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Quote of the Day

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"When YOUR 'opinion' gets in the way of my rights, privileges and protections, I'm supposed to smile and be nice? Hell no!"

- Perez Hilton

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  1. 1

    Ask someone for their opinion, and YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT you moron. You just get off on throwing people under a bus don't you? You did this for YOU, not for your cause.

  2. 2

    Hell no is right! 4 states down 46 more to go! 10 more states in the process of legalizing. People who believe in EQUALITY we need to FIGHT and STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS!!! Fuck the religious right!

  3. 3

    you know what Perez?

    i agree with you 100%!!!

  4. 4

    This isn't about people being against gay marriage, this is about your homosexual ass being a famewhore and trying to capitalize on Miss California's remarks. You're a fucktard that no one will marry anyway.

  5. 5

    well said - and hee hee putting yourself as quote of the day - thats why i love - bet people are gonna get serious and spout abuse - ignore them - the cause is worth fighting and people and their hate are just blinded to the fact


  6. 6

    This is supposed to be an entertainment gossip sight, not a fucking political forum. Stick to reporting, keep your sick opinions to yourself. Nobody cares anymore!

  7. 7

    mhmm. lol at you quoting yourself.

  8. 8

    I love it! your so right. GAY IS THE WAY!

  9. 9

    Re: KCRosie
    i think he's trying to say that just because some big wig feels like Perez's lifestyle is wrong, that gets in the way of his living his life just like a heterosexual can live his life. it's a matter of fairness and equality. he spoke what others are saying in his situation.

  10. 10

    Damn right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. lje says – reply to this


    I like that. Ignore the bigots.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    Enough with this Perez, everyone is sick of it already. Talk about more pressing issues if you absolutely insist on voicing your opinion abut something other than celebs. We come on this site the news and the good humor, you are ruining it.

  14. 14

    How in the hell did HER opinion get in the way of your rights? Do you really think SHE has that much power?

  15. 15

    1. Why even ask that question at a Miss USA pageant
    2. Don't ever ask a question if you don't know what the answer will be.

  16. 16

    Everybody is aloud to their opinion, it sucks that she thinks that way but there is no reason to act this way, your no better then her…..

  17. 17

    hey perez with all this argueing about gay marriage rights [to which I am supporting] are you planning to get married any time soon

  18. 18

    well on behalf on myself and my family.. thank you perez I am tired of living in the dark ages!

  19. 19

    kick ass quote :)

  20. 20

    explain to us then how an opinion gets in the way of somes rights? an opinion is nothing more than a stance on a subject. acting on an opinion is something different.
    As for rights… nothing got in the way of your rights, the rights you seek are a different story.
    Smile and be nice? I agree with you on this one, however if you acted like an adult you would have made things a lot better, instead all you did was piss off a lot of people
    "When you act like an adult, I will take you seriously" JigSaw

  21. 21

    well put, perez!!!

  22. 22

    dumb bitches dont know how to answer questions properly thats the bottom line!!! we are with you perez!!! keep on fighting!!!

  23. 23

    So essentially, it's your way or the highway? Asshole.

  24. 24

    LOVE IT! way to go boo!!!

  25. 25

    I love your website, Perez, I really do, but can't you let this whole thing drop? I'm getting pretty tired of getting on here and seeing a million more celebrities who agree with gay marriage or something related to the whole ordeal. Yes, Miss California did not present her opinion in the most eloquent manner, but it really isn't a huge deal. You are making this into a bigger issue than it needs to be.

  26. 26

    when you say smart things like this you earn respect. try it more often

  27. 27


  28. 28

    Perez, you really messed things up this time. You have set gay rights back at least 5 years. I used to look up to you, but now I feel you are getting in the way. I should get an apology from you. Your arrogance has got in the way of MY rights.

  29. 29

    quote of the YEAR :)

  30. 30

    You know I have been coming in here less and less since you became this mediawhore sell out and neglected this site. I always liked you and your fun nature but, with all the BS hating on Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Miley etc, and all the lovefest for the sluts, Gaga, Dita etc, it was just too much, then you calling Octomom a media whore and you are the worse one. Not to mention you kissing the asses of people whom are nice to you, is is just too much to be a fan of yours now. Now with all this gay rights stuff it is just overkill you are showing the typical stereo typing of most gay men, visious if people do not agree. I am a huge supporters of all gays and their rights but, you are doing it in a very negative and self centered way. I am just very disappointed,

  31. 31

    Someone is starting to believe his own press.
    Please go back to being a funny blogger.
    Thank you.

  32. 32

    GOD DAMN it Perez, I want to kiss you on the mouth for once. I love how people sit back and talk crap, but the truth is, if THEY were ever told that they couldn't marry the one they loved, or they were denied a basic human right, what would they say then? They say things about you, but the bottom line is….

    you, because you are gay, and only because you are gay, can NOT get married today like I can.

    It sickens me. You are no more, or no less then me. I will never put you down for fighting for what you beileve in. Even when you get over the top. I know I wouldn't stop if someone told me I couldn't marry RPATZ because of what I was born like.

    i admire you. F*ck these haters!!!!!!!

  33. 33

    Str8 people just don't get it… They have all their rights… They don't know what it's like not to treated equally…

  34. Kouga says – reply to this


    Perez you are a COWARD!!!!!!
    Cant believe what you said about miss California, bitch and all those bad words, not everyone has to agree with you you fat ugly bastard.
    P.S. marriage is only between a man and a woman is true!

  35. 35

    my god perez…I really like your blog but you are making an ASS out of yourself. Sometimes the talking, rehashing and undisciplined purging of emotions just weakens your original point.

  36. 36

    Like Miss California and RICK WARREN of Saddleback Chruch in Lake Forest, Ca?

  37. 37

    Perez u asked that question purposely to get a rile out of ppl. This was all a set up from the beginning to advocate your proganda… You are not the only with rights, privledges and protection asshole…

  38. 38

    my opinion is not in the way of your rights, the law is.

    I wonder who Mario voted for as President? Was it the guy who is in the White House now who has also been quoted as being against gay marriage?

    Where are all the negative Obama threads then?

  39. 39

    No, but you're supposed to not be a slanderous little douche. There's a constructive way to handle an opposing opinion and there's a way that will make both people sick of you and people not trust you to do what you do. You're working on the latter.

    Honestly, I'm pretty sure everyone's over it. Her opinion was not progressive. We get it.

  40. 40

    Perez, I love that you're standing up for this cause. I'm not gay, but I have friends & family that are. & I support you with every fiber of my being! I would hate for my best friends not to have the same rights as me when we are all equals. Noone should be deprived of their equality, rights, and most importantly, their happiness! You have more power & people w/ you than you know!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

  41. 41

    Re: JigSaw – Ooohh i love it… Big ups Saw….

  42. 42

    Hey, Fattie, why aren't Ellen and Portia, Rosie O., T.R. Knight, Lance Bass and all the other Gay celebrities standing up for you? I guess they think you are an idiot who is only hurting the cause. SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT THIS ALREADY!

  43. 43

    blah blah blah..sick of it?!??!

    then kick rocks MF's this is HIS site. YOU come stalk him daily for your celebrity news, this isn't CNN muthafkrs.

    How dare any of you comment on his on going pursuit to be looked at as an equal… can you honestly say you wouldn't fight as hard or harder if you were denied the right to marry your true love??

    get off your high horses, your on perezhilton.com for fucks sake.

  44. 44

    I dont know if you actually do read the responds but Perez you really need to stop it. You are being childish and its not serving you right. I've been with gay marriage and gay equality for a long time and I have always supported my gay and lesbian friends but your making me hate accepting gay marriage and equality. You asked a question, you got an answer. If it hurt you this much, then next time do NOT ask a question and assume everyone in the world agrees with you and your thoughts. A lot of people are against gay marriage, and I'm sure you know it. Only difference is this was on TV and you were humiliated. So for your sake and everyone else who is starting to hate the idea of gay equality due to your childish acts, STOP IT! In the end, you got your 5 minute of fame on all these night shows and she is even more recognized than the contestant that actually won. Also, a lot of people support her and love her for standing up to her beliefs, and a lot of people bash you even more because of you wanting to force your opinion on everyone. Start acting your age, you are embarrassing yourself.

  45. 45

    [re=3708381]Re: Breeze
    So essentially, it's your way or the highway? Asshole. [/re]

    more like its his way or the Hershey highway

  46. 46

    Honestly, do you guys think he even reads your comments? Because he keeps going on about Miss Cali WHEN IN FACT OUR PRESIDENT THINKS MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN A WOMAN AND A MAN. Why is he not terrorizing him? This is starting to get ridiculous.


  47. buck says – reply to this


    Nobody's rights are stepped on. You have the right and privileges and protections to marry, just find a nice, wholesome girl and settle down. What you can' do is marry your dog, a horse, a doll, a 7 year old or another man.

  48. 48

    Equality is a right. Iowa has taken a step to the future that the rest of the US should be aware of because if it can stand there it can stand anywhere! I hope and pray that Wis-co is next! I would love to see all of the folks down in Mad-town finally get there dues! Prez, next thing you should look into is DP benifits. The right to have a mariage recognized is only half the battle!

  49. 49

    If Perez would have asked: "What do you think of our new black President?" and Miss California would have answered "I don't think a black person should be President" she would have been kicked out of the competition and every civil rights leader would be after her head. Why?? Because it's not acceptable or politically correct to express negative opinions against blacks. The civil rights movement and the gay movement started at the same time. Yet, people still condone negative attitudes and discrimination against gays. So, KCRosie, you are the MORON by not getting that.

  50. 50

    you have worn me out so much on this issue that honestly it makes me want less rights for gays and i used to not feel that way at all. sadly you give gays a bad name because none of them behave like you. you are hurting the cause. opinions aren't rights douche so stfu.

  51. 51

    Um its an opinion

    ur such a dumb fuck!

    U MAke homophobes you don't help the cause u cause the problem! Smile Perez your a rich asshole! i don't give a fuck if u marry but i give a fuck when u stomp on someones opinion! YOUR OPINION IS PISSING ME OFF and i am suppose to smile and say hey Perez your really helping the cause!
    instead of being a childlike dickhead how about saying We just want the same rights as a married couple would have….thats all ….the religious part doesn't matter its being able to help ur partner out when they are sick ..U FUCKIN SUCK PEREZ U MAKE ME SICK i use to like u now i just think u ARE A BULLY so when miss cali kills herself will u be happy u FUCK!

  52. 52

    Re: sam007 – This is Perez's site and he can discuss any damn thing he wants. Don't like it? Then leave.

  53. Sven says – reply to this


    Fine, Perez. But you abused your position as Ms. USA judge. You made the pageant into a debate on Proposition 8. Wrong time, wrong forum. You made the gay community appear unreasonable and unsophisticated.

  54. 54

    Who fucking cares other than you and the rest of the gays? This is getting so old, move the fuck on already. It's not like anyone in their right mind would ever marry YOU anyway. Your just as ugly on the inside, as you are on the outside. Thats my opinion and hopefully it doesn't get in your way *rolls eyes*. Nobody's opinion is getting in the way of your rights and privileges, your getting in your own way. In no way is your bitching and whining gonna help Gay Marriage. If anything, your hurting the movement. Your no Harvey Milk, MARIO. Your hated by a lot of people, if you werent such a bitch people would be more supportive.

  55. 55

    Re: natsuth – why is that because u have equal rights remember not to long ago women did not have equal rights!!! and they where not nice at all to be able to have equal rights.

  56. 56

    The Miss USA Pageant was not the place for that answer. Donald Trump was correct when he said the Miss California was doomed no matter how she answered the question and Perez you knew that. Use saw an opportunity to cause controversy and use it to your advantage for more $$$ and fame. What you did is not right and are doing is not right. You are behind the cause for all the wrong reasons. I really do not feel you have any true beliefs in this matter. Just what will get your name in the press the most and get more $$$ in your pocket. SHAME ON YOU. Bet you $500 dollars that within the next 2 years you still have not walked down the isle.

  57. 57

    I totally agree! Well said! :) :):)

  58. 58

    Sorry to say that, Perez. I love you and stuff but you keep repeating yourself. (Which does not mean I do not agree w/ that.)

  59. 59

    Perez I love you for standing up for gay rights! You should be proud of yourself!

  60. 60

    People's opinions are just that, opinions. Everyone has a RIGHT to an
    opinion. You should be ashamed of yourself. I am very pro-gay, although
    I am straight. I would think that anyone who has felt persecuted would be a champion for everyone's right to their opinion, and the right to freely speak it. You are acting as stupid as what you oppose, no stupider. It's a FREE
    country. Everyone doesn't have to agree with you. You crammed your beliefs down this girls throat and because she doesn't see things the same way you do. HYPOCRIT MUCH? I'm done with you and your site.

  61. 61

    Perez you need to read the book coercion. You are so hellbent on your own views you fail to realize that other people's opinions matter also. You are self motivated. Give it time it will happen….we didn't fly to the moon overnight.

  62. 62

    haha that PEREZ f a g

  63. 63

    Re: Chels109

    don't agree, would you agree to blacks sitting in the back of the bus because it's whites opinion to do so? everyone has the right to live there life weither you beielve it's right or not, should we take away your bibles because we think it's wrong???it's not a matter of what you think, what we thinks, it's right and wrong… no one should be denied human rights because some people thinks its not right…

    we are talking about love. how can YOU say love is wrong? How can YOU say it's not right to marrry? No one is asking you to be a brides maid, we are just asking, no demanding for everyone to be equal.

    FYI i'm not gay.

  64. 64

    Lets not quote the bible and F religious Rights then my question to all that support Gay marriage "Why do u want to get married". If equality seems to be the most important thing to the Homosexual community and the bible forbids any homosexuality come up with ur own bible. Make ur own moral laws that will be important to you. If Miss Cali can't express her beliefs (B/C I believe the same)… Then do what ever make u happy create a new bible b/c it seems that ALL OF U GAY RADICIALS WANT TO DO IS REWRITE WHAT WAS WRITTEN.

  65. lamb says – reply to this


    Love how your comments are censored to let the brain dead hate filled ones through but not ones with a valid argument against you. Cheap.

  66. 66

    Hey stupid stop being a moron….

  67. 67

    While I do agree that it is BS that there is such a huge struggle for equal rights in the gay community, I don't like how Perez is approaching it. I can just see that if it gets legalized, afterwards - he is going to make himself out to be the Martin Luther King Jr. of gays. I can see voicing your feelings on the subject, but it being all you talk about and the only thing that you feel is important right now is ridiculous. There are so many more problems in the country, not to mention the world, that gay marriage and gay rights within the military are unfortunately going to be put on the back burner until the bigger issues get figured out. I wouldn't recommend speaking about politics too often, especially since it is always one-sided and most of the time you don't really know what exactly is going on, but if you do - try to keep it as un-biased as possible and mention the bigger issues too, not just gay marriage.

  68. 68




  69. sauer says – reply to this


    Re: JJ1234



  70. 70

    Great saying Perez! No rights where won by being nice! All these bigots and ignorant people that are not educated enough would not know that~! Perez continue to fight for what u belive in! These people are the biggest hipocryte because they ask whats wronge with her speeking her opinion but still and yet they are mad because YOU SPOKE YOUR OPINION!!!!

  71. 71

    Would that be Barrack Obama's opinion?

  72. buck says – reply to this


    Thats right Perez, President Obama's opinion is getting in your way so go take the fight to him.

  73. SoCal says – reply to this


    What rights, Perez? California voted that gays do not have the right to marry members of the same sex, and it isn't in the constitution. So just because you make up some fake right does not mean everyone has to respect it. Isn't your 15 minuytes up yet?

  74. 74

    No "ones" opinion shuts down your rights unless they were maybe a president. Let's talk bullying.

  75. 75

    The question is - when does an 'opinion' become 'hate mongering'?

  76. 76

    This may come as a shock, but I can't stand pink. Am I a bigot too? Get over it Perez. I used to really enjoy reading your CELEBRITY blogs, but now you are viciously attacking people. You are becoming very pathetic.

    BTW: You lost over 20 readers I personally know.

  77. 77

    Well said!
    Government should NEVER deny people basic rights! Specially not a country that prides itself on their freedom…

  78. 78

    Re: LaDiva – thanks, my favorite part was the quote!!!

  79. 79

    no one is saying "its perez's way or the highway." its all about equality. all mario wants is to be able to marry (john mayer) legally and have the basic rights that come with sharing your life with your spouse. i am straight (actually bi but i will marry my fiance, a man) and i do not feel that my (future) marriage or family values are threatened by gay marriage, quite the opposite. i would never ever want my child to feel different, wrong, bad etc if it turned out that he or she was gay. family and love are about acceptance and support. the ring wingers who dont agree with that are the ones who are driving a stake thru the heart of family and community.

  80. 80

    Re: jsuave – It's true, Obama does believe that a marriage should be between a man & a woman. But he said it diplomatically. She didn't. It wasn't WHAT she said, it was HOW she said it. I'm not gay, but i have friends & family who are and i would like for them to have the same rights as me. This goes all the way back to when "whites" & "coloreds" had to do everything separately! Please have respects for others rights & beliefs! I know Perez is going about this a little wrong in the sense that he didn't need to call her names. But he's obviously hurt & offended as well as passionate about his cause. Please think about this and reconsider. Thank you.

  81. 81

    at one point in history blacks could not marry whites, so to use the defense "marriage has always been between a man and a woman" is archaic and ignorant. if we do not learn from history we are destined to repeat it. if gays are second class citizens legally, how long will it be until someone says they shouldnt vote, bc their way of thinking threatens our democracy or legal system? the wackos come out on both sides, but when you think about it reasonably, you see that whether or not YOU PERSONALLY disagree with gay marriage, ask yourself if you want to make that decision for 300,000,000 americans who you will never meet but whose lives you directly affect with your votes. we are raised to believe we can be whatever we want if we work hard and stay honest. lets make that true by accepting our neighbors, whether theyre gay, interracial, commonwealth partners who choose not to marry, or john and sally americano with 2.5 kids and a white picket fence. O yea, and lets educate them all so we can save our country from the REAL threats like high schoolers who cant read. gay marriage is a threat??? then your life must be easy street if thats your main concern. rant over :-)

  82. SoCal says – reply to this


    Where is my previous post, perez?

  83. 83


  84. 84

    ignore the HATERS PZ, they only act that way because they HAVE rights.

    Lets see what would happen if we said blonde people couldn't marry. I have book here that says blonde people are evil. sorry Becka and Chad your marriage is void, OH..N your going to hell to BTW.

    P.s Don't write about it on YOUR Blog either, because I do to it daily.

  85. 85

    To imply some"one" with an opinion different than yours gives you less rights is bullying. This is exactly what happens when people lose an argument. You keep wanting to find a way to say she did something "wrong" to you by having an opinion and stating it. I actually would have said the same thing, but, guess what I voted for gay marriage and had to convince my husband and mother-in-law to do so. SO my opinion has nothing to do with stomping on your rights! I gave YOU 3 votes. Yes, this is true. I'm not just saying it to make a case. You know what made me change my mind on my VOTE not my opinion? Ellen. Kindness can make you do something you may not normally do.

  86. 86

    Re: lamb – if thats true thats horrible and he's no MLKjr of the gays! hey mario get out of the spotlight if you cant take the heat! i jus lost all the respect for you that i had gained with that quote. booo censorship go work for walmart if you believe in censorship!

  87. 87

    Votes are opinions and they don't take away any rights. It is a RIGHT to vote.

  88. 88

    Re: Firehouse713 – What is being treated equally. Do you get to vote? do you have freedom of speech? do you have the right to protest? yes you do. It is us with our beliefs that are different from yours that have not rights. I cannot voice my opinion publicly or I could get sued for violating your rights. If you don't believe in religion that is okay you can knock down my beliefs and stop me from displaying my beliefs but if I make a comment about yours the ACLU gets involved because I violated your rights. If I say I am straight and vote my way, you go to a court of law and say that the way I voted (which is my right) was wrong and you take my vote away from me. Tell me about "RIGHTS" I do not have a choice if I don't want my tax dollars to go to the lazy asses sitting around collecting welfare and medicare. If I do voice my opinion publicly again the ACLU gets involved and is going to sue if I don't shut up. So where are my RIGHTS? Look what Perez does. If you offend him he posts your email address for all the world to see. But wait, it is okay for him to bash but not others. GET REAL!!!

  89. 89

    Bullying and name calling takes away others rights.

  90. 90

    Re: SoCal

    by a slight margin

  91. 91

    I agree. Marriage Equality does matter.

  92. 92

    Life, liberty and the "pursuit of happiness" is infringed by bullies.

  93. 93

    This is idiotic, Perez. Quoting yourself? Seriously? Is your ego that fucking huge?

    I even tend to agree with you about the gay marriage thing but damn you go about it like a fucking toddler. Has it ever occurred to you that your "rights" and "privileges" are as arbitrarily determined as the gay marriage ban is? Marriage itself is a fucking artificial institution to begin with. So of course you should be able to do it but lambasting this girl for disagreeing with you only makes you look like a insecure fucking tool. You lost shitloads of my respect.

  94. 94

    Get over it already! Can we get some celebrity news please?
    I agree you should get everything heterosexual couples have, but you're being ridiculous now. That Miss California was a dumb retarded bitch, be the adult in this situation and let it go, please!

  95. 95

    "Your opinion" of wanting her to say what "you" wanted to hear is an infringement on her rights. Her right to "free speech" means she can say anything anytime just like you. You're trying to infringe upon her rights by telling her she can't voice an opinion just like you do everyday. By the way you profit from your opinions daily.

  96. 96

    Marriage shall remain between a MAN and a WOMAN.
    Marriage shall remain between a MAN and a WOMAN.
    Marriage shall remain between a MAN and a WOMAN.
    Marriage shall remain between a MAN and a WOMAN.
    Marriage shall remain between a MAN and a WOMAN.
    Marriage shall remain between a MAN and a WOMAN.
    Marriage shall remain between a MAN and a WOMAN.
    Marriage shall remain between a MAN and a WOMAN.

  97. 97

    Re: buck – youre only problem with comparing gay marriage to marrying a horse or a 7 yo is that they cannot consent, dumbass. 2 grown men can legally consent and should be able to do so. Re: Whoever – anyone who says perez makes them want less rights for gays was never a supporter of equality anyway. if you believe in rights then you believe in rights and no self righteous blogger can change your mind

  98. 98

    "I'm so wonderful" Perez Pigton

    "STFU you sore loser" mi mama me mima

  99. 99

    Re: Ki Lo Lo – a new bible? like one that doesnt contradict itself 8 million times? now THAT bible i might read lol

  100. 100

    4 states down 46 more states to go!

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