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In Case You Missed It…

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CLICK HERE to check out Perez's appearance on CNN's Larry King Live on Monday night, talking about the Miss California/Miss USA controversy!


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  1. melmy says – reply to this


    I think Perez is overreacting-she just gave her own opnion. I don't think is professional that a jugde go out there and call someone a bitch just because he didn't hear wat he wanted. So she may have made a mistake being honest with her opnion but Perez is just making the case even more polular in her favor and therefore the winner is forgotten by the media.

  2. 802

    40 percent of marriage ends in Divorce.. Marriage needs everything it can get!
    At the end of the day it is supposed to be about love and commitment. Who are we to stop anyone getting married same sex or opposite!!

  3. 803

    Perez honey your theatrics on your video blog re: Miss California comments shows your pettiness at not liking her answer. You have made her a HUGE HIT with the religious right social conservative Fox news watchers!! Hell as I speak Fox news is probably having Beck/O'reilly/Hannity/Fox & Friends fighting over who will have her on their show first!! That is all you have done and unfortunately you have also showcased the stereotype of gays showing intolerance of others who don't believe like you do. I'm sorry. But on the funny tip boyfriend if looks could kill that chick would be dead by the way you looked after her response.

    The answer you wanted from her was a PC one and she didn't give you that and you got pissed off on your video blog about it. Her PC answer you wanted would have came off as BS to me if she answered it the way U wanted her to. Why get mad at her for answering a question in a honest way that she feels? Instead of getting mad at those who don't think like you do why not try to be less temper tantrum over it and more trying to explain your side in a calm and professional manner. Even if they don't agree with you after explaining it then it was nothing ventured nothing gained and you keep it moving ok? Not being mean to you Perez dearie but just keepin it real with you from one Diva to another!! LMAO

  4. 804

    Thank you Perez,
    I am proud to have a queer activist like you out there!

  5. 805


  6. 806

    She gave you an answer you didnt like and you bash her……grow up!!!

  7. 807

    hey honey, please get over the whole thing. she didnt win so thats that. it was her opinion so thats that. so please jus move on. oh and please stop condoning miley so much she s still young and a kid.

  8. 808

    It was her own opinion and that's fair enough. She shouldn't be discriminated for it. However I agree with P-Rez that she would have been an unsuitable Miss USA. But she didn't win, so this whole debate it pointless and just masterminded by Perez to PR for himself. Well done, mission accomplished

  9. 809

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIING, I don't come here to read about you and this seems to be all you talk about these days, the higher they rise the harder they fall

  10. 810

    For once Perez I really disagree with you she answered the question honestly you just thought she was going to suck up to you and answer diffrently you shouldnt have asked that question what so ever its a difficult position to put her in and your just having a teenage tantrum

  11. DRGII says – reply to this


    Awesome interview Perez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You owned that interview!!!!!!!

    Carrie Prejean sucks.

  12. 812


  13. 813

    The point is that EVERYONE is equal and should have the same rights. It doesn't matter what she thinks as a person. Eventually it is going to happen. People should live and let live.

  14. 814


    You are a bigot. You want to have your opinions and rights as a gay man but you ask her to lie and compromise her beliefs as a Christian. If she was Jewish would you ask her to endorse honey baked hams?

    Shame on you. Just because she does not agree with you is no reason to curse about her on a web site. My goodness where were you raised. Where is your respect for another person? Politically correct does not mean servant to yuor beliefs.

  15. 815

    Thanks for the question Perez cause I think it was gonna go to Miss CA otherwise!
    Just saw the Today show with Matt Lauer….after seeing you lately on TV, I must say, you're looking fabulous!!!! Keep it up!!

  16. 816

    Just because she did not give the answer you wanted to hear, you are jumping down her throat. I thought that she gave a really good, non-offensive answer. People shouldn't force someone to say something that they do not believe in just because they feel that they should. There was nothing wrong with her answer. Leave her alone!!!!!

  17. 817

    So…someone can share their opinion as long as it's the same opinion you have! Why did you ask the question if you didn't want her honest answer!

  18. 818

    Funny how gays, atheists, liberals and the immoral and indecent are allowed to speak their minds openly, but Christians are not. You are the ultimate hypocrite. You are a whiny, selfish, creepy little boy. You have contributed absolutely nothing of any value to this world. You fill this blog with your tittering, simpering snark about everyone else, but you do not tolerate any views that do not echo yours. You have proven to the world what you are: absolutely zero.

    Go away, you whiny little swish. No one gives a rat's ass what you think about anything. And I use the word "think" loosely here…the truth is you are an empty-headed, vapid, mindless, self-obsessed piece of excrement and the world would be a far better place without you and those of your ilk.

  19. 819

    i'd actually forgotten that you can be an alright person perez. nice one.

  20. KSC says – reply to this


    cannot stand perez anymore. this site once was fun to read. L O S E R!

  21. 821

    Mr Hilton- you have lost a fan.
    YOU are the one being shallow- her beliefs don't line up with yours- so she deserves to be punished.
    I thought you stood for individuality, and you have condemned her for hers. YOU are the one who did not accept her for her values. How can you ask me to accept you for yours?
    Your double standard has eroded your creditability.

  22. 822

    Re: mattvoyager – -you are so right. what Mario doesn't understand, and alot of these posters that are young, that the vast millions of americans are just saying that they support same sex marriage. THEY DON'T, THEY ARE BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT. How do you explain Prop 8? don't blame the Mormons or the Catholic Church. Most of California is Democrat-supposedly-but once they got into that voting booth-they voted HOW THEY REALLY FELT-they did not have to be politically correct. This country is going to have a revolution, political correctness is going to be thrown out the window - THE AVERAGE AMERICAN IS TIRED OF BEING TOLD HOW TO PROPERLY THINK- and by the way-it is pathetic the way this young woman is attacked for HER views when the President of the United States feels exactly the same way.

  23. 823

    So you'd rather she just tell you what you want to hear rather than tell you what she believes? What kind of person are you? Fuck you Perez. This is still a free country and everyone is entitled to say and believe what they like.

  24. 824

    You go Perez!!!!! Perfect answers and perfect interview!!!!!

  25. 825

    I saw you on the Today show, you just set gay rights back ten years with those video histrionics that thw entire nation has now seen. This will solidify the right in California against gays because you appear to have attacked their sacred Miss America pageant contestant. Good job.

  26. 826

    boy, i must live in a closed up world, i have never heard of perez hilton, i thought it was a nickname of paris. anywho, enuff already, the witch lost so be it, done and over kiddos, time to move on.

  27. 827

    THOUGHTS? You're a schmuck! I also caught you after the show saying "I wanted to come on stage and rip her teeth out of her face" - anywhere else you'd be in jail awaiting your bail hearing for "threats". You're a fuktard.

  28. 828

    Well congratulations! Now the religious bigots have a new shiny blonde poster child for their ignorance! Drop it NOW Perez. You haven't helped the cause.

  29. 829

    Perez (I never heard of you before this) people like you are destroying America. You said you wanted a "Politically Correct" miss USA, but how do you decide what is politically correct? In most states it IS politically correct to oppose marriage between the same sexes. You are like so many these days, infatuated with unimportant issues so you can pursue your own agenda. I object not to legal unions, but to the use of the term "marriage" in this scenario. I do not think that a minority should be permitted to redefine the meaning of an English word that has been in use for millenia. You and other fanatics, want to redefine a word that is already defined, invent a new one for God's sake. Buddy, effeminate mutants like you really have no place judging real Women.

  30. 830

    Anyone (and I am referring to you Perez) who can't handle a different viewpoint from his own, is a coward. Your behavior, your name calling, your inability to except her answer shows how shallow your character truly is. She answered your question honestly, she followed her convictions, she stands tall and proud in light of your name calling. Carrie is a person of substance. I for one embrace her as a hero.

  31. 831

    aw, awesome job, perez!

  32. 832

    You know you honestly made yourself look like a complete jackass not everyone has the same views as you or anyone else for that matter. and the koolaid maybe you should get a little edication yourself and stop assuming you are so right about everything

  33. 833

    Perez, I think you've gone too far, but then that's your style, shock, push, annoy, disrespect.

    You're just angry that not everyone is gay positive. GROW UP! It's a free country and people have a right to their opinions.

    She WAS HONEST, and how dare you suggest she should have been "politically correct" and LIED!!!

    I guess that just shows what your standards are, LIE to get what you want. What morals and standards you have Perez?

    It's gay people like you that give the gay community a bad rep!!!! and therefore stall the emancipation of gay people and having all rights for them made legal!

    In trying so hard to further your cause, YOU ACTUALLY HAVE DONE DAMAGE TO IT!

    again GROW UP!

  34. Suzyk says – reply to this


    Re: NickyToronto – agreed…
    You are looking for "Miss America", not a president. When the end comes, you will possibly be looking for a rock to hide under. I personally do not care and its none of anyone's business who or what other people choose to have sex with, ok. I simply think to judge is not our job nor is it yours to publically "judge" this girl. You are doing (in the media) what you would charge someone else in a court of law with harassment and/or judgment of one's personal beliefs.
    She did not win- shut up about it, that proves your stupid point about a "perfect Miss America".

  35. 835

    Wow Perez what an idiot. Just like your namesake you are famous for absolutely nothing.

    Gays already have the exact same rights as everyone else in every state. Any man has the right to marry any woman as long as they are not already related.

    No man has the "right" (under laws) to marry another man.

    So we all have the same rights. What YOU want are SPECIAL rights based on your sexual orientation. Why should you get SPECIAL rights because you want to sleep with men?

    You appearance on The Miss USA pageant and this morning on the Today show, illustrate your lack of intelligence. You say one thing but when pressed you quickly back pedal.

    It's obvious that you're really mad at yourself for being gay so you are acting out and trying to make others look bad because of your own self loathing.

  36. Suzyk says – reply to this


    You are looking for "Miss America", not a president. When the end comes, you will possibly be looking for a rock to hide under. I personally do not care and its none of anyone's business who or what other people choose to have sex with, ok. I simply think to judge is not our job nor is it yours to publically "judge" this girl. You are doing (in the media) what you would charge someone else in a court of law with harassment and/or judgment of one's personal beliefs.
    She did not win- shut up about it, that proves your stupid point about a "perfect Miss America".

  37. 837

    …get over it!
    The answer you were suggesting is bullshit, because it is no answer at all.
    And you make it worse by making fun of her name, because that is the prove that you are a childish, dumb and intolerant person.
    Thunbs up for Miss California!

  38. 838

    Although this country gives you the right to state your opinion, it doesn't give you the right to take it away from someone else. I admire Miss California for standing up and stating her beliefs. This country was founded on the beliefs "In God We Trust" — I am highly offended by your comments about her being a Jesus freak. I'm sure because of Miss California's beliefs she has forgiven. Applause to Miss California!!

  39. 839

    Based on the grammatically incorrect posts and misspelled words that appear in this thread of comments, I'd have to say that a good percentage of your supporters on this particular issue are either semi-literate, on drugs, or willfully stupid.

    I joined your blog solely for the purpose of commenting on your behavior this one time and will not return. There is far too much self-involvement evident in your behavior and displays here to take you and this blog seriously. If it is intended for entertainment, you've failed miserably.

    The young lady's response was honest. Your set-up of an earnest young woman on the national stage and your subsequent behavior give me to believe that you are dishonest. Methinks this little trick is going to backfire on you as soon as the furor over your reprehensible actions dies down.

    Enjoy your few moments of attention. Years from now, no one will remember you and if they do, they won't care.

  40. 840

    Welcome Back to craigslist DumbAss! You ruined a great Opp. This AM Didn't you? Girls are allowed to suck d*$%k too and have their own opinion.

  41. 841

    You act like gay is a race and her comment was racist. It's just a sexual preference and nada more. Remind me not to ask you to judge anything, because you will be too busy trying to be in the contestants' faces over your personal issues rather than judging them on their contest skills. You know already from hundreds of comments that you are an intolerant bigot and won't tolerate others points of views. If someone doesn't give the answer you approve of on your lifestyle, you lash out like a spoiled brat. I say that woman has a good cause to dispute the contest outcome based on your unprofessional reason to vote against her.

  42. 842

    I am no longer going to view your site! I feel you are being a bigot yourself! I'm over your onesided views!

  43. 843

    Only caught a bit of your eloquent appearance on Larry King but watched the whole interview with you this a.m. on CBS's morning show and, again, you nailed your interview.

  44. 844

    Good job, Perez! You were very eloquent and mature about the whole ordeal in this interview. It was good of you to acknowledge that she at least was honest, like she should be…but I definitely agree. As Miss U.S.A, she should have worded her answer a lot better than she did so as to not offend anyone.

  45. 845

    Who are you to call anyone a Dumb Bitch. You need to take a look in the mirror. You completely railroaded that poor girl and this has nothing to do with me not liking or accepting Gays. My brother is Gay. What you did, gives the Gay Community a bad name. I commend this girl for staying true to her convictions. She could have gotten up there and lied just to win and that would have made her a liar and in myn opinion that would have been much worse. You should be ashamed of yourself. Just because someone does not agree with your beliefs does not make them a bad person. You need to apologize to her and the Miss USA Pageant. You made them look really bad.

  46. 846

    Carrie, you are my miss universe, you are my queen and i love you.

  47. 847

    Just because she didnt give your opinion you think shes a stupid bitch. That's stupid Perez. Oh grow up Perez. Every single person is entitled to their own opinions. Atleast she was honest and said it in a way that was not meaning to be offensive. You see things so onesided. I fucking hate your site anymore.

    perez u just wanna be famous and wanna do big thing about this !!! only u are making this so big. I bet she dont wanna come coffee with idiot like you !!!!!!!!!!

  48. 848

    Didn't she begin by saying she thinks it's great people can choose same sex marriage?

    Anyway, as long as you're not hating her for her opinion… just the way she answered the question. I still respect her for it though, it probably lost her the title.

    Why wasn't a furore made about Jamie Foxx calling Miley a 'white b**ch'… could she have replied with the N word. Surely that would have been ok, right??????

  49. 849

    My husband & I were so proud of her !!!!

  50. 850

    Good for you, Perez!

  51. 851

    mario, i see how you & many, many people are offended, but she gave her HONEST OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!! you CANNOT fault her for that and you truly need to GROW up - you are no longer acting like a mature adult and seriously, this is a BEAUTY contest - not a meeting of the minds. Get off it.

  52. 852

    Ooops :)

  53. 853

    u're making that thing too big. ur not boss ! u just think so..

  54. 854

    SHE IS A STUPID BITCH! LOOK! I deserve the saMe fucking rights as ANYONE else. NO I DON'T BELIEVE IN CIVIL UNIONS. IF YOU GET TO BE "MARRIED" SO SHOULD I. Funny enough, I don't want to get married anytime soon. But I deserve the SAME goddam rights as you fucking bitches so kiss my ass!

    -Gay & Pissed in TN

  55. 855

    Well said Perez…very professional. Just feel that you both have your right to an opinion. She shouldn't be crucified for her own.

  56. 856

    Hey Perez, during the campaign, Obama an almost identical comment about gay marriage. Assuming you voted for him (probably a 99% probability), can we expect you to retract your vote now? After all, had Miss CA won, you said you would have ripped off her crown. The least you can do is publicly denounce Barack Obama, right? After all, fair is fair.

    If not, that makes you a hypocrite.

  57. 857

    You are a piece of garbage Perez………..She answered the question the same as Obama, and like the MAJORITY of Californians. She gave the answer from her heart, honest and sincere . Grow up you parasitic maggot.

  58. Eilee says – reply to this


    Unfortunately you were the judge/ I don't care about her answer; i care that you judge based on your opinions;;;;;;;;;;;;NOT FAIR
    Why is it such an issue'
    you picked North Carolina: Enough of this nonsense
    COntroversy where none should be

  59. 859

    Her stance on gay marriage aside, what you did was ask a question that was going to be polarizing NO MATTER HOW SHE ANSWERED IT. Good chance some of the judges felt the same as her, and had she given an answer YOU liked, she could lose points with OTHER judges. You can't assume they ALL support gay marriage when the country is so divided on this issue.

    So no matter how she answered the question, she was GOING to lose points and GOING to lose the competition.

    All so you could make your stupid little political point on an issue that was important to YOU.

    Newsflash: This wasn't about YOU. But you don't care about that.

  60. 860

    Perez shut your miserable effing mouth once and for all.You issues are not universally liked or agreed with.. live with it fucktard.You have launched one really pathetic tirade against one persons opinions. What a effing idiot you are.I wish they would close you done once an for all as you are a revolting specimen of human race.
    I do NOT care who you have sex with or marry but I DO car that you think you have to right to force people to agree with you.And no you do not so grow up you misery.You have such a "thing" about being gay it clouds your entire fucking life….nobody cares OK. ?

  61. 861

    Quit being a cry baby Perez. We have something in this country called "Free Speech' yet you are holding that against her???? Talk about a HUGE HYPOCRITE!! She answered the question based on what she believed. Would we really want a Miss USA who lied just to win the crown?????

  62. 862

    Re: l-dub – #21, I agree with you. At least your response was an intelligent one. (Except for the "but YOU are full of hate" part)….. I think #13 had it right with the "You're a master at self promotion, Perez, I've gotta give you props for that." I think that is what it is/was all about, stir up controversy.

  63. 863

    I am so proud to be a fan of yours! You were well-spoken and considerate of all audiences (and stuck to your guns!). Congratulations on a beautiful interview with Larry King. I see this interview bringing you a great deal of respect as someone who holds the cards in influencing a large audience of Americans. For those of us who support gay marriage, we're proud to have you as an unofficial spokesperson.

    You were given an opportunity much like Miss California, a LIVE television interview with the spotlight on you, and you were able to explain your opinion in a considerate manner. She said "opposite marriage" "in my country" and many other strange phrases which showed she was not ready for the position of Miss USA. There is a way to express one's opinion, and I think some of these commenters below are failing to recognize that your Larry King interview was your personal Miss USA "interview portion."

    (I feel like I'm watching different videos than these people! why aren't they recognizing your right to give an opinion as much as Miss California's?)

    a 23-year-old heterosexual woman in graduate school, freelance writer and native Californian who recently began seeing Perez Hilton with more respect

  64. 864

    Perez u did great! yes shes still such a dumb biyatchh!!

  65. 865

    Miss CA was not offended because you are gay; why should you be offended because she is straight and believes in that. She's not saying you are wrong, she just stood up for what she believed. You are demonstrating your own prejudice by not accepting that that is her opinion. She doesn't have to agree with your choices, nor do you hers.

  66. dnix says – reply to this


    Stop being such a hypocrit just because someone doesnt agree with you. Its a state issue, and based on recent voter supported legislation in CA (although as retarded as it is) she does represent her states opinion. You cant pick and choose the speech thats free you dork. I had to stop following you in twitter because your really being incredibly boring with this crap. Your no Rosa Parks, your a celebritard stalker who got to appear on a third rate tv beauty pageant that know one cares about and now your milking it for all its worth.

  67. 867

    Perez Your a Freaking Idiot. You damn well know that America is divided on the Gay marraige Issue. Your the Idiot who asked the fucking question. You didn't wanna hear that answer then you shoulda asked a different question! You can throw your Tantrums all you want, but she spoke her mind and her beliefs. You threw a tantrum because she answered the way YOU didn't want her too! Grpw the Hell up Junior!

  68. 868

    Why don't all you haters stop and think for a second…..Perez did not ask her "what is her opinion on gay marriage"….he asked her if other states should follow Vermont's lead. SHE is the one who decided to state her personal opinion, and she's going to feel the repercussions of that. I would not want HER as a representative of the U.S.A. She should have just gave the politically correct answer, and since she didn't, she deserved to lose.

    Perez, you handled yourself very well. Congratulations on a job well done. PS - looking good, baby!

  69. 869

    You're comments on Larry King only showed the rest of the country that you are a bigot. She was penalized for her own personal opinions regarding marriage in a country where free speech, for the moment, is a right. Right now gays have the same rights as anyone else in this country, but what they want are special rights and privileges under the law that set them apart from other people. It's not just about marriage people.

  70. 870

    nobody watches larry king anymore, isn't he like 150 yrs old????

  71. 871

    Re: Thelea – #825 - LOVE your response!!!!!!! Excellent!!

  72. 872

    Perez..you say "That's the worst answer EVER"! It's the wrost answer because she stood by her principles and responded honestly?!? God forbid that we have someone that's honest and publicly displays integrity, representing the USA! Just keep doing what you do best Perez…show the world what a biased moron you truly are.

  73. Sven says – reply to this


    Perez, you're a great guy and we all love you. Look, there are a lot of people in California that support gay rights in the context of civil union. My feeling is that if we could do something as simple as changing the name from "Gay Marriage" to "Civil Union," and then give all the same rights as marriage, it'd pass by a solid margin. People get hung up on the word "marriage." A little change in the wording and a lot of people would go along with it., IMHO.

  74. 874

    Her answer was nearly identical to that given by Barak Obama. But you didn't call him a dumb bitch. Who's the bigot, here?

  75. 875

    Perez, you look great in the interview… and I think Miss CA not only answered the question incoherently, but she proved how little ground her side has to argue on. She said we have the right to choose, but we don't - only hetero folk have the right to choose to get married in most states. What happened to equal rights?

  76. 876

    In the past, I've been neutral on the subject, seeing both sides. Now, however, I'm sympathizing more with the anti-Perez side, because I'm so appalled at how Perez and co. treat others who simply disagree. Perez was horrible to this woman, and why? Simply because she respectfully disagreed with his POV. If she had been rude or nasty, I could have understood Perez's behavior but she wasn't. Not everyone will agree with you on this matter, Perez, and believe it or not, there are states that will not ratify gay marriage. I think it depends upon the state and the population in the state (number of gays, number of Christians, etc.) Surely that's within the state's rights? Stop being such a bully, Perez, and try to understand the other side, as you demand the same yourself.

  77. 877

    great perez…love the interview,i think u were very realistic,
    everyone is entitled to its own opinion,but like a miss usa,or the president,or other important titles,should be maybe more careful in giving a peace of their mind….
    i learnd that not always u should say how u feel…and this situation is its like that…she should just word it better….although she is HOT!!!!!

  78. 878

    Fucking get over yourself, MARIO. You asked her should other states follow suit.. she answered honestly, and because she made you look stupid on TV by not pandering to you and your self-serving question, you're acting like the stupid little bitch. Why don't you "inspire and unite" by shutting the fuck up?

  79. 879

    I you may not like the answer don't ask the question!

  80. 880

    If anyone has EVER been in a pageant then you know that not one judge wants a REAL answer to their onstage question. The judges want to know if you can remain PC when it comes to current and often contested issues. I know, I competed for Miss America. That said, she gave a poor answer and she suffered as a consequence. She could have maintained her personal beliefs but still said 'it is for the state's to decide'. It wouldn't have betrayed her own feelings. But she would have appeared more open minded. Perez, you gave a good interview. People, you have to understand that judges don't want the 'truth'. It's that simple when it comes to pageants. Maybe that's why they should be irrelevant. They are just a way of making women just pieces of meat. Ridiculous. Anyhow, very good interview Perez.

  81. 881

    Perez, you handled yourself beautifully on the Larry King Show (as well as the pageant). As the mother of a beautiful, intelligent, gay daughter, I would like to thank you for bringing this topic to the Miss USA Pageant.

  82. 882

    so great you are on tv perez, not! do you realize how much damage, that is right -DAMAGE, that you do for gay rights??? No, you don't. You sounded like an idiot on the Today show, no matter how many of your pals try to give you an oral blow job here and tell you you were great. Matt had contempt for you and was gracious toward Carrie. She was intelligent and stuck to her views, even when it could have been easy to throw in the towel to shut you up. Everytime you go on a rant, a few more people (thousands) that did not care either way about same sex marriage, because it did not effect them, now view gays as a bunch of hostile angry nuts. You would need 20 ellen degeneres to knock out your damage.

  83. 883

    I didn’t know the miss AMERICA pageant was a gay forum. You, specifically are the reason I can’t take gay’s seriously. Your reverse discrimination is annoying as hell. Using a women’s beauty contest to let America know you suck cock really helps your cause. We get it already, now just do it quietly. So now, when you and your partner start looking for a surrogate mother to give you a bastard child, you can cross Carrie Prejean off the list. :– –: Way to go Shitbird!

  84. 884

    GET OVER IT Perez!!! GEt a life you stupid fuck! Its not a gossip site about stars anymore its all about you! You suck!

  85. 885

    Perez! You seem very smart and articulate! On your side 100%!

  86. 886

    also, having worked years in nyc, I have had gay friends and co workers, so that rant that she alienate millions-family, friends co workers-what world are you living in? You think straight friends are doing what right now? for a miss usa contest? co workers? pleeeaaassseeee even in a good economy, most co workers try to throw others under the bus, even if they are friendly, ALIENATED???? You really need to get your head out of your ass and get a clue how the world runs. oh look Matt right now is doing a clip on 'are you too full of yourself' hope you are still watching the today show. maybe it is just for you Mario -narassicistic (?) sorry-but am sure you know the spelling

  87. 887


  88. 888

    Using a women’s beauty contest to let America know you suck cock really helps your cause. We get it already, now just do it quietly.

  89. 889

    I agree with every person is entitled to their oprion just because someone does nto see things your way?selfish and so much like a gay man.

  90. 890

    I don't agree with her opinions on gay marriage; however, kudos to her for staying true to her beliefs. That being said, as Perez mentioned, she easily could have worded her answer differently.
    I hope she takes you up on your offer, Perez.

  91. 891

    Watching your response to that question was priceless!!!! You need to grow up your gay! So what you can't get married in some states GET OVER IT SISTER!!!!

  92. 892

    everything is always centered around the gays?who cares?really kids are dying in america because we have no jobs and no places to live and we get people like perez worried over gay rights get a life.

  93. 893

    I think all of us on her side should treat you and yours with the same kind of disdain and loathing that you showed. You suck!! You shouldn't ask questions if you can't handle the truth!! P.S. The majority still believe in marriage as one man and one woman….get over it already!!

  94. 894

    Isn't this America? Land of the FREE? Doesn't this girl have a right to her opinion? I am stunned that you would base her entire body of work in that competition on ONE answer that you did not agree with. You should not be allowed to judge anyone in ANY contest if YOU are the one who will not open minded. I agree that she didn't answer it in the most intelligent sounding way, but I think the question really flustered her. She probably felt like she was damned if she did and damned if she didn't. For someone who seems to enjoy his own rights to have and share his own opinions (ex: this website!!!), how VERY hypocritical of you to judge someone elses right to have and share her opinion when asked. I've lost a ton of respect for you Perez……and yes, you definitely should apologize to this young lady!

  95. 895

    Hey why didnt you just talk about the negative comments you have on this website at the Today Show? Dont see to many poss feedback here on your own website. Last time I looked, The USA is a place that you have the Freedom to speak your mind. Im mean, you have the freedom to act the way you do, un-natural, right?

  96. 896

    Why don't you just get to the point. You want your own talk show. Your a loud and proud gay person. You should do well?.

  97. 897

    You gays are pretty LOUD about others intolerance towards gay marriage, yet you're the most INTOLERABLE of ANYBODY! You CANNOT have it both ways! ironic isn't it? you're making a fool of yourself!

  98. 898

    Perez, I think your comments about your question for Miss California have been very intelligent. People simply don't want to realize, that the issue of gay marriage is a huge deal, they'd rather sweep it under the rug.

    Cause I'm pretty sure the main reason your getting flack, isn't because of your question, it's because you made the country have to face an issue they'd rather hide from. I think it's ridiculous that same sex marriage isn't allowed. Love should be respected, no matter who it's between.

    Your right, Miss California should have been prepared for the question. She should have known about the issue, because it is a major issue in her state. Seems she's now going on about how, she's proud of herself cause she didn't take the middle ground. Well you know, if your going to be a public figure, you have to be prepared to take the middle ground.

    All she's doing is making herself look like a stubborn brat. "What do you mean I didn't win! I spoke from my heart! I said the truth! Why didn't I win?" I mean, yeah, you have to expect a little missing in the brain department for people who are up for Miss USA. The, it's not fair I'm going to stomp my feet and cry, act Miss California is pulling is beyond pathetic. She's only proving that the judges were right.

  99. RWH says – reply to this


    I just watched the Today Show interview - and I am sorry Perez - Miss California is an impressive woman who is standing her ground. I am sorry that you do not see that. You are so cocky and so self-serving. I was a fan - I will now take you off of my favorites - and I will steer clear of your website. Most of what you speak is ugly…mean…hateful. The world does not need more hate.

  100. 900

    I am in favour of freedom.
    Gays should have the freedom to marry, however, people should have the freedom to speak their mind.
    The problem? Gay advocacy groups cry, "equality, equality". They, however, will not tolerate equality of ideas. Any opinion, idea, religous view, etc, that is counter to theirs will be crushed under their pink boot of gay justice.

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