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In Case You Missed It…

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CLICK HERE to check out Perez's appearance on CNN's Larry King Live on Monday night, talking about the Miss California/Miss USA controversy!


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  1. 301

    She should've said "I want world peace"

  2. ClubM says – reply to this


    whats with the orange fake tan like OMG!!!!

  3. 303

    Very, Very good interview Perez!!

  4. 304

    Perez: I thought long and hard about patronizing your site. I felt that I did not want to waste my time, by furthering your cause by feeding into it. Finally, however, I felt that Ms. California's edifying comments warranted uplifting, in that what greater glory than to stand on the side of Jesus, with her comment regarding marriage. Praise be to Ms. California, and prayers be unto your troubled soul.

  5. 305

    It is 2009 people!
    I suppose you all think that black people should still be slaves?!?!?!?
    If she was asked her opinion on black people, or Barack Obama, and she gave an "honest" answer, she would be getting hate mail and death threats, but since its about sexuality that makes it okay to be "honest" on national televison?!?!
    She is a dumb bitch and i hope someone shatters her pelvis so she can't be so cunty anymore!

  6. Nher says – reply to this


    I don't particularly like you, but you were rather legit in this case. Show her that people are people and that everyone deserves a fair shot at life. No matter how you prefer to live, hats off to you Perez

  7. 307

    Congratulations Perez! you did a great job presenting your position and you did so respectfuly. I looks like Larry thought so too.

  8. 308

    Please. If you take another look at the clip, you will see that Perez never says that she is a "stupid bitch." He recognizes her right to a different opinion and goes further to offer a preferable response that expresses such an opinion.

    Well said Perez.

  9. TNT_2 says – reply to this


    I dont think it was fair to put her on the spot like that.if she would have said she was for gay marriage then the people against gay marriage would have booed, but if she says shes against it then the people for it boo. You put her in a bad postition. you asked for HER opinion and you got it. thats bullshit to try and embarress her like that not cool at all

  10. 310

    Re: eff you seek amy

    Equality on all forefronts, huh? Does that mean pedophiles like the ones from NAMBLA should be able to marry their "lovers?' Or what about zoophiles…? SHould they be able to marry their animals…? AND what about polygamists…? SHould they be able to marry as many wives as they want?

    You better be careful what you ask for because you just might get it in this day in age where political correctness,

  11. 311

    very well put Perez!

  12. 312

    All these flaming homos will see on judgment day when the real judge judges them…the bible is pretty clear about it…sodom and gamora….its for God to judge and he will

  13. 313

    uh……why did you even ask Miss California such a stupid question?? Does that topic have a place in the Miss USA Pageant?

    Being gay is a sin and you just want to feel justified in your sinful ways by getting people to side with you! Get all the people you want but the bible says it is still a sin!!

    So since America seems to think we should embrace all these different relationships then who says you can only have 1 wife? Who says it is wrong? Is it wrong to have sex with animals or is that ok now too??? We don't need laws or rules anymore right? Embrace all things???? Everyone has a right and is entitled to live out their fantasies Is that it?? So beastiality,child pornography, child molestation,infidelity, murderers & terrorist all have a place now in society because heaven forbid we discriminate against anyone!!!

    Draw the line somewhere people or things are going to get way out of control and there will be no lines to cross!! It is starting to become wrong to even speak out against anything other than norm and has become discrimination!!

    It really is sickening!!

  14. 314

    Thank you Perez!~
    Well said! :)

  15. 315

    Re: Shinygirl – PS: NZ hasn't fallen into a state of moral decay since protecting the rights of all of our citizens either. :)

  16. 316

    totally random sidenote - totally off topic from this entire subject - but - has anyone noticed how much weight Perez has lost ??
    Looking Gooodd :)

  17. 317

    Way to use Miss America as a platform for your own opinions Perez. The show was not about you. You're not always right and not everyone agrees with you. Get over it. You're acting like a psycho.

  18. 318

    Re: LG Hearts The Posse! – 222 So true! oxox

  19. 319


  20. 320

    I think its awesome that she was completely honest and didn't lie just to win. You should be commending her on that. She wasn't fake. So she has a different opinion than you……so what?

  21. 321

    Fuck! This is a question that you ask a politician NOT a beauty queen. You asked for her opinion so you shouldn't have expected a CERTAIN answer. She was honest about her opinion and presented her answer in a way that wasn't offensive, so stop being a dramatic jackass!!

  22. 322

    NOT IF FUCKTARDS LIKE FATASS HILTON WOULD BE INVOLVED (although i suspect that whichever way it turns out, HE WONT.)

  23. 323

    no wedding dress goes up to that size!!!

  24. 324

    Re: aliealie

    I guess this means we should allow zoophiles to marry their pets, polygamists to marry as many wives as they want and pedophiles to marry their children.

    YAY for equality for everyone.

  25. 325

    Simply Brillant!! Perez you could'nt have said it better!! You rock!!!

  26. 326

    She lost - not because she didn't answer the way you wanted - but because she fumbled around and sounded inarticulate.

  27. 327

    yeeeaahh perez whatta great interview =)

  28. 328

    Perez, if anything your cause has gone up in smoke. People are not
    going to give two shits about gay rights now especially after what you
    have done. I'm glad she gave her opinion and even more delighted
    it wasn't what you wanted to hear. You got kicked in the nuts big time
    and you got what you deserved..

  29. 329

    Re: Angus8 – little website???…he gets millions of views each day sweety…if you dont like him..stop visiting this website..

  30. 330

    why is it always considered an "advance"? like what the fuck??
    its not an advance . . .
    gay relationships were really common in ANCIENT TIMES, like ROMAN TIMES.
    then people did something called EVOLVED . . .
    hahahaha i cant wait to see people get mad about THIS!!!

  31. 331

    Dear Perez,

    What are you worried about? No person, gay, straight, bi or tran will marry you.

    Sincerely, -Luis

  32. 332


  33. 333

    Congrats Perez! What an amazing forum, and so well said!

  34. 334

    Re: trinareese

    She was telling the TRUTH. You guys are completely intolerant of opinions other than your. YOUR thinking is backwards. Oh and what does this have to do with Bush????? Are you an idiot?

  35. 335

    people are entitled to their opinions, however she could have worded better. she would have been in the public eye and I wouldn't want my children to have her as a role model.

  36. 336

    The fact is, Miss California gave a horrible response to the question. It doesn't matter what her beliefs are, she gave a jackass answer. It doesn't matter if she was scared or very opinionated, as a representative of California and the American dream, it was her job to give a response that wouldn't offend. Any college student can attest, answering questions like this for college admission or scholarship is easy to anybody with half a brain you have to do it a dozen times before freshman year. She's beautiful, but makes college aged women seem ignorant.

  37. 337

    People who think this is about her right to voice her opinion are WRONG.


    It is SHOCKING and embarrassing when a serious contender in the Miss USA pageant is really THAT INTOLERANT!!! and she says that it's great because we live in a free country so people can choose how to marry. GAYS AREN'T EVEN GIVEN THE FREEDOM TO MAKE THAT CHOICE!! What has happened in VT and Iowa is amazing and wonderful but what does she expect - all the gays to pack up and move there? Like THAT is freedom and equality? That's like saying, Hey, if your black and you want to be free, you can CHOOSE to move North! Yay for freedom and liberty!! Unbelievable.

    Perez, I am glad that you, as someone in the spotlight, have the sense and the strength to use your platform to fight intolerance. GOOD FOR YOU!!



  38. 338

    You were great! I appreciate having an intelligent and articulate person in the public eye so that my opinion can be heard and respected. You made very good points and arguments. Thank you :)

  39. 339

    hey perez,

    your a real class act! Wow, your tough you can call a 20 year old a bitch on your website. Just because you don't like her opinion on gay marriage. Too bad!

    She is 100% right, gay marriage is wrong. I will go one step further, being gay isn't normal. It never has been, it never will be in spite of your attempt to brain wash people into believe it is.

    But the real issue here is your a compete and total punk. What a brave person you are to tear into a young girl stating her opion.

  40. 340

    Perez, in the word choices of Miss Edie(s), you r just a genius superstar!!! You rock, Ill wear my perez bandana 4 u 2marrow:) XOXO Good job on t.v. as always

  41. 341

    I think your right Perez, just cause she doesnt believe in Gay marriage doesnt mean she had to give that answer. I am for Gay marriage but I dont mind when other people dont support it. Its all whatever you decide

  42. 342

    Perez you fat fuck how do you find so much time to blog choking on all that sperm?

  43. 343

    So well spoken. Really. This is the most intelligent, on-point argument you have made on your blog and TV appearances. I wish that you could be this earnest and classy on all of your blog posts. Bravo, Perez.

  44. 344

    I think religeon was brought into the spectrom, it was not a politicly correct question.

  45. 345

    And tori amos lurves you, nuff said

  46. 346

    (even though they will not face any scorn from members of the media or professional consequences)
    its not.

  47. 347

    I agree with the rest of the FREE WORLD, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, You should be respectful that she was honest instead of taking it so personal which is SUCH A gay trait. Get over your fucking ego and quit ruining peoples lives and careers, remember the good ol days when you didn't exist, celebrities had good reputations and were influential, now all you do is bash them and draw shit on their pics to make yourself feel better and make them look like train wrecks. You have NO SHAME, you should be so ashamed of yourself. How can you honestly think that ANY celebrity actually likes you or is friends with you. They are only nice to you because they don't want you to trash their pics and have you make them to be the monsters they are not. You need to Retire. Then hollywood can rest easy again. You don't get the right to call it a "Marriage" instead you can stick with "partnership" DEAL WITH IT!! You live in a dream world. Your whole career revolves around your own insecurities. One day it will all come back in your face and you will get what you deserve for torturing all these people. Including MIss California.

  48. 348

    Perez this is sad. You wanted her opinion you asked why or why not. So she didnt agree with you and now you are going to bitch and whine over this because she didnt say what she wanted to here. The only reason this is a "controversy" is because you asked not some other person and i guess people see you as some sort of "celebrity". She is entitled to her opinion. She was not rude or seemed offensive. She said "That was how I was raised." so obviously she wont agree with you. GET OVER IT. If you want to get married go to one of the states that approved then its that simple.

  49. 349

    Rock On. Speak loudly Perez. Even us boring straight folks support you and are EMBARASSED by ms. California.

  50. 350

    I also want to give you mad respect perez for dealing with your controversial comment mail..yikes..reptiles and snakes everywhere. I'm cold……must turn on heater nearby.

  51. 351

    This world gets me so upset. Look it is like this. You don't have to like my opinion, or respect it, but you will let me say it. She is the Miss America to me, because I know she lost because of you. The fact is Gay ppl don't want to hear anything but what you are doing is fine. Bull Shit!!! Sick of all this stuff going on running over my right to say what I want. She wasn't mean, you just didn't like her answer. Get over it!! Miss America is also Miss America for drug addicts, women who sell their bodies, porno ppl, and a bunch of others that I am sure she don't agree with. Should she said that is our governments decision? No, she shouldn't. You should grow up and realize you are different and will always pay that price. That is life. You will never have marriage in the USA, so give up.

  52. 352

    She spoke her mind and voiced her own personal opinion….Perez, you do the same every single day, but she's considered a bitch for it? Get over yourself.

  53. 353

    I dunno why people come on this site to bash perez. he is entitled to his opinion just as much as miss california is. sure people can hate his opinions but to call him a fag? wow. this is what is wrong with the world.

  54. 354

    and WHY THE FUCK? is that politically CORRECT
    when the majority of americans dont agree with it?
    shes not "your" miss usa, perez, shes also "my miss usa", and the millions of others' who dont believe in gay marriage

  55. 355

    What part of nobody fucking wants gay marriage do you not understand
    fucktard. Ramming your flamboyant gayness down peoples throats just
    makes people hate your fucking guts even more and does zero to help
    peoples perceptions of homosexuals. Up yours dipshit..

  56. 356

    That was a really well stated argument, Perez. The answer option you gave for her was perfect, PC, and what a true Miss USA would have said. Great job!

  57. 357

    and who, btw, are the MAJORITY
    shes OUR miss usa.

  58. 358

    dumb fatass.

  59. 359

    I feel her beliefs in same sex marriage, which I strongly agree with, should not have been at question. Her answer was the correct one according to God's word and I feel like this is descrimination toward her because she did not give the answer you wanted. Shame on you for putting her in that situation. The question had absolutely no class at all and shows your views only. The only thing you are doing is bringing light to a world of sin and sinners and putting glamour and shine on a "filthy" lifestyle that each and every homosexual will have to answer for one day before God. As far as I am concerned even though she did not win Miss USA, she won a much higher honor by standing up for what she knows is right.

  60. 360

    Way to go Carrie….. You won in my book because you didn't back down from the immoral media. The fact that they asked that question during a beauty contest shows they have an agenda and that they are irrelevant because they are trying to force this unnatural immoral lifestyle on the American public. We know by history that which ever nation embraced this in all of human history, that nation has been destroyed. No different with the USA.
    Stand for what is right, I stand with you as does that vast MAJORITY of this country.

  61. 361

    and if thats how our "forefathers devised our government system",

  62. 362

    so why dont you fucking stop trying to shove gay marriage down the throats of other americans, ones who DO NOT AGREE WITH IT.

  63. 363

    she is so dumb. how did she even make it this far into the competition? doesn't she know anything about public speaking specially a platform of this proportion?

  64. babyM says – reply to this


    very eloquently put. . . even for a straight girl your courageous act really inspired me! go perez!

  65. 365

    Mr Hilton, Thank you for your extremely articulate comments on Larry King. I have changed my mind on you 100% since the pageant. Keep up the good work- thanks for the help with gay rights!! You are doing a GREAT thing. (PS: Thanks for picking my home girl, Miss NC, the clear winner anyway!!!!)

  66. 366

    You go Perez! Don't let these negative comments from all of these shit for brain commentators get you down! I think you are completely right! YOU GO GLEN COCO YOU GO!!!!

  67. 367

    Not only did Dr. Martin Luther King not endorse this lifestyle, but he did not endorse this administration. amazing how the comments come out of context as many in the media have an agenda that will destroy this nation.

  68. 368


  69. 369

    Keep on rocking it Perez!! Miss California IS stupid

  70. 370

    by the way, you look like a caveman.

  71. 371

    I used to love your site as well but this is pretty dumb. You act like you only care about the 'politically incorrect' way she answered your question, but you want to talk to her to get her to change her views on gay marriages. I think she answered the question fine. That is her personal belief and you don't need to take her out to coffee and bitch and whine and try to change her. Leave the girl alone damn.

  72. 372

    Re: YouBestBehave

    YouBestBehave: way to go for slippery slope of the year.

    1- an animal is considered property. Your pencil does not have proper legal personnality for you to marry it; even if you love it a whole lot.

    2- there is a tremendous difference between something that has been labelled CRIMINAL, and a RIGHT that has been dully recognized by the highest court in a state. If you can't see the difference between the two, then there's nothing else I can do for you my friend.

    and YES, I am for equality for all humans as long as it doesn't breach someone else's right of freedom or equality or…

  73. 373

    Well THIS interview was very good. The earlier ones were a lot less founded and Perez was in attack mode.

  74. 374

    awwwwwwww perez you did an awesome job!!! i'm glad you stayed true to yourself :)

  75. 375

    that is the first time that anyone has ever uttered the words

  76. 376

    What a tool. "Opposite marriage???" Yeah, yeah, everyone has the right to their own opinion, but I kind of hope that when she's married to a closeted gay guy (who couldn't be himself or GASP, was "rehabilitated") that she changes her tune. Give me a break. You don't have to believe in it…live and let live. In other words, I'd rather legalize gay marraige than accidentally find out I'm my future hubby's beard. It's more common than one may think, and maybe pulling that Puritan stick out will help EVERYONE be happy with who they are.

  77. 377

    why do you care?
    mr fatass who has never been in a relationship and is a virgin (not counting teddy)

  78. 378

    I think it was an unfair question to ask if you are going to get mad at her for her answer. She was honest, you can't blame her for being honest. I think it's ridiculous that she was asked a controversial question in the first place. The last girl of the questioning round got a question about domestic-violence. Well that's an easy one!

  79. 379

    Hi Perez. Thanks for this opportunity to leave a comment. I "do feel" Miss California gave you the answer to the question you asked. You "did" aske "her" how she felt about "that". Well she "told you", didn't she!? I suspect your question was meant to get a "reinforcement" answer on national TV to benefit "your cause"… well it Backfired! Now that we see how "Unprofessional" you are, you and "your side" look very bad.

  80. 380

    Most of you who have commented are fucking idiots. Did you even watch the fucking clip? Of anybody in the media, Larry King would have called Perez out right then and there. But since Perez gave a completely logical answer (unlike Miss California), everyone's going bat shit. Yes, Miss California is entitled to her own opinion, but that's NOT the point. As Perez said, it's not her answer, but HOW she answers. If she gave a more mature answer, she probably would have won, regardless of if she agreed with gay marriage or not. And people know this.

  81. 381

    All you people are missing the point - if you bothered to watch the video you'd hear Perez say he isn't attacking her for having an opinion!!!!

    Love you Perez - thought you were very articulate on the show and looked great.

  82. 382

    Some of you people posting here are SO fucking clueless. "Marriage" is NOT always a "religious" experience. You don't need a priest, rabbi or minister to get married. You can go to Vegas and have Elvis marry you, for Christ's sake! If the Church does not want to sanction gay marriage, so be it — but E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y deserves the same rights under the L-A-W, whether you condone gays or not. Some of you people here are SO uneducated.

    Mario, Usually I despise you. Usually, I think you do more harm for the gay community than good. Usually, I think you are a sorry example for a human being the way you treat certain celebrities on this website. Usually I cannot wait for someone to take you to task for your hateful ways. This time, on Larry King, I think you did a good job. It's to bad this side of your personality is usually dormant.

  83. 383

    that was so well said. What a great interview Perez.

  84. 384

    btw since you FUCK TEDDY EVERY NIGHT,
    shouldnt you also be arguing for animal marriage rights?

  85. 385

    Perez, I love you. I agree the girl did not know how to answer the question correctly and intelligently. Opposite marriage? What is that?! She could have gave her own opinion in a better stated way, by saying, in my view a marriage is between a man and a woman. However, I think there should be mutual toleration of different views, and I believe it is up to the states to make that decision, so in response to your question, yes, I believe the states should follow suit to make this tough decision on such a highly debated topic.

  86. 386

    Brilliant! You were great!

  87. 387

    Re: light2you – case closed.. the fact that obama stands for homosexuality and abortion shows that not only did they take Dr. Martin Luther King out of context, but the agenda driven media is trying to force this unnatural, immoral lifestyle on a nation that has a conscience and values. This is NOT the country our forefathers and American military heroes fought and died for.
    And having a poofter on the panel to ask a question that does not relate to anything about a beauty pageant shows us all we need to know.

  88. 388

    perez i see a political future for you! good job!

  89. 389

    yikes! that was pretty bad! hahah why I am not surprised the blond waspy contestant has these views? i agree not PC at all. she may be in the wrong state…i here arkansas is lovely this time of year ; )

  90. 390

    yeah he option you gave for her TO LIE.
    and she refused.
    and thats what you would like- for her and others like her who have the same opinion to LIE. and shut up.
    it wont happen now, and it wont ever, especially after nobama.

  91. 391

    Extraordinarily impressive and substantial interview. If half the commenters listened to what you actually *said*, they'd see how she FAILED the Q&A. There are a million other ways she could have expressed her PERSONAL opinion, while acknowledging human rights in the US. Anyway, Perez, well done.

  92. 392

    Well done, Perez. I thought you carried yourself well and I think that your viewers will be very impressed!

  93. 393

    Perez you are a hypocrite, and are to rude and degenerate to be a judge, I am sad you were given the chance to be a judge or be on Larry King. What gives you the right to call her a bitch? The produces of all these shows shouldn't have given you a voice.

  94. 394

    stop trying to get people like her and others who believe what she believes to SHUT UP.
    the more you try, the less it will work.
    how about your much preached about "respect for others"
    why dont you have some fucking respect for her opinion???
    and her views??
    ugly fuck.

  95. 395

    Re: SheHasBigBoobs – lemme see yours

  96. 396

    Get over it perez. Respect other peoples opinion like other people respect yours.

  97. 397

    If you asked North Carolina the same question, she would have agreed that marriage is btw a man and a woman. As would almost all the other girls.

    This reminds me of a postsecret that said "I'm gay and failed a student for expressing an opposing view." Almost all gay guys I've known are petty, self-centered,emotional, and vindictive.

    Do you think jewish judges ask "what's ur opinion on israel?" or hispanic judges asked "what's ur view on immigration?" NO! ppl who aren't gay realize there is more to this world than THEMSELVES and they also have something called class.

    I am definitely against gay marriage after hearing about this shit. especially that video blog…*cringe*


  98. 398

    Re: justinca – hes used to tearing into young girls . . .
    umm check his website for the countless examples . . .

  99. 399

    Perez, just wanna let you know that I registered on your site simply because of your appearance on Larry King…YOU'RE AMAZING!!! You made such good points…it's not about whether her opinion is right or wrong (though she is wrong), it's about who she should represent as Miss USA…it should be all-inclusive of every American. Plus, even if I shared her beliefs, I wouldn't have thought she should win because her answer made no sense…she said we live in a country where you can choose - wrong again. You would think that as Miss CA she would have prepared for this question, but she's obviously undereducated on the issue.

    All hail Perez!!! You've done a great job of speaking out for equal gay rights! Woo!

  100. 400

    seriously Perez, this is rediculous. just because she doesnt agree with you doesnt give you the right to treat her like an idiot or deny her the crown. i mean how old are? what are you in kindergarten? guess what marraige SHOULD be between a man and a woman. its in the Bible. if you dont agree, come over here and tell me so. i bet you wont. personally, i could care less if gay people want to marry, but as far as a marraige under God is concerned, and lets face it, marraige is a holy sacrament, then NO they should not be allowed. if you dont like it, GET OVER IT. and get over yourself. i mean, maybe you are rich for it, but is the best you could do with your life to become a gossiper of other people and a blogger? what exactly have you done with your life that makes you so self righteous? i applaud Miss California for having the balls to voice her ACTUAL opinion and not selling out and giving a politically correct statement to appease a judgemental moron like you. you want the country to sympathize with gay rights? how bout sympathizing with those who dont agree. she didnt gay bash, she didnt say they were wrong for being gay, she said she personally, because of how she was brought up, believes that marraige should be between a man and a woman. talk about intolerance. your actions and your words and that nasty look on your face when she gave her answer make you one of the most intolerable person i have ever heard of. and ive never even met you. personally, i hope i never do.

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