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In Case You Missed It…

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CLICK HERE to check out Perez's appearance on CNN's Larry King Live on Monday night, talking about the Miss California/Miss USA controversy!


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1306 comments to “In Case You Missed It…”

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  1. 1101

    Re: amylynn – OMG no he isnt. He has been very nice about it. He has even said she can have her opinion but she could have answered it better. I agree. All those ladies know they need to answer the questions with some taste and not totally from there deep opinions. With a contest like this you cannot be totally honest from your inner self when you know its going to hurt others and represent so many, thats a fact.I mean come on thats a fact. Perez has not once bashed her. But yet there are so many comments on here bashing Perez. Dang would most not care if Miss Cali wasnt some hot chick? NO!!! Its all because she is some hot Cali chick and she lost and people want to blame someone and Perez is the punching bag just because of the question he asked that was allowed but one of the richest men in this country. lol Some you really make me laugh and some make me just want to scream from the ignorance.

  2. 1102

    Perez, you were great on Larry King. Very articulate with your side. You are totally right about how she could have answered that question without alienating millions of people.

    Good job! Keep being ferosh!

  3. 1103

    Re: Deborah_69
    Deborah - you are a moron. When did it becom against the law to express your opinion in a free society.

    To denigrade this woman because she had the guts to voice her opinion, and it differed with yours, is just wrong. I thought she voiced her opinion well, and said she hoped it wouldn't offend anybody. That's a cut above you… you don't givea shit who you offend, becase you're always right!

    Blacks, Asians and Hispanics in California ALL voted against gay marriage.

  4. 1104

    Re: GEM1204 – simple is jamie foxx is a comedian . Perez is a blubbery biased judge with baited breath. He can kiss ever working with trump/nbc universal again for this embaressment. count on it

  5. 1105

    Since everyone can't agree…i have a good one for you lmao. If she knew her answer would turn heads than maybe wanting that crown bad enough she should have sucked it up and just said what they all said in the movie Miss Congeniality…. "Perez I just want world peace." lol Then she would be Miss USA right now.

  6. 1106

    Re: itellitlikeitis
    Smart girl! You made the best comment out of all of them!

    Larry At LArge

  7. 1107

    You know what you f@#$ing Fag, you asked her a question and she gave you her opinion and your dowing her for that, your a piece of shit. What do you Fags say "be gay and proud", well she is straight and proud. You know what F you and your bitch ass site.

  8. 1108

    You looked hot in that interview and you are very articulate!

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  9. 1109

    I think you're 100% correct, Perez — great question, great interview and a great way to spread the message about equality for ALL!!!!!

  10. 1110

    Re: larryatlarge – LOL!!! "remarks like this could come back and bite you on the ass… but you'd probably enjoy that!" OMG, I laughed so hard! THAT was a good one! :)

  11. 1111

    That was very eloquent, and you were a pleasure to watch.

    It's really a shame that a vast majority of people DO NOT GET IT. And yet, paradoxically enough, they still come to your site in droves. I think you are helping to push forward this issue and working on changing minds. Keep it up!

    Or if all else fails, move to Canada. We've had gay marriage since 2000.

  12. shiz says – reply to this


    I am glad she gave her honest opinion and stood up for what she believes in. Too bad you did not get the answer you wanted! Most of the time gay men or MORE dramatic than women!!!

  13. 1113

    Re: Perezbian_Lovah – Hmmm… yes, it seems that all of Canada is so open minded that all their brains have fallen out. Congrats.

  14. 1114

    very well spoken. very well! i agree 110%

  15. 1115

    You're wrong Perez and you are disgusting me. I have alot of gay friends and they are sickened by your attacks on this girl.

    I didn't realize that becoming a contestant in the Miss USA pageant means that you forfeit your right to free speech.

    Sites like yours are now a dime a dozen. I've been coming here for years but I will get my celeb gossip from other sources from now on.

    I wish you well living a life of hatred of those with differing opinions than yours.

  16. 1116

    Perez, you are awesome.

  17. 1117

    Re: larryatlarge – First of all what does denigrade mean? lol Who's is the one calling names and can't spell. Did you mean "degrade" and I never degraded her, I've always said she had her opion but she should have never answered it in that way when she was to represent everyone in this country. Oh here we go with the hate. LOL If you want to call me a moron well thats fine , this isn't a contest is it? Im not trying to win anything nor you either. Ummm, just because she said she hopes it wasn't going to offend anyone makes me think she knew it would or she wouldn't have said that. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Im glad you brought that up. She can have her own opinion but not like she did on stage to win a contest that represents US ALL. Why can't people understand that. Yes we have freedome of speech, but, with that comes some responsiblity and sensitivity in what one says. We can't go around and just say what we feel because it's our freedom. And honestly people say we have a freedom of speech, well honestly that isnt totally true. Now thats a moron thing to say coming from someone that hit first. LMAO do it again Hahahahah Oh BTW i never denigraded her lmao

  18. 1118

    well spoken, PH. i am always impressed when you are interviewed - you are intelligent, articulate and well informed about these issues. one would wonder why the potential ms. usa wasn't. once again, it isn't about her answer or whether or not she agreed with you or whether she believed in gay marriage; she just didn't sound intelligent.

  19. 1119

    I think you gave a great interview with Larry King, and you were able to get your point across really well. I have to say that I agree with you, of course she's entitled to her own opinion, even though I completely disagree with you, it's not something to say for a Miss USA.

  20. 1120

    GRRR. Right I agree with PEREZ 100% PERCENT. This Miss USA woman is a total really inconsiderate and comes across as really ignorant and dumb. She cannot answer a question like a human with half a brain. Fair enough she doesn't believe in it, however as Perez is saying you don't answer it to alienate or offend people. In England, gay marriage is allowed and all this god hates gays crap or whatever people say is stupid, it makes us Brits laugh seriously EACH TO THEIR OWN!!!!!. Gay - Non Gay who cares it doesn't affect your life whatsoever. I think people should put themselves in other peoples positions before judging because if you were gay yourself you would not like this done to you. Its the same with black and white. People grow up we are ALL EQUAL!!!!

  21. 1121

    Perez, I know you'll be getting a lot of complaints from many people but I would like to thank you for putting this issue forward. If we live a country that allows free speech (such as voicing your own opinion as Miss California did) then why not a country without discrimination. We are talking about civil rights, as you said so graciously, not religious opinions. In states where gay marriage is not legal, Gay couples don't have the same rights as heterosexual couples. I understand it is important to voice your opinions but it is also important to be socially and cultural sensitive especially if you will be representing your country. She should have worded the answer better.

    Thanks anyway.

    btw all the people who say that she should be entitled to her opinion, then perez is also entitled to his opinion.

  22. 1122

    Do you expect these women to be rocket scientists?! They're competing in a pageant! They're there to look pretty and that's about it.

  23. 1123

    Barack Obama and Joe Biden are against gay marriage. Why don't you attack them for their views?

  24. 1124

    Re: true american – well stated

  25. 1125

    Well done Perez!
    That was very well said, and demonstrated your intelligence,
    you're a great role model for the gay community,
    keep it up!
    x x x

  26. 1126

    Re: Deborah_69 – Within reason…really? Why are Americans so weak stomached and unable to say whats on their minds. God for her for speaking her mind! Offensive? Please…In my case religion has nothing to do with it. I attend the Church of St. Mattress every Sunday morning. She is definitely a woman of strong conviction and everyone, gays and straights SHOULD learn something from her. She needs not apologize for anything. Maybe our president could learn a bit from her! Here's a hint. The world does not revolve around gay people and she is entitled to her opinion whether it be yours or not and she may speak it as well!

  27. 1127

    At first I didn't agree with you. I thought this girl should be able to speak her mind. We don't have to agree but I have to say you were brilliant on Larry King. You spoke truthfully and eloquently on the subject. As a contender for Miss USA she does need to be PC and show that Miss USA of today is inclusive. She instantly alienated certain supporters. Great Speech Perez!

  28. 1128

    Re: GeauxTigersGirl – OMG I made a pretty simple statement. Never said she was a rocket scientist now did I? I think you need to reread what I said and understand the words lol. I was really speaking about us, the public. When you say you hope not to offend someone usually you know you are or you wouldnt say it in the first place. Thats like saying something mean then saying, Oh Im was just joking, usually your meaning what you say and you know its going to hurt someone but your copping out behind words.

  29. 1129

    The 'PEREZ Movement'….I think you are doing wonders for the country. It's closed-minded people like Miss California who are keeping this country stuck in the 20th century! Everyone has the right to be happy and have their rights. Keep your politically-incentive thoughts to yourself Miss Cali!!

  30. 1130

  31. 1131

    i think that Perez needz to grow tha f*ck up! she has tha right to believe whatever she wants. and i dont like tha way he has been forcing his belief on that innocent woman. this is AMERICA, if he wants to believe what he believes that's fine but dont force us to believe your ignorance…GROW UP!!!

  32. 1132

    Perez you are awesome. I had to register just to say that.

    Very well said on Larry King. Keep up the good work!

  33. 1133

    I Just want to say that there are so many people who don't understand the world of beauty pageants. I admire perez for the way he talked on Larry king live show. It is so true that when you are up for something this big you always have to remember that you have to be careful about what you are saying. Sure your opinions count, but the way she answered that question to me it seemed like she isn't open about changes and that she looked a bit ignorant. I myself am planning to participate in a miss pageant this year for my island. Even though I am ok with gay people but am for sure keeping the answer of miss California in the back of my mind to never answer any question like that. We live in a modern world. People change, things change.. the only thing to do is accept and adapt. Like you said perez, maybe she doesn't know anybody that is gay so she thinks that every one of them is bad. And for me that's just ignorant. Get to know people before you make any decisions or answering any questions. In this case she learned the hard way. And I agree because that's definitely not a way to answer a beauty pageant question. It is like that everywhere in the world that organizes those pageants, Even on a small island like mine. It's not like they don't want your opinion, Just be careful how you say it ;)

  34. 1134

    Re: the koolaidRe: AngieK – she shouldnt have to word anything differently if that what she truly believes

  35. 1135

    that was sweet what you said about congrats Miss NC.. so true.. no one is giving her credit for winning. You rocked the interview!

  36. 1136

    Perez didn't do anything wrong! He was asked to be a judge, the people that picked him KNEW what kind of questions he might ask! If Miss California wanted the crown so bad she should have pleased him with her answer. She knew what she was doing… losing. I totally agree with his reasoning…

  37. 1137

    Re: SuPeRWoMaN 21 – Well said hun, and good luck to you. What happened with Miss Cali should be a very good example of what you shouldn't say in a pagent. Its ok to have your on individual thoughts on things but not always what one thinks is right for everyone and when your in a pagent what you say infront of so many will count. Well said hun. I myself dont like pagents but if there is someone like you in it, it can't be all bad.

  38. 1138

    Good interview, P!

  39. 1139

    OK well Im done here with this issue. All this talk has made me hungry and its breakfast time. Im going to make a big omelt with everything , yummm, see Im not in a pagent so I can eat what I want lol and Im still only 120 lbs at 5'4" and Im 50 years old and had 4 kids. lol Who wants an omelt? I did pretty good on my first day here I thought.
    Kuddos to you Perez. Shame on Miss Cali. Now she has to get a real job.

  40. 1140


  41. 1141

    if you called me a dumb bitch in the blogosphere world, i wouldn't have coffee with you, perez.

  42. 1142

    For the record, nobody takes you seriously gay bastard. Why are you even activist for gay marriage, when in fact nobody wants to marry you stupid pig. Loser….. FYI, fix your nose, you look like a pig…

  43. 1143

    Re: Kris10981 – Did it ever occur to you that him accepting the offer to be a judge was him doing something wrong to begin with? I think you all are missing the big picture here. Would you want a cat lover to judge a dog competition? Am I the only one that thinks that this makes absolutely no sense? Where is the credibility?

  44. 1144

    All I can say is that I'm sorry that it caused you to get upset Papito.

    Stay Up!

  45. 1145

    Good job Perez!! She should have thought her response through and answered like a adult and maybe then she would not have had to explain her answer. Was this the reason that she was not made Miss USA?

  46. 1146

    You are so well spoken and intellectual, Perez. Nice job!

  47. 1147

    Media whore. It's all about YOU. You couldn't care less about Gay rights. You're only interest in the publicity it gets YOU. Maybe one day YOU will have an original thought Perez. You demean and call Gays names on y our own sight. How much respect can they REALLY have for you. I'm sure they smile in your face, but what they say behind your back isn't nearly so nice.

  48. xrasp says – reply to this


    Definition of BIGOT


    One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ. (ie Perez Hilton)

  49. xrasp says – reply to this


    Re: DiiamondHardy – Definition of BIGOT


    One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ. (ie Perez Hilton)

  50. xrasp says – reply to this


    Re: FayeRiffic – Definition of BIGOT


    One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ. (ie Perez Hilton)

  51. 1151

    Re: LUMPY – GAY MARRIAGE EFFECTS NOBODY BUT GAY PEOPLE.?! Are you kidding me?! Of course it affects everybody. It affects the moral of our country. The founding fathers of our nation were all Christians therefor our nation was founded with this beliefs. And which is why we are as blessed. No other country has what we have. The day our country accepts gay marriages is the day our future as a nation will crumble.

  52. 1152

    perez - i think you did an exquisite job on larry king. you were very well spoken. i think the question you asked was perfect. marriage should be an equal choice for all - federally. i applaud you for what you did.

  53. 1153

    I'm surprised at how well he spoke

  54. 1154

    Perez, Perez, you may be an outspoken asshole, but i applaud you for it, but this is not one of those times. You did an amazing job on Larry King. Very well spoken in every way. Miss. Ca has not been well spoken in an interview. You knew you were right and therefore why should you stumble over your words as she does. Your points were valid and came across clear. This is what the gay community needs, someone to shine a light on it and put a fire under our asses to fight again!

  55. 1155

    PS reading some of these comments sickens me. Some people need to grow up and open their eyes. Im done reading cause all it does is piss me off. We will win this fight. End. Of. Story.

  56. 1156

    Long time reader, first time commenter.

    I just wanted to say that your site is witty and a great escape from the headaches of the real world - but your work for equal rights for all is compelling. Few celebrities are willing to push any issue - for being "too extreme" or because they can't put down the bottle or whatever. I'm straight but work for equal rights for the GLBT community for years - in the South. Its an uphill battle here more than anywhere. I think my mom has done more to convince her country club tennis playing friend set in the local community to support gay marriage by simply proclaiming that's inhuman to deny anyone the right to china - more or less gay men! But that's beside the point, keep up the fight. Your fans everywhere are behind you.

  57. 1157

    ugh it is NOT a controversy! get over yourself!

  58. 1158

    Just glad she is not running this country……what an airhead

  59. 1159

    Sometimes I think ur an ass perez, but I agree 100% with what you said!

  60. 1160

    Re: justbecuz

    She was right for saying "her country" will not except any marriage that is between a man and a woman…….marriage should be between two consenting adults, same sex or not….period…..people are ridiculous…….it is 2009 and people need to starting throwing out all that close minded b.s.

  61. 1161

    Re: NickyToronto

    Maybe it is because of the way she answered the question…..she said "in my country" marriage should be between a man and a woman……arrogant brat

  62. 1162

    To all the haters of Perez - most of you are missing his entire point. He isn't/wasn't and will never be whining because she has a different belief system than him. His issue is her complete lack of the ability to answer the question. Have any of you ever heard the phrase "opposite marriage" before in conversation? She was asked a question, she blew it big time, she got points off her score. Simple as that.
    Two other points for you…I'm sure that Mario, growing up in the Latino community, is painfully aware that the majority of America isn't supportive of the LGBT community or it's plight….you aren't educating him there. Second, the rights of minority should NEVER be subject to the majority's opinion/vote. No minority group can ever when when the majority of people choose to exclude them from rights. Thankfully we're a well set up in country in some respects and the Law is able to step in and perform one of it's functions - protecting the minority populations in this country. So for every bi-racial couple out there…you should be backing this fight because it was YOUR cause 50 years ago.

  63. 1163

    Re: Gothmetalangel – So can an adult man and an adult dog get married? I say we let all the gays get married and then it won't be such a big deal because there won't be the "good" fight to fight…

    But really, it is not politically incorrect to say she does not support gay marriage…So if I don't like smokers, is it politically incorrect to say I don't like smokers? Come on people…Its called a spine…I think now support Stem-Cell Research if it will help people grow a spine! Suck it up and drive on!

  64. 1164

    gatorgym - educate yourself. Just a quick Google question yields all sorts of information.
    One of the most common statements from the "Religious Right" is that they want this country to "return to the Christian principles on which it was founded". However, a little research into American history will show that this statement is a lie. The men responsible for building the foundation of the United States had little use for Christianity, and many were strongly opposed to it. They were men of The Enlightenment, not men of Christianity. They were Deists who did not believe the bible was true.
    When the Founders wrote the nation's Constitution, they specified that "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States." (Article 6, section 3) This provision was radical in its day– giving equal citizenship to believers and non-believers alike. They wanted to ensure that no single religion could make the claim of being the official, national religion, such as England had. Nowhere in the Constitution does it mention religion, except in exclusionary terms. The words "Jesus Christ, Christianity, Bible, and God" are never mentioned in the Constitution– not once.

  65. 1165


    I was just wanting to leave a comment, as I think that both sides on this issue have had their say, but no neutral parties have had their say. I am neither for or against gay marriage because, in reality, how does it apply to me? Should I be the kid on the playground that stops another kid from playing on the swings, not because I want to, but just to stop them from doing it? And let's say for a moment that gay marriage was wrong. As far as most religions are concerned, premarital sex is wrong, too. And you aren't going to keep people from having sex, it's not realistic. So…. wouldn't it be better if they were at least doing it in wedlock? That being said, I really do not believe she meant to offend anyone, but she was speaking her heart. And, just for the record, she didn't say anything hateful. She praised the right for people to choose, as well as pointing out the fact that we can all speak our minds in our country. She didn't say gay marriage was wrong, she just said that it wasn't for her or her family.

  66. 1166

    I won't lie. I am a Christian, so I hear this debate fairly often. But, what seems to slip through the cracks, is what Jesus said the most important thing was, and that is love. I'd imagine many Christians today, were Jesus to come back, would behave like the Pharisees (Scripture toting hypocrites who wouldn't allow people with sin into their religi… Oh, wait.) and crucify the embodiment of love. In the Bible, Jesus NEVER condemned anyone. He protected them from the crowds. He showed love to people no one loved. He died for everyone to see that someone was willing to take on the burden of all of that for them, and we've perverted the gospel. Jesus, we should all remember, never said anything about homosexuality. If it is so important, so necessary, that we condemn gay people, wouldn't the guy who told us what to do have an issue with it? I think so. People should be the most important thing to Christians, the greatest commandment being love thy neighbor as yourself. We fail at that. But, in this country, we have the right to stand by the beliefs we hold true, on either end of the spectrum.

  67. 1167

    People sometimes react to me when they find out I'm Christian like they react to one or two of my gay friends when they find out they're gay- it's stereotyping. It's wrong. There are many Christians who are angry people, but there are just as many who live by my creed; "Live life with joy, that when any man asks where you found it, tell him in a gentle way, not beating him down but edifying him." A Bible verse so many forget.

    I just wish we could all live and let live.
    -Ben H

  68. 1168

    Thought he did a great job and was well spoken. I think most of the people who hate on what he did may possibly be prejudice. I agree with him and I do believe this was a relevant question to be asked at this time.

  69. 1169

    Perez you looked just amazing ! ! ! !
    Very serious and hot, sophisticated and
    muy caliente……
    You just keep up the good work spreading
    the love……
    I love it and GO PEREZ ! ! !

  70. 1170

    Come on Perez you say you don't disagree with her voicing her opinion but it just made her lose the competition. Then why are you going on Larry King Live and bashing her. She lost the title leave the poor girl alone cause otherwise your attacking her for her ideas and that's just plain un-American.

  71. 1171

    Re: Jennuine – "Our laws and our institutions must necessarily be based upon the teachings of the Redeemer of Mankind. It is impossible that it should be otherwise; and in this sense and to this extent, our civilization and our institutions are emphatically Christian."

    U. S. Supreme Court 1892

  72. 1172

    Re: Jennuine – Educate myself? Thats always a good answer when you don't know what else to say. I have a master's degree and more common sense than you can imagine.

    Gays want to get married? Get married in your churches and be happy…Don't worry about trying to profess to the rest of the world…Geez…just because the state declares you as married does not really mean a whole lot look at all the celebrities as well as other married folks going off and doing what they please extra-maritally…

  73. 1173

    HAS ANYONE SEEN JIGSAW?????????????????????????????????????????

  74. 1174

    Re: Jennuine
    Hey its true the founders did not specify religion but thats cause America was founded by people who were pursued because of their religion. Educate your self most of them were Christians.
    P.S. I'm Lutheran (ELCA) and in my church we accept gay people and support their rights as long as their in a loving relationship just like all people. Just so you know all Christians are not the intolerant people you try to make us out to be.

  75. 1175

    There was booing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in the crowd cheering on my friend who who was competing for Wisconsin…….There was definite booing!!!!!! I'm appalled with Miss California, I was absolutely disgusted with her!

  76. 1176

    Re: Beacon16 – A great reminder.

  77. 1177

    you're such a gem.

  78. 1178

    i love the last thing you said Perez… thank you, and im not lesbian and also not from the States, but I do feel EVERYONE has the right to do whatever the fuck they want. And seriously who the fuck has the right in the first place to say gays are bad and straight people are good. God…someone who may or may not exist. People look up to this being and they dont even know if he OR SHE is real… if god wants peace and all that crap than why the fuck does "he" say that marriage should be with a man and a women. Maybe just maybe it was some racist, discriminating jackass hundreds and hundreds of years ago who wrote this crap oh wait … isn't that what the Bible is … STORIES from the perspective of other people. Its not like God wrote the bible. So don't people think that somewhere down the line that it might have been written by a discriminating jackass SINCE thats how society was run than?????????????

  79. 1179

    A) she's blonde B) you're gay and judging a beauty pageant for women. Isn't that like a vegan judging a hamburger cook-off?

  80. 1180

    Personally I think you should take this bimbo's statement with a grain of salt. The girl can't even think for herself she said: "I think I believe that…." Well my dear, normally people actually KNOW what their beliefs are.

    The other thing I find funny is that she started out by saying it's so nice we live in a country where people can choose - then she goes on to say that "In her country marriage should be between a man and a woman." Well thankfully it's not her country.

    Let's face it - our government is going against the constitution by outlawing or attempting outlaw gay marriage. They shouldn't even be calling it gay marriage. It's marriage between two consenting adults - and every time they say "between a man and woman" they are discriminating. Discrimination is illegal whether it's done by an individual or a government. In fact, I think especially if it's done by a government. Having a warped moral code is one thing but to hold office and try and pass laws that go against the constitution is another.

  81. 1181


  82. 1182

    Controversy?! The woman gave her fucking opinion on a question she was asked by an intolerant asshole, which is kind of funny considering he wants other people to be tolerant of his beliefs.
    The woman didn't agree with him therefore it is bashing her until we all agree with him, you know his butt buddy Obama doesn't believe in gay marriage…hmmm, not going to bash him tho.

  83. 1183

    Great interview Perez - and I agree with the others….you're looking good ;)

    People who think gays & lesbians shouldn't get married are from the dark ages….everyone deserves to be happy.

  84. 1184

    I think more would be resolved here if people didn't resort to petty insults and shallow arguments on both sides- take a minute, breathe, and think of words to convince, not condemn. You'll only hurt your own side if you result to bickering.

  85. 1185

    good job, perez!
    you sounded quite intelligent and i agree with you 100% on everything you said.

  86. 1186

    I saw your childish, immature rant on the evening news and was appalled that you had to resort to name calling because of your venomous hatred for Carrie Prejan, i.e., Miss California, simply because she does not accept your sick, perverted “lifestyle.”
    Well guess what, Sparkey; very few people actually do accept you. In a polite society, that would feign a pretense of tolerance toward you, you are merely,`comic relief. You are a joke. You demand, in no uncertain terms, that the world accept and respect you and your, alleged, lifestyle… yet, you, and your ilk, are the least tolerant when it comes to those who disagree with you.
    We should all respect you because you play Rump Ranger? I find it amusing that “Gays” almost never are. The majority of Gays are sick, vicious, demented, miserable little people such as yourself.
    You are an insult to all woman, and should be slapped by every woman you meet, for your blatant insult, of our sex.
    No matter how much you swish that hairy ass, you will never be a woman, and would never hold a candle to Carrie Prejan, i.e., Miss California.
    Personally I thought Miss Texas should have won, but I'm sure you took it out on her, since that's the home of George Bush. Grow you whiny ass babyself up. Stop insulting my gender.

  87. 1187

    Well done Perez, you did very well!

  88. 1188

    i thought usa was the land of free speech? she has her opinion , you have yours .Respect it

  89. 1189

    Re: bosstopRe: Krissy13 – I do have to agree with the Vegan at the Burger Cookoff statement…Nothing better than a cow on a grill!

  90. 1190

    Enough of the right wing evangelical hypocrisy…jeez, she's parading around with her tits and ass hanging out. So much for "family" values and modesty.

  91. 1191

    You are absolutely right in your evaluation of her answer — it's not really about her personal opinion. It was not the answer of a Miss USA. People need to look past their own personal opinions about this controversial topic to see that. Trump was right to make you a judge and I hope he has you back. You understood your role — and made the pageant newsworthy again, and not for nude pics or drinking. You looked muy caliente in that rather conservative suit, Perez!

  92. 1192

    Perez, I think the the thing everyone is overlooking is that this was not a morality or religious question, you werent asking her if she thought men should be able to marry other men in eyes of the Lord, you were asking her if the men and women who make the laws for America should follow states like Vermont and allow same sex marriage to be legal. No one cares what her religious opinon is, nor do we want to change it, we just want Miss America to be a representation of every American and not just the Christian ones who think the way she does. America is the land of the free and each state should be able to make their own minds up for what they believe is best for them. That should have been her answer! Good job Perez, way to stand up against the close-minded asses in this world who don't want prayer in school, just in the White house.

  93. 1193

    Perez….Just go puff a peter!

  94. 1194

    Everyone hastheir own opnion but she mad we you like an idiot everyone was clapping i tohught that was mean but you both have your own respects and opnions so whatever….

  95. 1195

    You came across looking like an uneducated fool. You set the movement back 20 years. Congratulations!

  96. 1196

    Re: tesa3756 – So if you're right wing you shouldn't wear a bikini? Anything else I should know? Simpleton.

  97. 1197

    so what if she gave her opinion. it wasnt her place to say it for 1 thing because a being Miss America means that u are TOLERANT of every american and 2nd the problem is that this is the opinion of a lot of americans who think gay ppl can choose. as a human being it should not matter if u are gay straight w/e u should be able to express that love w a governmentally sanctioned title of married. marriage is not about religion its not about sanctity, its about love and being there for someone in the hardest of times and having them be there for you. just because half of this generation doesnt want to get married doesnt mean its not an important issue for ppl who ARE ready to settle down.

  98. 1198

    I just really want to applaud you for standing up to Miss California. I can't even believe that a person with the ambition to represent our country could be so close-minded and ignorant. It really makes me embarrassed to live in this country, but proud that there are people like you to stand up for EVERYONE and not just some people.

  99. 1199

    Awesome, Perez…you came over as articulate and professional. Nice job!

  100. 1200

    Re: PurpleUmbrella

    Honey, you do realize the very man we elected for President also believes marriage is between a man and a woman… right?

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