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In Case You Missed It…

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CLICK HERE to check out Perez's appearance on CNN's Larry King Live on Monday night, talking about the Miss California/Miss USA controversy!


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1306 comments to “In Case You Missed It…”

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  1. 601

    Enjoy your 10 MINUTES Perez!!! :) and you should thank Miss Ca. for that!!
    She WAS a total douche`bag!!

  2. 602

    Perez, you were so well spoken! I definitely applaud your efforts and you made your point so professionally. CONGRATS xoxo

  3. 603

    Its amazing what is news anymore. Even funnier is so called people that want everyone to be equal… except apparently when they don't agree with someone. Heaven forbid someone have a differing opinion. Did I not hear her say that for her she believed marriage to be between a man and a woman but that she also didn't mind what other people did? Its funny every time there is controversy around something gay related and Perez sticks his nose in it, it makes him look worse and worse. The best thing Perez could do for the gay cause is keep his mouth shut… they might be able to do something positive then.

  4. 604

    Time to retire….good night Prickerez, nightmares to you. Enjoy!

  5. 605

    Re: Emmie859 – No one cares about your fictional religion. And homosexuality is a common, natural event. Sorry that you hate science, logic, and reason, but you are not entitled to your own facts. You need to have your brain examined.

  6. 606

    my thoughts you are still gay those are my thoughts. whaaa whaaa. loser.

  7. 607

    Re: Emmie859 – hahahaha seriously. . . that would make my life.

  8. 608

    This is exactly what is wrong with the liberal mindset, agree with me or your an ignorant pig farmer. Libs are suppose to be all about respecting all opinions, free speech etc but they don't. Tow their line or you are the redneck they loathe. I applaud this woman who spoke her truth. I think Perez should reallllly think about how many ppl he pisses off in a day. Someone is eventually going to beat the shit out of him.

  9. 609

    Gay marriage is a civil right. I completely believe (and not "think" I believe to quote Miss Cali) we'll look back on this denial of same sex marriage and just laugh. The same way we now view segregation. Archaic. WAKE UP AMERICA. STOP BEING PREJUDICE. Perez - you were polite, eloquent, intelligent and informed. Miss Cali on the other hand… while beautiful, so glad she didn't win.

  10. 610

    Re: siegheilneocon – YOU GO SIEGHEILNEOCON!

  11. 611

    Perez this wasn't even fair and isn't that what gay people want. To be treated fair? I was all for gay people having the right to marry but I'm not so sure now. I didn't think for a second that this young lady was stupid. She was well spoken and seemed intelligent to me. Perhaps she didn't meet your ideological standards but you really proved that you're no better then the voters in the states that doesn't allow gay people to marry. She even said that she's glad that she lives in a country that allows gay people to marry but she just doesn't agree with it. You cheated her out of the crown. The same way many are cheated out of a marriage license, I hope you're happy. Next time gay marriage pops up on my ballet I will be voting NO, yesterday it would have been YES but if this is how gay people plan to treat straight people I want no part of it. You could have really showed something about the gay marriage movement by just accepting what she said and worked to make the millions of americans that feel the same as her feel better about the whole deal but you robbed her out of the crown just to be a dick. I hope you're happy because you set your movement back a decade at least.

  12. 612

    Re: siegheilneocon – Obviously Perez's opinion matters a lot - he's become hugely successful for starting something big and you sound a tad jealous - and rightfully so. Questions of constitutional significance, such as the one Perez asked, are hugely relevant in extending the civil rights era well beyond its main roots in the 1960s, and it's astounding that people like you are willing to fight it tooth and nail. But people like Perez are used to people like you, and have no problem fending off your stupidity - it just takes a little time, effort, and love. You are such a hate-filled, unhappy human being… I hope you get the help you need. I'm sure you call yourself a "christian"… you are holding this country back in a big way. Don't worry, we're making progress in spite of you.

  13. 613

    Re: Brains of the Operation – ACTUALLY, you know NOTHING about Christianity if you think it supports homosexuality. Additionally, the fact that young people approve of same-sex marriage is not because they have learned to accept it but because they have been INDOCTRINATED AND BRAINWASHED to accept it. You my dear, are a perfect example. Your decision was not your own. You were programmed to have it. Wake the hell up, moron.

  14. 614

    i would love to see where all these 'haters' are being directed from. seriously, obviously by a site that doesn't realize Perez gets paid for the hits and doesn't sit and read 611 comments!

    I think it was a great and relevant question. I think if you would have asked about another relevant question such as immigration or cuba people would have supported you more had the answer been so ill-informed, poorly articulated and without content. She did not have to lie or be dishonest, unfortunately she gave an answer that at best, was ridiculous. None of this is about wanting her to agree with her, but to bring attention to how little those who are 'against' gay marriage actually know about the law.

  15. 615

    Re: Emmie859 – No, it's not the same difference…whatever that means. If Barak Obama had been asked whether states should follow Vermont and Iowa etc. he would've said that it was up to the states to decide individually (what he believes to be true). Miss California said that everybody is able to choose but in her country she thinks marraige is between a man and a woman.

    Those are two very different answers to the same question. In fact Miss California she first says that people are able to choose and then say that she believes the choosers of same-sex marraige are choosing wrong. They might both *believe* that marraige the world is defined as a union between a man and a woman but they would have answered the question differently. Perez is knocking answer more than her beliefs in this whole situation.

  16. 616

    What is so hard to believe its not about her beliefs but how she presented them? She sounded like some backwoods hick who couldn't answer a simple question. again the answer was simple.. I don't believe in Same sex Marriages However i feel the states should decide what they think is best.. Not well in my country and family what country is her family from backwoods mars? I dont give a Rats ass that she thinks gay Marriage is Wrong However i do give a Rats ass when a Stupid Blond cant answer a Question without sounding like she just fell off the turnip truck.. hell it took balls to say she was against gay marriage cause not her dress maker, hair dresser and make people just left.

  17. 617

    how about next time you ask her about capital punishment, maybe that can spark up some more controversey. Oh wait, it doesnt involve gays so who cares right?

    I have no problem with gay people but its when they try to force their beliefs on others like you do where i get annoyed.

  18. 618

    this fatass loser has a lot of nerve telling ANYONE how to respond to questions when he can barely do interviews and gets pwned every time he goes on chelsea lately- umm try having the flowers he gave her getting thrown on the ground???

  19. 619

    She IS a dumb bitch for 3 reasons:
    1. She doesn't know that California IS a part of "her" country: "I think it's great Americans are able to choose (but) in MY country…"
    2. Doesn’t KNOW what she believes: “I think that I believe that…”
    3. Didn’t answer the fucking question, it was yes or no and why.

  20. 620

    I hate you so much.

  21. bw says – reply to this


    Hey Perez-

    I just wanted to share my two cents on the issue. I agree with Miss California's point of view but I agree with you that she could have answered the question with a little bit of diplomacy. However the one thing I keep hearing as a criticism is that she should represent the view point of her state and not alienate anyone. I would like to point out that over time California has passed constitutional amendments that ban gay marriage only to see them get bogged down in litigation.

    The majority of Californians have spoken on the issue time and again and have said that they oppose gay marriage. While it would have been a more politically correct to talk about federal vs state's rights I give her a tremendous amount of credit for actually sharing what she believes and not masking her feelings for a crown made of smoke and mirrors.

    Perez, I respect you tremendously for speaking out on issues and showing the kind of fervor in your blog that everyone should have in their respective line of work but I just disagree with you on this issue. I think if the majority of Californians and Americans agreed with Vermont's take on gay marriage then her answer could be labeled as incorrect and out of touch but to be honest her answer was right in line with mainstream America. I don't think she should be demonized by you and others in the entertainment world because of her views.

  22. 622

    Great show, Perez! You were a class act. Everything was very well-put. You couldn't have said it better.

  23. 623

    Perez- you are a hypocrite!! America is about diverse views…you discriminated and slandered someone for having a different view and based on her looks ("stupid blonde bitch"). By the way people cheered, not booed her. If she called you a fag you would've called her a bigot. YOU'RE the bigot! YOu need to learn some tolerance for others. Its people like you that ruin the freedom of speech we have in this country. Grow up and go move somewhere else. I am no longer a fan.

  24. 624

    one more thing. you like to talk shit about ppl on your website? and you don't want to respect other's opinion? fucking dumbshit

  25. 625

    This has gone way too far. First of all, it was a controversy only because you said it was. No one else thought that her answer was controversial because, you know what? It's a free country! You are allowed to have your own opinions and express them. Second, by discriminating against her for the sole reason that she does not believe in what you do, is just as bad as heterosexuals discriminating against homosexuals. To be honest Perez, you discriminate against your own kind as well such as constantly outing people when they're not gay, or maybe when they're not ready to come out of the closet yet. Stop calling her a dumb bitch for not having the same beliefs as you, because she wasn't two-faced about it. She had the guts to stand on a stage in front of millions of people to answer your question with honesty, and it might be what you wanted to hear, but you did ask her a question based on opinion, and that's all that she gave you -her opinion.

  26. BIC says – reply to this


    I don't think she has made the worst response ever…I have heard worse (ie. Miss Teen South Carolina).
    And if you've seen the Miss Universe 2007 pageant, Rachel Smith was actually the first Miss USA to be booed like that (but obviously for different reasons).
    I applaud Miss California for answering honestly and with integrity. But I also agree with you that she could have answered in a better way - in a way that showed that she should be Miss USA 2009.

  27. 627

    What a typical liberal. Perez you asshole. We should all accept your gay lifestyle? So then we should accept racists, drug addicts & alcoholics because that's what they choose to be. And by the way genuis, states or the federal government have no right to be making laws on gay marriage or anything else without a vote by the people. Learn about your country. The first words of the constitution are "We the people". This country was great because our elected officials are here to serve us. Because this country lost it's way & politicians say anything to get elected then ignore the wishes of the people who elect them. Last I checked 78 percent of the country is against gay marriage & your liberal state of California voted it down.

  28. 628

    Perez, I think I am in the minority here when I say well done. You handled the LK interview very well. ALL OPINION ASIDE, you did a great job with those questions and explaining what was inappropriate/ignorant about Ms. Cali's answer….I can't believe some of the comments I'm reading. Peeps, he didn't ask for a personal opinion on the issue, but how the issue should be handled from this moment forward on a state level. As someone else said, this question posed to a politician, with that answer, in the context of state law as it is presented to Ms Cali, would have done no good to their campaign. I thought you rocked that interview.

    PS…I need a new dose of RPattz please.

  29. 629

    Re: the koolaid – What part wasn't adult like? She acted well spoken and educated. The only thing immature was the responce. "Oh you didn't get the crown because of your responce, you didn't get it because you're a stupid bitch! Spoken like a true idiot. Not only is Perez a liar he also has prejudice against straight people.

  30. 630

    WRONG p.s. u are making toronto look bad. He CLEARLY states that "she could have worded her answer better" . It was offensive. She needs get herself outta her little bubble. But really isn't America supposed to be the land of the FREEEE?

  31. 631

    Re: Emmie859 – I assume you call yourself a "christian"… what with all your name-calling and hatred. I know that your backwards bigoted religion has conflicting quotes - that homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of a fictional superpower, and that you should "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Those don't really go together - one's hate and one's love. But since you weren't capable of deciphering my post and realizing that I think your religion is trash that people need to be cured of, I trust you don't have the requisite brainpower to decipher your "holy" joke a of a book. The same types of hateful, disgusting arguments you advance were made during the fight to stop desegregation of schools, to stop interracial marriage, and to keep slavery. They are shameful parts of American history and it's too bad that psychos like you insist on perpetuating them. Don't worry, we're moving forward, without the likes of nuts like you.

  32. 632

    Re: Brains of the Operation – Whose fictional religion? I don't have a fictional religion. Homosexuality, while a common event is hardly "natural." It is a perversion of nature. So why don't you just stick to the facts instead of adding all the other invalid, incorrect ASSumptions you feel you have to insert?

  33. 633

    DUDE YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. 634

    Re: nzmaig – yes, it IS THE SAME DIFFERENCE. Sorry you don't know what that means. Maybe this will help you: they are different words describing basically the same ultimate opinion. Now get lost. You're too stupid to debate me.

  35. 635

    Ironically, listen to the "tone" of the haters on this site. Real mature: name calling. What they disgustingly classify Perez as, is basically what THEY THEMSELVES are! Lol! :) It's hilarious. Their vile name calling only makes them appear close minded, uninformed, afraid and unintelligent. :(

  36. 636

    very well spoken Perez… YOu are absolutely right…

  37. 637

    Re: bw – While you are correct that the majority of voting Californians do in fact disagree with legalizing gay marraige, Proposition 8 was passed 52% to liek 47-48%. When you talk about any issue whether it's lowering taxes or abortion or capital punishment, there will always be a percentage of people who agree or disagree. You should not ignore people because they fall into the smaller half of a disagreement. If almost 50% of her state's voters disagree on a point, she should still try and incorporate their views when she's representing them. I'd say this even if it were only 20% who and an opposing view since they are still people in her state and their views are therefore still valid. However, it's 48% and that's almost every 1/2 people…

  38. 638

    I thought your appearance was very articulate. I agree that Miss USA should have thought it thru a tad bit more, but kudos for her honest answer. Her laurels were worth more than the crown. I hear Playboy calling……. Let's see her laurels now.

  39. 639

    Good for her to state her opinion. Unfortunately for you, Perez, it wasn't in line with yours. I am proud of her for using her 1st Amendment Rights. This is what America is about. By the way - didn't California vote down Gay Marriage Rights? Yes, just checking - guess she's echoing the masses.

  40. 640

    Re: jsuave
    Like it or not, this has been made an issue by the crazies on the religious right who have not only hijacked the republican party, but have completely claimed to be the "moral" compass when they have none.

    Perez didn't try to force his beliefs on her. He even went so far as to say she is entitled to her own opinion. However, I think he needs to add, that if her opinion is psycho, she will be treated differently from someone who is not. If she got up on stage and said slavery is a necessity so in her family, black people are property, I would assume you would feel differently? There is no constitutional difference here. Her opinion is wrong. This is important because as the self-proclaimed "best country in the world" we still have a huge class of people - gays - who are treated as second class citizens daily, and if it was you, you would not like it. As a straight person who feels that this is important even if it doesn't affect me, I will do everything that I can to help out all classes of people, regardless of what class that is, to assure that they are treated equally in the eyes of our law.

    The Iowa Supreme Court did a wonderful job articulating why this has been a long time coming, and I encourage everyone to read their opinion. It is beautiful, instructional, and written in plain English so everyone can understand exactly where they are coming from, legally. It's a gem in American jurisprudence. There is no arguing with it.

  41. 641

    Way to represent PEREZ… YOU GO GIRL!!! I'm proud to have such a smart, thoughtful, and well presented man on our team!!

  42. 642

    Re: jungillest – wrong on ALL counts. 1) she was saying that she thinks its great that americans are able to choose, which is why in her country (the USA) 2, 3 she did answer the question, that is why shes in trouble,
    i would think this is pretty obvious, but i guess to a retard with the ugliest mouth ever made, its NOT.

  43. 643

    Re: MeggersB – There is nothing hypocritical about holding someone accountable for their stupid beliefs. If she advocated slavery everyone would think she was disgusting - this is the same thing, you just haven't thought about it that way yet. She can have her view, but she will be held accountable for it. Anyone who is as short-sighted and narrow-minded as she will be… and that's all there is to it. There is no room for tolerance of that kind of ignorance in someone who is competing in a national pageant. Her answer is more ignorant than Miss South Carolina's a year or two back. I don't know who raised her to be so stupid, but her time is up.

  44. 644

    Re: Brains of the Operation – HA HA HA HA. Prickerez Hellton only became famous by obtaining a following by condescending to others and hurting others. NOTHING to be proud of, unless he's proud he's such a donkey's dick! (but then I'm sure you fags love donkey dicks) Also, nobody gives a damn about you sick perverts other than they are repulsed when you feel you have to throw your perverted choices in their faces. You didn't like it when they did it to you, but now you forget and do the same thing to others. What goes ’round, comes ’round. Good luck with that.

  45. Pamoo says – reply to this



  46. 646

    Re: Brains of the Operation – not entitled to her own FACTS??
    bahahaha, yeah, i think that says it all . . .

  47. 647

    I thought this was one of your best interviews. Good job and you represented yourself well. :)

  48. 648

    i dont agree with miss california's views, i am definitely in favor of everyone having equal rights regardless of sexual orientation. that said, i cant agree with you perez when you say that you wanted her to give a politically correct and completely neutral answer just to save face and win the crown. Id like to think that a young woman representing our nation in some capacity has strong convictions and opinions of her own, even if I don't share them. I respect her for staying true to herself even though my own answer would have been different.

    also–well done on the larry king interview. besides the thing i mentioned above, i thought you knocked it out of the park and presented yourself very well!

  49. 649

    great job perez! you were very well spoken and sincere.

  50. 650


  51. 651

    I want to point out that Perez has never claimed miss california was stupid, he never attacked her for giving an opinion different than his- at all. in fact he admitted that he admired her honesty, but stated that this was not the proper venue to give such an answer. She did not state her reasons for her argument, nor did she actually answer the question- if she believed states should give the right to marry. Perez, I respect you for asking the question. It's absolutely relevant and I think it took a lot of courage to ask something like that at a place as conservative as a pageant.

  52. 652

    Re: Emmie859 – lol alright, clearly I'm not going to break through that thick skull of yours. How about this though? Perez Hilton is not going to be hurt by your words, even if he even reads them (doubtful). Also, every time you refresh this page, he gets more money, cause that's how advertising works. More money = more influence = more people hearing his thoughts. Thanks for supporting such an articulate man on such an important issue.

  53. 653

    Re: Brains of the Operation – HA HA HA HA HA Oh, I got you honey. What you think of me is none of my business. So I just have one question, do you have a big dick? Hopefully so, because if you do, it might be long enough to twist around backward and shove up your ass! Enjoy!

  54. 654

    Re: Brains of the Operation – i just love how you try to bring race into it. seriously, take a sec and read my other comments. hopefully you can be enlightened.
    okay, well if that standard is true, than your treatment of this woman for her differences in belief is similar to a mob lynching someone for saying that they support ending slavery!!! YOU RACIST FUCKING PIG!!!!!

  55. 655

    Re: homophobe55
    There is so much to tear apart factually about your post it's overwhelming. A typical liberal … who believes in equal rights for ALL, not some, like you do. DOMA is about to be partially repealed and the feds will be calling the shots. Pretty soon the states are going to lose the call, and they should - you know why? The Federal Constitution demands it - the Equal Protection Clause, to be specific. Legislating hate won't change that simple fact, so before you pretend to be a legal buff, you should do a little reading, because you're 100% wrong.

    "A vote of the people"… in the south, slavery would still be legal if it was up to a vote of the people. The Constitution overrides their short-sightedness and hatred, the same that it does here on the issue of gay marriage for you. Also, interestingly, the mormon church seriously influenced the vote in California. Polls taken just weeks after the vote reveal a shift that would now make the vote go in the opposite direction. It won't matter soon, because the California Supreme Court is about to decide that the vote was invalid.

    Finally, your statistic on the percentage of people who are against gay marriage is completely fabricated.

  56. 656

    Let's face it: The church (Mormon's, Catholics, Christian, etc.) are the reason Prop 8 passed and denied human beings of their choice. In 1802, Thomas Jefferson fueled a wonderful movement: Separation of Church and State. Hence, gay individuals should have every right to marry. End of subject.

  57. 657

    carolRe: carolineyy – you go girl!

  58. 658

    Perez, you basically asked her if more states should legalize same-sex marriage and she answered your question. She expressed how she values America and how every individual has the right to choose, which is all-inclusive as you say, and then she gave you her personal beliefs. It seems as though you would not have been happy unless she added 'every state has the right to choose' or 'gay-marriage is an important issue' but really either of those statements are superfluous in answering the question. To say that her answer was 'politically insensitive or offensive' is an unintelligent remark. I am gay, a proud supporter of gay-marriage, but more importantly I value the freedom to have your own opinion in this country. I think you should too.

  59. 659

    I think she gave her straight answer. It shouldn't be so controversial, we all have different beliefs!! Ohh well, I support gay marriage! =]

  60. 660

    yay 2 perez!!! i totally agree!!!!

    x tRiShA

  61. 661

    VERY well said Perez!!
    Good for you!

  62. 662

    Re: Brains of the Operation – oh really?? its been made an issue by "the crazies on the religious right"?? so i guess they make up half of california then do they!!! wow thats a lot of crazies!!!
    and more than half of the us???
    dear god its a regular infestation!!!!

  63. 663

    Re: Hella Good – hey, we're just imitating and trying to compete with Prickerez. Turnabout's fair play.

  64. 664

    perez, i think you're cute ;)

  65. 665

    I think her answer was inarticulate and from the perspective of someone who is trying to forget the bias of her answer, she seemed unprepared and uneducated. This is simply based off her word choice and sentence structure. It has nothing to do with her completely offensive comment.

    Perez, you on the other hand are very articulate and I hope to see you on TV more often.

  66. 666

    Re: jennim615 – California's vote was extremely close and the result was bought by the hateful mormon church. Soon after the vote, a poll was taken that showed that the numbers had flipped - people realized they were duped, and wrong. Furthermore, this isn't an issue that can be voted on. This is a fundamental right at issue protected by the Federal Constitution and the Equal Protection Clause - even if every person in the nation was against it, which is not the trend, it wouldn't matter - this right is guaranteed. Be watching the news, as the California Supreme Court will render this vote meaningless - the California constitution was revised without clearing the proper procedural hurdles. Unfortunately it will not be a decision on the merits but it will have the same effect in the long term. For a great easy-to-understand explanation of why there is no other alternative to allowing full gay marriage, read the Iowa Supreme Court's opinion.

  67. 667

    Perez I am behind you 110%. Thanks for being a very relevant voice to a very pressing issue! I would ask what some of these fools are thinking…but I do actually believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Great interview by the way, handled yourself like the pro you are. Take care.

  68. 668

    As everyone is entitled to their opinion, i'll give mine. I'm not sure why gay people would want to get married anyway as the religious ceremony is created by religions that have been homophobic and persecutory throughout the generations. Why would a gay couple want to be blessed by a religion that says "man should not lie down with man" Religion sucks big time!!!! It's just stupid.

    On a rights level in society everyone should be equal, so people can do what they want in my view. Gay relationships can be just as committed as straight relationships. But religion is the problem for most of the world's problems so gay people should be wise enough to know that.

  69. 669

    Perez that was so well said, good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. 670

    Re: Brains of the Operation – your operation has no brains, or your brains not operating. go to bed, maybe tomorrow will be different.

  71. 671

    Well said perez!

  72. 672

    Re: aeater – He asked if states should legalize same-sex marraige. She replied that she thinks people can *individually* choose what they want to do but that she believes those who choose same-sex marraige are wrong. She made it a question of individual choice and expressed an opinion on it, but it was a question about state and law. She didn't answer it.

  73. 673

    Prickerez, I'm outa here for real now. Give my ass a big wet smacker. Nite now.

  74. 674

    you rock! i think that you asked a very valid question and i think that Mrs. USA answered poorly. Her lack of political correctness and sensitivity is embarrassing… too bad it had to be seen on public tv

  75. 675

    Listen Peeps. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion it was the way that she answer which made her seem Very Uneducated. As a straight man I agree that gay marriage should be left up to the state. Perez kept an open mind because he was a judge. She seemed very uneducated because she mumbled and said "in my country, my family." She lives in America and she was contradicting herself. So leave him alone because i had nothing to do with him! Thanks

  76. 676

    I realize that you are trying to make a statement here, for gay marriage, and I would applaud that, if you weren't a copy/paste whore trying to ride the back of anyone who will have you.

    There is no reason for your opinion in the fake public opinion.

    By the way, Lady Gaga, is American, idiot.

    I don't have to watch BBC 24 hours a day like you, idiot.

  77. 677

    Re: siegheilneocon – WOW! First, you sound like an IDIOT right now! Second get your ass together and realize people have the right to opinion! Just like perez is going to respect your unbelievably rude comment!

  78. 678

    She was wrong. Perez rocked this question and its not his fault we have such uneducated airheads running for Miss USA. She didn't answer the question properly or in a manner that would even be acceptable.

  79. 679

    Has anyone checked out his wikipedia?

  80. 680

    Re: ShelleyOz – I agree with you about religion, however I want to highlight an important distinction. Marriage, at least as being discussed here, is a legal question, not a religious one. In the eyes of the law, it's nothing more than a civil contract - like agreeing to buy a house. There is no "blessing" involved - the government merely recognizes that you are contracting to be married to another, and that you have certain rights, as well as responsibilities, to go along with that contract. The religious have tried to "own" marriage and blur the distinction between their religious notion of it and the legal notion of it - and for the record, the legal notion is the only one that matters in the eyes of the law.

    Think of it like this - churches can do whatever they want as far as marriage - but that doesn't mean the law will agree with, or offer a license to, those people that the church did. That's why some churches in states banning gay marriage have still done civil ceremonies for gays - in the church's eyes, those people are married and recognized, but the law hasn't caught up. Same with churches who will do polygamy - the law doesn't recognize that yet, but the churches can do it. Just wanted to point out the difference.

  81. 681

    I have lived my entire life in Iowa, which has just recently legalized gay marriage. I am 100% in support of same sex marriage, however that is not the reason I was so surprised by Miss California's answer. I think it was a totally relevant queston. I couldn't believe the way she answered this, my mouth literally dropped open. I don't in any way believe that she should be forced to feel a certain way about something just because she is put on the spot in front of the entire nation. She should however chose to express her feelings in a different manner. She knew she was going to offend people when she answered, that's why she tried to cover her tracks by saying, "No offense." She wasn't forced to say, "Absolutely not." Nor was she forced to say, "I'm all for it!" There is a common area that would have given her the option to remain politically correct.

  82. 682

    Excellent interview Perez, well spoken!

  83. TIAIC says – reply to this


    i can't stand gay people like you. so annoying! it's ridiculous that her answer cost her the the crown! good for her for standing up for her morals and beliefs! it doesn't make sense to label two different things by the same name. the relationship between a man and a woman is inherently different from the relationship between a woman and a woman or a man and a man. that's why we have the terms heterosexual and homosexual, to make the distinction; you don't call an apple a pear or a mango a peach because they are not the same things. marriage describes the union of a man a woman. if homosexual couples aren't satisfied with domestic partnerships and civil unions they should ban together, which they're great at doing, and propose a new label for homosexual unions that still entitles them to the same federal marital rights/benefits of marriage. and they shouldn't try to hold the ceremonies in churches, that's like trying to slap God in the face. keep the ceremonies in the courthouses, or anywhere else but churches.

  84. 684

    PEREZ! I love this! you made such good points! very impressive and I totally agree.


  85. 685


  86. 686

    Perez, do you hear yourself in this interview?Because she wasn't for gay marriage and your opinion she's insensitive? That's a load of garbage. I know it, people on this site know it..There is no controversy, it's a matter of one queen didn't get his way..

    People like you make me embarrassed to be gay.

  87. TIAIC says – reply to this


    i can't stand gay people like you! it's ridiculous that her opinion on this hurt her chance at winning the crown. good for her for standing up for her morals and beliefs! it doesn't make sense to label two different things by the same name. but homosexuals seem to have difficulty wrapping their brains around this fact. the relationship between a man and a woman is inherently different from the relationship between a woman and a woman or a man and a man. that's why we have the terms heterosexual and homosexual, to make the distinction; you don't call an apple a pear or a mango a peach because they are not the same things. marriage describes the union of a man a woman. if homosexual couples aren't satisfied with domestic partnerships and civil unions they should ban together, which they're great at doing, and propose a new label for homosexual unions that still entitles them to the same federal marital rights/benefits of marriage. and they shouldn't try to hold the ceremonies in churches, that's like trying to slap God in the face. keep the ceremonies in the courthouses, or anywhere else but churches.

  88. 688

    Bravo, Perez! Your question was relevant and your LK interview was great.
    You're very knowledgeable and express your ideas very clearly. Miss California could have expressed her opinion clearly and in a more general way, but instead she came off sounding ignorant, and as someone said, like she just fell off the turnip truck. When I heard her answer, I wondered if she went to Sarah Palin School of Public Speaking: never give a straight answer when it can be expressed in 25 unclear thoughts.

  89. 689

    Very well spoken!! I think it's really great that you are going out there expressing your opinion. Great job!

  90. 690


  91. 691

    What a close minded individual. I was very surprised you were able to ask such a question, especially coming from you! What, did you already know her views on the topic? The question you had asked the other woman, wouldn't allowed an answer to be so "discriminating" to her. But we know how you are. You probably had it planned out. Plus, even asking such question, what the fuck would Miss USA do about it, gay marriage, I would probably quess that is not at the top of her list? Why does it matter what she thought about gay marriage, 95% of the viewers were straight males. The other 5% were using it for background noise, while checking out real news.

    Well in closing, I hope you and your site are benfiting greatly for the crap you stirred up. I would have to say that would be the dumbest question asked in Miss USA history.

    *Miss runner-up USA, great answer. You were honest and proved to everyone that not all pageant contests stray from their beliefs just to win Miss USA. Everyone that considers your views as their own will make you our "Honorary MISS USA 2009", Congrats!

    Taken from Wikipedia, hacker posting on Hiltons site

  92. 692

    wow Perez….. You have done it!!!! You have bored me to tears. Wow!!! Really I am not joking. I guess this will be the last time I log in. Seriously, you need to grow up. Like my grandma used to say " A veces estamos arriba y a veces abajo". The way you act….most likely you will go down soon. I don't think a lot of people will like you anymore. You are acting worst than that Ms. California. I really think you should not insult people because of their own personal beliefs… that is ignorance as well. Sorry buddy…but I am not your buddy anymore… BYE BYE

  93. 693

    The question given to her, had no right or wrong answer… it was asking her opinion, and she answered honestly. just because her opinions aren't the same as the judges, or one judge, is no reason to knock her off…that's just an abuse of power. I don't think she was hurtful in any way..she very nicely said, that she just thinks marriage is between a man and a woman. She deserved to win. She was brave.

  94. 694

    Re: Military wife – I agree with you wholeheartedly. I cannot believe that a top 5 Miss America contestant needs to tack a "no offense" onto her answer. She was also clearly unsure of herself and grasping for an answer. She said "in my country, in my family" and "I think that, I believe that" requalifying her statement twice in an attempt to figure out what she was trying to say. I think it was a difficult question if she wasn't prepared for it, but a representative of California (and potentially the United States) who might be asked this question in the future or another equally controversial one, should be able to come up with a better answer. Apparently Miss North Carolina answered her question on bailouts well (even though it's an important issue that the country is split on).

  95. 695

    Great interview, Perez. There are some logical, well said things in there, I like it.

  96. 696

    Re: DiiamondHardy – here, here

  97. 697

    Wow all you people really need to wake up. Just as she is entitled to her opinion he is entitled to his opinion.. Um I don't think its anyones job to judge any sort of love; love is love no matter who it be with. Who are any of you to judge anyone for their preference?? I understand its apart of religion but for real thats like telling someone they can't be straight cuz its wrong if the script was flipped that way everyone would get the picture.. People are just so closed minded now days and its pretty damn sickening

  98. 698

    OK here's the thing… I'm pro Gay marriage, I'm pretty vocal and active on the subject. But hat doesn't mean the people aren't entitled to hold an opposing view. That's sort of the point of living in a democratic society no?

    She's entitled to her point of view, but I don't believe that point of view can be upheld in legislation that denies a group of people their equal rights. Take it easy on her Perez, otherwise your just as bad as the bigots.

  99. 699

    Marriage is a Legal Contract that a Church "blesses" its 4am were i am this is as good as its going to get when i pull an all nighter.. the GLBT community wants the legal binding rights a marriage gets and the fact that marriage is legal in all 50 states civil unions are not. the only part of Marriage of marriage the church owns is the blessing.. and Pagans druids and the such were getting "married" long before the catholic/christian/Mormon churches were sanctifying them. By granting "marriage" to the GLBT community you are NOT and i repeat this Loudly NOT NOT NOT NOT mandating that churches have to preform any marriage rites that goes against its fundamental teaching. *part One*

  100. 700

    Re: curious kitty – Sorry but that's wrong. The question was:

    “Vermont recently became the fourth state to legalise same-sex marriage. Do you think every state should follow suit? Why or why not?”

    While it was *was* asking her opinion, it is possible to answer "wrong" by not answering the question. She could have said "No I do no believe every state should follow suit because the way our country works allows each state decides such issues for itself" or she could have even said "While I respect that many people disagree with me, I was raised to believe that marraige is supposed to be between a man and a woman and I would not agree with every state legalizing same-sex marraige". That second answer would still be divisive but at least she would've answered the question she was asked instead of floundering. Being articulate, concise, succinct and precise are all fairly important for Miss USA.

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