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Pageant Organizers Speak Out AGAINST Miss California!!!

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We're not the only ones who disagreed with the way Miss California, Carrie Prejean, answered her question on gay marriage last night during the Miss USA pageant.

PerezHilton.com has just just received an exclusive statement from Keith Lewis, the Executive Director of Miss California USA/Teen USA.

Keith says:

"As co-executive director of Miss CA USA and one of the leaders of the Miss CA family, I am personally saddened and hurt that Miss CA USA 2009 believes marriage rights belong only to a man and a woman. Although I believe all religions should be able to ordain what unions they see fit, I do not believe our government should be able to discriminate against anyone. Religious beliefs have no place in politics in the Miss CA family."

And on another positive note, PerezHilton.com has received confirmation from Shanna Moakler's rep that the 2001 Miss USA winner "supports Keith's views 100%."


What do U think about this whole controversy????

[Image via WENN.]

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598 comments to “Pageant Organizers Speak Out AGAINST Miss California!!!”

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  1. 201

    I was annoyed and bored when the first post on this showed up, but now I'm mad. This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and Americans have the right to their own opinions. How dare you or anyone else try to shut this girl down because of an opinion that is widely held by MILLIONS. She can believe what she wants; you can believe what you want. The day that changes is the day I don't want to BE an American anymore. What have we come to??

  2. 202

    Is Keith Lewis giving a personal opinion or a statement on behalf of the Miss CA Usa? So we appauld Keith Lewis's "opinion" but we shame Carrie into oblivion because she expressed her opinion. Obviously homosexuals only want a one way street on this opinion highway and watch out for the enter in the rear signs…because if you don't answer the question correctly…you could be screwed.

  3. 203

    hmm…..If you didnt want an honest answer from her to your question then why did you ask it??? I don't understand the controversy she honestly answered your question….regardless of how you feel on the issue you have to respect that.

  4. 204

    I just heard that it was proven that your score that took her down. What a fucking self centred asshole you are Perez.

  5. 205

    Sorry but if that is what she feels then she is entitled to say it… U can either agree with it or not… An opinion is an opinion and everyone is entitled to have and express one. So perez for u to get all uptight about it is hypocrisy in the fullest effect… You love to talk about freedom of speech when it benefits you but can never take it when someone else's opinion differs from your own…

  6. kugar says – reply to this


    Ever since i have been out of a relationship for a while now and not ready to get back into one i have to say that I have found a new perspective on Love and if anyone on this planet finds love then i say it does NOT matter what sex you are and this is coming from someone who is straight and grew up Catholic so I applaud anyone who is in a loving relationship no matter what and if they want to get married then i say YES to it but i also believe in not censoring and/or trashing another human being because of their belief system, so if someone is gay and trashes another human being because of there belief in not same sex marriage then i say THAT is wrong.

  7. 207

    Really Perez, just because someone doesn't share your opinion you can make a few posts about her being stupid? You should know better. You are acting like a child. You make comments about how stars talk out and they look stupid, you are doing the same with yourself. Show some respect and show your opinion in another way. Being hateful is never the answer.

  8. pmann says – reply to this


    All that Mario is doing is making himself look like a knee jerk reactionist. In general his point is acurate but his hissy fit throwing tactics are deeply hurting the gay community. If you want equality - stop acting like a foot stomping 2 year old. Grow up and fight the good fight with dignity, not these melt down queen displays. It is embarrassing.

  9. 209

    It is so unfortunate that Americans are so opinionated…If we practiced the ideas of MAO as in "No Research, No Right to Speak" we wouldn't have so many people getting out in public offending people.

  10. 210

    Is her FUCKING OPINION!!! what's wrong with that?? Let her alone !!

  11. 211

    Her own personal opinions are irrelevant she is a representative of an entire state and therefore has an obligation to present views that are socially constructive despite what ever base, conservative redneck riddled thoughts are running through her evidently pea sized excuse for a brain

  12. 212

    I'm somewhat disspointed with you perez because your upset about some one telling it like they know(which you do!) but then again im not suprised because your gay so your bound to be offended when someone doesnt support your lifestyle..I think she answered that question spectacularly!She was honest and least offensive as she possibly could have been on the topic. You know even if she said she supported gay marriage she would still have gotten alota lip about her answer especially from her hometown California which clearly isnt for gay marriage..
    it is what it is!

  13. 213

    Obama said the same thing and you are not demonizing him on here.(at the saddleback ranch forum) look it up on youtube.

    anyway, you are denying her freedom to feel this way, youre being a hypocrite,
    I'm really disappointed.

  14. 214

    Arizona should have fared better in the end. Miss California gave an ignorant response to the question given by Perez. As a true rep of the state of CA and the U.S.A. views are 21st century*more diplomatic. She slammed GLBT, but I'm sure her Daddy was proud :D

  15. 215

    Well would like to say that isn't funny how far along we have come in this world, to only be set back by Perez Hilton. I guess now the only opinions that count are of the gay community. Whether we agree with Miss California or not, do not slander her for her personal views. Perez, maybe you need to swallow smarter mens love juice, cause it is apparent you are getting dumber by the minute. Keep pissing off people and when you need there vote, you won't get it. I would love to debate you in a television forum, but we all know the coward that you are. Flamer

  16. 216

    That woman is an IDIOT!
    No offense, but I was raised to believe in EQUALITY!!!
    Dumb bitch!

  17. 217

    It is very funny to me that everyone has the "right " to everything when it goes in one groups favor but heaven forbid….OMG did I just make a referrence to heaven!!!! the gays may stone me!….that someone else have a voice. You guys make me sick. I really think it is a person's belief that should be valued and this girl has hers. She didnt get up there and say anthing nasty or mean. She only stated a fact to the question asked of her. You gays should get your panties out of a wad. You are as bad as people accusing everyone of being racist when it is they themselves that have the hate. You are doin the exact same thing!!!

  18. 218

    Hey Miss vacous California - how about Live and Let Live as a motto? I, personally, think she is an ignorant twit.
    Why is it that there seems to be no problem for the "we-don't-really-have-morals majority to allow pologamist "marriage," marriages between minors in some states, etc.?
    Why are those "marriages" okay?

  19. 219

    Hey Perez how did it feel getting screwed by a woman from California this weekend?

  20. 220


  21. 221

    Re: STFUP

    Amen I agree!!!

  22. 222

    Keith Lewis is a punk too. A dude involved with the Miss Ca. pagent HAS to be a pissed off queen who also wants to marry another dude. You idiots want freedoms yet you want to disallow others their opinions. You make it WAY too easy to hate you ass-licker!

  23. 223

    I don't think she is stupid. she has a right to her opinion, and kudos to her for saying what she felt instead of what the public wanted to hear. Get over it, Perez. you are gay, we get that, but not EVERYONE has to agree that you deserve to be married just like a man and a woman can.

  24. 224

    Maybe they should have never asked the question in the first place!

  25. 225

    Re: Shastamagic – Uh, yeah it does.

  26. 226

    I think this whole controversy is BULLSHIT! First off, she's up there in the spotlight and has only seconds to think and there is a lot of pressure. I think the question is a BULLSHIT question for some forum like the Miss USA pageant. Perez, your fucking agendas are bullshit. Also, your title of this is WAY off. This Keith idiot is not a director of the Miss USA pageant, he is a co-executive, which you put executive, director, of the MISS CALIFORNIA pageant.
    Perez, you seriously need to get off your fucking high horse. Not everyone believes in what you believe and it's not fair to ridicule her and call her names like, "Stupid Bitch". They were talking about this on Good Day LA this morning. Of course Jillian agreed with you, Dorothy and Steve did not.
    I still don't understand why they would have some worthless woman hating fag who takes every opportunity to call women sluts and whores, to be a judge for the pageant. Honestly, that doesn't say much for the pageant. You know what? I think I will write the pageant and protest them having you as a judge!

  27. 227

    Re: -bootz- – true she's representing an entire country but you have to keep in mind that its a country divided on the question she was asked so she's allowed to sit on either side of the fence. And then again her personal opinion does count!If they did not care then they would simply have trained 1 person on what they wanted her to say n do to be Miss USA insteada doing a whole pageant

  28. 228

    She has a right to her opinion, just as those who are pro gay marriage are. She shouldnt be crucified for answering the question honestly. Get real, Perez. Noy everyone has to agree with you.

  29. 229

    Re: Kimberbunny – You are exactly right - she does have a civil right to her opinion.
    But . . . I can recall there were those who's "opinion" was that women were not smart or responsible enough to vote.
    I can recall there were those who's "opinion" was that blacks should forever remain slaves. And that they, too, were too stupid to vote.
    Stupid? Even my house plants know that Obama and Hillary are light-years ahead of Dubya.

  30. 230

    No controversy. She's entitled to her opinion. This site should stick to dishing dirt on celebs, and avoid getting too preachy.

  31. 231

    I had to join the message board just to post this. I think its hilarious that there are people going onto YOUR website/blog and telling YOU to stop writing about how YOU feel. Please people, think about what you are saying. No one is telling anyone to believe a certain way or trying to censor people (as one person put it). In fact, isn't Perez practicing free speech for posting what he thinks about Miss California? Go ahead Perez, make every other posting about Miss CaliforIna. I would just love to see what people would write on this message board if Miss Califronia said something like, "In my family, we don't believe people of different races should be allowed to get married, we believe in the opposite kind". Seriously guys, go ahead and practice free speech, just please think about what you say before you annoy us with your stupidity.

  32. 232

    Quit being such a thought-nazi, Hilton!

    You're willing to ruin a good person's future career because they don't share your opinion. You have no integrity and deserve what you sow.

  33. 233

    I'm all for free speech and she absolutely has the right to any opinion she likes.

    I also have the right to judge her character based on her opinion.

  34. 234

    LMAO i agree with Kimberbunny , but at the same time i am so glad that the executive or whatever the fuck he is said that. it actually kinda brings some closure or whatever. she is a dumb bitch.

  35. 235

    personally, it shouldn't be a controversy. she was asked a question, and whether you or anyone else agrees with her opinion, she has the RIGHT to her beliefs. just like you have the right to agree or disagree. since when did it become okay to bash anyone who holds a different opinion? that's right, the one's screaming for equal rights and tolerance are the very same ones who only give the same courtesy to those that agree with them. hypocrisy isn't attractive.

  36. 236

    they asked HER opinion. not anyone else's. get over it.

  37. 237

    Perez, for a grown up man of 31 years old who wishes a 16 year old on daily basis a wrecked future you are making a big fuss out of nothing! You publicly trashed Britney during her worst moment and wished her death, you are doing the same now with Lindsay and you tried effortless to put Miley in jail for not using a helmet so why would someone feel sympathetic about you when you are the "victim" of some intolerant guy who is sick of you???
    Learn to fight your battles, you were "man" enough to sit there and ask something that you knew will always be a controversial subject, the girl was raised by a conservative family and answered honestly and openly. You are just using her to get some promo, sadly you are the one coming across as an idiot.
    Being tolerant means to respect everyone's rights. You want everyone to think the way you do yet I've never seen you as being a pro gay in California or fighting for equal gay rights, never seen you on a parade or giving a speech. All I see you doing is ranting over and over again about how some entertainers are "douches" for being anti-gay and outing ppl steppin on their rights to remain a closeted gay or not… you are the worst example of a gay guy and to the gay community which btw I support and admire for their achieves.
    I really hope this whole "tantrum" helps ppl to realize what a douche you really are.

  38. shara says – reply to this


    I think your video post would have been a good way to answer the question- but perhaps if you wanted a constitutional spin on it i.e. federalism, state rights etc, you may have asked the question with that tone (I don't think beauty queens often think about the constitutional implications of controversial issues).

    As this is a very much religiously tinged issue as with abortion, if you get a contestant that is from a religious background, then I dont think it is unexpected that her answer will be affected by this background.

    Regardless, if she had answered with the same tone but in affirmation of your views, then this probably wouldnt be such a huge controversy. Again, when we say people are entitled to their own opinions, there shouldnt be an implicit "if only they coincide with mine" attached to it.

    For the record, I think its a state issue- let the people decide whether they are for or against for whatever reasons either way.

  39. 239

    Although I love reading this blog I have to disagree with perez on the gay marriage issue. Like this woman who gave her "opinion" we are all free to our own. I was, like her, raised to believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. I would have to agree that most of the people in the audience at the pageant did not agree with her, but the truth is that the majority of Americans do agree with her. If anything we should be applauding her for standing up for what she believes in, even if some do not agree. After all is that what this issue is all about, "rights".

  40. DaLa says – reply to this


    She's a bimbo. Why should we care what she thinks?

  41. kiana says – reply to this


    Go Miss California, sock it to 'em. You can say what you like but we do have a right to vote our conscience and she stated her conscience. Get over it. Whiney babies I tell ya.

  42. 242

    I don't understand people who continue to say that gay marriage attacks the sanctity marraige. I have family members who are devout catholics and may not believe in that for themselves but have said it is not their place to stop another person from living there life as they see fit. Gays being married doesn't affect the marriage that my husband and I have (or anyone else I know for that matter). If you have strong religious beliefs, well good for you but that doesn't mean everyone else has to believe what you do. There's only one that can judge the actions of man and it's not a group of zealots who are always trying to force their views on others.

  43. 243

    I personally know Carrie, and i think she did a wonderful job answering the MOST controversial question given to any of the girls. She stated her beliefs and I don't see anything wrong with it… thats the point of the question. I'm glad she didn't answer the question just to answer it, she stood up for what she believed in. At least she has an opinion, unlike the other girls who barely answered their questions. GOOD job carrie! you should have won!

  44. 244

    Beauty pageant girls never fail to bring the LOLs!

  45. 245

    Good for her! Heaven forbid anyone not be a freaking liberal in California. All the retarded celebrities and their liberal rants and beliefs, makes me lose so much respect for them. Keith is a douche, and Perez needs to freaking stop being a baby and respect her opinion. What if she would have said she is for gay marriage? The people who don't believe in it would have been turned off as well. So it was a lose lose retarded question to be asked in the first place. What a great girl to stand up to her beliefs and MORALS. I applaud her and wish her well. You go girl!

  46. kiana says – reply to this


    If religious beliefs aren't part of politics then why did they ask the question? Goes to show it's all in how you look at it. We could dance around this issue for decades to come. Both sides could argue until the sun don't shine.

  47. 247

    She's entitled to her own opinion just like everyone else. She's not a homophoebe she just lives in a repressed household. Just because you didn't get the answer you wanted Perez doesn't make her completely wrong - you're a sore fuktard. Now be off with your merry gay self.

  48. 248

    She was raised to believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.. so i dont blame her for her answer.. although i think completely differently.

  49. 249

    Idiot Girl does have the right to her opinion, but she got the facts wrong: She said, "I think it's great that Americans are able to choose one or the other. We live in a land that you can choose." Umm, No. We don't. Except in four states, gay people cannot choose. It was a horrible, stupid answer to a really good question - a question that serves to put an important issue in front of many Americans in a venue where they didn't expect it. Good on Perez, Boooooooooo! on Idiot Girl.

  50. 250

    She did not win. Enough said.

  51. MP says – reply to this


    Don't the pageant organizers believe in free speech?

  52. 252

    What was the point of asking the question if they were going to get all up-in-arms over her response? Just another lame attempt to indoctrinate our nation with the idea that everyone is liberal and that if you don’t think like they do, then you’re the oddball. I’m so glad to see a young person with strong personal convictions that is unwilling to be silenced by the liberal agenda. Believe it or not, MOST people agree with her.

  53. 253

    Give it up fatty, you're just trying to start up some controversy with yourself smack dab in the middle of it. Just another attempt to become famous, but nobody cares about you no matter how much you push yourself in the public eye.

  54. 254

    She deserves every bit of controversy she gets! thank GOD she lost.

  55. 255

    A male homosexual as judge at Miss America? What in the crap does a man homosexual know about female beauty - I thought the homosexuals wanted us to believe that homosexuality was genetic? If so, a male homosexual wouldn't know female beauty right? Because heterosexuality is genetic, a heterosexual male doesn't understand why a homosexual male wants to play doctor on him.

  56. 256

    I gotta say Perez..you are such a pot stirring ass with your stupid question. I love the gay guy who was getting all crazy about it in the lobby after saying that her opinion was NOT 95 percent of the audience's. Right! You just keep telling yourself that. Sorry to tell you all but homosexuality is still a complete minority in numbers. It's amazing how PC you all profess to be, that all people should have their rights etc etc…blather blather blather…yeah–until it's another opinion that isn't the same as yours. What a joke! BE DECENT PEOPLE AND LET PEOPLE HAVE THEIR OWN OPINIONS - You Bunch of Total Hypocates!

  57. 257

    She was the clear winner until Perez Hilton did this. You are an unethical, immoral piece of shit. I hope someone gives you a dose of your own medicine one day, you complete and utter slime.

  58. 258

    Re: STFUP – AGREED,…It wasent meant for man and man to marry or woman to woman to marry. It was meant for a man and a woman to marry and have children..Two gay men cannot have biological children together and neither can two women. IT's not the way god intended. You can bitch, cry, shout, hate all you want but it is what it is..

  59. 259

    Re: Kate27 – Well said! Perezer is such a cry baby… WAAAAAW I wann a woowwy pop! Grew the fuck up Perez you suck. What you can dish it but can't take it?!

  60. 260

    Way to go Miss California……..speech well spoken. Marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN anything else is a civil union between 2 people, which is fine with me,…..too each their own. I am so tired of listening to all those bitching about this however……remember the 1st ammendment.
    Miss California (also STFUP) said it best. MARRIAGE = MAN + WOMAN!
    Perez you are just pissed off because all the dick sucking you do still will not get you any closer to being recognized as someone who would be considered married no matter how good you are at it. Grow up you whiney little bitch!

  61. 261

    She's beautiful AND decent… Thank goodness there are still people who are willing to state their opinion - even when it's not PC or popular at the moment. Some people have standards and will stick by them. It's becoming more and more rare.

  62. 262

    Why you ball sniffing fags !!!!! Its the fags and lesbians that are bringing this country down. You immoral scum will rot in hell for your pond scum lifestyles.

    Miss California is a winner for life for standing up to you assholes.
    In case you have your head up your lovers butt and didn't notice, The MAJORITY of Americans are against Fags!!

    Go over to France or some other homo supporting country and rot there!

    Just like the leprosy that you are we need to find a deserted island to dump all you scum on it and you all can die of aids there!

  63. 263

    Big deal Perez.

    We still live in a world were we are ALLOWED to have our OWN opinions about everything. Are you trying to change that?

    You are being a BULLY now simply because of her views. Did she hit you? NO SHE DID NOT. You are acting like a spoiled little BRAT.

  64. 264

    Good to get it out there and discussed!

  65. 265

    Re: STFUP – Its ignorant people like you that corrupt our country. All people deserve to be equal. How do you know that a marriage has to be between a man and a woman anyway. If homosexuality is such a bad thing then how come Jesus doesn't mention it NOT ONCE in the Bible. Don't you think that if it was such a bad thing he would have at least mentioned it? He mentions murder, greed, hatred, the greed of the high priest and tax collectors, all these things that he considered evil and not once is homosexuality. Why don't you take a while to think about that in your ignorance. No one has the right to judge others, we are all sinners. So shut your mouth and let God decide and stop depriving people of their natural rights and happiness!

  66. 266

    If they don't like the answer they heard, then don't ask the (loaded) question. Easy as that.

  67. 267

    Re: LoLaFeDoRa
    Im a law student and i can tell you that wikipedia doesnt actually give the proper definition, its completely general. Marriage is defined in law as being between a man and a woman. In order to allow same sex marriage he term marriage would have to be redefined. This is the problem that the law makers and politicians face. Just thought id let you know.x

  68. 268

    Miss you LG!

  69. 269

    Everyone has the right to their own opinion. She didn't say that gay marriage is not right. She said she is glad she lives in a country where you have the choice. But, her personal choice and opinion is that marriage was meant to be between a man and a women. She was obviously nervous and heard the question wrong. She is being judged because she gave an answer that a lot of people don't like. You cant please everyone. If you cant agree to disagree and not get mad about an answer you don't like, then you don't have any business asking a question that Perez did in the first place. In my opinion

  70. 270

    Re: annielee – WOW STUPID you people are so DUMB - PEREZ SPECIFICALLY SAID that he wasn't upset at the answer to the question… just the manner in which the question was answered. If you are representing a state you should be able to eloquently provide your beliefs and show that you have a half a brain. That girl no matter what her opinion was, gave the stupidest, most un put together answer. It sounded like verbal diaherra. And THAT is what Perez didn't like, not her opinion. Obviously everyone has the right to their own opinion unless it physically harms someone in the process (for instance Neo Nazis)

  71. 271

    I was in another room, when my hubby said, "come back…your Perez is on"….I came in just as this ______(fill in with any nasty word you want) spewed her hate. I can understand that it's her beliefs, but she could have worded it much more humanely. She could have said that her beliefs may conflict, but that she believes in LOVE and everyone has a right to love….without going against gay marriage per say. She is an evil bitch and it's a good thing she has LOOKS - lets hope she hangs on to those good looks because there is nothing under the surface.

  72. 272

    Miss California did not win.
    Enough said.
    Re: Danielle20 – Are you aware there are Christian denominations that allow gay clergy and sanction holy unions between same sex couples? To not allow same sex marriage denies these citizens the right to express their spiritual beliefs to the fullest. Thereby your opinion can easily be seen as anti-Christian, congratulations. Our laws must apply equally to all regardless of what brand of god you worship.

  73. 273

    The girl was unlucky to draw Perez to give her a question. His follow-up video was just rude and inappropriate. I am done supporting Perezhilton.com just like I won't go see another Batman movie with Christian Bale.

  74. 274

    Common sense should have told her not to say that regardless of how she really feels. lol

  75. 275

    the more you talk about her, the more of a stretch of 15 mins into 30 mins fame

  76. 276

    I think if there was only one answer you were looking for, then it was an unfair question. You asked for her opinion, and in a very kind way, she expressed it. She wasn't condescending, she simply stated that it was the way she was raised. I think it is wrong for everyone to attack her opinion on a subject that is HUGELY controversial. No matter how she answered the question, she would have been attacked. I'm personally proud of her for actually answering the question instead of skirting around it. She was set up to fail regardless of her answer. Shame on you for attacking her and calling her names. She is entitled to her opinion and so are you. But at least she wasn't name calling and throwing a hissy fit.

  77. 277

    i could really give a shit what her opinion is. If it was up to her, there would probably only be white girls in the contest, and blondes who are a size zero. To tell you the truth , there is a reason she is in pageants and smart girls are in college or working with "REAL" careers. Next year, she will try to model, and then try to act, and then she will finally give up and be someones secretary.
    I'm actually glad she answered the question truthfully, instead of saying what everyone wanted to hear. Although, i don't agree with her. I think it shows the nation (or at least the hand full of people that watch this crap) that there are plenty of dumb ass ass people who believe it is their right to decide who other people marry. Just like not so long ago, when racists thought it was their right to kill /discriminate/rape etc etc black/latino/native/asian and anyone else who wasn't white.
    Hopefully by the time i have kids, and they grow up they wont have to deal with this bs that America cannot seem to get over.

  78. 278

    There is NO CONTROVERSY! She is against gay marriage, and she answered your question clearly and unapologetically. and she was bold enough to speak honestly instead of giving the PC, BS "I want to work toward world peace" answers. I was thrilled to watch your face as she answered the your question and she gave you the "wrong" answer.

  79. 279

    just as perez hilton and all his chums have his opinion…so does she–respect it!

  80. 280

    Perez, you completely blew it, just looking for publicity for your blog and your own ego. Chris Angel was correct about what he said about you, at his perfomance in Vegas the other night. Hat's off to Miss California for expressing her opinion, professionally.

  81. 281

    Shame on you, Perez Hilton!
    Shame on you for using Miss USA Pageant and it's contestant Miss California to promote your gay rights agenda!

  82. 282

    Perez this is not a controversy, everyone has a right to their own opinion, what kind of america would this be if we didn't allow free speech. You shouldn't have asked that question if you were gonna cry over her answer. Its not like shes the one who makes the decision on whether or not to legalize gay marriage. So stop freaking out over it. Its her opinion and she has a right to think that way if she wants.

  83. meme says – reply to this


    I think it's sad that she believes that, or even worse just said it because it's what she thought people wanted to hear and it would help her win.

  84. 284

    your such a brat, if you dont get your way or people dont kiss your ass you have to go cry about it. she has the right to her opinion as does every AMERICAN. go back to cuba if you dont like it

  85. 285

    Re: GossipjunkieRe: Gossipjunkie – since you appear to be so smart where does God say he is against being gay… back up your statements if you are going to use your religion as a WEAPON IDIOT!

  86. 286

    Re: TheSoonToBeMRS… – You may be the biggest moron around. Marriage for procreation ONLY goes against people who can not have children due to medical issues and goes against people like me and my hubby who are childfree by choice. We've been married for over 15 years and are happier than ever. He is active duty Military, protecting people like you and we both give our time to charity and volunteerism. Oh…but by your standards and other religious (aka haters) zealots, we don't deserve to be married because we're childfree. Get your head outta your ass and get your beliefs out of the dark ages. I guess the human race really isn't evolving…

  87. 287

    She sucks!

  88. 288

    Freedom of speech is guaranteed By US Constitution.
    Freedom of speech!
    Freedom of speech!
    Freedom pf speech!
    Freedom of speech!
    Freedom of speech!
    Freedom of speech!
    Freedom of speech!

  89. 289

    I don't usually comment on this stuff, but I feel strongly right now that I should. Yes, the answer that Miss CA gave to the question was terrible. But with all of the controversy and contention surrounding that topic, anyone would be an idiot to think that the question was not a "loaded" question. No matter how you answer it, someone is going to be unhappy. In spite of the fact that her answer was not "politically correct", everyone in this country has a right to his or her opinion, and that includes Miss CA. Give her a break. She was basically set up. And for the record, I am 100% for gay marriage and equality, just in case I get blasted.

  90. 290

    Perez isn’t telling the girl what to believe OR what opinion to have. If you watch his video response, he gave a PERFECT example of a typical pageant type answer she could have given, which would not support the cause either way, and would leave her opinion out of it. I’m so confused, wasn’t Perez a JUDGE? Then doesn’t that infer he would be judging based on his opinion, which would mean that in his eyes there would be a right or wrong answer. This girl isn’t a blogger, she isn’t just representing herself and her views, she is supposed to be ‘bi-partisan’ and be able to represent all people – and yet she alienated a large group of people by making her statement. And gay marriage is not a religious issue. Everyone who is stating that Perez is forcing his beliefs on everyone else and not allowing this girl to an opinion is hypocritical! People like Miss CA. are imposing their beliefs on gay people that would like to be married but are being repressed, and the only reason being: the opinion of people who do not agree with them! EQUALITY for all - from a straight girl supporting everyone's rights in our country!!!

  91. 291

    I have to agree with #26. FUCK IT DOESNT EVEN INVOLVE ANY OF YOU IF A MAN AND A MAN OR A WOMAN AND A WOMAN marry.. So why in the FUCK do you give a shit what it's called? SERIOUSLY.. HOW DOES IT.. INVOLVE YOU? TELL ME HOW.. No. Im not GAY either, but I wish I was most days. Men suck.

  92. 292

    these comments about this topic are ridiculous…..

    why can't people marry whoever they want!!!!

  93. 293

    Its hard to be under that kind of pressure on stage but that doesnt excuse what she said..everyone should be treated equally I think its just so ridiculous that this is still an issue everyone just needs to be given equal rights!!

  94. 294

    This really starting to piss me off. Its ok for a GAY person to think or say whatever he or she wants. But if a straight person says I think men and woman should only be married she is called stupid & she should of lied. Bull Shit Just like this Perez thing who gives stupid advice and his opinion all over the place. Well guess what I think he is a bitch. But him being a gay man true to form. He will say thank you. & I will say your welcome dick smacker..

  95. 295

    She has a right to her own opinion no matter how conservative it may be. I agree that she could have much more diplomatic in her answer tho, she was rattled by the question and didn't think before she answered. Wow, I can't believe that she represented California of all places too.

  96. 296

    So those who don’t agree with gay marriage are suppose to be tolerant of those who believe in it, but those who believe in gay marriage hate those that do not believe in it. I thought gays are the most loving?

  97. 297


  98. 298

    I think Keith is a gay man just like yourself, and you all will never agree that gays should not be married, no one said don't be gay, don't have a relationship, but heck no you shouldn't be married, and I'm glad she voiced her opinion.

  99. 299

    Re: Latina8 – I was wondering if/when someone was going to turn this into a racial/weight discussion. Please stop using your RACE as a CRUTCH! You're a bigger racist for doing so than the typical skinny white girl. Don't blame her for CHOOSING to take care of herself, while you've CHOSEN to gain weight and then call yourself "thick" or "big boned". LOL

  100. sushi says – reply to this


    She holds the same view as the Obama Administration. Yet you love Obama.

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