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Pageant Organizers Speak Out AGAINST Miss California!!!

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We're not the only ones who disagreed with the way Miss California, Carrie Prejean, answered her question on gay marriage last night during the Miss USA pageant.

PerezHilton.com has just just received an exclusive statement from Keith Lewis, the Executive Director of Miss California USA/Teen USA.

Keith says:

"As co-executive director of Miss CA USA and one of the leaders of the Miss CA family, I am personally saddened and hurt that Miss CA USA 2009 believes marriage rights belong only to a man and a woman. Although I believe all religions should be able to ordain what unions they see fit, I do not believe our government should be able to discriminate against anyone. Religious beliefs have no place in politics in the Miss CA family."

And on another positive note, PerezHilton.com has received confirmation from Shanna Moakler's rep that the 2001 Miss USA winner "supports Keith's views 100%."


What do U think about this whole controversy????

[Image via WENN.]

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598 comments to “Pageant Organizers Speak Out AGAINST Miss California!!!”

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  1. 501

    So, if she had said that she was all for gay marriage, you wouldn't have said anything was wrong, right Perez? It was a stupid question to ask on your part. What the hell does gay marriage have to do with a beauty pageant? Nothing. You shouldn't ask questions that you don't want to hear the answer to if it isn't in accordance with your beliefs. Just as YOU have the right to support gay marriage, and to voice that opinion, SHE HAS THE SAME RIGHT! I agree that liberals only support freedom of speech when it is in their favor. I applaud her for not being afraid of hypocritical liberals that would condemn her, and for standing up for what she believes in.

  2. 502

    Perez, you are a complete retard. The real loser here is YOU.

  3. 503

    God didn't say Adam and Steve, he said Adam and Eve. If it were the first no one would be here. You all can keep telling yourself it is natural if it makes you all warm and fuzzy inside.

  4. 504

    If the Miss USA pageant wants to go lesbian, its a dead pageant. Miss California stands for wholesome heterosexual values and natural equalitarian marriage between men and women. Anybody who says otherwise better remember who the babies come out of, who would have chattel control of the institution of family, and who would become slaves to it all if the National Organization for Women seizes control of the institution of marriage.

  5. 505


  6. 506


  7. 507

    You're ridiculous. Please, just leave her alone. She had the right to and when you use your own personal beliefs to judge someone, then why should we take your seriously in any matter.

    Carrie Prejean was brave and whether she deserved the crown or not, she's Miss California.

  8. 508

    Everyone stfu about :free speech: yeah she has free speech and she has her opinion but couldnt she be a little nicer? its just not something a person thats running for a crown should say… she knew shittt like this was going to happen.

  9. 509

    Honestly i cannot believe that Miss California didn't win the crown because she gave her personal opinion. PerezHilton asked her a personal question, and she answered honestly and personally. I believe that society is trying to make everyone politically correct instead of being honest. She holds up her morals and beliefs, why froown at that. Oh well she doesn't agree with same sex marriage, neither do many thousands upons thousands of people here in the US..should we take their jobs away for not agreeing with it?? I thought we lived in a country where we were free to think out loud and express ourselves, but most importantly where we could have our own voice and opinion..does it not apply of we are against same sex marriage? Clearly there is a double standard..What a shame that she didn't win, she deserved it ever moreso when she answered that question for her bravery, honesty and courage to say what was on many people's minds at that moment

  10. 510

    I don't know how much nicer she could of been w/ her answer. It's always the minorities who are being offended.

  11. 511

    Isn't freedom of speech still apart of our rights in this country? C'mon Perez, I like you, but your aggressive rant makes you look dumb, and Trump will most likely not ask you back. Agree to disagree dude.

  12. 512

    Re: beccab – not bigotry, she didn't use offensive words.
    Being so defensive does not help your opinions gain respect.

  13. 513

    a very loaded question was asked and Miss Ca said what she thought . that is her right and most people agree with her if your going to ask you`are going to have to learn to live with the answer. and not jump on people who tell the truth about there thoughs… and by the why i agree with Miss CA and i feel sorry for her cause that was only asked to cause trouble!!!!!

  14. 514

    yeah. it's funny that you call her an idiot because she has a traditional way of thinking and was raised with a certain set of moral values….they differ from yours so she must be retarded huh??? I say boo to anyone who acts like they are open-minded but then turns around and judges someone else for how they think. Wow. that is all i can say. I think that she would have been a coward to not say what she truly felt…at least she is not being a fake like most everyone you see in the media these days. I'm not saying that I think she is right or not, I commend her for standing up for her beliefs.

  15. 515

    taken from yahoo.com
    'PerezHilton.com initially reported that Keith was "personally saddened and hurt" by Carrie's comments. Keith told Access he did not release a statement to the celebrity blogger.'

  16. 516

    initially reported that Keith was "personally saddened and hurt" by Carrie's comments. Keith told Access he did not release a statement to Perez the celebrity blogger.

  17. 517

    perez is a lair initially reported that Keith was "personally saddened and hurt" by Carrie's comments. Keith told Access he did not release a statement to the celebrity blogger.

  18. 518

    Keith Lewis, Co-Executive Director of the Miss California USA and Miss California Teen USA said in statement to Access Hollywood that he respects Carrie's opinion, even if it differs with his.

    "I am proud of Carrie Prejean's beauty and placement at the 2009 Miss USA pageant. I support Carrie's right to express her personal beliefs even if they do not coincide with my own," Keith told Access. "I believe the subject of gay marriage deserves a great deal more conversation in order to heal the divide it has created."

  19. 519

    I just wished they didnt use her answer to lose the title but obviously they did coz she lost.

  20. 520

    Re: RobPnMeShouldB – omg I laughed SO hard!!!! LOL!!!!

  21. 521

    I think Perez….I am not sure. I dont want to be considered bad or wrong. But I am straight you see…but I believe in equality. You are right, it should be legal

  22. 522

    Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. The United States is a democratic country; though she can say what she thinks, she must take responsibility of whatever syllable is uttered from her lipstick-laden lips. Miss California is but a candidate; she will not last long. She actually does not look beautiful to me. She is just eye-catching mostly because of her large boobs. I am not surprised that Ms. North Carolina became queen because she is actually beautiful. She also had a good answer. :D

  23. 523

    Perez. Don't ask the question if you're not prepared to accept her honest answer. Free speech is what makes this country great. Ask and answered. Move on. You should know not everyone accepts some choices people make. Should she have been rewarded for a dishonest answer, one that you would accept based on lies. She has now been punished for telling the truth. Get a life.

  24. 524

    Re: STFUP – clearly, you're the dumbass. i'm not expressing my opinion in any way, shape, or form, HOWEVER, a civil union is NOT the same thing as a marriage. the insurance benefits are different, people joined civilly cannot ride with their loved one in an ambulance. IF CIVIL UNIONS WERE THE SAME AS A MARRIAGE, THERE WOULD NOT BE A PROBLEM CURRENTLY, now would there?

  25. 525

    Re: Suvine.com – The issue here isn't weather Gay marriage is accepted, right, wrong, whatever. The issue is, Miss California was asked a question, she answered it honestly. Go ahead and Boo her, but don't crucify her for honestly answering the question. I know you're not crucifying her, but people are missing the point here.

  26. 526


  27. 527

    i think she had every right saying what she did..was she suppose to lie about how she really felt about gay marriage?? while i support gay marriage…i do NOT support it being shoved down ppls throats and if ppl dont agree with it then they are just haters…no they are not haters they are simply ppl who dont agree with you and your life style…they have their beliefs and you have yours…when we no longer have a voice and the choice to agree to not agree.. this great country in which we all live in…will be no more. and just food for thought..what do you think will happen when we no longer live in a democracy and you no longer have the choice?

  28. 528

    To CYPRESS7602.
    Why dont you go and fall in luv with a dog or chimp or a jack ass or instead a bitch dog.

  29. 529

    Hooray Miss California! Obviously marriage is meant for a man and woman…even animals know this. People are so sensitive about gay marriage because they know it's unnatural and wrong. Hey, there is only one truth. One day every knee will bow and every tongue confess to the one true God.

  30. 530

    The Miss USA Competition is going to be boycotted now for being biased and against individual ideas. What a bunch of biggots!

    And why do the news sites keep showing pics of Billy Bob Thornton in the Riddler's outfit and saying it is Perez?

  31. 531

    I agree with ~ "but what kind of America can we say we are if we can't let those we don't agree with have THEIR opinions. good on her for being brave in today's world to stand up for what she believes in"

    I am neutral in the gay marriage issue. To each his own. Perez asked her what SHE thought about gay marriage and she answered the way she believed. I don't hate somebody or judge somebody because they believe in gay marriage. So why should Perez judge her so harshly. It's a double standard. You hate people who disagree with you and that's that. Believe what you want ~ but don't judge others for what they believe in.

  32. 532

    In my opinion she is not stupid. Unlike most people here she understands what Gods word means. Its Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

  33. 533

    Even though I really don't agree with her opinion and she didn't answer the question as appropriately as she should have you, must remember that it was a random question and she answered it on the spot. It wasn't like she knew what the question was going to be… All I'm saying is cut her a little slack because who knows how anyone else would have answered that question at a moment's notice… I must admit though, she could have worded her answer a little better…

  34. 534

    It's so sad that you're OK with disgracing this beautiful girl for standing up for her beliefs, Perez. I don't believe in gay marriage but as a Christian, I love everyone because God made you and loves you. This girl is not spewing hate and she was very apologetic. It wasn't fair of you to ask her that question, you knew that only one answer would appease you. This isn't China, we are still free to voice or beliefs.

  35. 535

    Okay seriously…
    This is so ridiculous.
    Firstly, we all have opinions. No one's opinion is wrong! And just because you disagree with her opinion doesn't mean it is backward or ignorant. That is your opinion and that is fine, so don't hate on her because you disagree.
    Secondly, I AM PROUD OF HER! She didn't say what they wanted to hear, and I bet half you guys are too much of a wimp to stand up nationally for what you believe, I know I would be.
    Thirdly, I don't see how her saying she doesn't support gay marriage is discriminating. It's not like she doesn't have gay friends because they are gay. THAT is discriminating. However, you want to be like that, okay. But I think you are discriminating against anyone in accordance with her beliefs. Really.
    Fourthly, this nation was made from a foundation of religion. "One nation under God." "In God we trust." So if it is founded so heavily in God, why is it that religion no longer has a place? That is pathetic, it really is. We wonder why this whole country is going to hell. But that is another issue. My opinion, take it or leave it, is that the second this nation lost its faith was the second this whole mess started. Again, that is my opinion. No right or wrong answer.

    Those were my opinions. I agree with her. You don't, I get it. We don't have to agree, but there is no need to hate and throw mean names at her.

  36. 536

    Im saying if you have the right to be gay and get married in this country fine ok, so your opinion is different from mine but you dont see me getting bent out of shape cause you like to get your fug packed and I dont. So if some super babe sides on my side about the marriage thing big deal, she was just saying that she wasnt gay and she was raised that way. Big deal!!!!

  37. 537

    All you are showing is you are in fact narrowminded. You wanted her to answer what you wanted to hear. Most of America is Straight God Loving people. Just because the majority of pageant organizers are gay does not mean that is the voice of America. Gays don't count because they have decided to take themselves out of the reproductive cycle that keeps the species alive. What gays live is a fantasy of desires and not the reality of the Human Race. Get over yourselves, at least your allowed to be gay.

  38. 538

    I never could understand why a queer is judging a Beauty contest.

  39. 539

    MAJOR props to Miss California!! Everyone has their own opinion and hers just happens to be 100% correct!!!! The idea of two people of the same sex being 'married' is absolutely ridiculous! Perez get over it!!!! Seriously, your OPINION means LESS than nothing!!

  40. 540

    I'm a gay rights advocate, and I think Perez' position on this will harm the cause. You've made Miss California a celebrity (who knows Miss America's name, and what audience were you reaching?) and unfortunately used your moment to piss away your ability to educate. To be fair, the question would have had to be put to all the finalists; it offered no way of knowing who might share her position. Still, she's come out better than if she had won … so she owes you a debt of gratitude. Like the celebrities, you cover, Perez, avoid the people who kiss your ass and tell you what you want to hear. You can't trust them.

  41. 541

    Well, well Perez WE ARE IN THE GREAT USA !! GOT IT?? ok we have a right of speach Ms California just gave her honest to heart opinion; now you re gay you deal with it, and if in the state that you live they do not allow gay marriages then go and marry in one that does it, do a quit claim of deed where ever the hell you live and leave it to your other half. We believe in sdame sex marriage NOT VISIBLE as the woman n man marriages and that is our believe and WE HAVE to be respected as much as the gay community wants respect, remember not everything is good for you guys but for us too. SO you threw out the best candidate that really tells you what is your real personality that you do not look in the personality and responsabilities that one has but on her answwer to your so well put stupid questions…grow up ana stay in the closet if you can not deal with different opinions….

  42. 542

    Thank God someone was brave enough to speak up and say something. Gay marriage is wrong. Even animals know it takes a male and a female to have sex. Miss California is beautiful and thank God she has morals. Very few people do these days.

  43. 543

    Re: Kimberbunny – I think before you start calling someone names..please check your spelling because that in itself makes you look like a douche and an IDIOT…and as far as her being a BEAUTY queen…I'd rather be a beauty queen as oppposed to a drama queen, drag queen, queen of all media *coughs* and all the other "queens" that gay men think they are!!

  44. 544

    well it figures, you and all the other hollywood fags. cocksucking queers

  45. 545

    ohhh cry a damn river already…build a bridge and get over it already!!!! YOU and your fellow gays need to realize..NOT everyone is going to agree with what you do just like you may or may not agree with what they do…everyone has that choice but for you to start calling people names because they don't agree with you shows how much of crybaby you really are….you did this only to get you 15 mins of fame and by the looks of it..you need it!!

  46. 546

    Re: bittch – ohh so now we are suppose to shut up about "free speech" when you don't agree with what was said….you guys are a bunch of hypocrites…if we need to "STFU" about free speech then you guys "STFU" about your right to marry who you want to…

  47. 547

    Re: bittch – and how much nicer did you want her to be…she said she was sorry while she was speaking and as far as that question is concerned….why didn't queenie perez ask all the other contestants the same question?? hmmmm interesting you say she knew shit was going to happen..but you know what?? Perez knew to…so blame him as well..if you know you can't take handle an answer to one of your own questions…THEN DON'T ASK IT!!!

  48. 548

    Wow, how sad is it when someone cannot honestly state their opinion without people ripping them apart. It is HER opinion, Perez Hilton had no right to say she lost the crown for stating HER opinion when he asked her for it, simply because he disagrees-what a jerk! We don't live in a Communist country. I agree with her completely and this incredibly immature reaction to her statement only further solidifies my position.

  49. 549

    A civil union is NOT EQUAL TO marriage. Did you know that straight people, upon getting married, have over TWO THOUSAND rights? Homosexual people get nearly none of those rights. To get a marriage license, you walk up to the huge city hall building and go get one. Homosexuals have to go to a little door on the side with a tiny plaque reading "Civil Unions." I'm straight and I think it's not okay. Get with the times people. Gay people should have the same rights as anyone else. They're not asking for more than what we have. WHY, after emancipating black people, did the country just find someone new to discriminate against? Is America's pettiness really that great? No one's asking you to become gay, just give them the right to their lives, liberty, and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS this country was founded on.

  50. 550

    A wrong opinion… that's a first… and it just made the gap even larger… and by the way its called freedom of speech!

    please correct me… the Executive Director is Gay…

    then the pageant should be Miss Gay California if you want to have the same point of view… LMAO!

  51. 551

    What wrong people and why you ask those kind of question. You should ask more like saving the planet cause by climate change question rather than stupid gay rights question.

    I have one question whoever suppose gay rights. What if gay rights pass, what is your next crying move? Is it people and animal marriage too? All of you make me wonder what will be next if i hear people and animal marriage, i will be sick and puke.

    Nobody like limitations but we, human race, need to limit and control for certain things rather than out of control.

    For all same sex persons, you all can live at your comfort environment without crying for marriage or anything. People can understand and from time to time people will forget same sex person living in their community if you are not crying to legalize any laws.

  52. 552

    Shame on you Perez…. On one hand you profess to support an individual's right to their own sexual orientation and on the other you condemn another person's right to have an opinion that differs from yours. I guess anyone could have won that pageant as long as they agreed with you…. how hypocritical. I can support gay's right to marry without disrespecting those who have an opposite opinion.

  53. 553

    Re: RubyCoveredTelephone – ITS HER OPINION! cant you get that?

  54. 554


    I guess Mr. Keith doesn't want to acknowledge the fact religious beliefs help found this country he lives in?

    People who bash Miss California are doing the exact same thing they propose to hate…intolerance..ironic.

  55. 555

    Could she have worded it different… yes, but she went with her true feeling and was honest about it and did mentioned "no disrespect". So get over it! I'm sure we all have our opinions or beliefs on things that other people don't agree on. That was such a set-up question as well.

  56. 556


  57. Delsy says – reply to this


    She stated her opinoin and she getting in trouble for it. Gays and Lesbains choose to be ohwell i guess you should be allowed marry

  58. 558

    Re: Kimberbunny – wtf your calling her stupid,
    you can't even spell dumbasss

  59. 559

    First of all it is our God given right and i might add our Constitutional Right to have our own opinion on ANYTHING ! even marriage , and as I remember reading in Genesis ( the Bible ) it was Adam and Eve not Adam and steve , so PEREZ your an asshole for letting her opinion sway a vote for her placing in a competition? its a competition not lfe or death and who the hell made you a judge of character look at you , a silver spoon up your ass , yeah you have hardly had to WORK a day in your life and well sitting on your ass passing judgment on her , well I tell you what why dont you bring your pansy ass down to Alabama and see how us good ole southern boys deal with idiots like you , oh by the way FUCK YOU PEREZ ! oh wait thats my freedom of speech ( sue me ) oh wait you cant you aint got the balls to LOL BYE BITCH

  60. 560

    I believe that Mr. Hilton should be ashamed at how he conducted himself as a judge of the Miss USA Pageant. He took his own personal “Gay Marriage” agenda to penalize Miss California USA which is a disgrace to all pageant judges everywhere! That hurts the credibility of the pageant for you to take on such a lynching to this woman.

    As for the Co-Executive Director of the California USA Pageant… their office should also be ashamed for not protecting the beliefs and feelings of their own state titleholder. Instead they sided with a view that is still NOT viewed by the majority of Americans as being OK. Are you saying that it would have been best that she lied, not have stood firm to her beliefs and totally not been true to herself? I would love Mr. Hilton to answer that question directly.

    In conclusion, as a pageant director, I know the importance of finding judges who will find your organization the best possible representative without showing personal biasness or hidden agendas. As a Mrs pageant contestant, I also believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman and no I do not feel that states should follow suit. So are you saddened by my beliefs as well knowing that I am a married woman who does not believe in same-sex marriage?

  61. 561

    Re: totallytina – I had to comment on… "WHY, after emancipating black people, did the country just find someone new to discriminate against?"… This is totally out of line and shows your lack insight on the issue. As an African-American woman I cannot just hide the fact that I am black. A homosexual can hide the fact that they are attracted to the same sex all day long. For all that are here reading this… there is a HUGE difference between racism of African-Americans and descrimination of GLBT individuals. I will challenge that point from the history of this country to the views of Americans today… remember at no time in America's history has anyone said that homosexuals were 3/4's of a person, but we should accept the struggles of homosexuals in the same way that my ancestors went through slavery… that is offensive and ridiculous!!!

  62. 562

    Omg ! who ever posted and said civil unions you get ALL same rights as gay marriage is not the same as gay marriage must be a dumb blonde or dumb bitch! I think youand Miss California become friends join her next beauty pageant. Maybe you might get your facts straight or learn something from the blonde herself. For example, something happens to your partner at the hospital you have no rights,when you are legally married then that is when you rights as a spouse or partner to make decisions, not when your married under Civil Unions ,you don't get the right to make the decisions for your sick partner.

  63. 563

    Each and every one of you has an opinion, and that's precisely why you're posting here. Well guess what hypocrites - Miss California has one too - so get over yourselves.

    I think Miss California should sue the crap out of both The Miss USA Pageant and Perez Hilton over this incident. She was asked for her opinion and she gave it. It wasn't an easy 'paper or plastic' question, but one meant to either divide or to promote the judges personal agenda. But because hers did not line up with his opinion, it cost her the crown thanks to a bully who wants free speech only so long as it aligns with his.

    This girl, regardless of what you may think of her or the fact that she expressed her opinion rather than take the easy way out and lie, has worked for years to achieve that crown. She's invested time and money towards that goal, only to have it stolen away from her by refusing to compromise her principles. How many opportunities will she now miss out on and how much money has she lost out on because of this incident?

    But she was wrong… Hypocrite! What if a pedophile wants to marry or have sex with 3 year olds? How about those freaks who want to marry the family goat? You either have an opinion contrary to these examples, are a liar, or you have a serious problem. We all have opinions and that's okay… we are not the gestapo. So leave this girl alone and quit judging her just because she has an opinion too!

  64. 564

    Re: Sk8ter chik34 – So now you've set the standard on whch opinions are acceptable and those that are not? Your ilk will no doubt be wearing the proverbial brown shirts in the future to make sure we all walk in lockstep with you.

  65. 565

    Re: Long Dong Connery – Its seems to me she know about the Bible. It was Adam and Eve and NOT Adam and Steve. Even the animals of the world knows its Boy and Girl when they mate for life.

  66. 566

    Controversy my ass, you're just a hungry fucker looking for "NEWZ"


  67. 567

    I fully disagree with her answer; but she gave her honest opinion so she at least deserves some props for that.

  68. 568

    Anyone who feels true disgust at Ms. California as I do - maybe go to Facebook, search under Carrie PreJean - and there are already 5 - 6 sites that are Anti-Carrie.
    I joined the one titled "I cannot condone the acts of Ms. California" - I'd like to see one of the anti-Carrie sites reach far more the the piddly 200, 35, etc. of her "support" sites.

  69. 569

    big BOOOoooo, yes, I think she deserved it and how the hell did she even get that far?

  70. 570

    Re: Paris Hilton Looks Like A Flamingo – Perfect! My gay sister got really pissed when I told her I thought "Civil Union" was close enough because you already got "gay" and "straight" to mean diferent things.
    But if the reason other people don't want to change the meaning of "marriage" is "religion" they shouldn't be dis-respected for believing in old fables.

  71. 571

    SHAMEFUL! She could have used it as a platform to positively support gay marriage and to bring to light the issues affecting the gay community..she disgusts me. She had no control as to her sexual orientation she just as likely could have been born gay and yet knowing this she discourages gay marriage. How about none of us be allowed to marry until there are equal rights for all!

  72. 572

    cool, but whats with the dead dove dress (fugly) you gotta chill though, she has the rights to her own opinion, even if its f*cked up…

  73. 573

    Re: just mee – how is she suppose to say it differently???
    her answer was great, i have a masters in english and a current professor at CSUF, and we broke down her response in class and concluded there was no better way to state her opinion. perez is just sore he didnt hear what he wanted to hear, Mr. Perez Hilton america is still not ready to embrace same sex marriage, regardless why they arent, they simply arent get over it, and drop this arrogant attacks towards her.

  74. 574

    Re: Sweet – her answer exemplifies the millions of californians who voted against same sex, idk why plp are thinking america is all of a sudden gay-friendly

  75. 575

    Re: drpepper – when you say equal rights when in relationship to marriage are you including polygamist???

  76. 576

    This is not so much about gay rights or gay marriage as much as it is about Miss California have an opinion that wasn't favored but still had the guts to express it. She used her freedom of speech and lost her crown. I think it was juvenile of Perez to even ask a question that could be very deep for some people. Gay marriage, for some, is against Gods word and his way. Gay marriage isn't constitutional because I do not believe the constitution says anything about the marriage of anyone. Marriage isn't a right either, it's a privilege that God himself made at the beginning of human life. God made Adam and Eve and defined what a marriage is. Marriage is Biblical. IF we redefine marriage, then we must redefine it to fit everyones views. So if a man wants more then one wife; well why couldn't he? If a man wants to marry his pig, well what's stopping him? Wel what stops people from doing all kinds of weird things are laws based on morals. I think it just shows that more people need morals.

  77. 577

    Honestly, I think this whole thing is completely ridiculous. Talk about hypocritical. There's all this crap about equality and freedom and all that, but a girl attempts to tell the truth about how she feels about something, and the people that are fighting for freedom of speech and love and marriage and opinion and equality are the ones who tear her to bits. Frankly, there's no winning. Practice what you preach, for shit's sake.

  78. 578

    First of all, beauty pageants are one of the things wrong with our society, much ado about nothing. That being said, I'm in favor of two or more people of any race, creed or sexual persuasion engaging in any kind of union they so desire, including marriage. I'm also in favor of allowing people who do not share my beliefs to speak their mind without fear of retribution. Ms. CA has a right to her beliefs, she articulated them well and respectfully and she should not be condemned for that. Remember, she didn't bring it up, she was asked for her opinion. What has happened to the state of our liberalism when we no longer allow differing opinions?

  79. 579

    Miss California is certainly entitled to free speech and her opinion. I don't think she was judged on the basis of her 'opinion', but on her mannerism and how she answered the question. Given the public role she will play as Miss USA were she chosen, she ought to know that she has to show understanding for both views and should respect that.
    She could have said that she was raised in a home where relations of the opposite sex in marriage is preferred, however, that she respects the wishes of the people whose state elects same sex marriage. We live in a land of democracy. Unfortunately, she became a bit shaky when she said 'um….and everything she said went downhill." In this game, diplomacy counts. She did not play the game well.

  80. 580

    So much for freedom of speech yet we're supposed to do everything the gays want like it's some disability.

    So anyone who opposes Mario is the enemy? I thought this country was based on freedom especially freedom of speech? So let's all follow the same path and be robots.

    You know why lots of people don't like gays and why lots of people don't want gays to marry? Cause of gays like "Perez Hilton" and how they act. Do what they say or get smeared. Do things their way or be the enemy. We're all supposed to have tolerance towards gays but yet there's a lot of intolerance when you don't do what they want.

    I was pro gay marriage until this fairy started crying over this and I'm not the only one

  81. 581

    So that's her answer and she's become a bigot. Obama and Hillery are on record stating they don't support same sex marriage either. Guess that makes them bigots, too. Or are they exceptions?

  82. 582

    I love me some gays, but the fact is that gays need to realize that the same Constitutional Amendment that gives them the right to speak their minds and be treated as equals, gives others the same right to disagree with them.
    Gay, straight, or what ever, we do not all need to think alike, nor will we ever. However, we do need to recognize how lucky we are to be allowed to speak and hold our own opinions- 1st Amendment!!! I personally don't care, but I respect someone who does not cow down to the pressures of bureaucrats or public pressure. Even Perez Hilton should understand and appreciate having ballzzz!

  83. 583

    @ Reality666, that's total bullsh*t. Nobody changes their beliefs on a civil rights matter simply because one person throws a hissy fit. You never supported same-sex marriage and you know it, so stop trying to blame the illegality of gay marriage on people like Perez Hilton.

    The issue with Miss California's answer is NOT that she expressed an opinion about her own beliefs. That would be perfectly reasonable. It's that she gave a completely misinformed, blatantly false answer with regard to the current state of marriage. She is either completely ignorant of the law, or is pointedly telling gay Americans that they have "chosen" to become second-class citizens. Either position is unbecoming of somebody in her position.

    She had a way out of this question without sacrificing her beliefs. She chose not to take it. Had she said, simply, "I am happy that those in VERMONT will now get to choose what kind of marriage to have, although I was raised to believe marriage is between a man and a woman," that would have been fine. Whatever. But instead she flat out lied or demonstrated her ignorance as to the real choices we have, and that's why her answer is problematic.

  84. 584

    In the bible it says to punish a child and stone women if they have been disobedient. We do not take that seriously…in fact if such things happened the way it happened/is portrayed in the bible a lot more people would have their children taken away and ALOT more people would be in jail!!! So why are we taking the whole "marriage is between a woman and a man" so seriously? I am a christian and I believe Marriage should be with someone who you love not just between two people because their anatomy fits together like a puzzle two puzzle pieces…Seriously People get over it… this is the 21st century!!!!

  85. 585

    Re: LoLaFeDoRa – LoLaFeDoRa really??? your're going to use wikipedia for the end all be all of any definition??? webster's quotes marry as "to join as husband and wife" now i'm not saying that homosexuals shouldn't have the right to marriage. i think they deserve to be just as miserable as the rest of us haha. marriage humor. but how dare you quote wikipedia for the definition to anything. you do know that on wikipedia they let any moron post information on that site? apparently they do here too. just don't go bashing someone until you consult an actual dictionary for a definition. and by the way it was not a legal question it was an opinion question. get over your big fucking flaming self perez you really are the reason people keeping voting down gay marriage. it certainly isn't because of normal homosexuals like my brother or friends. its the ones who walk around with their hands moving all around and thinking the world owes them something. nobody owes you shit. yea its horrible how some people bash and trash gays but that has been happening throughout history. just grow the fuck up you childish prick no one cares how strongly you try to label her as a gay hater. she said thats why america is beautiful because we have a right to be whoever we are without persecution. and that goes for her as well mr. hilton. you don't want to here someone's opinion then you shouldn't fucking ask for it.

  86. 586

    what is really pathetic is that there is still a miss america pagent! oh and her dress.. but she has every right to say what she wants - just like we have the right to say she is wrong!

  87. 587

    Re: mindset – Blame the victim, why don't you? If you aren't willing to extend a civil right to the lowest of the low in any designated group, then you aren't really in favor of civil rights. In this country rapists, murderers and child molesters have the right to get married. Nobody argues that straight people shouldn't be allowed to marry because a large number of straight people are rapists and murderers. So why do you think anybody would vote against your brother and friends purely because Perez Hilton likes to whine? Sorry. Nope. They vote against your brother and friends because they hate your brother and friends for being gay. Period. They would vote against your brother and friends even if they were the most masculine, All-American, God-loving, military-serving Southerners around. So don't go telling me that Perez Hilton is the reason same-gender marriage hasn't been legalized yet. To a homophobe, your brother and friends aren't people; they're queers. Perez Hilton has nothing to do with it.

  88. 588

    Lets imagine for a moment that this is reversed and the question about gay marriage was asked by a high profile conservative Christian judge and Miss California answered in favor of Gay Marriage across the nation and lost because she was in favor of Gay Marriage? The Gay Rights community would be in an uproar over the outcome and would be bringing multiple discrimination lawsuits against the pageant as we speak. The Gay Rights community has received many miles of sympathy support for being seen as the "victims" of discrimination and this perception has been a pillar that gay rights activists have built their movement on. I find it absolutely fascinating that the "victims" who cry out for sympathy are now coming across like wolves in a sheep farm. This was a major gaff by Perez Hilton and this will be a major blow to the political agenda of gay rights activists moving forward because they can no longer play the victim card so easily. I bet the sentiment has changed considerably over the past 24 hours in the gay community from a huge political victory to a sense of regret and dismay as they watch the backlash that is happening from this. One can only imagine if the gay rights activists are smart they are trying to figure out how to keep Perez Hilton away from any microphones or webcams.

    Miss California will go down in history as a hero in my book and she deserves far more than a Miss USA crown for standing up for her beliefs in the face of intense pressure.

  89. 589

    Doesn't matter what your view is. The problem here is discrimination. The very thing that the gay rights community is whining about as being unfair they did arrogantly and openly in a public forum. It is absolutely hypocritical and it is going to create a backlash that is huge. Miss California will be a hero in the eyes of the nation and it will do much to hurt the political agenda of gay rights activists. The Lord did not work in a mysterious way on this one, he just simply provided a microphone to Perez Hilton and let him talk. Gay Rights Activists are watching in horror today as this goes from a perceived victory for gay rights to a huge blow against it. I was outraged when I first saw it happen, but now I think it is going to be a good thing. I am not happy that Miss CA lost, but she can do far more good and will add much greater value in her actions now because her true colors really came out and she proved how much substance she really has as a person. She is a hero and in my opinion far better than just "miss USA". She is destined for greater things than this, much greater.

  90. 590

    Re: gilbertaz – I think it's pretty telling that the only people who are "predicting" a massive backlash against the gay community are people who would love to see a massive backlash against the gay community - as though if you say it enough times somehow it will become true. Classic conservative propaganda tool.

  91. 591

    She has the right to her opinion and should`nt be punished for it.that being said she sounded dumb.She is in a pageant, something that is dominated by gay men who coach these women.The runway,the dresses,hair, just screams a gay man put this together.So people who think it`s ok to discriminate against gays should think twice about joining in because it`s hypocritical.And to Miss Thing you should try making out with a hot chick might change your mind .

  92. 592

    Re: Kimberbunny – Well, let’s see what President Obama told ABC News last year:
    TAPPER: You oppose same-sex marriage.

    OBAMA: Yes.

    TAPPER: Do you think that the fact that this is now going on in California, does that cause you to re-think your pledge to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act?

    OBAMA: No. I still think that these are decisions that need to be made at a state and local level. I’m a strong supporter of civil unions. And I think that, you know, we’re involved in a national conversation about this issue.

    You know, I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman…

    So does that make the president a "douche", an "idiot" and a “stupid b___”?

  93. 593

    All though I do think you have a right to choose who your with for the remainder of your life I do agree with Ms. California.. The Bible,, in which this and every other country regardless of your beliefs.. was founded on state that Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve. Tasted the forbidden Fruit.
    Dude, you want to walk though public holding a mans hand, cool, go for it. however…
    There is no way shape or form, that a Man and a Man, or a women and a women could continue the population of the earth with out one in other. EXTINCTIONS.
    With that said, should there be benefits for safe sex couple ? Ya maybe.. Should They be allowed to marry ? NO !!
    Maybe it's time for us to go back to thew olden days of women wearing dresses, and a Man wearing a suit and ties..
    It worked in the 20's,30's,40's,50's,60's, until those dam hippie's came into the picture.
    Got to Love Woodstock, And the anti–military ara.. Shore your against that too… But face fact,, we are All entileted to or beliefs, I may not like your,, however I respect them..
    But I'm not using my fame to DOWN YOU..

    ENOUGH ALREADY, take it like a MAN

  94. 594

    Also, as I can say is,, SHE'S HOT,,SHE'S HOT,,SHE'S HOT,,SHE'S SHE'S HOT,,HOT,,SHE'S HOT,,SHE'S HOT,,SHE'S HOT,,Your well not…

  95. 595

    PSST.. Enough already,, speak stongly and boycott this prick !!!!

  96. 596

    Re: whoareyou69 – Wow, you think humanity would really go extinct if all men married men and women married women? Ever heard of a turkey baster? Maybe the world would be better off if the population only grew when people actually made a conscious effort to reproduce.

    Oh yeah, the 20's - 60's were SO great. Let's go back there. Prohibition, World War II, the Cold War, McCarthyism, Vietnam… mmmm, those were great decades. You know, back when women vacuumed while wearing skirts, pearls and high heels. Do you believe everything you see on TV?

  97. 597

    Perez asked her opinion, and if one is not prepared to hear the answer, they should not ask the question. Marriage was a concept created by the church, hence, it is based on their doctrine. That doctrine indicates that man shall not lay with another man, and by their standards, they consider homosexuality an abhorrent behavior and sin. They are also quick to say that they love the "sinner" but hate the sin. I am not religious myself, I practice no type of religion because I don't necessarily believe in the existence of a/the God.

    I find it absolutely childish that Perez would ask for her opinion, only to criticize her for having the "audacity" to have beliefs contrary to her own.
    The concept of marriage belongs to the church, and for other special interest groups to attempt to modify the definitive traits of marriage is tantamount to an outsider trying to change the integral conditions of a trademarked item that does not belong to them.

    On the other side of the coin, people are not thrown in jail for homosexual behavior, and homosexual partners are permitted to live with each other. They are also permitted to join together in a civil union, but that cannot be called a marriage because they do not conform to the standards set forth by the creators of the concept of marriage. Get over it.

  98. 598

    Re: Charlie N
    Marriage doesn't belong to "the Church." It's not a trademarked concept, and even if it was "copyrighted," the copyright has long since expired. Marriage predates the Bible, so it wasn't created by Bible-following people. Marriage also existed IN Biblical times - which, incidentally, "the Church" did not. So how could "the Church" possibly have invented it?

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