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Bill O'Reilly!

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If you think you can stomach it….

Check out the Fox News blowhard talking about the Miss California scandal (above)!

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314 comments to “Bill O'Reilly!”

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  1. 301

    I think someone is alittle obsessed over Miss California..Perez,I think this obsession is getting weird. Will you be stalking her now too?

  2. 302

    Bill O'Reilly is a Douche!!

    I can't wait to see - very shortly - the Republican Party & Fox News Implode & Disappear!!
    Yea America!!

  3. 303

    Can i just say for the record that Bill O'Reilly wanted the Dixie Chicks to be punished for their act of freedom of speech against president bush and completely supported the people who discriminated against them for their opinion…i guess that IS what America is all about..

    what an ass.

  4. 304

    OMG, can Bill O'reilly be more nonchalant? he seem to have a severe cas of "too-much-ego-for-his-own-good".
    I can barely here him speak. Does he understand the meaning of LISTENING?
    oh my god

  5. 305

    Perez is a hypocrite! He thinks Miss California was politically incorrect in expressing her opinion on marriage being defined as between a man and a woman and then Perez calls her a dumb b**ch and THAT is ok! What a moron.

  6. 306

    bob oh reilly!!! you suck shit!!! u should be fired!!! you contradicted yourself buddy lol

  7. 307

    You dont necessarily hate gays if you oppose gay marriage. I think they should get the LEGAL rights of married people in a a commitment ceremony, that way they get the legality while keeping the 'sanctity' of marriage.

  8. Jords says – reply to this


    Bill OWNED this stuttering moron! Listen, it's so crystal clear that this is emotionally destroying you Perez, and clearly your default defense mechanism is to attack like a vicious beast but move ON! You are as narrow-minded and intolerant of Conservatives and religious people as you feel she is of gay people. You're just too egotistical to OWN your hypocrisy!

  9. 309

    I REALLY wish I hadn't watched this video. This made me so frustrated and angry that I actually started to cry. I fucking hate that man. This whole interview is just Bill O'Reilly twisting and changing that man's words while the other man can't even get a whole sentance in without being interupted.

  10. 310

    Bill O'Reilly is a fucking asshole.

  11. 311

    bill oreilly is right and perez is pathetic and acting like a child

  12. 312

    Re: mealavig
    And that is why he is the #1 cable news show for 10 years and running. Hahaha. He is a innovative journalist who will go down in history for not putting up with the typical "spin" and bull sh*t that politicians had been giving for years. He get straight to the point and calls people out for their actions. "The spin stops here… :-) "

  13. 313

    Re: ihearthollywood
    Because he has the #1 rated cable news show on television! Because the people who watch him are products of higher education and can see through the mainstream media's bull sh*t. Because he actually goes beyond normal broadcasting and raises points that are substantial and relevant. Maybe if you actually watched the show you could grow a brain.

  14. 314

    Re: kaylamarie
    Wow. You really raise an intelligent rebuttal. Great way to prove your point. Did you even make it past 5th grade. Why don't you try to respect the fact that we live in America and everyone is entitled to free speach and the right to express their own opinion. Liberals preach this all day, but the minute someone expresses an opinion that is different than theirs, the person is deemed "ignorant" or "not enlightened". Stop and think for just a minute and realize that America represents a plethra of values and beliefs. None of which are right or wrong. Everone is entitled to their own opinion and should not be ostrasized for expressing it!

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