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In Case You Missed It…

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CLICK HERE to check out Perez's appearance on CNN's Larry King Live on Monday night, talking about the Miss California/Miss USA controversy!


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1306 comments to “In Case You Missed It…”

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  1. 501

    Sorry if you don't like it, it's in the bible, and the bible is what our country was based upon. So maybe you should move!!!

    1 Corinthians 6:9-10
    Clearly homosexuality is compared to thieves, adulterers, and prostitutes.
    One great day you will understand it all very well……its called Armeggedon, and if your views don't change, you may be in for it.

  2. 502

    very well spoken perez, you came across very educated and articulate
    this whole thing is completely fair
    nice job

  3. 503

    Here is the reality and as I have stated before I have gay friends and a gay aunt and I don't really have a problem with them.
    However, for any gay person to say that it is natural is fooling themselves.
    The reality is that it is not natural and nature proves that. Two men or two women cannot naturally reproduce and that pretty much proves that homosexuality is not by design or natural.
    I just laughed at the whole stupid "pregnant man" thing.
    He was not a man, ever. He was still a woman, born a woman with all the parts of a woman.
    You can glue a horn to the center of the forehead of a horse and call it a unicorn, but it is still a horse.

  4. 504

    just like a uppity douche to load a question designed to push the gay agenda and then slam a person for not going along with you.

    your a pathetic sack of crap Perez it just goes to show even a talentless sack of crap like you can make money in Hollywood.

  5. 505

  6. 506

    Hey Prickerez, post my comments you sorry-ass loser! Can't take your own medicine?

  7. 507

    People, go to the Miss USA website. Most people on there are AGAINST Perez!!! There are even gay people posting there that are disgusted with Perez and what he did to this poor woman. PEREZ, YOU ARE A POOR EXCUSE FOR A PERSON! Your train to fame is going to be coming slamming to a stop soon. I bet you had to sign some contract with Donald Trump and I hope to hell what you did violates something in that contract and he comes after you!
    Seriously, your bullshit over this is hurting your cause and making gays and lesbians look bad. Just SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!

  8. 508

    Even if Miss CA was answering a question about marriage between a man and a woman being wrong, she sounded like an idiot. She didn't form complete thoughts and she stumbled through what she was saying. It was an all around bad answer.

    As for the people who are so opposed to gay marriage, OPEN YOUR EYES.

    No one is forcing you to marry someone of the same sex, to attend a same sex marriage, or even approve of it. HOWEVER, everyone should be able to enjoy the same benefits in this "land of the free" reguardless of the sexual preference.

    What if we told staight couples that they were no longer allowed to get divorced because it was giving marriage a bad name…have you ever thought of that!?

  9. 509

    Re: JET*** – THATS THE SPIRIT, BRING RACE INTO IT FOR NO REASON!!! that must mean you're on the right side then, right??

  10. 510

    Earsucker says

    You're an idiot. I am totally for gay marriage, but to deprive someone of the crown because she didn't answer the question the way YOU wanted to, seems discriminatory to me.
    This. Needs to be said over and over until it sinks in your fat head. You are entitled to YOUR opinion just as SHE is. Yes, she was representing the state of California, a state that voted for HER opinion. You suck Mario. Bottom line. You don't want discrimination, but that is exactly what you are doing to her for being honest. Fuck you, you fat asshole.

  11. 511

    tHIS is a free country right?gays want there opinions heard and respected.Then why get mad at someone elses opinion?Is it not right because its not the way YOU feel?And i think Its IGNORANT for some one to call another individual ignorant ,after having just called the a "STUPID BITCH".nOT VERY CLASSY OR INTELLIGENT….

  12. 512

    You go Perez! speak your mind! All About keeping it Real.

  13. 513

    Today is the day that i deleted perez from my favourites. Perez always says that everybody has a right to there own opinion, it turns out only if he agrees with it. I have watched the video a few times and i did not hear one person boo. You should get over your propaganda shit. You used to be cool Perez but now all you do is suck up Angelina and Madonna's ass, drool over C and D listers and try your best to turn them into celebrities because YOU like them. And if you put down Jennifer Anniston, Vanessa Hudgens and all the other girls that can actually get the men that you drool over you will seriously be in contention for the WANKER of the universe award.Also could you stop posting how many people visit your website because it makes seem up yourself. You suck hard Perez and stop thiking your this great person that is going to change the world

  14. 514

    Because it needs to be said 1200 times
    Earsucker says

    You're an idiot. I am totally for gay marriage, but to deprive someone of the crown because she didn't answer the question the way YOU wanted to, seems discriminatory to me.
    This. Needs to be said over and over until it sinks in your fat head. You are entitled to YOUR opinion just as SHE is. Yes, she was representing the state of California, a state that voted for HER opinion. You suck Mario. Bottom line. You don't want discrimination, but that is exactly what you are doing to her for being honest. Fuck you, you fat asshole.

  15. 515

    Re: mfowler – he won't change. He thinks with a head other than the one on his shoulders. And his thoughts shoot out his ass where the farts should be.

  16. 516

    bravo perez!!!

  17. 517


  18. 518

    Re: JET*** – oh and btw, its not, because a much higher percentage of blacks then white people are opposed to gay marriage. actually the percentage of black people who oppose gay marriage is somewhere in the nineties!!! so actually, it mighty "white" of you to support gay marriage!! congratulations!! (you racist pig!!)
    good effort- sorry it failed.

  19. 519

    I have many views, I wish I was able to do what this "MAN, NOT QUEEN" was able to get off his chest. So because I am an American with many thoughts, feelings and opinions, which many died and are probably rolling over, am going to get off my chest. 1) I am a Jesus loving backslider. I am not perfect so don't think you can use it against me. And if you don't share my beliefs are allowed to have. 2) I don't think your born gay, because in my, given, allowed to have, opinion, I hate myself for saying, scientifically we would end our race if this is what we all became. I don't care to tell you if I do, don't have gay friends. I'm friendly and don't discriminate, this is a fact! I wouldn't treat anyone less than. I do have a theory behind my thought, so ask if you choose. 3) Why can't we accept the fact that there will always be opposition to what we believe as INDIVIDUALS. We live in a country where we can do that. 4) Are gays the new minority in our country? I don't think so. As a whole, more non-white people probably get discriminated and hated on then they do. I'm not done.

  20. 520

    Wow, great job at the Ms. America contest Perez, you really showed America how to be tolerant of others opinions.

    I guess if you don't burp the smell of your own man ass, you aren't fit to be Ms. America? Sorry sister, but you are never going to wear the crown.

    Keep sucking!

    You're 'biggest' fan,

  21. 521

    Re: Homerfan – THANK YOU THAT SUMS IT UP

  22. 522

    Re: bonnie&clyde – yeah, we have a black president who ALSO STATES HE AGREES THAT MARRIAGE SHOULD BE ONLY BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN. Is he also a narrow-minded dickhead that you wouldn't want to be president? You fucking hypocrite. GOTCHA.

  23. 523

    Re: mfowler – not sure which country you live in…if you have ever learned about american history, you would know that this country is actually not based on the bible. at all. the founding document of our country is known as the US constitution and is a different document than the bible. they might not teach that at sunday school but you can check it out in DC.

  24. 524

    I think you are totally right Perez… if you don't know a gay or lesbian person how can you relate and connect to the issue… thank you so much for bringing that up!

  25. 525


  26. 526

    You can't ask other people to be tolerant of your beliefs if you're not tolerant to theirs. Let people speak their mind.

  27. 527

    Her opinion….your opinion….Stop your whining, you big fat baby!

  28. 528

    Only idiots think Perez was respectful! That is a joke. Name calling is not respectful. I think there was a lack of proper parenting in those households. I guess those folks need a dictionary.

  29. 529

    Yeah, she has the right to her own religious beliefs and to her own opinion…but not if that belief infringes upon the civil and equal rights of others.

  30. 530

    Perez… you rock! Seriously. I applaud you for respecting that Miss California stated her own beliefs and the fact that you are able to differentiate between the beliefs of an individual (which are theirs and theirs alone) and the political correctness that is sometimes necessary. I wish that everyone would give you the credit you deserve Perez. Keep doing what you are doing!

  31. 531

    Perez never said that she wasnt entitled her opinion, he said that she should have worded it differently. PLUS he is a fucking celebrity blogger and has received his fame from his CONTROVERSY, why we all come to the site, and NOW you are choosing to make an issue of it? Come on guys

  32. 532

    You THINK you have the power to affect the media, thus the "thoughts?" question in all the posts (to the readers) you make about yourself. You're creating your own publicity. You're just petting your ego, man. Do something legit without trying to start drama. You're a little bitch dude. Why don't you do something worth while that you don't post media clips of yourself in… you're brain is weird. I think you are narcissistic. I don't know. You bug me out.

  33. 533

    Re: carolineyy – I think Jet brought race into it because I understand Prickerez has a black teenie weenie. Not naturally, but just because it's so diseased.

  34. 534

    I don't think that much about whether or not someone can marry someone. Its doesn't hurt us as a whole. Do you. Gay marriage, polygomy, so what. If a woman who is barren, can pay to try to have a child, why can't you decide who you marry. Which brings up my next thought 5) I hate abortion! Sorry I do. I also have compassion for those that have. It must suck. And I know it does. But I also hate invetro. I, in my opinion, think that peole can't have children because people who should't have had children can form a family that is awesome. I don't know and could never feel what it would be like not to have your own child. But I can question it. My own cousin at 24-25 got snipped because he thought, "Why bring more into this world, when there are those thrown to the side." I commend him.

  35. UMDAD says – reply to this


    You are disgusting Perez. Just because her answer doesnt suit you, shame on you. AS YOU KNOW, the majority of Americans do not share your sick point of view, including your fellow Californians. Whomever thought of putting you up as a judge needs just as much help as you.
    Shut the f— up if you can't say anything intelligent. "Shut up you stupid queen" . Congratulations to Miss California for her honesty.

  36. 536

    i think you spoke very well, i am honestly shocked. it was lovely.

  37. 537

    Re: jungillest – I totally agree with you girl, gosh people don't get bottom line, didnt the answer the question went around the answer to her own personal opinions, didn't ask about her opinion. I don't think she understood the question.

  38. 538

    Re: JET***
    Gay marriages should never exist. Nobody wants it and nobody cares
    for it. Gay people always get their knickers in a twist when anyone says
    anything against their beliefs. Perez asked a dumb question and I'm really
    glad he got that answer shoved back up between his butt cheeks. Well
    done Miss California..

  39. 539

    Take the shit eat grinning off your face.

    You're not a politician. Who are you? Why are you on TV whoring yourself?

  40. 540

    Seriously, dude, get over it. You ask a question, expect an answer, not just someone agreeing with you because you think everyone loves you. Not everyone has to agree with you. She deserves respect because she was honest and answered what she believes not what everyone wanted to hear. Get over yourself.

  41. 541

    Re: GrandSlamInMotion – oh shut the hell up. you don't have a clue what you're talking about.

  42. 542

    Perez shows his "intelligence" and lack of consistent logic. It never ceases to amaze me how the folks who preach "tolerance" so loudly are some of the most intolerant people on the planet. A quick study of history and third grade biology reveals why gay marriage is not exactly "normal" or "natural".

  43. 543

    Final thought, I love being able to feel what I want, think what I want, and know what I know. I also know that my thoughts are only my thoughts and I should be able to have them, give them, if asked, and not be made feel like I am doing anything wrong. I wish "THIS QUEEN" would leave people alone that didn't have his thoughts and realize he is special enough to have people care what he thinks. Be glad you made your thoughts relevent and allow others to have their own.

  44. 544

    So she has a right to her comment and because she disagrees about gay marriage… she's a bad person and lost the crown. So let me get this straight… people have to agree on gay marriage or they are WRONG??? Hmmm… something's wrong here. And the people have voted in California, yet the that's not good enough… then what's the whole point on voting if that's just going to be over turned??? So if you disagree on gay marriage, you suck and if you agree on gay marriage you're a good person??????

    Then why vote at all??

  45. 545

    BOYCOTT PrickerezHellton.com !

  46. 546

    This is the reason many people hate you Perez. Like you Ms. Ca had the right to answer the question the way she felt. Why did the winner get such an easy answer? I voted no on 8. The way trashed Ms. Ca makes me want to change my vote next time to yes on 8. You are wrong and a bitter SOB. It was her honesty that should have won her the title. That was her opinion and you have yours. I hope you never get asked to judge another Ms America ever cause you can not be fair. What ever make people happy is what I think. People like you make me want to change my mind. i think you were just jealous of this woman and to get back at her you trashed her. You cant be a real woman you like this beautiful young lady. Jealousy does make people do bad thing.

  47. 547

    PEREZ YOU ARE ONE DUMB SON OF A BITCH! She's intitled to her opinion FUCKHEAD. You asked her for an answer & you got one moron…so deal wit it

    If she were a friend of mine and you called her out like that I'd KNOCK THE FUCKIN SHIT OUT OF YOU…YOU PUNK ASS BITCH

  48. 548

    Re: GrandSlamInMotion
    WOW…did you fail History class, my friend?

  49. 549

    i am ashamed she is the same generation that i am. we are more evolved than that. we are not our past. we are the future. why are we not more vocal on the separation between government and religion?????

  50. 550

    Who the heck are all these people who actually create accounts and read through this site just to call Perez names? Do any of you have anything better to do? I totally agree with you Perez. It's not that I think her belief is dumb (which, to be fair, I do) but she could have worded it far better.
    "I personally believe that marraige is between a man and a woman but in our amazing country everyone's opinion is equally important and it should be up to the people in each state to decide whether or not to follow in Vermont's footsteps."
    Something along those lines would have been politic and would have let her stay true to her beliefs without sounding dumb. It's not about where she fell on the morality question, she just answered it awkwardly and badly. Opposite marraige? Wha? Also the question was "Do you think every state should follow?" not "Do you agree gay marraige should be legalized?". It *was* more of a politcal question than a question of her opinion. How can someone be Miss USA when they can't even answer a question properly?

    Also, as someone who agrees that marraige should be legal for everyone, I'm so glad that this is being talked about more. I don't care if Perez gets more press - the bigger issue at hand is too important to be ignored.

  51. 551

    Well said in-fucking-deed, Perez

  52. 552

    Re: funkygrrl13 – while I personally know gay men and women, and like them fine, they are still perversions of nature. That's a fact. It has nothing to do with whether I like them personally or not, or whether I think we should change the basis of our culture or society becausae or for them. They are simply perversions of nature, which are all around us. So what? Change our culture to a LOWER FORM based on a perversion? I don't think so.

  53. 553

    U asked the question of Miss CA to set her up! Then you called her a horrible name! Her answer was not a bad, she stood strong in her beliefs. PC gone awry and a fag like you should be fired and never hired or given the opportunity you were given. I wish everyone would boycott this site and anything else you have anything to do with. You are a bastard!! You selfish ahole!!

  54. 554

    The last time I checked, this country was based on free speech, among other freedoms. What in the hell gives you the right to critisize someone else for their beliefs? You called her a stupid bitch? You are the new queen of mean. Of course, that's probably a compliment to you. After reading some of the comments, I would suggest crawling back into the bung hole from where you came. You are a freak of nature. Do you suffer from PMS each month? Oh, by the way, marriage is between a man and a woman. If you don't like that, then go to hell!

  55. 555

    By the way i heard applause in the audience. You must be hearing things in your flappy ears. Miss California is not a robot and is worried about telling it like it is. She knows that crown is only for a year but her beliefs are for a lifetime. Also i really do believe she would never sit down with you on any occasion. you are not in her category. She should not trust you because you could blow up and throw a hissy fit .

  56. 556

    She is entitled to her opinion Perez. You asked her a question about her beliefs, and she answered very honestly. For that, she should be applauded. Of course I believe marriage should be legal for everyone, But, frankly, the right to free speech, like she was exercising, is more important. You are coming across as much more hateful that her. NOT COOL PEREZ!!!

  57. 557

    Homosexuality is based on an abberation of nature. More often at it's root is a CHOICE to succumb to lower nature activities, and only a few instances are genetic abberations. It is a way of culture and society spiraling into it's lower nature, succumbing to its baseness. Anyone for regression? Let's have a sex party on the altar of the golden calf.

  58. 558

    What a bullshit question to even ask during a pagent like this! Just because you are gay doesn't mean that she has to accept gay marriage. You are such an asshole perez. What will next years question be? Do you think it should be legal to marry immediate family members? Where do we draw the line?

  59. 559

    oh and my email adress is
    i wanna hear what u have to say to my comments

  60. 560

    Re: Emmie859 – Maaaaan, it's pretty funny that you'd say something so stupid and still add a GOTCHA on the end like it was smart.
    "I'm a Christian. And so, although I try not to have my religious beliefs dominate or determine my political views on this issue, I do believe that tradition, and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman." Obama
    Miss California was asked *if* states should legalize gay marraige. Barak Obama's comment had nothing to do with what he believes states should do, in fact he supports letting states decide individually whether or not to legalize gay marraige. He was just talking about how he defines marraige personally…big difference.

  61. 561

    She gave an honest answer to a controversial question. I think that is what is truly American. You need to grow up and face the facts, not everyone will support Gay marriage. As Americans, we're entitled to freedom of opinion. However, in your case, I guess Miss America is not? Does she have to agree with everything the Judges do to be crowned Miss America? Honestly, it's ridiculous. Grow up.

  62. 562

    Re: Perez got f*cking owned at Miss USA 200 – hahaha its so true- he totally was expecting her to give what he called a "politically correct" response (even though the vast majority of americans WOULND NOT call it that), and he said how he would have liked to have heard one that could represent "his" miss usa. so basically, one that looked like zac efron???
    and spewed bullshit she (he) didnt agree with??
    NOT GONNA HAPPEN, and i love that it didnt!

  63. 563

    Gee, I wish Prickerez Hellton would invite me to coffee so I could spit it in his face. Boy, I'd enjoy that.

  64. Pansy says – reply to this


    I'm really pleased that being a bigot has its consequences.

  65. 565

    I'm so proud that you brought up a relevant question. I am most disappointed that she could not give a resemble answer to the question. I wish she could have at LEAST have had a good point to back up her "belief" instead of just going with the tired "that's how I was raised" crap. It would be refreshing to hear how you really feel.

  66. 566

    wahwahwah..Get over it you big fat cochino! Any fucktard that would have YOU on their show is no longer worth watching, not that they were before anway.. Since when do you like Larry king? Oh that's right, since he has allowed you to be on his show to spew your fudge packing agenda down everyone's throats! Your dumb ass haircut makes you look like you are a little homo middleschooler..but that's who you are trying to attract so you prolly like that 'do.

  67. 567

    you are very well spoken, it actually surprises me when I see you speak. Well done.

  68. 568

    I love that advertisement at the top of the page that shows a celeb with an IQ and asks if you can beat it? Only thing is, I never see Perez up there. I guess his IQ is too low that they know anybody can beat it. Nobody would click on the link as it would be too easy.

  69. 569

    P, you were FANTASTIC on Larry King. Your point is valid- it doesn't matter what she personally thinks about gay marriage. What matters is that she didn't answer the question in a way that would allow for others' opinions. AND she contradicted herself- in America people can choose, but in MY America, I don't believe in it? Wha? That made no sense whatsoever. She started off well but then she back-pedaled. But Perez, you handled yourself so gracefully and I really appreciate your comments. You were eloquent and got the point across perfectly. You never condemned her for her opinion. And BTW, commenters, the whole point of asking questions in pageants is to judge the contestant according to how she/he answers- so it's perfectly fine for a judge to mark against a contestant if he/she doesn't like the answer!

  70. 570

    Where the hell is THE DONALD? We need a "YOU'RE FIRED" about now.

  71. 571

    Re: b a t k i s s – LOLz- great point about the gays in pageants! No way she doesn't know any gays! Jeez, I guess her pageant coaches forgot to teach her how to answer questions, though.

  72. 572

    The girl didn't need to have the same opinion… there was a better way to answer the question without sound like a card carrying member of the white sheet police.. The Bleach i think ate away the few remaining brain cells. Like Perez Said many many many times she could have easily said this is a good question and a hot topic one that i don't agree with however i also feel that its up to each state to make their own choices on this matter.. That is a well thought out statement that says i am not for gay marriage but believe that its something that the states themselves work out. The Girl is Now and for a long time coming the Poster Child For Stupid Dumb Blonds.

  73. 573

    Very eloquent and well spoken. Good job.

  74. 574

    i love how some of you say Miss USA is supposed to represent the whole country, gay, straight, black, white, asian, etc. Well #1, the majority of Americans, including our President, are against gay marriage so she actually is representing our country. And #2, shes got to represent everyone and their beliefs? Does that mean she needs to represent those that like to sleep with kids, animals, beat their wives, cheat on their spouse, etc.?

    Just like nobody forces you to belive in God, be jewish, be Catholic, etc. you should not try to force people to believe in gay marriage just because you want to.

    The great thing about this country is that it isn't communist, you have the right to believe what you want.

    You're starting to get on the level of PETA with the way you try to force your beliefs on everyone else.

  75. 575

    GOOD FOR YOU PEREZ, I'm really proud of you!!!!!!

  76. 576

    Re: frozen waffle – next year's question will be, "I wonder why nobody invited me to be a judge this year?"

  77. 577

    Re: MsCaliforniaROCKS!!! – you're a close minded psycho

  78. 578

    even though i believe a marriage should be between a man and a woman,(im not running for miss USA) i've been trying to see where you were going with this, and im glad i watched the interview. I now understand your point. Thank you and great job =).

  79. 579

    You asked her what she thought and she was honest with you. You want her to be politically correct and not offend you, but what about the other 80% of America that she would have offended if her answer was different? I like that she told you what she thought, just like you asked, rather than cower in fear and try to answer they way YOU think she should. You're an ass.

  80. manly says – reply to this


    Just because someone has a different opinion than you, you cant tolerate it. Well, is'nt that just what your looking for……tolerance. You are such a whinny hypocrite. Grow up. You are a a stupid, vulgar, and insensitive person.

  81. 581

    Dear ASS WIPE

    What gives you ASSHOLE the right to ask such a question!!!! MORON!!!! I think she answered your STUPID question honestly and truthfully and just because she spoke her mind IT DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO CALL HER A STUPID BITCH!!!!!! YOU PIECE OF LOW LIFE GARBAGE I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL!!!!! YOU NO GOOD LOW LIFE JERK!!!!

  82. 582

    well done Perez! you sounded eloquent and reasonable on Larry. We all know your opinion but you didn't push it. Your answer to Larry was one of cordial disagreement and given you innate position of authority as a judge you didnt sound like an intolerant person whose rage would've overlooked any judge's balance. You Rock! keep fighting for what you believe is true, eventually America will understand and follow.

  83. 583

    Wow, Perez you set the movement back more then her, she can have her OWN Opinon ya know!!

  84. 584

    My thoughts? You need to shut the fuck about it. You may not agree with her opinion (I certainly don't), but you asked her thoughts and she gave them. Just because you don't like her answer doesn't give you the right to attack and villify her. Not everyone is eager to kiss your ass, Perez. Leave it alone. You're only talking about it incessantly to bring attention to yourself. Nobody would care otherwise. Quit making this site all about you. It's not cute. It's not funny. It's not witty. I skip over most of the shit you 'write' these days. A lot of it is just copy and paste from other sites' articles. I'm losing interest in your yammering. Get back to being interesting, or I'm going to quit coming to this increasingly lame site.

    Oh, how's your Hot Topic line doing?

  85. 585

    Is this a joke P? Someone didn't agree with your perversion and you're hounding her on national tv? Leave her alone, she's not alone in her views. Read the Bible!

  86. 586

    You handled that interveiw very well perez! You are truly a well-infromed person! :)

  87. 587

    Can we Just take away her Bleach… Perez you should have taken the crown and shown her how its done!

  88. 588

    I have much more respect for Carrie Prejean than I could ever have for you Perez. She knows what she believes in and she stood for it. She is physically VERY beautiful, and she has been blessed with a BEAUTIFUL soul. Thank you Carrie for NOT giving into liberal Hollywood's gay agenda.

  89. 589

    although I am on the fence about Gay marriage I feel Perez sounded very educated and informed
    Good job!

  90. 590

    Re: NickyToronto – She is a stupid bitch. She may as well have gotten up there and said she thinks we need to revert back to slavery. It's sickening to think that there are still people as ignorant and narrow minded as her in this world. I'm ashamed that she was even a contestant. We have better people than her that at least can use better words than "opposite marriage" and have a basic knowledge of the EQUAL PROTECTION CLAUSE TO THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION! This bitch needs to be put in her place. What an embarrassing excuse for an AMERICAN.

  91. 591

    you are a hetero-phobic female hormone infested mutant.

  92. 592

    My thought? You asked for it, smug IRL troll. You are degenerate man-pig who think his opinion matters in the world of blogosphere. You are a celebrity whore and make shitloads of money from ad revenue and book sale. Laughing all the way to the bank because you are a double-chinned, malignantly narcissistic f@gg0t who got famous for no discernible reason other than being a major celebrity whore. Your fascistic attitude in denying Miss CA her crown based on a loaded question that is NON-ISSUE and IRRELEVANT to America at large has shown your true color for what you are: an opinionated, flaming F@GG0T. Iran did the right thing - they kill male homosexuals. You have it coming when the time comes with you and your partners to begin dying from AIDS slowly or die at the hands of the rioters who will tear your bodies apart. Enjoy your smug, self-satisfied, narcissistic life reveling in celebrity porn and pig sex filth while your 15 minutes last.

  93. 593

    I absolutley think your question was relevant, and I think you did a great job on the L.K. show. For her to say that everyone has the right to choose???…someone obviously didn't do their homework.
    It's sad that so many people out there have hate towards others.

  94. 594

    Re: nzmaig – I guess you're too stupid to understand that it's the SAME DIFFERENCE. Duh.

  95. 595

    Perez, you're not the "Queen of all media"…you are the "Shrew of all media".
    In case you don't know the definition of a shrew, here it is: "a woman with a violent, scolding, selfish or nagging temperament"

  96. 596

    Re: Dr.Reverend – She is entitled to her opinion, but she will be held accountable. The KKK is of the opinion that whites are "best"… and they are highly disrespected for it, and rightfully so. What is so hard to understand about being held accountable for your poorly-thought-out beliefs?

  97. 597

    You are an intelligent, well-read man whom I greatly respect!!!!! Keep the faith and don't lose your zest. You're a great role model for boys, girls, men, and women….You've opened my eyes to see that sexual preference does not DEFINE a person. I appreciate your wit and love the your silly posts but your comments on social/current events make a difference. I serve a God of love and don't believe that the Bible should be thrown at gay marriage. Thank you for being "human" and showing me that LOVE is LOVE–it knows no boundaries. Keep it up!

  98. 598

    I'm just gonna leave the same 2 cents as everyone else Perez.. this is her opinion and she has every right to believe it. The opinion she has on it does not make her narrow minded, it is simply what she believes.

  99. 599

    i love the way you looked after she answered. :) hot. hahah

  100. 600

    Re: carolineyy – Your ignorance is astounding. Being opposed to gay marriage is as disgusting as being opposed to interracial marriage, or being opposed to freeing the slaves. This is an equal protection issue and your opinions only reveal that you (and she) are quacks who didn't have basic notions of fairness and equality ingrained in your heads as children. I bet you call yourselves "christians" too. What a joke. This country will move FORWARD without you.

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