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Bill O'Reilly!

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If you think you can stomach it….

Check out the Fox News blowhard talking about the Miss California scandal (above)!

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314 comments to “Bill O'Reilly!”

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  1. 101

    i think you're right perez…she can have any opinion she wants to have, but as miss usa you're representing mainly others not yourself, so she could have given an answer that states her view but at the same time be sensitive to others. That billyboy is incredibly annoying and can't control his temper that makes him look ridiculous. and in every interview you can see:
    Only old people and miss calli are against that, when they're gone and the next generation has to decide it's going to change anyways… wish all the luck to the homosexuals out there that they don't have to wait that long

  2. 102

    I believe in gay marriage. But. When you ask someone what they believe.. you can't expect to always hear what you want to hear. She lost, yes she was wrong.. but this shouldn't be continuously looked at as something thats wrong. I dont agree with her, but this is america and we're allowed to say what we want.

  3. 103

    Re: RockStar_Mama – I totally agree on this. Who cares about Miss USA's opinion anyway? As if the one that was chosen were going to change anything about same-sex marriage…
    Still I think that Perez's point was more about the way she answered than the actual answer. Of course she did not lose because of her opinions. But if she had played on the safe side, she would have been in everyone's good graces and maybe it would have helped her. I don't see the point in making such a fuss out of it (esp. since everyone knows Bill O'Reilly does not want to debate about anything but to show his own bigotry on national TV)
    One more thing, I totally agree with Rockstar_Mama on the Miley Cyrus thing. Dude, just because she supports gay marriage doesn't mean that all of a sudden you gotta love her.

  4. 104

    I love it. He makes an excellent point. Calling people who disagree with you a dumb bitch and getting angry at them for disagreeing with you is rude and WAY more polarizing than her answer to that question. You did more damage for the cause of gay marriage than Miss California did.

  5. 105

    Wow, I can certainly see the productive side of society on this site. I was curious after this "Paris" Hilton vs. Miss CA blowup who the heck would bring someone like Hilton on as a judge. Apparently ratings are that bad. It's really sad to see this level of ignorance. I wonder how many on here support Obama and all he is doing right now. Fact for Fact I would love to debate the issues with any one of you. Bill? Sure he's arrogant, but he's also balanced and he pulls no punches. I've always noticed Liberals are fine as long as everyone agrees with their view and there is no opposition. That's not the point of democracy and that is exactly what you have here with this Hilton kid and Miss CA. An unbiased judge? Please.

  6. 106

    It really seems that the only freedom of speech Mr. Hilton cares about is his own. Calling someone a "bitch" because of an OPINION is about as low and petty as it gets. In the future, I hope that Mr. Hilton can learn to respect the views of others without taunting or insulting individuals with whom he disagrees. To call Mr. Hilton's behavior petty and juvenile doesn't begin to do it justice. Miss California did not act in a way that was intended to be a personal insult to Mr. Hilton; she ANSWERED A QUESTION. Mr. Hilton then chose to internalize her response by making it all about him…and calling her a "dumb bitch."
    Classy, Mr. Hilton. Ever so classy.

  7. 107

    LOVE O'Reilly!

  8. 108

    Bill O'Reilly is a manipulative biatch.
    All he is, is wordplay. I don't how he ended up with "No one should be punished." I don't see how it relates at all.

  9. 109

    Bill says he's not against "gays" :rolleyes: he's against legal unions because it disrupts the stability of America.. because then gays would want to marry more than 2 people.

    Said who?

    does he make this shit up as he goes along? whoever said if gay unions were legalized that people could go on to marry multiple partners. wtf? That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard on gay marriage subject. I think he was put on the spot by Wayne B.

    "the folks support me". What folks, dude? speak for yourself

    He also asked if it was fair that Miss America lost because of her answer. Well, in my opinion, and please tell me if this is true, or feel free to explain it better than I am about to. But when they ask miss America a question she's being judged by her answer. Am I right or not? So if she offended people, no matter what she was asked, then yes, she deserved to lose because of her answer. If the question would not affect their score, they wouldn't waste time in asking it. They would just parade around like the whores they are anyway, cause it wouldn't matter.

    Bill, suck a cock.

  10. 110

    Brain washed bigot,he makes me ill. The Un United States of the not so free…evolve or dissolve.

  11. 111

    Perez is a small bitter insignificant clown..who hates women. You asked her for her opinion and you just didn't like that it is different than yours.

  12. 112

    I find it so strange that people especially the Gay community want freedom of choice and voice, yet if you oppose their views, they want you to shut up and will not respect your opinion to disagree. I agree with Miss California, gay marriage is wrong, marriage is between a man and a women. You do have the choice in this nation to be gay, but you do not have the right to force the issue down peoples throat. People have the right to disagree with your opinion. Let me preface this by saying, No one had the right to hurt or persecute gays, but gays do not have the right to force their agenda down everyones throat!

  13. 113

    GOD Bill O'Reilly is such a DOUCHE BAG. He needs to eat shit and fuck himself.

  14. 114

    Re: Chazonator – nicely said!

  15. 115

    I can't stand Bill O'Reilly. I had to stop the video part way through.

  16. 116

    Wayne Besen wasn't logical or consistent in his justification. Think of it like this: Suppose she was asked if traditional marriage should be defined as between one man and and one woman. If she answered no, marriage should be open to gays and polygamists to marry who and as many they want to marry. Then the straight people would be justified in condemming her (according to Perez's logic). But then Perez wouldn't say a peep.

  17. 117

    FUCK BILL O'REILLEY. why is that piece of shit still on the air? why is he still alive?!

  18. 118

    afgirl1106 — you are an ignorant hypocrite. First of all, don't go posting on perezhilton.com calling him a fame whore because you clearly read and enjoy this site and everything he has created if you are on here posting on his links. Secondly it is Perez's job to be in the media. That is the whole point of what he does…drawing our attention to the celebrity world and also to current events. I feel sorry for you if you honestly believe that people who support gay marriage should go and "choke themselves". That clearly just speaks to the sheltered life in which you have been raised. I hope you go and pray for yourself. Wake up to 2009 - the world is changing and people with ignorant views like yourself will just be miserable because equal rights are coming soon - so deal with it.

    PS. Bill O'Reilly is a dick who has no idea how to conduct a real interview. Cutting off your guest to twist their words around and make claims about what they said does not make you a smart man.

  19. 119

    Bill O'Reilly doesn't know how to formulate a cogent argument. Miss Ca can't speak a sensible sentence. What is up with "I think I believe"? What does that mean?

  20. 120

    Re: ihearthollywood – Thanks for proving my point. What a class act you are.

  21. 121

    I thought the great part about living in the USA was that we all were allowed to have our own opinions and views. I guess not. If you were not a Obama supporter you were uncool and bullied and now if you do not support gay marriage you are being punished. I call bull on this, it's not the American way.

  22. 122

    Perez, you are a troll. Your free speech policy is "Its ok to have an opinion, as long as it's also my opinion. Otherwise STFU!"

    You give the gay community a bad name Perez. I'm glad Miss CA decided to speak her mind honestly - she's got more balls than you'll ever have.

  23. 123

    Re: eskimokissezx0
    Shouldn't you be in school now? Run along now and go to your handwriting class.

  24. ME12 says – reply to this



  25. nomen says – reply to this


    The amusing thing about Perez's argument… that Miss California should have been politically correct… because she represents California isn't a valid argument. Perez went on to say Miss California would have represented the U.S. as Miss USA! And her answer was just not PC. News flash, Barrack Obama represents the U.S. as our President… he's against same sex marriage. Vice President Joe Biden is against same sex marriage. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is against same sex marriage.

  26. 126

    I hate BO', but I sure liked him today. how many times did that bakcdoor corn lover backpeddle. honestly, I thought she was probably the best Miss USA contesteant we've had in a WHILE. somebody not afraid to speak their opinion, not matter WHAT's on the line. this is a message to all people looking for success in this country. Better to LIE than tell the truth, u'll get further. Miss something carolina won instead, and I KNOW, KNOW for a fact, peple in California are MUCh more liberal than people from the South. So Miss South won because she lied and said what you wanted to Perez; when in reality she hates you just as much. Good job. I'm sure you're on the horn with her now, trying to get to comment on this, so she can use u for more fame…while you remain stupid to the realities of life. one things for sure, i'm never watcihng this show again, or at least if I do, it will be with the volume down.

  27. 127

    i think perez went a little too far calling her a dumb bitch, but miss USA is a role model for girls, not just in the U.S. but in many countries. if i had been a judge i would not want girls to have a role model that is so narrow-minded. the last thing we need is this intolerance to pass down to another generation. miss USA is supposed to be graceful and i thought the way she answered the question showed just the opposite.

  28. 128

    She has the right to her opinion…opposing points of view on topics is what makes the world go round - god bless america for allowing us all to have our own views and opinions. YOU DON'T PUNISH PEOPLE FOR THEIR OPINIONS!

  29. 129

    HE SUCH A DICK. I HATE BILL O'REILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 130

    Its crazy people have such a strong opinion over same sex marriage
    if you are straight and want to marry a hetrosexual, then do so, it doesnt affect you if others are marrying the same sex…by having gay marriage legalised is not imposing that everyone should become gay…just lets everyone do what they want! i think people should just get over it, and miss usa deserved to lose because of her answer

  31. 131

    what an idiot!

  32. 132

    I am not a fan of Bill O'Reilly but I do take issue with a person voicing their opinion and getting slammed for being honest when that is the characteristic we value most in people. You said that Miss USA should reflect the American opinion, and still the majority of Americans are against gay marriage. Also, the four biggest figures for the democratic party are against gay marriage. Clinton even signed the In Defense of Marriage Act, a federal law that forbids states from having to recognize gay marriage in other states.
    So before you go bashing a beauty contestant for stating her opinion, maybe you should start criticizing the people we've elected because majority of people voted for them too.
    I don't mind being irritated with someones opinion, but it needs to be across the board, which includes Obama and Biden who also believe marriage should be between a man and a woman.

  33. 133

    Not so sure why we just don't legalize gay marriage, BUT I STILL love BILL O'REILLY !!! Can't say his show isn't fair and balanced!

  34. 134

    I find it so laughable that the gay community is in an uproar over Miss California. The gay community screams the right to be gay and voice their opinion, but once anyone opposes their view point, they will not allow them to speak their beliefs or voice their opinion. It seems if anyone believes different than they do, then they are bigots and hate mongers. Let me make this clear, no one has the right to persecute gays or hurt them for their beliefs, however, I have the same right they do to voice my opinion. Gay marriage is wrong, the gay lifestyle is wrong and goes directly against the plan of God for mankind. You were not born gay, you chose gay. I have no problem with you choosing that life style, but I do not agree with it, and I will continue to voice that opinion. Miss California did nothing wrong, she was asked a question, answered it and voiced her right to state her opinion.

  35. 135

    I hate O'reilly….and I'm gay….but he is ABSOLUTELY right. You shouldnt be punished for your opinions and having to lie about them to win contests.

  36. 136

    Why does he ask people to come and be interview if he is just going to raise his voice at them and not let them speak at all. What a horrible man.

  37. 137

    Re: afgirl1106
    afgirl1106 — you are an ignorant hypocrite. First of all, don't go posting on perezhilton.com calling him a fame whore because you clearly read and enjoy this site and everything he has created if you are on here posting on his links. Secondly it is Perez's job to be in the media. That is the whole point of what he does…drawing our attention to the celebrity world and also to current events. I feel sorry for you if you honestly believe that people who support gay marriage should go and "choke themselves". That clearly just speaks to the sheltered life in which you have been raised. I hope you go and pray for yourself. Wake up to 2009 - the world is changing and people with ignorant views like yourself will just be miserable because equal rights are coming soon - so deal with it.

    PS. Bill O'Reilly is a dick who has no idea how to conduct a real interview. Cutting off your guest to twist their words around and make claims about what they said does not make you a smart man.

  38. 138

    Re: TheCFiles
    I agree with you 100%

  39. 139

    Re: mizzannabel – well, i'm heterosexual , but homosexuals need the help of heterosexual people if there is to be change. you can't just sit around and let bad things happen to innocent people. you may be okay with it, but i'm not.

  40. 140

    Reilly is an idiot. Why's he keep saying she was DISQUALIFIED? She just didn't WIN! Too bad he is so insecure that he can't allow his guest to even get a word in edgewise, because they could have had an intelligent conversation about the subject, instead of just a bunch of yelling. lame!

  41. 141

    Good thing she lost! She is a bigot and hateful woman. When she said what she said she alienated MILLIONS and a lot of people are very angry with her!

  42. 142

    Bill Oreilly is EVIL I mean what kind of red neck trash actually watch his disgusting show? Yuck!

  43. 143

    Not only can I stomach it, I freaking agree with Bill. For crying out loud..she cant win because she agrees with traditional marriage? Since when did people who do not believe in gay marriage the minority because we do not want to "offend" people.

    This is redicilious. Perez sucks, anyone who is going on with this poor girl bashing sucks. And the funny part, is I support gay marriage. I just respect people's views.

  44. 144

    Bill O'Reilly rocks! How immature and ridiculous Perez sounds calling that girl names… this is someone who they picked to work in a pageant???!!! Talk about digging deep! She's probably better off losing if this is what the pageant is all about and the crazy people involved. And why is she getting slamed for giving a political answer when she was asked a dumbass politcal question!!! Are you people in the twilight zone?

  45. 145

    How is this a fucking scandal? She has an opinion: good for her! People are just speaking out against this because they're scared that it may be viewed as a hate-crime or something (which is stupid). Perez has to grow the fuck up!

  46. 146

    Shouldnt punish people for their opinions??? Hmm…seem to remember MANY conservative/right wingers doing just that to The Dixie Chicks. I am sure all of FOX news casters were on that bandwagon…

  47. 147

    i can't stomach it…….barf

  48. 148

    This chit is getting really old, Perez. You asked her her opinion and she gave it. Leave it alone. Prop 8 didn't even pass in California. Now get the hell over it and move the hell on!

    You sound like a whiney bitch.

  49. 149

    O'Reilly is one of the smartest people in industry. C'mon,just because there are so many gays and lesbians out there,doesn't mean,that can do whatever they want as well as making a girl lose just because the pageant itself has a lot of gay people involved.

    It's ridiculous! Makes me want to put all these homos in their place.

  50. 150

    I really cannot even begin to comprehend why Miss California would give such a disastrous answer.
    There are many out there that are being very supportive of her, but she really did not answer the question. Which baffles me as to why people think she stood her ground so well — when all she did was talk about why she disagreed based on her morals.
    But gay marriage isn't about whether or not people agree or disagree with it, it's about people being granted equal rights. I tend to date outside of my race and I thought to myself how not too long ago, people used to say the same thing about how people of different races should not be together based on what their family "believed" and what their morals told them. It disgusts me that people can't see when someone is being robbed of their rights because of their "religious morals." This has nothing to do with God or morality, but it has everything to do with legal justice.
    Anyone with half a brain can see this!

  51. 151

    And also, I don't think people even realize what their political ideologies stand for. Conservatives/Republicans believe in small government. However, they are the first ones to throw a fit when it comes to homosexuals, often going to the government to try and stop it. If you believe in small government, then why do you believe that the government should have any say about what you do in your personal life? Especially the lives of CONSENTING, TAX-PAYING ADULTS.
    I may never understand why people think the way they do.
    In the end, we're all just sheep anyway.

  52. 152

    I usually hate Bill O'Reilly but I absolutely agree 100% with him about this issue. PEREZ JUST LET THIS ISSUE GO!!!!!!!!!! SUCH a cry baby and EVERYONE is just laughing at you.

  53. 153

    You've done a good job of promoting her Perez, I think everyone is really starting to like Miss California!!

  54. 154

    I agree with O'Reilly's arguments, even though I support gay marriage.

  55. 155

    "NO, YOUR WRONG YOUR WRONG YOU ARE WRONG… but we respect your opinion thank you for coming.." what the hell lol

  56. 156

    that queef disgusts me… c'mon!!! first: he sucks as a news anker/journalist/interviewer (let a guy speak his opinion and don't start yelling, queef), and second he sucks as human being… the fact that he got a national platform to speak his opinion is just extremly fucked up… damn that queef and his queefy attitude… he's just doing it for the simple reason of staying in the limelight…

  57. 157

    If you have someone on as the guest on your show, you might want to let them say a full sentence or answer your question before you start berating them.

  58. 158

    Dude, she didn't get disqualified, she just got lower scores for being a total bigot about gays when she's in a BEAUTY PAGEANT! Tell me a gay man didn't do that make up? Of course she lost! Why is everyone so confused about this?

  59. 159

    Re: Jersey Girl – not if perez dont like what you got to say… jersey girl huh? wanta go for a ride in my wheel barrel?

  60. 160

    oh and that remark of: when start same sex marriage, polygamy is a direct consequence… c'mon… you can't be serious that that is a legit argument…

  61. 161

    It doesnt matter how you feel about ANY issue this idiot brings up…..its impossible to stomach him and the entire Fox network. Regarudless of the issue, Bill is a twat who cant interview for shit, he is interested in hearing himslef speak. He is offensive and his network is offensive…..at least I could just ignore it before, but ever since the bullshit some moron had to say about our Canadian troops, fuck them all.

  62. 162

    I suspect O'Reilly is a closet homo, but he is so ugly no homo would come near him. This douche gets high ratings ? Unbelievable, incredible, I'm glad I NEVER ever watched his shew. I am disgusted, he kept interrupting the guest, never gave him a chance to express his opinion.

  63. 163

    Bill O's idea of traditional marriage is to call his assistant and have phone sex with a falafel , so cheating on your wife is ok but gay marriage not. What a jerkoff

  64. 164

    oh and ps. those pagents are pathetic and outdated, and I for one could give less of two shits for what some fake, plastic bimbo has to say on any topic

  65. 165

    I keep hearing that Miss USA needs to represent the people. How would she be representing the people if she said that she believed in gay marriage? The majority in America believes marriage is between a man and a woman. I think what you liberals mean is that the only people who need "representing" in this country are gay people. She gained more respect by sticking to her true feelings than by being PC just to please the hollywood bunch.

  66. 166

    O'Reilly's right. One thing libs can't handle is the truth.

  67. 167

    Bill was 100% right on this one. With two judges now admitting they punished her for her beliefs…it may be time for Miss Cali to hire an attorney!
    "I love how the gay community preaches tolerance, but they have no tolerance for anyone that has a view opposite theirs, however minute the difference. If people are divisive FOR them, they are heroes. If people are divisive AGAINST them, they are monsters."

  68. 168

    I don't agree with O'Reilly's take on gay marriage (I fully support it) but he made some excellent points here. The only people who truly have freedom of speech are the liberal left in this country at the moment. Anyone who doesn't agree with the view or questions something about it is attacked, belittled, punished, called grade school names, etc., as Perez has shown over the last few days. That's NOT what our country is about. It's fine to have a strong opinion Perez, but your rage is out of control and you look like a fool at this point.

  69. 169

    overtalk some more Bill…why even have people on your show, to fill the room?

  70. 170


  71. 171


  72. 172

    I think that everyone is forgetting who actually won the pageant and I think that we should start talking about her. yes, she didn't answer the question like she should have and this interview totally pissed me off because that guy didn't even give him a chance to talk to why even interview him!

  73. 173

    Miss USA is basically a popularity contest…if she could get voted out for an ugly dress couldnt she lose because of her opinion….just askin???

  74. 174

    bill is the biggest douchebag ever! cant believe what a crap hes talkin

  75. 175

    that o'reily prick is an ignorant douchbag why have someone on your show , not let them say a word and be kinda offensive. and what he says is a crock of shit. It was awful to watch his voice has killed my ears and he is a bigot im not a gay, but i definetly think they should have the right to get married.people like him need to get with the 1st centuary and why does this matter so much to non gays its not like you would have to marry someone of the same sex or fuck them so grow up!! probz all religouse bitches anywayz religion fucks people up !! i feel for the guy who was on the show. peace out bitches

  76. 176

    Re: Librachic1004 – They used that same logic when they would not allow african americans and whites to marry…wow so little has changed

  77. 177

    he is the MAIN reason i do not watch fox news. MSNBC all the way!!!

  78. 178

    ok. if miss california had said she was all for gays and gay marriage and lost because of conservative judges, would we still be having these discussions?

  79. 179


  80. 180

    No liberal minded people should every accept an interview with Bill O'Reilly. He spoke over everything that he disagreed with. This was not an interview, it was a sermon.

    Can I just point out to all of you who think that gays getting married will lead to polygamy that polygamy was apparently something that 'God' was down with in Biblical times anyway? So if you are okay with everything that 'God' approves of, you should be good with polygamy anyway.

  81. 181

    I can't stand Bill!!! it makes me so mad to know that he has a tv show that spreads hate and encourages people to discriminate against other human beings! I think that this show allows ignorant people to believe they are correct in their opinions when they are completely WRONG!

  82. 182

    fuck bill orielly

  83. 183

    This guy is a complete idiot… he obviously doesn't have the intelligence to hold a great conversation or debate, which highlights important issues and gets a point across… ?! Instead he points and shouts over the other person, and ultimately looks like an IDIOT with no valid reason, or reasoning skills!!! Furthermore, I would like to point out that at the opening of the clip, he mentions that "…there is no way to say for sure that Prejean lost because of her comment… it's just not possible" and at the end he concludes by saying that he "…doesn't agree with her being disqualified for sharing her opinion…."

    … who was disqualified… ?! SHE LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He's basically stupid and it bothers me!

  84. 184

    On behalf of Canada - *BARF* This guy is so ignorant. The gay rights guy should've socked O'Reilly in the mouth.

  85. 185

    MY GOD!!!

    How that is called a fucking interview i have no idea. The interviewer (the old man), was completely biased by a pair of tits with no brain.

    He was talking utter shit "we do not punish people for this in America!"

    NEWSFLASH… yes we do. She didn't win. END OF!

  86. K xo. says – reply to this


    If the question was about inter-racial marriage and she was against it. I'm sure the whole world would be in uproar. You can see why Perez is pissed off, guys.

  87. 187

    He is brave too

  88. 188

    Re: p-kid – and so tell me whats the difference between him and Queenie Wannabe Perez?? Absolutely not one damn thing other than the fact Bill isn't a dicksucker..hahaa

  89. 189

    Bill O needs to DIAF along with Rush Limbaugh.

  90. 190


  91. 191

    Re: misshiltolicious – So is the President of the great USA and guess what…this may shock you..but he feels the same way as she does..so why don't you and your gay clan go and try to do the very thing you are doing to her….

  92. 192

    bill o'reilly should at least give the guy a minute to speak and listen to him instead of cutting him off every time he wanted to talk

  93. 193

    What I don't understand is why Perez has to be so cruel and mean to her. She spoke her mind, something Perez does on a daily basis with this blog. He may not like what she said byut as an American she has a right to stand up for her beliefs. In my opinion anyone who has to bash someone by using hateful language can't have that big of a vocabulary. I think Perez needs to reevaluate who he is.

  94. 194

    What a fucking dickhead!!!!!! He needs to wake himself up..it's the 21st century!!! What he says basically is that gays and lesbians are inferior to straight people..that's not what any country should be about…it should be about equal rights! I'm so glad Miss Cali lost..i mean come on..she's so narrow minded and i hate how christians use the bible as their defence..wake up!! Jesus said love everyone..everyone is equal!

  95. 195

    I didn't even finish watching this! he is such an ASSHOLE and made me sick in my stomach. He just brought this man on here to sabotage him!!

  96. 196

    Re: sticky_and_sweet – The only one who is hating on anyone is…the Queenie himself..I don't recall Miss CA ever calling anyone nasty names even after they were thrown at her…gays are the biggest hypocites around and the all act like sissies when something doesnt go their way…well boohoo..go cry a freaking river..build a bridge and get over it already!!!! You really need to see how this is really making the gay community look…its not good…grow up, quit the cursing and name calling and get educated and really articulate your cause..because when you act like this..it just pushes your cause further down the drain.

  97. 197

    *vomits* what a fucking idiot. STFU, O'REILLY, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE SAYING.

  98. 198

    Bill Rocks!!! What do you mean stomach him - I can't stomach your cry baby ass. Have you read the comments to your thousands of postings on this stupid issue that you won't let go? 9 out of 10 people think you are being a hypocritical douche. I would tread carefully while you still have some people interested. You've gone from the top of your game to the bottom of the barrel in a matter of days.

  99. 199

    Re: KSC – slut

  100. 200

    Re: afgirl1106 – go fuck urself

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