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Bill O'Reilly!

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If you think you can stomach it….

Check out the Fox News blowhard talking about the Miss California scandal (above)!

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314 comments to “Bill O'Reilly!”

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  1. 201

    Good job Bill. Thanks Mario, you actually did the impossible-getting me to agree with Bill O'Reilly.

  2. 202

    I saw nothing wrong with the interview..he just called out Wayne is it? Seems like he's the bigot…how on earth can he think people who have different views on this are bigots but then be able to have friends who may share that sentiment…what a friend he is to call his own friends bigots becasue they dont agree with him on this issue and something else..she would not of been put in the "politcal arena" had Queenie not put her there…and who is he to judge pagents…just look at him..god hes nasty gross..yuck!

  3. 203

    Mr. O'Reilly, Mrs California was not disqualified! She did not win. that is all. She stated her opinion and lost. But Perez should not have called the women a b@#$@ for her answer.

  4. 204

    he needs to close his fucking mouth for one second so buddy can talk.
    he needs his mouth sewn shut.

  5. 205

    omg I was squirming throughout that whole clip! just replace the argument about gays getting married with the argument about blacks and whites getting married, Bill!!! It would sound ridiculous!! and so will you, Bill, in 20 years. I can't believe people don't think opposing gay marriage isn't INTOLERANCE!!

  6. 206

    im gay and i agree with bill!!!! hes completely right about this..sorry perez. this whole issue has been blown WAYYYYYYY out of proportion. she had a different viewpoint. welcome to america.

  7. 207

    I totally agree with him, he's absolutely right. Irrespective of whether you agree with what Carrie Prejean said, she was asked a question and she gave her opinion, she did what was asked of her. Why ask a layered question like that if you presume to already know her 'on-the-fence' answer?!

  8. 208

    Re: coffee4me

    She is free to state her opinion. But this issue goes far beyond personal opinion - she is applying for a job as a spokesperson and the judges didn't want someone with an opinion that is intolerant. What Wayne (?) is saying is that you have to deal with people who have differing opinions every day and respect them but that doesn't mean you would vote for them to represent our country. And by the way, being against gay marriage, although it is an opinion, IS intolerance. This is a civil rights issue. States who don't allow gays to marry are not treating them as equal human beings. That, I believe is bigotry.

  9. 209

    Re: ilovegossip2

    yelling at someone because you don't agree with their opinion IS NOT THE SAME as not allowing someone to have certain LEGAL right because you don't agree with their opinion. Perez didn't take away any of her rights, he's not that powerful. But the government has taken away his rights because they don't agree with his "opinion."

  10. cessy says – reply to this


    What a fucking ass… he has to be so fucking rude

  11. 211

    Maybe Perez was a little too dramatic with his response earlier but he has a point, when you are chosen to be Ms Whatever, you have an obligation to express politically correct views, can't just say what you want cause you believe so. You can make up your own pageant if that's the case. And I hate this fucktard of a host who shamelessly twist words and hog the microphone.

  12. 212

    My favourite part is "That's not what we do in America." FUCKING lies… Umm.. "If your aren't with us your against us" comes to mind… If you don't agree with the Republicans (when Bush was in power) the your an ENEMY OF AMERICA! What the goddamn fuck does that sound like…I can't believe this fuck face has his own show… then again I can't believe that FOX NEWS even exists. I HATE Bill O' Reilly with a passion…and I rarely hate anyone. OH MAN! I even hate him more that Bush…That's right I said it.

  13. 213

    Here are my thoughts on the whole thing. I am for gays having the right to marry, period. I like equal rights for everyone. this girl was asked her opinion and she gave it, right or wrong she gave it. she is entitled to her opinion, that is what is so beautiful about this country. Should she have lost the crown because of it, No. Not everyone feels the way I do, do i hate them, no, do i call them bitches or the "C" word, no. Heres a little bit of history, people in the south didn't think african americans should have the right to vote, how crazy does this sound today. One day the marriage issue will be a non issue and i cannot wait for that day to come. In the mean time, we will continue to pray for the non believers and hope some day they feel the sting of intolerance and inequality as the gays and every other group that has been discriminated against does. Now can we focus on something other than beauty queens Perez!

  14. 214

    in what twisted world is he still on the tv!?!? Ive watched a few of his videos on youtube. he is VILE. he just seems to shout over every single person who he interviews and when they answer he cuts them off. he cant hold an argument whatsoever, it just completely blows my mind that americans will allow people like him to have a career. what the fuck, he can completely trash that man and then at the end just say "i respect your opinion" and thats it!? there was no go between at all. utter bollocks

  15. 215

    bill o' reilly and glenn beck are such asshole. i hate how they only pick and choose snippets of what you said and use them out of context to manipulate others. they give republicans a bad name. i'm glad all the assholes on fox news are constrained into one program, just so they hopefully will explode all together.

  16. 216

    I think gay people are being hypocritical for wanting others to be tolerant of their views but they can't be tolerant of the views of others. We live in America!!! we have the right to express out opinion however different as it may be!! I have nothing against gay people but I do not agree that they should have the word "marriage" which is something that was sanctified by God. Its scary that I'm afraid to voice that opinion when I live in America.

  17. 217

    I wonder if Bill is still making sexually harrassing telephone calls and using his vibrator? LOL

  18. 218

    Re: Librachic1004

    You are a fucking moron.

  19. 219

    Although I support same sex unions, I have to agree with Bill O'Reilly on this one. No one should be punished for their opinion, as he said that he doesn't get fired for his opinions. Also, I think you, Perez, are an absolute fool for continuing to attack this poor girl for being honest. You and your little hissy fit calling her names is partly the reason so many people hate homosexuals. You are obnoxious. Good job setting the cause back, idiot.

  20. mikaa says – reply to this


    he's such an asshole who picks on technicalities. if everyone were like him, they would notice that miss cali said that in HER COUNTRY, marriage should be between a man and a woman. i guess she already decided for us. asshole.

  21. 221


  22. 222

    Can't it be said that the whole gay community is being punished for their opinions/beliefs by being denied the right of marriage? It appears people are dealing with bigger issues than sheltered Miss California being "disqualified" for the crown. Bill O'Reilly is offensive and maybe he'd realize that if he let anyone get a word in.

  23. 223

    ohhhhhhhh my god bill o'reilly's a fucking dick!

  24. 224

    why does he have guests on - when he talks over them the whole time?

  25. 225

    Bill O'Reilly is a bullying bigot! He is a disgusting human being and has absolutely no compassion for anyone but himself. I cannot even stand to hear him speak and the poor guuy being interviewed couldn't even get a word in edgewise. This issue is about equality. We are ALL human and we should ALL have equal rights….black, white, gay or straight. People need to focus on their own lives and quit trying to stop other people from loving who they want and marrying who they want.

  26. 226

    all bill o'reilly does is talk over his guests who he disagrees with so no one can hear the other person's great responses to his stupid questions. anyone who watches this man is a sad, pathetic person. the only prize he should win is having the loudest voice.

  27. 227

    how can anyone watch this asshole and take him seriously? its as if the show is one big comedy sketch

  28. 228

    first off, she wasn't disqualified…she still placed higher than every other girl, minus miss USA. so bill can stop crying on that front. second, those questions are meant to see how you can answer under pressure and yes…while trying to remain politically correct. Tons of girls in the past have lost because either what they said didn't come out right, it didn't make sense, or it was not the answer 'the judges are looking for'. that's the nature of the competition. The answer one gives has to reflect the times and the judging panel, and unfortunately…her answer, even if she believes marriage is between 'opposites' only, generalized that other people should see it that way because she didn't add the people should have the right to choose. Today's society feels strongly about the rights of minorities, especially gays and lesbians, so when your answer is supporting to limit their rights, especially on something as basic as marriage…you're going to get a tidal wave of backlash. That's what you get for wanting to be in the spotlight! well…she got it! :P

  29. 229

    The thing I hate about Bill O'Reilly is he does not allow people to finish their sentences!!! He asks them a question and when they start to answer it he cuts them off!!! God it's so annoying. I don't care that he is a conservative blah blah but if you want to have a legitimate debate at least let people finish their statements.

  30. Clurr says – reply to this


    Perez- I have never taken the time to sit down and comment on anything on your page, but this irritated me to the point that I couldn't watch it all in one sitting. Firstly, Bill O'Reilly makes me worry about the future of the people who watch Fox News. I am a Broadcast Journalism student at a very good school, and I believe that O'Reilly, Rupert Murdoch, and FOX News in general are a disgrace to the media. During this clip, he never ONCE gives his guest a chance to elaborate any ideas, let alone finish a sentence. He continually jumps to conclusions and twists statements. I have nothing wrong with conservatives, but he is a BULLY with hidden agendas. Secondly, I wish people would stop giving their opinions about marriage and thinking it puts them in the same category as Miss Cali. No one is angered that she has an opinion. But she gave a strong statement to people who were JUDGING her, and it won her disfavor. She didn't play the game right: boo effing hoo.

    As a side not, Perez, why do so many people take the time to sign up and sign in and leave comments that just say how much they hate you? A little contradictory…


  31. 231

    Omg Bill is such a douche bag. Why invite somebody to your show when you wouldn't let them talk? And when the other guy has something to say, Bill just talks over him?
    Ugh I can't stand him.
    I can't stand these overly-right wing people. Nor can I stand overly-left wing people either.
    Just shut up for a second and listen to what other people have to say!

  32. 232

    I think that this video shows just how wrong people have gotten this situation. I don't believe that people actually care if Miss. CA is pro or against gay marriage. The reason that she lost is that she was unable to give a coherent and diplomatic response to a question. In other words, her inability to think on her feet and use common sense lost her the crown, NOT her personal beliefs. Also, it's absolutely ridiculous to believe that if gays are given the right to marriage (equal rights and protections under the federal government) then polygamy will become legal. The issue at hand is equal rights, not people doing whatever they want. It's just sad that the majority of this great nation is unintelligent and uneducated. People should understand that every American should have the same rights. Our government was created upon the principle of separation between church and state, and unfortunately people don't seem to understand that.

  33. 233

    omg Bill.. shut the FUCK up!
    Damn you sound like a cynical douchebag who needs to get laid.
    Let the fuckin man talk for two seconds.

    You people talk about Perez being a fame whore…
    Bill gets off on talking over you and making you sound like a dumb piece of garbage.

    which is worse? Bill and his dumb fucking ass

  34. 234

    I watched like 3 minutes before I was contemplating ways to kill him. Bill is a fucking douche bag.

  35. 235

    what an effing idiot.
    he has this person on the show to debate the issue, and will NOT let him speak,
    then after yelling at him the entire time, says oh we respect your opinion.
    well personally, i would have been offended if Miss California became Miss USA too, Perez is totally right, no matter what her beliefs, she need to unite the people of America and be sensitive to everyone.

  36. 236

    AMEN!!!! She is expressing her opinion! The subject should be dropped and Perez you should feel ashamed for what you have done! There was no need in calling her those nasty and repulsive names that you did. If you believe in gay marriage good for you, but do not degrade someone because they have different beliefs! It's ridiculous! You just need to drop it, and stop looking like an idiot!

  37. slgee says – reply to this


    He makes me vomit.

  38. 238

    To oppose gay marriage is to be a bigot. This is a legal construction not a religious sacrament. No one is propositioning the Pope to legalize it, it is a question of observing our nation's constitution for equality and justice for all. Last time I checked America was a democracy, not a theocracy. To address the slippery slope argument: marriage can be defined as a legal union between two consenting adults, polygamy lends itself to legal disasters like finding out your spouse's pension goes to four different other men/women who you did not know your spouse was married to because there is no cap on the number of people on can marry. Gay marriage and polygamy are two different issues.

  39. 239

    Would you congratulate a racist too then?Re: Aimbo22

  40. Jic2c says – reply to this


    couldn't stomache him…couldn't watch it til the end

  41. 241

    Maybe Perez can have a cat-fight with Miss California? She would kick his pansy ass I am sure.

  42. 242

    Re: olivia85 – No they are not. If you want to base your argument on a statement like the Government can not define what constitutes a marriage, like was done in Massachusetts, then polygamy is exactly the same issue.

  43. 243

    I think the intricacies of public policy and law are eluding you. And I am well aware what MA law is given that I live there and it states that MA may not "deny the protections, benefits and obligations conferred by civil marriage to two individuals of the same sex who wish to marry". Number of parteners is specified Re: fedup1964

  44. 244

    Re: olivia85 – Do you see a congratulations in my previos comment? Don't think so. Think through your comments!

  45. 245

    Bill O'Reilly…go kill yourself. Your distorted perception on this entire situation is pretty irritating. mmkthnx. :)

  46. 246

    Couldn't watch it to the end, O'Reilly and his opinions - way too much. Way too fucking hilarious.

  47. 247

    the amen and exclaimation points threw me off. look at what you wrote, it implies that you agree and support the views of o'reilly and miss california. think through your own comments before you piss on someone elseRe: Aimbo22

  48. 248

    Oh what Perez, you can't stomach it because O'Reilly is right! I am not saying she would've won, however to disqualify or "discriminate" her for her opinion is so wrong! You are right Miss USA represents all of America, but just remember that not ALL of America agrees with you and believes in Gay marriage!

  49. 249

    Re: Aimbo22 – "AMEN!!!! She is expressing her opinion!" is called congratulating or celebrating the stance. so the answer is yes i do see a congratulation of bigotry. maybe you should think twice about your own comments

  50. 250

    What bothers me the most about this video is the disrespect he shows the guest on his show! He is constantly interrupting him whenever he tries to speak and seriously? It makes me throw up a little bit. Putting everything else aside, he generally just seems like a douchebag. Also, he keeps calling Miss USA a "beauty contest" when in reality it is so much more than that - it is a pageant to create a new role model for America. Geez.

  51. 251

    Re: olivia85 – The AMEN refers to my religion so I am supporting her and Bill O'reilly. I had no congratulations in that comment however. Everyone should be able to express their opinion. The "would you congratulate a racist" is totally off topic, and no I wouldn't because that also goes against my religion. The subject needs to be dropped because everyone has a right to express their opinions, but when you go as far as calling people rude names then that crosses the line.

  52. 252

    I can't believe Bill O'Reilly, when has he ever had something good to say? People are should be free to love who they want, and with love comes marriage!

  53. 253

    Fuckkkk Bill O'Reilly. So messed up. All his views in this interview are illogical. Team Equality :]

  54. 254

    oh my fucking god i couldn't finish watching that! bill o'reilly is such a douche. the poor guy can't finish a sentence without bill coming in and trying to turn what he's saying around into something it's not.
    i wish many negative things upon bill o'reilly

  55. 255

    He was so irrespectful!! when you ask someone something, you HAVE to wait until they finish answering, he is supposedly a PROFESSIONAL, but that was totally UNPROFESSIONAL! he just kept fucking and fucking and the poor guy couldn't even finish 1 of his answers, what an idiot!

  56. 256

    I really hate oreilly. He is such a conservative douchebag that is stuck in the 1900's. Really asshole, get your head out of the gutter and realize that America was created on the foundation of freedom and EQUALITY. he is such a dumbass, i can't stand it.

  57. 257



  58. 258


  59. 259

    I'm not a fan of O'Reilly But I have to agree with him on this. And i'm pro-gay Perez if you guys don't get same sex marriage you can come to Canada :D

  60. 260

    I don't listen to this douchbag.
    He's got as much grace and social etiquette as Miss California.
    God she made me be embarrassed to be a resident of this State.
    And O'Reilley, he's an embarrassment to the human race.

  61. RIP says – reply to this


    That guy knew what he was getting into when he agreed to do the interview with O'reilly.

    Don't go playing with the big boys if you're going to be a little cry baby.

    Why doesn't Mario go on Fox? O'reailly would own Mario just like Ms. Prejean did!

  62. 262

    Besen is full of crap. Bill O'Reilly is SOOOOO right!!! why aren't Americans entitled to our own opinions? what happened to freedom of speech? its pretty wrong when opinion questions that are answered with someone's OPINION are shot down. what is this country coming to? and yes i have the same opinion as Carrie, so sue me. you don't see poeple getting all mad at gays for their opinion. it wasn't a political campaign, it was a PAGEANT!! oh by the way, Obama had the same answer during the election. so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  63. 263

    oh my god, bill, shut the fuck up. you're purposely misinterpreting what everyone is saying.

  64. 264

    i cant even listen to Bill O'Reilley at all without getting the violent urge to hit him. he is so unreasonable, and doesnt give people a chance to express themselves!
    Also, im sure a lot of people are offended by him continuously calling the Miss USA pageant a "beauty contest , i believe…" The competition has evolved into a lot more than that and if he bothered to know shit before making his idiotic comments, he would know that Miss USA is incredibly influential–her opinions do matter! and its not getting punished–she could have given her opinion without offending people. Also, i hate how she said "in my country…" there is one America and it is everyone's. No matter who you are or what your sexual orientation is. unfortunately, there isnt another America where we can send Bill O'Reilly to live by himself, so he cant continue to infect television with his ignorant hatred

  65. 265

    i've never posted before but this disgusted me so much that i had to proclaim it. bill o'reilly is such a douche bag it's ridiculous

  66. 266

    get the fuck over it….everyone has there own opinions. just like the gays want to be accepted then the straight people should have their opinions accepted too.

  67. 267

    I'm more shocked at the supporters of O'Rielly on this comment bored. If your anti-gay and marriage then what the hell are you doing on this website!

  68. 268

    why would someone waste their time going on his show, or watching it…I couldn't even watch a minute of his interview. His voice makes my skin crawl.

  69. 269

    It is funny that you condemn her for her oppinion yet Obama has the same oppinion on gay marriage. It's OK for the president to think marriage should be between a man and woman but not Miss America??? You are so ignorant. You are jealous that she is prettier than you!!

  70. 270

    Seeing both the Dennis Prager and the Bill O'Reilly interviews back to back has reinforced my belief that O'Reilly is nothing more than a pugilistic, crass and frankly offensive person. I simply cannot understand how someone who has made their career out of belittling people's points of view with nothing more than rhetorical questions of no particular interest or intellectual note can be so popular in the US. His outraged mumblings and ridiculous neo-conservative rubbish is clearly a clever ruse to dissimulate his utter stupidity and his inability to grasp an argument. It is a terrible shame that he should have such a wide platform, as he gives the US a bad name and he reinforces every sterotypical dislike the wider world has about Americans. In comparison, though I do not agree with Dennis Prager's argument, I at least came away with a feeling of respect for his point of view and with an understanding of how he based his judgement. As conservative and right wing as Prager is, he seems to have come to his conclusions based on an actual thought process that did not involve sensationalist prattle. What I would say to O'Reilly is therefore this; go away and grow some synapses, dear boy, your belief system is your own, but god knows your utter wretchedness is yours as well.

  71. 271


  72. 272

    woah, he has the #1 tv show in the worldddd. i can stomach him! hes the only un bais reporter on tv.

  73. 273

    1 Corinthians 6:9
    Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders
    1 Corinthians 6:8-10 (in Context) 1 Corinthians 6 (Whole Chapter

  74. 274

    punish her because of her opinion?it's ridiculous!result of competitions are depends on the judge,and if the judge don't like the answer, the competitor lose, irrespectively of that we think it's correct or not!

  75. 275

    the issue is not that she thinks marriage should be between a man and a women.
    its the way she said it. "no offense to all anybody out there" she offended….whenever someone says "no offense" it means that someone is getting offended. she could have something about civil unions, or recognizing gay couples legally…..but no. miss USA should at least understand and sympathize with the ENTIRE country

  76. 276

    it's not punishment, it's a decision because it's a game

  77. 277

    Bill has lost it BIG TIME!!!!

  78. 278

    What is the big deal, he asked a question she gave an answer it was NOT the right answer for the type of pagient she was entering in or what Miss America was after, she should have answered in a more policical sence maybe this is why australia wins miss universe more. I think people are entilted to their own opinions however there is a time a place a situation for everything. I do NOT think perez you acted well to this comment on your personal blog it should not have been taken as a personal attack. I hope one day everyone will have the right to marry whom ever they wish and be happy. :)

  79. 279

    he's a fucking douchebag.

  80. 280

    I love bill…hes a smart man..hes should admit hes a republican already..but hes doin something right! his ratings rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. 281

    O'Reilly tells it like it is. Everything he said is 100% true. The other idiot kept contradicting itself and totally made an ass. For all you than can't stomach O'reilly… I think it went in deeper than you think and your still sitting on it.

  82. 282

    Dude get over yourself. Keep the politics out of this contest. You asked her a question and she gave you an answer. Just because you don't like her answer does not make her a bitch. You're no better than any other left-wing liberal that doesn't like hearing the other side's comments. If they don't agree with you, they're bad???? Grow up…

  83. 283

    I am so glad that in Australia you have to pay to watch Bill O'Reilly. I dont have paid tv. So I dont get this terrible Fox thing, come on guys, O'Reilly is a middle class …I think the American expression is..'white trailer trash'.
    The other guy voiced his opinon, when he could get a word in; but O'Reilly was his usual self.
    This is not a criticism against America or Americans, it is an obeservation and yes we have men like Mr O'Rielly in Australia..we call they usual have radio talk back shows…they too are this vile.

  84. 284


  85. 285


  86. 286

    God, why invite someone onto your show if you aren't going to even let them talk!

  87. 287

    Bill O'Reilly is an idiot. Miss California was 1st runner up. So obviously her opinion and answer to that question did not punish her that much. She came very close to winning the crown. Politics is like a beauty contest. Politicians stand up in front of America, give answers to questions and based on their answers, America votes for them. Just like the Miss USA pageant. Miss California gave her answer and the judges "voted" for her based on her answer and other criteria. So Bill O'Reilly saying that this isn't how America works is completely wrong. I would love to go up against him and call him out on all his stupid hypocritical remarks. It's so sad that in this generation people still have such close minded views.

  88. 288


  89. 289

    what a prick!!!!!

  90. 290

    Bill O'Rielly is right in my OPINION of how Carrie shouldn't have been discriminated against in her beliefs. it would be the same thing if someone said, "hey Perez, we don't want you to judge this Miss USA competition because you believe in gay marriage." it's the same shit, however, you wouldn't like it done to you. she is being discriminated against for her personal values which is WRONG.

  91. 291

    i could barely watch that video…bill o'reilly is the rudest, most obnoxious person on the planet. you go perez! apparantely bills idea of marriage is that it's fine for old, ugly, bald married fathers to sleep with much younger women than it is for two people in love to be married. now i understand! what a douchebag.

  92. 292

    You know, I actually don't hate Bill. He countered this guy's statements (which are contradictory and jumbled) not with the most poise, but he said things that needed to be said, at least to Wayne.

    And get the fuck off this Perez. This controversy isn't going away because you're making 2348234 new posts on it everyday. Let it go asshole

  93. 293

    I agree with Bill…

  94. 294

    AMERICA DOESN'T PUNISH PEOPLE FOR THEIR OPINIONS? What a lying piece of shit. What about Michael Richards, what about Jane Fonda, what about that radio guy who called those basketball players "Nappy headed hos". Many people get fired from jobs for their public views, so what he said was PURE BULLSHIT and he knows it. If she would have said something anti- christian, he would be attacking her instead of praising her for standing up for her beliefs. COMPLETE HYPOCRACY!

  95. 295

    Can I slap that buttugly closetgay nazi? Can I? Please?

  96. 296

    it pains me. it really does.
    "that's not what we do in america. we don't punish people for freedom of opinion."

    um, really? what do you call banning gay marriage?

  97. 297

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion about whatever topic is out there, but as a REPRESENTATIVE of her country, she needs to REPRESENT all diversity in her country. By alienating certain groups…and her inability to be accepting and non-judgemental…she loses the right to REPRESENT.

    I think everyone is losing sight of the issue here. Instead of going "middle of the road" with her answer, she came off insensitive, judgemental and unaccepting. Being true to yourself is great…but this was not the platform in which to push her personal opionion, it was a platform for her to make people…all people…feel accepted…unified.

    It would have been really cool if Bill actually let his guest speak every once in awhile instead of cut him off every chance he got…oh I don't know…to push his personal opinion on everyone listening.

    Basically, the way in which she answered the question sucked.

  98. 298

    O'Reilly's opinions seem genuine and well thought out, I don't see why people who do not like his viws have to stoop to name calling instead of arguing the merits of their own views.

  99. 299

    I always thought Bill was an a-hole … HOWEVER .. hurray, Bill, on this one your were right! Perez you had no reason to "punish" her because she disagreed with you and it appears you are un=American not letting other voice their opinions. You need to learn how to respect others…then we can respect you. Your buddy there is way off base and LOST the argument. What a wuss. Hurray .. for BIll .. telling it like it is.

  100. 300

    perez youre an idiot. Hes right. I sriously cant stand you.

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