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Heidi Montag & Miley Cyrus Believe In Gay Marriage!!!!!

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This blonde Christian believes in equal marriage rights for all! And, she's a Republican too!

Responding to a question we asked her on Twitter, The Hills star Heidi Montag Tweeted back saying:

"God says in the bible that we should love our neighbor and he created us all as equals. I know in my heart that gays and lesbians should have the same government rights that Spencer and I will when we get married. So, yes, this blonde Christian believes in gay marriage and I hope to one day go to YOUR wedding, Perez!!!"

Woo hoo!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Heidi Montag would have been a better Miss USA than Miss California. It's a good thing that blonde didn't win!

Update: Holy moly!

Disney star - and fellow Christian - Miley Cyrus has also thrust herself into the gay marriage debate.

Responding to us and Montag via Twitter, she says "i second that!!! wow heidi is smart!!! shes amazing :)"

Quite courageous for Cyrus to do what she just did. We applaud her!!!!

Update #2: When told of the high suicide rate amongst gay and lesbian teens and how her standing up for equality will help battle that, Miley Tweeted back to us, saying, "Jesus loves you AND your partner and wants you to know how much he cares! thats like a daddy not loving his lil boy cuz hes gay and that is WRONG and very sad! like i said everyone deserves to be happy."

Thank you, Miley!

Update #3: Cyrus even went so far as to tweet to Perez, "i am a christian and i love you [Perez] - gay or not. BECAUSE you are no different that anyone else! we are all gods children! i am not saying this so would be nice on your site (though that would be nice jk;) but because the LORD has spoken 'love cuz god loves'."

P.S. Miley would have definitely been a much better Miss USA than Miss California too!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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503 comments to “Heidi Montag & Miley Cyrus Believe In Gay Marriage!!!!!”

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  1. 401

    okay reall perez? THE GIRL ANSWERED A QUESTION! just becasue she didnt say what u wanted her to does NOT make her a bad person…consider your sources BTW…MILEY CYRUS AND HEIDI MONTAG…if you wanted a cople of brain-dead nasty media w-h-o-r-e, then theres your group. they don't even know what gay means i'm sure… LEAVE MISS CALIFORNIA ALONE! ya gay freak

  2. 402

    Re: kspicza
    in your justification of gay rights, do you think it gives you some kind of credibility in mentioning your "worship pastor" husband and "baptist" affiliation? do you think you sound cool and progressive? you do not. you look foolish and hypocritical. FYI, you can love all people but still apply God's Word and edicts, whether it is to their detriment or not.
    please get over your pride.

  3. 403

    Heidi is the ugliest thing i have seen in years.
    She looks as stupid as she sounds.
    and Miley deserved everything Jamie Fox said about her, ah who cares, in a couple of years they will both be just like Lindsay Lohan today, clubbing and drinking and drugging everynight, living in trailers..

  4. 404

    My brother Chip was gay and died on April 17th 1993 at the age of 36 of AIDS. We also have a quilt piece that was presented in his honor. He was a Great brother that I LOVED very much and not a day goes by that I do not think about him. I miss him very much and Chip being gay did not effect my LOVE for him and he knew that. We went out all the time and I knew all his friends and his lover Samuel who called me the night he passed away. I am a Born Again Christian which he knew and called me a couple of weeks before he died and wanted to accept Jesus as his savior and I am grateful that I had the oppurtunity to pray with him the prayer of Salvation. He told me out on his porch that he was glad that he had AIDS because without that in his life he would have never met Jesus who had finally given him peace in his life and knew that when the AIDS virus had taken it's course that he would be in his arms but if he had never had AIDS he would had never gotten to know Jesus as his Savior. That was so awesome that it greatly effected my own relationship with Jesus.

  5. 405

    Miley Cyrus was out of the headlines for a whole day so she had to say something to get herself out there didnt she?

  6. 406

    The only opinion on gay marriage that matters are the gays who want to get married. Not celebrities who just get off on being "open".

    So anyone who opposes Mario is the enemy? I thought this country was based on freedom especially freedom of speech? So let's all follow the same path and be robots.

    You know why lots of people don't like gays and why lots of people don't want gays to marry? Cause of gays like "Perez Hilton" and how they act. Do what they say or get smeared. Do things their way or be the enemy. We're all supposed to have tolerance towards gays but yet there's a lot of intolerance when you don't do what they want.

  7. 407

    Oh, so now you won't call her Slutty Cyrus anymore?

  8. 408

    well of course heidi is in favor of gay marriage. she's (fake) married to the biggest twat in california. being married to that puss is pretty much a lesbian relationship. how small of a weiner can a 'man' have before he is legally a woman? i still hate her. if you'd asked her last week she'd have been against it. fake fake heidi-ho. she'll do or say anything to get her fake face on this website. it is the only thing keeping her in the media. fake. fake fake. i think when people see her they should shout FAKE in her face until she cries fake tears. fake dumb ho. gross.

  9. 409

    Thumbs up for both of them!

  10. 410

    perez, im gay, and you're starting to get on my nerves with the gay marriage thing, you already got enough publicity, drop it and post some actual gossip

    AND, who cares about the opinion of miley cyrus (she's a child), britney (she's a nut), or heidi montag (who the fuck is her?)

  11. 411

    Re: chjchip
    thanks for sharing your experience, it is bittersweet.
    best to you dear! :-)

  12. 412

    First of all… what ever happened to "slutty cyrus..?"
    The LORD does say to love your neighbor, however, it also says that marriage is a sacred bond between a MAN and a WOMAN. Also, the purpose of marriage to to have babies…. you can't have babies with a same sex marriage. you can adopt, sure. but trading babies is not the point.
    I personally feel bad for Miss California because you were incredibly unfair. That is her opinion and I applaud her for sticking up for it.

  13. 413

    ya that Heidi looks soo Christian…..

  14. 414

    my god, heidi montags got a melon head and you could drive a mack truck between those pathetic fake boobs….

  15. 415

    Re: kspicza
    those are your calling cards, are they? a baptist? a pastor? so now you have a legitimate opinion? you're a moron.

  16. 416

    Re: URExtremelyLost – *rolls eyes*

  17. k-lee says – reply to this


    Because these attention whores support gay marriage, they make a better contestant than Miss California?
    You have completely lost it, Perez.
    You have got to stop this. You sound like a bigot yourself.

  18. 418


  19. 419

    yes. you have a following of a teenager and a 20 something vapid celebutard. nice! ~insert rolleyes here~

  20. 420

    jesus perez….put your skirt down!

  21. 421

    after all that mess you said about miley, i guess now you won't be talking so much smack about her

  22. 422

    Re: URExtremelyLost

    God doesnt exist lol

  23. 423

    so far these are the people Perez is bragging about having on his side
    -Shanna Moakler
    -Miley Cyrus
    -Britney Spears
    -Heidi Montag

    wow thats a list of winners right there. You got a 16 yr old who's dating a guy who technically should be in jail for statutory rape, another that dates some tool and who nobody likes or cares about and is famous for no reason, and another that went bat shit crazy and well, lets just say should not be the voice of reason to say the least.

    Great choices, whats next? Lindsay Lohan, Chris Brown & Amy Winehouse?

  24. 424

    perez you are so immature, seems to me that everybody has to agree with you for you to like them. is it comfort that you need for being gay, are you ashamed or do you need reasuurance? the sooner you drop the subject the better off you'll be, stop acting like a lost boy.

  25. 425


  26. 426

    Of course now you will be treating her like an angel because she is agreeing with you. Although I prefer you not harass a 16 year old girl, this type of thing is quite typical for you. If Jen Aniston wants you to stop talking shit about her, all she has to do is ask you out for a drink and that's it…your bff's.

  27. 427

    aww, that is nice of miley…that is big for a young girl to sa y that


  28. 428

    I love how all of a sudden Miley and Heidi are great because they agree with you. I don't know how any one who calls themselves a Christian can say that gay marriage is okay. I wonder if they have actually read the Bible. Because it clrearly says that a man being with a man is an abomination. Leviticus 20:13

    If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

  29. 429

    You know I hate when people dog on other's they don't know. People they're human just like you and me. So what if they sometimes mess up…it's life. And I hopin Perez this means you'll go lighter on Miley. She was raised how she was raised and you can't hate her for that. She's just doing what she knows. No matter what I won't hate her for her flaws…my girl's love her too damn much. And also I think marriage between two men or two women is no different than when I'll marry a guy. It's who you love and it's who you won't to grow with.

  30. 430

    This shit is bonkers. A real Miss USA wouldnt support gay marriage anyways. If gay marriage were a nationwide vote, boy the prop 8 victory would look like nothing.

  31. 431

    And apparently you would rather have a contestant lie to win….is that really what you want America to become…a bunch of people that forget their beliefs and lie about their true feelings just to get ahead

  32. 432

    aww. i love what Miley and Heidi wrote, it really does make me like them a LOT more. And I am totally against Miley because she seems to be a bit wrong as a teen role model.

    Heidi's songs were okay last week. I admit to playing a couple a few times.

    And Perez knock these fucking walls of oppression down, go boy go ,whoa!

  33. 433

    Perez this why you need to be nice to Miley, i cant beleive she didnt swear at you. For love of god you call her a slut almost every single day. Why don't you be civil. Im glad you are campaigning hard for gay marriage, its a cause worth fighting for and we are here to fight with you. Good job perez, i love you :)

  34. 434

    Miley, i have been dogging you to my niece, age 8, for a while now, and I will stop and encourage her adoration of everything Hannah Montana, and Miley Cyrus.

    Heidi, you are Gorgeous, an Spencer is not a prat. He is very cute, and has a seksi smile. is his dick thick?

  35. 435

    I just read the comments and wow, I agree with almost all. Good and bad, I can totally see both views! It does seem a little silly to be quoting people below you Perez. With all due respect to those quoted, I think you have far greater potential. Hold out for Susan Sarandon etc, I think it would be in the best interest of you and your beliefs xo

  36. 436

    Re: KatKnapp – That's the problem. It's what's next after gay marriage. you pull out the thread and where does it end? In the toilet.

  37. 437

    Re: Jessica Rabbit – so if you believe you were born gay would you show some proof like the gay gene. you were made to be gay is more closer to the truth. You just don't remember.

  38. 438

    This is getting old and boring. Is there anything else on?

  39. k-lee says – reply to this


    Does this mean the Miley Cyrus bashing is over? You're giving up the only reason why I like you?
    You sellout. I officially dislike you.

  40. 440

    perez or whatever you queer name is and whatever your queer purpose in life, basically this is it: bad things happen to bad gluttonous peopel. you are in line. You chastised the California beauty today on the morning show, wake up call to you that most Americans ar eAMERicans except your queer closte self. I'm sorry but please don't come through Kentucky herei Louisville you may proceed no futher if you do. You are sick we will contain and help you so you can……….

  41. 441

    Perez don't make me laugh! Why are you being such a hypocrite all of a sudden? All you ever doing is call Miley a slut and Heidi a fame whore. Now they are such great people because they believe in gay marriage? Regardless of what they believe they are both awful people. On top of that they are the worst christians I have ever seen. I'm so sick of them trying to quote the bible and saying God is Love and what not, how about they read what the bible says about homosexuality. God is love and we are commanded to love our fellow brother regardless of what they do but God clearly condemns homosexuality. So stop trying to shove your anger about people not agreeing with what you believe down our throats. Deal with it! Not everyone believes in gay marriage.

  42. 442

    Oh puleeze! Miley… ughh…… Daddy Billy Ray, wonder what he thinks. His music sucks thus her music sucks. As for Heide,I DON"T CARE.She and her boyfriend should disappear, no longer to be thought of.Bye

  43. 443

    why do we care about heidi montag?

  44. 444

    Perez is GAY!!!! yay, who cares? there is more hatred from your goofy looking face than the 1950's white men against the black man. STFU already

  45. 445

    Hey Mario what would Jesus say about you jacking off to pictures of Zac Efron????
    Hey Mario what would Jesus say about you jacking off to pictures of Zac Efron????
    Hey Mario what would Jesus say about you jacking off to pictures of Zac Efron????
    Hey Mario what would Jesus say about you jacking off to pictures of Zac Efron????
    Hey Mario what would Jesus say about you jacking off to pictures of Zac Efron????
    Hey Mario what would Jesus say about you jacking off to pictures of Zac Efron????
    Hey Mario what would Jesus say about you jacking off to pictures of Zac Efron????
    Hey Mario what would Jesus say about you jacking off to pictures of Zac Efron????
    Hey Mario what would Jesus say about you jacking off to pictures of Zac Efron????
    Hey Mario what would Jesus say about you jacking off to pictures of Zac Efron????
    Hey Mario what would Jesus say about you jacking off to pictures of Zac Efron????
    Hey Mario what would Jesus say about you jacking off to pictures of Zac Efron????
    Hey Mario what would Jesus say about you jacking off to pictures of Zac Efron????
    Hey Mario what would Jesus say about you jacking off to pictures of Zac Efron????

  46. 446

    I'm officially done with you and your site, Perez. You ban people from this site, censor comments you don't like and then you have the nerve to treat this young lady in this manner. You are a F-A-S-C-I-S-T and a H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E. Total McCarthyism. While I think beauty pageants are stupid anyway this woman is being persecuted because she:
    A. was honest and told the politically incorrect truth
    B. she's a christian and told a truth consistent with her belief system

    As far as I'm concerned she's equivalent to John the Baptist; telling the truth when it was unpopular and then beheaded because of it. Congrats, you have successfully martyred this woman. I never thought I'd see the day when marriage between one man and one woman would be "controversial". The world needs to burn.

  47. 447

    OMG, Perez, she just wants publicity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who cares what this ugly attention seeking ho-bag thinks anyways. She is SOOO last year. She, Spencer, and The Fake Hills need to disappear!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Isn't this biotch a repub anyways?????

  48. 448

    Re: joeddotl – #448 BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. 449

    Don't gay men have a life expectancy of 45? They all die of Aids eventually. I'm all for being openminded towards others and I'm not a Christian but I don't think it was God's will for wieners to be put in other men's butts. Just sayin'.

  50. 450

    Re: .perezhilton.com.

    You have no idea about anything you queer.

  51. 451

    I love miley cyrus!!

  52. 452

    I just think its sad that so many people who claim to be believers in Christ, have such the wrong view on God. He hates homosexuality, HE DOESN'T HATE homosexuals, but he hates the act, rather than the person. People who "hate" gay people are in the wrong, just like homosexuality is wrong. But seriously, God DOES NOT approve gay marriage because he clearly states in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 (please read this if you disagree..biblegateway.com) that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God, therefore why would He be for gay marriage? So I think if Miley and Heidi call themselves Christians, they should reevaluate their made-up idea's of God and His grace, because clearly they haven't throughly read through God's word.

  53. 453


  54. 454

    no that was not a typo- it wasn't 9.8%- its was

  55. 455

    hahaha im sure that 2% was pigrez himself and teddy desperately grabbing at the keyboard before being molested again

  56. 456

    truly truly Heidi is manipulating the Bible, though God loves homosexuals an equal amount as heterosexuals. He however despises their sins. You can compare it to lying. You hate the lies, but love the liar.
    Marriage was created for a man and woman only.
    "The man said, ‘This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called “woman,” for she was taken out of man.’ For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh" (Genesis 2:23-24)

    This debate will never end…but i've said my share.

  57. 457

    Actually, i have one more thing to say.
    It doesn't matter if you have all of hollywood on your side…having God on your side however is supremely more better than having someone who falls short of His glory. So get over it, everyone is entitled to have their opinions and you are proving yourself to be incredibly closed minded and prideful.

  58. 458

    what you think of miley perez; first you wanna kick her ass, now you wanna kiss her ass

  59. 459

    Who the fuck cares?

    I love how "Miley" has to preface her opinion by telling everyone she's christian

    and who the fuck is heidi montag?

  60. 460

    God isn't real, someone should tell Miley the broad that

  61. 461

    That's nice! Homophobes suck

  62. 462

    Why are the homophobes on this site? A GAY MAN runs this site and you all come on here and read his blogs. I mean how pathetic that? I wish Perez banned all the homophobic users who says these things

  63. 463

    read it live on twitter :)

  64. 464

    ok you're pissed at miss cali for having an opinion that is different from yours? I would rather have her tell the TRUTH and not what she thought everybody WANTED to hear like miley and heidi, plus both of them now are your 2 BFF, fuck your stupid mario

  65. 465

    Equal rights for all-BUT- Done the Civil Union way!! If a gay man or women falls in love with a foreigner, then he/she should be able to bring him/her here to the states as his lover, tax rights, insurance rights, hospital rights etc!!! Love who you want- when you want- how you want. But marriage is for opposite sex's. Miss CA is aloud her opinion just as I am aloud to have my opinion JUST like those who oppose my point of view are. THIS IS THE US PEREZ - Peoples are not robots we don't all think alike- AND don't assume I hate gay people because I feel this way. I love my gay friends and family, but I love marriage too-the way it is in CA! Done.

  66. 466

    Re: A Brighter Beat
    You're talking about the old testament. After Jesus, those laws don't apply; Christians believe in the events that happened in teh old testament, and the laws of the new testament, as Jesus came to save our sins and we are no longer having to earn the right to be a part of God's people.

  67. 467

    FFS Perez get over it already.You have spent 3 days ranting.Shut the fuck up now you idiot.You demean the efforts to create equal rights by your stereotyped OTT Queeny outbursts.

    Especially considering your blog is designed for the sole purpose of spreading shit about everyone except gays. You do not see any contradiction in yourself here.?

  68. 468

    That's a nice thing to say :) . I think that sometimes christians are stereotyped. Quite frankly I believe that everyone should be happy with someone they love gay or not. Almost Miss Usa had the right to free expression whether she was right or not. I really hope however that she changes her mind on this issue and realize sexuality shouldn't matter. This was a happy post. Thanks Perez, you sure can be mean sometimes but this was nice :)

  69. 469

    Wow…she get's to be Miley today and not "Slutty"…she in your good graces for good Perez? I believe in Gay Marraige….give ME some publicity!!! lol

  70. 470

    PEREZZZ, you've got to get over it! Not everyone is going to have the same views as you, and promoting fucking MILEY CYRUS for sharing your views (because she knows that if she does you'll obviously feature her in your blog) is low.
    Just get over it, what's done is done.

  71. 471

    you absolute hypocrite….miley bashing for months and months…then suddenly she says one thing, probably to get on your good side more than anything else, and she becomes god.

  72. 472

    Dude, I live in NYC and am as gay friendly as you can get, but for you to attack this woman for giving her opinion makes you look like a complete loser. You are gay guy with a pink website who talks about celebrities and you are calling people stupid! You are a bottom feeding loser! I don't even know this chick and I am not defending her, but rather attacking you. I have never heard of your sorry butt before. You got your publicity, now go back to entertaining the dumbest people our country has to offer. People are allowed their opinion! Especially when you ask them. She showed some class, you didn't. Get a life!

  73. 473

    So it's say what you want to hear and then you love these people?? Hypocrite!

  74. 474

    Oh NOW you like Miley because she is agreeing with. OMG just STF up already..

  75. 475

    Re: SupreBecky – Nice and dumber than a pile of bricks.

  76. 476

    Lets make sure the IMPORTANT PEOPLE (miley and heidi) are all for gay marriage. Then it makes it 'real'.

  77. 477

    Is it possible that this opportunity for good PR has actually transformed my opinion of these two young women?
    YES IT IS!!!!
    And Perez, I think you are going to have to be a little nicer to Miley after this… as hard as it may be, at least she showed that she knew what side to be on when it COUNTS.

  78. 478

    Re: brooklynmc – um… that's not all Perez is, he was the judge of that competition, and he is clearly much more than a gossip columnist if he is on Larry King multiple times to debate this issue… he is acting as a voice for a generation including you, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT and you really should be thankful for the work he is doing on your behalf!!!!

  79. 479

    What, Perez being nice to Miley?!
    The world is upside down!!!

  80. 480

    wow,i never expected miley to support gays and lesbien,hedi yes,miley,hell no cuz she idk..i think i look at her alot differnt now the fact that she agrees with what most others dont!!!

  81. 481

    Re: harlanellison – Here, Here! I am so sick of the political correctness crap that floods our society every day. All of you sheep that jump on the band wagon for whatever fucked up cause is in the papers right now, just to get your 2 cents in, even if you don't really agree. The fatc that Miss Cal had the guts to stand up and say what she really feels, instead of vomiting out the crap that is being spoon fed to us by the media, took real courage. Marriage is for a man and a woman……period. I will not stand up and be counted with a bunch of hypocrites that think it fashionable to jump on the "lets legalize gay marriage" band wagon. What's next? Where do we draw the line? Do we lobby for "I can have sex with my daughter" rights, as they are a "community" of sorts. What about pedophiles? Should they get the "same rights" as everyone else? The bible clearly states that homosexuality is a sin. There is no debating this. Being gay is not a "lifestyle", it is a choice that some of made to geive them an excuse to openly display their acts of utter debauchery!


  82. 482


  83. 483

    The bible also says that it is detestable to god for a man to lay down with another man…

    Jeesh Heidi, you cant read just one scripture and call it good.

    Fuckin Retard.

  84. 484

    w h o c a r e s

  85. 485

    Oh, so now that Miley supports gay marriage, she isn't a "slut" anymore? Perez, you are a stupid hypocrite.

  86. Delsy says – reply to this


    I don't know is Miley is kissing up the perez like Selena,Demi,Jonas and other teen stars but then she is the honest and loyal one

  87. 487

    Personally, I love Miss California. I'm a republican and a christian(Roman Catholic) and in the BIBLE it says holy matrimony should be betwee and MAN and a WOMAN. And all of you are getting offensive because that's not what you believe? She quoted the Bible. I have no problem with gays. I have friends that chose that sexuality, but I don't believe Gay Marriage should be legal. Two men or two women can not create a human life and obviously God made it like that for a reason. This country is based upon christianity, believe it or not. If you don't like it, maybe you should consider moving. I love Perez, and I continue you read his site. I just don't think it's fair that y'all are freaking out over her own beleifs. A LOT of other people have the same beliefs, like myself, yet no one is being defensive towards me.

    Miss USA represents America. And America was based on Christianity-which comes from the Bible. The Bible says marriage is between a man and a woman…so what's the problem?


  88. 488


  89. 489

    Re: Lady B. Good – ya and you're not?!?!?!?

  90. 490

    If God had intended the human race to be fulfilled through both heterosexual and homosexual marriage, He would have designed our bodies to allow reproduction through both means and made both means of sexual intercourse healthy and natural. Homosexual anal intercourse carries a high risk of disease, this is recognized in Scripture where gay men are said to receive in their bodies the due penalty for their error (Romans 1:27).

    If you believe In gay marriage then you must Believe your Daddy is a Monkey?

  91. 491


  92. 492

    wow! :0 i never thought i would actually agree about something with these 2 girls…..
    but they both took the words right out of my mouth!!!
    whoot! whoot! props to them!!!!
    jesus loves all of us!! :D

  93. 493

    omg.you have got to be kidding me, these girls are rediculous. yes jesus loves you, and your partner, but guess what, in the bible it says that homosexuality is a SIN. heller get it right ladies. i'm not trying to be mean or anything but c'mon look at the girls you just asked. omg and get off miss.california's butt she gave her opinion, the thing you ASKED her for. this is getting rediculous. such a bully move, the minute you don't like something a person does they go on the black list. when will people realize that they need to form their own opinions and not just follow some hot shot with a big mouth? i loved this site…now not so much.

  94. 494

    to destroy a bit of all this conspiracy theories regarding Miley Cyrus and Heidi Montag doing it for free publicity. Hum… although wouldn't doubt it about Heidi this is not the case. If they wanted some REAL FREE Publicity they would have twitted Perez being against gay marriage.

    Perez would have gone off on them, mentioning them every two seconds giving them more publicity. Isn't this the exact same thing that happened to Miss California and is now in more interviews probably then the actual Miss USA winner and is now Anti-Gay Marriage spokewoman?

    So even though I'm not a fan of either Miley or Heidi, I believe they truly do support gay marriage and they hope their followers do as well.

  95. 495


  96. 496

    I don't why people have to so naste about Miley. She does alot of good. She give herself, her time and her money to charities. Plus she visits sick children in hospitals all over. She is a good kid. And remember she is still a kid tying to go up. She deserves alot of respect, not nastiness. Justin is a very nice guy too. And no one has a right to said junk about him either. No matter what becomes of their friendship

  97. 497

    miley cyrus reaaallly needs to die right now

  98. 498

    its obvious that even big christians like Heidi, Miley, Jonas Brothers and a few others are open to homosexuality and probably gay marriage since they have gay friends!

  99. 499

    wow, finally something smart comes out of her mouth.

  100. 500

    You know what maybe all you haters should keep your oppinions to yourself and have some cosideration for other people's feelings

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