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In Case You Missed It…

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CLICK HERE to check out Perez's appearance on CNN's Larry King Live on Monday night, talking about the Miss California/Miss USA controversy!


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1306 comments to “In Case You Missed It…”

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  1. 1201

    Re: Fyre85 – America was BASED on the right to express your opinion, and let's see here… it was worded "Vermont recently legalized gay marriage….Do you THINK every state should follow suit." That demands an opinion. If she had said anything else, she would be a liar.

    You may not respect her opinion, but I can't respect you if you try to punish her or sop her from speaking that. AMERICA was based on the equality of all people, not the superiority of the minority. The majority is repeatedly assaulted in this country for speaking its mind, while the minority groups can say anything they choose without repercussion. Forgive me, but this is just as bad as the alternative.

  2. 1202

    well said perezito!!!!! very proud of you!!!!!

  3. 1203


    Sorry, but my own typos bug the crap out of me…

  4. 1204

    You can't have it both way Perez. You claim to be discriminated against because of your choice, but you cannot stand it if others do not agree with you. She is entitled to her opinion no matter what. We are still in America, aren't we. Or did I miss something. Oh… wait a minute I forgot, America has been taken over by the Left who want to shut up the right at all costs… America is only free to those who agree with the left. Otherwise everyone else must be silenced!

    What is wrong is your little tantrum and calling any woman a Bitch. You are a hypocrite!

    Get a life!

  5. 1205

    BOOOO YOUR A COMMUNIST PEREZ!! Stop pushing ur opinions on others by use of fear

  6. 1206

    Perez - I, and a whole lot of other folks, think you did extremely well ! Very professional !
    Funny thing - blog sites are running in favor of you about 5-1 over the Ms. CA — except for here — seems like the haters like to actually patronize your website !
    You're attracting both sides of the coin, which is why the site is so popular.

  7. 1207

    once again perez sucks total ass . . . what a surprise!!!!!!

  8. 1208

    I agree with you Perez. I DO NOT agree with the way she answered the question, it was a horrible answer!

  9. 1209

    Re: Silly Rabbit – My apologies for my rude comments I thought about what I wrote last night and was regretful for what I said.

    I do believe you were unfair with the question but that's just my belief and I will never understand your side of

    the argument but enough said and just because you don't agree with her comments you should not call her names.

    It does not help your cause. she is not stupid or a bitch just because she disagrees with you.

  10. 1210

    Re: Deborah_69 – You are illiterate. Not only can you not spell and put a setence together, bu your logic is twisted. This girl repesents the MAJORITY of American thought on this issue. In California, Blacks, Latinos, Chinese, and other minorities all voted NO on gay marriage. And more important, she said what she honestly felt, not some made-up answer to please a small minority of fascist homosexuals. And if she represents all of us, as you stated, why not try to please the skin heads too… doesn't she represent them too? As you can see, your logic makes no sense.

  11. 1211

    Re: spiffy83 – Christian ones are not the only ones that think they way she does for that matter.

  12. 1212

    Re: LULU~* – What other blogs are 5-1 in favor of Perez? I want to go antagonize…

  13. CHUD says – reply to this


    Perez, you are a hypocritacal homo. You made a political statement by bringing up that subject at a non political forum. And when someone was honest, spoke their mind, and stuck to their beliefs on national tv, you persecuted her because she didn't share your beliefs. At least she has the maturity to accept your questions and answer it truthfully. I hope you realize what you have done. You have turned her into a hero to the general public while at the same time have given yourself a bad name. You may have just initiated your own downfall. You are a CHODE! Do us all a favor and crawl back under your rock and keep your pie hole shut.

  14. 1214

    I believe in Gay marriage but For Perez to make a decision to end this girl's chances of winning Miss USA based on her personal opinion was just wrong in my book.

  15. 1215

    Re: j rock – stop knob gobbling and brown nosing… The witch is an embarassment to anything remotely professional.

  16. MMJB says – reply to this


    Perez, Canada loves you! Keep up the GREAT work!

  17. 1217

    Is this little britches deleting comments that don't suck up to his perversions? When I posted a comment it was #1200, now it's 1197?

  18. 1218

    COME ON PEREZ … are you prostituting yourself for tv coverage? Is your girdle so tight your brain is demented? GIVE IT UP, this girl has a right to her own opinion and you owe her an apology. That is IF YOU ARE A MAN … … er???? Are you? Read on how many of us have lost respect for you. GROW UP … quit being a whinny sissy with a big ego.

  19. 1219

    I just realized that Miss California is the crazy girl that went to school with my boyfriend at SDCC. She thinks so highly of herself, I wonder what God thinks about judgemental, self-rightous, bigots?

  20. 1220

    Her college barely even qualifies for a college. I am shocked that she got as far as she did without some of this coming out! Perez should expose her and her school for being bigots and haters!

    She also took it upon herself to attemp to get two girls kicked out of school that were on the basketball team because she thought they were gay.

    It is also very true that my boyfriend's good friend has a sex tape with the "Christian" Carrie! We are trying to get him to leak it!

  21. 1221

    i understand what she was saying. she could have worded it a lot better, but she was just basically saying she didnt disapprove of gay marriage, but she didnt agree with it. i think it can come off as discriminatory, but if you look at it though an open-minded point of view, you could see through what she had said and into what she meant. as for my own opinion, i think everyone should have the right to marry whoever they want, although i dont personally understand that type of lifestyle.

  22. 1222

    Perez - great job at the pagent and in this interview! I think you have been more than fair to Miss Cali and I appreciate that you did bring up Miss North Carolina - after all, she did win! Sad her spotlight has been turned towards Miss Cali - but if it furthers the cause of making marriage a right for all, than it's all worth it!!!

  23. 1223

    She could answered that question in a more professional way.

  24. 1224

    Re: jlee77 – Guess Perez will have to let us know what God thinks about judgmental, self-righteous, bigots.
    Dear, check your spelling before posting comments, so you don't embarrass yourself further.

  25. 1225

    Re: PurpleUmbrella – Because most Americans have morals other than that of a common alley cat, you want to show your bigoted hate and label them close-minded and ignorant? If it really embarrasses to live in this country, where molst have maintained a high moral standard, you are free to live else where. That's the beauty of this country. If you don't like it, you can get the hell out.

  26. 1226

    you were awesome!

  27. 1227

    ahahah this has the most comments.
    and if i were her, i would have just said that i supported gay marriage even if i didnt. she probably would have won if she just said she supported it.

    ps. i support yuh perez (:

  28. 1228

    Re: LULU~* – Someone asked you earlier for the sites you are referring to, and you still haven't come up with one site. The other sites I saw were not supportive of this poor misguided soul. smartgirlpolitics and myfoxdfw.
    See I can show proof, you seem to be telling a non-truth.

  29. 1229

    Perez, you act as if there was a fking death,why can't she give her opinion without you bashing her to fking death! This is a free country and we ALL FK FACE have a right to say what we believe in!! Are you a communist now, are you taking the rights to freedom of speech? It was my understanding that we lived in a democracy, you moron! I do believe in the rights of Gays getting married, i believe in freedom of speech! But you fk face make me sick, you would make anyone vomit just to look at your fat ass! Try and remember fat ass, we all have the RIGHT TO OUR OPINIONS, RATHER YOU APPROVE OR NOT!!

  30. 1230

    My comment (number 989) which I entered last night where I highlighted the poin that Perez wrongly asserts in his CNN interview that only politicians are allowed to have and express a personal view on a contentious issue HAS BEEN DELETED FROM THE FORUM!!!!!! This shows that homosexuals themselves are AGAINST free speech and a the biggest hypocrites around. Perez you are a toad! Do you really believe that someone entering a beauty pageant is not entitled to have a view on something? Also she did not go out on her own accord to attack gay rights…it was YOU Perez who asked the question..and you who could not take the answer which merely was the truth and which most of America agrees with anyway.

  31. 1231

    why are you so threatened by one person's opinion? grow uuuppppp and grow a PAIR!

  32. 1232

    Watsup Perez?
    Nice interview you looked good , but let me say you something
    You are right, she needed to act like the POTENTIAL miss USA and not like herself , she needed to be , no offence , hypocrite. I don't think she's right tho btu what do you want it's life…
    Not everyone is thinking you are right babe , even tho I think you are ! :-)

  33. 1233

    All I can say, is that she is a loser, twice!

    Good day to you hypocrite - I am sure the reason she feels she is against gay marriage is religious - and then she parades around in a bikini for men to ogle her and masturbate over her heinous! Whatever.

    Perez - I respect your request to have her out - but, it is not our job as gays to educate everyone human beings. Some people are just born ignorant :)

  34. 1234

    Re: FayeRiffic – looks to me like you are a disgrace to California. Who died and gave you the right to demean that woman by calling her a stupid ass bitch? How would you handle being called a stupid ass fudge packing, light in the loafers, sissy pants?
    So you think she should also represent the KKK, Black Panthers, LaRaza and other hate groups in this country?

    The questioned her opinion. She gave her opinion, Perez needs to get over himself. BTW Most Californians agreed with her, so who is the ignorant bigot now?

  35. 1235

    you are an ass hole.
    this had no reason to be in a beauty pageant.
    how do you know what the rest of the contestants would have said if they got that answer.
    GAY MARRIAGE IS SICK AND WRONG.. we're not designed for that, its stupid.. and mental.
    hope you realize that soon.
    and yeah, I'M PRAYING FOR YOU TOO.

  36. 1236

    Yeah yeah she spoke her mind, but she sounded stupid. She could of worded it differently.

  37. 1237

    Perez i thought yu did an awesome job! and i completely agree!

  38. 1238

    Re: jlee77 – Having a master's degree myself, I can tell you that the common sense Miss California has goes alot further than what school you go to.

  39. 1239

    This woman was just stating her opinion! I watch CNN and HLN regularly and I was absolutely disgusting with you Perez. How dare you try and crucify someone for having their own way of thinking. Not everyone agrees with the homosexual lifestyle and that's especially true in California. Remember Prop. 8 was voted YES here in Cali. Why are you so shocked and disturbed by her answer? Get with the times.

  40. 1240

    Re: RealWoman – Amen!

  41. 1241

    Re: NickyToronto – thats not what he said! he respects her honestly but she is not politically correct!

  42. 1242

    Re: lyssa098 – She didn't sound stupid. If Perez wanted a certain answer, the jerk should have provided her with a transcript.

    Perez saying Religion and Politics should stay out of pageants? Then why did he bring it in? Is he so screwed up, he can't see he's being a hypocrite?

  43. 1243

    Re: the koolaid
    She answered it fine. If you aren't looking for the so called "wrong answer" then why ask the question?
    He should have asked something like.
    "Do you think that people who do it from the rear are better then others"?
    Now that would be a question heard around the world.

  44. 1244

    Re: CHUD – Are you are obviously happy by keeping a group of people from having their deserved rights - gays pay taxes. We deserve every right that any American has.

    We are tired of being treated as second class citizens - so yes, we will bring this up until you are blue in your ignorant face and done running us like we are not human beings. Get over "yourself"…

  45. 1245

    I completely agree with Perez.
    And he said that he had no problem with her opinion, just the way she answered the question! sooo stop bitching. And you say everyone is entitled to their opinion? well Perez is speaking his opinion as well!

  46. 1246

    RE: Paris Hilton Looks Like A Flamingo -
    ha, actualllly Barack Obama supports gay marriage. he may believe that marriage should be between a man and woman in the eyes of God, but he supports gay marriage.

  47. 1247

    Re: grivera – I have a question for all the gays of America??

    -do you get kicked off the bus because you are gay?
    -do you get treated like a slave because you are gay?
    -does being gay not allow you to buy a home?
    -does being gay prevent you from adopting kids?
    -do you get turned away at shops because you are gay?
    -do people spit on you?
    -do people make you go to separate schools because you are gay?
    (Gays already have a school…. buy THEIR choice)
    -are you not able to go into the Military?
    -are you not able to get a pet?
    This argument is so ridiculous when you have common sense.

    Gays don't even know what segregation is!!!! They are very accepted in this country.. bottom line. Why isn't Civil Union good enough??

    What do you mean a deserved right? You have every right that every man and woman have in this country. What rights according to the Constitution and Bill of Rights have you been denied? When were gays ever treated as second class citizens? I've never noticed signs posted that gays must use certain water fountains, sit at the back of the bus, use separate bathrooms, can't sit at the lunch counters. So exactly where and when were you made a second class citizen, other than in your own demented mind?

  48. 1248

    Re: RealWoman – Get 'em!

  49. skid says – reply to this


    Perez, I think u did fantastic. Keep up the good work.

  50. 1250

    all well said, perez.

  51. 1251

    You made a fool of yourself Perez, and Gays everywhere! She was asked a question, and she answered it (key word: She). You don't like the answer? don't ask the question fool!

  52. 1252

    Well said and very articulate. IF she would have been as composed as you were in this interview, she might have had a chance … Maybe!? I still thought Miss Texas should have one but I'm being biased. For the people below me that seem to think you were wrong or she was right, they are ignorant. She answered the question based on beliefs and not knowledge. Those are TWO very different things, plain and simple.

  53. naba says – reply to this


    muy excelentemente bien dicho!

    Go Perez!

  54. 1254

    Why in the world would she answer all this "i believe it is up to the states to determine whether to accept gay marriage" bullshit if she DOESN'T believe that!? You might be for gay marriage Perez, that doesn't mean everyone does.. The WHOLE point of the question is to know the contestant's opinion, not to just please the judges.. It's better to have honesty from Miss USA than hypocrisy saying she believes marriage can be between same-sex, when in reality, she doesn't! I support Miss California 100%!! You answered great, Miss Cali, and I hold the exact same values you do :)

    Poor Perez, you got OWNED on national TV lmao! By the way, stop snooping on celebrities lives and get your own life!

  55. 1255

    For once Perez, I don't think you're a fucking imbocile. That was a great response to the controversy.

  56. 1256

    "If you don't agree with me, you're a mean bitch" - Perez and my Abusive Ex!

  57. 1257

    Excellent interview, confident, eloquent and clear…..very well said…..maybe you should run for Miss California next year hehe ( at least you have a brain ).

  58. 1258

    U go boy! Everyone should have the right to love who they love. Perez, u are a genius and I love your site!

  59. 1259

    Boohoohoo Perez… Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, you are just pissed because she doesnt agree with you on this topic. I also agree with Miss Cali and that doesnt mean that I dont like Gay people. Grow up! And you know… Im also praying for you

  60. 1260

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. You asked a question and she answered. Youre just pissed because she didnt agree with you, and you were so "Mature" to call her a stupid bitch. How do you expect for others to be tolerant and acceptant of your life style yet you cant respect and be tolerant of others's differences. GROW UP!! O…. btw… Im also praying for you Perez. Dios que te bendiga Idiota Inmaduro

  61. 1261

    i totally agree with you, she should have been more diplomatic and quite frankly, im ashamed that she was chosen to represent my home state….very ashamed! that bitch needs a good backhand….its not okay to be intollerant of others beliefs… im totally okay with hers, but she could totally have answered it better… she should be embarrased for herself….what a whore….so offensive!

  62. 1262

    Re: perez_ is_a_whinny_biatch – WOW! I never thought of that she could totally kick his bitchy ass. I would have liked seeing that.

  63. 1263

    You make a point there as far a political correctness goes.
    She didn't answer the question well, and I agree with her… somewhat.
    But whenever someone asks me that, I say that it's up to the people of the states to vote and decide on that…
    You were right to judge her on her answer.

  64. 1264

    Just because there was an answer that didn't please you doesn't mean you can mark her down. No matter what you say.

  65. 1265

    You know it's wrong if it's supporters are Brit,Heidi, and Miley.(they just like publicity)True christians DO NOT support gay marriage. The BIBLE is AGAINST it!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. 1266

    Re: Hollyd – You demand, in no uncertain terms, that the world accept and respect you and your, alleged, lifestyle… yet, you, and your ilk, are the least tolerant when it comes to those who disagree with you.
    We should all respect you because you play Rump Ranger? I find it amusing that “Gays” almost never are. The majority of Gays are sick, vicious, demented, miserable little people such as yourself. I said that too Perez, I believe it fits you as well. Perhaps you need a good backhand, and a lesson in manors. She is a whore because she doesn't agree with a sick demented life style of choice? Your comment is dripping with bigotry and hate. How could she answer it better? Lie to herself and America and say she agrees with a sick life style that God condemns? Like I said, You demand, in no uncertain terms, that the world accept and respect you and your, alleged, lifestyle… yet, you, and your ilk, are the least tolerant when it comes to those who disagree with you.

  67. 1267

    Mr. Perez Hilton, You are who you are end of discussion…BUT ….. when you are a judge - you should keep your personal opinions as a gay judge and interview a person by who they represent USA OF AMERICA - Miss America a BEAUTY CONTEST… SHE WILL NOT CHANGE ANY STATE LAWS!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!! THIS is A Beauty Contest!!! Yes, every little girl wants to be Miss America!!!! You just made it Political!!!If you were a BLACK JUDGE AND YOU asked if OBAMA was rightfully elected…… and received a bias ANSWER…. WOUlD you STill have the same resonds. I Don't thnk So!

    Get Over IT….. LIfe is LIfe…. and EVERY BEAUITIFUL AMERICAN will HAVE their own opinion!!!! This is our American WAY!!!!! Ms. CALIFORNIA ROCKS!!!!!!! OMAMA ROCKS TOOO!!!!!! I'm a Californian and I also ROCK!

  68. 1268

    Great job on Larry King! I have never really watched or read much of what you have written but tonight my partner showed me the youtube video of your Larry King Live guest appearance. Very articulate, well-informed and gave a great voice for us gay and lesbians who want and deserve to marry!!
    Thank you Perez!

  69. 1269

    Perez, great job. You were so great on Larry King, congratulations.

  70. 1270

    So much for freedom of speech yet we're supposed to do everything the gays want like it's some disability.

    So anyone who opposes Mario is the enemy? I thought this country was based on freedom especially freedom of speech? So let's all follow the same path and be robots.

    You know why lots of people don't like gays and why lots of people don't want gays to marry? Cause of gays like "Perez Hilton" and how they act. Do what they say or get smeared. Do things their way or be the enemy. We're all supposed to have tolerance towards gays but yet there's a lot of intolerance when you don't do what they want.

    You're an example of why people dislike gays and don't want them to marry.

  71. 1271

    I think you guys are missing the reason that perez is upset. I think its wonderful that Miss CA expressed her true feelings, but for someone who is trying to become Miss USA, you cannot exclude the feelings of others. Everyone is entitled to their own opion yes, but when you're trying to represent all people in america, you need to come up with a more respectful answer. Equality for all.

  72. 1272

    SHAME ON YOU MR. PEREZ HILTON!!! I'm an American! WE believe in freedom of opinion - Freedom of speech!!! Plz don't put a letter on forehead!!! Ouch! Don't Beat me! Don't Leach ME!!!! I'm a AMERICAN … Fredrick Douglas - I respect him… OBAMA is my President! WE are all Americans! Your ? should NOT Have Been an Issue is A Beautiful Event!!!!!!! LoveLife 2009

  73. 1273

    Re: NickyToronto – SHAME ON YOU MR. PEREZ HILTON!!! I'm an American! WE believe in freedom of opinion - Freedom of speech!!! Plz don't put a letter on forehead!!! Ouch! Don't Beat me! Don't Leach ME!!!! I'm a AMERICAN … Fredrick Douglas - I respect him… OBAMA is my President! WE are all Americans! Your ? should NOT Have Been an Issue is A Beautiful Event!!!!!!! LoveLife 2009

  74. 1274

    Doubt you will read this. Perez, but I wanted to commend you on a fabulous interview. Yes, you have a heartfelt opinion on the matter, but you made it clear in your interview that you respected her opinion, but that should have been left out of her answer. Miss USA should represent the masses, not just a select few. Though I am not gay, I feel very close to the gay community and it breaks my heart that my friends are not able to have the same rights as myself. It is outrageous that gay and lesbian couples cannot get married because of the "sanctity" of it, but straight people get divorced daily.
    Your interview was well voiced. Kudos to you, Perez! You are loved!!!!!

  75. 1275

    Re: jamie719 – Ever hear the term, "You can't please everyone"? With all the personalities out there, some poor fool is going to get there poor little feelings hurt. And no, I am not missing the reason perez is upset. She simply did not go against her convictions, lie and kiss his fuzzy azz.
    So like any good whiny gay, he has a childish pout session, extracts his (I'll get even with you) revenge on her, and ruins what she has worked and dreamed about nearly all her life. Then, when the heat gets turned on, he tried to make excuses. You demand, in no uncertain terms, that the world accept and respect you and your, alleged, lifestyle… yet, you, and your ilk, are the least tolerant when it comes to those who disagree with you. Perez proved that on national TV.
    Respect is earned, it isn't handed out because it's demanded.

  76. 1276

    Re: RealWoman
    For a dear "Christian" woman you are the one who is ass backwards. Who are you to judge? Who exactly put you in charge? I have a feeling that you do not get out much and, therefore, your interaction with gay people is not very frequent. Some of the closest and dearest friends I have in my life are gay and, quite honestly, the only difference between them and I is sexual preference. How can you base your thoughts on a group of people simply on sexual orientation? It's insane!! Where the hell do you live??

    How dare you make such a rash comment as to generalize a group of people like you did!!! There are sickos and demented people both gay and straight. Did you forget about all of the STRAIGHT murderers and whores, etc. You're lame.

  77. 1277

    Re: RealWoman – Perez should BOOT YOU from his site. You're seriously an idiot. You talk about the lord…ummmm…..last time I checked Christians were supposed to be loving. But, then again, that's how most of you are. Don't worry about Perez's "judgment day" worry about the fact that you're the one spewing hate.

  78. 1278

    Re: KendraD – Another one who cannot handle the truth, so has to attack what they ASSume is someones religion. You make the ASSumption, that I don't know anything about gays? You made me laugh. I live and work in the largest gay population there is in this country. So; I quite possibly am around them more than even a lot of gays are themselves. My social calendar is quite well, but thanks for your concern. My rash comment as to generalize a group of people like I did? I don't make rash comments, and never generalize. I simply call it as it is. If you can't handle the truth, perhaps you will be better off playing in the kiddie rooms.

  79. 1279

    Re: KendraD – Read the Bible, you may learn something.
    Oh and one does not need to be "Christian" in order to read the Bible and believe in God.

  80. 1280

    Who the hell hired this fool (Parez) for the pageant? Oh, the hair(mouth)piece, Donald Duck (Trump)..

    Perez, why don't you and the other judges drop the score cards for everyone to see? Yeah, probably not.. Have you ever scored a pageant before? Regardless, I bet you won't score another..

    I'm all for gay rights, but this little act is going to backfire on the cause.. If not because of the question and your vote, but the shit talking you have done after the event. You discredit yourself and the movement with the ranting that follows..

  81. 1281

    Re: KendraD – Exactly what "hate" did I spew? So; If someone knows the Bible and believes in Christ, they are automatically "Christians"? Were you not ever taught, it's not good to ASSume? Might do you some good to pick up a Bible and read it from cover to cover, maybe you will lose your sanctimonious attitude.
    Oh, and Kendra dear, You might want to go back and read the entire conversation. Don't be too embarrassed, by your stupidity, and judgment for failing to read why the comment was made. Take some Midol or a Prozac, you won't be so bitchy.

  82. 1282

    1. Your diatribe against someone who holds a different opinion than you shows why people do not take your kind seriously.
    2. The fact that your President agrees with Miss Cali and NOT you, doesn't seem to play in your altered mind.
    3. The simple fact of the matter is the entire concept of "marriage" emanates from God and not foolish humans, so your argument is with the God of the Universe. Miss Cali merely advocated His position.
    4. Apparently you are gay and espouse gay rights. If you want civil unions, outside of God ordained marriage, go for it. Make a contract or a deal or whatever you are trying to do, but at least give those of us who do NOT see things your way the same courtesy you are demanding for your opinion. If you cannot do that, then don't expect anyone else to give you any credibility.

    Frankly it amazes me how anyone in their right mind takes you seriously in the first place. I'm writing this to defend Miss Cali, not to elevate your stupidity.

  83. 1283

    Why be a judge or referee if you can't be neutral? She has the right to her opinion. YOU just can't handle the truth Perez. YOU ugly dike!!!

  84. 1284

    I have to commend you Perez…this was an extremely classy interview, and I think you have handled this sudden explosion of controversy with nothing but respect to all involved!!!

    P.S. Congrats Miss NC!

  85. 1285

    Bravo Perez!!! Gay marriage has been the law from the Atlantic to the Pacific in Canada for over 3 years and heterosexuals in Canada have come to realize that the sky will not cave in and that society has become a little more just up in this country.
    The odd thing is that once the law up here came to effect, there has not been a mad rush to the alter. We just demand the right to do it as equal citizens.

  86. 1286

    I made a login just so I could comment that I really was IMPRESSED with EVERYTHING you said on both Larry King episodes. You made your point clear and definitely won the debates. Well done Perez.

  87. 1287

    this has been blow soo far outta the water , let her have an opinion ,

  88. 1288

    So that's how you see things? Anyone who doesn't agree with you or isn't politically correct in their opinions is wrong? You'd prefer people to lie about their views and be dishonest? Reacting like that makes you look like a close-minded person, just like the gay haters you criticize all the time.

  89. 1289

    I didn't agree with with what Miss California stated as her response to your question but your video blog was way out of line. You actual just hurt your own cause. Your language was not very becoming. You could have said you thought her comment was ignorant or something along those lines. You want her to be politically correct but then you go and do that. That's kind of hypocritically of you. You want to fight for equal rights then you need to learn how to talk about people that disagree with you in a better manner. If not then don't pretend like you are when all you all are doing is just trying to further your own career riding on the coat tails of a cause. If you really are serious then you need to be the bigger person and show how a well mannered person behaves. Your cause and question was just but your video blog maybe would have been better written down first to get all the frustration out then go back and say do I really want to say this? No one's perfect but I do hope you use this as a lesson to follow what you preach. And I hope that the light you did bring to this subject isn't over shadowed but your comments about Miss California because that honestly would be ashamed.

  90. 1290

    This last week we saw an example of the Christian bias that has permeated our society. We have a disgrace to manhood chosen as a judge for the Miss America Pageant. The morals of the entertainment business has shrunken to the height of a worm, and it is so abundantly clear, that they have absolutely no regard for the values or the feelings of the majority of this country. How long are we going to sit back and have this anti God rhetoric shoved in our faces? We keep electing the same do nothing politically correct zombies to office, and they have absolutely no stomach for taking on this crowd. Man has nothing left if he turns his back on his values and allows what he knows is wrong to continue. This open discrimination against anyone who trusts in Christ is beyond my comprehension. When I was younger in the 60’s I came face to face with this movement many times and in each encounter the public took a stand against it. Where is the public, do they exist anymore? Are we out of Christian Hero’s here in America, or are they all out fighting for these creeps right to say what they do.

  91. 1291

    This really disgusted me and in all honesty I am not an overly religious woman. I was taught from the beginning that a man’s morals decide his future. It’s the old Karma thing, do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. God laid down the rules, and it’s man’s job to inter operate them. Nothing in God’s rules has ever said that we should allow a small minority to dictate what our beliefs should be. In trying to be fair to minorities, the framers of the Constitution included a segment about the majority not stepping on the beliefs of a minority. They have used this clause to stifle any opposition to their nonstop aggression towards Christianity. When are the rest of you Christians going to wake up and engage this battle for our souls? You don’t have to be a Born Again Christian or indoctrinated into any organization to get mad. It’s your God too and he will eventually have had enough, what side will you be on?

  92. 1292

    Perez Hilton has never accomplished anything but fame, and he uses that fame to constantly berate and belittle those who have the tenacity to strive for a goal. His language and his hatred for anything of moral value has decided his place in life and it is surrounded by clueless individuals who are engrossed in his fame. When his fire goes out his entourage will die with him. He will have left nothing of value for mankind to use. The sad thing is that we bring our children up with a blind eye to what they watch on TV and perceive to be true. They are exposed daily to idealistic ideas that have no real value and are just mind numbing to the point of brainwashing. I am not a Puritan far from it, but I see the handwriting on the wall and it’s no more than graffiti for the brain. Our children are being slowly indoctrinated into a culture of valueless existence. Only you as a parent can provide the stimulation to bring back our society to some type of respectability.

  93. 1293

    My goal in the remaining years I have left in this life, is now to bring an end to the era of complacency of you, the silent but strong majority. I will harp daily about the abuses of political correctness and lack of moral values in our daily lives until someone of power takes the lead and champions our battle. I’m not asking for a Church State, just a State where the Church is allowed to exist without the constant rancor of these valueless individuals like Hilton and his crowd. Someday sometime you have to wake up to what they are trying to do to your America. You and I have the strength in mass to destroy this movement once and for all. All you need to do is raise your voice against them and their walls will come tumbling down.

  94. 1294

    Perez Hilton, I hope Miss Perjean, sues you for the vile names you called her, the filthy things you did to her photos, and for blatant discrimination against her because of her Christian beliefs. You dared score her a zero, because she has morals? You are beneath her.

  95. 1295

    Re: MoralsCount – Wow!! You are awesome! You go! Keep up the good work!

  96. 1296

    Perez, Take some Hem-eez Bro for those Hemorrhoids! To ask someone a question is to be open to a response. It was not a trick question. I mean each to his own always, so live and let live. I think that she was not bashing gays at all, just making a personal statement. Life is good bro, live it up and steer clear of the drama! Your pancreas will thank you ;0)

  97. sonny says – reply to this


    Do you not see the irony in your actions Perez?
    You demand equality. You want to be treated fairly despite your opinions and lifestyle and you turn around and treat someone unfairly and unequally just because she doesn't have the same opinion as you. Do you not see that the person you hate is yourself. You hate haters like you! Why should anyone listen to you about EQUALITY when you are a PURE EXAMPLE of the complete opposite. You proved it when you made the judgement based on beliefs. If you want people to listen to you, you need to treat people fairly yourself!! You suck!

  98. 1298

    I HATE ALL THAT FUCKING MISS USA AUDIENCE they r all homosexual and dont know the difference of good and wrong

  99. 1299

    I think you need to grow up and do more for your cause of getting gay marriages passed in the individual states than calling a female a stupid bitch because she doesn't agree with your thoughts and views. This is America buddy love it and what we stand for FREEDOM. and with that comes FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!! Or take your ass to another country and let the ones who are true to the cause of such views do it the right way. I believe marriage is to be between a man and woman, however, I can't and won't tell a person how to live their life. My daughter is gay and I am extremely proud of her and THANK GOD SHE DOES NOT HAVE A STUPID ATTITUDE LIKE YOURS!!!!

  100. 1300

    You are exactly the reason why we gays and lesbians are going backwards in this country. If straights don't agree with your incredibly NARROW mind they are just plain wrong and must be punished. Like it or not MARRIAGE is a RELIGIOUS state of union and as such will ALWAYS be controlled by churches. Civil unions are the ONLY state of legal protection under a state law framework and EVERYONE gay or straight can use that where PERMITTED. You are the worst kind of self righteous heteroPHOBE imaginable and fulfill the hated stereotype of a FAG. Asshole or stupid bitch - either one describes you!!!

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