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Pageant Organizers Speak Out AGAINST Miss California!!!

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We're not the only ones who disagreed with the way Miss California, Carrie Prejean, answered her question on gay marriage last night during the Miss USA pageant.

PerezHilton.com has just just received an exclusive statement from Keith Lewis, the Executive Director of Miss California USA/Teen USA.

Keith says:

"As co-executive director of Miss CA USA and one of the leaders of the Miss CA family, I am personally saddened and hurt that Miss CA USA 2009 believes marriage rights belong only to a man and a woman. Although I believe all religions should be able to ordain what unions they see fit, I do not believe our government should be able to discriminate against anyone. Religious beliefs have no place in politics in the Miss CA family."

And on another positive note, PerezHilton.com has received confirmation from Shanna Moakler's rep that the 2001 Miss USA winner "supports Keith's views 100%."


What do U think about this whole controversy????

[Image via WENN.]

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598 comments to “Pageant Organizers Speak Out AGAINST Miss California!!!”

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  1. 301

    Re: annabelle – TOTALLY agree #54.
    can we be besties?

  2. 302

    Re: Emmie859 – *showing you the door* BUH-BYE!

  3. 303

    Re: donnatheraterbater – –omg TOTALLY agree as well.
    beautifully said.

  4. 304

    Well in that case, judges shouldnt ask questions in regards to Religious beliefs/politics IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  5. 305

    I think that just as she believes gay marriage is wrong, BLOND PAGEANTS SHOULDN'T SPEAK.

  6. 306

    what an ugly hag! i am ashamed that she is representing our beautiful state of california. whoever picked her should think twice before giving her the right to represent the best state in the usa. for all of the commenters who are upset that gay-rights activists are making a big deal about this, DON'T READ THIS BLOG! you know you will hear intelligent comments about the fact that gay marriage is an inherent right of anyone–hell, even other animals have shown homosexual tendencies. but maybe that's too much to ask of the peeps in the bible belt to be as sophisticated as dolphins. i guess thats just wishful thinking.

  7. FunMe says – reply to this


    Re: Danielle20

    What are you talking about you fanatical bible-thumping hater? We call you FAKE CHRISTIAN because you know nothing about the LOVE message God gave through his son Jesus. And of acceptance of everyone.

    You are not God and have no right to be spilling your hate.

    I wouldn't be surprise if you boyfriend/husband is cheating on you right now with another woman, maybe even a man! That is the KARMA you hipocrites usually get.

  8. Wrenn says – reply to this


    This is America…she's got every right to her own opinion and beliefs…whether you agree or not. The more you fight for gay marriage the more I fight against it!!! You have alienated a lot of people who at one time could have cared less…you have done nothing but energize the right wing. Fool!!!

  9. 309


  10. 310

    Perez, what is wrong with someone having their own opinion? Just because she doesn't agree with your views on gay marriage then she is not worthy somehow? I don't think so, everyone does not have to feel and think the same way you do. Does that make us wrong????? Why don't you ever answer any of the questions that are posed to you on this forurm?

  11. 311

    I don't agree with her opinions, but she has her right to have her opinions I think shitting on her because you don't agree with her make any better than people who crap on people for gay rights…


  12. 312

    I'm really glad they addressed the issue- impressed that they said that! I'm scared she is first runner up and could represent the US should the winner have to step down for any reason.

  13. 313

    It was wrong to ask that question, they set her up to loose. It is a loose, loose question. Shame on you for ruining a family show with this controversy.

  14. 314

    Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I think she should've just been a little more eloquent in expressing that opinion. To blast her, repeatedly, for having her opinion is just as wrong, isn't it?

  15. 315

    I think it's pretty hard to be anti-gay or hateful to any group of people, and expect to come of looking like a nice person. Once you show homophobia, sexism or racism, people are going to perceive you as a hater. It's as simple as that. People should really think before they open their mouths and create an image for themselves, that may come back to haunt them. Look at Michael Richards. He can say he's sorry, over and over, yet he will be forever branded a racist, as this girl will, a homophobe. They just have to live with that and deal with the fallout. There is another option, and that's taking the high road. This girl could use a course in diplomacy. Then again, if she's a born again Christian, maybe she just doesn't give a shit. She will always have the born agains to support her, but don't expect much $$$ from them. Those folks aren't much for financial support. lol

  16. 316

    Okay first and foremost, Perez is totally right in all that he has said. We do not want a closed minded idiot representing our country. Yes she does have a right to voice her personal opinion, however, when you are representing a country it is your responsibility to give the most appropriate and diplomatic response. Voice your opinion offstage while millions of people are not watching. I mean it would be just as big of an outrage if President Obama would have said something like that. Public figures are not suppose to voice personal opinions. Secondly, she didn't even answer the question properly as Perez said. She should of given a response just like the example he gave. That would of been the appropriate thing to do. Instead, she stumbled over her words, didn't even answer the question, and made a fool out of herself. At no point in her response did she even mention whether other states should follow or not follow in Vermont's footsteps. She should be stripped of her title…….BOOOO!

  17. 317

    Prop 8 failed Mario get over it already. Not everyone agrees with you. Not everyone thinks gays should be allowed to wed. I'm not a homphobe but drag your ass back in the closet already. You give fags a bad name.

  18. 318

    If religious beliefs have no place in politics in the Miss CA family, then don't allow questions to be asked that involve religious beliefs! It is simple as that. It is one of the strongest beliefs that a lot of Christians have, so why allow such a question to be asked?

    This is being blown up more than it should be. People are angry over one person's opinion, a religious belief, that they have the right to have. It is discriminating to attack her because of her beliefs, when she was merely just stating her own belief. Don't any of you notice that you are doing the same thing she is?! How can you condemn someone when you are doing the exact same thing? Jesus, stop demanding equality, because it isn't equality if you disagreeing with someone's beliefs for not agreeing with yours.

  19. 319

    Perez you are the first one to call someone a liar. You asked her opinion knowing that it may be different from yours. She told the truth and now you are calling her names and posting comments from people that favor your opinion. You couldn't bully her with the forum of being a beauty pagent and in front of millions with your question and now you are a piss-ant. You go Miss California. Most are backing you up babe. The Perez backers are the minority….trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 320

    i am totally for gay marriage, but i think she's entitled to her own opinion.
    i mean yeah she's putting out a bad name for californians, but people need to realize we're all not like her.

  21. 321

    She has her right to her opinion..Just because some disagree does not make her a dip shit if anything given the topic she had balls to put it out there on how she really feels and not giving a fake answer.

  22. 322

    I don't agree with Miss California. I live In Massachusetts where, thank God, you are allowed to marry who you want. I can't understand why California, and SO many other states are opposed to same sex marriage. People who feel it threatens the sanctity of marriage must not have very stable unions to begin with.

    Having said that, she did exercise her right to freedom of speech. We may not agree with her opinion, but she has the right to it. Unless she is not very intelligent, she had to know that what she said was inflammatory. She had to know her comment would probably make her lose points in the competition and piss off tons of people. So she is clearly very firm in this belief. It's sad to see someone this young so committed to an issue like this. I can only hope that over time, travel and new experiences will give her a different perspective; if she can distance herself from her circle of family and friends first.

    Many of us may not have liked her answer, but she should get credit for having the backbone to answer the question honestly, whether we liked the answer or not.

  23. 323

    Great..another "celebrity" for you to hate on. Perhaps you two could come to an agreement: she can publicly change her stance on gay marriages, and you can stop being a misogynist celebrity stalker who attacks 15 year old girls and calls women "sluts." Respect is a two-way street.

  24. case says – reply to this


    I gave Miss California a necklace a few weeks ago in vegas. It was the shape of Cali and she commented that she loved it a couple times so I gave it to her. She was sooooo sweet and gracious. No other questions posed that night to the other finalists were as controversial as hers. And Perez you well know that most if not all of the other girls would have lied and changed their beliefs to please the audience. Do you even understand the types of families that pageant girls come out of?? They are usually conservative. Therefore most Miss USA's will be against gay marriage but Carrie was the only one that had the heart and conviction to probably speak out about it. Good for her. Her reward is in heaven. I know that talking about the hereafter though scares the crap out of you so ill change the subject.

  25. 325

    i think you need to get over the fact that someone has a different opinion than you. thats what being an american is all about…FREEDOM OF SPEECH. good for her.

  26. 326

    There is no controversy, other than that she is from a state which has a large gay and lesbian population. She said that she supports those people but "personally believes" that she doesn't agree with it. She is entitled to her opinion. Just like not everybody agrees with the legalization of marijuana, another California hot topic.

    If she lost her title over that, it would just tell me that these pageants are a fucking joke. Sorry, Perez. Be pissed, and move on.

  27. 327

    This is getting SO TIRESOME….I think you are OBSESSED, WTF?..I am sick of seeing stories about this..my cue to stay off here for a while.

  28. 328

    I'm not sure why your calling this a controversy… like really Perez get a life. its not like she was bashing gays, she was just saying her opinion which is one shared by many in this country. You are sinking down to the level of homosexual haters by doing this. Just stop.

  29. 329

    Re: soccer mom – Shame on you for using this blog to support your anti-gay message!

  30. 330

    why am i NOT surprised that Perez asks the one and only question that gets the most attention?:) hahhaha:)
    (its obviously not YOUR fault that the airhead answered the way that she did!)
    I am on your side Perez:)
    (you looked great btw- and you should have voted for Miss Utah)

  31. 331

    Why are people blowing her comments out of proportion? The whole point of the question-answer section of the pageant is so that the candidate can EXPRESS HER OWN VIEWS. Although her comments are offensive, she is entitled to say whatever she wants..besides, Perez you brought it on yourself when you asked her such a sensitive question. If you didn't want to hear a bad answer, then don't ask a bad question!! Besides, I don't get why the pageant organizers had to issue a statement, is it really their business to decide that Miss Cali's answers are wrong?

  32. 332

    I don't care what some stupid plastic Barbie doll has to say.

  33. 333

    Re: STFUP

    Fuck off you stupid twat.

  34. 334

    No matter what your view is on the matter or whether or not she answered in a "intelligent" or "strategic" way…the fact remains that it is her opinion that marriage should be between a man and a woman. We do still live in the United States, if I am not mistaken…and it is her right to hold that belief. Would you all rather she lied to you and didn't stand up for what she believes to be right?? This should not be an issue, you asked her a question and she gave you an answer, that answer is perfectly valid and is what she believes…your opinion on her belief is just that…your opinion…and you are entitled to it just as she is entitled to hers. It is ridiculous that she is being attacked for answering your question honestly, you may not like her opinion or agree with it, but there is no need to attack her and called her a "dumb bitch" for having that opinion..you just serve to make yourself look petty and judgmental. There are more opinions out there than just yours, and if someone holds an opinion or view that differs from your own..no matter how egocentric and narcissistic you may be…their opinion is not inherently wrong and there is absolutely no need to attack them or call them stupid for presenting their own views.

  35. 335

    Republicans hate anyone who doesn't think exactly like them! Oh wait, no, that's Perez and most liberals. You better agree with Perez, or he'll call you a "stupid bitch!"

  36. 336

    Leave her alone.
    She has a right to her opinion and should be able to state it without living in fear.


  37. 337

    I don't want to be represented by a douchbag like PEREZ. What happened to the freedom speech… only applies to you? WTF?! Leave her alone, she's ignorant but you're feeding the fire but playing the poor poor homo victim. Snap out of it fag! You're a disgrace to the community - I say all gays vote PEREZ BACK IN!! (the closet)

  38. 338

    She answered your question, Mario! And she, unlike many many pageant contestants, answered it truthfully instead of just giving us the "world peace" answer we want to hear. YOU are the one preaching hate and intolerance, Mario. I can't support you when YOU are the problem.

  39. 339

    You know Perez, I used to like you. I tried to keep liking you. But your insistence on shoving YOUR opinions and YOUR ideals down alllll your readers' throats has gone too far. SHE FUCKING VOICED HER OPINION - God forbid it be different from yours! It happened. GET OVER IT!

  40. 340

    i was there and i booed her in the audience.

  41. 341

    Re: Shastamagic – "Most gays and liberals are on a mission to destroy religion, morals, and ethics and this is just another step for them. " ————– Um… I'm straight and a liberal, so are you telling me I'm on a mission to destroy ethics, morals and religion? Because I believe that every single person, the people that GOD created, deserve to feel happy and loved and connected? Wow… thats a stretch…

  42. 342

    This is just ridiculous! I am not one that usually leaves comments, but all of this "bash on Miss CA" stuff is just getting out of hand. You sure can dish it out, but you can't take it, can you? If Miss CA had AGREED with you, you'd be praising her and posting nothing but nice, positive comments about her. However, she didn't agree with you and now you're choosing to bash her and dig up dirt just so that you can try to hurt and embarrass her! It's immature and shows the type of person you really are. You should be ashamed, but we all know that's not going to happen. Kudos to Miss CA for not folding under pressure and continuing to tell the truth when asked about HER opinion!

  43. 343

    Why can’t somebody be entitled to their own opinion? Just it’s because it’s against what you believe doesn’t mean that she’s whore, or dumb, it’s just how she feels on the matter. And why drag her family into it, they are just there to support her. I just think it’s getting blown a bit out of proportion, I give her credit for saying what she believes and not just coming up with a bs answer to appease people.

  44. 344

    She was just voicing her own opinion. I didn't hear anything bad from her against gay people.
    I personally think that if two men, or two women, are living and sleeping together they should be entitled to enter a civil-partnership.

  45. 345

    IN the words of JT, "cry me a river"
    Seriously- someone is "saddenend" that she has an opinion? That is it different?
    Give me a break. I would say on average, more people agree with her than disagree. If they didn't want a REAL answer, then Perez should not have been allowed to ask the question. If you don't like the answer, then turn off the damn tv and stop complaining as if YOUR opinion is the ONLY opinion. This is the USA- get over yourself.

  46. 346

    Really? You got an "exclusive statement" that was posted all over the web before you even got off your fat ass and posted it? Really?
    *rolls eyes*

  47. Toby says – reply to this


    She is NOT stupid! Because she has a different opinion of prop 8 you are crucifying this poor girl. In your mind you hate anyone who doesn't support gay marriage. You make me SICK!! Shame on you for such hatred!

  48. 348

    Also it's fucking funny that you are convinced you are entitled to so many rights, but this woman is not allowed the right to have her own opinion.

  49. 349

    The other day I was at The Home Depot and my son picked up a male pvc connector and a female one and put them together and said "look daddy, these ones go togethers' He's only 2 and figured it out! Why cant the rest of the world figure out that by design two men or two women are not made to be together. In my opinion, its a perversion but this is a wonderful free country and people have the right to their perversions. Im glad she exercised her right on national TV to express how she feels. We hear it from the opposite side constantly!

  50. 350

    You guy's should respect her opinion.She answered the question with class.You may not accept her beliefs,but respect her opinion.By the way,she did not get a lot of boo's,the clapping for her answer out faded the boo's.Listen with her ears,not with your racist attitudes.

  51. Nenns says – reply to this



  52. 352

    I'm so proud of you Perez!! I watched last night and your face when that idiot answered the question was amazing. It was so obvious you were pissed! I know I sure wouldn't piss off the number one blogger!

  53. 353

    I'm glad she had the courage to stand up for what she believes, it doesn't matter if I feel the same way or not.

  54. 354

    YOU asked the question and wanted to hear HER answer, right? You didn't ask her to answer the question based on what she thought YOU wanted to hear. Get a life..it's HER answer and HER opinion which is want you asked for. You and the producers of show made yourselves look bad by bashing her instead of coming out and using it in your favor.

  55. 355

    Re: savagerules – savagerules, yeah, I'm for equality too, if I got control, I'd force you and all the rest of you to have brain implants so that you can actually think as well as the rest of us.

  56. 356

    So… if she went up there and said that white people shouldn't be allowed to marry black people, would you people still be all "OMGZZZ ITZ HURRR OPINION DURP DURP DURP!>#!"?

  57. 357

    I'd like to see The Donald fire this stupid ass Keith Lewis, and to mop the proverbial floor with Prickerez's hairy teabags, in spite of their miniscule size.

  58. 358

    Re: and_then_there_was_one – and_then_there_was_one, I for one give a damn about Shanna "what's-her-face_ as you put it a hell of a lot more than I give a damn about you for instance. Maybe you and Prickerez can get together for a little teabagging party.

  59. 359

    She has a right to say whatever she wants - and she did represent Ca the state did vote against gay marriage. I know it may not seem popular but apparently folks in Ca are against it. Don't know why she is getting so much slack we all have the right to our own beliefs she just happen to have a mic

  60. 360

    I have to say that I agree with Miss Cal. What is the big deal anyway? She has her beliefs and everyone else has theirs. America is such a big "Freedom of Speech" country yet a girl cant voice her PERSONAL opinion without trying to have the contrary shoved down her throat. I think its crazy the backlash she is geting for telling the truth and standing up for her beliefs.

  61. 361

    Re: Javijavi – and javijavi, please decide not to post and irritate us with your ignorance. This is about PrickEREZ and his creating misfortune for another with a question that should not even been asked, but was just so that PrickEREZ would be able to make news, gain media attention at the expense of another person. He's a slimeball, and if you can't see that, so are you. Why don't you get together with him in the sewers and give him a good Rachel Madcow teabagging?

  62. 362

    WTF..if religious belief has no place than why was she asked the question? She stated her opinion and is now being bashed for it. Down with MISS USA, they can ask a questin but if they don't agree with with, the contestant is basically done.

  63. 363

    Re: perezaddikt76 – preezaddikt76, oh go suck Prickerez's teeny weeney weenie.

  64. 364

    omg!!! calm down every1 it's her opinion!!!! geeez!

  65. 365

    Prickerez, I'm sorry your penie is so teeney, otherwise it would be big enuf to twist around backwards and shove up your arse. You seem so very frustrated lately. Maybe you could use a dildo. Call Rachel Madcow or Janeane Garafellatio if you need one on loan.

  66. 366


  67. 367

    I am 100% for the rights of gay marriage but I believe she answered from her heart and what she believes and that is what it should be about not changing your opinions to make other happy! I did know right away her answer cost her the crown. Sad that you have to answer dishonest to win!

  68. 368

    it is so sad that here in America we claim that we are advancing and yet we are no longer allowed to have opinions unless they are the "right opinions" decided upon by liberals

  69. 369

    I think you got your panties in a twist because she didn't give the answer you want. Didn't hear boos from the audience and now you are trying to find someone to agree with you. Your forum so you can play it any way you want. Civil ceremonies YES; marriage: NO!

  70. 370

    I don't agree with her but I have alot of respect for her. She could easily have sold out and said what Perez wanted to hear just so she could get the crown, but she stayed true to who she was. It was a brave thing to do.
    Perez was just trying to use the pageant to publicize his own agenda, and then when it didn't go his way, he started to do damage control and try to make HER look an ass, so that hopefully nobody will notice what an idiot he looked like.

  71. 371

    So is it okay now to be rascist and sexist? Because that's an opinion too. The fool was just repeating what mommy and daddy taught her like the brainless barbie that she really is.

  72. 372

    she should have won. she was the best. Next time dont ask the question if you dont want to hear a truthfull answer!

  73. evw93 says – reply to this


    god perez you are being such a baby. people are entitled to their opinions.

  74. 374

    Honestly, for all of you saying that she is entitled to her opinion—here is a thought: 40 years ago, many people had their "opinions" about civil rights for African Americans–saying that whites were superior to blacks. This is the same thing. In 20 years, people are going to look on this video (captured for eternity) and feel nothing but shame for this kind of thinking. The enlightened among us are already doing so. Yes, you can have an opinion. That doesn't mean that the opinion isn't bigoted, hateful and discriminatory. Living in the USA means that "all men are created equal."

  75. 375

    As a former pageant contestant, I was asked the same question by a gay man. I answered that I too was raised in a Christian home and felt marriage was meant for one man and one woman. However, I am all for civil unions and think the government needs to evaluate the privileges that come along with them. I said this because I had a gay friend who lost his partner in a tragic accident after 15 years of dating and 12 years of living together. Had that been a man and a woman with a "common law marriage" they would have been able to visit their partner in the hospital and receive insurance benefits. My friend, got nothing. He didn't get to visit the love of his life in the hospital, he lost their home because he couldn't afford it on his own, and he didn't get any thing after he died. There is nothing fair about that. As a pageant contestant you have tons of gay men around you, even women for that matter. How can you work with and know gay people and still deny them their life?

  76. 376

    She is the epitomy of ugly America.

  77. Skeel says – reply to this


    I think its ridiculous that it became such a controversy why are you hounding everyone who speaks out on what their beliefs are. "gays" are nothing BUT BULLIES! Talk about have the freedom to do, marry, blah blah blah….then stop harrasing everyone who doesnt believe in same sex marriage! Its NOT RIGHT! MAN AND WOMEN were created to have children! Can a man and a man have a baby(without adopting etc) NO! can a woman and a woman magically get pregnant (naturally) NO! its just not right.ok at least be happy you DO LIVE in a free country where you can be who you want to be… Youre fine the way you are i think its now just about proving a point and how you wanna be all high and mighty.. get over it! The majority does NOT want that to happen! YES to PROP 8!

  78. 378

    Umm…. how can you “choose” when you can’t actually “choose”? This answer would have made perfect sense and been perfectly respectable IF we actually HAD the right to marry. But hey, guess what? We don’t. So we don’t get to choose between same-sex marriage and opposite-sex marriage (like it’s some kind of eenie meenie miney moe or something). We get those choices made FOR us by people like her.

  79. abcde says – reply to this


    i think you should just leave her alone. u should of just left her alone and it would of never became a whole big discussion. seriously theres other things to talk about. sure she could of said a better answer, but she has the right to her own opinion and you dont have to make a big fuss over it. it was you perez who asked such a controversial question. so its all your fault

  80. 380

    i understand where a lot of peoples' comments are coming from on this blog, but the fact that she's a contestant on a nationwide competition of equality, beauty and togetherness, Miss.California's answer was wrong. there were many other ways for her to have gotten her point out there in a kinder way so that no one was offended. as perez said in one of his earlier posts to this scandal, she could've said something along the lines of how each state can decide on this and if a state doesn't want it, it doesn't have to.
    i don't think that her amendentment rights are being violated by this. if she was just some dumb celeb or youtube star, it probably wouldn't be such a big deal, but the fact that she's trying to appeal to all of america and not just the "straight" ones, i think that her answer could've been different.

    i remember watching her answer that question and my jaw dropped. i was quite pissed and offended. i was on the phone with my bf who was pissed too. everyone is entitled to their rights and to their opinions, but there is a time and place to which opinions on certain subjects is appropriate, but on national television for a pagent isn't one of them.
    true, no one's gonna remember her in a week, but right now, you've got thousands, if not, millions of people, gay and straight, whom are very offended.

  81. 381

    Re: fmrQueen – Thanks for your post. Sorry for your friend's loss. Had Miss California presented the well-rounded answer you gave us she might have been crowned Miss USA.

  82. 382

    Re: petiteCobaye – OH WELL, as far back as I can remember and my parents can remember and their parents can remember and their parents, and so on, it's been a MAN AND WOMAN that married. I am not god and I didnt make the rules but im sure everyone on this earth knows that is how marriage started so cry all you want but like I said before, it is what it is…

  83. 383

    Re: jiggypup
    First of all, she did not come to the pageant with an anti-gay agenda. She was simply asked a question, of which she had no idea of what would be asked, and she answered it as honestly as she could without trying to specifically offend someone. Secondly, you cannot compare the gay rights movement to the Civil Rights movement of the 60s. Lastly, what makes you so much more enlightened? Kind of a condescending statement. Also explain how her statement was "bigoted, hateful and discriminatory."

  84. 384

    seems like the people have spoken with regards to prop 8……why can't people accept and move on. The chick was entitled to her opinion. Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to…….

  85. 385

    perez get the fuck over it. i mean i belive they SHOULD get marriedm but that doesnt mean you can go around saying FUCK HER just cause she is the only one that awsnered a question truthfully.

  86. 386

    she has the right to her own opinion THIS IS AMERICA! its in our rights get over it if they are not the views you want!

  87. 387

    give up with this shit…so she doesn't agree with you, who gives a fuck. Is Perez doing too much pAArtying as a celeb these days that he gets a little arrogant when someone disagrees. I agree with gay marriage but don't go trying to get a hate campaign going just because you are the media. Clam down Mr Famous

  88. 388

    I watched this Pageant last night and had Miss NC pegged to win even before this spoiled loser answered your question Perez. Miss NC had more charm and poise than any of the rest in the final 5. I thought the Jezebel from CA stumbled on her answer. Ms. Arizona danced around her question…so bottom line, Miss NC won it hands down. For her to be spouting her mouth that she she have won and blames your question for her fall, tells me that the Pageant Judges got it right. I hope Mr. Trump demotes her to 5th place for her ugly behavior after the Pageant. I do not want her representing my country if something happens to Miss NC.

  89. 389

    Hey DanielDax, if you can't see why denying equal rights to homosexuals (giving them the right to civilly marry, which in turn affords them the same tax, inheritance and other rights as heterosexual couples, is equatable to civil rights movements of the past, guess what? You're not enlightened. If you can't understand that disallowing loving couples the right to civilly marry is discriminatory, then you'll never get it..and you never will. You want to keep the gays out of your church, fine. You want to keep them from being able to do what every other straight American can do–well, that's discrimination, whether you choose to admit or not.

  90. 390

    Hey I disagree with her, but to play nice…WHY did they ask her if they didn't think politics should play a part? Stupid hypocrisy right there. She was just being honest with her feelings. While I disagree, I can't fault her for being honest to such a question.

  91. 391

    Really, what is the big deal? This is America, and correct me if I'm wrong, everyone has a right to their own opinion. Some people believe in gay marriage, and some don't. Who gives a shit. She thinks she's right, you think you're right. Every human in this world is DIFFERENT.

  92. 392

    Re: miketeevee2
    "You want to keep the gays out of your church, fine."
    I'm an atheist and I'm gay, and I never did say the above statement; so much for your own enlightenment. Until I see signs that tell gays to drink at certain water fountains, or where they can or cannot eat, or see the police spraying them with water hoses, or have laws telling they cannot vote, I stand by my statement that you cannot compare the gay rights movement to the Civil Rights Movement.

  93. WhOrE says – reply to this


    I think you need to get the fuck over it-where is the controversy? Not enough headlines Perez?

  94. 394

    She gave her OPINION- nothing less, nothing more!! Get over it!! I think it is SO wrong that the Pageant Organizers are speaking out against Miss California and defending a complete hypocrite that made a mockery out of their pageant by using it to push his views. Alot of people believe that same sex marriages should be acceptable by law, alot of people DON'T. Neither should be discriminated against or bashed for these opinions/differences.. If you really think about it and put all personal feelings aside you would have to agree. Miss California did NOTHING wrong and deserves an apology from Mr. Hilton as well as the pageant organizers who allowed her to be treated so terribly.

  95. 395

    I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion without being subjected to harsh criticism. I applaud Miss California for stating her personal beliefs rather than being hypocritical about it.

  96. 396

    The girl did not say one negative word against gays, she simply said she believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. That's her opinion, end of story.

  97. 397

    The only reason you keep on with this stupid ass topic is because she answered that question in an honest way by stating what she believes. She is in entitled to believe marriage is between a man and a woman. That doesn't make her a caveman, crazy, stupid, bible obsessed or anything of that sort. It's so sad that the people that are upset speak about being open minded and progressive and yet you can't even respect an opinion different from your own. Beauty pageant contestants are not important, they don't make a difference in the world and even when they win most people don't remember any of their names, SO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET IT GO ALREADY!

  98. 398

    Don't we live in a democracy????!!! She is entitled to her opinion with out being publicy humiliated the way you have. We don't have to agree with her, but she has the right to HER opinion. What you did was akin to McCartheism… look it up and be ashamed of YOURSELF! You undid any argument you had by taking the low road on this one. These gorilla tactics are an insult to the real causes.

  99. 399

    You perverts are shoving your choices down everyone's throats. But let's not forget the facts: You are an abberation, a perversion of nature, a perversion of God's creation. Most of this is by CHOICE, not genetics. But then most of you don't believe in God, and it shows in your interactions with others who do not believe as you. Good for her in standing up to you and your demons. She has her head on straight, and has learned first-hand that it's not worth trying to impress the scum of society in these days and times. Whoever hired PRICKEREZ Hilton in the first place should be fired. Who the hell is this scum who hates women and has never succeeded at anything other than calling women bitches and whores and slandering and slamming people? He doesn't have the qualities to be a restroom attendant let alone a beauty pageant judge. He's a FRAUD!

  100. 400

    Get over it Perez!!!Its her right!!She was merely speaking her opinion!Shouldn't she be entitled to her own opinion?!i thought America is the land of the free,there is freedom of speech?So why is she suffering the backlash for her freedom of speech?!you said it Perez on the interview with MSNBC that Miss USA should represent the whole of USA but if she would have otherwise-that she supported gay marriage but it was against her believe but just said it because thats what you as a judge wanted to hear-then what would that make of her?Are you saying you want a Miss USA who is a LIAR!!!Seriously Perez!!WTH!!I understand that you are gay and want gay marriage in Cali or the whole of USA but that is your opinion and you are entitled to it,but that doesn't mean every people must agree with you!you are entitled to your opinion but so does she!if you can speak YOUR mind about the gay marriage issues then so does she!She has the rights to speak HER mind!So seriously Perez-c'mon you are better than this!

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