,perez!!! bravo!

  3. 903

    You are so immature Perez. If you don't believe in people sharing their own opinions whether you agree or not, you're in the wrong country. Would you have robbed her title if she told you she detested the color pink? Grow up. Backfired on you though, didn't it? She's getting an awful lot of attention.

  4. 904

    I hate ignorant, barbie doll bitches…have a heart….my partner and I have been together for 12 yrs, raising her 2 children, because there worthless dads bailed almost before the first diaper….hate comes from ignorance….and that is a dumb bitch!!!!! Right on Perez…we love you…power to our people!!!

  5. JeNaY says – reply to this


    Que chulo Tux :)

  6. 906

    Well said Perez, I hope a lot of people got to see that. You definitely made some great points in an intelligent way. And why should we not expect Miss USA to also be at least somewhat intelligent? If you hadn't have asked that question Miss CA might have won so GOOD JOB.

  7. 907

    You're the dumb bitch! She was honest and you had your own personal agenda with your stupid question.

  8. 908

    One thing everyone who thinks is perez should grow up and hes stupid should shut up! Cuz he handle this matter very good and u know wat she was running for miss usa! not miss my thougthts only matter. Your representing a huge country with many diff ppl! So, fine she doesnt even believe in same sex marriage thats fine w.e i dont care but answear the question in a more politcal way. No wonder she didnt win! STUPID BLONDE BITCH! Trip on your heels and break your nose. And for u all perez haters hes not the only one who thinks she handle the situtation badly. THANK-YOU VERY MUCH

  9. 909

    You know, just because you are insecure and can't handle opposition doesnt mean you should bring other people down. Just becasue YOU believe in gay marriage doesnt mean EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD has to. Are you stupid? It's America, everyone is entitiled to their opinion, it makes us who we are. Why were you so offended? Because someone of her caliber opposes you? SELFISH IGNORANT ASS!

  10. 910

    Re: atheistchick – They ARE equal under the law.

  11. 911

    Just watched you both speak to Matt L. She is a total loser. Her 2 seconds of fame are gone. Tomorrow I'll say Ms. California "who?'

  12. 912

    Her answer was not "bad." This is not about YOUR opinion and YOUR gay rights; but that is what you are making it out to be! If YOU are that small minded, then you do not belong on the panel of judges for the Miss America Pageant. Sounds like you need to judge a MR America Pageant; that way you will feel more accepted!!!

  13. 913


  14. 914


  15. 915

    p.s….all that support you—are insecure too. Get an opinion, be yourself, quit conforming to what is cool today.

  16. 916

    pps. you still look fat and ugly–regardless of the drugs you now use

  17. 917

    In case you missed it….we live in America and while Ms. Cali didn’t rep all our beliefs (mine included) she is, as an American, entitled to her personal beliefs. Or maybe that is something we should all lose in lieu of gay rights?

  18. mndev says – reply to this


    I think this interview was great. Good job.

  19. 919

    Re: VioletYoshi

    You must not have seen her answer to the question then. Because she did say she's glad to live in a country where people can do as they please, but she believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. Just because she lives in California doesn't mean that's a requirement for her (or anyone) to support gay marriage. My own personal belief is I don't care who marries who….man and woman, man and man, woman and woman….if you love one another then you should be allowed to marry, period. HOWEVER, I still respect other people's opinions regarding gay marriage. Everyone has to take their own stand on each issue….politicians and civilians alike. And yes, gay marriage is a big issue in this country, but that STILL does not mean that Miss California HAD TO AGREE with gay marriage in order to win the crown.

  20. 920




  21. 921

    Just because she was up for Miss USA doesn't mean she has to be middle of the road on everything! She spoke the truth! She said how she really feels! Isn't that what it's all about? Being HONEST and not just saying what people want to hear? Or at least some people? If I'd asked her that question and she'd answered it the way she did…I would have given her a high vote for being HONEST! You're being discrimitory with your attitude towards her! I just watched you on NBC this morning and you came across as a real GAY PIG! I have no problems with gays in general but when you want to attempt to FORCE your agenda and opinions on me..that's what causes me to dislike gays.

  22. 922

    Mr. Hilton,
    I have never visited your site before and honestly, I probably won’t ever again. It was expected that you would have a substantial amount of space designated to your recent… stunt and I thought I would make a few points.
    1. You have to understand that most people are going to see what happened during the Q&A session and have sympathy for the women from CA. It looks like you ambushed her with a politically charged question and then penalized her for answering with an opinion that differed from you. While it draws attention to you, it does not help the cause you are fighting for.
    2. You can not honestly think a question about giving money to bail out those who have massively mismanaged their financial responsibilities to one about same sex marriages. Everyone I have talked to saw the bailout question as a softball question.

  23. 923

    3. You have single handedly made Miss California a celebrity. She will be commended for her honesty and integrity on talk shows a lot more popular than Larry King Live (does anyone under 65 years old even watch that show?) No one remembers who won the pageant last year but I will guarantee you that they will remember Miss California from this year.
    4. (Last one, don’t worry) You make a statement about the founding fathers intention to make issues like same sex marriages a decision that is left up to the States. It seems contradictory to say that in one sentence and then in the next breath talk about how excited you are that the Supreme Court of California is hearing a case that would overturn Prop 8. Isn’t that subverting the choice of your fellow statesman/women?
    That’s it Perez. I can’t imagine you have read all of this and it has made you think, but one can hope.

  24. 924

    wait are you asking me for my thought on this?! i think i'll pass on it because i dont want you to freak out on me too. stupid asshole.

  25. 925

    Thank you Miss California for standing by your beliefs! Why are you so offended by a lady who has strong convictions and stands by them at all costs? Isn't that what you do as well, Perez?

    Americans want public figures who say things that make them feel safe, warm, happy and included. However, when you're wrong, you're just wrong and you need to know that and not feel "OK" about it.

    Standing by one's beliefs is not always popular. We need more people who will stand by their beliefs, rather than bowing to every special interest on earth in order to win a popularity contest !!

  26. 926

    Hypocrite, Obama said the same thing in his campaign and you still voted for him didn’t you?

  27. 927

    I hate to say it but….get over yourself. The world does not revolved around gays and blacks. It's always about how gays cant get married and how blacks keep seeing themselves in the past. It is not natural to be gay or lesbian. If god intended it to be then we would all have a dick and a vagina so that we could alternate partners. Its like having a cat fuck a dog. Not natural.

  28. 928

    Wow, you really worded that well perez..good job man!!!

  29. 929

    Why didn't you ask if she believed in Polygamist marriage? Would you call her a b**ch if she answered no?

    Where are the die-hard advocates of polygamist marriage? Oh yeah, it's not "stylish" these days and miraculously everyone develops a sense of "right and wrong" when it comes to the topic of polygamy… but not homosexuality. Hypocrites!

    You'd probably ridicule someone who wants the right to marry two wives or two husbands because you suddenly think it's immoral, but you'll go to the ends of the earth to fight for people who are hell-bent on neutralizing the uniqueness of love between a man and woman. Why the hypocrisy?

    Ask yourself… Would you fight for the rights of polygamists too? If not, you're a hypocrite.

    Those who believe marriage should be limited to one man and one woman do so for the same reason you believe marriage should be limited to 2 people and not 3 people or more… because they believe in limits and value truth.

    Why is it that gay right nazis throws a fit if they see a religious nut trying to force them to believe something, but then they turn right around and, not only do they get pushy like a religious nut, they get nasty and mean!

    Wake up people. It's not about equal rights, otherwise you'd be fighting for the rights of polygamists too. I highly doubt you'd have the same courage because you haven't been brainwashed by your homosexual idols to advocate for that. Yet.

  30. 930

    This is such a NON CONTROVERSY. I hate the south. I hate sourthern belle types. But Perez you need to face the fact that the majority of Americans, Republicans and Democrats feel that marriage should remain between a man and a woman. I consider myself Liberal, I don't go to church, I worked on Obama's campaign and I still feel gay marriage does not need to be leagalized. It doesn't mean I hate gays, but I just don't agree with it. Many, many people feel that way. For Perez to go crazy on this girl and flail around on every media outlet he can is ridiculous. Who is giving this asshole airtime?
    What the fuck was he doing judging a beauty pagent anyway?
    By the way, any time I think I might change my mind on this issue, one of you moronic gays (Perez, Rosie) does something like this to change my mind. Why don't you take a cue from Dan Savage and get some class Perez?

  31. 931

    that was brilliant, well said, well educated interview. great job perez

  32. 932

    Good job Perez, you did great, well said. I agree, Miss Americas should be politically correct and sensitive no matter what their personal opinions.

  33. 933

    You have proven, on national TV and your blog, how hateful and intollerant you are of people who think differently than you. I applaud Ms. California for having the courage to stand up to jerks like you.

    You asked a question regarding her opinion on marriage. She feels its more important to enshrine marriage as an institution most likely to provide children with a loving mother and father, rather than boil it down to who people prefer to have sex with.

    So you didn't like her answer. An adult would accept that America is divided on this issue, but you have chosen to prove what an intollerant child you are .

  34. 934

    BRAVO Perez, you smart, smart motherfuc%er!!! :) )))
    Oh I have so much love for this guy day by day…….
    You were on LARRY KING LIVE now, you have finally arrived.
    Congrats to you!

  35. 935

    YOU'RE A HYPOCRITE PEREZ! Everyone, gays, straight, black, white, Jew, non-Jew, Muslim………..Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. It sucks that they may not always agree with ours, but get off it!!!! Enough already and stop using this girl as your own personal soapbox to climb on.

  36. 936

    u go perez speak that wonderful mind of urs…i support u 100%

  37. 937

    Perez you are a vindictive idiot. Can't believe you were so bias over one person's personal conviction. I think I will stop reading your column for that stupid stunt you pulled.

  38. 938

    I hope this is looked into, Perez Hilton was obviously not an unbiased judge. He had an agenda and destroyed this girls obvious win. Fags have ruined America. So what do they do? Get a woman hating fag to pick Miss USA. I hate fags even more now. You really didn't help your deviant cause, you STUPID IDIOT. I hope this bites you in your fat ass, you fuckin creep.

  39. 939

    You rock, Perez. You're articulate and smart, and not afraid to say what you believe. I bet the haters in these comments wouldn't be half as tolerant of different opinions as you are if someone tried to deny THEIR rights. Great interview!

  40. 940

    Mario, you did a great job on the show… very articulate!

  41. 941

    Re: DiiamondHardy
    The close minded person is you. What… you act like we owe you something cause you're gay. Get over yourself. We owe you nothing. This is what happens when you try to live a life that is against all rules. The natural rule, the human rule, and the country. Like I said before if it was intended by god then we would all have both a dick and vagina so that we can alternate partners. But we dont. Its like having a cat fuck a dog. Its against nature.

  42. 942

    I have to wonder why Perez is entitled to hold dear to his beliefs and she is not? Even if you don't agree, what we hold dear about being American is our freedom.

  43. 943

    seems like she is the one being bashed for her opinion even though you asked her what HER opinion is. I think she did a great job misspoke once but it doesn't make her sound ignorant. She told the Truth and that in itself is very brave and morally correct. The people who cry prejudice are often the ones who are prejudice the most. I think she did a great job. You need to realize that most people agree w/ her just silently because most will be put down, like her for voicing their opinion. Why was the majority vote no in CA again???

  44. 944

    Come on Perez, you're such a big gay fraud! You, and you're kind are on the way out.

  45. 945
  46. 6969 says – reply to this



    You are very smart, diplomatic, and a great ambassador for Gays and Lesbians. Your intellect was evident in the Larry King interview. You may not know it, but you are an equal rights visionary… Good Job!

  47. 947

    I see your always looking for people to be politically correct , let me be different ,are you the sticker or the lick er,you got some little balls making comments about a straight person opinion , I thank my God that your only 6% of the population, Amen Brother.

  48. 948

    Grow up Dude, she didn't lose because she didn't answer the question the way "PEREZ" wanted. This is The united States of America and she has the right to her opinion, even if it's not the same as yours and I agree with her!!!

  49. 949

    Hilton, you lost out. Carrie Prejean beat you, dude. You can't change what the free world knows is inherently wrong. So your answer is censorship and political dictatorship?!?!?! She answered the question sweet as pie. You just can't use her as a pawn in your crusade to force your lifestyle upon the rest of America. What about Prejean's equal rights? She represents a huge segment of Americans. You have every right to marry a woman like the rest of male Americans. Nobody's stopping you. You suck.

  50. kewa says – reply to this


    good job perez…well said.

  51. 951

    The worst part about her answer is that she didn't really own it herself. She kept repeating "I was raised…". Maybe we should have a Miss USA who can form opinions for herself…
    I realize the two issues are VERY different, but think of slavery. Those who outlawed slavery and worked against it were raised by people who believed in it. People need to form their own opinions (not just adopt those of their parents) if we are ever going to see changes. Miss USA especially needs to be able to think for herself. Miss California is clearly a candidate who does not do that.
    She gave a bad answer. Not because she doesn't believe in gay marriage, but it was just a bad answer.

  52. 952

    Its the over reacting of homosexuals that garners anger and hate towards their cause. The understanding that only religious views are against homosexuality is a gross misjudgment.

    To judge someone based on their beliefs simply because they do not match your own makes you no better than the person you are judging. Points on both sides should be awarded for being "real".

    Perez Hilton acting like this is a terrible representation of homosexuals. Only through grace, reason and patience could the movement of homosexuality be able to succeed instead of simply generating more enemies.

    My opinion does not matter here.

    All due respect,


  53. 953

    Hi, i saw the MSNBC bit and listened to responses…I guess I would have to say I'm a little disappointed at Perez' outrage, simply because Miss California didn't give the answer he wanted to hear. He asked such a polarizing question (which is SOOO much different than a question about government bailout funds) because it has to do with very personal, fundamental and foundational beliefs as well as a person's lifestyle. She gave a very personal, albeit short answer…and now she's called a stupid bitch? She's been encouraged to leave her politics and religion out of the question? Can you leave your gayness out of the question? If a person has religious convictions for their answer, it's the window through which they view anything and everything, it shapes their perspective…just as I imagine your gayness colours the perspective thru which you address politics, relationships, the content on your webpage. And so she said, No offense to anyone, but this is what I believe. You asked her, "what do YOU feel about that?", and she answered.

  54. 954

    Re: Whaler

    You wouldn't have to fight against the world if you would simply accept gay is not natural and against god. If so we would all have a dick and vagina both…its like having dog fuck a pig….not natural

  55. 955

    Wow - I'm reading the blogs. The gay agenda is so devisive.

  56. 956

    This chick is obviously a stupid bitch. BUT this was ALL STAGED from beginning to end. Way to take the kudos's off the REAL winner which is North Carolina! I definitely believe in gay marriage but I don't expect unenlightened so-called religious people to offend me with their discriminatory views. We have to see/hear/deal with those views all the time, this is not a big surprise or news worthy!

  57. 957

    You rock, Perez! Great interview on Larry King.

  58. 958

    What about gay discrimination against loving people of the opposite sex?

  59. 959

    VERY well spoken, Perez. It's really nice to see you speak a lot more often rather than reading…
    You know, I also have to apologize for many of these lame comments out here, especially my fellow Canadians. We know better. You were absolutely correct in saying that she did not embody the "Miss Usa" image and I am proud of you for sticking up for anti-discrimination, bc you always go into knowing you'll feel the heat. I'm surprise all your 'haters' on here actually take the time and effort to register for a nickname and upload an avatar…their support, although negative, is always adding to attention your cause gets, so bring it on! Oh, and that girl who says you're 'discriminating' is delusional..So, if we hate the KKK we are discriminating against their choice to be insane, dangerous, racists?? Come on people. Let's get on and support Gay rights already. It's 2009.

  60. 960

    Bravo…. you nailed that one Mario.. I'm so happy you didn't say "I hate her because she's against gay marriage." You were so well spoken in this interview and I do NOT think you discriminated at all.. you are so right.. if you are given a platform like Miss USA (although I don't believe in the pageant to being with) you have a responsibility not to alienate people.. she alienated a lot of people with that comment. She is entitled to her own opinion, and has every right to believe what she wants to believe.. but she could have answered that question a whole lot better and I'm glad she realized that after the comment. You're getting the issue out there and making people have a dialogue about it.. that is fantastic.

    I know you wouldn't listen to them anyway because it's you.. but I'll say it anyway. Don't listen to these people who are saying you're a douche. You are a modern day Harvey Milk.. keep it up.

    Brianne from Canada

  61. 961

    I think everyone is making WAY too big a deal out of this!! Just because it is now not considered "politically correct" to say that one doesn't believe in gay marriage. I can't say that I completely agree with her answer but she had enough strength and confidence to say what SHE believes in even though she knew it wasn't the most popular answer. Shouldn't Miss USA be a strong, confident woman who is grounded in her beliefs enough to express them honestly when asked? In my opinion, I think she should have won because of her answer! Who wants a Miss USA that is just a mouthpiece and puppet? If that is the case why even bother with an interview section, just pick the prettiest and most obedient girl.

    Furthermore,I don't think it is fair to say that Miss North Carolina received an equally difficult question. Seriously, why in the world would she say that she believed taxes should be used to bail out big companies? She said what the common people wanted to hear (and more than likely what she actually thought) and according to Perez it "won her the crown". Not that I don't think she deserves it, she's a beautiful girl and I think it's great that she won.

    Let's stop talking about Miss CA's answer and congratulate Miss NC for winning the crown!

  62. 962

    Dahling, with all of your post-pageant bantering, you did a beautiful job of helping Miss California be the QUEEN of the Miss USA pageant after all. Congratulations! She will one day thank you for jump starting her career=)

  63. 963

    Ummm….my opinion is PEREZ is the stupid BITCH………….You are a complete disgrace to americans andwhat we stand for!!!!!!!!! I am sure you cost her the title which is so sad………..I hope they NEVER ask you to EVER judge anything again..wait you should maybe judge a gay contest………and find yourself a boyfreind……………….your a creep as a mother your everything I pray daily that my child will NEVER be!!!! You should be ashamed of yourself……..she DESERVED to win!!

  64. 964

    Get over it she has her own opinion.

  65. 965

    Come now Perezo—while her answer was perhaps less than what you wanted, your freaking stupid question was way the fuck out of line for a national family show. What is wrong with you–you used to more or less alright, but either you have been consuming way to many shit shit covered cocks or else your last boy went way to high, as you see think that no opinion but yours matters. Well, just to show that we have not hard feelings, I would like you and 40 or 50 of your best buddies to come down to South Lousanna for a huge barbarque cookout with us, and then we could take the group of you out fishing or waterskiing in some areas we know where nature can run its real course. Something to think about.

    You should be ashamed for ever bringing up such a topic as this on national TV,

  66. 966

    My thoughts? Give it a fucking rest already. Apparently you don't want anyone have an opinion outside of yours. Your readers are telling you to STFU, we are tired of hearing it.

  67. 967

    U need a great job perez and hopefully Miss California will take u up on ur offer and meet with you!

  68. 968

    Perez, you were not qualified to be a judge. You were only there to forward an agenda that 70% of Americans disagree with. She should be the winner because she stood for what she believed in knowing what the result would probably be. She has far more courage than you will ever have. She will not win the Miss USA contest but she is the real winner! It takes no courage to tear down someone else for what they believe in just because they disagree with you. You are small and weak.

  69. 969

    Counting through the post looks like most posts think you are acting childish and making an ass of your self on this ….revel in it Mario you really are a schmuck.

  70. 970

    Even though I don't agree with her, she's allowed to not believe in gay marriage Perez.

  71. 971

    I happen to disagree with her, BUT…I always think…if you don't want to know the answer to a question, don't ask. If you only want to hear one response, why bother asking??

  72. 972

    Re: atheistchick – What? Who took your equality to marry a person of the opposite gender? YOU DID, sucker!

  73. MRAD1 says – reply to this


    Unfortunately Perez, you need to grow up! Don't ask an opinion and then tell someone what they should say. We all have opinions. In MY OPINION, you should be embarrassed by your reactions.

  74. 974

    You holding Miss California's comments against her is the same has people discriminating against you because of your sexual oriantation. this makes you the ignorant donkey.

  75. 975

    yes, bad answer for a pageant question but why, is she stupid or an idiot for giving a bad answer? especially when she gave the same answer that president obama has given on the same topic! where are all of the same people calling him names? i'm sorry people were offended but get over it and move on already! i was offended 5 times yesterday and i'm not still po'd about it :)

  76. 976

    I believe that Perez asked a very EASY and RELEVANT question to Miss. California, she should have been prepared to answer a question like this considering she is from California and Prop 8, She could as Perez said answered the questions in many ways but she chose to give her opinion and she chose to have the backlash from that opinion as well, and as a US citizen I believe that gays and lesbians deserve the same rights as anybody else, they are not ruining the sanctity of marriage, how about the heterosexual couples who get married and divorced 3 and 4 times, is that not destroying marriage? I want to thank Perez for asking this question and showing how this is a very important issue and should be talked about when peoples equal rights are involved. GO PEREZ!

  77. 977

    You are a toad Perez…seeing your interview on CNN you would seem to think that only politicians are allowed to have and express a viewpoint on a contentious issue. Why wouldn't the people who vote for them also have an opinion?? Also by suggesting that because she is partaking in a beaty pageant she cannot express her own views, only shows how ignorant you are of women and how your attitude only contribute to the negative stereotype that women as a whole. People are sick of seeing the predictable politically correct answers that are pointlessly asked and answered in the Miss America pageant. Furthermore, it was YOU Perez who asked the question my friend she didn't go out on her own accord making statements about the issue or use her position to wage any kind of campaign against gay people so who are you to attack her in such a vicious way. Hypocrite!

  78. 978

    Re: Whaler – No one said that Perez didn't have a right to his opinion…he doesn't have the right to attack people for their opinion, which he is.

  79. 979

    Key point in the conversation- Larry King asked if all the attention was being taken off Miss North Carolina. DING DING DING! Instead we keep hearing about your controversy with Miss California. Miss California is entitled to her own opinion just like you blog your own outlook on celebrities every second of the day Perez! You have blown this WAY out of proportion. GET OVER IT!

  80. 980

    wow…the world really is a scary place. Perez had a right to ask the question and he has a right to talk about it…just like "Miss California" has the right to make and defend her answer. for all of you that posted comments telling him to "stop crying" and to everyone who thinks that "the gays" shouldn't have equal rights to marry- sorry, but YOU need to get over it. why don't you start a campaign to reinstate slavery? yes, that sounds fun. and then you can get mad at your slaves for hating you…? or just go back to telling people they can't marry interracially. that makes sense too. we're all aware that slavery and marriage are seperate and drastically different issues; but……. CIVIL RIGHTS -ARE- CIVIL RIGHTS! stop being prejudiced nitwits and stand up for whats right. if you can't - then find a cause that makes a DIFFERENCE TO SOMEONE…helping the less fortunate for instance; or aiding in the the fight against cancer; educating our youth, protecting our environment…the list goes on and on - pick one. all of you "Christians" and "traditional" Americans should leave this argument and HELP SOMEONE! peace, love and honor in YOUR OWN LIFE should matter more to you than "two dudes'" (or ladies') decision to love and support one another. grow a brain and get life.

  81. 981

    You're the only one making it a controversy!!

  82. 982

    Headlines should have read, Miss California loses pageant because of gay judges. And, people still watch Larry? I thought he was dead.

  83. 983

    Good for you Perez for asking that tough question! It is relevant and it should have been asked. Ms. Cali is entitled to her own opinion even if its WRONG, but I'm glad you put her on the spot. I'm so sick of hearing people say marriage should be between a man and a woman. Says who? And who do people think they are that they can even say that anyway? Ugh! Its so frustrating! My gay friends should be able to get married just like I can. Its equal rights people!!

  84. 984

    Oh, I will add that what DID irk me about her response was that she believes that gay people DO have the same rights in this country. She made it seem that throughout the country gays have the choice whether or not to get married. So, in that sense her answer WAS wrong.

  85. 985

    Key point in the conversation- Larry King asked if all the attention was being taken off Miss North Carolina. DING DING DING! Instead we keep hearing about your controversy with Miss California. Miss California is entitled to her own opinion just like you blog your own outlook on celebrities every second of the day! You have blown this WAY out of proportion. Perez- GET OVER IT!

  86. 986

    Perez is your girdle so tight it is squeezing your brain? Come on … you went way overboard instead of simply understanding everyone is entitled to their own opinions different than yours. Such a sissy you are, lost lots of respect for you for this. You owe this girl an apology. We would say "be a man about it " ….but then, ??????

  87. 987

    Great interview, I think you really got your point across Perez and I applaud you for asking this question and sticking to your guns.

  88. 988

    Re: twilightangel – Are you kidding me?! I don't know what "god" you worship but the one I was taught about loves EVERYONE and does not discriminate. You're an ignorant hypocrite and you really should keep your idiotic and MEAN opinions to yourself. Fucking asshole.

  89. 989

    It is my opinion that you want people to say what YOU want to hear , not is what is in their hearts. She said what she thought and she said it with conviction. Would you like each and every person in the world to agree with you? I would not like that at all. Making each person in your likeness is not your call. You sound like ex President Bush. If they do not agree with you, then they are wrong. Have a nice day and try to preach what you want each person to preach, TOLERANCE.

  90. 990

    Re: WillaDodge

    Wow.Next time you try to make an intelligent point I suggest you don't start out with "I hate…." First of all, it is kind of irrelevant to say that you hate Southern people because she's from California…which last time I checked, wasn't considered a Southern state. Also, you could do without the cursing and name calling, it only makes you appear less intelligent.

  91. 991



  92. 992

    Woowwww! That chick is gonna hate you for the rest of her natural life!

  93. 993

    Sorry, but you calling her a bitch for her opinion just made you a BITCH Perez!
    I am really starting to hate you! You give gays a bad name!

  94. 994


  95. 995

    Honey - I know you're right. There was (and is) a point where in this country people were allowed to openly discriminate against certain groups. People like me and my husband (yeah, married in Massachusetts in 2004) are those kinds of people. That girl sure is pretty, but her bigotry isn't. You found a way to spotlight her opinions - and they are backward. If you're ever in Washington D.C. or Boston - give a holla. Just remember: don't sink to her level and call names. XOX

  96. 996

    I agree with Perez 100%.Miss America is suppose to represent this whole country which consist of many colors, races, genders, and now days sexual prefrences of who you want for a partner.WE ARE A SMORGISBORG, a buffett of all in this country and people like Miss Cali needs to get use to that. This is not the 1950's anymore and her comment was very insensitive to say the lest. Miss USA is a perseon that will represent this WHOLE country and that means everyone, gays/lesbians too.Her answer and the way she put it was just ugly IMP to repreent this country. Thats the hottest topic to mess around with right now and she BLEW IT and Perez was right in saying she was not prepared for that and it showed. She can have her own opinion, but, to be Miss America you better know how to answer a question like was given better than that. I was shocked and I am hetrosexual.

  97. 997

    Perez, You are a jerk!!!!! Miss California's answer was the politically correct one. Marriage is between a man a a women - That is why GOD created Adam and Eve and NOT Adam and Steve. Therefore, go read the Bible and then decide who is politically correct. It is stupid idiots like you who are ruining America. I wonder what our great forefathers, such as Washington and Lincoln would think of your stupidity.

  98. 998


  99. 999

    Here is the mediawhore trying to get more attention and buzz about himself. I have to admit you do a good job of being relevent, ala Spencer/Heidi, Madonna, Britney,. Linsey etc.

  100. 1000

    You really, really need to get over yourself.

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