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In Case You Missed It…

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CLICK HERE to check out Perez's appearance on CNN's Larry King Live on Monday night, talking about the Miss California/Miss USA controversy!


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1306 comments to “In Case You Missed It…”

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  1. 101

    i totally agree with miss california perez!!she gave her honest opinion!!it was adam & eve.not eve & eve & not adam & adam!!shes exactly right!!you need to check yourself!!miss america is allowed to be real just like everyone else damn it!!DONT BE MAD JUST CUZ SHE DIDNT KISS YOUR ASS AND GIV YOU THE ANSWER YOU WANTED 2 HEAR JUST CUZ YOU WERE A JUDGE!!SO YOU CAN SUCK IT PEREZ!!HOW YOU LIKE THEM BALLS?!!?wait…you probably do like em.

  2. 102

    I actually have a friend who was at the pageant and she said the cheers after Miss Cali's statement were far more louder than the "boo's". There were some but not many. Anyway, she definitely answered the question wrong for the simple fact that he didnt ask her for her opinion. He asked if states should "follow suit". But it's easy to misinterpret the question. ANd it's kind of lame that she lost mainly for being honest. All that goes to show is that you obviously have to be fake to win Miss USA. And yea! FUCK GAY MARRIAGE! lol

  3. 103

    Perez, you were, as always, well versed, well prepared, and articulate. You did your brand and your "party" well…congratulations. As a former pageant participant, I still think "I love youth all over the world" still remains the worst answer in all of pageant history (in response to "what is your opinion of euthanasia?") but I think you were a relevant, poignant, timely choice as a judge — Lord knows, I had a ton of gay judges in my past, but none were able to be true to themselves. You were and on a international scale. She was an epic fail. Like you said, she knew it. Sadly though, she seems focused on pointing fingers instead of learning — therefore, you chose well…again, congratulations!

  4. 104

    Perez, I love that you wanted to meet her and talk about gay marriage. You were right-many people who oppose equal rights for gays and lesbians don't know any homosexual persons, and are comfortable passing judgment. I hope the media attention will help promote equality for all.

  5. 105

    She should be able to comment what she felt not what you thought she should say. You're just getting all but hurt over it. Get over it Perez!

  6. 106

    Perez - You appear to be a bigot (definition: intolerant person) for not choosing Miss California for one reason - You did not agree or tolerate her comment. Your discrimination is shameful!

  7. 107

    Oh censorship huh ? ,

    that's sooo lame of you ,

    not surprising though since you clearly can't handle the fact that other people are entitled to their own opinions lol ,

    guess the truth hurts doesn't it ,

    but yeah you're still an ugly idiot who feels the need to bash others who have their own opinions , pretty weak minded to say the least

  8. 29 says – reply to this


    Re: rockchick3321 – please explain how she "should" have answered the question. she answered honestly based on her beliefs and morals. in what part of her answer did she express them in the "offensive manner" you speak of.

  9. 109

    getting the situation way to far get over it!

  10. 110

    you did amazing! anyone who thinks you are out of line is ignorant

  11. 111

    Good job Perez. Look what you started.

  12. naman says – reply to this


    You become the Newt Grinich, for the Gay Marriage Cause. Leave her alone she answered the question. In the interview you said how she should have answered, it called a canned response. Really get over yourself, your not helping the cause!!

  13. 113

    i agree with every word, perez. you do an amazing job defending your beliefs. keep it up.

  14. 114

    Oh my god, people. Enough with the "everyone is entitled to their own opinion" because Perez said the same thing. He's NOT saying she should have said yes, if you had actually paid attention.

  15. 115

    Perezzle!!!! I am proud of you, first, bcz you asked that particular question, and second, bcz you did a really good job on Larry King. Your pacing, and your presentation were really fine. You are getting a LOT better at doing the TV thing…but don't you dare stop this blog. This is home base. I like it that you have opinions and that you can have a conversation with the people who post on your blog. This is a cool blog. Even if I do think sometimes you are infantile and harsh on some people.

  16. Soz says – reply to this


    She's an idiot. In my country and Opposite Marriage??? Come on…loser!

  17. 117

    I agree I-dub. Just because a person doesn't agree with your tunnel view of the world they are stupid bitches. Grow up you princess!!!!

  18. 118

    i think you did a great job perez. i'm an avid reader of your page (at least 6 times a day) and i think you spoke your opinion well. you sounded very educated and firm in your responses. i don't think at all that you were disagreeing with her opinion, it was the retarded way she said it. good job!

  19. 119

    I really liked your argument about asking her as a potential Miss USA- so true! She needs to represent EVERYONE, not just those who choose not to believe in equal rights for all.

    So well spoken and poised!

  20. 120

    omg pe0ple…really?? I think that everyone has the right to spend their life with whoever they want regardless of race or gender??WTF-i mean you guys dont have an objection with people from different races marrying each other
    __y is this such a big issue!!Live and let live damn it, atleast give pe0ples that rite!!!

  21. 121

    you're so well spoken!!

    YOU should run for miss USA!!!!!

  22. 122

    Perez- I know you probably don't have time to read all of these comments, either do I, so I may be repeating what others have said, but, I just wanted to say, I am proud of you. You handled this situation and this interview in a great manner. I am not gay, however, I do feel that we should all be equal! You love who you love, and should be able to marry whomever it is that you choose. Although people are posting that you are "stupid," we all know, that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and you, nor Misss California are "stupid" (of course you know that). Thank you again for doing the right thing, Perez. I would stand up and do the same as you did, even though I am straight. Just because we all have different sexual preferences does not mean we are different people. We are all the same. and for all the people on here calling Perez "stupid" just be happy there wasnt a question that alienated all of the ignorant people like you.
    Love, me.

  23. 123

    Hi Perez!!

    I'm not sure I believe you when you say you weren't upset that she disagrees with gay marriage, just the fact that she was politically insensitive. But obviously- that's understandable!!!

    I agree with Larry, though. You're sound articulate and educated in your interview. Good job :) You're the perfect person to be having this conversation!

  24. 124

    i liked you better when you just blogged. im bored with all this other drama.

  25. 125

    It's funny that people who don't agree with her are saying "I don't want her representing my state" as if they stay up late at night thinking "what would miss usa do?" who gives a fuck?

  26. 126

    Even though she did sound dumb she is entitled to her own opinion. Not everyone is for gay marriage. I dont know why Perez hate's on all people who are not for gay marriage. People are fighting with people on this website that dont agree with gay marriage which is stupid too.

  27. 127

    Just wanted to say Perez, that you did a great job on Larry King and also at the Miss USA pageant! I am so glad that you asked that question! I am truly proud to be an Iowan right now and believe that ANY two people in love deserve to have the choice to unite in marriage! I can't believe all these other ridiculous comments! We deserve to hear the answer to such a pertinent question from our potential Miss USA and I'm glad that this question was asked and we were able to hear her true feelings before choosing her to be Miss USA! Thanks and keep up the good work and getting the word out there!

  28. 128

    However partial you may be, I think your interview was put very eloquently. Honesty may be important but it's true when you say that she is alienating a great deal of people by answering the way she did. She is entitled to her opinion but she definitely could've chosen a better way to answer without offending people. I agree that a better answer would've been that this should be left to each state to deliberate and this answer would've made her seem intelligent without requiring her to compromise her own views.

  29. Laryn says – reply to this


    She's got balls…I'll give her that. We all have our opinions and we shouldn't be afraid to voice them. She didn't let the fact that she was in front of America scare her away…she stuck to her opinion and answered honestly. Thats saying something….I applaud her on that.

  30. 130

    It only takes ONE DUMBF*CK - YOU PEREZ - to ruin the efforts of many. You have singlehandedly F*CKED the gay/lesbian movement. I live in Cali and before you pulled this little bitch move I didn't give a shit who married who! But now I'm totally against YOU and EVERYTHING your represent … and I'll now speak (LOUDLY) against this cause at every opportunity!

    Bitch ass punk. And you've got a FAT F*CKING ASS dude

  31. 131

    I agree with Perez. I don't want anyone representing the USA to be ignorant about the diversity of our country and the steps towards the future we are taking. From when I could remember, they give some fake a$$ answers and she decides to be honest now? puleez

  32. 132

    You discriminated against her Perez. You hypocrite. And, maybe states should have the right to decide, maybe, but why then is it always activist judges who decide, not the voters. The majority of your California voters shot it down. Awww… You big meany…

  33. 133

    Perez, this is my first comment here, and I think you spoke really well on the topic. People are people, treat them as equals.

  34. 134

    I better not call mario names or he'll start crying.

  35. 135

    Yes Diiamond Hardy it is a free country. I am so sick of you damn liberals who get bitter, nasty and hurl insults just because some people don't share your point of view. You and Janine Garofolo make me physically ill.

  36. 136

    perez you did well! u'r totally getting a hang of this thing of being interviewed! and miz cali did answer as herself not as miss us ought to.

  37. 137

    Larry King made Perez look like a fool when he said 'how is it a bad answer when she was honest?' Perez 'well yes she was honest, be she wasn't politically correct'. He (Perez) was made to look like a fool. This is what happen when you mix oil and water, it does not go together. If he wants a gay show, have one, don't impose your warped view on others. If you want to create another human, you have to use something that is the opposite. She has her say and what she said was intelligent, I don't know where all this hatered is coming from. Instead of woman putting down other woman, we should be appluding someone who stands up for themselves.

  38. 138

    what the fuck asshole? did she go running is san fran saying this shit? no she did it in a beauty contest for women that should of been judged by straight men, now just get the fuck over yourself.
    next time on tv close your mouth, you must of sucked a lot of flies…

  39. 139


    Miss CA was extremely ignorant… and uneducated about the history of the civil rights movements…

    She is enjoying the privileges and benefits from the civil rights movements for women and minorities in ways that she demonstrates she does not know… the general messages of these movements ~~ are that we're all humans and should be treated and counted equally…

    She is soooo ignorant!! ignorant!!

  40. 140

    you came off as very well spoken! i agree - she wasn't representing herself up there, she was representing the future miss USA. she gave a divisive answer, and the one you gave (as her alt answer) was perfect. brush off the haters, Mario!

  41. 141

    Perez, you were well-spoken and looked classy :) You're increasing awareness about gay rights. Way to go!

  42. 142

    I give credit where credit is due and you certainly give a good interview. You know your shit on this topic, no doubt. You're not trash-talking her for not believing what you believe but just brining to light the fact that a Miss USA really needs to be more neutral and not so ignorant.

  43. CIDM says – reply to this


    holy crappers!!! people are entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. Not everyone agrees in gay marriage Porkez, deal with it and move on!! Why is your opinion more correct or important than that of someone else???? You have the freedom and right to express your beliefs/wants/etc and that right is also extended to those who may disagree with you!!!!
    I like how you are trying to turn an entire pageant into something all about Porkez - you truly are an attention whore.

  44. 144

    I've followed your site since 2006, but this is the first time I've felt compelled to comment. I think you did very well on the Larry King Show, and you made a good argument. I'd hate to think you reacted they way you did solely because she disagreed with you…but after watching this clip, I think you are justified. Miss USA SHOULD be politically correct.

  45. 145

    At least she stood up for what she believes in, Even though it is not your agenda. Who are you to throw a hissy?

  46. 146

    Nobody really gives a shit what you think anyway. Wannabe TMZ. Good thing is that you will be a nobody long before anyone cares that you are gone. Typical bottom.

  47. 147

    OMG PEREZ!! I almost cried watching THAT interview! That was very composed and mature and articulate! EXCELLENT!! That is the way we need to fight for these rights! FABOOSH JOB on LK's show!!

  48. 148

    You made her more popular you loser! BWAHAHAHAHA!

  49. 149

    Perez!!! I think you should be Miss USA! You were very well spoken and it shows that you are well educated. Miss California is a 'dumb bitch,' for how she answered your questions. She first says with a smile we live in a country where we can choose…. then flips the switch.. who is we then? I support that she has the right to her opinion, but I think she is a little unsure of it herself. She is trained not only to be pretty, but to be sharp, and he answer to you showed a flip of attitude, and illiteracy. Perez, you asked a wonderful question. I am not gay, but I support that everyone has the right to choose. The first talk of marriage in the bible was not for sanctity, it was for land and finance. People think that gay marriage ruins the religious matrimony, but it seems that people don't really know the origins of religious marriage. Team Perez!

  50. 150

    You are very well spoken, and extremely intelligent, I think too many people underestimate you!

  51. 151

    you tell him like it is perez!!!!!!!
    you spoke like a true diva…
    show that dumb ignorant bitch whos boss
    she should gave kept her hill billy mouth shut

  52. 152

    Perez you're a STAR! Thank you for standing up for us!

  53. 153

    you should quote yourself because I can't remember exactly what you said. Something along the lines of if someone doesn't know a gay or lesbian they're more prone to say no to gay marriage.

    it's true. Before I met my gay best friend and before I found out my brother way gay, I wasn't as likely to agree wtih gay marriage as I am now. They're wonderful people.

  54. Lety says – reply to this


    Perez is MILKING this dumb comment for too long, who cares?!? Perez is not breaking any ground by asking a question about gay marriage!

  55. 155

    Great job, Perez! I thought you were being very reasonable- some people here just don't get it. It doesn't matter what her personal opinion is, because that wasn't what you were asking her for. It does suck that she's getting all the press when she wasn't even in the winner. Go Miss North Carolina! :)

  56. 156

    Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion…Miss California included, but with opinion comes other opinions…freedom of speech remember? If you are gonna say something that others agree or not with then you must expect the comments and other opinions that come with it… She IS small minded, and could have handled that much better than she did. Perez is entitled to call her whatever he wants because that is his opinion :)

  57. 157

    perez that was a really educated interview and i respect you for that, maybe miss california should take some interviewing skills from you when it comes to answering an educated and political question. P.S. everyone stop using there prejudices towards this post!!!

  58. 158

    Good progress. Perez got the issue on the news in a big way! Congrats.
    And congrats to Miss N. Carolina.

  59. 159

    I am disappointed in your question to Miss California because you are a gay man and while you said the politically correct "answer" to Larry King, don't we want our Miss USA to have strong convictions? I don't believe you that you judged her solely on not answering the way a contestant should. I am sure that you're sexual preference and view on this issue clouded your judgment so much so that you really believe your justification for giving her a lower score. I can see the smoke all around you. I live on the east coast and didn't hear any booing from my TV set, only loud applause. I 100% support gay marriage and I am saddened that America is split on this topic. At the same time, I applaud anyone who is willing to stand up for what they believe in. This is why I believe the crown should have gone to Miss California. Had she been given any other question, I am certain you would not have judged her any other way. The first contestant stated her opinion about tax payer money on bail-outs. Another contestant stated we should help other countries with their elections. Why aren't you saying that they shouldn't have stated their opinions and told the audience to let the government decide what to do? It's completely the same difference.

  60. 160

    I made an account to respond to this. Perez you should be ashamed you attacked her and were coy. You didn't care about her answer you wanted drama. I have been in many beauty pageants and assholes like you ruin them.

  61. 161

    i love you perez. you rock!

  62. 162

    You act like a child who didn't get his or her way Perez, you didn't get the answer you wanted and you threw a little hissy fit and took the crown away from a woman that simply didn't believe the same way you do. I'm disappointed that you are such a hypocrite that you can preach tolerance and mutual respect but yet not show in when given the chance in front of a "national audience".

  63. 163

    First time on this website. First video I watch. Are you kidding me Perez? You asked a question and she gave you an answer. It was her honest opinion on the matter. How dare you say she's wrong. There was no right/wrong answer. Because there is people out there that do not favor gay marriages doesn't mean you have to sit there on Larry King (which is an awesome show) and say that she was politically offensive and incorrect? haha.. That doesn't make sense and actually the gay community should be embarrassed by your remarks and comments on the situation. If were all just people, why do you feel like you have to voice your own opinion about gay marriage. Wake up.. live life your own way.. and move on with you business. We don't owe gay marriages/rights any favor. Were all people. Do what you please. That was down right low of you and a very uneducated response. Sad.

  64. 164

    That was excellent. Well done.

  65. vsl83 says – reply to this


    Great interview… like you much more when you make sense and don't seem like an idiot talking bull for no reason. Thumbs up for you!

  66. 166

    perez i think you sounded super articulate and smart about the topic. and in response to all of these people bitching and calling you names and attacking you, perez did not say her opinion was wrong. just because all of you know he's gay and he's a supporter of gay marriage doesn't mean you should judge him about this situation based on that. if you actually WATCHED this video you would see that he criticized the way she answered the question. he even said that his problem is not with the fact that she believes that marriage is between a man and a woman.
    quite honestly, all of you people who are trying to lecture perez right now sound reallllly dumb. you should pay more attention to the actual situation instead of letting your biases get in the way.
    also, perez has the same right as Miss California to express his opinions and speak openly. all of you telling him that he's wrong and he's being unfair are trying to stop him from doing what he's free to do. and that's wrong on your part. throughout this whole thing i never once heard perez say that she's not allowed to be against gay marriage or have an opinion that doesn't agree with him. in fact, he said the opposite. so educate yourself before you run your mouth

    oh and i thought it was really sweet and sincere when you said you wanted to talk to her over coffee to make her see a gay man as a normal person. yayyy i believe in you perez!! love love love!!

  67. 167

    the bigotry and hate perez and the gay marriage crowd regularly uses to harass and intimidate others is truly sick.

    perez you're are all for free speech until someone disagrees with you. its time you quit acting like a 13 year old bitch. cuz, arent you like 30?

  68. 168

    If we respect the Constitution, we can observe its benefits. Precisely how marriage ought to be defined is a question for the states. Allowing the people of each state to voice their desires on issues like these is the ultimate example of democracy in action.

    Vermonters can all vote in favor of the love that dare not speak its name. The rest of the country can vote otherwise. Activist judges in states like California and Massachusetts who are angry THEIR love did not speak its name can skewer their state and national constitutions in favor of fudge-packing.

  69. 169

    I commend you for sticking up for yourself and stating your side in an eloquent way. As a straight woman, I whole heartedly support the gay community and hope, as many others, and we will soon see the fight for equality come to a positive end. to me, homophobia is the same as racism and sexism. people need to learn to open their minds and i am glad to see someone such as yourself on the forefront of these issues.

  70. 170

    Fantastic job of being completely professional on the show. You get a lot more accomplished this way, rather than with emotion - you have to look at it like a business interview - feelings scare people :)

    Opinions aside - her answer was not good. Hello - she said "in MY country, my parents and I believe…" and " same sex or "opposite marriages"" … Opposite?? so that is what the "regular" marriages are called.

    She blew it just on the conversational part of the answer, even if you take the "content" and controversy out of it.

  71. 171


  72. 172

    Re: NickyToronto – That's not what he said at all.

  73. 173

    Re: MadderHaddar
    So true, we could care less what you do behind doors, but when you ask someone a question and they answer it, you may not like it, but it should not come across as someone trying to bully someone into accepting your beliefs. Because you are encouraging people that if they don't like what they hear, they have every right to revolt against it and expect everyone to follow suit. That's not how reality is.

  74. 174

    yeah it's really not a big deal. freedom of speech is really what makes america so great. i don't even agree with her but i think everyone is entitled to their own opinion. tis life. besides i doubt she has the intelligence to even articulate her stance on gay marriage.

  75. 175

    So. . let me get this straight (pun intended): P. Hilton, who has copped his "name" from a fame whore, starts a faux-celebrity blog where he draws with a white pen on their pictures, gets asked to judge at Miss USA? What's more ridiculous: the fact that he's the one that asks the gay marriage question to a pagent contestant, or the fact that he was asked to be a judge to begin with? I had no idea Miss USA was so desparate for somebody to sit on the panel. Wow. .. sad day. You made yourself look bad faux PH. And continue to do so every time you open your trap.

  76. 176

    I think you just hurt the cause more than you helped it. Idiot.

  77. 177

    Perez - you represented the gay community so well! Obviously this is a controversial topic and you are only representing one side of the debate, but you made excellent points, you were articulate, and you looked good. Well done!!

  78. 178

    Are people actually falling for this crap? I am a proponent of what Vermont and the other states did, don't get me wrong. But are people actually falling for Hilton's calculated plan to get media coverage over this and further his own name and brand? It's clear to me that, while I am sure Hilton genuinely supports equal gay rights, he is doing this more for personal gain than for anything else.
    Hey Hilton, you should practice not sounding like you practiced delivering your answers so much.

  79. 179

    Perez: I read these commesnts and people are promoting freedom of speech, yet they forget about freedom itself, which is the most important value. Sad. You did well. And you held it together - I would have gone nuclear.

  80. 180

    Re: justbecuz – Opinions can't be right or wrong. Sorry you're too stupid to realize that.

  81. 181

    love you P!

  82. 182

    Very nice. Well spoken and intelligent.

  83. 183

    Dear Perez,

    You are a tool for taking away this woman's title just because she voiced her honest opinion. Calm your diva-ass down. You of all people should know one shouldn't be punished for telling someone how they really feel. At least what she said was sensible…which is more than we can say for a lot of the stuff you write.

    Luv, Jenn

  84. 184

    Thanks for posting! I missed it! I think you did great.

  85. 185

    Perez, you are an immature gay P.O.S. who continues to bully everyone who has a differing opinion than you. You are an insult to the gay community…

    P.S. Most people in this country and the World think that being GAY is immoral and wrong, don't try and make believe that it's ok and mainstream.

    Here's my immature comment - YOU SUCK.

  86. 186

    Finally, a side of Perez I like.

  87. 187

    You're just jealous because you wish you were pretty like she is. Sorry that will NEVER happen!!!!!!!

  88. 188

    Re: ashleyjw5 – proud of what? he trashed free speach, diminished the ability of the gay community of expressing themselves, took advantage of a post offered to him and brought gay rights into an affair that it should not of been in.
    fuck off you ignoratn bitch

  89. 189

    Re: rejoyce2 – Yes - but 50%+ of those people don't believe in staying married and get divorced anyways…

  90. 190

    Re: eastwood – Get your head out of your ass, that wasn't what he was saying at all.

  91. 191

    Perez, you have lost my respect. By calling her a "dumb bitch" etc., simply because she spoke her own views is outrageous. Sure, she could have worded it better instead of stumbling over her words. And by saying you want to invite her to coffee so she understands gays as people so she can change her beliefs and opinions about gay marriage is absurd. The rights of being in a democracy is having your own beliefs and morals and by trying to persuade her to change hers, that makes you seem like an ignorant person who believes their rights are the only ones that matter.

  92. 192

    very well said P!

  93. 193

    I really enjoy your website, your a terrific guy. Yet, you need to understand that people have the right to there own beliefs and there values as well. I am not gay and that doesn't stop me from coming to this site. I respect you and I am not judgmental when it comes to your lifestyle. I think you took this too far, as this is a young girl who stood by her beliefs, I respect her for that.

  94. 194

    you go perez….yay i'm so proud of you

  95. 195

    Perez you need to not be so self-centered. Not everybody is going to be on your side with gay marriage. She answered the question very well, you had no right calling her a dumb bitch. So shut your mouth.

  96. 196

    This country is supposed to be about equality and freedom….ALL americans, gay or straight should be given the same rights. I'm ashamed that she was given runner up but if this is how americans are treating their fellow citizens and neighbors, with ignorance and hate then maybe she is "miss america"

  97. 197

    Miss USA is a circus sideshow, in part now thanks to you. If a contestant has to think according to a prescribed set of beliefs held by the judges, then the contest is more of an insult to America and American women than it already was to begin with, and that's almost a feat in itself. Is that the point of Miss USA then, that the winner is like a Stepford robot who knows just how to answer questions instead of actually being a free thinker? Perez, you did no one any favors by ABUSING your judging powers to enforce prescribed, non-critical thinking in contestants. Holding the crown for someone who doesn't answer according to your edicts is an abuse of power and in a way, a form of blackmail. It's really pretty ugly, far uglier than her answer regarding gay marriage. You are no moral icon here; just a self-centered circus ass.

  98. 198

    Re: rejoyce2 – First of all it's "Much ado about nothing" Not adieu, second, That's a bull statistic.

  99. 199

    way to tone down the gay in your clothes for the REAL media

  100. 200

    omg stop!!! you must accept other's opinions fag.

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