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Prison Break's Lane Garrison Breaks Out (Sort Of)

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Former Prison Break actor Lane Garrison will indeed be released from prison in a matter of weeks!

Garrison, who was found guilty of vehicular manslaughter after 17-year-old Vahagn Setian was killed in a 2006 drunk driving accident with the actor behind the wheel, was sentenced to 40-months in a California prison back in November 2007.

With the lawsuits from Setian's family and passenger Michelle Ohana settled, Garrison is now eligible for parole.

No no no!

Lane has earned a number of "good behavior credits" while doing his time and will most likely be paroled in a "few weeks," according to the California Department of Corrections.


We still think Garrison should serve the full sentence!!

He will then be released into a California residential area where Lane will be on probation for God knows how long.


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31 comments to “Prison Break's Lane Garrison Breaks Out (Sort Of)”

  1. Bonks says – reply to this


    If Celebrities break the law they SHOULD be punished like anyone else, right?

  2. 2


  3. 3


  4. 4

    Seriously. who the hell is "we", Mario? and WOW… now you are an expert in legal matters too? UGH!!!!

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Re: Drunk Smurf – FUCK YEAH!!!!!

  7. 7

    nobody serves the entire time unless they start trouble in prison. get over it, it wasn't your family member that died. the Stetian family are the ones that should be pissed

  8. 8

    guess you think you're judge and jury now, eh perez?
    your site has turned into a lame attempt at social politics.
    quite the joke considering you have a cess pool for a soul.
    clean out your own shit before you start telling the rest of us how to live.
    then it might not be so hard to swallow your soap boxing.

  9. 9

    Ok so he was drunk and driving… but the passenger got in the front seat knowing he was drunk. Both are at fault. Sucks that he died, but he served his time. People make mistakes P, we just have to hope he has learned from it. And this death is on his conscience forever…

  10. 10

    i know the friends of the kid who was killed are pissed. I saw this story on e it was so sad the kid who died was so well liked by his classmates. he was very good looking and seemed like he had a very good future ahead of him. shame on the judge who sentenced him. He deserved a way harsher punishment than what he got. I remember the judge said it was hard cause Lane seemed like he was a good person who made a mistake. Which doesn't matter he did and he should pay for it may that young man rest in peace and my prayers go to his class mates and family

  11. 11

    I felt it yesterday and still feel it today, the tide is turning on this blog and it's starting to backslide. Be careful Perez, your could lose your fame very easily in this atmosphere.

  12. 12

    A few more weeks! A lest he can break the news that he's leaving to whosoever prison bitch he is slowly. Re: Bonks – BBD's been bad, so why don't you punish me by Bonkin' me in the face with those tittays!

  13. 13

    Re: BBBoricua – your a very nice person

  14. krash says – reply to this


    That is the same treatment "regular folk" get. I had a friend killed by a 19 year old drunk driver at 7 a.m on a Sunday. She was in prison less than 6 months. Now she's in L.A. trying to be an actress.

  15. 15

    Re: Drunk Smurf – But BBD's car just runs better when BBD is drunk.

  16. 16

    He should definitely have to serve the full 40 months. I was involved in an accident with a drunk driver 5 years ago. Not only am I still really scared riding in cars, the dude only had to serve like five days in jail (even though he blew .35!) and he's totally gotten like three duis since then.

  17. 17

    ………I feel bad that the boy died, really bad. But I think that this guy did not do this intentionally and he's served enough time.

  18. 18

    PEREZ IS A HATER!!!!!!!

  19. 19

    if he were a repeat offender or something i would agree, but being that this seems to be the first time (at least that i've ever heard of) he has been arrested for drunk driving, i understand them paroling him. people make mistakes, and he seems genuinely sorry for what he did. sometimes it's a harsh enough punishment to live with the fact that one stupid mistake you made lead to the loss of someone's life.

  20. 20

    he's a dead-ringer for Scott Peterson in this pic.

  21. 21

    Wow. Absolute utter bullshit.
    To people saying he "didn't do it on purpose"? He got behind the wheel of his car drunk….on purpose. He gets to have a life. There's a boy that no longer gets to have a life.

  22. 22

    Re: BBBoricua – been reading your posts for a while, liking what you say, you go!!! and btw avalovesabs is a bitch, fuck her

  23. 23

    I'm torn over this one. I lived near his sister in Dallas. She was maybe 16 at the time and their Dad was dying of cancer. She was all alone. The only positive in her life was her brother and he was in LA. She was a sweet girl at the time and hopefully she still is. I didn't even realize that this was the same girl until I read her letter to Lane's judge when he was being sentenced. That nearly ripped my heart out. It's so sad that such a sweet girl would have to have so much misery in her life at such an early age. For her sake, I hope that he gets released and that he has learned his lesson and becomes the family that she has always needed.

    For the victims he should be in jail. He did a horrible thing. You can't bring those people back or erase the suffering for those left behind. But, shouldn't they have made better decisions for themselves? Are parents teaching their children everything that they should know? These kids were out partying too. It could have been one of them driving.

    I know that everyone is so ready to judge this one but there is more than just him that is paying for what he has done.

  24. 24

    i don't know, he seems apologetic. people make mistakes. the guy got in the car with a drunk driver, no one put a gun to his head and said "get in the car with a drunk driver". and the fact that he was well liked..well no shit, he's in highschool or whatever. how about a why the fuck did he get in the car with a drunk driver if he was so fuckin smart, that's bullshit, they're happy they're driving around with a celebrity but then talk shit when something like that happens…have some common sense teenagers.. of course its sad but at the end of the day lane will have to live with that in his conscience for the rest of his life, seems to me like punishment enough.

  25. 25

    he should definitely have to serve his full punishment! even 40 months is waaayy too long, especially for all the counts he's marked guilty for. The effects of that tragic night are still felt by everyone. the fundraiser in honor of Vahagn is coming up next month, and they're releasing him now! you can definitely trust me when i say everyone is pissed. so many people came to the court to try and make Garrison's sentencing longer, yet they release him earlier. And Vahagn is not at fault here, everyone has to realize that there are so many different aspects to the story, but you will never know the whole truth.

  26. 26

    Actually a lot of "regular people" don't serve full sentences either. Jails are overcrowded everywhere not just in L.A…. I'm just beating a dead horse here, but lay off. People fuck up. He did his time just like everyone else.

  27. 27

    Dude definitely got his bunghole diddled like there was no tomorrow up in the big house. No doubt he gots his goatse on like a mother fucker too.

  28. 28

    he is doing his time and seems remorseful so wtf is your prob mario?

    and now you sucking up to miley your new twitter bud is beyond disgusting

  29. Laxer says – reply to this


    Who are you to judge him? He was tried, convicted, and served his time. Not to many other celebrities can claim this fact. Welcome back, Lane

  30. 30

    with overcrowding, it's really no surprise that he is being released early.
    he is hardly a threat to society.
    leave him alone- he's not even famous

  31. 31

    I had met Vahag Setian and I know that the night of the accident, he had gotten in the car with Lane Garrison because he didn't want the two girls he was with to go alone with Garrison. While he should have convinced the girls not to get in the car, Vahag was trying to do the right thing. The fact that Vahag got into the car with Garrison is irrelevant. Garrison should not have driven drunk and he deserves to rot in jail for taking a human life.