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Pageant Organizers Speak Out AGAINST Miss California!!!

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We're not the only ones who disagreed with the way Miss California, Carrie Prejean, answered her question on gay marriage last night during the Miss USA pageant.

PerezHilton.com has just just received an exclusive statement from Keith Lewis, the Executive Director of Miss California USA/Teen USA.

Keith says:

"As co-executive director of Miss CA USA and one of the leaders of the Miss CA family, I am personally saddened and hurt that Miss CA USA 2009 believes marriage rights belong only to a man and a woman. Although I believe all religions should be able to ordain what unions they see fit, I do not believe our government should be able to discriminate against anyone. Religious beliefs have no place in politics in the Miss CA family."

And on another positive note, PerezHilton.com has received confirmation from Shanna Moakler's rep that the 2001 Miss USA winner "supports Keith's views 100%."


What do U think about this whole controversy????

[Image via WENN.]

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598 comments to “Pageant Organizers Speak Out AGAINST Miss California!!!”

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  1. 401

    This is an amazing country where we are lucky enough to make our own choices. With that said, I believe that if two people love each other and believe that marriage is the next step in their relationship, then they should be allowed to do so. I am all for same sex marriage! And I'm so upset that Miss California didn't handle herself better. As a pageant competitior myself, I believe it's important to keep an open mind.

  2. 402

    I wondered how long it would take for Prickerez to try to hide this thread on his blog once it was clear the numbers in the comments weren't on his side. I see it didn't take long, but he is kind of like a three-year-old in many more ways than just taking his own medicine.

  3. 403

    Just becoz other dont think like u ,
    or dont agree to u.
    doesn;t mean they are stupid ,
    Not everyone have to think n like what u like ,
    I think she gave a good answer , thats how she is brought up
    n she belive in thats fine..
    Get over it Perez ..

  4. 404

    dude! stfu youre just mad cause she didnt answer your question the way you wanted her to!

    youre annoying.

  5. 405

    This is lame. I could care less if gay's marry or whatever but gays really need to stfu and quit whining. These pageants are like boxing anyway, totally rigged lawl.

  6. 406

    So what if you disagreed with her you fat retard. She was asked a question and she gave her answer. They didn't ask her to give the politically correct answer. They certainly didn't ask her to give an answer that Perez Hilton would approve of. She gave her opinion. Grow up. Get over it. Get a life. Geez, you lefties are like a bunch of snotty, spoiled 2 year olds who always want their way. The eternal tantrum throwing left. What a bunch of brain dead idiots.

  7. 407

    As usual, Perez makes himself out to be a fool by continuing with the ranting of Miss California. She should be proud that she was honest and full of class. He, OTOH, is a dimwit who has to bad-mouth a woman when her opinions don't match his. What a true moron!

  8. 408


  9. 409

    You freaking fag. Nobody wants same sex marriages between man to man or woman to woman. I don't know where your mutant gene came from since a man and woman produced you. All this crap about diplomacy makes me sick to my stomach. I'd rather have Cuba as America's friend as compared to anything gay. Go back into your closets and stay there.

  10. 410


  11. 411

    Oh hi there!~

  12. 412

    and so Perez, you purposely came up with a question that had nothing to do with the pageant or anything actually important and then penalized the contestant because she didn't agree with one sided ignorant opinion…..ROFLMFAO…and I bet you are the first one to stand up and scream that you believe in free speech…but only if the one speaking agrees with you, I bet. You are a sad, sick little man. You don't deserve to be happy with anyone else. In a couple of years no one will remember you…since most of us had never heard of your skinny ass before anyway and I hope Miss California is riding high on the celebrity trail….put away the hate and the ignorance and step into reality, you moron.

  13. 413

    How many people do you think is appalled by what Perez Hilton says and does everyday. I don't agree with most of his opinions either but I don't use that against him or any other Gay. I find him fun to laugh at. I happen to think a marriage should ONLY be between a man and a woman. Gay's complain they arn't afforded the same right's, I disagree, there afforded the same right's as everyone else, just marry the opposite sex.

  14. 414

    I;m not sure which is worse: her answer or that godawful, put-the-ug-in-ugly jacket you were wearing. Girl, if you're going to be a fag icon, at least learn to dress for the part, willya?

    As for her answer? WHO CARES? She's a dumb blonde from California, not someone who sets public policy. Truly, it's about as inane a controversy as Miss South Carolina from last year, who couldnt talk her way out of a paper bag. EARTH TO MISS HILTON: SHE;S NOT SUPPOSED TO TALK! SHE'S SUPPOSED TO STAND THERE AND LOOK PRETTY! WHAT PART OF THAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?

  15. 415

    Gay's are some of the biggest HYPROCRIYE'S there are. They want understanding for there disorder but yet there so judgemental of people without this disfunction. Gay's are a minority and always will be.

  16. 416

    I think that Miss California's opinion was the perfect answer. She stated her belief even if the audience wasn't happy with the answer. This is a sensitive subject but the fact of the matter is that gay marriage wouldn't be legal if it were not for the abuse of the judicial system. If you look at the last vote in the state of California, the voters and citizens did not want to legalize gay marriage and the courts stepped in. If democracy ran it's course, it would not be recognized. I say good job Ms. California.

  17. 417

    I can't believe that you would discriminate someone for having a different opinion that yours. Don't homosexuals want tolerance? Tolerance is a two way street, unless you're trying to be a hypocrite.

    By the way, your website sucks. Whoever responds negatively, just know that I'm blocking all e-mail from this joke of a site.

  18. acoon says – reply to this



  19. 419

    Don't you think it looks like Perez speak with forked tongue, if you can't respect other people's choices? So she gets punished for it? What about all her other great qualities? Hmmmmmm, seems just a touch petty and bitchy.

  20. 420

    Way to go Miss CA!!! Thanks for standing up for our conservative Christian beliefs that the term "marriage" refers to the union of a man and a woman. I have no problems whatsoever with homosexuals - by all means engage in civil unions and move in the house next door in the neighborhood! Just don't take away a religious term that has a sacred and biblical meaning to me.

  21. 421

    I am 100% behind Miss California and so is 70% of this nation. You can scream and kick, but that is and will be the fact. She should be proud of herself.

  22. 422

    If someone as high-profile as a Miss America candidate could be put down simply because she believed differently, what will protect average citizens from being slighted and discriminated against?

    This doesn't convince me that gay rights activists are really all that concerned about "equality," or "fairness," or "love." This, to me–along with other, similar activities–says, "We're going to have our way," and to quote Mayor Gavin Newsom, "Whether you like it or not."

    "The worst answer in pageant history?" Says who? California–and the country– would remain divided on the issue no matter what she'd said, even if she went with your suggested response. She did what she thought was right, and… sadly… she was penalized for it.

    Poor form, Mr. Hilton. Poor form. Who are you to determine who Miss California ought to be or what she ought to say? You were even quoted as saying that her answer cost her the crown, only to turn around and say that's not why she lost?

    You really don't do yourself any favors with your video blog. I guess we know, now, that tolerance is something to be unilaterally given to those with "mainstream" thinking.

  23. 423

    I believe this is discrimination…..against Ms. California. She has a right to her opinion. Just as Perez Hilton does. Shame on him, and shame on the Pageant allowing for this to happen. It is a free country, and honesty of how one feels about a certain subject should not cause them to loose a contest such as this.

  24. 424

    Im for gay marriage, but everyone is allowed to give their opinion on it, if shes against it, then she has her reasons… just remember we all have freedom of speech and she shouldnt be judge because of that. but the way she should of answered the question was by saying that everyone should be allowed to do what they feel like doing and that shes not gay so she doesnt really wants to get involved in that….

  25. 425

    No matter what I think about the issue, i do respect Miss California's opinion on gay marriage. It's a hot topic, and the fact that she had the guts to state her opinion on live television is commendable. I was, however, a bit offended by the way she said "in my country" while speaking of her values. While I think it's great Miss California expressed her true belief, her generalization was no doubt offensive to many people who don't share her belief. Oh, and last time I checked, California isn't a country. Alas, mere technicalities.

    On another note, you did a great job on the panel, Perez! I thought you were very classy and eloquent. Kudos.

  26. 426

    Re: KimberbunnyRe: Kimberbunny – Why exactly is she an idiot? Because she said something you don't like? Is that it?

  27. 427

    fuck this perez fag, seriously i would have picked this chick
    JUST FOR THAT REASON - not only is marriage between
    a man and a woman, the fact that she believes that doesn't
    mean she doesn't win. the competition is not based on your
    gay views, it's based on her and why she should be miss USA
    so i just joined this gay pink site to say that.


  28. 428

    She is as dumb as she can be. She cannot answer the question correctly.

  29. 429

    fuck this site.

  30. 430

    Perez, your such a fucking looser. Why dont you go to a southern bar with Hell's Angels in there and ask them the same exact question. We woulden't even ask what happened to you. You critize this woman for her honest opinion but yet we should respect your's. How many people probably think your discusting but keep there opinions to themselves.
    I like Donald Trump but he certainly fucked up by including you as a judge. He will get a backlash from this and you are taking a bath in gasoline.

  31. 431

    freaking homo.

    good job miss california.

  32. 432

    nice photoshop, fag.

  33. 433

    Re: VelvetStaccato – Really? Why are you generalizing? DOn't you think that is a little narrow minded?

  34. 434

    Re: LESinTN – But do you respect her answer?

  35. 435

    Let's see… You want me to be "tolerant" of your views. On the other hand, you don't feel the need to be "tolerant" of anyone else's. You sound like a Democrat.

  36. 436

    Re: RubyCoveredTelephone – Great Points. If you ask what people believe, you need to respect the answer even if you do not agree with it. not everyone is gay, not everyone is straight, but we all can agree to disagree can't we?

  37. 437

    We have lost our freedom in this country if everything is going to be based upon a litmus test. He should NEVER have asked a controversial question, then punished her for her answer. He asked her opinion, she answered. Since when are we not allowed to have our own opinions? For him to punish her in this way is thuggery, dictatorial and downright tyrannical. We live in a FREE country. She is the one with the courage to speak up. Perez, shame on you - and this is MY opinion.

  38. 438

    Re: FAH-Q! – I think you are just getting too involved about technical points of view. Marriage historically has been between a man and woman. Now if you want to change the definition of the word, that is one thing, but what is wrong with just creating a different one for us gays. Words do not need to be changed in definition when we can create ones that just as powerful.

  39. 439

    Re: Whaler – I think she did what was right. Voice your opion! this is the USA.

  40. 440

    what they call a blonde moment. (specialtiesss)

  41. 441

    I totally agree with her.
    Marriage is and should only be between a man and a woman, if that caused her to lose, so be it.
    She had the right to speak her mind and she did!
    Boo all you want, it's the truth! Nothing will ever change it, no matter how many people and how much people fight it.
    Marriage is between a man and woman, anything outside of that is an abomination!!

  42. 442

    GO MISS CALIFORNIA!!! Finally!! A pageant girl that isn't a robot! One that can use her Own mind! One that can be opinionated! One that isn't pressured into doing what she does to please people! It is beautiful how she expressed her own opinion…Miss SC obviously said that she is for same-sex marriage because Miss CA lost the crown for saying she is against it!! It's common sense.
    I didn't think that the judges would be so against free speech…she didn't yell Fire when there was no fire, so she should be safe. They should have looked at it as someone who actually expressed their opinion, not someone who is against same-sex marriage. Sadly, some are against people who are against same-sex marriage. Rather than try and accept her opinion as what it is (One that reflects the country…hence why only 4 states are same-sex approving).

  43. 443

    What a stupid question and what a shame to do this in the contest. America is turning into a fascist state - give the correct answer about gay marriage, about TARP bailouts, about health care, or be punished. When will this end? When people who don't agree with Perz-shit-head are sent to the Gulag?

  44. 444

    Her intelligence has nothing to do with the answer she gave!
    Whether if she is smart or narrow minded, she spoke her mind and she spoke the truth!

  45. 445

    Re: Rosamapose – You suck.

  46. 446

    I think this girl deserves a lot of credit for saying what she believed in and not backing down on it, even under all the unnecessary press about it.

    And if the pageant directors have a problem with her answer (ie when they said "Religious beliefs have no place in politics in the Miss CA family.") then they SHOULDN'T HAVE ALLOWED THE QUESTION TO BE ASKED!!!

    people are entitled to their opinions and freedom of speech shouldn't be limited to "based on what you are going to say".

  47. 447

    perez you really need to grow up man i know you was greatly offended about the beauty queen's comment but you can't except everyone to approve of your life style not everyone is in with the gay life style or gay movement i have a gay cousin and the family knows he's gay but he don't rub our noses in it he isn't running to the next gay parade to march he leaves it behind closed doors these days people need to keep things more private and quit throwing up that you are allowed to marry as 2 men and 2 women you know one day you will answer for all this just you wait

  48. 448

    Re: jessicass – what do you mean it's a backward opinion? same sex marriage is the backward opinion in this country, hence it isnt legal.

  49. 449

    If you don't like the answer don't ask the question… p.s your a dousche bag get a real job.

  50. 450

    and she got fucked over by the question, first of all, arizona didnt even ANSWER her damn question she took the "strategic" approach and danced around it. And the other questions were domestic violence and big business bailouts? cmon you gotta be shittin me.

  51. 451

    Just want to say that you're a jerk and all of the booers are idiots. Miss California has a right to her opinion just like you, without being booed. All of the booers are intolerant jerks! Miss California's personal opinion should not have had anything to do with whether she won or not. KISS MY A**!

  52. 452

    …i see no controversy. Just Perez being a dick as usual and ruining the pageant by bringing forth the most controversial issue of the decade… Opinions are opinions and have been so since day 1. Sorry Perez that gays haven't completely taken over the world…though they have hollywood and the pageant now…. I'm just waiting till they all BURN

  53. 453

    GOOD FOR YOU finally someone answered a question honestly im sick and tired of everybody tip toeing around the gay issue i dont think it should of costed her her crown but it did and if thats the way miss america is then i will never watch it again (Like i did anyways) no wonder its loosing ratings so all u fudge packers i am here to say with Carrie Prejean, marriage is for men and women

  54. 454

    Perez Hilton IS A LIAR! Pageant official didn't speak out against Ms. California. Keith Lewis disagrees with her but he respects her right to SPEAK FREELY (not badgered by a bunch of militant thought police). The following is taken dirently from the Access Hollywood website:

    "I am proud of Carrie Prejean's beauty and placement at the 2009 Miss USA pageant. I support Carrie's right to express her personal beliefs even if they do not coincide with my own," Keith told Access. "I believe the subject of gay marriage deserves a great deal more conversation in order to heal the divide it has created."

    Nowhere, repeat NOWHERE, does he condemn her or criticize her. He does what sane, level, coherent people do. They agree to disagree. They don't feel the need to make themselves more important by taking credit for somebody losing a pageant. Really, I think most people in the USA could give a flying fornication what Perez Hilton's opinion of gay marriage is. Perez, stick to reporting on vacuous self-important celebs, people like you, and stop exercising that Messiah complex of yours.

  55. 455

    A very good friend, a wonderful professor, at a Christian institution was kicked out exactly the same way–because he held a belief affirming gay marriage. Do you recognize you are acting with exactly the same kind of rigid discrimination that exacts a price from all who have incorrect thoughts?

  56. 456

    What the fuck, this is a America. And in America Perez Hilton, there is something called freedom of speech, and in that freedom of speech people can speak their OPINON. All that miss CA did, was just that.

  57. 457

    You know. I believe that everyone is responsible for their own decisions they make in life and no I don't believe in same sex relations but I'm not the one to judge. But you gotta wonder why gay people try to shove their lifestyle down people's throats and MAKE u agree with it. And PLEASE stop comparing your struggle with black civil rights. It is NOT the same.

  58. 458

    she sucks and shes ugly

  59. 459

    i couldn't agree more!
    with the crown and title of miss usa, one must represent the country as a whole, and by miss CA answering the question in the manner that she did, displayed a completely biased opinion that doesn't acknowledges the other half of the country's viewpoint about the controversial topic of same-sex marriage. Yes, i agree that she is entitled to her own opinion, but what she failed to understand is that being a leader, one must take into consideration all of the differing viewpoints of the nation as a whole, NOT just how she was raise.

  60. 460

    Re: ellexbelle – you dumb bitch, if the whole country thought this way it would be legal now wouldnt it. shut the fuck up, get the fuck out.

  61. 461

    hey you are a fucking idiot Perez. Go home OMG you are an idiot..No wonder you are single no one can stand you.

  62. 462

    Re: KimberbunnyRe: KimberbunnyRe: KimberbunnyRe: Kimberbunny – you are the idiot kimberbunny your just jealous because you are ugly

  63. 463


  64. 464

    Good for her! It's about time someone, even if its a beauty queen (no offense Hilton) that made a personnel belief statement. Its fascist like the gay lobby and the sycophants that hover around them, that need to be call on the carpet for their intolerant, cry baby tantrums. You want respect, well work for it then, its earned not demanded. BTW, gay marriage is an sick, twisted, perverse, idea!!

  65. 465

    So Perez Hilton lied! Read this quote by Kieth;
    PerezHilton.com initially reported that Keith was "personally saddened and hurt" by Carrie's comments. Keith told Access he did not release a statement to the celebrity blogger.For he respects her comment.

  66. 466

    Re: LESinTN – perez has no reason to judge a pageant, he needs to keep his ugly ass home where the only one that really loves him. hisself

  67. 467

    Re: annielee – amen finally a smart person on here

  68. 468

    Re: GoyaBean – post your email asshole

  69. 469

    Honestly, this shouldn't have blown up into a huge controversy. I have gay friends, and I have nothing against them, but you can't expect every person in the world to have the same opinion as you do. I'm glad she wasn't just another fake "beauty queen" who conformed to everyone's ideals. To be fair, you did ask a pretty controversial question and I think you should have avoided that end of the stick altogether.

  70. 470

    Re: fuprez – i've never said that the whole country felt that way. i just said that she should ACKNOWLEDGE the differing viewpoints of the nation, and consider how they might feel about the issue. that's what makes a great leader; one that can understand why others feel the way they do.

    the world doesn't revolve just around her.

  71. 471

    Perez, you are such a fucking jackass. Being intolerant of other people's opinions is exactly the same mentality that got you fags where you are in the first place. It's people being NOT LIKE YOU and accepting and being okay with other people's opinions and lifestyles allows homos like you to spew forth your hypocritical nonsense and pink-backgrounded websites. How dare you.

  72. 472

    Kimberbunny needs to learn how to spell before she/he can criticize someone and call them an idiot lol…. And to all you anti-miss Cali people. Don't get your panty hoses all up in a bunch have your b#tt hurt, miss California has her own opinions on each and everything. Besides God did make Adam and eve not Adam and Steve; if everybody was gay then the human race would be eventually lead to extinction without Artificial Insemination. I am not totally against homosexuals just not really into that kind of stuff and they have just as much right do to do as they please despite how morally unsound it may be… granted this was a valid good question but its her PERSONAL opinion, just like this comment is of mine which some people will "boo" me for and I "boo" them right back and applause miss Cali. :) Deal with it :)

  73. 473

    What a douche bag to ask such a personal question! Way to go girl for being honest.

  74. 474

    I find this disgusting. To have a judge actually decide someone should not win because it goes against his personal opinions is a crime. The majority of the nation, and the majority of the state of California has voted AGAINST same sex marriages, straight facts folks. It also shows how one sided you are, by pointing out that this fine, MORAL lady was booed, but why not mention that half the audience CHEERED her comments? But then I am a Bible believing American, but still one of the majority thankfully

  75. 475

    I thought this was America. Don't we pride ourselves in allowing free speech?? You cannot force people to believe exactly the way you do or expect everyone to do so. Tolerance and open-mindedness should go both ways…be tolerant and open-minded about everyone's opinion, not just your own.

  76. 476

    Perez is as smart as a steak. He's making problems to satisfy his own depressing, boring life.

  77. 477

    Eat sh111t you fat fageous blob!

  78. 478

    So someone is called names for their own opinion. When no one has the right to judge anyone. this is kind of crazy… You can say your feelings and get upset when someone doesnt follow you.. and then You are nice when they do dont you think your the one in the wrong here.. sure she didnt agree but obviously you dont agree with her yet you have the right to try to tear her down she never said I think your wrong she simply stated her beliefs and yes this is a free country for all to speak how they feel.

  79. 479

    I think it's amazing Perez how you think your question had control over her losing. What an ego! I just read this on Yahoo……PerezHilton.com initially reported that Keith was "personally saddened and hurt" by Carrie's comments. Keith told Access he did not release a statement to the celebrity blogger.

    You're such a drama queen! No matter what my personal opinion is it's people like you who crucify other's for their personal beliefs and shove your own down other's throats that divides this country. You're no better than the holy rollers who think their opinion is the only right opinion! Get a life Hilton, you're not all that.

  80. 480

    It's a cryin' shame, that we now live in a country where you are ostracized for deciding to hold to your own personal values and beliefs, even when you know that those beliefs might be what costs you in the end. We now live in a society where the special interest groups are having more say than the majority, due to a very dangerous thing that is called "political correctness." This woman could have chosen to be a complete and total sell-out, and respond with what the judges "expected." And for the record, I think it would have been just as wrong for her to be shunned had she given the opposite answer as well. I will also not disclose my own personal beliefs or preferences in this forum, as this in my opinion, is not the issue. The only thing this woman did wrong, was prove that unless you side with politically correct views and sell your soul to the next highest bidder, you won't get ahead.

  81. 481

    She's the perfect example of "ya cant fix stupid"!

  82. 482

    Well I just actually saw the question on coverage from the news, and then I saw Perez's comments afterwards. I have heard nothing but bad things about Hilton, and your childish, immature comments shows you have zero grasp on being a human. How did you ever get to be a judge of a beauty pageant anyways? You need to grow up, repent, and seek God, for things are not well in your soul, bub.

  83. 483

    Give me an f#%&ing break. That was her opinion. Give her credit for saying what she truly believes. If numbnuts perez votes against her because she didn't say what he wanted to hear, boo on him for being a biased judge!!!

  84. 484

    Wow! Just wow, come on really did you think the beauty queen ever needed to answer a really deep question that didn't take her years to practice and prepare for. I mean good question but what did you expect? Philosophical shes not papa, I mean really what did you want the politically correct answer? For people who live on fighting the statis quo her answer was honest and it showed who she really was. Sorry but that should not have lost her the crown. Dude bad form!

  85. 485

    Re: stormcrow – I agree man BAD FORM MR. Hilton

  86. 486

    OK This is messed up I commented on this on yahoo and they deleted my post 3X what happened to FREEDOM OF SPEACH!!!??!! Any way Ill post it on here so u can see what I wrote to the people who supported this and were bashing gay people
    YA KNOWS WHAT! To ALL u people out there supporting this, ur dumb as hell! Love can be between whoever! love is about the support, trust, respect, caringness of your partner. whether its a m4m, w4w, and m4m. Love is the most important thing in life that someone can hold dear to there heart.
    In my eyes all of you people who supported this are ignorant! LOOK AROUND YOU! U CANT STOP LOVE!
    AND….ya know what gay people out number straight people now a days, THINK ABOUT THAT!!! Its people like you who right this stuff and teach it to your kids than your kids go out and beat and kill gays! SAME SEX MARRIAGE SUPPORTED HERE!!!

  87. 487

    I think it's funny how if you don't agree with the gay rights activist that you are narrow minded or a bible pusher, ect. I think she spoke her mind with what she feels is right. I agree with her answer. There is a reason that gays can't reproduce. It's not the way it should be.

  88. 488

    You're PATHETIC Perez! Just because her values don't match up to your fucked up values, doesn't mean it's wrong! GROW THE FUCK UP!

    P.S. Marriage IS between a man and a woman! Hah!

  89. 489

    If this is what she truly believes, then she could not have answered it any other way. She at least deserves respect for that. The good thing is that now we know her view on this, instead of finding out later should she have been crowned Miss USA, so thanks for asking the question Perez. Now as for us to leave her alone for her opinion, I have to remind everyone that free speech works both ways, so have at it. Although, she didn't choose Perez' question, she did choose to be on a nationally televised pageant so therefore she agreed to be judged on how she looks and what she says and does by the judges and the public. I'm not saying that it's right, but that's what a pageant is, and all this comes with the territory. Anyway, I don't hear her complaining a lot. Although she did not plan it, she could not have bought this kind of publicity. After all, people are talking about her, not the current Miss USA. In the end, who knows? Maybe she can be Sarah Palin's running mate.

  90. 490

    OMFG no one cares about this ignorant peice of blonde preppy trash! perez You shouldnt even worry about her! everyone knows she is a shiny faced dumb loser with the worlds fakest rack! the thing that makes me sick as that people come to PEREZ'S site and bash him. First of all AMERICA isnt a christian country. It is a DIVERSE country so put away your bibles cause bible study is over no one cares about your preaching ,this is the media helloo! (by the way doesnt the bible say something about hate? think about that while you suposedly hate gays) secondly I for one am bi-sexual. I think that all discrimination is bad. you dont see me saying "straights suck" Yea she has the right to say what she wants to say but where does she get off bringing religion into this? third of all it was a simple question awnser it correctly without your whole life story! no one cares where you grew up and what they belived this is not a book sharing! and if i remember correctly CALIFORNIA isnt populated by all STRAIGHTS so get over it! Im sorry we cant have a straight planet! NO ONE has the right to tell someone to leave their home because theyre gay. THE WAY SHE STATED HER STATEMENT WAS WRONG POINT BLANK.

  91. 491

    These so called "compliments" for Miss California for sharing her opinions even though they are "archaic" and "backwards" and "stupid" are really disheartening. Disagreeing with you does not make her an idiot. She shares the view of MOST people in America…..look at the votes to prove it. Her comments showed that she respects others and their beliefs, even if she doesn't share them.

  92. 492

    It's not that big of a deal, the fact that YOU are making a big deal out of it shows that you are JUST as "closed minded" as you think us who are against same sex marriage. I agree with Miss California 100%, she said what she TRULY believed, just as you do all the time…now give her a break. If the stupid judges didn't give her the crown due to her truthful answer…then it's a shame on them.

  93. 493


  94. 494

    You are such a whiny little bitch! God forbid someone have a different opinion than that of your own. Not everyone supports gay marriage, and that's something you're going to have to get OVER. I'm proud that there are still SOME people out there that can stand up for what they believe in, even if it isn't the "popular" or "cool" opinion. Get your panties out of a wad and stop talking about it! IT'S OLD.

  95. 495


  96. 496

    Seriously! You just did this for publicity and to get people to come to this LAME site. Again, as many have voiced, this is her opinion. You asked. You don't like the answer, not her fault. Thanks for reminding us what Nazis did in Germany to people who had their own opinions. You should be ashamed of yourself for being a publicity seeking person and for trying to hurt someone for their views. You want equal rights but only for those who think like you. It is a sad world we live in now. Oh, and if you haven't checked, your quote by Keith Lewis is being denied. Hmmm … This is such a joke. Enjoy your 10 minutes of fame. 15 is way too much to assume.

  97. 497

    My goodness- Let the girl have her opinion-
    Why is everyone up in arms? Just because you didn't like her answer doesn't mean she's an idiot. At least she had the balls to say what she believed not play into what Pez wanted to hear. For the record I am for equal rights between all humans-

  98. 498

    she could suck it. :) )

  99. 499

    OK fine - Miss California is entitled to free speech, but let's look at what she said. Perez Hilton, an openly gay man, asked Miss California, Carrie Prejean about her views on gay marriage. She answered that she believed that marriage should be between a man and a woman, but she doesn't have anything against anyone. For any gay person hearing this including Perez, she is saying directly to them that she is against you marrying the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with, but she doesn't have anything against you. Her statement doesn't make any sense. Think about it - someone whom you don't even know is against you marrying the person of your choice and they have the gall to say that they don't have anything against you. Perez (or anyone who has any interest in basic rights) should be pissed at anyone who has the gall to say this to their face. It was a tough question, but Perez is in the demographic that she has "nothing against", so of course he should feel somewhat under attack by it and he has every right to respond as he has.

  100. 500

    It's always a hate thing or (homo-phobe) when you disagree with anyone's opinions on gays. It's racist if you are not a Obama supporter. I bet you 95% of the voters for Obama have not a clue what he is doing to our government but that's for another day. I don't hate on anyone. If people want to choose (yes choose) a gay lifestyle, let them. I don't choose that lifestyle and thank goodness my parents didn't either as I wouldn't be here.
    If God intended it to be why wasn't it Adam and Greg. Opps, then we all wouldn't have been here.

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