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Pageant Organizers Speak Out AGAINST Miss California!!!

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We're not the only ones who disagreed with the way Miss California, Carrie Prejean, answered her question on gay marriage last night during the Miss USA pageant.

PerezHilton.com has just just received an exclusive statement from Keith Lewis, the Executive Director of Miss California USA/Teen USA.

Keith says:

"As co-executive director of Miss CA USA and one of the leaders of the Miss CA family, I am personally saddened and hurt that Miss CA USA 2009 believes marriage rights belong only to a man and a woman. Although I believe all religions should be able to ordain what unions they see fit, I do not believe our government should be able to discriminate against anyone. Religious beliefs have no place in politics in the Miss CA family."

And on another positive note, PerezHilton.com has received confirmation from Shanna Moakler's rep that the 2001 Miss USA winner "supports Keith's views 100%."


What do U think about this whole controversy????

[Image via WENN.]

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598 comments to “Pageant Organizers Speak Out AGAINST Miss California!!!”

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  1. 101

    Like most are saying, she DOES have the right to an opinion. but honestly how fair is it that only STRAIGHT men and women get to be miserable for the rest of their lives through marriage? if us straight people have to…. then the gay's should too!

    i DISagree with miss caliWHOREnia 1000000%

    loveeee u perez!!!

  2. 102

    Perez GET OVER IT! Stop bashing her and her family just cause she has different views than you. I thought this country didn't need any more judgmental bullshit. And you're judging her for speaking her mind, which is what you do every damn day! So stop pouting that someone doesn't agree with you and has the balls to say it.

  3. 103

    I don't see the controversy here. She doesn't believe in gay marriage. What's the big deal? At least she voiced her opinion and wasn't afraid to be honest, even if it lost her the title.

  4. 104

    If someone has a different opinion that your own - does that really make it a controversy? I personally don't think marriage should only be legal between a man & a woman, I feel there should be equal rights, but if someone else doesn't feel that way I'm not going to labaste them for it. I think your making it more of a controvery than it really is - it's her opinion not everyone is going to agree with it.

  5. 105

    I wonder what you would do for a living if everyone agreed and listened to what you thought was right. You couldn't make fun of people anymore, and what would you write about then?

  6. 106

    I don't see that there is any problem with her stating her opinion. She didn't answer the question you posed, but you shouldn't bash her because of her opinion. You have your opinion, she has her own opinion. Can't hate because you don't like her opinion.

  7. 107

    this chick is just dumber than her fake blond hair.

  8. 108


  9. 109

    Whether youre for or against gay marriage, what Keith Lewis said is idiotic and makes no sense. "Religious beliefs have no place in politics.." Yes we have seperation of church and state BUT our laws are based on Judeo-Christian values. Also he stated "the government should not discriminate against anyone.." Well the last time I checked it was the voters in California that voted against gay marriage. I think it is obvious that in the near future that will not be the case and gay marriage will eventually be legalized. Whether you agree or disagree on the topic dont stay things that are stupid and just not true..:)

  10. 110

    She certainly is entitled to her opinion but it just baffles me that she would choose to live in a place as liberal as California when it comes to gay rights! Perhaps it would more accurately serve her lifestyle and beliefs if she moved to, say, North Dakota or one of those virulently anti-gay states most of us tend to avoid. She's really a fish out of water in her current environment. She's a poor representative of California's diverse makeup!!!! Marriage is nothing more than a hypocritical hetero tradition with a 50% failure rate. I'm not sure why gays aren't allowed to fuck up marriage the same way us heteros do on a regular basis!!!

  11. 111

    The pageant's comments are contradictory. She's allowed to have her own opinion, yet religious beliefs have no place in politics in the Miss CA family.

    The question shouldn't have been asked in the first place.

    I don't agree with her, but applaud her for sticking to what she believes in.

  12. 112

    religious beliefs and definitions have NO PLACE in government. why should one persons religious opinion prevent another from partaking in something that will DO NO HARM to anyone. let whomever may whoever they want. it's not going to hurt anyone, cause the world to end, kill your cat, etc. let everyone love. saying i dont agree with this because my bible says this my dictionary says that is ridiculous. THINK with your heart and your head. really THINK for yourself.

  13. 113

    Perez you asked for HER OPINION…she does not have to answer the way you see is fit…. If you don't want someones opinion then DO NOT ask for it…You really need to get over it….not everyone is going to agree with you

  14. 114

    I think she ought to be able to have her own opinion, and just because she's in the spotlight doesn't mean she should cow-tow to other people's opinions.

  15. 115

    i think people are muddling the religious side with the civil side of marriage. I am not religious by any means (but grew up catholic) and if i remember right, it says one of marriages main function is to procreate. hence the male/ female only argument
    . i think people opposing "gay marriage" are seeing marriage as purely the religious event when in fact it's so much more. Many couples go strictly civil ceremony, many straight couples arent religious, many dont have children either.. but all are allowed to get married. how is this fair? do they not go against the bible? if you are arguing religion you have to ask
    if two people want to be together and share their lives, their love, their taxes, their insurance, their everything, it doesnt matter the sex. I welcome you to the world of marriage. and the world of the divorce lawyer.

    Maybe if they reworded the proposition and took out the word marriage and put in "legally joined ' or something to that effect it would change the votes

  16. 116

    i still dont see the difference if you let a gay couple wed
    does that mean you and saggy balls split?
    does that mean that gay couple is going to join you in your disgusting old sex?
    do you even know their names?
    so what difference does it make if it has nothing to do with you
    And what happens when that one anti gay family has a newborn who ended out to be gay and now they can't wed where theyd like because people like their PARENTS voted against their right to wed.

    what would happen if there was a law that prevented a man to wed his lady but shes 150lbs over him and that was illegal. the man would have to be weighing more then her for a legitimate marriage.
    and now you cant get married cause your fat?

    no one wanted the blacks to get equality and they did
    so for the gays your day will come, hopefully soon.

  17. 117

    I do not agree with her, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and she should not be so scrutinized for what she believes!

  18. 118

    yea yea yea she has the right to her opinion thats how she feels yada yada yada… but go perez for making a huge deal out of this! ur a legit media outlet and u've worked ur little toosh off to get as many people as u have to pay attention to what u have to say! give ms. cali hell! if u cant handle the heat get out of the kitchen bitches! and by the way, stop hugging ur bibles and put them away because not everyone believes in it! plenty of athiests get married and i dont see protesters and riots! gay marriage is coming to every state— get over it!
    love ur face perez

  19. 119

    I still fail to see how two gay people getting married will affect the marriage of two straight people. The state should not discriminate on behalf of religious groups.

    Don't give beauty queens anymore attention that they deserve.

  20. 120

    …..get over your self Mario……she answered what she considered truth…..

    so go fuck yourself

  21. 121

    theres no controversy here… u r just frustrated because she did not give u the answer u wanted

  22. 122

    I don't understand….Does she not have the right to have her OWN opinion? An opinion can not be wrong…cuz it is just that, an opinion. Why are you hating on her because she doesn't have the same beliefs as you? Who's wrong here?

  23. 123

    I believe marriage is between a man and man, man and woman, man and 3+ woman, or a woman and 5+ men. Shouldn't it all be legal?

  24. 124

    Please Perez. Out of all the questions asked and answers given, Miss Cali actually answered her question and didn't give one of the beating around the bush questions. I love how Miss Arizona's answer could have been applied to all questions except the one about "what makes you so beautiful?". No one frowning on an answer that said nothing huh?

    Oh well.

    Next time that questions is asked in the 2010 pageant, maybe they should answer with "uh it's really a question about integrity, and uh integrity is uh up to those who uh need it, yeah!"

  25. 125

    shes a hot retard… who cares what she thinks

  26. 126

    Everyone should BOYCOTT this site. Anybody who gains a following by injuring others is harmful to everyone and everything in society. And this slime does it on a continuous basis. Such slime should not be allowed any power. By listening to this hateful perverted cock-sucker is not doing anyone any favors. When you look at what is wrong with this world, look to your own energy and where you apply it. Then make a change if you're not pleased with the world.

  27. 127

    Its funny how those that are always talking about hate are just as hateful as who they are railing against. The 'poor me' thing is getting old…. seriously. Get over yourself. People have a right for their own opinion.

  28. 128

    Here's this so-called 'controversy' in a nutshell. You asked a question, and instead of answering it as to whether or not individual STATES should allow same-sex marriages, she answered it using her own opinion. HER OWN OPINION. As far as I remember, she has the right to free speech, the same as you do on ANY subject. Bottom line, she answered the question wrong, using her OWN OPINION. You're making a mountain out of a molehill. She has the right to speak her opinion, unfortunately, she chose to answer in the first person instead of in the collective. NOW STFU and go do another Bad Girls Reunion or something. Something! Don't you have Britney's ass to kiss?

  29. 129

    OH and as for miss Californias answer. it's her opinion, right or wrong. You can't condemn her for her personal thoughts.

    you asked, she answered. tough shit if she gave the answer you werent hoping for.

    welcome to freedom of speech

  30. 130

    God Perez, you are so childish!!! She couldn't even respond to the question correctley. Who gives a shit!!! You're making yourself look more ridiculous than she!

  31. 131

    Who gives a shit. Seriously. She is a freaking beauty queen who will be someone's useless trophy wife one day. Her opinions do not effect me or the planet in general.

  32. 132

    Re: smallnvicious – "People who decided the final questions knew this would start some controversy"
    that's exactly the point my friend….

  33. 133

    Perez, I feel for you, but she has a right to her opinion.

    You asked, she answered. You can't control people's opinions and you should have anticipated that perhaps her response may not have been what you wanted to hear.

    Like someone else stated, you call a child a slut on a daily basis and yet you are angry because your feelings were hurt because someone said something to you that was hurtful.

    Like my momma taught me, what comes around, goes around.

    Quit bitching about hate and intolerance. I've been reading your blog for over a year and YOU can be the most hateful person around.

  34. 134

    Please explain to me how her position is fundamentally different than Obama's. Or are you going after him with the same fervor?

  35. 135

    I'm not sure what the big controversy is. Most Californians who voted agree with her. And, Perez, you asked her her OPINION and she gave it to you. Is this the first time a contestant in a beauty pagent didn't give the response that you wanted to hear.

    What's a shame is how this woman is probably going to be ruined because she spoke her mind. I give her credit for sticking to her beliefs rather than just saying what you (Perez) probably wanted to hear.

  36. 136

    We live in USA !!! and in USA!!! You can BELIEVE and SAY want you want. You GAYS can be soo anti-American sometimes…. you want to MAKE everyone BELIEVE what YOU BELIEVe. I thought Miss Cali was very very very good… she She it was good that States have a right to choose… PRO AMERICAN…. and then she said her opinion… PRO AMERICA
    GAYS get out of AMERICA if you can handle people's opinions
    GAYS get out of AMERICA if you dont like STATE RIGHTS
    GAYS get out of AMERICA if you dont respect freedom of SPEECH

  37. 137

    I'm pro-gay marriage….
    However, all this girl did was answer the question she was asked. Elequantly answered? No. But she stated what she and her family believes.
    Keith Lewis has stated what he believes.
    It is no one's right to use the Bible to determine public policy, but it's everyone's right to use the Bible to determine their own private policy.

  38. 138

    We get it that your "gay" Perez.. and so are a lot of people in this crazy world. But I don't see how being "gay" lets you take a word and make up your own definition of it. What gives you that power? If you want to enter the union of a committed monogamist relationship, then that's fine. But don't' call it a marriage.

  39. bluis says – reply to this


    Personally, I say whatever floats your boat. However, I thought she was polite and apologized when she really didn't need to. No one gets up there and says "I'm for gay marriage and I'm sorry if that offends you straight people." Drama llama. Do we pick fights just to fight anymore?

  40. 140

    Re: gg0410 – Ditto to that comment!

  41. 141

    Marriage is sacred and holy and comes from the bible, which says its a union between a man and a woman. that is why us "religious freaks" get so angry about the states trying to change its meaning. If gays want a civil union, go ahead, but calling it a "marriage" means taking something from the bible and distorting to apply to something against the bible, which is not right. America is so concerned with being politically correct that we're willing to throw away morals and sacred texts just so people get their way. Despite what Obama says, we ARE a christian nation, not a secular nation. Get over it people.

  42. 142

    how is this a big deal? you asked the question, she gave you an honest answer. if people cant handle HER truthful opinion, then dont ask the question. she was pretty brave to say that if front of all of america dont you think? get over it perez, not everyone in the world will suck up to you.

  43. Rynne says – reply to this


    It may not be a smart answer but we still have freedom of speech and she is entitled to her opinion whether we disagree with it or not.

  44. 144

    You are SUCH a little bitch!!! So he can have HIS opinion as long as he agrees with you, but SHE can't have hers because it doesn't line up with your pro-gay fudge packing agenda? Fuck off already.

  45. 145

    It's her beliefs…who cares? we are not communist are we?

  46. 146

    You know what, this has been voted on and voted DOWN in over 30 states already, accept the WILL OF THE PEOPLE and stop trying to force your agenda.
    You demanded a vote and you got it, ACCEPT IT!

  47. 147

    everyone should have the right to marriage and divorce. who really gives a shit about Miss USA. Beauty contest in the 21st century if she had a talent she would be in Miss America. Miss USA if for beautiful women who do not have ANY talent. Her dress sucks and her hair looks oh so 70's. she has no inner beauty or compassion since she feels gays do not have the right to marry. this lack of acceptance and understanding of the rights of others makes her a very ugly person inside. if the inner beauty isn't there then what she looks like on the outside means nothing. soon enough her outer appearance will match her inner uglyness.

  48. mpf says – reply to this


    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. For you to completely insult this girl shows your ignorance. I haven't been to your blog in months but when I saw this on the news and saw YOU were the one asking the question, I had to come and see what your fat mouth said about it. Couldn't you have picked a better question???? No one cares anymore Perez. And your President isn't doing anything to help you. Get over it.

  49. 149

    OMG! Get OVER it Perez. Regardless of what she said, she has the right to say it. She was brave in not being afraid to state her belief. Can you see past the fact that your view is not the ONLY view? You want respect? Then give it!

  50. 150

    Re: brizzolgal – Excellent point!!! I believe there would have been controversy whether she agreed with it or not. It's no accident they asked Miss California this question either!!

  51. 151

    Free speech is also a right in this country, you asked her her opinion and she told you, was she bashing gay rights? no, she was simply answering your question, not everyone is going to feel the same way you do. As long as she doesnt say anything that will cause a riot to provoke illegal behavior, she has done nothing wrong, and i think its extremely wrong of you to cause a huge controversey over her opinion, in which everyone is entitled to. grow up

  52. 152

    I have never left a comment before, but this one has pissed me off. Leave her alone. Who do you think you are, Perez? Has it become your mission to make her life miserable? Yes, she didn't agree with you. She doesn't have to. And yes, her comments weren't the smoothest of all. At least give me credit for sticking to what so believes in.

  53. 153

    …freedom of speech. Would you rather her lie about the situation and be called a liar?? Everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

  54. 154

    Carrie gave an honest answer to a question that should not have been asked.

    Shame on you for being such a creep that you won't tolorate her answer!

  55. 155

    I say good for Ms. CA. I applaud you for not being afraid to stand up for your beliefs. DO NOT bend to peer pressure. DO NOT let yourself be browbeat into submissions by what others think. The question was "Do YOU think other states should follow suit." You answered the question truthfully according to what YOU think and Perez and anybody else who's got their panties in a twist because you didn't say what they though you should say can just go kick rocks!!

  56. 156

    If an honest opinion was not sought, why was this question asked, Perez?? Is someone not entitled to their beliefs because they are not what your beliefs are? Would you want her to lie about how she feels on stage just to satisfy you or the judges just to win? She answered your questioned. GetOverItPlease!!!!!

  57. 157

    I'm glad people who run the it are speaking out against her.
    You can never be sure how people think about things these days- even the least looking conservative person can turn out to be a total jerk, eg, Alice Cooper.

    Hahaha- "thought police"? C'mon. Arguing against moral and social injustice means we're POLICING THOUGHTS- Silly silly.

  58. LSD says – reply to this



  59. 159

    I usually always agree with what you say Perez, but I think you're taking
    this out of hand, and blowing it up into some huge controversey. She was just going by how she was raised and under the pressure she had to give a quick response.

  60. 160

    I think everybody has the right to their own opinion. Why is it a problem that she feels that way about marriage? Does everyone in the world all of a sudden have to agree with gay marriage because its being debated? I dont think so. Why does everything have to be controversial…who fucking cares!?!

  61. 161

    You're really using a quote from one person from the Miss CA USA pageant? The way he worded this, this was HIS opinion. HE is dissapointed. His opinion, just as this was Miss California's opinion. Also, this is not a statement by Donald Trump of the Miss USA Organization. I'm pretty sure they're probably embarrassed by the way Perez won't stop bringing this girl into the news, putting her down, and using her opinion and answer to put himself in the national spotlight to talk about gay rights. That's not surprising. Safe to say he won't be invited back to the pageant again. NEVER before has a judge, after the pageant, blasted the contestants. This makes young women not even want to compete in this pageant, and that is not good for the MISS USA Organization. Way to be very immature Perez and show your true character. Yes, she could have given a better answer to please the world, but she simply gave her opinion.

    Also, Shanna Moakler?? Really? That girl has had a long list of problems and was never a good Miss USA representative. She's verbally abusive, and crazy…nothing like the girls that should represent out country and you want to post her comment as if it is a good thing? That's a joke.

  62. 162

    I think everyone should have the choice to marry who they want may it be male or female but I also feel that Miss CA is entitled to her own opinion. Isn't everyone?

  63. 163

    Oh yeah, and Prickerez is WRONG AGAIN! The WORST pageant answer was make by Miss South Carolina and broadcast widely a few years ago. Prickerez, do you have alzheimers in addition to your perversions?

  64. 164

    I loved loved loved you face after she answered! I hope that idiot realizes her intolerance cost her the "non conflict man made gemstone" crown! Yes - in US we are all entitled to our beliefs but once you put yourself in the public eye you will be judged on it. If she wants to be looked at as a bigot - her choice but she is paying for it. She was so close to a win - ha! I will Not be tolerant of intolerance and I'm glad Perez wasn't either. Would it have been cool if she told Keenan that African Americans shouldn't have the right to vote also?

  65. EMJ3 says – reply to this


    Re: Kimmers – Agreed….I'd rather hear the truth than what they think people want to hear.

  66. 166

    I hate how women use the excuse "that's how I was raised" to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Yeah, my parents raised me to believe certain things too but that doesn't mean I don't have a mind of my own and can't make decisions for myself. Also, how can women expect to avoid discrimination when they turn on a dime to discriminate against another minority group if it suits their interests?

  67. 167

    I think it's very difficult to voice your opinion when you know it's unpopular so I'm impressed she stuck up for what she believes is right.

  68. 168

    Re: Danielle20 – ahaha.
    This is how i read your comment


    .. God Bless"

    So amazingly stupid.

  69. Lene says – reply to this


    Wtf is the big deal? It's HER opinion. deal with it. It's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

  70. 170

    Read Lewis' comments. he is speaking for HIMSELF and not on behalf of the pageant. Nevertheless, shame on him as this isn't the platform for HIM to speak HIS personal views.

  71. 171

    Re: RobPnMeShouldB – I agree seriously Mario, get the fuck over it, and wipe your tears with a chocolate donut, and a visit through the drive-thru window at mcdonalds.

  72. 172

    Wow another pole smoker agrees with fat perez…shocking to bad 80% of america doesnt

  73. 173

    Perez is an embarrassment to gays! And for Perez to call Ms. California a dumb bitch is rude and judgmental. I also do not believe in gay marriage and that does not make me a dumb bitch!

  74. 174

    So she isn't allowed to have an opinion? Good grief

  75. 175

    This is AMERICA. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether YOU like it or not. So get over it.

  76. 176

    This is AMERICA, she is entitled to her opinion, and is protected by 1st Amendment; Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Religion. This is the problem with our country right now, if you don't agree, you offend, and then shit on. That's very Anti-American, perez. Wake up.

  77. 177

    There ain't no controversy fat body. See people have a right to their opinions and beliefs. The same way your gay ass wants to be accepted by getting a cock rammed in your ass she can say she doesn't like it. You asked the question, she answered with what she believes in. Yes, she is dumb as rocks but it is still her opinion. GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE FAT BODY!!!! YOU ARE THE WORST REPRESENTATIVE FOR THE GAY COMMUNITY> >> >> YOU DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD. This chick looks like she comes from a right wing conservative military family from San Diego. It's your fault for asking a loaded question! Get a grip and get over it. She did nothing wrong other than slam your dumb ass on national TV and make you look like a beaten puppy.

  78. 178

    Oh Perez… I think this is a "Controversy" only to you.. Get over yourself. You asked her that question hoping for that response just so you could put yourself in the media. Stupid.. Give the girl a poor break.. You are just as bad as the people you constantly talk about… PUKE

  79. Mimzy says – reply to this


    She has the right to say what she feels. She feels Gay Marriage is alright, but its not for her or her family. I feel the same way, and would have said the same thing. Let Gays get married, go right on ahead. But I personally prefer being married to a man. You're taking this too far, she is entitled to her own damn opinion. Now this woman is going to be bashed. You could have asked any other question in whole damn world, but yes that had to be the first thing to fly out of your mouth. Calm down on all the Gay Rights, jeez. People are slowly coming around to the idea. Stop pushing it and rushing it, and making this woman out to be some homophobe.

  80. 180

    And of course Perez had to ask a gay question because that is what he basis his whole life on…..his sexuality.

  81. 181

    I agree with the beauty queen 100,000,000%

  82. 182

    I think Miss California is right.
    And I think Perez used this woman to promote himself and the gay agenda.

  83. 183

    Re: Orator – Here here, Orator! I could give a shit less about anyone's marriage but my own and am PROUD to be friends with a most wonderful, generous, selfless MARRIED gay couple! They treat their relationship with a great deal more care. loyalty and respect than ANY of my straight, married counterparts do their spouses! If anything, I look to them for advice on how to make my marriage richer and how to communicate more openly and honestly, which is something missing from a lot of hetero marriages and which leads them to that ridiculously high divorce rate!

  84. 184


    If you want ppl to be tolerant toward gay ppl, maybe you should do the same with the straight one! The way that you "behave" regarding this matter, well…show that you have to learn more about being….tolerant as well!

    And be careful….All of this night work against you in the future!

  85. 185

    get over yourself seriously EVERYONES entitled to their own opinion and obviously california made a statement about gays when prop 8 passed so shut up and move to one of the FOUR out of FIFTY states that allows gay marriage. you all are dumb so shut up GO MISS CALIFORNIA!!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU AND THINK YOU SHOULDA WON!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. 186

    She is entitled to her opinion after all is that what the question was about.

  87. 187

    PRICKEREZ asked this GOTCHA question simply to benefit in publicity at SOMEONE ELSE'S EXPENSE. He should be shunned by society as the turds that are flushed down the toilet each morning. Indeed, there is no difference.

  88. 188

    OMG…..the girl stated her honest opinion. Whats wrong with that? Not everyone is for gay marriage. Plain and simple. Get over it. I think its comendable that she was honest with her answer being a contestant in such a huge competition. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You think its okay for men to marry men, she doesn't. So what. Get the fuck over yourself and accept the fact that not everyone agrees with you and your beliefs. This is America after all.

  89. 189

    Re: RubyCoveredTelephone – RubyCoveredTelephone you're just as much a fuckin moron as Prickerez.

  90. 190

    Perez, everyone is entitle to their OPINION. You don't need to accept it what the person says but you need to respect it. Not everyone needs to agree on same sex marriage it just happens that she believes marriage is between a man and a woman. Of course you are going to bad mouth her because she wasn't with you but against. Be a mature adult about it!!!!

  91. 191

    Whose right is it to be able to determine whether 2 men or 2 women are together in a relationship or allowed to marry??? Miss California has some serious ass balls, no wait, ovaries of steel to stand on that stage and basically gay/lesbian bash!!! She had no right to voice her opinon on the matter when it was rude, inconsiderate and uncalled for!!! I am saddened and sickened by her comments. Perez, you were right to call her a bitch… although I have other choice words and names for her!!!!

  92. 192

    All you're really doing is encouraging other people to lie, so that they won't be chased by the torch-wielding PC mobs. Have you really thought your cunning plan through? Does it help your cause to force people to mouth the PC-approved party line out of fear of petty retribution? That doesn't change any hearts. That doesn't make opposition go away — it just drives it underground where it's harder to confront.

  93. 193

    Its not a controversy. While I agree that gays should allowed to be married, this is America and she is free to feel how she wants about the issue.

  94. 194

    I think Perez is a dipshit for trying to stir up controversy. What she said was her opinion and just because it differed to his he kicks up about it. Perez
    shouldn't have asked that question anyway and he ultimately got what you deserved. Perez ended up looking like an ass and not her. Get over it. She would have won the competition but for you dipshit. How selfish can one be..

  95. 195

    Geeeeez the girl has a right to her own beliefs and opinions! *Most* people feel the way she does….
    Get off your high horse already Mario!

  96. 196

    I think that, if she wasn't supposed to give her actual honest opinion about the matter, the question should have never been asked. Is it illegal to have opinions these days? I am surprised at the way you are acting Perez - you should be ashamed. Not everyone is going to agree with you and your stance on gay marriage. You should be applauding her for giving her honest opinion, not some cookie-cutter, politically correct statement.

  97. 197

    Re: Emmie859
    I agree with you. but calling perez names is just feeding the fire. you are absolutely right, he does nothing productive for this world. and ask this question last night, expecting ONE answer, didnt get it and that was wrong. FAIL

  98. 198

    Re: heidiisallfake – too many ignorant people ,
    a marriage should be bewteen 2 lovers !
    no mater if a man and man or woman and woman or as miss dumb fuck california said " a marriage of opposites " —————–A marriage is between a man and a woman because last that I knew two men/ women can not make a baby, and that is the traditional sense of marriage! Most gays and liberals are on a mission to destroy religion, morals, and ethics and this is just another step for them.

  99. 199

    Re: Perez_Peruse – I totally agree with everything you just said. Perez talks about Miley and calls her a slut, then gets his panties in a bunch when someone tells him something he doesn't like and is crying like the little bitch he is. Ugh.

  100. 200

    no one gives a crap about shanna whatsherface.
    what a famewhore.

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