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In Case You Missed It…

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CLICK HERE to check out Perez's appearance on CNN's Larry King Live on Monday night, talking about the Miss California/Miss USA controversy!


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  1. 701

    *PART 2*
    Which is the other reason there are so many splits in the church now.. why so many are breaking off from the core churches and branching out on their own. Government is staying out of the churches by not forcing them to do something they don't believe in.. Churches need to stay out the Governmental laws stating 2 consenting adults can marry. we can go round and round about this but it comes down to money and law.. there is money in marriage and by our Own constitutional Laws EVERYONE has the right to marry.. its not a privilege its a RIGHT.. Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.. Marriage Falls under pursuit of happiness.. Also Our Fore Fathers HATED organized religion and our Constitution is not based on Religious Fundamental but more like Atheist Fundamentals most of out Fore Fathers were Atheists NOT Christians.. As a Matter of History they were fighting against religious oppression

  2. 702

    Re: Emmie859 – ACTUALLY, you are the brainwashed moron. You don't think religion is brainwashing? Pfft. Wake up idiot. The bible is a book of stories to control and brainwash. And it worked. Just at some of you morons. You really think there's a big man on a cloud controlling us? LOL…bunch of sheeple. I don't care if gays want to marry. You know why? Because it doesn't affect my life one little bit. You religious fanatics can't mind your own damn business. Pay attention to your own hate filled lives. And leave others alone with you religious bull shit rhetoric. You don't like gay marriage? Don't fucking have one. Idiot.

  3. 703

    Hilton, youre a vile, hateful, disgusting, nasty little bitch. you wonder why gays have such a hard time being accepted… well…. ITS BECAUSE OF PRICKS LIKE YOU. You are a disgusting example of what is wrong with the gay community. political correctness my ass.
    #1 Don't ask a question expecting to hear what you want to hear.
    #2 If the response to your question isn't what you wanted to hear, don't get upset.
    The lady was asked a question and she gave her answer. End of story.

  4. 704

    Re: nzmaig – maybe she was requalifying . . .

  5. 705

    Part 3


    Come to the Dark Side we have COOKIES

  6. 706

    Part 3 *i got Logged Out*


    *Come to the Dark Side we have Cookies and Rob Patterson*

  7. 707

    Re: RADBSC – WOW; really can you say C H I L D I S H.. You didn't agree with her answer so now I am gonna take it out on "the gays" You speak of gay people as if their fuckin animals. They are human beings with feelings, opinions, and beliefs just like you.. WOw who knew right? Like who are you to judge anyone for what they believe. God its people like you that need some serious growing up. Really; if there was a cure for stupid I'd hand it over to YOU

  8. 708

    i personally thinks all gays should be allowed to marry but thats my opinion,, you asked her a question and she gave you her honest answer,, whats wrong with that,, i think you of all people should allow people to have their own opinion,, she was just saying what she thought like you do everyday on your blog perez,

  9. 709

    seriously, this is extremely unfair. she is going to be extremely hated and disliked and failed her chances for expressing her true opinion. anyone would have answered the same question in the way she did if they had the same opinion.

    this is unfair, you asked for her own opinion and why, not the state's opinion - u wanted her to say yes and if she didnt you just wanted her to lose because it wasnt the same opinion as you.

    to be honest, there are people who dont agree with same sex marriage but respect those who are same sex couples, we just want you to respect us and our opinions as well.

    i'd like you to ask every single politician if they agree with same sex marriage and fire each one who says no.

  10. 710

    yea we got it ………. over and over and over again on here and twitter and every news station. We may agree or not agree. We don't have to be drowned in it though.

  11. 711


  12. 712

    completely trite.

  13. 713


  14. 714

    I'm an American living in Germany right now. I'm watching state-sponsored commercials, encouraging Germans to procreate! This is why there are U.S government "Protections" for married couples…because they are the cornerstone of society…making babies (future taxpayers), -not two dudes in San Diego tweeking and bumping uglies in a public park restroom in Hillcrest, then driving off in their 200K BMW to their 900K 2 bedroom apartment. Being married usually means having children, and having children is a big responsibility, (if you're doing it right). Heck, when I was in the military I knew gay guys that were married because they would get more money…that's all this is about…gay people wanting to driving 300K BMW's and living in 1,000.000 2 bedroom apartments.

  15. 715

    OK, everyone is talking about this at the minute.
    In part because she didn't answer as she was expected to, but mostly, people are talking about you.
    I, personally don't agree with her views at all, I'm all for gay marriage, but you blew it way out of proportion.
    Also, as for the "she lost because of her inability to answer a question intelligently" thing, if she had answered in a similar fashion, but in support of gay marriage, you would have nothing but good words to say and you know it, but because her opinion isn't yours you flipped out.
    She's entitled to her opinion. As are you.

  16. 716

    there was no right or wrong way for her to say it because it was her opinion and thats how she said it. its wrong to be like 'oh its for the state to decide' because THEN ITS NOT HER OPINION! and you would have been like 'oh but im asking for your opinion'

    thats absolutely dreadful.

  17. 717

    perez you're selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish selfish. Can anyone remember Prop. 8?

  18. 718

    Re: homophobe55 – Since people CHOOSE to be gay right? Dumbshit; do you choose to be an asshole or does that just come naturally for you???

  19. 719

    Re: love_hollywood
    You still do not understand the question. "…Do you think every state should follow suit? Why or why not?” Do you see her opinion *on* same-sex marraige asked for in there? All he asked was do you think every state should legalize gay marraige now? Why or why not? She could've even said "No, because many people still disagree with it and it should be voted on democratically" or even "No because individual states should decide for themselves." No one would've questioned that answer because it answers exactly the question asked. You can't say that people would fault her for not expressing her personal opinion because you have no way of knowing.

  20. 720

    Re: nzmaig
    Yes, that's a fine answer…when you actually have time to sit there and think about what you're going to say before you say it. Since most of the arguments on here that I am reading are based on "ifs," "should haves," and "could haves," I guess I'll follow suit. What she should have done was ask him to repeat the question. I didn't watch the pageant, so I don't know if that's allowed, but if you watch the clip, she jumped right into her answer without any pause between Perez' question and her answer. Asking the judge to repeat the question is a clever way to buy time while thinking of your answer. Hell, I've been to drag queen pageants where contestants ask the person to repeat the question to less controversial and difficult questions than this. I know the contestants are supposed to be able to answer whatever comes their way as intelligent and coherent as possible, but think it about it this way…how many of you ever walked out of job interviews thinking afterward, "damn, I should have said this instead of that to that question?" Perhaps, she felt the same way after this question and wishes she could have it worded it differently.

  21. 721

    Re: Emmie859 – And btw, heterosexual couples are doing a fine job respecting the institution of marriage aren't they? Please bitch. You know what bugs me? The dipshit hetero couples who make babies left and right and then split up because they lie, cheat, or abuse. Yeah, we heterosexual people are doing a wonderful job at respecting the institution of marriage. Fuck off. The divorce rate is sky high in the states. Marriage is spit upon and disrespected constantly. I don't think homosexuals can disrespect it anymore than some of you morons do who think it's a fucking joke. Fuck off bitch. And mind your own damn business.

  22. lolli says – reply to this


    WHO CARES SHE LOST!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!! Perez made good points, and i can't believe ppl clapped for her, i wish i was there to boo her, she deserved it. She should've worded her answer differently, she said "well my country this and that" BULLSHIT! She's a hypocrite, she doesn't care about the civil rights of TAX PAYING AMERICANS.

  23. lolli says – reply to this



  24. 724

    Im a long time site viewer and a 1st time comment leaver…Wow im amazed at how Perez conducted himself in this interview. I have new found respect for him. Iv always thought he was great but just seen this interview really shows that he is intelligent, gracious and classy. I'm impressed!!!!! However as for the Miss America contestant; clearly she is not very educated. Although you don't need education to realize that all humans need to have equal rights. ITS LOGIC!!! Just as you have a sexual preference, things that you find attractive and appealing, lesbian and gay people are exactly the same, except they have to deal with unnecessary prejudice! Im just amazed that people still have no clue and think so illogically! For all the people that are saying Perez is attacking Miss California because she does not share the same views as him, he clearly is NOT. The man offered to have coffee with her to speak with her. He is actually quiet tolerant i would have thrown that clipboard at her. In Miss California's defense; she is gorgeous and im sure a nice person however that was probably not her opinion, she just talked crap that she thought everyone wanted to hear. She probably does not give a F%# about human rights, but had to say something.

  25. 725

    wow… i guess a lot of people on here a dumb and deaf…
    i think that even if you do believe that marriage is between a man and a woman (pft idiots) AND YOU ARE IN THE PUBLIC SPOTLIGHT RUNNING FOR MISS USA you should be able to answer better… i found her answer highly offensive "in MY america…" pft bitch you didnt win yet…
    perez rocks and everyone who has a problem with what he says needs to loosen up a bit… or get seriously laid…

  26. 726

    Part I


    Never, never would I have imagined that I would be writing on a message board, much less Perez Hiltons!

    Honestly, I have never much cared for you. Though I’m known for having a great sense of humor, I’ve always found you degrading, crude and at times, vulgar.

    I am a happily married woman in my mid 40’s who uses the web daily to read the news & catch up on current events (and who never writes on message boards!). Proposition 8 does not directly affect myself or my family and I’ll admit that if asked, my opinion regarding the legalization of gay marriage would be indifferent. If pressed for an answer I would have to say I’m against it.

    You may wonder, why I’m wasting my time writing to tell you this? Well after being redirected to your site again tonight (to view your Larry King appearance) I have to tell you I have a new found respect for you.

    I did not watch the actual pageant, but tonight while watching you discuss your participation in the Miss USA competition with Larry King, I saw a bright, articulate, gracious man.

    Miss California was not running for a seat in the senate – this was a beauty competition – if she wants to represent the people she does need to be more “politically sensitive”.


  27. 727


    Part II

    Over the past year, proposition 8 has became such a hot topic. I am so disgusted at the many vocal celebrities who oppose proposition 8 that have taken advantage of their status / platform to bully and strong-arm this legislation in the media by verbally attacking, and insulting all opposing views.

    They could all learn from you. You handled Miss California’s opposing view with dignity, grace, and sensitivity. You were able to get your point across in such a calm, respectful, and non-judgmental way.
    I had no idea you were so well spoken.

    After watching you on Larry King, I believe that you could single-handedly pass the legislation needed to legalize same-sex unions much sooner than later.

    Not only do I have a new admiration for you, but I know have a new position on gay marriage. I now believe that the law should recognize same sex unions and they should be entitled to all the percs myself and my husband are entitled to.

    You’re a class act.

    Wishing you all the best,
    A new friend from the East Coast.

  28. 728

    Re: _Alice_ – Actually, Lesbians have the best rates when it comes to "staying together" heterosexuals are at about 50%, and the average male gay relationship last just long enough for them to ejaculate.

  29. 729

    Well done baby!

  30. 730

    "297. (a) Domestic partners are two adults who have chosen to share
    one another's lives in an intimate and committed relationship of
    mutual caring."
    "297.5. (a) Registered domestic partners shall have the same rights,
    protections, and benefits, and shall be subject to the same
    responsibilities, obligations, and duties under law, whether they
    derive from statutes, administrative regulations, court rules,
    government policies, common law, or any other provisions or sources
    of law, as are granted to and imposed upon spouses."


  31. 731

    Re: nzmaig – Exactly my point. She goes on and on about how she was raised, the way a person is raised doesn't 100% make them who they are. Yes it is a part of them, but they also should have enough self-confidence and inteligence to make their own judgements. A person doesn't have to feel the exact same way their parents do. She also talks about the right to choose, does she not pay any attention to the current political issues facing this country or is she just stupid? Gays do NOT have the right to choose in most of the country. And as far as I'm concerned a person's sexual preference isn't a choice. Does she (or anyone else for that matter) understand the number of people in the world who struggle with those kind of feelings? How much easier it would be if they could just say, "I don't want to be gay." Much of the pain and suffering is caused by the closed-minded people such as Miss California. Constantly being judged, ridiculed and harassed. It makes some people so miserable and unhappy that it sometimes leads them to the point of not wanting to live anymore. It's not a choice, it's just who the are.

  32. 732

    Re: LocoBella – It's funny because I've actually never really liked Perez much. Some of the things he posts on his blog goes way too far for me and I'm not a fan overall. However, based only on how he's conducted himself both on the show and on the interview (his video blog aside), I have a lot of respect for his views and how he expressed them. You'd never know he doodle's coke trails from the nose of almost every celebrity in the pictures he posts. I kind of wonder how much of what he projects usually is genuine and how much is to get attention (I wonder the same thing about Ann Coulter).

    Actually I think that there might have been boo-ers in the crowd, not only based on Perez's claim. There were certainly people cheering when Perez said that Vermont recently legalized same-sex marraige. It'd be unreasonable to assume that *none* of them boo-ed at Miss California's answer. Now whether their boos were edited out or that they were simply drowned out by the cheers is anyone's guess (I have no clue).

  33. 733

    And I honestly don't understand how same sex marriage is going to have such a vast impact on HER personal life. How is it hurting her in any way? It's not. I wonder how she would feel if she met the man of her dreams, the person she loved most in this entire world, and a group of random people who don't know a thing aout her or her life told her, "Nah. It's not right, you can't marry him. I don't like the idea." How do you think she would answer that?

  34. 734

    Re: carolineyy – REQUALIFYING?! Wtf is that? And how ignorant do you have to be to say Miss America shouldn't care? Isn't that her job? Isn't that the entire point of Miss America? The person honored enough to represent our entire country is just not suppose to care? Great example…..

  35. 735

    Flawless interview. That kind of footage shows just how smarter you are than most of your posts (which I love, btw). TEAM PEREZ !

  36. 736

    wow perez, you not as stupid as i thought.. very well said!

  37. 737

    Mr. Perez,

    First and foremost, you are created as a guy. Be as such. For me it ok if you are gay. What makes it wrong is what gays do. It is fornication. By saying such comments towards Ms. Carolina, you are way out of line… That girl is smart and honest enough to say what she has in her mind. It doesnt mean she dont agree with you she is stupid already. You are stupid. Dumb and what not… Next time, be careful with that you say. Think first before you even say anything about it.

    For me the reason why morality in America is very low because of people like you. I guess I would have to agree with President Obama when he say about the Christian attitude of America today. If you love Christ then read the Bible and yourself from there. God Loves you so you still have a chance to change.

    Change is what you need and what is needed to bring back Americas dominance in the world and it could begin with you….

  38. 738

    Re: nzmaig – Exactly my point. She goes on and on about how she was raised, the way a person is raised doesn't 100% make them who they are. Yes it is a part of them, but they also should have enough self-confidence and inteligence to make their own judgements. A person doesn't have to feel the exact same way their parents do. She also talks about the right to choose, does she not pay any attention to the current political issues facing this country or is she just stupid? Gays do NOT have the right to choose in most of the country.

  39. 739

    I found her answer a great one! Glad to live in Norway, where we still can speak our mind without others beeing "shocked". Maybe u just react because she can where a beautifull dress and u not Perez?

  40. 740

    Hey you are right…straight up answer. Thats great. I hope that gay would wake up and realize that he is not in hell but still in the pedestal in heaven above earth… In case he forgot about it…. cheer…

  41. 741

    And as far as I'm concerned a person's sexual preference isn't a choice. Does she (or anyone else for that matter) understand the number of people in the world who struggle with those kind of feelings? How much easier it would be if they could just say, "I don't want to be gay." Much of the pain and suffering is caused by the closed-minded people such as Miss California. Constantly being judged, ridiculed and harassed. It makes some people so miserable and unhappy that it sometimes leads them to the point of not wanting to live anymore. It's not a choice, it's just who the are.

  42. 742

    nice job perez!

  43. 743

    Perez you are right! She didn't comprehend the question and gave a backwards ass answer. If she would have answered it the correct way we would be talking about each state following suit and not how she was raised.

  44. 744

    I saw the clip of her answer several times. She stumbled at the beginning of her answer but she was honest. I respect her for that. She could have lied and compromised her beliefs for something she really wanted but she didn't. It is not my place to judge people or tell them how to live their lives. Only God has that right. But Perez knew he would stir up some crap when he asked her this question and he did it to bring attention to himself. And now he is acting like a total ass. With this bad behavior he makes others look upon gays in a poor way.

  45. 745

    Re: the Lawyer – I'm probably opening a can of worms before I go to bed but I don't really understand why a nation has to live by the bible. I mean the bible says thou shalt not kill. Does that mean our armed forces shouldn't be allowed to kill people, or maybe an eye for an eye means we kill exactly as many of their people as they kill of ours. Do we punish people who have improper thoughts? People who masterbate? I don't really know how we're supposed to govern based on this huge complex religious text that not everyone agrees with. I guess I'm just going to go to hell. It's okay, I know a lot of funny gay people. Since they're all joining me, it might not be slightly less bad. =(

  46. 746

    I'm 100% with you Perez, I think everyone needs to be a little more open-minded. I mean come on, people it's the person's choice. It's a shame so many people are against you, listen he says several times he's got no hard feelings to her. He even invited her to coffee.

  47. 747

    Yeah perez really you need to grow up and relize this is america where everyone is entitled to whatever they belive in and just cause you our gay doesnt mean everyone in this world has to support it you should of never been asking her that question in the first place since your gay i really think you just did it to get some attention from the media since your just a sorry piece of shit who blogs about people and says mean shit about them but really dude answer me this our you perfect? Do you make mistakes? Why i belive the answer would be yes so what gives you the right to go bash someone cause they dont belive in what you do it doesnt just cause she said she doesnt approve of it doesnt mean you can go bash her look at some of the people you say you like and hang out with i have seen videos of them making fun of gays so come on dude really grow the fuck up and leave the girl alone you just did this to get some attention on yourself thats all it was and relize everyone in america doesnt support gay marriage so grow the fuck up and stop bashing people cause you our far from perfect

  48. 748

    Has there ever been a beauty pageant contestant that HASN'T been a vapid bimbo?

  49. 749

    I liked it, I think you represented the gays, as well as the supporters. The sad thing is that people still let their religious views dictate their political views. Most people that support same sex marriage have a family member that is gay… or someone very lose to them… so I think there needs to be a lot more gays to come out of the closet. Gays should be able to get married, and they should have the SAME federal rights and benefits.

  50. 750

    Re: bonnie&clyde – hey, i think you dont know what you are talking about helllo! are you from mars?lol…first and foremost, that gay is a judge of that competition…if he is smart enough, he should not have shown his dismay over that comment…besides, he is biatch… bravo for you Ms. First Runner up…

  51. 751

    Re: hottassmilf09

    lol don't you think that a little bit archaic? so…………… all gays should be killed.

    the bible is so out-dated!

  52. 752

    cmon perez!!!stop it!!i think this is just a way of you self-promoting yourself to appear on tv etc!!haha..good job to ur marketing team!haha…but as i said before in ur other posts abt Miss California!she is entitled to her opinion just like you are to urs..but you do not have to go belittle her OVER AND OVER AGAIN!she doesnt do that to u..that shows she's got more dignity-then you will ever have!i love ur site perez..but this issue is getting a little too old and unfair!what the heck happen to freedom of speech?!you must learn to accept the fact perez-that no everybody will agree or have to agree with your opinion!other people have brains too and they are allowed to have their own opinions!!!

  53. 753

    awww perezito!

    you were amazing on larry king.

    You were professional, intelligent and most of all, respectful of others opinions regardless of how personally offensive and/or hurtful those opinions may have been.

    You did good ;)

  54. ninaj says – reply to this


    why can't everyone just accept that we are all people, regardless of what/who we love? I'm sick of all this gay vs straight bullshit.

  55. 755

    omg honestly.. some of you guys just dont understand what he was asking.. he wasnt asking about her personal opinion!! but whether or not other states should follow in vermont's steps, this has nothing to do with her personal belief's on gay marriage. GREAT INTERVIEW THOUGH! =)

  56. 756

    Perez: You must be ectstatic about the publicity, enjoy it! Here is something for you: "He asked me for my opinion and I gave it to him. I have nothing against gay people and I didn't mean to offend anyone in my answer." Enjoy all the articles and big deal, since this all will be old news…today.

  57. 757

    well i think it was good of her to b honest and not lie but i also believe in equal right so i think not just america but around the whole world gay marriage should b recognised.

  58. 758

    I never comment on your blog (but it is my guilty pleause) being in PR Miss California is a night mare (good luck her publisists! You are going to need it). But Perez you handled yourself very well and think that you have just created an image most people don't know about you. Intellegent, fair, and equal you are a PR dream!~

  59. I.Z. says – reply to this


    Perez, you are an ugly, fat shovinist pig. Get over yourself! I am not against gays (in fact I have a lot of friends who are homos), but this girl gets my vote. She has her opinion, not everyone is supposed to think the way you do. I thought the US had freedom of speech, didn't it?

  60. 760

    Okay people, obviously you're not listening.

    Perez respects her opinion, she has a right to it. What he has a beef with is the fact that she didn't answer it in a way that made her sound like Miss USA. She took on her own opinions first before considering how different people feel.

    What she did was alienate the country over a very hot topic, vs. uniting with a more neutral answer. She used the competition to forward her own one sided view.

    So stop giving him such a hard time, he does respect her opinion.

  61. 761

    OK…..People are right in what they are saying, she does have the right to her own opinion and she expressed that opionion rightly so. However Im from the UK where Gay marriage as been legal for a while now and as caused no fuss at all. People accept it now on a daily basis and not caused any problems. Its disturbing how the USA who preaches democracy around the world still have this law not passed yet. You guys are suppose to be front runners in equality for all yet you are so far behind the UK its untrue. People like this stupid woman is so far behind the real world and needs to accept its 2009. The USA needs to get the law changed ASAP and join the UK in accepting equailty and respect for Gay and Lesbian couples. Im just glad that the UK are forward thinking and think its a shame how you guys are not.

  62. 762

    honestly, many of you guys are so brainwashed and ignorant. did you not listen to the words that were coming out of her mouth? seriously, she contradicted herself for one, and second of all just like many others said she should have represented not only herself but all people of america and her state. it wasn't the worst answer of miss usa pageant history, but she could have been a little more educated.

  63. 763

    woooooo perez u kicked ass…u know i love donald trump xxx perez u look handsome u really have made urself over . keep up the detox and exercise

  64. 764

    btw, you did a great job on the interview. i loved your answers.

  65. 765

    Just because her opinion/beliefs are not the same as yours does not make them wrong. I do not agree with her but she is entitled to her beliefs, just as you are Perez but there is no need to make try to make it so newsworthy. Get over yourself and stop picking on the poor girl to get your site, book, merch publicised.

  66. 766

    Your appearance on Larry King was a slam dunk… Congratulations Perez… you finally impressed me by presenting your intelligent, coherent side to a world audience. I hope you show this side of your personality more, and your bitchy self serving rude side less. :-)

  67. kis95 says – reply to this


    I saw it when you were on, and I must say, you're quite eloquent, Perez. I also understand your point about the whole issue. Well done!

  68. Frens says – reply to this


    At least she is human and not afraid to give her opinion!! Points for her (and no, im not against gay-marriage)

  69. 769

    larry king doesn't like gays…

    she is entiteled to her opinion after all you did ask "why or why not"
    she just could have worded it better because her answer made her sound uneducated

  70. ogle says – reply to this


    this whole business of people being "entitled" to their opinions. what the hell is that? people *have* opinions and they can be hurtful. they can be a racists, bigots, and "heterosexists" in this case, for a lack of a better word.

    it's "your opinion" and you can have it. call it entitlement, but it sounds like a lazy excuse for poor judgment.

    more than anything, your opinion stands for something. her opinion clearly demonstrates her inability to accept a significant segment of the population. her opinion should offend perez, because she is saying, *to his face*, that she wouldn't acknowledge his love for another man. if i were perez, i'd have given her a hard time right then and there, but larry king is a better platform for being heard properly. well done, kiddo!

  71. 771

    perez what you are doing to this girl is terrible and you ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTS me. I have never felt so much sadness or pity for someone, you must have been abused to no end as child, to willingly go out of your way to destroy someone like this girl who has worked so hard to get where she is today. What right to you have to decide that her reputation should be destroyed? Just because she doesn't agree with you?

  72. 772

    Oh, and what is up with that retard's earrings?

  73. 773

    Re: nzmaig – Seriously, I agree with you. I have a lot of gay friends, but they are respectful enough and discreet to acknowledge other people's opinion. But going to my point, why do you think we are fighting those alqueda? well, simple reason, they misunderstood the basic text of koran. This is how they understood that their state should be run as such and should implement what Koran has laid out for its people. Just like the Taliban governs their disciples. As for American as a nation to to be govern according to the Bible, I think, the reason why are have the freedom you enjoy now it is because of that Bible that somehow you forgot to read. Read Roman History and Laws and you would know that all its basic tenents have been taken from the Bible as to Justice, Respect for one another, Liberty, Prosperity and Freedom. continue…

  74. 774

    Re: nzmaig – continue..
    Freedom may be given as a right from Birth but it is not absolute as you said we are not allowed to kill and so shall be the marriage between man and man or woman and woman. Society exists up to now because of these laws. It may not agree to those who are gays and lesbians, but thats what reality is and I believe that is how it should be… If those who found America would have been alive today, they would have been dismayed as what has been happening now. Think of it 17th century, do you think they had this in mind when they crafted the constitution? I dont think so…

    But I respect your point though…

  75. 775

    I thought you did a pretty good job, you werent too nasty and you made your points succinctly. Well done

  76. 776

    I only saw a tiny bit so not sure what the controversy was about. But…you were very articulate and you looked great.

  77. Ged says – reply to this


    Well done Perez, you did a good job defending your opinion. I'm impressed :)

  78. 778

    i am curious. since when does being an educated person equals being pro gay? she expressed her opinion in a polite, reasonable manner. unlike PH who apparently has no idea about respect. what a self important pathetic wanker. oh, and i am bit surprised that a person not interested in women is a judge on a FEMALE beauty contest? who gives a damn what he has to say?

  79. 779

    GREAT JOB PEREZ!! well said!

  80. 780

    I hope Donald trump is watching this and reading these comments… Miss USA pagent has been there precisely to promote humanity. To promote the welfare of women… Why do you think only women are for these pagents? it is because of that notion…Man and Woman = Human… being gay is ok as long as you learn how to respect the norms of society and the views of people instead of critizing the thoughts and opinion of somebody….

    Too bad….

  81. 781

    PEREZ U ARE SO PROFOUND!!! u are so professional and intelligent!! i love ur passion. u are honestly my idol

  82. 782

    Congratulations Perez! I think your side of the story was well stated. And yes, she gave her honest opinion, but I agree with you in a pagent, with the question you gave, and her uneducated answer, which did NOT ask for her opinion, only if the other states should follow suit… You guys were right in not handing her the tiara. Just goes to show you, kind like what you said, how far we've come and how far we have to go to change.

  83. 783

    Everyone does have a right to their own opinion but if they're trying to represent the USA, then they should be able to give a better answer than 'that's what I've been brought up to believe'. If we all listened to our parents constantly, we'd be dying of boredom!

  84. Borah says – reply to this


    Get over yourself, Perez!

  85. 785

    Excellent job, Perez! I'll be your baby momma anytime!

  86. 786

    This isn't how you fight/ask/demand/expect "equality". She said it was great to be able to choose…yet you call her a stupid bitch for choosing a way that you disagree with.

    Amazingly hypocritical.

  87. 787

    Well spoken, thoughtful, intelligent and excellent points. Good job, Perez. You done us proud.

  88. 788

    Thank god we will never see you in a bikini…what a bunch dribble

  89. 789

    Perez honey your theatrics on your video blog re: Miss California comments shows your pettiness at not liking her answer. You have made her a HUGE HIT with the religious right social conservative Fox news watchers!! Hell as I speak Fox news is probably having Beck/O'reilly/Hannity/Fox & Friends fighting over who will have her on their show first!! That is all you have done and unfortunately you have also showcased the stereotype of gays showing intolerance of others who don't believe like you do. I'm sorry. But on the funny tip boyfriend if looks could kill that chick would be dead by the way you looked after her response. LMAO

    The answer you wanted from her was a PC one and she didn't give you that and you got pissed off on your video blog about it. Her PC answer you wanted would have came off as BS to me if she answered it the way U wanted her to. Why get mad at her for answering a question in a honest way that she feels? Instead of getting mad at those who don't think like you do why not try to be less temper tantrum over it and more trying to explain your side in a calm and professional manner. Even if they don't agree with you after explaining it then it was nothing ventured nothing gained and you keep it moving ok? Not being mean to you Perez dearie but just keepin it real with you from one Diva to another!! LMAO

    Take care,

  90. 790

    Great job Perez! You were very articulate and right to the point!

  91. 791

    She is allowed to have her opinion. I thought gays and liberals were supposed to be so tolerant ? I guess I was wrong…..its more like hypocritical.

  92. 792

    Re: Boris D
    You're right, Boris,
    we're still in a country, where we have the freedom to express our opinion, freedom of speech and we damn sure have the right to be different from others.
    I don't agree with some peter puffer determining, who can believe what where and why. Do I hate gays? No.
    Do I hate preferential treatment? Yeah.
    I am all for civil unions and gays receiving benefits from their spouses, but that doesn't require marriage.
    Marriage will always be between man and woman.

  93. 793

    I guess pretty boy can't handle it, when a real queen is about to be crowned.

  94. 794

    annaallforit says – reply to this

    I am ashamed she is the same generation that i am. we are more evolved than that. we are not our past. we are the future. why are we not more vocal on the separation between government and religion?????


  95. 795

    Drop it already! You asked her for her opinion, and you got it! You (and I, and many people on this site) may not like it, but she was honest.

  96. 796

    looking great perez.

  97. 797

    Gah! Let it go already.

  98. 798

    This is America and people are entitled to their opinion. It is sad that she has been judged on her opinion. Alternative lifestyles deal with this daily though. I guess what Perez demonstrated was "Do unto others as they do unto you." Nice job, Perez. I think you really would have demonstrated your point by saying that even though she feels that way- you cannot judge a person by their personal opinions. That, to me, would have demonstrated the type of behavior you are hoping to invoke in our society. Unfortunately, you demonstrated the type of behavior that you are trying to prevent…

  99. 799

    I agree with Perez. She did give her opinion, not as the potential Miss USA but as herself. If she had become the next Miss USA she would of represented everyone, she would not of been speaking on behalf of herself but on behalf of the US and so therefore she was wrong to answer in the manner she did.

  100. 800

    you were great perez!

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