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Miss North Carolina Deserved To Win!

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With all the controversy surrounding Miss California's insensitive remarks, something very important is being overlooked.

And that is that the beautiful Miss North Carolina, Kristen Dalton, won. She is the new Miss USA, and we are proud to have helped her get that title! She earned it!

Sunday night marked the second time a beauty from NC has won the title. The last time was back in 2005.

Dalton won both the swimsuit and evening gown competitions. Or did Miss California forget that?

A bit more about Kristen!

The 22-year-old aspiring motivational speaker is currently in college, majoring in Psychology and Spanish at East Carolina University. An Honors student. Beauty and brains! And she's a "financially independent" student as she's worked different jobs while in college.

As for her desires, Miss USA continues to aspire to be a motivational speaker and hopes to run her own charity one day.

How could you get any better?

Definitely the best contestant won!

[Images via WENN.]

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182 comments to “Miss North Carolina Deserved To Win!”

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  1. 101

    I love that Miss California probably secretly regretted stating such a foolish answer. I do wonder what Miss USA's answer would have been to your question. Have you spoken with her, Perez? Now all you have to do is white-out Miss California's face like you do with Vanessa H.

  2. 102

    Sour puss perez!! HA HA!!

  3. 103

    Re: hollyelise – How are you NOT emotional when people in our great country are still being treated like second class citizens?

  4. 104

    Lighten up Tinkerbell. You fucking Liberals are all for free speech until someone says something you disagree with & then you call them names, TINKERBELL, and want to stifle them. How do you like the name calling?
    FREE SPEECH FOREVER, even when the fags don't like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Up with Prop 8
    Sticks & stones will

  5. 105

    Carolina Girls–best in the world. (But she does look almost exactly like Miss California.) And BTW, I agree with those who have said that Miss California is entitled to her opinion, however, I resent the fact that she has stated in numerous interviews since then that she would have won if not for answering that question. How do you think that makes Miss North Carolina feel? The person who was meant to win–won.

  6. 106


  7. 107

    I love this girl she is my idol Miss NC did deserve to win !!! GO TARHEELS

  8. 108

    Miss NC is truly beautiful! Congrats! And to all of you who ask about her opinion….who the hell cares about her opinion on same sex marriages?! She is a beauty queen, not a politician? No one is going around asking Miss CA what her views are on how tax payer's dollars should be spent.

    Everyone is ripping on the "opinions" that were asked to the top 2 contestants of this pageant, but their opinions are like assholes everyone has one…and it's over and done with! Miss Arizona didn't even answer the question she was asked?! She rambled on in some practiced speech that really had nothing to do with the question and certainly didn't answer it either?!

    Also Perez was not the only judge at the contest! His question was judged by all of the judges…why don't we chastise them and ask them their views on same sex marriages so we can point fingers there as to why CA did or did not win?

    The judges picked the winner……not the public. If people want to "pick winners" call and vote for people on reality shows ie…Dancing With The Stars or American Idol!

  9. 109

    iiiiiiiiiii think its interesting that she's in the middle of this controversy for having a conservative point of view, give us bout 30-40 years ago (the question of gay marriage prob wouldn't have even been presented back then) but her point of view would have been favored over a contestant who agreed with gay marriage. at first i was surprised by her response, but i honestly have to give her credit for the way she vocalized her opintion. she was rather successfull in not being offensive for having a different point of view and was just expressing that the way she was brought up was to believe that marriage was meant to be between a man and a woman. while i, and many more, do not agree with her, i don't believe its fair to condemn her for her beliefs, as i'm sure we wouldn't like to be condemned for ours, which we have for a while. for so long even the idea of gay marriage was taboo and anyone who believed in it was blacklisted. . . i'm more for gay marriage than most, my mother and her partner have wanted to get married for years and im ALLLLLLLLLL for it. i don't believe that miss california didn't win because of her response, north carolina TOTALLY deserved it and seems like miss california is having a problem with the fact that she wasn't good enough.

  10. 110

    Yes that's right, one of the first things she said after she won was, "Who knew you could win Miss USA in a turquoise gown!"
    Brains AND beauty! So much better than someone that has an opinion.

  11. 111

    Seriously Perez, she's from North Carolina. She's probably a bigger Bible thumping hick (as you would probably say) than Miss California ever thought about being. Only difference is she lucked out and didn't get your question.

  12. 112


  13. 113



  14. bee85 says – reply to this


    is there a Miss USA who hasn't had a BOOB JOB? It would be nice to see some real beauty, not a surgically re-assembled version…well, on that note it would also be nice to see a pretty girl with at least half a brain *Miss California HAHA

  15. 115

    We are proud of our Miss USA, formerly known as Miss NC. Kristen comes from a family of winners, namely: her mom was Miss NC USA in 1982, and her sister was Miss NC teen in 2008. Can you find pics of them to show off to your audience? Hope so.

  16. 116

    Re: hotel283

    Ignorance at its finest…..

  17. 117

    Re: GHT – Combine a slow new day with how appropriate heterosexual marriage can be, the NY POST scooped Jerry Springer with this.
    A Queens woman charges that a wedding guest from hell turned her dream nuptials into a sordid affair she can never forget by screaming, tossing a drink at another guest — and, worst of all, declaring she was sleeping with the groom.

    Sandrina Purdum, 31, says that at the ceremony last Sept. 19, Jennifer Angevine accused her of "f- - -ing up" the life of groom Harold Purdum, who was then working for Angevine.

    "Me and Harry were good together. You had to ruin everything by marrying him. You f- - -ed everything up," the wife quotes Angevine, also 31, as saying in a civil suit filed in Queens Supreme Court.

    After the outburst, things got so raucous that the 70 guests were ordered to leave the reception at the Naresa Palace catering hall in South Ozone Park, the suit says.

  18. 118

    She is absolutely gorgeous and a great role model to young women.. good for her!

  19. 119

    Get a f*ckin life Perez!!! Go prance around in your little garden like the tool you are, but shut the f*ck up. Your only hurting yourself by dragging this sh*t out. No one wants or cares to see you, hear YOUR opinions etc. You have your own parade and little rainbow stickers these days, so stop complaining. Your an idiot. Thank God we have someone like Miss California who has the guts to stick up for what she believes. Dont forget what this country stands for…..free speech.

  20. 120

    I totally agree she should have been the winner, even before the controversary.

  21. 121

    i heard Miss North Carolina was also against gay marriage… guess she was lucky to not get asked the question.

    Yea her winning is being overlooked BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE THE REASON its gotten this ridiculous.

  22. 122


  23. 123

    Re: trashintraining – I'm just curious — how would you feel about Ms. CA representing the US if her answer had been - I'm totally for gay marriage, and no offense to others, but this is how I was raised, and every state in the nation need to get in line."
    How would you feel about her then?
    Her mistake was not being neutral - she failed miserably.
    CONGRATS TO THE WINNER, MISS NORTH CAROLINA !!! Prettier, smarter and better prepared ~ thus, she WON !

  24. 124


  25. 125

    Oh and one other thing Perez whatever the fuck your last name is. We all know you will start crieing about all the "insensitive" remarks that will be thrown your way but remember its alright for you who knows nothing about Miss California to call her a "stupid bitch" that's called hypocrisy you ignorant scum bag.

  26. 126

    yeah and as soon as she doesn't believe in gays gettin married, she'll be a "dumb bitch"…….

  27. 127

    Perez you're taking the spotlight away from the winner by keeping the fauxtroversy going. Miss California is entitled to her opinion, as misguided as many may think it is. And you need to accept it. We don't all live in your bubble where everyone thinks gay marriage is OK. Many people disagree with it. Still, the gall of Miss Cali to think that her answer was what killed her chances. NC is worthy of the crown. And I feel sorry that her moment was stolen.

  28. 128


  29. 129

    Thank you so much for finally recognizing MISS USA…and not MISS CA.
    I went to ECU with Kristen and lived across the hall from her in our dorm; there were several of us girls that were all really good friends while down there and I'm so sick of hearing about Miss Ca. and not Kristen. Also, why does Miss Ca. constantly say that her answer cost her "her" crown, or "the crown?" Like you mentioned, Kristen won in both swimsuit and evening wear….She answered her tough interview question wonderfully. I am so proud to say I personally know Miss USA and that she will definitely represent our country like Miss USA should.

  30. 130

    Look who cares what miss California thinks. Really, is she going to be the next prez? No, probably not. No one really follows this Pagenant crap anyway. She doesnt support Gay marriage, who cares, what matters is that there are many more people that Do support it. Eventually this will be a thing of the past and people can marry disipite their sexual preference. Such as, the Iraqs…blah blah who cares what they have to say. The girl said what she thought and thats it, leave her alone already.

  31. 131

    Re: lauren0618 – PURPLE and GOLD, FOREVER!!! yay, Go ECU!!

  32. 132

    Re: b a t k i s s – foul, trailer trash dont count!!!

  33. 133

    i wouldn't necessarily say she has brains… there's a reason why ECU is known as "EasyU"

  34. 134

    Re: GHT

    ALL THOSE WHO ARE IN FAVOR OF 'YOUR ARE' dysfunctional, lonely, hateful people.


    uhhh, what's an 'ARE'…in favor of your are???
    *scratching my head*
    well, at LEAST we are not illiterate.
    hey douche….remember,
    R.I.F. = Reading Is Fundamental
    and, i am totally coming from a healthy, friendly & loving place…of course.
    *flippin' the bird*

  35. 135

    Wow, Prez, Trump must be all over your ass today!

    Did you notice the women of *color* being knocked out (woohoo Ms Arizona! Past the color test, flubbed her interview, but lovely lovely lovely) — because if race had not been an issue with the pole-dancer judges and their icky icky boss, the results would be very very different. Did you notice in the commentary that Miss NC had changed her dress? Why? Because she and Miss Cali are bottle blonde bobsies and with both in white…like, oops!

    Perez: if you are going to TELL IT, then TELL IT, 'K?
    Robbed? Miss Hawaii, the odds-on fav in Vegas, was robbed.

  36. 136

    Perez, I am sure the miss U.S.A Pageant has had enough of you and regrets your childish antics. I mean you find out something that you don't like about one of the pageant members and then you ambush her with that question and make this historical pageant more about you than the other beautiful women challenging for miss america. You are a real piece of work. I mean you sound like some ignorant red neck ranting about her being "insensitive" because she has different beliefs than you and calling her a "stupid bitch" makes you just as big a scum bag as those who are homophobic. For those of you who are making all the degrading remarks about miss California who sound like you are about 10 yrs old(and I write this feeling bad for the 10 year olds this will insult because most of them probably have more common sense than you) all I can say is you were meant for this web site and epitimize the ignorance that Mr Perez has perpetrated.

  37. 137

    Re: SmokinSammy

    Si si.
    See my comment above On the stage she was described as wearing a white dress…

    Have you heard that the Donald gets to pick 6 of the 15?

  38. 138

    She's gorgeous! But wow Perez, stfu, if you asked Miss North Carolina the same question and she answered in California's tone you would be singing a tune. Instead of calling her intelligent you'd probably make fun of her for doing FRENCH in University and PSYCHOLOGY. I know in my school that's what the not-so-smart kids do, no thinking required just memorizing, hah! But shes still very beautiful, but honestly Perez, get a fuk*n life, ur honestly the reason why ppl refer gays to FAGS.

  39. 139

    BTW, Mario:
    Deal ? or
    No Deal ?

    Does Uncle Donald want you on *The Apprentice*

    Vegas buzz honey

  40. 140

    Re: JigSaw – 133 Just goes to show you one man's sacrament is another man's smackdown! Some of us are fighting for the ability to marry, some of you are fighting at weddings.

  41. 141

    She is absolutely beautiful! I love her dress and I am completely jealous of her bod… some girls got it all…

  42. 142

    Yes, lets mention the girl that really won the pageant..finally. However, did you have to throw a jibe in at Miss California? Come on, give this girl some spotlight..

  43. 143

    Re: b a t k i s s – got me on that one. but you cant count those who's mommy and daddy are brother and sister!
    Take it from experience, living together is much better, and cheaper, i got screwed in the divorce, i will never ever marry again, but i know where you are coming from and support your cause

  44. 144

    I can understand why Perez is mad at the California chick. I mean, yeah it's her opinion, but over 50 year ago, some people's opinions (and still are some people opinion- how sad) were that black people weren't equal to white people. Now, tell me if she would have been asked "Are blacks equal to whites" and her answer was, "My opinion is that black are not equal to whites", people of all colors would be outraged. By denying gay people the right to marriage, is withholding their right to be equal to straight people. And injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere (MLKjr). Allowing gay people to marry doesn't really negatively effect us straight people, so what's the big deal?

  45. b6421 says – reply to this


    why is it insensitive to tell how you feel would it be better if she lied

  46. 146

    AHHAHHAHAH I am from NC and E.C.U. is the BIGGEST party school in the state. It has the highest std to student ratio and is just down right NASTY! I hope she uses toilet covers and "other" sorts of protection. HAHA

  47. 147

    pretty i suppose, but nasty fake boobs, but is suppose its a pagent so theyre all full of fakery

  48. 148


  49. 149

    I still don't understand why they would enlist the opinions of a fat, ugly queer with no fashion sense to judge a beauty pageant. Please, someone Esplain. Perez is at best described as a leech on the ass of a redneck, wannabe society. I can only commend you for actually turning your lack of talent into an actual career.

  50. 150

    They all look alike anyways! plastic bratt dolls!

    So mature to ask what someone thinks about a subject and when she answers how she really feels in a respectfull manner you jump at her calling her a dumb bitch
    Everyone has their own opinion. There are still millions of people agains gay marriage and you won't convince them talking to them like they are stupid cabemans. Get over it and star being respectfull showing them who is the biggest person

  51. 151

    Dude or whatever - never really heard of you - you're kind of a nobody, so I guess the only way to get attention is to call women names - what a man! You don't like what Miss California says so you denigrate her- mainly because you couldn't compete with a tree in the arena of ideas - that means, you really have nothing to say that's important. You are a little man, who no one really cares a hoot about so you resort to such antics - keep it up, you are patheticallly amusing.

  52. 152

    wow. she's gorgeous and i love her dress.

  53. 153

    You're just saying this now to justify why Miss CA didn't win when you admitted to Larry King that is why she lost the election! So because of her opinion on an issue…..you want us all to go gaga and trump up Miss NC. Not gonna happen in my book. You put a beautiful, talented lady on the spot and asked her to answer a question on how she feels about it…..you didn't ask her if she believes in state rights, etc. You can't justify jack shit to me…..Miss CA is Miss USA in my mind and Miss NC is runner-up. I can't believe Donald Trump allowed you to sway this title….how pathetic. What about the other contestants who were asked to give their opinions (like should we bail out companies with tax payer money). Should she have said that is for the government to decide? NO SHE DIDN'T say that. She said "she doesn't think we should bail out those companies, so she was giving a controversial answer also. But….since you're gay….that issue isn't as important to you to judge on. I will say it again..I am PRO gay marriage and PRO our right to express our thoughts on hot button topics and because she is conservative……you didn't like her answer…….what a hypocrite you are.

  54. 154

    perez, you keep on saying "everyone's talking about this" and it's "such a big controversy" FAIL. nobody is talking about this but YOU! and um do you NOY believe in freedom of speech? you've been saying "oh look at this big mistake she made, what an idiot" uhm ok perez so now people who do not just go with the flow and say what people want them to MUST be silent about their beliefs or LIE about them so people like YOU don't make fun of them? you always stress how hard it is for LGBT to be silent about their sexuality. that is the exact same thing as having to be silent about your political beliefs. fuck off perez.

  55. 155

    Playing to the crowd was the easiest thing to do, stating you believes took some guts. I have more respect for a person who stands by her beliefs (agree with her or not) then a person who just goes with the flow. If you want people to respect your personal beliefs and opinions the first thing you should do is respect theirs

  56. 156

    Playing to the crowd was the easiest thing to do, stating her beliefs took some guts. I have more respect for a person who stands by her beliefs (agree with her or not) then a person who just goes with the flow.If you want people to respect what you believe in you should do the same… very very small minded of your part Mister Perez

  57. 157

    Re: hotel283 – I guess you have never been to NC. In case you didn't notice, it was a blue state in the 2008 election. Moron.

  58. 158

    Perez I'm all for gay marriage, but know many people who aren't - and I respect that because everyone is entitled to their opinion. What your doing by targeting Miss California, and then putting this up about Miss North Carolina, makes you look petty, childish, and immature - and ultimately hurts your cause. You can say what you like about her not giving the 'perfect answer', or how she could have put it a bit more delicately, but still she answered your question directly and honestly after you put her on the spot. Time to put this 'story' to rest Perez.

  59. 159

    Damn straight she deserved to win and she's smart. Hooray for ushering an era of INTELLIGENT beauty queens.

  60. 160

    She is Gorgeous, Way better looking than Miss. California!

  61. 161

    she has curves like a "normal" woman
    she's smart to boot
    good choice prez

  62. 162

    She won because she's a fucking Pirate :)

    And to anyone saying shes probably not smart, has obviously never maintained an honors average in ECUs spanish and psych departments.

    But I'm sorry, financially independent in college means you have rich parents. I go to ECU with a full scholarship and an almost full time job to pay my bills and I'm broke as fuck.

  63. 163

    Re: blondiebnc25

    i myself, am a diehard tarheels fan dear.

    but Kristen Dalton is a PIRATE. represent!

  64. 164

    I'm sick of reading how Miss California would have won if she had answered her interview question differently. Did any of those saying this actually watch the competition? Miss NC won both swimsuit and evening gown. She was number ONE going into the interview. Her interview would have to have been the worst (and it wasn't) for her to lose the competition. So congrats to our new Miss USA and too bad this controversy is taking the spotlight from the RIGHTFUL winner.

    With that said, Miss Cali had the right to her opinion and no matter how low someone scored her on the interview, it wasn't enough for any of the other top 5 to surpass her. I think that should give a lot of people food for thought. Miss NC did NOT steal the competition, nor was it "given" to her. By the way, I think most of the judges questions were "loaded" it's just the reaction of the asking judge that has made the difference here.

  65. 165

    Perez, I am totally behind you on all of this. Besides Ms. California's comments being offensive, I also thought that it was offensive that she kept calling it "my" crown. She didn't win in part because someone else did. That's it. Ms. California (and others) are entitled to their opinion. HOWEVER, this is NOT a Christian country (separation of church and state, for one thing), nor are we run by a tyranny of the majority over a minority. Opposing rights for a group of people is bigotry, whether it is the right to a seat on a bus or the right to enter into a marriage. Ms. California lost because Ms. North Carolina won, but her statement should not be applauded.

  66. 166

    am I the only guy who really isn't attracted by all these super beauties ? I'm not saying they're not beautiful but really, most of them seemed to have the IQ of a child with some of the ridiculous answers they gave. But seriously, they are so over done and unnatural…its like parading an animal.

  67. 167


  68. 168

    First, I’m sorry, but it is after all a beauty pageant and California IS NOT as pretty as the cute (and fine) young woman from NC: Miss Dalton. Psychology and Spanish…mamasita, yo te pongo tu Fundación non-profit. Rauf!!

    Second, just because someone stupid is given a microphone in national television and says something reaaaally stupid, should not be a reason to keep hearing or commenting about it! I bet a dollar that she is regretting what she said. There are more important things to talk about than her and her stupid mouth. You lost honey, get it over already. And please, go back to school or whatever, don’t turn your 15 minutes of fame into a job in porn or a National spoke woman for some stupid cause.

    Third, it is all about Rights, people! Equal rights for everyone. What ever the particular cause you represent! I'm down for the right for Gays and for the Rights of every particular group of people that is being oppressed in any way. The entire world is in need of equal rights and here comes this tall, beautiful and a bit retarded woman, says something stupid, and everyone pays attention to her. Fuera!

  69. 169

    god mario,

  70. epic says – reply to this


    the worst thing people could have done was putting yoou (perez) into jury. that was a huge letdown for freedom of speech and women rights. but guess most people won't get what an dumbass you are.
    maaah i've just gotten here to distract me, but instead i'm highly annoyed by your whining and childish bashing.

  71. 171

    GO ECU!!!!

  72. 172

    honeslty perez, ur a pig faced bastard that needs to leave the poor girl ALONE, because she is entitled to her own opnions!!!!!!! also if u have a better answer for this question of URS then why not just enter the Pageant? i also think that marriage should be between a man and a woman because that is why there are 2 kinds of people on the planet for that PURPOSE! and also ur just really dragging this whole situation too far. and the only reason that u asked this question is because ur GAY!!!!

  73. 173

    Perez: You are simply a classless person. Calling Miss California a "dumb bitch" because she voiced her opinion shows exactly how limited your range is. That's the best you could come up with? Pathetic.

    P.S. Did you get plastic surgery?

  74. 174


  75. 175

    She's pretty.

  76. 176

    wow, perez hilton you truely are the most retarded human being I have ever seen. I HATE YOU! basically the world would be a better place if you didnt exist!

  77. 177

    Would you have liked this broad as much had she answered the same as Miss California? Oh wait…you didn't ask Miss North Carolina the loaded and politicized question that you asked Miss California.

  78. 178

    Congrats Kristen Dalton!

    I am dismayed that Miss California is saying she lost the crown because of her insensitive reply to Perez's question.
    How Arrogant!!
    It is just more proof why she shouldn't be & isn't Miss USA!

    Enjoy your year & I wish you All the Best!!

  79. 179

    Miss NC in fact didnt have the same response as Miss California. She ACTUALLY answered the question RATHER than just give her opinion….wow you ppl don't even go to read the first page of this blog…. just comment willy nilly on everything >.

  80. 180

    Re: SukitPeeRez
    you rule dude

  81. 181

    gosh i am so proud!
    i live in north carolina, everyone is so happy over heree.!

  82. 182


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