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In Case You Missed It…

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CLICK HERE to check out Perez's appearance on CNN's Larry King Live on Monday night, talking about the Miss California/Miss USA controversy!


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1306 comments to “In Case You Missed It…”

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  1. 201

    They would be silly not to have you back next year- the ratings have been going down for Miss USA in the past 10 years or so, right? And now people are paying attention again because of all the press this little controversy is getting! If anything, this is great for the pageant.

  2. 202

    Re: MeGDit – At least he can articulate a real sentence, unlike you.

  3. 203


    A democracy does NOT allow you to take away rights from someone. It goes against the most fundamental principle regarding human rights: that they are inalienable.

    The right to gay marriage WAS recognized, and that right was the REVOQUED by a majority.
    CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT IT IS UNBELIEVABLY WRONG FOR A MAJORITY TO DECIDE WHICH RIGHTS A MINORITY SHOULD HAVE! History has shown it time and time again through segregation, holocausts, etc.

    Obviously the matter at hand is not as bloody, but the underlying principle is the same one - your rights exist whether your neighbor likes it or not - and he should certainly not be the one to decide if and when they should be taken away from you.

  4. 204

    perez! i love u ! but i would never choose a side just because of that. i thought u handled it perfectly regardless! im not gay, and i have the same stand point as you. discrimination is just stupid. people have the right to thier own opinion, but dont hate and mind your own business. I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!

  5. k-lee says – reply to this


    Oh boy.
    You are not letting this go, are you?

  6. 206

    Well Done Perez!

  7. 207

    What an amazing, articulate interview. Thank you for representing my views in such an intelligent professional manner. You made progress today.

  8. 208

    And for you to bash this girl after asking her what her OPINION is, it makes you seem even more ignorant. Do not ask a question of someone in a public venue if you do not plan to accept the possibility of her not agreeing with you and giving you the answer you want to hear.

  9. 209

    Very well spoken Perez. I think you did quite well

  10. 210

    Hmmm….if manly gay guys kick the crap out of Perez Hilton for setting back the movement 35 years….will it be considered a hate crime?

  11. KDick says – reply to this


    Re: rejoyce2 – Maybe in 1920… Try getting an updated statistic from NONPARTISAN source.

  12. 212

    Re: MadderHaddar – That's not what he said at all. You're accusing him and insulting him of doing the same things you're doing. Also, you say it's not gonna happen but people have said that about so many things. They said blacks wouldn't get equal rights, they said interracial marriage wasn't gonna happen, but it did. You're on the losing team. Deal with it.

  13. 213

    civil rights are more important than a beauty title.
    civil rights are more important than the miss usa contest.

    perez: too bad miss hawaii didn't get a chance to answer your question.
    she wuz robbed due to ethnicity and non-blondeness before you even sat your chubby ass down.

    but still, thanks prez.

  14. 214


  15. 215

    What is wrong with these people to be so nasty to you? You asked a question, you thought she answered wrong and you are not callin her all kinds of shit….you just said you thought she could have answered better, not that she answered wrong….You go Perez….I adore you and love the fact you stick by what you say….xoxo

  16. 216

    Perez…. it's flaming Gay's like you that make stupid comments and make it bad for all the normal Gay's in the world! the comment just made you look like a Jackass! you need to get real and understand that everyone has the right to their opinion….

  17. 217

    Here is the deal, i give you a TON of shit when I dont like the things you say…but this was brilliant! GREAT JOB PEREZ!

  18. 218

    Re: NickyToronto – #1.

  19. 219

    I love yoooou Perez! Her ignorance to the fact that America IS trying to create a more accepting society is disgusting. My brother is gay and I hope that one day he will be able to get married and not have it frowned upon. We have to keep on fighting the good fight and one day justice will prevail!

  20. 220

    Perez, you spoke beautifully about a topic you're passionate about, and you should be proud of yourself for standing up for what you believe in. No matter how much hate mail you get, you've got a million more supporting you, especially when it comes to an issue as important as this one! It's a shame how many people's opinions come from a place of ignorance, hate, and fear. Some day there will be equality for all, and hopefully schools will teach about the strong men and women who fought for their rights to marry just like we learn about women's suffrage and the civil rights movement today. You're doing a good thing, and you're fighting the good fight. Don't let anyone tell you differently!

  21. 221

    i think it is bizzarr that people sign up for perez hilton so they can leave hate mail to him???!!!! shouldnt u worry about u and what u like instead of spending much of your life trying to read what you dont want to hear?

  22. 222

    Very articulate. Great job Perez :) kinda weird seeing you dancing up a storm in your living room one minute, and then all professional in a suit and tie the next minute. lol.

  23. 223

    You were fabulous on the show. Kudos.

  24. 224

    wow you were very articulate! i was very impressed :)
    and of course i agree with you. Miss USA needs to represent the entire country and with that answer she did not

  25. 225

    You asked her opinion Perez and she told you. We don't all have to agree with your opinion. There's such thing as freedom of speech. I say whatever floats your boat but stop cramming your views down our throats!

  26. 226

    Perez, I think you did a fantastic job on Larry King. You raised really solid points, and I think what you did was both very significant. People need to get with the program

  27. 227

    OMG you are such a good speaker, I dont have an opinion about gay marriage, but you make important points.. :)

  28. 228

    Equal rights for all. This dumb bitch doesn't have the right to discriminate against GLTB. That's dumb and like the girl from the Veronicas said, something from the caveman era. And all of you that are saying that Perez is being just as discrimnitory against you folks that believe in traditional marriage are fucking retarded. You are the ones excluding those you don't like or are afraid of. Marriage for all, gives EVERYONE the same treatment. In ten years, you'll look back and wonder why you were so fucking stupid.

  29. 229

    Re: edymond – and your reality is what?

  30. 230

    It's not that she can't share her opinion, it's about respect. Not only was she speaking to a homosexual judge but I'm sure there were many within the audience as well. She's trying to win the title of Miss USA, yet she is discriminating. I think Perez is definitely right on this. I hate how people think they can define what the correct marriage is or throw in God and religion like it should be the defining factor in laws, it's such bullshit. Not everyone is a Christian, but everyone is an American and should have equal rights, no matter what gender or sexual orientation you are. So screw her and her pathetic, unintelligent answer.

  31. Low says – reply to this


    That sounded very good Perez.

  32. 232

    Perez, you suck..in more ways than one. I have always been respectful to gay people even though I don't agree with the lifestyle, but you guys CONSTANTLY push it on us. You want us to accept you, but you don't want to accept Christians or any other religion that doesn't believe in homosexuality. If you did, then you wouldn't bash us for believing what the Bible says. Be happy with the fact that we tolerate your lifestyle & don't expect us to practically join a gay pride parade in your honor. You put her on the spot, & she was VERY polite & mature about the situation. She just said what she believed & you threw a fit like a punk. You want equality, & want people to be able to express their opinions, yet you won't tolerate any opinion that is against yours. HYPOCRITE. Oh & btw, really classy to post that guy's email on your page. I'm sure there's a way he can sue you for that & I hope he does. Most of us don't use our daily email for your website anyway. You've made your career out of insulting people all of the time. You insult people's looks or lifestyles, & yet you throw a damn tantrum when someone insults yours? Grow up. Kudos to the gay people that don't push their views on everyone. I may not agree with the lifestyle, but I can have respect for a person that doesn't try to FORCE someone to think like they do. I don't hate people that don't believe in God so don't hate people that don't believe in gay marriage.

  33. 233

    Way to redeem yourself from your earlier rant Mario ;) . But you make a great point. Her responsibility as a potential representative of this pagent and what it stands for is to respond to the questions from a non-personal viewpoint. It is not supposed to be about her opinions or beliefs, but about what is best for this nation's people, which is equality on all forefronts.

  34. 234

    Its getting obnoxious to hear about discrimination period. I don't like it at all. Its hard to avoid. What you've said about this girl voicing her personal OPINION is not fair. Isn't half of discrimination all based on opinion anyway?
    She was pretty diplomatic and even though she doesnt believe in same sex marriage, she didn't show any "discrimination" she even came right out and said she wasn't trying to be offensive. Sick. I wish I could be put on a pedestal to whine and complain!

  35. 235

    p- i think you made your mom really proud today- and you looked good in your suit and you were very well spoken…. good job!

  36. 236

    although i agree with her, her answer wasn't good and she stuttered over her words, but she shouldn't be condemned for it honestly.

  37. 237

    Wow, you were awesome, Perez. Xoxo

  38. 238

    PEREZ I FUCKING LOVE YOU! equality and freedom are two things I value more than anything as a citizen of this great country. My uncle/godfather works for the treasury department and is very well respected and paid LOL and is a homosexual as well. so the government expects him to work for them and not give him the same rights as any other straight individual. KEEP SPEAKING YOUR MIND AND IT WILL PAY OFF. equal rights for everyone! you pay taxes, you are a well abiding citizen, and much more than that. the benefits we are denying are GLBT friends has become RIDICULOUS! gay people are some of the most influential people in today's society and provide more to society than take away. GIVE THEM THEIR RIGHTS. love you perez!

  39. 239

    YEAH PEREZ! Keep milking this as long as you can

    Oh and by the way, Miss North Carolina did allienate people. She allienated the 1,600 people who are losing their jobs in the next 3 days. Its okay though, because we support welfare. They can just jump on that band wagon, apparently thats ok.

  40. 240

    What a load of crap — she's asked for her OPINION, knowing what it is, then skewered when she gives it, all for Ms. Perez' agenda. Look, the VOTERS already voted this down, the public has spoken, last I checked this is a democracy! Get over it or move to Iowa or Vermont since you're so far stuck up their asses.

    Yeah, you really want to have coffee with her after calling her a BITCH. Whatever.

  41. 241

    oh btw screw ms.california if your going to be a representitive of our nation, educate yourself on the issues and learn how to be politically correct dumbass.

  42. 242

    Hello perez!

    Well I'm agree with U, this was the worst answer EVER!!!!
    only a cold bitch could answer something like that, her family must be fill of insensitive machos!

    saludos desde mexico!
    people over here loves you!!!

  43. 243

    A nasty bully. Stop crying because she didn't answer the question the way you wanted her to.

  44. 244

    I don't agree with her, but we can't expect everyone to share our opinion. You're giving her more media attention than she deserves. Seriously, drop it, so we don't have to hear her anymore.

  45. 245

    I applaud your views. I am glad our state's 'representative' lost because of this answer. Bigotry should never be rewarded.

  46. Allik says – reply to this


    OMG that was soooo articulate good for you perez. just amazing.
    I know one day there will be equal rights for GBLT people. It will come soon, and you bring it into the light again will only help. thank you.

  47. 247

    Good for you, Perez!

    I think a lot of people are missing your legitimate point: Miss USA is meant to be an icon of uniting the country, not a political figure. There were ways to diffuse the question without taking a stand on either side. She still could've stuck to her belief–and good for her for sticking to her belief–but also added that ultimately, it is up to the states and the people to decide.

  48. 248

    Good job Perez !

  49. 249

    So, "of course" it cost her the title because you didn't agree with her answer? I think she showed tremendous courage just to stand up there and take such a stance. She wasn't up there promoting some agenda (like somebody else involved in all of this) and merely standing up for what she believed in… just like you did. So you didn't like what she had to say, and that cost her the crown. I hope you feel big and important now.

    (I mean WOW perez… fascist much?)

  50. 250

    Miss California, while she did say something you don't agree with, was nothing but courteous and respectful in her answer. I really feel like you're giving her more criticism than she deserves and this whole thing has been blown entirely out of proportion. Is it really surprising that she believes marriage is between a man and a woman when that is what the majority of the country believes anyway? You can't call someone a "dumb bitch" because they disagree with your opinion!

  51. 251

    Well said Perez. You sounded mature and articulate. The bigotry needs to stop. Love is love. No matter what the couple looks like.

  52. 252

    She gave a really bad answer, plain and simple. And if ppl still have a problem with your response just remember Perez like Emmett
    says, " Fuck Em All!!! "

  53. 253

    You are so well spoken! Good Job for keeping it real Perez!

  54. 254

    Re: MRS. JOSH HOLLOWAY – GOD I LOVE your avatar! MMMMM Josh Holloway

  55. 255

    That's right…no regrets motherfuckers! You are awesome Perez!!! I love you!!!

  56. 256

    Ohh Molly, grow up and stop being jel that you can't be certified to issue opinions like Perez! P.H. I think you're right about Miss Caliwhateversheis, she had potential to represent the country. Whether people like it nor, gays and lesbians ARE a part of it! An opinion isn't needed by her, but a logical answer would've been nice.

  57. 257

    Perez, I think you are absolutley right. Everybody who's getting all pissed needs to actually listen to what you're saying. Yes you're a little harsh when you're blogging (oh well people, get over it) but you were great on Larry King… very well spoken.

    Perez is not getting on her for her opinions…. he's simply saying that the delivery was AWFUL! and it was.

  58. 258

    GO PEREZ!!!

  59. 259

    Wow, just wow…. Perez I have to say, you did a fantastic job in that interview. You are very smart. Keep up the good work !!!!!!!!!!

  60. 260

    I love you Perez and I totally believe in gay marriage, but you asked her opinion. She gave her opinion. Kuddos to her for being honest. She didn't give the answer that she knew you wanted to hear. Being yourself and standing behind your beliefs is truely beautiful.

  61. plano says – reply to this


    You're a 'TARD

  62. SkaTP says – reply to this



  63. 263

    Awesome. You are so professional and well spoken. Thank you a million times (from a heterosexual, happily married woman) for asking that important question. I agree - you were not putting her on the spot. She is representing our whole country if she wants the role of Ms. America. It is important that she acknowledge the heterogeneity of our population as she will be our "ambassador" during her reign. She can promote prejudice or acceptance as Ms. America, and your question gave us important insight to her leanings. The world DOES NOT need more prejudice - and "pretty" hasn't a damn thing to do with it.

    Perez - YOU ARE REALLY GREAT. I so hope to see you (and maybe meet you) at SXSW next year! I am finally coming home to Austin this summer - YAY PEREZ!!!

  64. 264

    me 4 perez

  65. 265

    Well spoken, Perez. Regardless of the smack people say, keep doing what you're doing.

  66. 266

    You're a sick attention whore who is a complete waste of skin. Instead of doing a job as a PROFESSIONAL judge, you try to make the pageant all about you and your causes. The question was inappropriate and your response and attitude is inappropriate. Everyone is entitled to their opinion - you asked for it, so accept it gracefully under this format. It wasn't your place to be a jackass in protesting someone else's opinion. This is still a democracy where all are entitled to their views. Shame on you for turning this contest into a media stunt to stump for your personal wishes. I thought you were growing up by the recent appearances I've seen on some of the talk shows. Nope, you're still a fame hog in heat with a brain about the size of a pea based on the poor judgment you show.

  67. 267

    go you perez. yes. hopefully in the next decade lawful inequality will be a thing of the past! It must happen in our lifetimes. Please.


  68. 268

    Go Perez! You rock and Miss California is a dumb bitch!

    Can we vote on her Marriage?

  69. 269

    Perez this bullshit is OLD.

  70. 270

    Alright, here's my problem Perez….
    You say that you weren't upset with the way the opinion Carrie had toward gay marriage, and your only problem was the way she answered the question. I understand that all good and well, and you even said that as Miss USA she should be all-inclusive. Alright, good. Miss USA should be politically correct. Ok…. I understand it all, it's called diplomacy. This is where is takes a turn for the worse however.

  71. 271

    Re: Molly :) – Hahaha "I fucking hate your site anymore"?? You made it perfectly clear that YOU are the idiot!! lol

  72. 272

    This is a free country and no one is perfect. Yes in a way, you had your right and wrong but also she had a right and wrong too. She can't be blamed on for the whole thing. Why can't you take a step back and look at the whole situation before u let ur words out and stop making such a big deal out of it.

  73. 273

    Please keep in mind that Carrie was on a stage with hundreds of people in the audience and millions watching live. She was raised in a conservative family, and she made that very clear. When you asked her your "relevant" question, she let her nerves get the best of her. I watched an interview on tv about you not taking back calling her a "dumb bitch" after you had already apologized. Well, if you ask me saying remarks like that gives gays a bad name.

  74. 274

    Carrie could have answered the question without offending anyone. Yes, she could have. But, my biggest problem is why was it so offensive to hear that she did not support "gay marriage"? Again, you said your only problem was how she answered the question. Well you've caught yourself in a huge lie with that. This gave you an excuse to say that people are bigoted and hateful of gays. You are raising this huge fuss because you didn't get to hear what you wanted to hear. You didn't hear "Oh, Perez! I love the idea of 'gay marriage' even though all you're wanting out of it is social security and other government benefits." Get over yourself. Seriously.

  75. 275

    This entire nation will never be pro-gay marriage. I'm not against gay people what-so-ever. I never said do not let them have a civil union. Go for it. Let all the states make a law legalizing same-sex civil unions. Give them the same benefits as straight couples. But, never, EVER call it a "marriage" between two people of the same sex. Honestly, I don't even know why you're making such a big deal about it. Do you have a "partner"?! Even if you do, who in the heck would want to marry you? LMAO! Seriously though. Who would want to marry you? Any way, to sum up my point. You have been very hypocritical of this entire situation. You say you weren't upset with her opinion, yet you bash her for believing that way. You try to bash her family and every other person in the U.S. that doesn't believe the way you do…. even though that's "not the reason you were upset." Please Perez. You are a laughing stock and you're never going to make it to A-list celebrity status, even with this huge mess you've created. Have fun on the Z-list for the rest of your pathetic life.

  76. ACB says – reply to this


    Thank you for speaking on behalf of so many of us who feel that way! I am SO happy you were given the platform to talk about this. I hope gay marriages are legal everywhere within the next decade, too…it's crazy to me that it's even an issue, but it is, and you're helping to fix that.

  77. 277

    Hi Perez! I loved you on Larry King. I thought you were very well spoken and I'm glad you asked that question at the Miss USA pageant. Keep fighting the good fight!

  78. 278

    I agree with NickyToronto… She stated what she thought. Perez would rather she lie. Just because people don't agree with you Perez, doesn't mean their wrong. Actually, it probably means the opposite, THEY are the ones correct, and Perez is the one wrong! It's not bad enough being a jerk, but being a gay jerk has to be the worst!

  79. 279

    It's as controversial as asking what she thinks on abortion. A VERY stupid question and i think anyone who says she is wrong is as narrow minded as they claim she is. It's her 'opinion' her 'thought' on the matter. There's no right or wrong answer

  80. 280

    i think it is hilarious that so many conservatives signed up for this site just to leave their opinion. Do they not know that equates more ad revenue for Perez?

    I think that the 200 comments stating you asked for her opinion and she gave it, don't really look at the real issue here. As representatives of their states they dont really answer from their 'gut' or really honestly. They are coached and trained to answer as to not offend and to sound educated…that is why they go through hours and hours of interview coaching (that they pay a fortune for). She was taken out of her comfort zone and showed that she really isn't terribly educated or articulate. but with answers like that I'm sure she has a future on Fox News…possibly a running mate to Sarah Palin. She has as much experience.

    Now, off to watch the video. Which I have not seen, I have only seen clips of her answer. Perez, you may be selfaggrandizing….but i love you!

  81. 281

    i dont think you could have conducted yourself in a more appropriate and professional manner during that interview. very nice job! you clearly knew your facts, and knew what your were going to say and you came off sounding very intelligent while making a couple great points! love it!

  82. 282

    There still IS a Miss USA pageant (sorry, is it 'scholarship' pageant?)? News to me. And, wow, I totally share the outrage that her views might not match my own because, you know, Miss USA is supposed to 'represent' the USA. Like democratically elected officials. I, too, am really surprised that her answer to the question wasn't carefully phrased, profound, or that it failed to demonstrate sensitivity. Honestly. It is shocking. Because I thought the pageant was all about really, really smart women with important things to say about moral, religious, and political issues. With big boobs. In bikinis. That's why they have judges who are so well-versed in moral, religious, and political issues. Like Holly Madison. But props to you, Perez, for doing what you do best, as usual - generating traffic! Just don't start taking yourself too seriously - keep drawing cum on pictures and talking about vajayjays.

  83. 283

    she will be rewarded for this answer on judgement day!

  84. 284

    She doesn't have to go out to coffee with any fucking prick that just cost
    her the title. He lambasts Miss CALI on this website & then acts all innocent
    on Larry King. What a fucking shithead. I hope, sorry I know, that gay
    marriage will never be accepted in the USA. That's the view of many
    many many Americans so get used to it dipshit…

  85. 29 says – reply to this


    if this woman said that she believes our government has the right to ultimately decide the fate of gay couples and their desire to get married, perez would STILL be throwing a bitch fit! the only way to make this hypocrite happy is to agree with him and say that gay marriage should be legal across the board…PERIOD!

  86. 286

    Hey from NZ! Civil Unions are legal here. It was an EXCELLENT and RELEVANT question and hers wasn't a diplomatic answer - I expected from someone who wished to represent modern America. Also, I thought you were awesome on Larry King and I hope she takes you up on your invitation for coffee.

  87. LPB says – reply to this


    Imagine if the question was:

    Do you believe ethnic group "x" should be given equal rights to white people?

    and her answer was the one she gave: that, "no they shouldn't, no offense, but that is the way I was raised." That doesn't explain or excuse anything. It is an honest answer but certainly not a good one.

  88. 288

    You're right, that decision is made by the states, not some 'mo, or Miss USA for that matter. You made a political statement during a beauty pageant, whoopy shit.

  89. RUu says – reply to this


    why is ur blog turning into some kinda GAY ACTIVIST SELF PROMOTING SITE? I really don't giv a shit what happens in the states but my thoughts are that just because someone said what they think on national television you have to attack her because you didn't like what she said even she is entitled to her OPINION.

  90. 290

    Look everyone needs to back off perez, he is soo 100% right about what she could have said, if any one of you half minded people out there knew what it meant to be MISS USA it means that little girls are going to look up to her, MISS USA needs to be a role model and what she said and how she said came off as close minded just because "your family" brought you up a certain way doesnt mean that everyone else has to have the mind frame, whether you a holes out there care or not but gay marriage will be legal in california, just wait and see. Perez I love you

  91. 291

    Perez-Next time you talk about this topic on TV, you should specifically explain why federal marriage is necessary for people in same sex marriages to be equal under the law to people in opposite sex marriages eg. federal gift tax, federal estate tax, full faith and credit under DOMA. I don't think the public has any understanding regarding states recognizing marrage v the federal government.

  92. 292

    Perez, as to your comment that Miss California's answer should represent California, and Miss America should represent America, you seem to forget something… the MAJORITY of CALIFORNIANS voted against gay marriage, and the majority of Americans are against it. So with your logic, Miss California should have won. Had she been Muslim, Jewish, or any religion other than Christian that opposes gay marriage (as most world religions do), your response would have placed you in the bigot seat and she would be the victim of hate because of her faith. Rather, she is a Christian who, based on religious upbringing, has formed an opinion that she is fully entitled to. You sir are the bigot and I feel bad for all of my gay friends that have someone like you trying to make a case in their behalf. you have done a serious dis-service to the gay community. By the way, I have always thought your blog was tasteless and overrated.

  93. 293

    Regardless of her opinion, I agree that Miss USA should be pc and neutral - opinions are for private, the public wants "my miss usa" - you were spot-on there.

    I think the interview with Larry went really well, too, you were super well-spoken and looked so cute!

    I can't wait until we take the next step toward equal rights

  94. 294

    please don't give those in favor of gay marriage a bad name. you gave her a tough question and she responded respectfully yet directly. yes, you may not agree, but bad mouthing her shows a lack of tolerance, love and respect - please show the opposite…especially when its difficult to do so.

  95. 295

    Perez, you represented and I am very impressed with how you are being taken seriously by other media and how you portray yourself when given that opportunity. I thought you would sell yourself and your ideals from when you first started in this game and it is refreshing to see that you have not conformed for anybody.
    My thoughts on this issue…Miss USA is a representation of the country. She is undeserving of the title, because no one wanted to see her parading around the country on the Miss USA platform spewing her backwards thinking. Ok, how old are you and why are you talking about what your family does? Be your own woman and stand on your own two feet and make a decision on your own. The judges made a good decision to not put someone in a place of leadership whose thoughts on an important and relevant issue in America are, "well…that's what my mom and dad think, so that's what I think" grow up on your own time. Didn't this country learn anything from the Bush fiasco?

  96. SusyQ says – reply to this


    On a day when the winner of the pageant should feel on top of the world..you Perez have stolen her moment of joy because of your blatant quest for attention..you have overblown this so much and YOU are intolerant of any opinion that does not match your own!

  97. 297

    well said, Perez!

  98. 298

    That was just outstanding Perez! I'm so used to watching your videos of you being goofy and jumping all over hotel furniture singing Cuban songs. You clean up well!! You were so articulate and simply nailed the interview… awesome! :-)

  99. 299

    Perez, you are making yourself look like an ass and your cause look hateful. The gay/les community preaches tolerance but you guys/gals have NO tolerance for those that disagree with you. Typical liberal left mentality. Grow up. Shes entitled to her opinion and you're the one who asked her the question, dumbass. Truly, you come across as a whiny, hateful hypocrite.

  100. 300

    …AND good for her for sticking to her guns. That shows character, especially in this day in age where her beliefs are not so popular. Thats awesome.

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