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In Case You Missed It…

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CLICK HERE to check out Perez's appearance on CNN's Larry King Live on Monday night, talking about the Miss California/Miss USA controversy!


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1306 comments to “In Case You Missed It…”

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  1. 401

    Perez, I'm all for same sex marriage -
    but I'm also all for people having their own opinions.
    I understand that you didn't like her answer, but - really, you need to get off her case. It's done & over with - someone was crowned & it wasn't her. THERE! GET OVER IT.
    Quit using her to get publicity (it's quite transparent- in case you hadn't noticed).

  2. 402

    Re: the koolaid – Wait let me get this straight she isn't educated because she doesn't believe in gay -lesbian marriage? I mean really this is America and we are all entitled to our opinions wether you support it or not that's your choice and no one has a right to change who you are. Thank you to the men and women that fought for us to have that right.

  3. 403

    Well.. she didnt deserve to be called a stupid bitch… though she kinda sounded stupid.. (like that pageant girl last year), I applaud you for asking the question Perez… and i really liked your interview on Larry King. Whatever the outcome of CA or the rest of the US, at least you put the issue to the forefront….. where it needs to be!

  4. 404


  5. 405

    Perez, God will judge you, whom you should fear. Only God can give Miss Cali her crown, and he will, for believing in him, that only and only one man and one woman should be married, not Gays & Fags

  6. 406

    I though you and youre interview were right on point you did great.
    You are great!

  7. 407

    Perez, youre equally intolerant. You cant force feed people your values. Shes entitled to her opinion and your reception of it is what is offensive. Good job on the publicity trap at her expense.

  8. 408

    By Perez saying he wanted Miss California to be politically correct, he stated he wanted her to be DISHONEST. Political correctness is nothing but dishonesty. It is calling something by another term to mask it's perceived unpleasantness, it is calling something another term which makes it look different than it is. It is time idiots learned the TRUTH about political correctness.

    Secondly, if I were Miss California, I would take Prickerez up on that coffee invitation. Then I would fill my mouth with it and spit it in his face.

    Thirdly, where is THE DONALD? We need to hear "YOU'RE FIRED" NOW more than any other time in history — for both Prickerez and for the slime Keith Lewis who threw Miss California under the bus when he didn't agree with her.

    I think Prickerez and Keith should get together and have a little teabagging party. And I say "little" because of the size of the bags and spoons, the only big thing about either one of them is their asses.

  9. 409

    she was so well spoken and intelligent-
    im really glad to have our side represented by someone as obviously smart and well put together as she is . . .
    you couldnt BUY better advertising.

  10. 410

    Go fuck yourself Prickerez. You're gonna have to because nobody else wants to. No surprise there.

  11. 411

    Re: pretty_lie – Publicity is all he has he hasn't done anything substantial with his life I mean he blogs about celebrities he doesn't report he doesn't talk about anything why was he even a judge? He is just another spoiled rotten fame hog who hasn't had to work for anything in his life and thinks he is somebody special well I didn't watch the Miss America Pageant after I heard he was judging I felt the standards of the show had gone into the gutter. Miss America is a nothing position now with Hilton on the panel the winner became a joke!

  12. 412

    Well done, Perez!!! :) Great interview :) Luv u!!! ;)

  13. 413

    Gays once despised hetero marriage. Nothing would have induced my friends to buy into it. Gays wanted to be known as different and insisted that heteros acknowledge and respect that difference. They did. Now it has all gotten a little tired and gays want to be the same as heteros…get married,have kids,get divorced. Sad. Problem: marriage is defined as a union between one man and one woman. You can change the definition to read one man and one man etc. Then it won't be marriage. It will be man-man union which is something else. You should have equal rights to pensions, medical treatment, inheritance etc. but that's not marriage. As for your bullying behavior to this girl, I hope she sues you. Unless her contract required her to be politically correct or parrot prescribed views on certain subjects, if you caused her to lose the contest because of a response you didn't like, watch out. Hope she sues you and wins, big time, Your envy of her feminine beauty is obvious and pathetic. You will never be female. You will never be beautiful. You can never be Miss anything but you will always be a nasty little apology for a human being.

  14. 414

    Dude, you are hurting your cause more than helping it by blowing this up to the extent that you are. You can't tell people how to think or speak their mind. Makes you look foolish. I guess in your world, any publicity is good publicity… I am glad I am not you.

  15. 415

    Hi Perez I just started reading your blog and I want to say that I totally agree and support what you are doing. You are setting things straight on national television because I think a lot of people aren't fully understanding the situation. I give you major props for that! I posted about my opinions on miss california on facebook earlier today (about what an IDIOT she was) and i got bashed. The thing is miss california did NOT answer the question in a politically correct way. Her answer WAS offensive and discriminating. She could have disagreed with you but that really wasn't the right way to answer it. This contest is about poise and grace i'm sorry but she had neither.

  16. 416

    Perez, you clearly asked her for HER OWN OPINION and she gave you HER OWN OPINION !!! Why are you calling her half brained and crying like a little bitch about it just because you have different opinions about gay marriage?? You have the right to be gay, as she has the right to be against gay people.End of story, get over it !!!

  17. 417

    carolineyy u r just sooo evil eery, edie sedgewick told me she is rolling over in her grave and please for her peace of mind change your icon, its making her upset and anxious, ure making everyone uncomfortable with ur caveman (hmm ironic,..I think not, dont forget ure higher self more then uv already have:/) energy

  18. 418

    Prick-erez wants to shove his beliefs down everybodys throat almost as much as he wants to shove his teenie weenie peenie down the same place. What a disgusting pig. To gain a following by condescension to others is as low as you can go. Push this pig back down in the sewers where he belongs. BOYCOTT THIS SITE.

  19. 419

    Re: CamillaVilla

    yes but Perez was quoted in an interview saying that she didn't win because she was against gay marriage.

    Its a shame that he used the Miss USA pagent for his personal agenda on getting the topic of gay marriage out there to a National TV audience.

    Barack Obama has said he is against it. So should he not allowed to be President since he represents this country?

    Its a shame because this girl prob won't be heard from again while Perez will continue to go on and say whatever he wants and feel he can get away with it because he's a gay guy.

  20. 420

    Re: Marykthequeen – low standards much?

  21. 421

    Quit acting like a little cry baby Perez. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just because their beliefs doesn't match yours doesn't mean they are a "stupid bitch". Your INTOLERANCE and throwing a tantrum like a little kid lost you many fans.

  22. 422

    Honestly, she is a stupid bitch.

    Stupid, because she contradicted herself by saying that "I think it's great that Americans are able to choose one or the other," and then by saying "In my country…I think… that marriage should be between a man and a woman."

    Bitchy, because she knowingly insulted millions of her fellow human beings. Just because she said "no offense" doesn't mean that it's suddenly not offensive.

    I would love to see Perez debate this girl!

    And to all of you calling Perez stupid for saying that this girl was wrong: You applaud the girl for being honest and expressing her beliefs and then begrudge Perez for doing the same? Hypocrites!

    Right now, America has this reputation as an arrogant and ignorant country. These fanatic religious views are the reason. I am constantly hearing gay rights advocates being called "hippy dippy communists". You pride yourselves on being this Capitalist Christian nation but ignore the fact that almost all the old communist regimes criminalized homosexuality and Russia only decriminalized it in 1993 when communism fell.

    I'm tired of sticking up for Americans. You could be such an amazing country…

  23. 423

    #229 You are so right…although I DO believe she ansered honestly and I can appreciate and respect that, there is a WAY to answer things that are of a touchy subject to people….RESPECT is what should be offered to every American and the way people say things should be taken into consideration….Just as if you dont want a President to ever condemn anyone's way of living (which they do and have) you forget little girls and even boys look up to Miss USA…..it is something that people relate to in the sense of being an American., an Icon when you are little…I know as a mother I do not ever accept from my children to ever treat others differently….EVER…..I could never tell my children it is ok to be different in ANYWAY if I didnt believe everyone was different….I appreciate the fact my kids are them and nobody else and I want them to appreciate it as well….it is 2009!!!!!

  24. 424

    I like it, good job, well handled!

  25. 425

    seriously everyone that's so upset with perez needs to chill, him and every gay person like myself have a reason to not like what she said. it's 2009 people, and it is time for a change, equal rights for everyone, it just reminds me, that there are still close minded people in the USA still, and it's very sad! Love you Perez! An you rocked on Larry King and MSNBC

  26. 426

    Hey Perez, I just saw your appearance on Larry King and I must say I'm very impressed. We are continuously bombarded with the opinion of those who do not support gay marriage, and it's refreshing to hear the your view as a gay professional on a mainstream show such as Larry King. I completely agree. Regardless of Miss. USA's personal beliefs, she is a representative of all Americans including Gays and Lesbians. As a result, her answer should have been an inclusive one.

  27. 427

    Well done, Perez. I respect that it's not her opinion that you are against, but her lack of sheer tact. As a potential ambassador for the US, diplomacy is highly necessary. Furthermore, to give an evasive but tactful answer wouldn't have stripped her of her values. Why all this "i had to stay true to myself" BS?

  28. 428

    Another dark day in the progression of the death of personal convictions. It's no longer "appropriate" in the United States of America to have personal opinions or convictions that run counter to the liberal media or those in control of most of the entertainment in this countryl. You know who they are: the homosexuals. Believe in the Bible? You're a homophobe. Maintain that marriage should be for a man and a woman? You're a homophobe. Doesn't matter that you accept and even love homosexuals for who they are, you must also abandon your personal convictions and blindly accept their agenda, otherwise you'll be called nasty names and have your character assassinated. Just look at the Academy Awards: EVERYONE knew that Mickey Rourke deserved the Oscar, but Mr. Jerk and Wife Beater Sean Penn won simply because he portrayed a gay man. The hypocrisy of the "gay" movement nauseates me: the only opinion that is valid is their own loud-mouthed rhetoric.

  29. 429

    No offense I have never really thought of you as someone I respect but that interview and your comments just made me respect you times infinity!!!! You are right it's about equal rights period end of discussion.

  30. 430

    Such a controversal question like that should not have been asked at a Miss USA pagent. Whats next, are you for or against Capital punishment?

    Do you know how past Miss USAs have felt about gay marriage? Do you realize that the majority of this country is against gay marriage?

    If she has her beliefs for religious reasons then your basically saying her religion is wrong and in turn are doing the same thing she did.

    I applaud her for being honest, she may not have won but at least she didn't try to be fake and just give the PC answer so you could feel good and have evidence to support your beliefs.

    Perez owes her an apology

    it's Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve

  31. 431

    You did a fantastic job. Perfectly stated-that Miss USA should not be someone who alienates rather that unites. I think you were smart and well spoken. Kudos.

  32. 432

    Keep doing what your doing Perez! Don't listen to these hateful people. It was a great interview and a perfect question. Its time for equality and every step forward is a step in the right direction.

  33. 433

    I think you spoke very, very well. However, I still could not get all of the hateful things you said about her out of my mind. It would have been nice if you took the high road; I didn't like how you compared it to "what if she had said a white/black couple couldn't marry." I think I can forgive you, because you were just hurt and shocked by her ignorance. I cannot believe someone so close-minded could make it so far in the competition; she really should not have gotten first runner up. I hope she is getting more hate mail than you.

  34. 434


  35. 435

    This is the beginning of the end for Perez. this will garner so much more attention and draw a huge differentiating line between celebrity gossip and obtaining a following by hurting other people. This will draw attention to the fact that Perez is a bottom sucker of the worst kind. When people hear his name, they will think of a disgusting loser who could only make it by damaging others. Slime always blows it for themselves eventually. They can't help it.

  36. bb3 says – reply to this


    Perez, you thought she wasn't qualified to be Miss USA because of her personal belief? Then I guess you shouldn't have thought that Barack Obama was qualified to be President because HE SHARES THAT BELIEF. "I do not support gay marriage. Marriage has religious and social connotations, and I consider marriage to be between a man and a woman."- Barack Obama during his presidential campaign.

  37. 437

    Re: pookie34 – oh puuuhhhlease

  38. 438

    Perez hilton is a TWAT!

  39. 439

    I honestly believe most are missing the point. I think what Perez is upset about, is her lack of Politically Correctness. As a potential Miss USA, you are meant to be a representative of all of the USA, and that includes everyone: straight, gay, black, white, yellow, purple, green-whatever-we are all Americans. When you are on a public platform, you are to be diplomatic and keep your personal, religious beliefs out of topic. For her to use the phrase, "in my country," that is insinuating that she believes in a country that does not allow gays and lesbians to be wed. I have competed in beauty pageants, and the one thing they will tell you over and over is when you are speaking your opinion, give them what they want to hear, and be convincing that it's indeed your opinion. I think that Perez also made an excellent point when he said that here is the RUNNER-UP getting the attention, while Miss USA herself is fading into obscurity. No doubt Miss USA will be questioned about Miss California on her press tour, and I am sure she will have a diplomatic, politically correct answer to give, and that is why she won-she knows what to say, and who to say it to.

  40. 440

    Perez: We live in such a great country with a clear focus on the FIRST Amendment. "The Freedom of Speech". The right to VOTE & appeal or challenge the voting process by voting again if your not happy with the results.. The bottom line is respecting a union or a partnership is one thing but if you think you and all your little happy friends are going to abuse or re write the laws without utlizing the voting process, YOUR WRONG!!

    Yes on 8, no hate about it, just and opinion about the history of this world that started with Adam & Eve, NOT Adam & Steve!!

    Your WRONG and pathetic to utilize your platform you were given as a judge to make this about happyland and forgetting to acknowledge the winner in this case…

    If you want change, VOTE for change, the process worked for Barack Obama..
    See you at church this Sunday, (Saddleback Church) Paster Rick Warren will pray for you in the meantime…

  41. 441

    perez, that was awesome. you go, boy.

  42. 442

    I am not gay, so I speak from appreciation of your being passionate and well spoken, Perez.

  43. 443

    Well said, Perez. You have more class than Miss California, that's certain. Thank you for making this a national topic once again. People need to start addressing this instead of brushing it aside for another day.

  44. 444

    GOOD JOB PEREZ, YOU ROCKED IT!!!!! How politically correct of you, LOL

  45. 445

    You are an absolute disgrace to humanity. Why they would even allow a flaming homo like you judge a female beauty pagent, I will never understand. That would be like a straight guy judging a drag contest (which I am sure you would protest). Let me remind you that in the most liberal election in many years, even the Obama Tsunami could not pass gay marriage in California. The voters overwhelmingly pulled the lever for Obama and AGAINST gay marriage (for Prop 8) at the same time. Oh and by the way, Ms California happens to not only agree with the vast majority of Americans but she also shares the same opinion as Pres Obama, who on 6 different occasions has made perfectly clear his opposition to gay marriage. You are pathetic waste of space on this Earth.

  46. 446

    well said, perez. yay, i'm proud of you

  47. 447

    Gotta give up to Trump. He hired the right guy to ask the question… ;O)

  48. 448

    Re: Jezzebelle is Bold – That's for him to decide. NOT YOU.

  49. 449

    its not what she said, as perez' response video professed- its HOW she said it. She's lucky that she's stunning, bc she's an idiot. I understand being caught between a rock and a hard place, but come on! Her answer lost her the title.

  50. 450

    You are loving all the attention your receiving from all this. I think this is more about that than the question itself.

  51. jrnpp says – reply to this


    Great job Perez and you look awesome.

  52. 452

    bitch please.
    tori amos's career just rolled over in its when it saw her ugly ass face plastered on a dumbass's comment.
    once you learn how to fucking string a sentence together, then you get talk shit!!
    so they probably look just like you do!!!
    FUCK OFF!!

  53. 453

    very well said perez. you said that very maturely and EDUCATEDLY

    people perez hilton is not angry with her beacuase she doesnt believe in gay marrige, he is angry with her because she did not know how to express her opinion in a well educated respectful manure!

  54. 454

    you guys are the biggest haters i have witnessed in a long time! Perez has a right to his opinion, too. he's not whining! EVERYONE should be equal…regardless of sexual orientation. when are you guys going to get it through your heads?!? you are all being huge hypocrites. just because you don't agree with what Perez is saying, you all gotta hate? you are all accusing him of the very thing you are doing!

    get a grip…this is the 21st century. things are going to change whether you like it or not. if you want to hold onto your "christian values," then live on a commune in nebraska. we won't miss you!

    Perez…you were articulate and very firm in your convictions. beautiful job! thank you for speaking for so many who cannot! xoxo

  55. 455

    The only people that will praise you for this interview are gay people.
    Be glad you have Iowa & Vermont coz that's as much as you are gonna

    God Bless America and god bless Miss California.

  56. 456

    i have so had enough of his condescending bullshit when this is a man who has no principles whatsoever concerning how he treats other people, specifically teenage girls who are the only ones he seems confident to battle.
    this man is a sad excuse for a human being, and a huge boycott would be just the SLAP on the face he needs.

  57. 457

    To everyone saying, "Perez, the gay/les movement is about tolerance and you aren't showing any for those that disagree with you," YOU ARE RIDICULOUS!!

    When suggesting that gays and lesbians do not deserve equal rights, it is basically being said that they are sub-human, undeserving of the same basic rights that everyone else is privy to. It is hateful. Gays aren't trying to strip straight people of their right to marry - they're just telling us to shut up and think for a minute!

    Why should ANYONE have to tolerate being viewed essentially as scum, as inferior, or as being seen as undeserving of equal human rights? Should Martin Luther King have sat back and "tolerated" unequal rights for blacks?
    King wasn't bashing white people, he was simply telling us that we were wrong - JUST like Perez is doing now.
    It's not intolerance, it's a protest.

  58. 458

    Re: carolineyy – You are like every 2nd comment on here. Are you doing drugs????

  59. 459

    She IS a dumb bitch for 3 reasons:
    1. She doesn't know that California IS a part of "her" country: "I think it's great Americans are able to choose (but) in MY country…"
    2. Doesn’t KNOW what she beliefs: “I think that I believe that…”
    3. Didn’t answer the fucking question, it was yes or no and why.

  60. 460

    Omg .. you do not help the issue of gay marriage striking out like a angry badger..I have lived with gays, I have gays in my family..I supported a new "free to be yourself" lounge.. By calling her a witless bitch for stating a belief.. like we need a gastapo queen leading the parade..get over yourself. I have talked to some of the gay people here and you are not what they want representing them on national t.v.

  61. 461

    Uhhh… It is the Larry King show honey… National coverage… Give the hair a little more love next time… Kisses!

  62. 462

    Typical Homo
    Just because she does not agree with you disgusting abnormal buthole sex you call here a stupid bitch. Maybe you’re the Bitch you look like you like it in the ass. Silly Rabbit Dicks are For Chicks.
    She was hot and you’re just a Homo.
    I hope you get aids

  63. 463

    Re: bb3 – GOOD POINT. Since she wasn't qualified to represent America because of her belief, OBAMA shouldn't be qualified to be America's president because he holds and has voiced that very same belief. BUT I BET YOU VOTED FOR OBAMA, DIDN'T YOU PRICKEREZ? You fucking slimey hypocrite. CAUGHT AGAIN!

  64. 464

    Nailed it! Perez you are acting like a true role model right now, this is a serious issue and although some people are playing it down to be petty, Miss CA should have acted like a role model also but she chose not to. You rocked this interview.

    I still cannot for the life of me understand why there are so many people that seem to vehemently despise Perez posting here…what exactly drives you to spend so much time and energy on someone you don't like? Maybe its time to find a new hobby…

  65. 465

    nk you so much for being an awesome person who actually thinks with a head with a brain!!! Love ya!!!

  66. 466

    Re: carolineyy – directed towards: CLOVRMAY.

  67. 467

    so what's more disrespectful… Perez calling her a stupid bitch or her expressing her own beliefs?
    but look who came out a winner. no one even knows who the actual miss usa is. hahahahahahhahahha.

  68. 468

    I see what you're doing Perez. You want to be like Milk, and hope someday you'll have a movie made of your story and efforts towards Gay movement.

  69. 469

    as an educated american, i can say you did a great job! i was impressed! & you're right, she is a dumb bitch!

  70. 470


  71. 471

    Re: carolineyy – OMG, whoever this is, you really need to get a life! Why so angry???

  72. 472

    It was obviously all cleverly prearranged and staged to bring attention to the issue. She in fact is for gay rights and agreed to pretend to be a bigot in front of a national TV audience. She knew the question was coming and gave a scripted answer.

  73. 473

    What a dick - politically correctness has ruined the world!

    I'd rather have someone who is true to their believes than someone who is willing to turn their back on their beliefs, lie and spin a story only to be "politically correct", just to keep some whiney bent fat lazy prat happy!

    You live in a democratoc country that gives you free speech, its amazing how many people will moan when free speech doesn't go their way!


  74. 474

    Oh and I am sorry to see that Miss California represents my state. (Moi, being straight and married). Why can't her sister from the Air Force have a better influence on her beliefs - or at least get this girl out into the world. Darn if Miss. California hasn't lead a very self-centered, sheltered, "I-am-all-about-being-pretty" life. My neighbor's 2nd grade daughter watched the show and liked Miss Calif. because she played basketball, but changed her mind, after the lame gay marriage answer. (and yes, the little girl is from a straight "Christian family"). The little girl said, "Well she doesn't want everyone to be happy together, does she Mommy?" Out of the mouth of a child….

  75. 475

    Oh get over it already. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Not everyone agrees with YOU Perez!

  76. YUP! says – reply to this


    OH YEAH…I forgot..this wasn't MS. us GAYYY…HEEEHEEE

  77. 477

    Re: MSE857 – thats the mark of people doing drugs . . . writing cohesive arguments for political issues.
    you are a stupid shit who needs to learn about the world, and, hopefully, GET SOME FRIENDS. you'll probably come across at least one drug over the course of that, but obviously, YOU WOULDNT KNOW THAT. bahaha

  78. 478

    Somebody I know went writting smack about you as their Facebook status and I totally had your back. I think that you have EVER right to say the things that you're saying…You were offended. That dumb bitch is so closed minded. Seriously, ughhhhh you gays & lesbian's should have their right to marry. How can anyone tell people that "oh you're love doesn't count because it's not the 'ideal' couple" or whatever. How can anyone put restrictions on love…

    She's a dumb bitch! A dumb blonde bitch!

    Love you, Perez

  79. 479

    Very eloquent Perez! Nicely done!

  80. kl4 says – reply to this


    You are brillz…. and look super slim and chic :)

  81. lje says – reply to this


    Well said.

  82. 482

    EXCELLENT interview Perez, you are very well spoken and your ideas are very well understood….how dare she answer that question so insensitively. ANDDDD being Miss California! COME ON!!

  83. BFT says – reply to this


    How the fuck does a queer guy get to judge how beautiful a woman is? WTF do you know about hot chicks?

    I never hated gays but congrats on getting me to pick a side of the fence.

    Trump fucked up MISS USA and you just took it down even further. You did a HUGE disservice to the gay community and you took an American tradition and turned it into a terrible episode of Jerry Springer. I hope more people vote against gay marriage in the future on behalf of you alone. You want to open your fat fuckin mouth, then own it bitch.

  84. 484

    Well said & VERY WELL Done Perez!!!!!!! You are making a difference on your little pink soap box while being entertaining….I think that it was great that you were a judge & about time that u be on Larry King….U loooked very handsome by the way.

  85. 485

    I am so pissed today because someone is trying to take advantage of the way I function. Then I come on here, everyday, I don't know why anymore, and see this "NEWS". What the f. I don't think Perez even cares about this and further more has probably someone else writing his thoughts with permission while he goes around acting like he has made an impact on society. It saddens and sickens me. I used to enjoy this sight, now I really believe it is everything America is looked at with disrespect. Great your gay, good for you, but not everyone is. Just because someone doesn't believe it is right or has an opinion, doesn't make them a less than person. If you can judge why can't they. I personally have many opinions that I would love to sit down with this "Queen" and discuss. For one he has made himself relevant. I commend him. But, at the same point, this "QUEEN", who is a male, puts himself out there like he is the know all say all. Have to create a new post cause I have alot to say.

  86. BFT says – reply to this


    BTW, Bob's Big Boy called, they want their hair back

  87. 487

    Hardly what I would call "Freedom of Speech!" One individual crucified because an opinion does not meet the expectations of another. You asked the loaded question with the intent of causing conflict. You are no "QUEEN!" "BITCH," is more appropriate! You MISS PEREZ whine for the exact same freedom you so blatantly took away from Ms. California. LAME!

  88. 488


  89. 489

    Re: Perez got f*cking owned at Miss USA 200 – And God bless your "Christ like" works and using "fucking" a lot. That's mighty white of you.

  90. 490

    Perez showed his ignorance by resulting in name calling. I for one liked her answer because it was honest. There was no right or wrong position on this stance as long as it was genuine. Perez is what is wrong with this country. He and other liberals care more about being politically correct than being honest. It is sad! Perez showed his immaturity in speaking about her in that manner. He should be the one apologizing for his low-class behavior. I know gays and lesbians and still don't want gay marriage. I have a small child and don't want to have to explain that behavior to him. Everyone in this country has the same right. They can marry a person of the opposite sex. So everyone is equal. They also can live another lifestyle but it should not be associated with marriage. It makes me sick to even discuss the subject or hear about it!

  91. 491

    well said perez…

    MS. USA CAN'T SAY THOSE SORTS OF THINGS, who cares if she thinks them, SHE CANT SAY THEM. that's not MS USA Conduct! duh. duh duh

  92. 492

    Sorry Perez, I support your cause but you are wrong on this one. She was being honest and politically correct at the same time. She just made a distinction between her own personal beliefs and public interest.

  93. 493

    Re: Perez got f*cking owned at Miss USA 200 – Oh…and I'm as straight as they come…

  94. 494

    Perez, you totally f'in rocked that interview! Yes, she has the right to her own opinion as do you. However, I wouldn't want such a narrow minded bi-yatch to be Miss USA. HELLO… we do have a black president! So, I hope you do sit her ass down and give her a piece of your mind! Peace out Bitches!

  95. 495

    Perez, you were very well spoken and respectfully said what needed to be said. Even Larry was impressed!

  96. 496

    Re: jackiem

    couldn't agree more.

  97. 497

    She SHOULD have said:
    Even though I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, it should be legal for gay couples to marry because weather or not i believe in gay marriage, their marriage does not affect me or anyone else but gay couples so they should be given that right and it should be their decision.

  98. 498

    Re: mbizzle – yeah probably right after her mom went off on a shit fit about what this girl said . . .

  99. 499

    Re: cullenhale
    Okay, suck up to a suck up!! LOL
    WOW, your all breeding urselves by the dozens aren't you…
    Meanwhile, I stooped to your pathetic level

    YES on 8 THE END!! HAHA

  100. 500

    Re: baconsmom – LOVE THIS REPLY!!!! I loved that this poster/pageant contestant admitted to answering questions and working with many gays -much like our Miss California, Although Carrie seems to be incapable to admit fault in her loss. What a shame. It was hers to win - had she been more astute in universally answering the question = as you had suggested.

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